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Garbage 04/06/12: Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Garbage 04/06/12

Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Words & Photos by God Frank/Videos by Hipster73


You can just call me Oscar the Grouch, because I love garbage! Put me in a pair of Speedos, toss me in a dumpster and just let me roll around in it. But enough about last weekend, I love Garbage the band too! Their self-titled debut album is one of my all-time favorites. It’s been 7 years since their last effort Bleed Like Me and also 7 years since anyone has seen them perform live. So I was really happy to hear that they are finally coming out with a new CD next month. That happiness was enhanced by news that they were going to start touring again. More happiness came finding out that the tour would start here in LA next week. That happiness tsunami nearly pushed me over the edge to wetting myself when I found out that they were going to play a warm up concert at the Bootleg Theater on Good Friday!

Although the show’s limited number of tickets sold out quickly after the show was announced I was lucky enough to snag one. So I headed down to the Bootleg, to see just what is in store for the rest of LA and the world when the tour begins in ernest next week.
I didn’t know if they were going to be playing just the new music from the yet to be released Not Your Kind of People or if they would be mixing in the old stuff too. As it turns out the show was more of a greatest hits type event. Maybe they didn’t want to go crazy with new music that the audience hasn’t had the opportunity to hear yet or maybe they just felt like they needed to practice the older tracks that they haven’t played for over 7 year. Either way the show was a fans dream with hit after hit after hit.
In the beginning it didn’t seem like they needed any practice at all, knocking out “Supervixon,” “Temptation Waits,” and “Shut Your Mouth” flawlessly. It was like they had never taken a break and the crowd was going crazy jumping up and down and shaking the springy floors of the Bootleg Theater like there was an 8.0 earthquake.

After a couple more flawless tunes including “Metal Heart” and “Queer,” the band actually kicked it up to a higher gear and totally blew the roof off the place with absolutely stellar performances of “Stupid Girl” and “Why Do You Love Me” both of which would have been show stoppers for most bands, but Shirley and the gang were just getting started.

Unfortunately, this is where we started seeing a few cracks in the armor and the reason they were doing a warm up show. During “#1 Crush” lead singer and front woman Shirley Manson actually messed up the lyrics. She covered it extremely well, essentially singing one verse twice while skipping over another. A non Garbage fan probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I for one love that song and definitely noticed as did everyone else around me. After a rough start for “The Trick is to Keep Breathing” they totally botched the beginning of “Vow.” They actually had to stop the song and Shirley had to adlib for a couple of minutes while one of the guitarists had to work out an issue.

With a lot of bands this would have been seriously awkward the show could have really spiraled out of control. But this was just a warm show and it exists to work out those issues. Rather than be embarrassed Shirley had fun with it saying “Perfection is boring, right?” and at one point offered refunds to anyone who wanted one. There were no takers.
In fact this actually added to the awesomeness of the show. The entire night had a relaxed, rehearsal vibe to it, something Shirley kept referring to. At one point she even mentioned that if this had been a rehearsal, this is where they would take a break to get dinner or maybe a Starbucks.

There were no breaks to be had yet though and after “Vow” they finally kicked into some new music. First up was “Blood for Poppies”, which is also the first single from the new disc. Its solid jam that when I first heard I was a little indifferent towards, but it is really starting to grow on me. Next was Man on a Wire. This song absolutely rocks! I kinda wish this was their first single. I absolutely loved it.

It was back to the hits like “Milk” and “I Think I’m Paranoid.”. Then I had my head completely blown off. In what was for me the highlight of the night, they brought the house down with an amazing rendition of “Only Happy When It Rains.” They mixed the song up a little bit and the song started with Shirley singing the first verse acoustically as a ballad, before the full band kicked in for the more traditional rock version at the chorus. Then in the middle of song they worked in a break where Shirley again sang a verse acoustically before the band went back to rocking it out. It was brilliant and amazing. Hands down the best performance I have ever seen of that song. It was a total showstopper. I actually though that would be the last song of the set, but they kept the energy up and gave us one more song with “Push It.”

At that point they left the stage, but of course when the band leaves but the lights don’t come up, you know an encore is coming. After a couple of minutes they returned and Shirley asked if we had time for a few more songs. I kinda wish we all could have let out a big “DUH!” in unison, but instead we just cheered and were rewarded with a special performance of “Special” followed by “The World is Not Enough.” Would you believe me if I told you that a girl in the audience actually yelled out a request for that song during the main set? I couldn’t believe it either. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay, and a great James Bond song, but I can think of a few other songs I would have preferred hearing in the encore (“Cherry Lips” anyone?!).

Okay, that’s nitpicking.

They finished up with only the third song from the new CD. I don’t know how you close a show with a new song that nobody in the crowd has heard before? But Battle In Me kicks ass! It’s a pulse pounding, hard rocking jam that is totally worthy of being a show closer and by the end of it the entire place was jumping out of their skins rocking out to it. That is all you need to know about the new CD, it is going to be off the hook. At one point in the show Shirley told the crowd that when they were making this disc they all knew they were making something amazing. I have no doubt that she is right. Despite the few problems that a warm up show is designed to work out, this was one phenomenal show and I am thrilled to have been one of the few who got to experience it. Garbage is back!

Joseph Arthur 03/01/11: Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Arthur 03/01/11

Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

While millions sat glued to their television sets on a Tuesday night, I once again found myself entering the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA. Sure, perhaps Charlie Sheen was WINNING the ratings war for ABC, but for those tightly packed into the warehouse turned music venue, the real victory was watching Joseph Arthur close his triumphant month long run.

I actually entered the venue about 62 minutes before Sheen took the airwaves on the West coast. For those who read my first two reviews from this run, I have good news. The guy(s) who plays each week before the show is supposed to start are named Y. The bad news is that any respect I had for the guy(s) was lost as Y made the unfortunate decision to wear a Journey t-shirt. Anyone who knows me knows I fucking hate Journey more than Charlie Sheen hates Chuck Lorre. That said; each week I saw Y, the duos confidence grew and their songs are coming along nicely despite the fact they belong on Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list.

The actual opening act was a band called Line and Circle. Apparently one of the dudes grew up across the street from Joseph Arthur. The best way to describe the bands sound is VaginaCore. It’s pop-rock with an indie edge for gals who wear moccasins, leggings and scarves. While I am not opposed to the soft flowing sounds of VaginaCore, there is a fine line between pulling it off and being dull and boring. I wish I could say that Line and Circle pulled it off, however that is not the case. The riffs lacked depth, the band looked stiff and the only thing that managed to excite me during the 30 minute set was the outro jam of the bands second song.  Now, before you accuse me of being the angry metal head without an open mind to this form of music take note that I surveyed three females who saw the performance. Two of the three informed me that they were bored by Line and Circle. Who knows, maybe it was a bad night, maybe they just flat out suck? Regardless, of the three acts I saw open for Arthur over the past month, this is the only one I plan to avoid in the future.

After a lengthy tear down, Arthur took the Bootleg stage for the final Tuesday of his residency at just past 10:30pm Had it not been for his white Strat being out of tune, we would have witnessed an opening run of “You Are Free>A Smile That Explodes>Vacancy.” However, with the guitar too far gone out of tune, Arthur had no choice but to stop seconds into “Vacancy.” It what would become a reoccurring theme throughout the evening (mic stands falling, monitors not working), gremlins overtook Arthur’s pedal board mid-way through “Vacancy” causing him to loose his vast collection of loops. This had no effect on Arthur as he continued on with the song despite the bump in the road.

When not leading the crowd in OMMMM chants or begging Mexican Coke-a-cola for a sponsorship, Arthur was showcasing songs that are expected to be on his upcoming solo album. After performing the finger picked “Out On A Limb” by himself, Arthur invited fellow Lonely Astronaut Sibyl Buck to the stage. Buck added just the right amount of vocal melody to lush and mellow numbers such as “Love Never Asks You To Lie” & “This Is Still My World.” When not joking with the venues sound man or various friends and family in the audience, Arthur was having a laugh with Buck, informing the crowd that “This Is Still My World” is without a doubt her favorite pop song in the universe. When the duo finally began the song, the audience was hypnotized by its soft and soothing sounds.

I had actually put my camera away for a second when Arthur invited vocalist C.C. White and sax player Helga (last name unknown) to join him and Buck upon the stage. Looking right me Arthur joked that this one should be placed onto YouTube. As others rushed to reach their cameras, the four-some (especially Helga) took his song “Faith” and made it feel more New Orleans then Los Angeles. Outer space by way of Bonnaroo poetry tent jam “I Missed The Zoo” followed and with that Arthur thanked the crowd before leaving the stage. Looking at my phone (the cell phone is the new watch for those keeping score at home) I assumed we would get a brief encore and our wonderful month would be over. Thankfully I was wrong.

As it turns out, Arthur essentially came back for a second set. Things got underway with Arthur creating loops on a drum before hitting up the venues piano for “Eyes On My Back.”  From there, Arthur performed songs he promised friends that he would play for them. Melding pure Rock ‘n Roll instinct with layers of distorted melodies; one could close their eyes and imagine they were listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performing “Black Lexus.” Obligated to keep his word, Arthur dusted off “Can’t Exist” at the request of someone named Kenny. Yet what happened next is the hands down highlight of any Joseph Arthur show I have ever seen.

Our catch phrase here at Concert Confessions is Live Music Reviews By Fans For Fans. I take great pride in this website, and what sets us apart from Rolling Stone or Pitchfork is the fact that we are real music fans sharing our experience with the addiction known as live music. So you can imagine the shockwaves that went through my body when Arthur stopped strumming the opening chords of “Slide Away “ and told the crowd “Hey that’s the Concert Confession guy right there.” My heart started pounding, my knees almost buckled and a the smile on my face probably looked as if I was a 13 year old girl who had just met Justin Bieber. Arthur is easily one of the top 10 live acts I have seen in my life, so for him to give us a shout out is a moment I hope I get to re-live if my life ever flashes in front of me.

I actually had to watch the video of “Slide Away” to remember what went down after the shout out. In watching the replay, all I have to say is Go Helga! With the encore now close to 45 minutes in length, it was clear that Arthur had no desire to exit stage. It was actually well past midnight when Arthur informed us the final number would be “Lack A Vision.” The loop heavy song gave the multi-tasking artist the opportunity to finish his on stage painting before calling it a night (or so we thought). As he exited the stage, Arthur paused, picked up his acoustic guitar before basically sitting in the laps myself, Rock is a Girl’s Best Friend and a few other lucky fans. Despite having turned down a request for his biggest hit earlier in the night, Arthur launched into “In The Sun.” All who left early missed a truly inspiring moment. There wasn’t a single person inside the Bootleg who didn’t join in on vocals. In fact the only thing that was missing was a campfire. It truly was the perfect ending to an incredible run with Joseph Arthur. I really truly feel blessed to have witnessed and even slightly become a part of such a powerful experience and I can’t wait to do it again something.

