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Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction & Coheed @ Uproar Festival – PNC Bank Arts Center 08/17/13

Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction & Coheed And Cambria @ Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ 08/17/2013

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Alice In Chains 08/13

It’s been way too long folks, way too long. But your favorite self absorbed snob of an author is back to bring you the trials and tribulations of yet another Jay Porks Experience. Life kicks your ass sometimes, and at times it can keep you away from awesome shows for a four month span. But today that all ends as the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival hits PNC Bank Arts Center (one of my personal favorite venues) with Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction and Coheed and Cambria slotting one, two and three in our headlining spots. Other acts high on the list to check out, Duff McKagen’s Walking Papers and Middle Class Rut, a band that killed opening for the Meat Puppets at the Track 16 Gallery closing in Santa Monica not too long ago. So with tailgating permitted for today’s festivities, we headed out to Holmdel out in Dirty Jerz.

Interesting sidebar, the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival’s website has set times listed, and the set times included different stages. One might find this puzzling, because PNC Bank Arts Center has only one stage, and is not built in a way where other stages could be added. Wonder what their move here is, are we going to be walking through the parking lot and find a cheap, makeshift stage built outside the venue or something? Well, it didn’t matter because in the typical style that is this guy we didn’t roll into the parking lot until a little after 4PM, a parking lot that I thought would be a lot more packed out with cars than it was. We cracked the brews, along with the whiskey and cantaloupe and began the party that would be the rest of the day/evening. Note to the guy selling the bootleg tee shirts in the parking lot before the show: I really got you down from $20 to $5 BEFORE the show?? What kind of business man are you? Maybe I should grab one after the show from you for $1.50 or something. Idiot.


Coheed and Cambria 08/2013

The plan was to get inside for Coheed and Cambria and take it from there. We’ve turned this “festival” into like a regular night at PNC with Coheed, Jane’s Addiction and Alice In Chains. I was with friends and got a ride and stuff, so I didn’t have to do my usual “show up 5 hours early to a show’ thing. As we were walking in Coheed was in the midst of their set, so I had to quickly dart to the seats (I bought one additional ticket down in the seated area for video/picture purposes. Why take chances on the lawn?) to record a song or two of theirs. This writer and Claudio have two things in common. One being the overly fluffed out hair and the other is being around bitchin’ music, and bitchin’ music is what Coheed and Cambria are all about. This is my first time seeing them live, coming in I honestly couldn’t name one of their songs. Gravity’s Union was the song I got to record most of and see up close. Taking it all in, with the wicked licks the drummer is shelling out and the shredding going on out in front of him, it’s safe to say this is a band I’m going to have to see again. Even if I was in a seat the entire time, a nine song set at a festival that’s not even really a festival while the sun is still up is a tough way to judge a band you’ve never seen. But I digged those guys for sure.

Jane's Addiction 08/2013


While I head back to the lawn and we’re groovin’ to Coheed and taking pictures (because the guy writing this lost 92 pounds over the last 14 months), we see a sea of empty seats and start game planning how we’re sneaking down. Not enough time to do it for Jane’s Addiction, because the lights have dimmed for them already, and here they come circa 8:20 kicking things off with a thundering “Underground”. I don’t know what it is but the darker it gets at this place the better it always seems to sound. During our drunken parking lot adventures earlier I kept saying “It’s all fun and games til we’re ‘COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN’!!”. Love that freaking song, and guess what came second.. you got it: Mountain Song. And during this I look over to enjoy the fatal riffs of one Dave Navarro. I follow him on Twitter, and I know he’s on some Tattoo show and hosts a radio show and stuff. Sideline reporting at the Adult Video Awards and all that, I almost forgot how awesome this guy was at his day job. Just Because followed, and later on the crowd pleasing Been Caught Stealing made an appearance before Ocean Size and Stop. In typical Jane’s Addiction fashion, there was almost naked models dancing along the stage at some point. Also, to keep things light hearted and cheery, Perry says at one point (anyone please correct me if I’m wrong) “My mom is buried in New Jersey”. Interesting factoid I guess.

Jane's WIDE

Set closer, of course, Jane Says, which is being played in steady rotation at the restaurant I work because I control the tunes nowadays. Jane’s never disappoints, second time I’ve seen them all the way from the lawn and the second time I’ve enjoyed myself. Sometimes people like me get lost in the “trying to remember stuff to write about” aspect of a concert… it was good to find a happy medium tonight between that and having fun.

Before Alice In Chains, we need to get down to those seats while folks are fitting in bathroom breaks. So we spot some stairs where they let you exit the seated section, but you can’t enter. There’s two sides. These assholes actually are standing on the same side just shooting the breeze. I turned around to check if Pam was still with me, and she wasn’t. Text came in that she’s in. Okay, now only my other pals Nay and Meggo left to sneak in. So I pull out my ticket and show it to these two idiots working here. I ask if they can let me in through this entrance and 15 feet to my right I’m like waving my arms for them to skate through the fence. And they did. Now to find Pam, the boldest of bold. She’s not only sneaking down, she made sure to walk down to the front row of this section. Fuck yeah. Now we’re high fiving and stuff and gloating when the lights turn off.. it’s Alice In Chains time 3 seconds after we acquire the new digs.

