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Death Cab For Cutie 04/02/15: iHeartRadio Theatre – Burbank, CA



Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank


During one of the obnoxious yet mandatory interviews interrupting the first half hour of Death Cab For Cutie’s hour long performance at the iHeartRadioMusic Theatre, Benjamin Gibbard declared that Los Angeles was neither a villain or a hero on their just released album Kintsugi. As a transplant of this harsh city who has survived upon the sun dried slab of cement for nearly 15 years; those words could not more perfectly sum up the experience of someone who somehow lucked into watching the band knock off some ring rust as they head out to promote their stellar new album.

With cameras overhead and 30 minutes to wash down a free beer from your friends at Budweiser, the former The Tonight Show sound stage is typically reserved for the likes of Katy Perry, Shakira, and the Dad from Growing Pains actual son. Starting promptly at 7pm for those tuning in via radio and internet, the now five piece band kicked the night off with the recently eligible for classic rock radio fan favorite The New Year. Where most people in the room more than likely assumed we would get a new song, the energy level in the room jumped massively with the unexpected curve ball.

With the first half hour being both radio and webcast, Death Cab did a phenomenal job blending new songs with hits. With hints of the City of Angels in both The Ghosts of Beverly Drives and Black Sun, the crowd has already instantly related and bonded to the latest additions to the Los Angeles influenced songs spread across the band’s catalog. With time restraints more than likely preventing I Will Possess Your Heart, You Are A Tourist and Soul Meets Body did a fine job of throwing some hits out to keep the VIP types up in the balcony.

As far as the forced interview went, perhaps the best question was if the new song You’ve Haunted Me All My Life was about being a fan of the Seattle Mariners and never making it to the World Series. Longtime fan Gibbard had a good laugh and stated this would be the year they win it all. While time will only tell if that happens, we also learned on this evening that bassist Nick Harmer spent his downtime between albums creating a mosaic piece of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch completely made out of Skittles.

Once the radio audience dropped off, the band seemed to loosen up a lot. Opening with the 1-2 Kintsugi punch of No Room In Frame and Little Wanderer, the band still has that layer of vulnerability in playing these songs in front of people that will be long gone by the time the now five piece pulls into the Hollywood Bowl later this year. Where the band never sounded bad or out of place; longtime fans without a doubt noticed that the two musicians taking the spot of recently departed founding member Chris Walla can emulate yet not truly recreate what he brought to the table. Impossible shoes to fill, songs like Crooked Teeth and the set closing Transatlanticism lack a certain warmth, yet will have no problem bringing out the emotions of the massive audiences the band are about to embrace.

A perfect warm up for what’s to come, Death Cab For Cutie made the most of their hour at The Burbank Studios. A few more chord progressions perfected, a chance to play in front of a loyal crowd, it will be interesting to see how tight this band becomes by the time they wrap up the touring cycle for this album. Leave it to Death Cab For Cutie to make an indie gig feel like a party in your friend’s back yard.

Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank



Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank

Death Cab For Cutie Extend U.S.Tour Into Summer 2012

Death Cab For Cutie Extend U.S.Tour Into Summer 2012

Don’t worry folks, everyone’s favorite whiny wimp rockers Death Cab For Cutie are set to play U.S. dates this summer.  If you’ve been tuned into Concert Confessions, then you’ve already read about Death Cab For Cuties Tour Dates through May 13th in North America. Well, now below you can check out the rest of the dates that broke this morning, including the Firefly Music Festival stop, and a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Death Cab For Cutie Summer 2o12 Tour Dates:

June 30th – Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON @ The Commons
July 1st – Barrie, ON @ Burl’s Creek
July 3rd – Cleveland, OH @ Jacobs Pavilion
July 4th – Rochester Hills, MI @ Meadow Brook
July 5th – Milwaukee, WI @ Summerfest
July 7th– Des Moines, IA @ 80/35 Music Festival
July 8th – Lawrence, KS @ Liberty Music Hall
July 9th – Springfield, MO @ Gilloz Theatre
July 10th – Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
July 12th – Chicago, IL @ “The Taste of Chicago”
July 13th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
July 14th – Charlottesville, VA @ nTelos Wireless Pavilion
July 15th – Cincinnati, OH @ Bunbury Music Festival
July 17th – Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
July 19th – Montclair, NJ @ Wellmont Theatre
July 20th – Holyoke, MA @ Mountain Park
July 21th – Cooperstown, NY @ Ommegang Brewery
July 22nd– Dover, DE @ Firefly Music Festival