Joseph Arthur 02/15/11: Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Arthur 02/15/11

Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

As the rain began to fall on the South Land, I once again headed east towards downtown Los Angeles for a night with Joseph Arthur. A lack of sleep, a stressful week at the day job and the fact I was fresh out of business cards wasn’t going to stop me from missing night two of Arthur’s month long run at Bootleg Theater. While some may argue that GENTRIFICATION from Echo Park has hit this neighborhood, I once again witnessed events on my drive that made this sixFOOTtwo 200+ pound white boy cringe. Yet like I said last week, its Joseph f’n Arthur and he’s worth it.

Before I had a chance to hand over the $12 cover fee, I heard something familiar from last week. It was the soft sounds of the two nameless guys who play before the posted start time. I stood for a few minutes watching, but then decided my time would be better spent exploring the back room where various paintings of Arthur are being displayed. I will say that the band mentioned their name at the end of the set, but unfortunately I couldn’t quite make the name out. I know it starts with a W and I believe they said their name was Whine. Perhaps if we cross paths in two weeks, I can nail this information down and finally give them proper credit.

The main support act for the evening was Nashville based folk indie pop singer/songwriter Madi Diaz (and her pal Keith). Before the duo had a chance to perform a single song, Diaz had won me over with her charming stage banter. Stalling for time while the soundman worked on Keith’s malfunctioning guitar, Diaz joked about jogging, lunch and at what point in the work week it becomes acceptable to eat BBQ (for the record, if you work in Burbank it’s Wednesday when Smokin’ Willie’s BBQ Truck comes to town). Once the problem was corrected, we were underway for a set of music that ended up being far more impressive then the stage banter.

I always fear when I see a duo get up on stage with nothing more than acoustic guitars and vocal chords. Any asshole(s) can get up and play a few chords while expressing their inner most thoughts via verse/chorus/verse format. However, it takes true talent and a little bit of luck to stir emotions deep in one’s soul and thankfully for Keith and Madi they have been blessed with both. While I am unable to tell you exact song titles, I can tell you that the set consisted of songs about relationships with the one you love. There was the break up song, and then there was the make out song and who could forget the soft sad song which featured a special guest appearance by some stupid hipster in the crowd cracking open a can of PBR?

While the duo may only have limited instrumentation, each song took a very different sonic journey thanks to the use of various tunings and style of play. One song was almost punk rock in nature with the quick and powerful strumming of power chords, while the next song would feature flamenco inspired finger picking. It’s rare I write three paragraphs about an opening act, but Madi (and Keith) could have very well headlined on this particular night. Their music moved the collective soul of all in the converted warehouse; and as the duo exited the stage you just knew that all those folks reaching for their phones were texting friends to share what they had just discovered.

I’ll spare you the details on the drunken hipster dressed like a sailor who almost got his ass kicked for talking shit about my Iron Maiden shirt and get straight to the main event. Hailing from Akron, Ohio by way of New York City, Joseph Arthur took to the stage with his tag team partner for the night – Blues Explosion drummer Russell Simins at 10pm sharp. By the time the two were bashing out the final notes of the opening number “Black Lexus” it was clear that on this rainy Tuesday night that when he wants to, Arthur; can compete with some of the best rock & roll duo’s to call Akron home.

The duo of Arthur & Simins really clicked by the third song of the night, which I can only describe as Temporary People>Poetry Reading>Jam. As I have said before, each show Arthur puts on is a unique one of a kind experience and this version of “Temporary People” was completely different from the version of a week ago. The outro jam was much like watching Dr. Frankenstein vs. Godzilla battle it out. Arthur worked feverishly tweaking guitar pedals and whaling upon a white Stratocaster as Simins wreaked havoc upon his five piece drum set. What’s most freakish in looking back was the fact that these two were just warming up.


Aiming to please (his words, not mine) Arthur began taking requests from various females in the audience. First up was “Vacancy” which featured a subdued Simins lightly hitting his kit while allowing the focus to remain on Arthur. Had the chatty Arthur not mentioned the fact Simins didn’t know the next request “Invisible Hands” chances are no one would have noticed. While the song was slightly faster than most versions, yet the haunting feeling that comes with the number was as strong as ever.

As Arthur joked with the crowd after performing “Invisible Hands” a voice from the back of the room screamed FAT TONY. Holding back a giant smile, Arthur invited the heckler up on stage. Why wouldn’t he, the heckler was current Twilight Singers/former Afghan Whigs vocalist Greg Dulli. No stranger to sharing the stage with Arthur, both men confessed their fears over having to share a mic with bad breath. Thankfully Dulli came to the rescue with a pack of gum that had only two remaining pieces (sorry Russell). With fresh breath between them both, the two singers belted out Arthur’s biggest hit to date “In The Sun.”  For as amazing as it was to see the two perform together once again, what happened next truly blew my mind.

A moment after inviting vocalist C.C. White to the stage, Arthur glanced in my direction (or at least I would like to think he did). He informed White that his father had watched last week’s performance on the internet and his father felt that perhaps White had held back. It took me a second, but then it sunk in that Joseph Arthur’s father had seen my video on the internet. Talk about an honor. As far as this version of “Heroes” goes, I am glad to report that White took Mr. Arthur’s advice and didn’t hold back at all.

I can’t lie, I love watching the evolution of “I Miss The Zoo.” Intense bursts of poetry over gnarling guitar lines, “Zoo” punches you in the chest with brass knuckles. After a rocking “Slide Away” the duo closed the set with “Lack A Vision.” With loops in place, Arthur finished his latest on stage painting that he began moments before the first note was played. Unlike last week, he returned for an encore. The only song performed solo by Arthur all night was “Honey and the Moon” by request of yet another female fan. The duo closed with “Speed of Light” which started off soft and reserved but slowly built up into a raging end-all-be-all rock and roll machine. Arthur made multiple trips to his amp in order to crank up the volume and send the crowd home with their ears ringing.

Sadly I won’t be able to cover next weeks show at the Bootleg. I had already taken the opportunity to check out Lazarus AD & Death Angel at the Key Club days before Arthur announced his residency, but do not fear. I will be back for the final night, but in the event anyone wants to cover next week for Concert Confessions, please drop us an e-mail (

Joseph Arthur 02/08/11: Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Joseph Arthur 02/08/11

Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I had heard only bad things about Bootleg Theater. Adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, from the lack of parking in an undesirable neighborhood to the venues stale atmosphere my expectations were rather low. Oh, and who can overlook the fact that the name is Bootleg Theater, yet the art of bootlegging is highly frowned upon? I have always told myself that if an artist is worth being stabbed, shot or mugged for, then I would schlep out to Historic Filipino Town for some live music. So with low expectations I headed towards downtown hoping my tombstone would not end up reading “Died at a Joseph Arthur Show in a Shit Part of Town.”

My iPhone lied to me and traffic was much lighter on Interstate 10 then expected. The reward of an early arrival was the “musical” styling of two dudes who never once mentioned the name of their act. No joke, before the first song had finished 4/5th of the room had cleared. It’s not that the duo was bad; I just feel that the crowd was not ready to watch the illegitimate love child of Rainn Wilson and Chris Burke sing folk songs. Let’s be honest, it takes balls to perform a song called “Freebird” that is not the version made famous Lynyrd Skynyrd. Yet these two guys did just that much to the delight of what I must assume is the love interest of half if not the entire band. It would be easy for me to rip these dudes apart for their boring songs, dreadful banter and major lack of stage presence and bodily hygiene. Instead, I will just encourage to duo to continue with you art. Perhaps you will grow as performers even if no one knows who the fuck you are.

The actual announced opener goes by the name of Tom Freund. Prior to Tuesday night, I was not familiar with the singer/songwriter. Unlike the first act, Freund won over the near capacity crowd with his 30 minute set of reflective and hilarious songs. Freund splits his time between acoustic guitar and upright bass and is fierce upon the strings of both instruments. When on bass, his grooves remind me of Les Claypool, which is a compliment in the highest. For about half of his set, Freund welcomed piano virtuoso (and former Joseph Arthur opening act) Chris Joyner to the stage. We all know Joyner commands the keys, but on this particular evening his ivory tickling was minimal and only served to accentuate the music.

The most impressive moment of Freund’s time upon the stage was the set closing “Truly Mellow.” Described as a song about getting high as a teen, Freund asked the crowd to sing along to the final verse. A rare task that not even the likes of Linkin Park can pull off in this town, the crowd willingly sang along with Freund ending a truly magical set on a high note.

Sir Arthur (as dubbed by Freund) hit the stage for the first of four consecutive Tuesday nights at Bootleg just past 10pm. Arthur artistically multi-tasks by performing music while painting on stage. He showcased both gifts right out the gate as he opened the 100 minute set with some paints and “A Smile That Explodes.” My first trip to “Chicago” with Arthur quickly followed as the goose bumps began to take hold upon my flesh. Such a powerful song (aren’t they all?) and to once again be up front and (almost) center with the man is nothing short of inspiring.

With a new full length solo album due out in the spring, Arthur’s set consisted of numerous songs I assume will be on the album. One highlight was a new number that I believe was called “Out on a Limb.” The song is everything you would expect from Arthur; semi-personal lyrics, lush melodies and his trademark guitar loops. A funny moment came right after “Limb” as Arthur attempted to begin “Watch Your Shadows Run.” He completely spaced and forgot how to play the song. After joking and struggling for a few moments, Arthur found the songs correct key and went to town. Many artists would have simply given up and moved onto the next song. Watching Arthur struggle turn into triumph only made my already massive amounts of respect for the man grow.

Arthur welcomed opener Tom Freund to the stage to perform two numbers upon his upright bass. The first was a version of “I Miss the Zoo” that was rather raw compared to previous live versions I have witnessed. Then again, with Arthur informing Freund what chords make up “Zoo” and the following number “Lack A Vision” on stage seconds before performing the songs, a certain raw vulnerability was to be expected. As soon as Freund left, Arthur welcomed a friend from last year’s Stronghold residency to the stage. Armed with the voice of an angel; C.C. White joined Arthur for the nights high point, “All The Old Heroes.” With at least a 14 inch difference in height the two managed to share a mic while also sharing an energy that can’t be put into words.  White’s vocal took the place of the guitar solo bringing huge smiles to all in attendance.

For the final few numbers, it appeared Arthur decided to ditch what he wanted to play in order to take some requests. All the songs one would expect to be screamed out were indeed screamed out. I was forced to ponder if the fan who screamed “Freebird” wanted to hear the classic version or the version performed upon the same stage a few hours earlier. While neither version of “Freebird” was played, plenty of fan favorites were. The first was “Echo Park” which worked well as we were gathered together just minutes from the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name. As always, “Black Lexus” was money in the bank and not just because the song mentions the very city we call home.

It was the final two songs of the night that reminded me why I would venture into a rough neighborhood well past my bedtime on a Tuesday night. I have seen Arthur perform both “Slide Away” and the eventual set closer “You Are Free” numerous times. Each version has managed to stay true to the original recorded version, yet is performed in a unique manner each time. Arthur is a one man jam band, taking his songs into the unknown every time he hits a stage. Don’t believe me, check out YouTube and see for yourself. Better yet, get your ass down to Bootleg Theater the next three Tuesday nights. It was clear from the first night that Arthur is just getting warmed up. I look forward to see what goes down over the next few weeks inside the plywood walls of the Bootleg Theater.