Alice In Chains 08/2013

The Hollow they opened up with hit me with so much more power tonight than I expected. As soon as they started banging the opening chords it was clear we were in for a memorable set. Them Bones followed by Dam That River and Again. I thought I was recording Again but I looked at the screen and saw no numbers moving on the ticker.

Damn. This no longer is a festival that isn’t really a festival, now this is Alice In Chains demolishing PNC Bank Arts Center and making everyone in the building forget about every other band that played here today.

Alice In Chains 08/2013


Check My Brain followed, and by this time we’re packed down here in the seats, as compared to the absence of people down there earlier in the day. This feels like a packed house and not a show they’ve been trying to give tickets away to for 3 weeks. “Tears to fill my bong”, how cool is that lyric? Man In The Box up next. I look over at the rhythm section and recall that one time I scalped fake tickets to an Alice In Chains show and couldn’t get in, and Mike Inez and Sean Kinney signed my fake ticket after the show and expressed remorse for my predicament. These are not only guys that rock, but nice guys that rock. Everyone screaming the lyrics to Man In The Box, what a scene.


Tonight we got ourselves a Got Me Wrong. I saw video of them playing it on this tour and hoped we’d get the same treatment. Unbelievable. This set is amazing, it’s as if I made my own Alice In Chains mixtape or something! Well, almost. We haven’t heard Junkhead, and that’s probably my favorite song of theirs for several reasons.

Next up, Junkhead. Seriously?? Get the hell out of my head Mr. Cantrell, stop reading my thoughts.

You may or may not here me screaming the “Well what have you got” lyric on the video. Mike Inez’s bass work on this song is so crude and punishing, Jerry’s making his 6 string his absolute bitch over there. I don’t think he used the same guitar twice tonight.

Stone followed, to give us a taste of at least one other newer track before we broke into Grind followed by Nutshell (one of Pam’s favorites). Everyone stood for that one. Would and a harrowing Rooster would end the evenings festivities. Great times at the PNC Bank Arts Center stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival, let’s do this again sometime.

Jerry Cantrell Me Nothing

Hey Jerry, why’d you have to go and cut the hair for? The brotherhood of long locked folks shrinks by the day. Sad to see you leave, you’re welcomed back anytime.



UR1 Music Festival Lineup led by Kanye West, Lou Reed and Jane’s Addiction

UR1 Music Festival Lineup led by Kanye West, Lou Reed and Jane’s Addiction

So it seems we’ve run out of creative names for festivals, but it doesn’t hurt to have an almost endless line up. That seems to be the case with UR1 Festival , which takes place in  December 8th and 9th a Bayfront Park in Miami. Headliners include the likes of Kim Kadashian’s newest squeeze Kanye West, The Offspring, and that guy who ruined Metallica, Lou Reed. 

Of course we kid about Lou Reed ruining Metallica (Metallica ruined Metallica this year). The rest of this line up rounds out pretty awesome with appearances from Slash(who split an awesome bill with Foxy Shazam this fall), fun.,  those weirdos Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, space rockers Ghostland Observatory along with Janes Addiction. 

For up to the minute festival details, head over to the official website by clicking here. For the full line up, plus festival trailer, that’s all down below.

UR1 Festival Line Up

  • Kanye West
  • The Offspring
  • Lou Reed
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Animal Collective
  • Keane
  • fun.
  • Flying Lotus
  • Slash
  • Santigold
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Erick Morillo
  • Sven Vath
  • Pete Tong
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Bob Sinclar
  • Zola Jesus
  • Ghostland Observatory
  • Dan Deacon
  • Holy Ghost!
  • Wild Nothing
  • Glass Candy
  • Kevens
  • Reboot
  • Dubfire
  • Luciano
  • Armand Van Helden
  • Carl Craig
  • Tanlines
  • Guy Gerber
  • Stacey Pullen
  • Peter Murphy
  • Arty
  • Onur Ozur
  • Tobi Neumann
  • Seth Troxler
  • Damian Lazarus
  • Davide Squillace
  • The Martinez Brothers
  • Cassy
  • Mathias Tanzmann
  • dyed soundorom
  • Dan Ghenacia
  • Luna City Express

Jane’s Addiction Extends Theatre of the Escapists US Tour

Jane’s Addiction Extends Theatre of the Escapists US Tour

Keeping with the smaller is better approach, Jane’s Addiction have extended their ‘Theatre Of The Escapists’ tour with dates reaching into late May. The trek will focus mainly on markets in the southern portion of the United States with a portion of all ticket sales going to the Occupy Movement.


UPDATED: As of May 15th, Jane’s have added a THIRD leg to this Theater of The Escapists Tour heading around the U.S. In August the band heads up the East Coast before heading out to the Great North West at the end of August. Dates are below underneath the current dates..

Click here to read all about the tour kick off last month in St. Louis.