Death Cab For Cutie Announce Spring 2012 North American Tour

Death Cab For Cutie Announce Spring 2012 North American Tour

Death Cab For Cutie are once again hitting the road to support 2011’s disappointment Keys and Codes. The trek will feature support from the San Francisco based group Magik*Magik Orchestra and kicks off in Denver Colorado on April 10th. After stops in such luxurious locations as Grand Rapids, Knoxville and Oakland, the tour will wrap in Seattle Washington on May 13th. A full list of dates for Death Cab For Cutie’s Spring North American Tour can be found below.



4/10 – Denver, CO, Ellie Caulkins Opera House
4/11 – Omaha, NE, Music Hall
4/13 – Louisville, KY, Louisville Palace
4/14 – Grand Rapids, MI, Calvin College
4/15 – Milwaukee, WI, Riverside Theatre
4/16 – Chicago, IL, Chicago Theatre
4/19 – Toronto, ON, Massey Hall
4/20 – Montreal, QC, Eglise St-Jean Baptiste
4/21 – Boston, MA, Wang Theatre
4/23 – Providence, RI, Veterans Memorial Auditorium
4/24 – Buffalo, NY, Kleinhans Music Hall
4/25 – Philadelphia, PA, Tower Theatre
4/27 – New York, NY, Beacon Theatre
4/30 – Washington, DC, Strathmore
5/1 – Knoxville, TN, Tennessee Theatre
5/3 – Dallas, TX, McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
5/4 – Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Live
5/6 – Mesa, AZ, Mesa Arts Center
5/7 – Los Angeles, CA, Disney Hall
5/9 – Oakland, CA, Fox Theater
5/13 – Seattle, WA, Paramount Theatre

Death Cab For Cutie Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

Death Cab For Cutie Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

Fresh off their West Coast tour of corporate radio station holiday festivals, Death Cab For Cutie paid a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night (12/13/11). The sons of Seattle performed two songs from their latest effort Codes and Keys. You can watch the videos below.

Death Cab For Cutie will kick off 2012 with a brief tour of Australia.

Death Cab For Cutie 07/05/09: Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

Death Cab For Cutie W/ The Los Angeles Philharmonic

(Special Guests: The New Pornographers, Tegan and Sara)

Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA 07/05/09

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

For as much as I love the historic Hollywood Bowl, I often wonder if we would be better off having the venue burn down in a forest fire. Don’t get me wrong, I love a summer evening under the stars in the venue that 9 out of 10 times will allow you to bring your own food and alcoholic drinks in with you. However, there is an ugly downside to the Hollywood Bowl, and that downside is the legions of bad mannered douche bags who ruin the times of others by talking over the artists on stage the entire night. Tonight, I was lucky enough to witness something that many would give up a kidney or a pinky finger for – Death Cab For Cutie backed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. I was also very unlucky in the fact that four fat and disgusting low lives with no manners and full blown diabetes talked over the ENTIRE THING.

My friends and I made it to our seats just in time to catch the end of the evenings first act – The New Pornographers. Having never heard a song by the group (but having heard the name), I had high hopes. As a huge fan of pornography in general, I view the new porn as these raunchy do anything gals like Sasha Grey, Harmony Rose and Tory Lane. Sadly, unlike lets say Mastodon, this band does not sound anything like their name. Now, granted I only saw two songs (and one is apparently The University of Phoenix jingle) but this band was rather boring in my opinion. Nothing stood out, just your typical mass-produced indie rock fluff. Whatever, lets move on.

The New Pornographers 07/06/09: Hollywood Bowl - LA, CA

After a very quick change over, America’s favorite Canadian Lesbian Twin Folk/Indie duo Tegan and Sara took to the stage. I saw the duo back in 2000, and hated every second of the rain soaked set. Just shy of nine years later, things are much different as Tegan and Sara have grown on me like a fine feathered mullet. The duo was very nervous, as one of them (perhaps the cooler on Sara, but it could have been Tegan) joked that the crowd was making her sick because of the tremendous burden of being upon the landmark stage. However, the crowd was not to worry, as the sister assured the masses they were indeed loved. Despite some rust from being off the road for so long, Tegan and Sara sounded great performing both hardcore fan favorites I couldn’t name, and minor radio hits such as “Walking With A Ghost” and “Back In Your Head”. For me, the highlight was a song I fell in love with on a now defunct local indie radio station. The song is called “Living Room” and it’s percussive acoustic guitar and haunting vocals managed to give me goose bumps on a warm summer night. Sadly, even after being told, I don’t know which one is which. I do know that I can not think of a more perfect opening act for four grown men from Bellingham, WA.