Saint Vitus Announces US Tour Dates With Sourvein and Weedeater

Saint Vitus Announces US Tour Dates With Sourvein and Weedeater 

Saint Vitus has just announced dates for their Fall 2012 US Tour. The band will be joined on most dates by Weedeater and Sourvein. The trek kicks off in Little Rock, AK on September 14th and hits such exotic locations as West Virginia, Idaho and Kansas before coming to a close on October 19th in San Antonio, TX. You can check out all the dates for yourself down below.

9/14 Little Rock, AK @ Rev Room (also w/ RWAKE, YOB)
9/15 Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Cafe
9/16 Nashville, TN @ Exit / In
9/18 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
9/19 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
9/20 Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
9/21 Huntington, WV @ V Club
9/22 Lexington, KY @ Boomslang Festival
9/23 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rex Theater
9/24 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Downstairs
9/25 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar
9/27 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
9/28 New York, NY @ Best Buy Theater (w/ DOWN, No WEEDEATER/SOURVEIN)
9/29 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
9/30 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
10/1 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
10/2 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater
10/3 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
10/4 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
10/5 Boise, ID @ Neurolux
10/6 Portland, OR @ Fall Into Darkness Festival
10/7 Seattle, WA @ The Highline
10/9 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
10/10 Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Theater
10/11 Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
10/12 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Atrium at The Catalyst
10/13 Pomona, CA @ venue tbd (No WEEDEATER/ SOURVEIN)
10/14 Santa Ana, CA @ The Constellation Room
10/15 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater
10/16 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
10/18 Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar
10/19 San Antonio, TX Bond’s 007 Rock Bar

Garbage Adds A New Batch Of North American Tour Dates

Garbage Adds A New Batch Of North American Tour Dates



Good news for Garbage fans: They’re not done touring North America.


After a few select summer dates starting in Montreal at the Osheaga Festival August 4th the main event heavyweight trek kicks off September 14th in Virginia and goes into October concluding with a show in Austin. Garbage is visiting big time legendary venues, examples being the Metro in Chicago, The Wiltern in Los Angeles and the Warfield in San Francisco. The East Coast fans will have to get down to Virginia for the 9/14 and 9/15 shows. New Yorkers: Well you guys already got that awesome “Not Your Kind Of People” Concert at Webster Hall that was live streamed back in May, so no Garbage for you this time around. The dates lay below

Garbage Fall North America Dates:

Aug 4th – Montreal, QC /Osheaga Festival
Aug 7th– Chicago, IL /Metro
Aug 8th – Kansas City, MO /Buzz Under the Stars
Aug 9th – Madison, WI /Pondamonium
Aug 11th– Omaha, NE /Maha Music Festival

Sept 14th – Richmond, VA /The National
Sept 15th– Bristow, VA /DC101 Kerfuffle
Sept 16th– Charlotte, NC / 106.5 The End Weenie Roast
Sept 26th – Seattle, WA /Showbox SoDo
Sept 27th – Portland, OR / Roseland Theatre
Sept 29th– Vancouver, BC / The Centre for Performing Arts

Oct 1st – San Francisco, CA / Warfield Theatre
Oct 2nd – Los Angeles, CA / The Wiltern
Oct 5th – Salt Lake City, UT / In The Venue
Oct 6th – Denver, CO / Ogden Theatre
Oct 9th – Houston, TX / House of Blues
Oct 10th – Austin, TX / La Zona Rosa


Scott Lucas and The Married Men To Hit The West Coast

Scott Lucas and The Married Men To Hit The West Coast

You’d think this was a Scott Lucas and the Married Men fan-site the last few days, with writers like myself and Slugger A hitting up shows at the Mercury Lounge in NYC and the Metric Gallery in Baltimore (home of The Wire) respectively on back to back nights last week. Truth is, we here at Concert Confessions are just addicted to good music.

Hopefully the folks on the West Coast are into awesome tunes like us, because Scott Lucas And The Married Men just booked up a some dates in Cali, Washington, Texas, Arizona along with some additional dates in the mid west sprinkled in.  Our last post concerning their tour dates only had the one date at the Bootleg left on the tour. Check out the dates below and go check ’em out.

  Jun 20 Manny’s Billings, MT Tickets
  Jun 22 Sunset Tavern Seattle, WA Tickets
  Jun 23 Bunk Bar Portland, OR Tickets
  Jun 25 Brick & Mortar Music Hall San Francisco, CA Tickets
  Jun 26 Bootleg Theater Los Angeles, CA Tickets
  Jun 27 Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ Tickets
  Jun 29 The Mohawk Austin, TX Tickets
  Jun 30 The Common Table Dallas, TX Tickets
  Jul 20 Fitz’s Spare Keys Elmhurst, IL Tickets
  Jul 21 Roscoe Village Burger Fest Chicago, IL Tickets
  Jul 22 Firebird St Louis, MO Tickets
  Jul 24 The End Nashville, TN Tickets
  Jul 25 JR’s Lightbulb Club Fayetteville, AR Tickets
  Jul 26 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, IA Tickets
  Jul 27 Club Garibaldi’s Milwaukee, WI

Watch Garbage’s Entire Webster Hall Show

Watch Garbage’s Entire Webster Hall Show (New York City May 22nd 2012)

I’m getting old.

In previous years, a guy like myself would have made his way into the city earlier this evening to catch Garbage destroy Webster Hall.  But that wasn’t the case as this writer not only wasn’t in the building, but was admittedly asleep for the entire duration of the Webcast courtesy of MTV HIVE.

Fate is a funny thing. You ever fall asleep early and wake up like 3Am with absolutely nothing to do, and you’re saying to yourself “What the F#%K man?!”. Well, that happened to me, then I found this Garbage webcast seems to be still up available to watch. And I didn’t even have high hopes I’ll be honest, I just turned it on hoping they’d lead off with “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” (which they didn’t). But I gotta tell you I’m like six songs into this right now and  Garbage is freakin’ killin’ it! Shirley Manson may have a inverted Princess Leia hairstyle going on, but I would still do all sorts of things to her that would have me fired if mentioned by the Concert Confessions Human Resources Department..

And here come’s “Stupid Girl”! Okay, sorry people, I’m done writing this thing I gotta focus on watching this stream. This video down below was courtesy of MTV HIVE but they took it offline.  We have since found the performance on YouTube, but as always know that this could vanish faster than Viacom can scream Third Party Copyright Claim. 

Reverend Justito’s Top Ten Shows of 2011

Reverend Justito’s Top Ten Shows of 2011


#10 Rammstein 05/20/11 – The Forum – Inglewood, CA

Oh those crazy German’s. I truly assumed I would never catch these guys again after the Great White fiasco, but there I was on the floor of the sold out Forum watching the band’s first North American tour in nearly a decade. It was all you could want from a Rammstein show – pulverizing riffs, shock value galore and lots and lots of fire.

#9 Chris Cornell 05/04/11 – John Anson Ford Amphitheatre – Hollywood, CA

The only reason I went to Chris Cornell is so I wouldn’t have to sit home alone for another night. I really didn’t expect much and just assumed I was crossing another artist off the list (as you can see in the review, I had actually seen Cornell live and forgot all about it). As much fun as it was to get videos taped at a show where armed guards stood looking to shoot anyone with a phone or a camera, as it turns out the music was really amazing. Cornell’s voice sounded strong, he performed stripped down versions of songs that span his entire career and hell if the Rock and Roll career does not work out, the man is funny enough to be a stand-up comedian.

#8 Voodoo Music Experience 10/29/11 – City Park – New Orleans, LA

Truth be told, this wasn’t so much about the music as much as it was about the Experience. Traveling alone through the streets of New Orleans 2000 miles from home with a once in a lifetime chance to check out one of American’s premiere music festivals. Don’t get me wrong, Mastodon, Social D and Girl Talk all killed it up on stage. However, it was meeting a kid fifteen years younger than me from my home town. It was checking out a beautiful park in a beautiful city and taking in a culture very different from Los Angeles. It was the sweet Street Car driver who pointed out all the great spots to eat far from Bourbon Street. Just like the name said, it truly was an experience.


#7 Joseph Arthur 04/14/11 – Venice Sound Stage – Venice, CA

There is something truly special about Joseph Arthur in Venice in April. Even if I tried to explain it, it simply wouldn’t make sense. So when this last minute gig was announced the same weekend as Coachella, I got my ass down to Venice faster than you can say Milk truck. Having seen the man at three of his four shows at the Bootleg Theater earlier in the year, I didn’t know what to expect out in Venice. With less than two dozen people showing up to the last minute gig, it was more like Arthur was playing in your living room then your typical concert. Perhaps it was the dog running around the venue, perhaps it was the fact he was cool enough to play “Morning Cup” for me, whatever it was this performance brought out some of the best feelings I have ever felt.

#6 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 11/18/11 – Royce Hall – Los Angeles, CA

When Oasis split, I found myself bummed I never made an effort to catch a proper show. I figured I may as well make the effort to catch the side projects till the day the Gallagher’s get back together. While we won’t mention the worst show we saw in 2011, Noel’s performance at UCLA’s Royce Hall was nothing short of exquisite. In between playing nearly the entire debut album, the man busted out some of Oasis’ biggest hits including “Wonderwall” and “Supersonic.” Oh and for the record it was not I who asked him to take off his shirt, but it was me who did request he play some Kasabian.

#5 Amon Amarth 04/24/11 – House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

So let me get this right, I get to leave Easter dinner early to watch Amon Amarth perform two sets of music? Oh and of those two sets of music, one of them is the bands’ latest release Surtur Rising from front to back? With no support, the mighty men from Scandinavia played almost three hours of music to a blood hungry crowd of sweaty men young and old. Much like an Easter Sunday service, the crowd sang along to every word worshiping the band and their every command. My only regret was the fact I was unable to experience it all over again when the group hit Anaheim in August.

#4 TV on the Radio 09/25/11 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

When 2011 started, I just assumed TV on the Radio was some over-blown hipster bullshit from Brooklyn. While that is totally correct, that didn’t stop me from falling in love with the group. As I mentioned in the original review, I didn’t even want to go to this show, but the lady had already purchased me a ticket. Then the group became unavoidable. Phish was covering Golden Age and someone I really respect kept posting Will Do to their Facebook wall. By the time I walked into the Bowl, I had not only owned TVOTR on vinyl, but was pumped for the gig. Grouped with other up and coming acts including Warpaint and Arctic Monkey’s – TVOTR’s headline set was a fierce hour of post punk/post hardcore/post indie yet totally original melodies and madness. Your new favorite band of 2005 is my new favorite band of 2011.