‘Theatre of the Escapists’ dates:

May 7  San Antonio, TX – LIla C Cockrell Theatre

May 9  Houston, TX – Bayou City and Event Center

May 10  Dallas, TX – McFarlin Memorial Auditorium

May 12  Austin, TX – Bass Concert Hall

May 15  Lake Buena Vista, FL – HOB

May 16  Jacksonville, FL – Florida Theatre

May 18  Miami Beach, FL – The Fillmore Miami Beach

May 19  Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall

May 22  Raleigh, NC – Memorial Auditorium

May 23  Charlotte, NC – Ovens Auditorium

May 25  Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Theatre

May 29  Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium

May 30  Albuquerque, NM – Kiva Auditorium

May 31  Tucson, AZ – Tucson Music Hall


Third Leg of ‘Theater Of The Escapists’ Tour(as of 5/14/12):

August 6 – Cleveland, OH at Jacobs Pavilion

August 8 – Syracuse, NY at Landmark Theatre

August 12 – New Brunswick, NJ at State Theatre

August 17 – Brooklyn, NY at Williamsburg Park(Pretty sure this isn’t a theater)

August 18 – Ledyard, CT at MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort Casino – MGM Grand Theater – .

August 22 – Pittsburgh, PA at Stage AE

August 29 – Boise, ID at Idaho Botanical Gardens

September 4 – Portland, OR at Keller Auditorium

September 5 – Reno, NV at Grand Sierra Resort

Jane’s Addiction Opens 2012 Tour with Visit to The Pageant in St. Louis 2/22

Words and Pictures by Bradley Darby


When a band that helped pave the way for an entire genre of music likes Jane’s Addiction announces a show at a venue as small as The Pageant, you don’t wait around to pick up tickets. Many people were left in the dark after this show sold out in 30 minutes just over a month ago. Tickets were being sold for upwards of $100 a piece by online brokers and scalpers. The bar was set high for the first show of Jane’s Addictions 2012 tour in support of their newest album “The Great Escape Artist” released last year. This marked the first show with the “original lineup” of Jane’s Addiction including guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins, and front man Perry Farrell, who was also the founder of Lollapalooza in 1991. The only exception is bassist Chris Chaney, who rejoined the band last year after brief stints with them over the last ten years.

Jane’s Addiction came on just after 9:15 as Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” blared to an end throughout the sold out, jam packed crowd. They didn’t waste any time and went right into “Underground” from The Great Escape Artist before going right into fan favorites “Mountain Song”, “Just Because” and “Been Caught Stealing.” Perry and the boys were in excellent form and their excitement and emotion certainly shined bright.

The stage setup was pretty crazy. Earlier in the day it was being mentioned on social media outlets that the show was an “erotic circus for adults” and that there were signs posted at the venue educating the crowd that there were adult themes present throughout the show. Not only was the lighting setup pretty great, but there were burlesque dancers and actors performing during the show as well. One of the more interesting scenes involved a man doing some weird things with a baby, including hanging it from a noose, before inevitably slipping and hanging himself as the song came to an end during “Twisted Tales.”

After the band took a short break they came back out to an even more intimate setup to the left side of the stage. There Navarro and Chaney were sitting around on amps with tables and lamps nearby while Stephen Perkins played a stripped down kit and Farrell hopped around stage crooning in a way that only Perry Farrell can for acoustic versions of “Classic Girl” and “I Would For You”, one of my personal favorites. They closed this portion down with their most popular song “Jane Says.” There was also a large stuffed bear on the stage with them to complete the living room show vibe.

As the show came to an end Farrell came out and addressed the crowd, thanking everyone for coming and telling us that he is glad we enjoyed the show because they had just come up with it yesterday on that very stage. They then closed the night out with another song from the new album, “Words Right Outta My Mouth” before sending the capacity crowd home with a ringing in their ears and stories of a fantastic show to tell to their friends. It was an incredible experience and I look forward to getting the opportunity to see Jane’s Addiction again.

Setlist Courtesy @concertcreep


Feb 24 – Detroit, MI at The Fillmore

Feb 27 – Toronto, ON at Massey Hall

Feb 29 – Rochester, NY at Auditorium Theatre

Mar 2 – Albany, NY at The Palace Theatre

Mar 3 – Portland, ME at State Theatre

Mar 4 – Huntington, NY at The Paramount

Mar 6 – Montclair, NJ at Wellmont Theatre

Mar 7 – Waterbury, CT at Palace Theater

Mar 9 – Richmond, VA at The National

Mar 13 – Atlanta, GA at The Tabernacle

Mar 16 – Kansas City, MO at Uptown Theater

Mar 21 – Grand Rapids, MI at Devos Music Hall

Mar 23 – Louisville, KY at Louisville Palace

Mar 24 – Milwaukee, WI at Eagles Ballroom

Jane’s Addiction Announce Tour W/ Black Box Revelation

Jane’s Addiction Announce Tour W/ Black Box Revelation


In non-Coachella and non-Radiohead related news, Jane’s Addiction has announced some 2012 tour dates as well. In support of their latest effort “The Great Escape Artist”, the band will hit 18 cities, bringing along The Black Box Revelation as support (who have been opening for all your favorite cool bands like The Meat Puppets and Beady Eye)

“Starting February 22, this special run of North American shows—called “Theatre of the Escapists”–will bring the band to intimate venues, most of which are classic theaters”JanesAddiction.Com

We were able to obtain the names of the cities from the Jane’s Addiction Official Website below who offer their own presale Wed Jan 11th at 10AM(that’s tomorrow morning!) before they go on sale to the general public on January 14th.