Tegan & Sara 07/05/09: Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA

In 2003, I kept hearing the name Death Cab For Cutie. It was such a dumb, yet cool name, I had to figure out what was up, so I did what any broke music fan during that time period would do – I stole their music. It was one of the best choices I have made, as I have gone on to purchase 9 CD’s of the group, and see them live 5 times. As someone who (for the next month or so at least) lives within walking distance from the Hollywood Bowl, you can imagine my reaction when I found out they would not only be headlining the venue, but would be backed by the LA Philharmonic.


The band did not disappoint, and opened with the song “Marching Bands of Manhattan”. A rather simple but beautiful number, it was the perfect way for both them and the crowd to warm up. Over the next hour, the four piece weaved their way between hits and fan favorite album tracks. “The New Year” sounded even more cavernous than usual under the big bowl, while the slow thumping builds of their recent radio hit “I Will Posses Your Heart” got both the band and crowd moving. While the tiny guitar riffs are crucial to the song, it is all about the groove bassist Nick Harrmer and drummer Jason McGeer lock into. Having recently purchased the bands new EP (which they shamelessly plugged) The Open Door, I was both shocked and excited to hear “Little Bribes”. The song is everything I love about DCFC. From the out of the box thinking that makes up front man Ben Gibbards lyrics to the unique and almost geometry-esque angular riffs from multi instrumentalist/producer Chris Walla the two together create a unique sound/style that can simply not be duplicated.

Death Cab For Cutie 07/06/09: Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA

After a brief 5-10 intermission, Gibbard (joined by 50 of the bands new best friends – The LA Philharmonic) launched into arguably the bands biggest hit – “I Will Follow You into the Dark”. An already powerful number, the addition of the world class musicians made the song sound so much fuller. While some songs such as “A Movie Script Ending” and “Soul Meets Body” made sense to me with the new backing band, Death Cab managed to surprise me with some of the songs they picked. “Title and Registration” with it’s simple riff and beautiful over thinking of poorly named vehicular items went to a whole new level. On a day where LA had a brush fire near the home of the Dodgers baseball club, “Grapevine Fires” (my personal favorite song from their recent full length record Narrow Stairs) is always an appropriate choice in the city that spawned it. The rich layers of strings and horns created a whole new build to a song I play each and every time this douche bag infested city burns to the ground.

Lucky for me, I hailed a ride in the Death Cab about six weeks before Seth Cohen from The OC did. Over the past five years, I have watched the band grow leaps and bounds. I knew how lucky I was to see the band up front in a mid-size theater. Just hearing the songs, I knew right away this band was destined for big things. Five years later, and the band is on stage sold out at the Hollywood Bowl backed by an orchestra. If this was the perfect match, then what better way to close out the show with the title track of my favorite DCFC record Transatlanticism. For 7 minutes, the song about two lovers separated by an ocean does nothing but build and build. I knew the second I acquired tickets that it would be the perfect song for the two to join forces on. With the douche bags behind e only getting louder, I thought my wish of the bowl burning down had come true as fire shot from the roof. However, something better happened – a fireworks display much like Death Cab For Cutie. Simple, yet impossibly complex. The band wrapped the song, and took their bows and I have to say, I was ready for a third set. After all, it’s not every day you get to see one of your favorite bands backed by an orchestra. While I may not have really been able to hear it, I am grateful I at least got to see it.

Firefly Music Festival To Be Held In Delaware

Editors Note: This is The 2012 Lineup. For the 2013 Lineup, Click Here

Firefly Music Festival To Be Held In Delaware 

Delaware, welcome to the world of States that have sweet Music Festivals.

The news broke last night, that the three day  ’Firefly Music Festival’, will be headlined by The KillersThe Black Keys and Jack White .  Solid, right? I mean, sure The Killers aren’t in the stratosphere of musical relevance circa 2012 as the The Black Keys and Jack White are; but hey, they could have went with the Beach Boys, so we’ll chalk up those headliners as a win.