#3 Prince 04/23/11 – The Forum – Inglewood, CA

I am not a huge Prince fan. Don’t get me wrong the man has some great songs but it’s not something I listen too very often. Yet with 21 shows with most tickets priced at $25 there was no way in hell I was going to miss one of the greatest performers of the last 100 years in my back yard. As much fun as my birthday was with The Purple One in May, when it comes to music this show was one of the greatest I have ever seen no matter what the year is. He played the hits, he got funky with Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham, he performed encores nearly twenty minutes after the house lights came up. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If you live in Southern California and missed this run – shame on you.

#2 Ween 01/26/11 – Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA

It was late 2010 when my pal James and I made plans to have a mini Ween California tour. I would fly to the Bay Area to get brown in Oaktown and he would come back with me to see the brothers Boognish in Los Angeles. From sneaking onto the floor to the sweet mini acoustic set there are just too many high water marks to mention. So instead we will just give a shout out to the hood rat who threatened to kill me on BART after I informed her I was not a drunk, but a drug addict.


#1 Phish 08/05/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

As I said last year, as long as I see Phish I will always know what my top show of any given year is. This year I was not only fortunate enough to catch the band four times (so really, the top four shows of 2011 were all Phish), I finally got to see the boys live at The Gorge. It has been a dream of mine to do such a thing since the summer of 1997 and what a magical weekend it was. I could write a novel about the inside jokes of the weekend. From Eel attacks to me learning to open a bottle of beer with a lighter, it truly was one of the best weekends of my life. Oh and the music? All I have to say is Rock and Roll>Meatstick>Boogie On Reggae Woman.


Stephen Kellogg Solo and Down Low at Old Rock House in STL 4/28/11

Words and videos by: Bradley Darby

Stephen Kellogg

Acoustic singer-songwriters have always had a special place in my heart. I can’t explain it, but I have always been a sucker for the Marc Broussard’s, Jack Johnson’s, Matt Nathanson’s, and Todd Snider’s of the world. An acoustic guitar can go a long way when partnered with some witty stage banter and clever lyrics sung deep from the soul of the person who penned them. Its good to put the dancing shoes away every now and again and just chill out with a glass of Makers Mark, ride out your buzz while soothing to a crooner like Stephen Kellogg.

Kellogg normally spends his days as the leader of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (SK6ers), a Massachusetts based four piece that I have not only had the pleasure of seeing in the past at this same venue, (click for review from Sept. ‘10) but have also had a chance to catch many times over the past few years. But this was my first time experiencing Kellogg in the intimate solo acoustic setting. He plays a mean acoustic, channels his inner Dylan to shred the harmonica, and writes beautiful lyrics, about love, fatherhood, staying young, loneliness, and family…. not to mention everything else a 10 year vet of the grassroots music scene with over 1000 shows under his belt has endured.

The opener for the show was Tift Merritt, a 36 year old singer-songwriter with a country vibe which some people compare to Joni Mitchell or Emmylou Harris. (link to “Good Hearted Man” from 2004’s Tambourine) Merritt has released two albums on Lost Highway Records in addition to a few independent and live albums. Unfortunately I was unable to catch Tift, but she did come out to sing a song with Stephen Kellogg during his set (more on that later) and I was really digging her voice. There seemed to be many folks in attendance to see Tift, as a few songs into Kellogg’s set there were a few choice seats that opened up. You can get more information about Tift at her website.

Stephen Kellogg took the stage right about 8:45 with what appeared to be four mini chests or nightstands behind him with a few random pictures on them and a single strand of lights running along the curtain behind him, SK started his set with “Lonely in Columbus” and “A (With Love)” both from 2009’s The Bear. “Anthem of Our Discovery” from the 2005 self-titled album followed, but was stripped down even more than expected for an acoustic show. It was a nice change of pace for a song that usually gets the energy going at a SK6ers show. Kellogg then put the harmonica on for the first time as he asked the crowd if anyone served in the military. After 5 seconds of dead silence, he dedicated “4th of July” from 2007’s Glassjaw Boxer to soldiers serving everywhere.

A few weeks before the show Kellogg had announced via his Facebook page that he was going to take requests for this tour via the Facebook event page for each show. Well a highlight of the evening came when he announced that tonights Facebook request was “Girlfriend As Pretty As You” from the 2005 EP One Night in Brooklyn, a song requested by me via the event page. He then read off a few one liner quotes, some of which were from the mouth of former Dunder-Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott. Sadly I was not able to jot these down as I was getting another Makers Mark from the bar. Kellogg then played a new song about falling in love with his wife at the age of 18 called “1993.”

“Start the Day Early” and “Such a Way” both from the self-titled album, and two of my favorite SK6ers songs followed. Kellogg then welcomed Tift Merritt to the stage and together they traded verses for the classic Kenny Loggins tune “Dannys Song.” Merritt and Kellogg’s voices complemented each other very well and I was sad to see Tift go after only one song.

It was time for some crowd participation, as Kellogg divided the crowd into two sections and gave each their own 3 words to yell when called upon. He then played the uplifting “Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts” from The Bear, asking the crowd to yell “Rhea, Pearlman, Joanie, Chachi, Liberachi”, which as far as I know has no relevance to the song. The first set ended with “Milwaukee” from Glassjaw Boxer, another favorite song that references Kelloggs tour manager and cousin Jessica, who has also acted as merch girl and the SK6ers biggest fan for 10 years.

Kellogg then left the stage through the crowd and almost immediately came back on for the encore. After thanking the crowd, and pointing out a picture of his Grandma on the table behind him, it was two songs from The Bear to close the night out. First up was the title track which SK explained that the name had came from a lesson he learned as a child, and as Kellogg sang “sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. Sometimes you’re gonna win, and sometimes you’re gonna lose. But you know, in the end, theres no apologies” you could tell it was a lesson about not giving up no matter what the circumstances. The last song of the night was “Satisfied Man” which tackles eternal teenage love, zombies, the birth of a child, death and afterlife all in a 3 minute song that is actually pretty damn beautiful.

Needless to say, Stephen Kellogg has a way with words. The dudes a lyrical poet, and he can provide enough banter to keep the show flowing between songs when not backed by the Sixers. I would highly suggest checking this show out if you get a chance, but don’t slack on tickets as most shows on the tour as selling out well in advance. Check for more information and watch for a new album from SK and the Sixers this fall.

Catch him out on the West Side next week. 5/12 Seattle at The Triple Door, 5/13 Portland at Mississippi Studios, 5/14 San Francisco at Swedish American Hall, 5/16 Los Angeles at Bootleg Theater.


SETLIST: (click song for Youtube video from this show)
Lonely in Columbus (The Bear)
A (With Love) (The Bear)
Anthem of Our Discovery (Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers)
4th of July (Glassjaw Boxer)
See You Later, See You Soon (Bulletproof Heart)
See Yourself (The Bear)
Girlfriend as Pretty as You (One Night in Brooklyn)
Start the Day Early (Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers)
1993 (new)
Such a Way (Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers)
Danny’s Song w/ Tift Merritt (Kenny Loggins cover)
Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts (The Bear)
Milwuakee (Glassjaw Boxer)
E: The Bear (The Bear)
E: Satisfied Man (The Bear)

Joseph Arthur 04/14/11: Venice Sound Stage – Venice, CA

Joseph Arthur 04/14/11

Venice Sound Stage – Venice, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Just the other day, I was outnumbered by my older (and dare I say slightly out of touch) co-workers. #Twitter is useless they all claimed. Well, had it not been for that useless social media outlet, I would have never known that Joseph Arthur would be playing a last minute show less than five miles from my home. With plans of an early bed time thrown away, I headed down to a place called the Revival: Venice Sound Stage for yet another round of magic with Mr. Arthur.

Before we discuss the music, it’s important to describe the Revival: Venice Sound Stage. It is hidden in a large brick building complex that is buried in a residential neighborhood in Venice, CA. If you know where the Del Taco is on Lincoln, it’s three blocks behind it. After walking up a long driveway, past what I can only assume are clothing factories and artist lockouts, I finally found unit G. Having been told earlier in the day that the music started at 9pm, I assumed I would be casually cool walking in around 9:30. Wrong, as it turns out, the place was not yet opened and I was the first “fan” there (our pal Y was the only other individual I saw inside the venue). The gal at the plastic card table accepted my $10 donation and allowed me in despite the fact Arthur was messing with his massive pedal boards’ mid-sound-check. Looking around, the inside is actually rather sweet. Some small stools/chairs set up; random art exhibits spread across the floor and a sweet dog named Chumash thrown in for good measure. Truly an exciting place that I hope I can check out again in the near future.  

I found a seat and as a few more folks wandered into the venue, we got to hear Arthur perform “Out On A Limb” to make sure everything was working properly. When sound check ended, Arthur roamed the room saying hello to various friends as Y set up. If you read our coverage of the Bootleg Theater residency back in February, you know all about Y. While his partner in crime with the pink guitar was MIA, Y warmed up the room with a quick three song set. Well, four song set if you include his sound check of the Poison classic “Every Rose Has its Thorn.” The first song was called “Lonely Angels” and in talking to Y after the set, he told me it’s his “Black Dog” in the sense the songs title is only mentioned once within the song. The second song was very familiar from the Bootleg Theater run. If Y had a hit at this point in his career; “Give It Up To Love” would be it. He closed the brief set with another solo acoustic song called “Mars.”

Y’s confidence from that first unannounced night at Bootleg has truly blossomed. After the set, he jumped off the stage and came over to say hello. What happened next I must give Y mad kudos for. If I had a dollar for every time someone said Justin-time or Justin-credible to me, I could pay off the server space/web URL’s for this site for the next 15 years. In telling him my name was Justin, he was like oh like Just-in The Wind (in melody with the Kansas jam Dust In The Wind). That was a first and it truly made me laugh. I thanked him for the sticker, and he traveled to the next crowd member sharing his tales of when he was a pirate upon the high seas.

Arthur hit the stage at 10:45pm and opened with “Vacancy.” It was the only time all night that Arthur was joined by a special guest. That guest of course was the venue’s four legged resident Chumash whose bark harmonized well with the opening number. Arthur even joked about the bitches guest vocals as he tuned up for his official performance of “Out On A Limb.” While the sound check version was stripped down and minimal, Arthur brought out multiple layers of loops and effects for the 20-25 folks who made it out to Venice on a windy yet warm Thursday night. While there were multiple layers, the song never lost the delicate touch that makes it so magical in the first place.

As a fan of jam bands, I love when Arthur segues from song to song. On this particular evening, he pushed it three songs deep with “This Is Still My World>Smile That Explodes>Too Much To Hide.” The high water mark in the sequence was the piercing jam that connected “This Is Still My World” to “Smile That Explodes.” We all know “World” is Sibyl Buck’s favorite pop song of all time, and even after watching the replay I am still not sure how Arthur got such a loud snarling bad ass mamba jamba jam out of the soft ballad. I also must ponder if the string of songs would have gone longer if not for Arthur’s amp crapping out on him during “Too Much To Hide.”