2/05 — The Crane Bay, Indianapolis, Ind.
2/22 — The Pageant, St. Louis, Mo.
2/24 — The Fillmore, Detroit, Mich.
2/25 — The LC Indoor Pavilion, Columbus, Ohio
2/27 — Massey Hall, Toronto, ON
2/29 — Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, N.Y.
3/02 — The Palace Theatre, Albany, N.Y.
3/03 — State Theatre, Portland, Maine
3/04 — The Paramount, Huntington, N.Y.
3/06 — Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, N.J.
3/07 — Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Conn.
3/09 — The National, Richmond, Va.
3/10 —  House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
3/13 — The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga.
3/15 — Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Catoosa, Okla.
3/16 — Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Mo.
3/19 — The Brick, Minneapolis, Minn.
3/24 — Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wis.


NIN/Jane’s Addiction 06/07/09: Jones Beach – Wantagh, NY

Street Sweeper Social Club/Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction 06/07/09

Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos By Melorocker

When the announcement of a reunited jane’s addiction, to tour this summer along with nine inch nails was made it  gave me chills and  brought back some old memories of my first jane concert back in 1990 at the garden in n.y.c.  this was a great show from start to finish.  opening the gig was tom morello and boots riley’s  Side Street Social Club.  SSSC is a very hard and groovey outfit.  nice songs and a bit of social comment/message along for the ride.  NIN was next in line. though it was listed as a co-headline bill, many people thought that nin was headlining the event not providing support to jane.  this was a lost point on many concert goers that began pouring in late as nin was playing during the early gigs in the tour.  No matter who trent brings to play with him, his band always deliver the precision it needs to play nin songs on stage.

  It has been 15 years since the original  jane’s addiction took any stage. the wait was evidently worth it for jane played one of the most amazing concerts i have ever witness. the stage look amazing ,the lights were dark and intimate at times (which if you didn’t use a flash your pictures would be dark), the sound was blasting and even the wine bottle that perry was drinking from seemed  elegant to say the least. jones beach is next to the atlantinc ocean and on this evening it was windy and a bit cool but the heat eminating from the stage was sufficient to warm everybody in the crowd. i did notice that some people left before jane took the stage i gues those were hard core nin fans and didn’t care much for the addiction. both bands played same amount of time though jane roamed the stage while nin stayed within a space alloted.  the reason this tour happened is that trent reznor is producing the comeback album by jane due later this year or early next.  I have to add that with all the celebrity happenings regarding david navarro (carmen electra, rock star supernova et all) i felt that he was happy to be playing in j.a. personally, he is one of the best guitar players i have ever seen or hear. here are some pics from the show.



Riot Fest 2014’s Mega Lineup Unleashed


The plan here was to post the pic of all the bands and just name a handful of ones that us here at Concert Confessions are fans of and stuff like that. Then, as I kept reading into the poster containing the lineup for the 2014 Riot Fest in Chicago, this thing just has so much one would want to check out. Your top billing is The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, The National, Rise Against and Weezer while The Flaming Lips, Social Distortion, Slayer, The Offspring and Staten Island’s very own Wu-Tang Clan rounding out your ten highest billed performers. Dig deeper into the lineup and you’ll find Pussy Riot, Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile. You’ll also run into Failure and The Dandy Warhols. The Afghan Whigs are back, and you guessed it, they’re here too. My new favorite heroes(i.e. Dave Grohl/Safe Music) Mastodon is at this party as well. Feel free to have some fun too, throw a little Cheap Trick in your day. Things you don’t see here: Outkast, Lorde, Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, Skrillex and all those other garbage festival junkies you see on every card. Lots of music with guitars here.

Highlighted acts below, check out RiotFest.ORG for ticketing details and all that jazz.


Jane’s Addiction

The National

Pussy Riot

The Flaming Lips


Rise Against

The Cure


Wu-Tang Clan

The Afghan Whigs

The Offspring


Thurston Moore

Kurt Vile & The Violators

The Dandy Warhols

Dropkick Murphys



Social Distortion



Tegan And Sara

Patti Smith

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

Of Mice & Men

Cheap Trick



Ministry/Alien Weaponry: Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, Ca – 12/21/18

Industrial metal legends Ministry released their fourteenth studio album AmeriKKKant on March 9, 2018. Since the 80’s, Ministry has been releasing angry political songs for those who share the same political views as Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen. Ministry have been touring for the album since before its release and the latest tour was called the AmeriKKKant Tour 2018. On this special occasion, Ministry would be performing their new album in its entirety. The last two stops on the tour were both at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Support came from Carpenter Brut and Alien Weaponry. The final stop of the tour was more than ready for the metal legends and had the venue packed just as Alien Weaponry was getting ready to come on stage.