The ’2nd tier’ if you will, of headliners consists of The Flaming Lips (what AREN’T the Flaming Lips doing these days?), Death Cab For CutieJohn LegendGirl Talk and Passion Pit (cancelled as a result of mental health issues). Modest Mouse, a late edition to the festivities, announced on June 25th they’d be in Dover as well that weekend.

Dubbed the “East Coast’s Premier Music Experience”, will  kick off July 20th  at Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in Delaware and end July 22nd with 3 day passes going for a modest $178 (as of 6/28, 3-Day passes have been sold out), at the Festival’s official website. The rest of the listed acts are below.


Click here to purchase your tickets: Firefly Music Festival TICKETS



Heartless Bastards


The Wallflowers (who’s absence from Summerland 2012 is baffling )

Lupe Fiasco

Mariachi El Bronx

Young the Giant

Ra Ra Riot

OK Go (treadmill dudes)

 Cold War Kids

 The Head and the Heart 

Tinie Tempah


The Felice Brothers

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires

Mayer Hawthrone & The County

Kids These Days

Bombay Bicycle Club

Penguin Prison

Update 05/08/12 – The Firefly Website now shows an image similar to the gang Hangman. While they promise a full lineup tomorrow 05/09/12 we have done some detective work and believe this festival is adding the following artists.


Fitz and the Tantrums

Lower Case Blues

Moon Taxi


Silversun Pickups

The Knocks

Turf War



Nada Surf 03/20/12: The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Nada Surf w/ An Horse 03/20/12

The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Before we begin this latest confession, a few shout outs are in order. Big thanks to the incredible Adrian Garro for inviting me out to the show. Truly one of the nicest people you will encounter here in Los Angeles thanks again for the hookup. Likewise, thanks to You Tell Concerts who held the contest for Nada Surf tickets that Adrian won. To check out Adrian’s review of the show (after you read ours of course) click here

On a cool Tuesday evening in March it didn’t matter who was playing on stage, I was just excited to be once again walking into the venue once known as the Music Box. Back to being called The Fonda after being closed back in January, the venue is one of the best Los Angeles has to offer and I know I am not the only person in this city excited that it is open once again. Sure, some of the couches are still missing and the beer selection has gone from bad to worse, but the fact is music is once again blasting from the corner of El Centro and Hollywood Blvd as it should be.

The night got started just past 9pm with the Australian duo An Horse taking the stage. Before the curtain had been pulled back at the historic theatre, I was already bothered by the group. I realize that when it comes to grammar, I am far from perfect but for the love of God what kind of a name is An Horse? A dreadful name, that’s what kind of name it is. Regardless the group’s first song was pretty solid, it had a Death Cab For Cutie meets Tegan and Sara kind of vibe. Then the second song had the exact same feel. Before the third song, we all discovered that the front man (who even had the same stage presence and moves as Death Cab front man Ben Gibbard) was actually a woman. Thank God she mentioned not being able to sport a bikini with this chilly LA weather, because otherwise I would have assumed the entire night she was actually a he. As you probably guessed the third song sounded like the first two and by the time the fourth song began I was starting to lose focus on the band and was more interested in playing Words With Friends, Dice With Buddies and texting our good friend Jay Porks. I believe it was around the seventh of eight song that I finally that my attention was drawn back in even if it was for all the wrong reasons. Sadly in this day and age I didn’t recognize the “hit song” because of MTV or radio, I recognized it as a TV jingle As proof that marketing campaign worked, I couldn’t even tell you what product was being pushed. I wanted to like An Horse, but between the terrible name (which even the lead singer had a hard time pronouncing) and all their songs sounding the same I just couldn’t get into it. I will give them credit for using a guitar with an image of Owen Wilson from Shanghai Knights on it. That was rather random.


After enjoying great jams by Kasabian, Girls and M83 spun by the venues house DJ, Nada Surf hit the stage just past 10pm. Having just seen my first Nada Surf set earlier this year at Amoeba, I was excited to see what the boys could do with electric guitars. The group kicked the set off with the 1-2 punch of Clear Eye Clouded Mind and Waiting For Something from their incredible new record The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. While some bands would let fans down with new material right out the gate, the loyal audience was eager to eat up anything and everything played by the East Coast rock and rollers.