In between random tales of his recent trip to China, Arthur shared how the venue felt more like a living room and how he truly felt naked upon the stage. As smells of marijuana and In & Out Hamburgers started to choke the room, Arthur asked if anyone had any requests. I knew this was my shot to hear a song I was dying to hear without being that asshole who shouts requests at inappropriate moments. Three songs were screamed out, which Arthur performed in reverse order of how they were received. First up was “I Miss The Zoo.” This could very well be the first time Arthur has performed “I Miss The Zoo” without having multiple pages of lyrics in front of him. Very stripped back, I am rather confident he nailed all the lyrics, which was damn exciting for someone who has seen this jam grow from early versions during his April 2010 Venice residency.

Up next was my very bratty request. From the Could We Survive EP – I have always been a huge fan of “Morning Cup.” Sadly, in all the shows I have seen Arthur play, the man has never busted this gem out. It took him a bit to remember the opening chords, but once he did, it was as if he had played it nightly for the last decade. With minimal stage lighting, Arthur continued on with the requests, strumming and singing both “History” and “In The Sun” from his best known record Come To Where I’m From. Despite never leaving the stage, Arthur declared that “Echo Park” would be his encore.

Had much of LA not already been committed to Coachella, Janet Jackson, Prince, Big Audio Dynamite, Duran Duran and Sleigh Bells, I must assume more folks would have made it down to the Venice Sound Studios. To be totally honest, I am glad it was such an intimate event. I’ve seen Joseph Arthur in concert, on this Thursday night in Venice, I got to see my pal Joe perform some jams for a room full of friends.

Venice Sound Stage 04/14/11 Set list

Sound check:


Out On A Limb

Main Set:


Out On A Limb

This Is Still My World>

Smile That Explodes>

Too Much To Hide

I Miss The Zoo**

Morning Cup**


In The Sun**


Echo Park***

 *With Guest Vocals from the venue’s resident dog Chumash 

** By Request

***Arthur never left stage for a traditional encore break; instead he simply declared that it was his encore.

Joseph Arthur Joins Twilight Singers on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Joseph Arthur Joins Twilight Singers on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night in Hollywood, Twilight Singers stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel Live program to promote their just released record Dynamite Steps. The Greg Dulli fronted band performed the song “On The Corner” with a little help from our good pal Joseph Arthur. You can watch the complete performance below.

This was not the first time Arthur has joined Twilight Singers on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Click here to check out a performance of “40 Dollars” and “Sublime” from a few years back.

If you want to check out Twilight Singers live and in person, click here for spring 2011 tour dates that find the band performing in both Europe and North America.

Joseph Arthur will wrap his month long residency at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on March 1st. You can check out additional dates for Arthur (including two shows in China) by clicking here.


Joseph Arthur Set For Month-Long Los Angeles Residency

Joseph Arthur Set For Month-Long Los Angeles Residency

According to tweets from his Lonely Astronaut Records (@lonastrorecords) singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur is set to perform a month long residency at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.  Arthur will be performing every Tuesday from February 8th through March 1st.

Each of the four tweets will take you to a Facebook RSVP page for each show.  As of posting, there is currently no information regarding pre-sale tickets for these shows.  Per the Bootleg Theater, tickets will be $10 in advance and $12 at the door.  Tickets are on sale now via Ticketfly.  Arthur will also be showcasing and selling his art duing the four week run at the theater’s backstage area.  For more information on these shows, please click here.

Arthur is no stranger to Southern California residencies.  Just last spring, Arthur performed a month long residency at the now-defunct “Stronghold” in Venice, CA.  Click the below links for reviews of 3/4th of those star-studded shows.

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Scott Lucas And The Married Men Schedule A Few Dates

Scott Lucas And The Married Men Schedule A Few Dates

We know that there’s at least one writer here at Concert Confessions who is having an awesome week.  Just days after we posted Local H lining up tour dates(plus your chance to win a ticket to see them 4/15 in NYC!), it seems Scott Lucas And The Married Men are also in the business of releasing albums and playing shows this year.

Don’t get to your Googling  just yet, I’m going to explain it for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. Formed as a side/solo project by Local H front man, Scott Lucas and the Married Men  released an album in 2010  titled “George Lassos The Moon”, and are set to release yet another this year “Blood Half Moon”.

This “Blood Half Moon” record is slated to be released before the Local H record “Hallelujah, I’m a Bum”, which is already mixed and ready to go. And if our man Mr. Lucas wasn’t busy enough with two albums coming out this year plus the Local H tour; here we have come across some tour dates for the Married Men as well, including one on April 15th in New York City opening for….. ? You guessed it, Local H.  Well, it’ll actually just be Lucas doing solo acoustic Married Men material as the first opener on the card. And I’ll remind you again, this is a ticket to a show you can win RIGHT HERE at Concert Confessions.  A double dip of Local H.. sort of….. Scott Lucas and the Married Men dates below:

Scott Lucas And The Married Men 2012 dates:

4/15 – Mercury Lounge -New York City (solo acoustic set- opening for Local H)

5/26 – Reverb Music Festival – Waterloo, IA

6/06 – The Aquarium – Fargo, ND (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/07 – First Ave – Minneapolis, MN (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/08 – Majestic Theater – Madison, WI (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/09 – Metro – Chicago, IL (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/10 – Magic Bag – Detroit, MI (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/12 –  The Red Palace – Washington, DC

6/14 – Mercury Lounge- New York, NY (Opening for Ramona Falls)

6/16 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA

6/26 – Bootleg Bar – Los Angeles, CA

(Photo up top Courtesy of LoudLoopPress.Com/Jim Newberry)

Garbage Announces North American Tour Dates

Garbage Announces North American Tour Dates

On May 15th, veteran alt rockers Garbage will release a new album. Entitled Not Your Kind Of People, this will be the first new music from the group since 2005’s Bleed Like Me. To celebrate the release, the group has announced a brief US tour that focuses on the western half of the country. Check out the dates below now updated with an east coast leg that kicks off in New York City on May 22nd.


Garbage 2012 US Tour Dates:


04/06/12 – Los Angeles, CA, Bootleg Theatre
4/09/12 – Los Angeles, CA, El Rey Theater
4/10/12 – Los Angeles, CA, El Rey Theater
4/14/12 – Las Vegas, NV, Pearl Concert Theatre
4/16/12 – Tucson, AZ, The Rialto Theatre
4/17/12 – Phoenix, AZ, The Marquee
4/20/12 – Houston, TX, House of Blues
4/21/12 – Austin, TX, La Zona Rosa
4/22/12 – Dallas, TX, Edgefest 22
4/24/12 – Aspen, CO, Belly Up
4/25/12 – Denver, CO, Ogden Theatre
4/27/12 – Salt Lake City, UT, The Venue
05/05/12 – Irvine, CA, KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta
05/22/12 – New York, NY, Webster Hall
05/23/12 – Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
05/25/12 – Atlantic City, NJ, House of Blues
05/26/12 – Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
05/28/12 – Toronto, ON, Phoenix Concert Theatre
06/01/12 – Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Bowl (KJEE Summer Round Up w/ Silversun Pickups and more)

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Jay Porks Heads Out West for Soundgarden, QOTSA, Mastodon & The Meat Puppets! 7/30/11

Spent much of this weekend just staring around in amazement, repeating the phrase “Holy freaking God” over and over again. This is a special 53rd installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series as it took us to Newark Airport, where I hopped on a plane and came out to Washington State(Home of the Cougs) to meet up with some of the Northwest chapter of Concert Confessions: thenaturalstoner ,Mr Sparkly (Who Are Hosting Me) and possibly another 3 as at last check we were to have five Concert Confessioners  who will be in attendance at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA for the epic bill of Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, and The Meat Puppets on an awesome summer Saturday … Had NOOOO idea what I was getting myself into..

‘We’re not at PNC Bank Arts Center anymore’ is the thought in my head as we start to drive into the campground.. yea that’s right I said it, campground. A sea of tents pitched everywhere, people getting wasted everywhere; and this place was about 1000 times the size of ANY venue I’ve ever been to in my homeland on the Least coast. If I was at this show by myself, there’s no way camping out all night would’ve even been a thought in my head. We don’t camp in NYC, we take sweaty train rides after shows and get home at 2AM… but there I was after the show sleeping on a folding chair outside the tent using a sleeping bag as a blanket , but trust me we will get to all that later.

So we pitch a tent, camp out and pre-funk for a little while.. we decide to head down to the box office and claim the photo passes that were left for us through me via Meat Puppets personnel.. To not run off on a tangent here, lets just send out thanks over to those imbeciles (Livenation) that run the box office at this place for fucking that photo pass experience up for me. If I wasn’t walking over this hill and seeing heaven on the other side, I’d be super pissed-as opposed to just really pissed.

So after several up hill climbs through the scorching hot sun (Yea, I came to Washington State and didn’t see one drop of rain, not one CLOUD my entire time here! False advertisement right there-I thought I was escaping the heat), we finally make it to the the gigantic mountainside that is The Gorge Amphitheater.. I’ve been to venues with lawn based seating, but this is ONLY lawn seating and the hill is a hell of a lot of steeper then the one at PNC in Homdel or that similar, bigger venue in Camden, NJ.. and it’s not a polluted highway behind the stage, it’s a freaking river. It’s like this piece of land split in half causing a canyon to open-and they placed a stage in the middle. I know I sound a little too blown away by seeing the Northwest -but I’m from the city, this is all new to me. A one mile stretch without a cement building is something I’ve never seen before-let alone a valley(or a “Gorge” they might say).

Meat Puppets come out at 6PM with the guns blazing, they were heavy from the start..I knew it was gonna be “Oh, Me”  to kick it off by the sound of the guitar jingles.. but I didn’t know they were going to come out that intense with it. I was thrilled to see as many people down on the cement area in front of the stage(every part of this place is general admission-lawn tickets get you everywhere here) can walk down to the front and get rocking out.. Because I know a lot of people are missing them right now, and that sucks. Jumped into “Sam”, the lyrical demonstration that it is..moving faster than R.E.M.’s “It’s the end of the world as we know it”.. Then “Plateau”, which was fitting considering we hiked many hills and plateau’s to arrive where we are. Except there was way more “nothing at the top” at this Plateau, there was the freaking Meat Puppets right in front of me for the seventh time. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Curt Kirkwood use his Les Paul live with my own eyes before, the six times on the east coast I’ve seen them he played his teal Fender Strat.. That’s a query I need answered: Is it a coastal thing? Not like they sound any different, it’s just something that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. “Backwater” followed, the one Meat Puppets song I was able to get played on the radio when I was the in-studio guest at my local college radio station a week ago(88.9FM WSIA or, so we were diggin our heels in, and again I loved the people up front so into it. That one time I caught the Pups as a first opener there was like 30 of us there at a 3500+ capacity venue it saddened me.. so glad I’m in WA. When they followed Backwater with “Sloop John B” (Beach Boys cover) I started getting really excited. Not for Sloop John B so much as for the fact that I was completely sold on the fact they would play “Hey Baby Que Paso”, I’ve been going over the lyrics to the song with the kitchen staff at my day job for months. Then I recognize the little lead in that’s about to be “Lake of Fire”.. as much as I love that freakin’ song, it hurt like a stab in the chest because I knew the set was ending in a little over 7 minutes when the end this song.. Damn, I figured this venue would give them at least 40 mins, they got a half hour, if not less. Again I’m not exactly from around these parts, but I know for a fact that the Meat Puppets didn’t request to only play six songs. I think doors should’ve opened earlier and had longer sets for the bands. It’s not like we’re in a residential area here-we’re all camping here all night.. I just don’t get it. The boys were done at 6:30

Which brings me to my next point: If there’s one band to remove from this bill to make this a full out amazing Ménage à trois of great bands playing long sets, which one would it be? Who’s the odd man out here? Then at 6:48 when Mastodon came out and we started to make our way back up the lawn, that was the question wondered aloud. And lets not take this as a shot at Mastodon, they do what they do and judging by the herds of people heading down for their set-they do it well. Caught them on the BlackDiamondSkye tour at it’s Madison Square Garden stop …so as they plowed through their 40 minutes set while we were walking up the mammoth lawn, they were plenty loud enough where we heard the entire set no matter how far away from the stage we went.