Alien Weaponry is a three-piece thrash metal band from Waipu, New Zealand, formed in 2010 by brothers Lewis (guitar/vocals) and Henry de Jong (drums). The band is most noted for its fusion of Te Reo Māori (the native language of New Zealand) with thrash metal – delivering emotionally and politically charged stories of conflict and grief with a warrior-like attitude. on June 1, 2018, they released their debut album Tū and even before then, they have been praised by magazines and outlets for their amazing music. This is the band’s very first USA tour and it was obvious they had lots of fans in attendance. Alien Weaponry came out and first gave the fans a traditional New Zealand Haka dance to warm things up. The first song performed was PC Bro. Alien Weaponry showed their thrash metal music to the US fans and they loved it. The next song was Holding My Breath followed by Kai tangata. The audience responded really well to the band as fans raised their horns and banged their heads. With them being the opening act, they had a very short setlist and ended with Rū Ana te Whenua (The Trembling Earth). This is their first USA tour, but surely it was a successful one and made lots of new fans.

The lights went out and the audience cheered as the intro track I Know Words started which involves a remix of Trump’s infamous quote of “We Will Make America Great Again”. As the intro was finishing up, the members of Ministry made their way to the stage and started with the first track from the new album, Twilight Zone. Jourgensen was the last one to come out and was greeted by a huge cheer from the audience. The song made for a great opening song letting you know that Ministry has arrived and what made the song even better was the harmonica being played by Jourgensen. The next songs were Victims of a Clown and We’re Tired of It. Both songs have strong anti-Trump lyrics showing how much Jourgensen hates Trump. The whole time, there was a screen in the background depicting images of war and politicians from the past as well as caricatures of Trump.  The AmeriKKKant album kept being played as Ministry performed tracks like Antifa, Wargasm, Game Over, and finished the set with AmeriKKKa. Ministry left the stage for a bit to catch their breath. After a few minutes, Jourgensen announced that he was done spewing his political beliefs on the audience and would now focus on the band’s old material. Another special occasion was that Ministry was also celebrating the 20th anniversary of their certified gold third album, The Land of Rape and Honey. Ministry would also play select cuts from the album to help celebrate the occasion. The first song from the album played was the title track, The Land of Rape and Honey. A classic industrial metal track. The next classic tracks were were The Missing, Deity, and the popular track, Stigmata. With that album out of the way, Ministry now focused on their best tracks which everyone wanted to hear. The next track played was one of their most popular tracks, Just One Fix. The mosh pits came to life once again and crowd surfers made an appearance as fans also sang along to the song’s chorus. Thieves was up next and is perhaps Ministry‘s most popular song. The mosh pits kept going and crowd surfers kept security up front busy. For the performance of So What, Ministry brought out Chris Connelly to sing who has also worked with Ministry on their albums in the early days and is also a member from Jourgensen’s side project, Revolting Cocks. It was time for the show to come to an end and so Ministry played a very old track called (Everyday Is) Halloween. The previous day was the first time in 32 years that the song had been played so this marked the second time. Another guest was brought out which was Dave Navarro from Jane’s Addiction for an acoustic performance of the song. Ministry delivered two nights of glorious metal and it’s clear that they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.




Alien Weaponry

Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival Announces 2013 Lineup


Rockstar Energy Drink has announced the lineup and dates to the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. Headlining spots go to Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction and Coheed and Cambria. Middle Class Rut and Walking Papers also make appearances along with others. Check out all the cool venues this tour will be hitting below, and also do not forget to hit the festivals official website for more information. Oh yeah, and customary with festivals these days, there’s a little lineup announcement video that goes along with it.

Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival 2013 Tour Dates:

August 09 Toyota Pavilion at Montage // Mountain Scranton, PA
August 10 The Comcast Theatre // Hartford, CT
August 11 Darien Lake Performing Arts Center // Darien Center, NY
August 13 Saratoga Performing Arts Center // Saratoga, NY
August 14 Comcast Center // Mansfield, MA
August 16 Jiffy Lube Live // Bristow, VA
August 17 PNC Bank Arts Center // Holmdel, NJ
August 18 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater // Wantagh, NY
August 20 Molson Canadian Amphitheatre // Toronto, ON
August 22 First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre // Tinley Park, IL
August 23 Klipsch Music Center // Noblesville, IN
August 24 DTE Energy Music Theater // Clarkston, MI
August 27 Zoo Amphitheater // Oklahoma City, OK
August 28 Gexa Energy Pavilion // Dallas, TX
August 29 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion // The Woodlands, TX
August 31 Isleta Amphitheatre // Albuquerque, NM
September 01 Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre // Englewood, CO
September 02 USANA Amphitheatre // Salt Lake City, UT
September 08 Sleep Country Amphitheater // Ridgefield, WA
September 11 Shoreline Amphitheatre // Mountain View, CA
September 13 Desert Sky Pavilion // Phoenix, AZ
September 14 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Chula // Vista, CA
September 15 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater // Irvine, CA

Bottle Rock Festival 2013 Lineup Revealed


Not sure if we mentioned it before, but tis the season to announce festival lineups. This time lets head to the land of the grapevine that is Napa Valley for what is dubbed Bottle Rock Festival. Cork-Fest must not have had as much of a ring to it as I thought it did. This one is interesting because, well, one might ask why the Kings Of Leon would be the lead headliner along with The Black Keys and Furthur.  Furthur? Come on man. I like the Grateful Dead as much as the next guy but The Flaming Lips, Jane’s Addiction and Primus are sitting on this same list of acts playing. Bad Religion could close this thing out playing songs only off True North.