By the time the third song Happy Kid was almost over, I realized something was not quite right with front man Matthew Caws but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Joking as he tuned (something the band does very well) Caws then confessed he feared that he was coming down with a cold. With a cup of Thera-flu mixed with Vitamin W (the W standing for Whiskey) Caws continued on with the set by asking the crowd to help him sing the high harmonies on Whose Authority. I have seen a lot of things over the years at shows. I have seen front men set themselves on fire, I have seen band members busted open by bottles, but never have I watched a front man come down with a cold on stage.

Despite feeling less than stellar Caws and the band continued on like pros. The bands sense of humor was as enjoyable as the music. I tend to no longer scream things at bands as it’s rather douchy, but with the band basically encouraging it I was happy when they answered my question as to what brand of whiskey they were drinking (it was Jameson for those keeping score at home). I know I was not alone when I chuckled after Caws shared that he had replaced his vitamin W with the real vitamin W as he chugged down a bottle of water. He of course joked that the original vitamin W was white wine before launching into a stellar version of Teenage Dreams. In fact, the one thing that really stood out on this particular evening was how great the new material sounded. My personal highlight on this Tuesday night was When I Was Young. I loved how the soft quiet song slowly built and the guitar solo from the newest Nada Surf member Doug Gillard was nothing short of phenomenal.

After performing a seventeen song main set that lasted nearly 90 minutes the band returned for an obligatory encore. Having read past setlists, I knew this was the moment when the band busted out all the big guns. As expected, the group kicked things off with Inside Of Love. Admitting its cheesy nature, the boys asked the audience to sway along in unison as they played the song. Knowing how jaded southern California crowds can be, I was shocked to see how many not only swayed along in time to the music, but sang along as well. Perhaps inspired by all the Peyton Manning mania that has gripped the nation the last week, Caws then called an audible that broke hearts from coast to coast. Instead of playing the bands biggest hit Popular, they busted out the soft number Blonde on Blonde. I am going to assume this has to do with Caws struggling to keep his voice at this point and thus all is forgiven. The band finally closed the night with the beautiful Always Love.

Despite fighting the common cold, Nada Surf North American tour kickoff exceeded my high expectations. This band has been fighting an uphill battle for nearly two decades, of course they were not going to give up because of a weak immune system. Now if only they had heard my request to pass the bottle of Jameson (which made its way onto the stage during the encore) to the folks in the front row. Oh well, there is always next time.


O.A.R. 01/27/12: House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

O.A.R. (w/ Parachute) 01/27/12

House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I have talked a lot of shit about O.A.R. By a lot of shit, I mean trolled the message boards known as O.A.R. fans for years. Most of my shit talking took place in off topic forums, but I made my distaste for the group’s music well known. So when I say I talked a lot of shit about O.A.R., I am talking years of trolling.  In an odd yet not unexpected turn of events, I managed to win many over on the board and even became pals with a few of them. One of those friends came into town this week to catch the bands shows in Anaheim and West Hollywood and was kind enough to bring me along. We met up with another Pub 24 (AKA what the cool kids call the O.A.R. board) vet and did the Sunset Strip right on a Friday night.

The night kicked off with openers Parachute. The best thing about their set was House of Blues re-tweeting the photo we took and posted online. Don’t get me wrong 1197 people inside the venue will tell you that they were great. This is because they are simple people who like simple music and/or females under the age of 17. For these individuals, Parachute are perfect. The music was basic, somewhere between a frat house and the iPod of a Volvo driving mother of two. I understand that some people really like that type of music and had Parachute done this genre well I would go easy on them. My problem is that they did everything wrong. Having already worked the length of the guard rail with high-fives to everyone within arm’s reach during the second song of the set, lead singer Will Anderson jumped into the crowd around the mid-way point of the set. Jumping up and down singing the word Baby over and over as if he was Justin Bieber, you could just tell he does this every night. It was not a spontaneous rock and roll moment as much as it was forced and generic. As he tricked little girls into thinking he was a rebel, I pondered dumping my beer onto Mr. Anderson from the balcony above. Things only got worse when the group performed an uninspired cover of the Tom Petty classic “Won’t Back Down.” Hell the entire second half of the show felt like covers when you throw in a few verses of U2’s “With Or Without You” and closing number that had the exact same intro as Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Possess Your Heart.”  Parachutes are pineapple on pizza and sitting down to pee. Totally acceptable for the ladies and an overall disappointment to the male species. I expect they will make it big performing their bland adult contemporary rock, because let’s face it the world needs another version of All American Rejects.