Another wild card to the evening, what is Queens of the Stone Age going to play? They’ve been on a album-themed tour, playing their first record in it’s entirety.. and we just had a 30 minute set followed by a 40 minute set. It’s 7:53 when they came out, there is a lot of show left tonight.

Not recognizing the first four songs was the indicator that this first album thing was going down. First song I recognized was “Giveth Then Take It Away”.. a little while later we had Josh Homme, who is the man by the way, saying “everyone’s waiting for it to get dark so they could do all those things they can’t do in the light” … introduced a song called “Make It Wit-Chu”, saying it was a song for the ladies. Then suddenly out of no where we turn and two people just got engaged during the song-now obviously that guy was aware of what the set list was going to be, we should’ve found him… from that guy popping the question and onward was magic.. my eyes are drawn to the left, as I notice the sun is beginning to set. I know it’s happens everyday, but man during those last three songs “Little Sister”, “Go with the Flow” and “No One Knows” with the sun setting and beams of light bouncing off the river, silhouetting the people on the lawn.. man that 8 minutes or so right there may have been the greatest moment of my life (well, besides Jen Cartiglia of course). They went off at 8:43.. epicness

So it’s coming up on 9 and Soundgarden is on deck.. Little note to keep in mind for the duration of Soundgarden’s set-I hate Eddie Vedder, and I hate Pearl Jam-personal preference, lets not muddy this up. Anyway, being the last show on Soundgarden’s tour and being in their backyard(even though Eddie Vedder is from California,he wears flannel so he can say he’s from there) combined with my luck I had a bad feeling we’d be having a Temple of the Dog section of the set and me in tears during everyone’s glee. All the awesome stuff I’ve seen over here in Washington, this gorgeous venue, this epic adventure can easily be turned into another Jay Porks Bogus Journey. I hate to be the one guy in the building praying for it not to happen(no I don’t), but I think I’m the only one in the building who traveled 3000+ miles for this. If would be the equivalent to finding out the hottest girl you know has a penis.

Save the suspense, as we can read in Jakob’s review, there was no PJ sighting, no Vedder appearances, no Hunger Strike or whatever non sense it is that they do…Also in Jakob’s review he mentions the bootleg tee shirts they were selling outside the venue.. it had all four bands listed on it. Not only did it have the wrong Meat Puppets drummer on it in the picture, but above the words Queens of the Stone Age was a picture of Pearl Jam. I, of course, bought this shirt. With Vedder staring right at me, didn’t notice it til the next day.. (I can’t get away from this guy). So besides that, I’m also thinking “How is Soundgarden going to top this? Seriously, what are they going to do, play a 2 hour set of nothing but their best?”

To answer the question in my last paragraph-Hell yes. It’s exactly what Soundgarden did. The sky was still a bit pink as the sun was behind the mountains. I don’t care how far away I was the sound if freaking golden on some of these videos I got.. 9:10 was the official first riff. And speaking of video, “Spoonman” was the 2nd song in.. “Gun” followed. This place is rocking like I’ve never seen a place rock before. And I got to see “Jesus Christ Pose”! For that girl screaming it in the row in front of me at Town Hall a few weeks back for Cornell’s Acoustic Songbook tour. See, 2 years ago when Soundgarden said they were getting back together, I didn’t think I’d have to wait this long to see them-I thought they’d do some heavy touring-they never did. So these guys were going to have to earn it blowing me away tonight.. and when “Blow up the Outside” smacked me in the face, I knew they were doing just that. Seeing Cornell acoustic songbook tour gave me a reminder that I needed to see this band live, one day, some how. Blow up the Outside at Town Hall just didn’t pack the punch that I needed it too-now here, it’s laying heavy fists to my face repeatedly..

 Just an observation here, what’s up with the little slowed down version of “Black Hole Sun”? That’s the song I need to blow up in my face, not the song I can’t wait to hear toned down a bit-but that’s my only critique here about this set, and its minor. I’m just sayin’.. he’s screaming like hell on every other song so it’s not like he’s voice is out.. And then it was only 10:18 when the song ended, which begs the question: So when do they start packing up here? I’m not used to seeing bands just keep playing awesome songs for hours .. everyone else had short sets, who knows.. And keep in mind Vedder walking around the back of my head, me thinking I was going to have to walk out and meet the group at the campground.. Out of no where, Chris Cornell, in one of the more humorous displays I’ve seen, got pissed off that the NBA took Seattle’s basketball team. I don’t know what got him, maybe he spotted a Sean Kemp jersey in the crowd- but he starts saying “Man, they fucking took away our team-It’s fucking bullshit to take away a basketball team!”

Fell on Black Days, My Wave..-they’re still kicking out the fucking jams. During “Burden in my Hand” I asked thenaturalstoner if the lyrics were actually “I shot my load today”.. then around 10:40 he turns and is like “Pretty Noose and I’m good”.. Freaking psychic is what he is, and I forgot how much I love that song. Played “Rusty Cage” and “Head Down” right before it….By now I’m playing with house money, I had stopped taking pictures(or little video snippets) for a while to just sit back and enjoy this.. I’m in the Pacific Northwest watching Soundgarden tear the place apart. We kept saying to each other (Mr Sparkly by now is down front and apparently found Phish Beard) “So what else you think they got?, what else can they play?”

Well they could play , “Head Down” and“Outshined”before topping us off with  “Superunknown” before ducking off at 10:52, only to come back out at 10:56 and rock three more songs. On the last song they rocked out and eventually drifted into a pure feedback orgy.. it made me want to cream my pants. They distorted sounds from 11:13 to 11:20, and that’s when the sound was turned down.. it was over.

This is usually the time where I gloat about catching whatever scheduled train I need.. but not the case tonight.. we’re climbing back up the hill and all the way down back to the campsite, where we will spend the night in the tent.. not for nothing, NYC’s been sweltering the last few weeks.. and here, unlike home, when the sun goes down it actually cools off significantly.. I had an extremely comfortable folding chair, plenty of bud and brews- I said “fuck it , pass my sleeping bag over, now it’s a blanket”. After the show while we’re (Me and thenaturalstoner until Mr Sparkly eventually showed up, minus Phishbeard) discussing the night’s proceedings (so glad to be at a show with these dudes, usually when I’m telling a random cab driver or some stranger about an epic night, I spend most of the discussion explaining to them who the bands are. NY is so lame).. main topic is Sparkly being quoted to saying he was “Underwhelmed”.  And we’re just about to delve into this deep convo about what show he was watching,  those dickheads camped out next to us who where annoying as hell before the show ended up showing up and annoyed the crap out of us all over again. All of a sudden the drummer has a mouth. These dudes say they’re in a band that “sounds like NOFX and Blink 182” named after some actor I can’t remember the name of now. Anyway, your band sounds like NOFX/Blink 182? Yea, that’s just about the time we called it a night.

A side note, my alarm on my phone set to 930 eastern time woke us, and the rest of the surrounding campers up.. seems I’m the only one who didn’t hear it until I was awoken.. So we packed up, and headed into Spokane to catch Willie Nelson at the Northern Quest Casino and Resort before I fly home Monday… Awesomeness.

Soundgarden/Queens of the Stone Age/Mastodon/Meat Puppets at the Gorge!!! 7/30/11

Soundgarden/Queens Of The Stone Age/Mastodon/Meat Puppets 07/30/11

Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

Words/Photos by Jakobross424

On July 30, two epic concerts graced the west coast. One of them was LA Rising, which featured Rage Against the Machine, Muse, and Rise Against. The other was at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. The bands included Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and Meat Puppets. Many other Concert Confessions writers were there that night, so here was one side to the same story. My dad and I got to the Gorge with little to no trouble. We didn’t get lost, there was no traffic, we got a good parking spot, and we arrived an hour and a half before doors opened. So with time to kill, we cranked up the Echo Movement and we chilled. At around 3:15 or so, a heavy metal looking dude with a nipple ring came up to us and asked us if we wanted to buy a shirt. I’d experienced this before, it was a bootleg. But it was cool and $20, so we bought it. I looked at the back where it showed all the bands, and saw a picture of Pearl Jam above the Queens of the Stone Age logo. Upon questioning the heavy metal looking dude, we found out that there was a rumor that Pearl Jam would play a few songs and that got me even more excited about the show.

Before going into the line, my dad had to get his wrist band so he could purchase alcohol, which is funny because I don’t think he drank at all that night. So we are in that line and it’s my dad’s turn and I am right behind him. My dad hands the dude his ID, and receives his wrist band. I wanted to have a little fun, so I said to the security guy, “I forgot my ID at home,” which got a laugh. We went to the real line at about 3:30 and we were towards the front of one of the lines. First, the VIP/Fan Club members were let in and then us regular people were let in. When we got inside, I bought a legal shirt and my dad bought a Queens of the Stone Age shirt. We bought some water to fill our Camelbak with, and we made our way to the amphitheater in hopes to find something to do for two hours until Meat Puppets came on. We sat in the shade, ate some mediocre food, and at about 5:30, we stood up in the crowd to wait for the Meat Puppets.

After a quick sound check, I immediately saw Curt Kirkwood arrive on stage, followed by the drummer (whatever his name is) and Curt’s brother Cris. They immediately broke into “Oh, Me” and they were jamming out. Curt didn’t sound great, but I wouldn’t expect him to since that song was written almost thirty years ago. Next was “Sam,” the song I was looking forward to most. If you don’t know the song, Curt and Cris both sing incredibly fast. Like 400 words a minute or something. And it’s great to see that they both still know the words and can sing them without any mistake.