It all goes down May 9th through 12th. If you’re having trouble reading the text in the above poster never fear, some loser went through the trouble of actually typing out every single band listed there-and that lays below. As usual, it’s always best to head over to the festival’s official website if you feel like partying with the Zac Brown Band,- do that by clicking here.


Bottle Rock Festival 2013 Lineup:

Kings of Leon

The Black Keys


Zac Brown Band

The Shins

The Flaming Lips

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Black Crowes

Jane’s Addiction


Dirty Projectors

Iron & Wine

Andrew Bird

Sharon Van Etten

Best Coast

Ben Harper


The Wallflowers

Bad Religion




Rodrigo y Gabriela

Blues Traveler

Dwight Yoakam

Donavon Frankenreiter

Allen Stone

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Allah Has

Vintage Trouble

Charlie Musselwhite

Mavis Staples

Tristan Prettyman

Erin O’Hara

Justin Townes Earle

They Went Ghost

Rouge Wave

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Kacey Musgraves


The Whiskey Sisters

Tift Merrit

Girls And Boys


Bumbershoot Music Festival 09/01/12 – Seattle, WA

Bumbershoot Music Festival 09/01/12 – Seattle, WA

Editor’s Note: Emily is a life long friend of Reverend Justito’s wife. For years she has threatened to confess and on this Labor Day 2012 she finally has. 

The first day of the annual Seattle labor day tradition of Bumbershoot was on a perfect late summer/crisp early fall in the air, sunny, Northwest afternoon and night. Crowds were still plenty thick even with the Huskies home opener, and PAX in town. You have to love music festivals though! So much to hear from the bands finding their voices and grooves, those hoovering on great-dom, and those who are seasoned professionals.

POLECAT: A Bellingham, WA local performed their energetic country, bluegrass, world, reggae brand of music! They were definitely our find for the day. Polecat made you sway to the bluegrass under the sun and they made you want to jump to reggae beats the next with effortless connection some how. They are worth driving two hours north to see and keeping an eye on what develops.

GOTYE: I hesitated to see Gotye. His single, Somebody I Used to Know, is so F&*%ing overplayed it makes me sick. Somehow though, I made it over to check out the Aussie. I have to say, Wally De Backe is quite the talented musician. He played many types of percussion and an assortment of random instruments from keyboards to a weird hosed accordion looking thing. He opened with a thunderous intro and didn’t let go my attention even with the animation that was playing in the background which could have proved as a distraction. The videos that played in the background reminded me of the artist, M.C. Escher, and his 50’s lithographs of cube like designs morphing into crows. Gotye’s trance, mood music lent itself to the liquid images. To which effect positively worked well with the music ebbing and flowing. I thought Gotye was much like Foster the People, in the way both bands have this chill vibe on their produced albums but live, have this strange, welcome, energy! Unfortunately, when he played the overplayed single three songs away from the end of the set, half the crowd dispersed. I’m not sure if that half should be scorned for being rude for leaving before the set was over or I was on a different page than others.

THE HEAVY: I knew the singles, How do you Like Me Now, and Sixteen before seeing their show. I was not prepared for the energy, the fun, the show, they put on!!! It was James Brown mixed with like a Flogging Molly type of energy. Kelvin Swaby commanded the stage and the audience! He knew how to get the crowd to participate well and consistently! That can be tricky up here in Seattle I’ve found. It was so much fun being a part of the crowd, watching rhythmic arms in the air to the beats like metronomes but, with rock infusion! I have to note, because I’m a sucker when the band communicates with the crowd (Broken Bells, I’m still mad at your performance over a year ago) I tend to fall head over heals for them! As I have with The Heavy! It also helps that they are English.

AWOLNATION: I personally was a fan of their single, Sail. I was hyped up to see them at work, in their element, and my hopes and hype quickly dwindled. They seemed to me to be another LA guitar rock band. The crowd in front seemed young, and ate up the front man’s crowd surfing antics and vocals. I however, wanted more substance for my favorite, Sail, and it didn’t take off.

JANE’S ADDICTION: I am not a fan of Jane’s Addiction. I know the major songs but, I do not own an album or even a single. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hearing the singles but, have never been connected. They were a blast straight out of the 90s though last night!!! Nude female silhouettes in the back ground, two Asian stripper like hotties parading around the stage in lingerie, Dave Navarro at full effect, random theatrics in the background (for example: an actor was slopping clay over his face to create a mask to cover his face, then poking holes for the eyes, feathers stabbed into his forehead). It was an old fashioned rock show! And for that I enjoyed it. Dave Navarro is a legend to be seen and appreciated with my own eyes and he did not disappoint.