Before I even made it into House of Blues, I knew even if O.A.R. was torture upon my ear drums I would have a good time with the folks I was with. As it turned out, O.A.R. wasn’t torture at all. The Dave Matthews gone Reggae thing never really tickled my fancy and the highlight of the two shows I saw nearly a decade ago was the opening set from a then unknown Maroon 5. For me the 2012 trip to O.A.R. town was a nice mix of older songs I vaguely knew and some interesting new material. Two early on highlights of tolerable O.A.R. moments of yesteryear were “City On Down” and “Black Rock.” Dare  I say the later was one of my favorites and I was glad to see it is still in rotation.

The thing that most impressed me was Jerry DePizzo on guitar. I don’t remember him playing guitar when I last saw them but he should ditch the sax and stick with it. DePizzo has an excellent ear for tones that beef up music that has always been too bland for my tastes. I understand that many feel that “Shattered” is the sellout point, but the guitar work of DePizzo on it was the best thing I heard all night. I also enjoyed the new number “Irish Rose” but I seem to be one of only a few who does as that was one of the few moments during the two hour show where drunk sluts managed to drown out the band with their moans for black cock (I am not making this up).

The energy inside the club (which was sold out for weeks) was intense. Knowing the band can pack 15,000+ seat venues back east, the crowd (made up of transplants and 14 people born within the state of California) truly erupted for the last song of the night. “Crazy Game of Poker” was the biggest gun in the O.A.R. arsenal a decade ago and it’s nice to see that is still the case. The throwing of cards at the band is a nice touch and I dug the vagina/lasagna rap that took place well past the 10 minute mark. It was a random and fun way to end a night with some truly incredible people. O.A.R. has come a long way since the days I trolled Pub24, and it was nice to reconnect with the boys from Maryland.

Jakob’s Top 10 Concerts of the Year

Jakob’s Top 10 Concerts of the Year


I’ve been to a ton of concerts this year, thanks in part to my awesome Dad for putting up with my concert-going needs. Well out of the many I’ve been to this year, here are my top 10. I am not doing top 10 live bands, but the top 10 shows. So here we go.

10. Social Distortion 02/12/11 – Showbox SoDo – Seattle, WA

Although I didn’t write a review of this show (I hadn’t discovered CC yet), this is the show that kicked off my 2011 concert season. Punk legends Social Distortion playing three sold out nights in a row in Seattle is just an outstanding feat. They played a great setlist and they were loud and crazy. Mike Ness and the boys may be kinda old, but they still put out great music and put on great shows (Photo from 10/29/11).

9. Matisyahu 07/28/11 – Oregon Zoo – Portland, OR

Two days before seeing Soundgarden at the Gorge, I was seeing Hassidic reggae/rapper Matisyahu at the Portland Zoo. Matisyahu put on an energetic, albeit short, concert to a mostly Jewish crowd (I think there was a Hebrew school field trip there). There was certainly more weed than I expected, but it was a cool show with great vibes. Oh and being Jewish makes it more of a rite of passage than a concert.

8. Bush 09/15/11 – Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA

I also had the pleasure of not only seeing but also being the youngest person seeing 90s post-grunge superstars Bush. After a decade-long breakup, the British band got back together for a tour that hit theaters and small clubs. Seeing them at the brand new venue The Neptune Theater just made it that much cooler, and Bush put on a brilliant show that rocked very hard. Gavin Rossdale sings better than I’ve ever heard him before.

7. Bumbershoot Music Festival 09/04/11 – Seattle, WA

Bumbershoot is an annual music/arts festival that takes place at the Seattle Center. While 2010’s festival sported big name acts like Weezer, Bob Dylan, Mary J. Blige, Meat Puppets, Hole, and Rise Against, this year’s festival was headlined by Wiz Khalifa, Presidents of the United States of America, Ray LaMontagne, and Hall and Oates. I was almost not gonna go until I won tickets for day 2 of the festival. I was able to see bands like The Kills (kind of), Butthole Surfers, Atari Teenage Riot, NoMeansNo, and internet comedy act The Gregory Brothers.