Then they played “Plateau,” an odd song about nothing in particular, I think. After that, they played their biggest main stream hit “Backwater,” which sounded amazing. The Kirkwood brothers’ harmonies together sounded better than Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus by a mile. After that they played “Sloop John B,” a song originally written by the Beach Boys. Then they finished their too-short set with “Lake of Fire,” which, for some reason, induced a mosh pit. People are stupid when they are drunk. Meat Puppets finished their elongated jam version of “Lake of Fire,” and if there was anything I could’ve changed about the entire show, it would’ve been that Meat Puppets would’ve played longer. They were so great, and even at the ripe old age of 50-something, the Kirkwood brothers can still rock harder than Black Veil Brides ever will.

Sort of at the last minute, I decided that I didn’t care to see Mastodon. So my dad and I walked around, shared a funnel cake, and listened for the cue that Mastodon was done. When they finished playing “Blood and Thunder,” they left the stage and my dad and I went into the pit to wait for Queens of the Stone Age.

The roadies started setting up the back drop for Queens of the Stone Age, which was the detective notes for the assassination of JFK. Why they chose that, I will never know. Somewhere around 8:00, QOTSA came on stage. Josh Homme spoke in his lovely country accent, telling us how beautiful the Gorge was and how happy they were to open for Soundgarden. QOTSA broke into “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I’m a Millionaire,” which was a relatively short song. Afterwards they played “3’s and 7’s” and the hits just kept coming. They played songs like “Burn the Witch,” “Little Sister,” “Go With the Flow,” “No One Knows,” and “A Song for the Dead.”

The band sounded so great and the crowd was really into it. The problem was the two moshing idiots in front of me. One of them looked like the creepy dude in the Die Antwoord “Enter the Ninja” video.

When QOTSA left the stage, my dad decided he didn’t want to be in the pit during Soundgarden, so he left and went to the very back, while I stayed where I was. Some dude made his way through the crowd with his hand up to his mouth. He passed me and a few others, and then found out what happens when you drink a lot of alcohol.

After a sound check and some technical difficulties involving the images on the screen, we were ready to let the Sun set on the Gorge while Soundgarden jammed away. We heard some feedback and then what was certainly the opening bit of “Searching With My Good Eye Closed,” (This is my good eye; do you know a cow; a pig says; this is a rooster; the Devil says.) The band broke into that song and played it like it was nobody’s business. Chris Cornell sounded better than I expected him to. Ben Shepherd wandered the stage, made funny faces, and was a very entertaining performer. Matt Cameron banged the drums like a gun was being held to his head. And Kim Thayil looked like a gun was being held to his head if he didn’t reunite with Soundgarden. He had a smile on his face, but it didn’t seem like he was enjoying any part of it.

Soundgarden broke into hit after hit. They played “Spoonman,” “Blow Up the Outside World,” “The Day I Tried to Live,” “Superunknown,” “Slaves and Bulldozers,” “Black Hole Sun,” “Outshined,” “Rusty Cage,” and so many more that I can’t even remember. They even played some old songs like “Gun” and “Beyond the Wheel.”

I was in a lot of pain after the show, and my hopes that Pearl Jam would come out were crushed. No Pearl Jam. Just Matt Cameron. Not even Eddie Vedder would come out and play “Hunger Strike” with Soundgarden. It wouldn’t be much of a Temple of the Dog reunion since 5/6 of TOTD is Pearl Jam, but whatever. All in all, one of the best shows I have ever seen.

So I hope that Justito had a good time at the RATM show, because I definitely did. Unfortunately I didn’t run into any of my Concert Confessions peers, but I met a guy named Jeremy who saw Slightly Stoopid last weekend. That’s just as good, right?

The Jay Porks Final Four: Top Experiences of 2010

The Jay Porks Top Four Shows of 2010

Words/Photos by Jay Porks of the Jay Porks Experience

I swear I’ll eventually learn how to cut down on the length of posts.. Just not quite yet. That said, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to determine shows would make the cut in my Top 5 of 2010. I mean, what does one exactly judge specifically when it comes to this type of list. The criteria is vague to say the least-what factors go into determining the awesomeness of a show? Well, here at Concert Confessions (and of course the Jay Porks Experience), we pride ourselves in delivering “different” kind of concert reviews to say the least. We tend to not follow the rules of conventional journalism-hell I personally don’t even follow basic rules of grammar at times. So it was decided that why start following any sort of rules when it comes to this, even if that means turning the top 5 into a ‘Final Four’.

#4- MMR(93.3FM) BBQ featuring Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains w/ Three Days Grace, Fuel, Skillet, Dive, Automatic Fire at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ 05/23/10.

Anytime there is boobs being flashed in the parking lot you know you’re in store for a memorable day. And this is exactly what it was-the whole day. Pam and I didn’t pull into the parking lot until like 2PM and it was already a party out there. Hot chicks toss a beach ball around, us downing beers without being hassled by event staff to take it inside. Some girl flashed her boobs upon request. It got me thinking we should move the stage out here and just have the show in the parking lot-this is the place to be. After eventually making our way inside, by the time we we’re at the food court area I heard Fuel playing “Shimmer”. Damn, I really like that song.
Anyway, we had extra tickets to this show-I had 2 lawn tickets and Pam put a successful bid on some tickets for the pit So we first enjoyed the friendly confines of the lawn for the end of Fuel’s set and for Three Days Grace. We decided to start on the lawn and move down to the pit for Alice in Chains and STP. It was good to catch a second wind after getting bombed mid-afternoon in the parking lot At about 6:55PM Three Days Grace headed off stage and we began to bid our farewells to the posse of friendly fellow concert goers as we headed towards the pit for the headliners. A dude shook my hand and told me “Good luck” before we left.
Got down to the pit section and were literally feet away from the stage to witness Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots play memorable sets. If only the camera I was using at the time was more “sound friendly”, as I got some awesome videos if you’re able to tune the sound to the right volume. This was the point where I decided that I was going to be at BlackDiamondSkye when the tour rolled through NYC later in the year. Stone Temple Pilots did little to disappoint as they ran through most of my favorites and the peak of the evening was when Jerry Cantrell came out to join the band for “Sex Type Thing”. Dean Deleo and Jerry facing each other trading riffs on one of my favorite songs; safe to say it was all worth the 2 hour drive into Camden, NJ.

#3-Local H Gramercy Theater 5/18/10

Was totally pumped to see another one of my favorite bands in Local H. Tickets were $15 and it was at one of NYC’s more intimate venues, the 600 person capacity Gramercy Theater. They labeled the tour the “6 Angry records” tour-they put all 6 of their albums names in hat and randomly picked out the one they’d play in it’s entirety that night. About a week before the show, news broke that the Stone Temple Pilots was looking to play a record showcase type gig in a venue smaller than their usual. Then I was nothing short of baffled when it was announced that STP would play Gramercy Theater the same night this Local H show was scheduled. I was worried my Local H show might have been compromised, but in the end both shows went on that night. STP was billed as a “Midnight Showcase” with separate admission of course. The bummer there was that Local H would only be able to play until 9:30 in order to clear out the place. So safe to say I showed up that night with low expectations, especially when the sign in front said “TONIGHT: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!”
First thing Lucas says to the crowd is “You know, it kinda feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots-but we’re not” before allowing a fan to reach into the hat and pick the night’s album. Turned out to be “Ham Fisted”, the bands first record-the record I was least familiar with of all their albums. To my surprise (through virtue of having the bands discography on my iPod) I happen to be familiar with most of those songs. After I got video of them doing “Feed” I knew I was in the best seat in the house-working with a two man band from this angle it’s very easy to keep the whole band in the frame without moving back and forth much. When they got into some other material later on after Ham Fisted I started to film almost every song. I impressed myself with the way I had the camera work in tune with the song, like: focused on the drums right before they break in, zooming in on the solos etc. The night ended when they played “Bound for the Floor” -in which mid way through they flipped it into “Rainbow in the Dark”(Ronnie James Dio had passed earlier that week) and then morphed back for the end of Bound for the Floor. Last song of the evening was an intense version of T.V. On the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”-it was nuts! During the song Scott climbed off stage to lean his guitar into the crowd while taking a swig of the drink of a lucky fan. I was like 2 feet away, filming.

We could credit the great spot, the Scott Lucas autograph, the Wolf Like Me cover to end it-we could credit all that. Or we could just say that the band delivered big time in a tough spot-I mean, with my aforementioned low expectations and all I would have never thought to have taken away all I took from that show. Floored.

#2-Ween 9/17/2010 Central Park

After reading a review at ConcertConfessions.Com of a Ween show earlier this year-when I noticed they were going to play a show at Central Park it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I’ll be the first to admit, I only knew a handful of their songs but I found myself curious of what the big hub bub was about-when you know what they say “Curiosity almost killed the cat by melting his face off”.

I was at Central Park the night before to see the band Cake-they came on at 8 last night. On line for beer I notice smoke beginning to fill the stage with smoke, as Ween is about to kick off at 7:30 as I dashed back to my spot which was pretty good despite a few taller people in front of me(I still think we should do size order at shows, like back in school). From “Buckingham Green” I was locked in-the Deaner is godly over there with the six string. The awesome light show they had going lights bouncing off smoke in rhythm with each song was epic stuff. Covering David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”- playing every song I had attempted to verse myself on in the week prior to the show they played. “Spinal Meningitis”, “Voodoo Lady”-even “Mr. Richard Smoker” as Gene Ween puffed cigarettes for most of the duration of the night. When they ducked off at 9:48 as we stood waiting for an encore I took a look around and saw a park with double the people in it compared to the night previous all standing with wide eyed, blank stares.. some clapping some screaming, hugging, high fiving-I get it now, and I’m so glad I was able to have the privilege to comprehend. Especially since they came back out to play “Dr. Rock”, with the lights at their peak of craziness in edition to people all around me just screaming top volume-to say it was a moment of ecstasy for everyone would be an understatement.

On the way out there was a group of dudes selling “Whip Its” (Balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide that you inhale it gives you a minute or two of a a light dizziness/light headed feeling). Anyway they were 3 for 20 bucks so I got a few and sat on a rock by the entrance of the park, with my peers from the Ween concert, all of us blown away sucking air from balloons getting momentarily intoxicated. Jay Porks was baptized into the Ween faith on that night, it was unbelievable.

#1 –The Flaming Lips 4th of July FREAK OUT 2010-House of Blues Atlantic City

When The Flaming Lips were coming to New York City to play a show at a venue called Terminal 5, of course you know I was more than interested. Surfing Ticketmaster, I noticed that they were playing a 4th of July show in Atlantic City, NJ(of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ fame), in which the House of Blues AC tickets were cheaper than the Terminal 5 tickets . So I figured why not make it a night in Atlantic City, book a room see the show write the review come back next day. It’s like a 2 hour trip riding via Greyhound bus for $20. So that’s what I did, stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino. Posted a little “Pre-Show” video and everything. Had a new camera in hand-set to be a great night.

When I got inside the House of Blues it was amazing, it had the whole vintage look going on, and the balcony was stadium seating and I was top row aisle seat-my view is epic! I’ve got an event staffer right in front of me and he watched me bootleg all those songs, didn’t say a word.