Die Antwoord Announce Summer/Fall North American Tour Dates

Die Antwoord Announce Summer/Fall North American Tour Dates

Freak/rave-rap trio Die Antwoord never cease to amaze and terrify me at the same time. With the release of their new music for for “Baby’s On Fire,” they announce some more North American tour dates that follow their appearance at this year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. As one of the two members of the CC family who like this group, I really do hope to catch them, but it all depends on where we end up moving to this August. Hopefully it’s one of the following cities! (Praying for Colorado.) Check out the dates and the new music video below (music video sNSFW, Ninja-crotch.)

  • August 3rd Chicago, IL Lollapalooza
  • August 4th Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
  • August 6th Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
  • August 9th Pomona, CA Fox Theater
  • August 11th San Francisco, CA Outside Lands
  • August 15th Philadelphia, PA Penn’s Landing – Festival Pier @
  • August 17th Brooklyn, NY Williamsburg Park @
  • October 14th Austin, TX ACL Festival
  • October 15th Dallas, TX House of Blues
  • October 17th Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall
  • October 18th St. Louis, MO The Pageant
  • October 19th Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works
  • October 20th Atlanta, GA Center Stage
  • October 22nd Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Culture Room
  • October 23rd Tampa, FL The RITZ Ybor
  • October 24th Orlando, FL Beacham Theater
  • @ With Jane’s Addiction

Photo credit: Jambase

Black Box Revelation To Kick Off US Tour May 12th

Black Box Revelation To Kick Off US Tour May 12th

So when these dates broke, I immediately thought to myself  “Okay, so what epic band are they opening for this time?”. Readers of Concert Confessions have seen the Black Box Revelation pop up multiple times on this website. Whether it’s opening for Beady Eye, opening for the Meat Puppets, opening for Jane’s Addiction– The boys from Belgium have been able to keep themselves busy in the last calender year.

Busy they shall stay, as on May 12th Black Box Revelation will kick off a tour of the US HEADLINING a set of club shows-that’s right folks headlining. The trek even includes a Bonnaroo stop June 10th-then they’re set to make their debut on American Television with a stop by the Late Show with David Letterman on June 12th. All tour information can be found at The Black Box Revelation official website, by clicking Here

Black Box Revelation May/June 2012 Tour Dates:

05/12/12 – Road to Hangout Festival/Mobile, AL

05/15/12 – Café 9/New Haven, CT

05/17/12 – Mexicali/Teaneck, NJ

05/18/12 – Monkey House/Winooski, VT

05/20/12 – Mercury Lounge/New York, NY

05/22/12 – DC9/Washington, DC

05/26/12 – Vinyle/Atlanta, GA

05/27/12 – The Basement/Columbus, OH

05/28/12 – Melody Inn/Indianapolis, IN

05/30/12 – Double Door/Chicago, IL

05/31/12 – Shelter/Detroit, MI

06/01/12 – Intersection/Grand Rapids, MI

06/03/12 – 7th Street Entry/Minneapolis, MN

06/07/12 – First Thursday Concert In The Park/Baltimore MD

06/10/12 – Bonnaroo Music Festival/Manchester, TN

06/11/12 – The Late Show with David Letterman/New York, NY

06/12/12 – Brooklyn Bowl/Brooklyn, NY

Beale Street Music Festival Announces All-Star Lineup

Beale Street Music Festival Announces All-Star Lineup

Every year, something glorious happens on the legendary Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. That glorious happening is Beale Street music festival, an affordable way to spend the first weekend of May. Like heavy metal? Like alternative rock? Like pop music? Like rap? Like country? Almost every existing genre of music is represented at Beale St., thus making it that much more appealing to a music fan.

This year’s festival will be headlined by Jane’s Addiction, My Morning Jacket, Florence and the Machine, and Wiz Khalifa. Also appearing are Bush, Coheed and Cambria, Megadeth, The Cult, Primus, Cold War Kids, Childish Gambino,The Civil Wars, Jerry Lee Lewis, Black Lips, Big K.R.I.T., Girl Talk, Gary Clark Jr., Evanescence, Three 6 Mafia, Volbeat, Dr. Dog, Needtobreathe, Al Green, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Lupe Fiasco, Breathe Carolina, Alison Krauss & Union Station, The Head and the Heart, Old 97’s,  Herbie Hancock, Michael Franti & Spearhead, North Mississippi Allstars, Needtobreathe, Pitbul, Yo Gotti, Son Volt, Black Stone Cherry, Johnny Winter and a whole lot more.

See the lineup broken down by day and stage on the website: by clicking here.



Sasquatch 2012 Lineup Announced!

Sasquatch 2012 Lineup Announced!


Sasquatch is one of Washington’s most widely regarded music festivals. Held annually at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater, Sasquatch is known for hosting big name acts like Jane’s Addiction, Kings of Leon, Bjork, and Flaming Lips. Well this year, they’ve got a treat for you.