6. System of a Down 05/13/11 – Key Arena – Seattle, WA

The recently reunited alternative metal band System of a Down did a short west coast tour earlier this year, including Seattle’s own Key Arena. Not only that, but they chose gypsy punk collective Gogol Bordello to open for them, a band I happen to love. Both bands put on amazing shows, with SOAD playing a 29-song set. It was also my very first review. (Read with caution).

5. Echo Movement 07/13/11 – Studio Seven – Seattle, WA

Unfortunately, there are people out there unaware of Echo Movement’s mind-warpingly fantastic music. Lead singer Stephen Fowler and his brother, keyboardist, Dave, are the greatest songwriting duo since Lennon-McCartney. They inspire nothing but good vibes, and they are some of the nicest dudes ever. So take their motto to heart, and “listen to Echo Movement.”

4. Zeds Dead (12/9):

Say what you will about dubstep, I love it. The overall energy and feel of it just makes me want to get up and dance way more than Ke$ha ever will. Skrillex has more talent in his ridiculous glasses than Ke$ha does in her whole body. Well anyway, Toronto-based dubstep duo Zeds Dead (named after the famous Pulp Fiction quote) rocked the house with their rockin’ house music (see what I did there?). After numerous songs mashed into one (nonstop!), they encored with The Pixies‘ Where is My Mind?, and Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So. Long story short, see a dubstep show.

3. Deck the Hall Ball 2011 12/07/11 – Key Arena – Seattle, WA

After days of bugging my dad to get me tickets to this show, I had to settle with the upper seating area of Key Arena. It was ok, though. I had a great view of great bands such as Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie (blech), Cage the Elephant, Foster the People, Young the Giant, Two Door Cinema Club, and Grouplove. The show was almost overwhelming with its sheer beauty, and it may have been more of a Christmas show (I am Jewish), but it was still wonderful.

2. Sasquatch 2011 Day 1 05/27/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

Unfortunately, I only had the opportunity to see one night of the world-famous Sasquatch Festival. Fortunately, though, I was able to see Foo Fighters, one of the biggest bands in the galaxy. I also got the chance to see newly reunited garage rock duo Death From Above 1979, and new punk lords Against Me! The drive to the Gorge that day may have been difficult, but dancing to “Everlong” with strangers totally made up for it (Click here to read our review of Sasquatch Day 1 from our pals thenaturalstoner and Phishbeard.

1. Soundgarden w/ Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, and Meat Puppets 07/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA

No doubt, this is the best show I’ve been to. Not only did I have the opportunity to see the newly reunited Gods of grunge metal, but I got to see them with alt-rock stoners Queens of the Stone Age, muscular man metal band Mastodon, and classic indie rockers Meat Puppets. PLUS: I got to see them at the beautiful and fantastic Gorge Amphitheater. Soundgarden played through their classics, and I left the Gorge feeling tired and sore. Twas an awesome show.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10!

Here’s to another great year of concerts. *coughREDHOTCHILIPEPPERS*cough*TOOL*cough*NOELGALLAGHER*cough*BONNAROO*


The End 107.7 Deck The Hall Ball 12/07/11 – Seattle, WA

The End 107.7 Deck The Hall Ball

Key Arena – Seattle, WA

Words/Photos by Jakobross424

Seattle radio station 107.7 The End are known for holding events with high-caliber musicians. Past events held by The End have included Foo Fighters, 311, Black Keys, Muse, Bad Religion, Presidents of the USA, and many more. So when they announced this year’s Deck the Hall Ball, I knew I would be in for a treat. After multiple failed attempts at winning tickets, my dad and I had to settle for upper seating at the huge Key Arena, where I saw System of a Down in May. The show featured an outstanding lineup, and most of the bands played amazingly, and not the ones you’d expect.


Rising stars Grouplove are a British hippie explosion of drug-fueled happiness. Just the name lets you know that they are one of three things:

1) a support group for depressed people.

2) an orgy.

3) a peace-love-and-understanding type band that preaches peace, love, and understanding.

Grouplove only played five songs (including their hits “Tongue Tied” and “Colours”) to a mostly empty Key Arena, but they put on a wonderful show. They were energetic, loud, and happy. It’s always great to see up-and-comers put on awesome shows.