The night played out and so many weird freaky things were happening on stage from the start when Wayne came out in the bubble all the way through the stream shooters, pounds of confetti, thousands and thousands of balloons, a dude in a guerilla’s outfit ran out and Wayne stood on his shoulders. With Star Death and the White Dwarfs cheering on the side of the stage joined by a giant cat fish mascot type dude and Wayne bringing out the gigantic hands reflecting beams of light with each finger tip onto two disco balls hanging from the ceiling. I mean seriously, read the review-check the videos, this night was freaking crazy and that’s not even including being the Mr. 1990’s that I am watching these guys do “She Don’t Use Jelly” would’ve sent me home happy-but a few songs later I was way above the level of “happy”. I went from excited, to amazing, to shocked, to totally freaked out by the end of the night. I was seeing balloons and confetti in my dreams for weeks following the show-it’s without question the best 4th of July I have ever participated in.

Joseph Arthur Puts A Stronghold On Venice – Part 1

Joseph Arthur & Friends (w/ MK & the Gentlemen & “Juan” Y) 04/09/10

The Stronghold – Venice, CA

words/photos/videos by Reverend Justito/


Updated 06/28/11: The channel that hosted nearly 700 videos for Concert Confessions was removed from YouTube earlier this month. In re-uploading these videos, I discovered a video of “Juan.” As it turns out, “Juan” is actually “Y”. For those who have read my 2011 reviews of Joseph (which you can read here, here, here and here) you know it took me weeks to figure out his name. Originally, I did not upload the video of Y performing on April 9th (since I didn’t have a song title or proper name) but it has been included in this updated review. We hope you enjoy.


Over the months after my first Joseph Arthur show, I was angry.  In the months since my second Joseph Arthur show, I have become geeky fan boy obsessed.  I have hit both indie and big chain record stores filling the gaps in my compact disc (yes I still buy those) collection.  I printed out some guitar tabs and began the process of learning how to personally butcher the music that I love so much.  Most of all, I sat around dreaming about how I will get my next fix of the man live and in person.  Much to my shock and delight, that chance not only came less than three months from the mind shattering Troubadour shows, but in the form of a month long residency less than five miles from home.  While I was unable to make the first show due to a prior show commitment, I squealed like a pig in mud when I saw that the final three shows were clear on my calendar.  So with the work week in the rear view, I headed south to Venice on the second Friday in April eager to get a much needed fix of Joseph Arthur.  Unknown to me, I was in for quite the fix as strange things are afoot at The Stronghold in Venice, CA.
Having no idea as to the start time, I showed up around 8:30pm.  Clearly this was way too early so I walked up and down Abbot-Kinney debating which food truck to eat dinner at.  After making my choice, I headed back and decided I would form the line while chowing down.  At a time, I was a bit disappointed with myself.  After all, I rushed out the door like a mad man to get down to the venue, only to have nothing to do for an hour but stuff my face with warm sushi and run down the battery on my iphone.  The doors for the venue above a vintage clothing store finally opened about 9:45pm, and after making a $15 dollar donation I headed up the old wooden staircase.  I was surprised to see that the venue was nothing more than a glorified loft with a tiny stage and two big brown leather couches nailed into the hard wood floors.  It took me a second, but then a large smile slowly spread across my face.  I made a b-line to the stage left couch and plopped down right in front of the mic stand (or as I discovered the best friggin seat in the house).  I quickly made friends with two very intoxicated blondes who sat down next to me around the same time.  Now that seat guarding was in place, I headed to the drink area, where I made a $10 donation for two cans of Turtle Piss Mexican Beer (thankfully, the party later upgraded to chilled cans of Tecate and Tecate Light).
As the loft began to fill, a band out of Venice called MK & The Gentlemen took the stage.  Even if the music had sucked, I would encourage every straight single male within a 30 mile zone of any and all shows to check this band out.  While I doubt I am the first to come up with the term TunaFest, it sure as hell sums up the crowd.  As far as the music goes, it’s what you would expect from four dudes out of Venice.  Laid back slow melody rich beach jams very similar to Jack Johnson.  However, while it is easy to compare based off the overall sound, MK & The Gentlemen blow Jack Johnson away on a technical level.  Within those laid back grooves are short and sudden bursts of almost hippie-esque noodle goodness.  In fact, vocally the bands front man (MK I assume) reminded me a lot of Chuck Garvey from moe. While not my favorite style of music, MK & the Gentlemen really left a lasting impression, and not just because a large number of women in the crowd were moving and shaking across the dance floor.  Jack Johnson is great in short bursts, but after 15 minutes it feels like the same song over and over which of course leaves to boredom.  MK manage to mix it up from number to number without ever leaving their comfort zone.  A middle eastern flavored song here, a heavy tribal grove there, I was entertained and even a little disappointed when they were told they only had time for one more.  If you’re a fan of the O.A.R. Donovan FrankenCitizenCope surf bum prep hippie light jam acoustic bongo noodle rock sound (and I know some of you are) then MK & The Gentlemen are for you.

As beach dwelling hippies and/or hipsters sipped mixed drinks out of large Dixie paper cups, I took a moment to really soak in my surroundings.  This wasn’t a show this was more of a party at some strangers house.  Hell, there was a dog running around, you don’t see that shit at Club Nokia that’s for damn sure.  It felt like the cops could bust in at any moment, and when not focused on the Christmas lights covering the spiral staircase behind the scare I was pondering if the old brick building could survive The Big One. Then there was the door with the sign that said “Artists Only” which had everyone and anyone walking in and out of it.  Obsessive stalker fan boy took over as I had the perfect view of Arthur sitting on a couch getting ready to hit the stage.  When he finally hit the stage it really hit me; I am about to watch Joseph Arthur rock someones living room.
Joined by Jessy Greene on violin and Rami Jaffee on accordion, Arthur kicked off the second night of his residency with “I Donated Myself To The Mexican Army.”  I instantly wondered if perhaps it was an ode to the night’s beer stash?  Towering above me, the lanky Arthur’s sang into the mic eyes closed focused only on the music.  As party goers chatted at the same volume as the sounds coming from the tiny plywood stage, Arthur and company carried on.  “September Baby” is one of the songs that has been on repeat in my mind since January, so I was thrilled when it made an early appearance.  The few hipsters who made it out from Echo Park were equally as excited to hear a song named after their home town.

Still having a few gaps in my collection, Arthur played a lot of material I was unfamiliar with.  Perhaps there were some new songs in there, I am not really sure.  One song it almost appeared made up on the spot.  After creating another trademark loop with his guitar, Arthur ripped some pages out of a notebook and began reading what seemed to be a poem.  While both shows had a rabid fan base, this is something that would have never worked at The Troubadour, but was perfect for The Stronghold.  It was also around this time that Arthur switched from acoustic to electric and the show went to a whole new level.  While I can appreciate all of his music, I have always been drawn to the crazy riffs and loops that he creates.  While he had used a Telecaster back in January, Arthur never really maximized it’s potential.  I am unable to name what kind of guitar he had on this particular night, but with an unusually high amount of knobs and switches I can tell you that it was anything but ordinary.  I had never realized just how hard Arthur can shred.  Bending string and slamming down on a whammy bar, Arthur can really tear it up as a lead guitarist.  In fact I am hard pressed to find anything this man can’t do?
As one of those assholes who lives on their cellphone, I noticed that fellow LA blogger/twitter pal Rock Is A Girl’s Best Friend was in the crowd and shared a pic.  Low and behold she was standing right behind me.  I quickly introduced myself between songs (as we had yet to actually meet in person), and sunk back into the coach around the time that Arthur brought out fellow Ohio rocker Greg Dulli (The Twilight Singers, The Afghan Whigs, The Gutter Twins).  I have to assume the invite from Arthur was on the spot, as Dulli appeared hesitant in joining the fun.  After discussing who would take the high road and who would take the low road vocally, the two voices blended together on “Take Me Home”.  As Arthur began to finger pick out the opening notes on his guitar, Dulli clenched his can of beer, took a deep breath and eased right into the quiet number.  A few songs later, Arthur was joined by local singer/songwriter Queen Kwong.  A much bigger enthusiast of cats than myself, Kwong (real name Carré Callaway) encouraged the packed room to hush before she shared her soft song “Black Heart.”  While I had mixed feelings about her performance last fall opening for Nine Inch Nails, on this particular night Kwong really sucked me into her world.  Singing about breaking hearts, the tiny Kwong strummed an acoustic guitar with a body much larger than hers.  You could really feel the vulnerability within the performance, and I must wonder if perhaps Kwong is better suited as a delicate singer songwriter vs. electric rocker grrrrrrrl?

With all the guests up on stage, it was an actress who made the biggest impression on my night.  Out of nowhere appeared Emmy Award nominee Rosanna Arquette.  Taking a seat on the floor in front of the stage towards the end of the set, Arquette managed to convice Arthur to play another song I am currently obsessed with “Redemption Son.”  With the same acoustic used by Kwong now looking small on him, Arthur applied his capo and dove right in.  With eyes closed Arthur begged for forgiveness into the mic and produced huge glowing smiles on the faces of both myself and Courtney Cox’s sister-in-law.

Dressed like a mix of Yoko Ono era John Lennon and Hunter S. Thompson, Arthur towards the end of the set allowed Greene to take center stage and lead the band for a song.  It would be only minutes later that Arthur would end up closing his set with “Crying Like A Man.”  Setting up another loop, Arthur put down his guitar and finished a painting which he started moments before the first notes rang from the stage.  It was at this point that for the first time Greene, Jaffee and a fourth musician (who based off my observation may be an employee of the venue who helps as a stage hand etc) overpowered the music instead of complimenting it.  As soon as Arthur completed the panting, he wished the crowd goodnight, leaving the others to provide a backdrop of melody before slowly exiting one by one.  As soon as folks realized there would be no encore they slowly began to exit the loft.  Despite a bladder full of canned Mexican goodness I was not ready to get up.  I watched as various individuals raced to set up the stage for the next act, but really my mind needed a few solid moments to process what had just occurred.  Here was a man who back in January created the best performance I have seen this decade, and before you can say Memorial Day he has gone and created something 100% different, yet equally as brilliant.  While I eventually peeled myself off the couch, I was in no rush to go home.  In fact, I ended up watching the entire next set that featured two gentlemen on guitars.  Sadly I could never make out their name (I thought it was Juan, and when I confirmed with the singer, he said no, but if I wanted to call him that I could), but with the loft now only holding a handful of people, Arthur beat upon a single drum for most of their set.

With what appeared to be a fusion/reggae band setting up after “Juan” had wrapped up a humor filled set of indie folk songs, I had to tap out.  With the rumor of Arthur wrapping up at 3am with a few solo acoustic songs, I really wanted to stay, but was drained from a long week.  I convinced myself that this was OK, based off the fact that there is no way in hell I will not be there over the next two Friday night’s.  In fact, if you’re game, I personally invite you to join me next Friday night to show up early (yes Los Angeles, I know that’s asking a lot) and help me man the stage left coach.  Personally, I am counting down the hours before I can watch Joseph Arthur create an explosion of images and sounds while hardly breaking a sweat.

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