Here is the full lineup in order as it says on the website:

Jack White, Beck, Bon Iver, Pretty Lights, Tenacious D, The Shins, Beirut, Girl Talk, The Roots, Portlandia, Feist, Silversun Pickups, Metric, The Head and the Heart, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Nero, M. Ward, John Reilly and Friends, Childish Gambino, St. Vincent, The Civil Wars, The Joy Formidable, Little Dragon, tUnE-yArDs, Beats Antique, Wild Flag, Blind Pilot, Wolfgang Gartner, Apparat, The Walkmen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Mark Lanegan Band, Spiritualized, Blitzen Trapper, The Cave Singers, Shabazz Palaces, Jamey Johnson, fun., Grouplove, Tycho, SBTRKT, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Deer Tick, Imelda May, Dum Dum Girls, The Helio Sequence, Kurt Vile, Cloud Cult, Ben Howard, Here We Go Magic, Zola Jesus, The War on Drugs, Shearwater, Cass McCombs, Active Child, Trampled by Turtles, AraabMuzik, Star Slinger, LA Riots, Com Truise, Unknown Mortal, I Break Horses, Walk the Moon, Dry the River, Allen Stone, Hey Marseilles, Gary Clark Jr., Alabama Shakes, Purity Ring, Yellow Ostrich, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, Nobody Beats the Drum, Electric Guest, Coeur de Pirate, Lord Huron, Pickwick, STRFKR, We are Augustines, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Beat Connection, THEESatisfaction, The Sheepdogs, Hey Rosetta!, Said the Whale, Howlin Rain, Gardens and Villa, Felix Cartal, Craft Spells, Vintage Trouble, Poor Moon, Black Whales, Gold Leaves, Greylag, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Dyme Def, Fresh Espresso, The Physics, Sol, Metal Chocolates, Grynch, SPACE3MAN, Don’t Talk to The Cops, Scribes, Fatal Lucciauno, Fly Moon Royalty, Katie Kate, Nick Kroll, Todd Barry, Beardyman, Rob Delaney, Pete Holmes, John Mulaney, and Howard Kremer.

BEST OF THE BEST: Well it appears that Jack White will be making his solo US debut here at Sasquatch a month after the release of his debut solo album. That is certainly something to watch for.

With Beck, you should always expect the unexpected, so whatever he does will most likely be some sort of garage-punk/funky-pop weirdness explosion.

The self-described “greatest band in the world” Tenacious D will be returning to the stage after five long years, to coincide with the release of their new album.

Girl Talk is a mashup artist that can combine everything from War Pigs, to Teach Me How to Dougie, to 99 Problems, all without being sued.

Portlandia, a show led by Wild Flag’s Carrie Brownstein (who will also play the festival with that group) and SNL’s Fred Armisen. It’s an amazingly funny and amazingly bizarre sketch comedy show that sold out crowds across the US when they brought it to the stage. Definitely something to see if you watch the show.

If you’re looking to relax after a long day’s festival, Explosions in the Sky should help (not Bon Iver). This post-rock emotional explosion of instrumental beauty is like a symphony of guitars that will put you to sleep in the best sense of the word.

Childish Gambino, or as Community fans know him Donald Glover, is a brilliant lyricist and deliverer of rap music. He’s also wicked funny. So whether he does something comedic or something serious, it should be brilliant.

Blitzen Trapper are Americana-folk at its best. With Sub Pop signing more folk bands like Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper hopped on the first train out of Portland to play magnificent folksy music. It’ll be like a portal to another world, a world where all you should care about is not getting anyone’s vomit on your shoes.

ALSO CHECK OUT: Grouplove, fun., SBTKRT, Dum Dum Girls, Wild Flag. AraabMuzik, Gary Clark Jr., Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, STRFKR, The Sheepdogs.

Great lineup this year, if you ask me. Enjoy the show, all who are going!

…And they came from the 90’s

90'S TOUR 2
The 90’s are back! did they ever left?
who would have though that in 2009 musical groups that began their carrers in the 90’s were going to be crashing the party in the new millenia?
With the return of bands like BLINK 182, LIMP BIZKIT (touring in europe), JANE’S ADDICTION, CREED, NO DOUBT, PHISH (justin’s hippi-fave), THE CRANBERRIES, THE PIXIES, SUGAR RAY and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS (2008 tour)
it certainly made this a bonafide year for 90’s acts. Am i missing anybody?
If you were to take these artist off the menu, even in this economy it would have make for a lousy touring season. I saw 6 of these artists this year. one of my all time faves the pixies were one, love kim deal. i believe she is one of the best bassist ever! how about jane’s addiction comeback, perry showing grace and style as a great frontman.
311 continues to entertain their audience with their craftmanship and style and in turn brings out our intensity in the mosh pit which to me was the hardest this year.
Lastly theres that little band from lemrick, ireland who told us in 1994 that there was “NO NEED TO ARGUE”. the cranberries were the biggest surprise for me. i had forgotten about them until i received an e-mail from the nokia theater, ( i have email alerts from all the venues in the city and you should too whereever you live) with the announcement of the tour and the actual concert date here in new york. i was so high, naturaly! cause i love them and having seen them back in 96 i felt this was an event not top be missed.
2009 is coming to a close. i had a great musical year and i’m hoping that you did as well. the survival of these bands is a testimony that when true musicanship and originality exists, bands can set themselves up for a long time, outliving the genre in which they started and bringing us more amazing concert memories. this is my confession.

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