It would’ve been Doug Sahm’s 70th Birthday today, and what better place to start the 60th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series the trekking out Teaneck, NJ and Mexicali Live for another shot of the Meat Puppets! They fried hearts and minds this past Friday at Le Poisson Rouge in the city, and upon purchasing the tickets I figured this venue was a lot closer than it was-so how can I turn up this up? 15 bucks? Then to sweeten the deal, my father (Call him anything besides Sr. Porks-he’ll kill you) offers to drive me up to the place, bout an hour from my house. PLUS with have Pam(sans van) meeting me here to take in the epic madness that is this band, and she offered to drive me home afterward. Although I’ve yet to find a cool name (like Pam-Van) for the new Volkswagen Jetta, but I’m sure one will come to me. Anyway, doors are at 6PM, show’s at 8, I roll up front around 7-it is party time my friends.

I don’t know where they found this place, hidden in the depths of northern New Jersey lays this really cozy, cool music venue/bar/restaurant. I mean, even though I don’t plan on eating, as a fat guy it’s good to know food is at least available. The have tables set up where you can order dinner and watch from there, but the standing room in front of it would kill your view. Upstairs had a few tables and looked like it could’ve been a sweet spot to film from, but again you need to order stuff to sit at a table-pshht, please. Saw Elmo Kirkwood at the merch table, had to go over and compliment him on the fine performance I got to witness on Friday.. Shandon passed by, I patted him on the back as I ran out to meet Pam-Curt and Cris where down the block by the van.. In time I’ll make it there, in time.

We settled in and actually decided to see what this first band ‘Jounce’ was all about. Their twitter page describes them as “Not unlike Kings Of Leon”.. Well, that would explain me not exactly being blown away, I mean they were tight and all-lead singer was playing bass.. They played from like 8:03 to 8:49.. but the more interesting part came outside afterward while I was smoking a cig talking Puppets with fellow fans, this dude in the group upon google search says “Hey man you know who the lead singer of Jounce is? It’s that kid from the show ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete’ that used to be on Nickelodeon in the 90s”.. Now that’s hilarious-I mean in good way. I liked that show, and maybe had I known this previously I would’ve cared a little more about their set! Danny Tamberelli. Wasn’t he in those Mighty Ducks movies too? Now he’s opening for the Meat Puppets-not a bad deal at all.

Next up was Black Box Revolution, going with the 2 man line-up just drums and guitar. The lead singer had this voice that sounded exactly like Iggy Pop to me-maybe I’m crazy. And during their set I saw someone who was in the posse of laughter outside that was the Pete and Pete discovery standing near by-I leaning in and said “So what-is the dude in this band from the show ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark’ or something?”. ZING. A timely punchline is one of my strong points. Anyway, these guys played from like 9:09 to 9:50ish..

Main event time: At 10:04 out stroll the legends themselves, THE MEAT PUPPETS!

This whole set had a different feel, even with a lot of the same songs from the other night. I mean, maybe it’s Mexicali Live in the air-because after “I’m a Mindless Idiot” and “Coming Down”-we had ourselves a good old fashioned ho-down going to the right of me and Pam. We had a nice spot along the wall so I could take video from way closer than the other night-maybe a bit too close but at least tall people didn’t dominate the front row. And I’m right in front of Elmo, who jams out with Cris on this side of the stage. Every time I’m in front of Curt I leave not being able to hear for days, figured a new method should be employed here.

I’m pissed I didn’t get it on film, but that had to be a plus 10 minute version of “Up On the Sun”.. it was crazy, it just kept blasting off into space. See that’s the thing about this band-every show, every song, every time Curt backs away from the mic and lets loose it’s like we blast off into space.. I’ve never taken LSD, but I’m pretty sure the psychedelic euphoria I experienced tonight is up to par as far as intensity. With no ceiling tonight, they can really get jam out for extended periods on songs. Clocked an 8 minute version of “Backwater” later on in the set.

Even with the same group of songs all of this is new to me, and this is my 9th Meat Puppets show.. Guessed I’m hooked on that drug called good music.

Pam was amazed at my ability to hold a camera and type songs down on my iPod trying to get the whole set list. “Sam” got hectic-this dude was really getting down with his bad self over there, and after the song he looked at me and recited the lyric “That’s the way Sam plays around”. Rock on brother-it’s all good times. “Where Does a Little Tear Come From”, (which people are crediting to George Jones, but he had just as much input writing the song as did Perry Como-so it’s your decision on that one. Great song either way went into, again, on of my favorites they’ve been playing on this tour- “Open Wide”. When “Sloop John B” started, I turned to Pam and said “it’s this right into Lake of Fire”-which is exactly what it was. Lake of Fire had this siren-like guitar effect going at the beginning,

which I screaming ‘Mind Boggling!’ to. Clocked it at 10 minutes and 10 seconds-they rock that bitch out. And here’s one thing I find amazing, Curt throughout the show was walking over to Cris and Elmo, while playing and having like, conversations with them. I can’t hear myself think, these guys are flying us full speed into outer space while discussing things. I could barely talk and walk at the same time! Genius’s. They ducked off at 11:45.

Came back out a few minutes later, and Curt announced that it was(would have been) Doug Sahm’s 70th Birthday today to a load roar of the crowd, as anyone with Wikipedia knows that the drummer of the Meat Puppets, Shandon Sahm is the son of Doug. So they played another fav of mine-”Hey Baby Que Paso” before Curt went over to the drums and was talking to Shandon before giving him a hand wave and walking away to the mic saying “Let’s get Shandon to sing one!” and everyone in the building was on board. So out comes Shandon from behind the drums where Curt takes over after handing his guitar off to him. Awesome, this should be fun. Never seen Shandon sing before-if anything this could be kinda goofy. Goofy it was NOT. Wow! Shandon went totally IN on “She’s About a Mover”,

a Sir Douglas Quintet song, one of the many Doug Sahm projects. And Curt held his own behind the drums as Shandon destroys it over there in Curts spot. When it’s solo time he screams “Play some solo Elmo!” to which Elmo shreds for a few. Listen to that video I posted one time and tell me that’s not in your head all day. Shandon says “That was for Pop!” and Curt comes out and says goodnight to us.. Great song, great end to an amazing night.. it was about Midnight.

I got what I’m calling a partial set list because I think I’m missing one or two here that I didn’t write down… And I have video of what I think was “Going to Graceland” that I kept rolling into “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”, but I’ll need to upload it and have some troll correct me just to be sure. What a two show stretch.. Wish there was another show in town I could catch-I could do this every night of my life!

Partial Set List missing a song or two probably

I’m a mindless idiot
Coming down
The monkey and the snake
Up on the sun
Touchdown king
Where does a little Tear Come From
Open wide
Oh me
Seal Whales> Maiden’s Milk
-Going to Graceland
Wasted days and Wasted nights
Sloop John b
Lake of fire

Hey Baby Que Paso

She’s About A Mover (Shandon sings/guitar, Curt on drums)

Want to download the audio from this show? Well you can, and it’s not illegal or anything! Archive.Org and the Meat Puppets have been working together for a while now bringing together the matrix’s of shows old and new. So if you know torrents and all that, click here to download!  

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