Two Door Cinema Club:

Irish pop-rockers Two Door Cinema Club were the next band to hit the stage. I wouldn’t call them my favorite performance of the night, but it was cool to hear them play their hits live. Sure, I really only know like two songs by them, but they are a cool band that played cool songs. I guess I can call them the Irish version of Franz Ferdinand; not really energetic in their delivery, but their tunes were neat. The group hinted that they have another album on the way, so hopefully they’ll see an increase in fans here in the U.S. and good luck to them.

Young the Giant:

I was never a huge fan of Young the Giant. I didn’t really like their debut album all that much, but their show pretty much makes up for it. The songs were all very emotional and exciting, and the crowd seemed to explode when Young the Giant finished their short set with their hit single “My Body.” Would I pay to see them live? Probably not. But I can say that once you put them in an arena setting, Young the Giant are awesome performers.

Foster the People:

At this point in the show, I planned on hanging out and eating dinner and not watching Foster the People. After seeing them play on Saturday Night Live in October, I was less than impressed with their lack of showmanship, and I came to the conclusion that Foster the People are way overrated. By that point in time I had become sick of “Pumped Up Kicks,” and Foster had failed to release a single that matched it. As Foster the People came on stage and started playing, my dad and I decided to eat dinner in the arena and watch them play. And let me say right now, I was impressed. Maybe all Foster the People need was an arena setting in order to put on a massive show. The band played their hits as I was watching them (“Don’t Stop Talking To Me,” “Call It What You Want,” “Helena Beat”) and they finally ended their set with an energetic performance of their Grammy-nominated hit “Pumped Up Kicks,” which featured an interlude of the DJ Remix version of the song playing, as Mark Foster danced like no one was watching. So, Foster the People are good live, is what I am trying to say. And I imagine that their sold out performance at the Showbox SoDo wasn’t nearly as good as their sold out performance at Key Arena. Bravo.

Cage the Elephant:

Having seen Cage the Elephant earlier this year at the Showbox SoDo, I kinda new what to expect. But, whether you’ve seen them or not, you must know that Cage the Elephant put on a massive, scary, hard rockin, sexy performance every single time they perform anywhere ever. Matt did his signature stage dives (ironically, there is a rule at Key Arena against stage diving), and stood on top of the crowd during the band’s performance of “Sabertooth Tiger,” which they ended with. As I observed, I noticed that Key Arena can no longer be called Key Arena. See, arenas generally have roofs, and Cage the Elephant blew the roof off that place. Cage definitely deserve to be playing big venues and it’s awesome to see them perform as well as they did in such a big place.

Death Cab for Cutie:

Let me start out by saying this: Death Cab? More like Bored to Death Cab, am I right? In all seriousness, Death Cab did to me what I thought Foster the People would. Ben Gibbard (perhaps because of his recent divorce?) was sporting a beard and a lumberjack flannel. Yeah, because when I think manly men, I think the singer of Death Cab for Cutie. Anyway, after sitting through a few songs (including “Doors Unlocked and Open,” “I Will Possess Your Heart,” and “You Are a Tourist”) I just couldn’t handle anymore. Death Cab were boring me to tears, and I had to get out of there.  I hung out in the food court area and waited for what felt like four hours until Death Cab finished. And then I was ready to be blown away by Marcus Mumford and his sons.

Mumford & Sons:

As the gear was set up, I was anxiously awaiting the night’s headliner Mumford & Sons. At 10:00 PM, 15 minutes behind schedule, the lights went out and the stage was dark. The crowd cheered and the opening to “Lover’s Eyes” began. I wasn’t sure if Mumford was actually up there singing because I couldn’t see him, but the lights eventually went up to reveal the British folk band. The band jumped into their most recent hit “Roll Away Your Stone,” which, surprisingly, spawned some jumping and a great deal of energy in the crowd down below. Mumford and Sons interacted with the crowd, talked about their day hanging out in Seattle (could you imagine shopping in Pike Place then meeting MARCUS MUMFORD!!??), and played their hits the way they should be played: in a huge arena with lots of people singing. They played for a good hour or so, and then left the stage. I was a little saddened to see that they hadn’t played “The Cave” yet, so I waited to see if they would come back for an encore. And they most certainly did. They played (and delayed) “The Cave” with huge intensity and put on one of the biggest rock shows I’ve ever seen. And they aren’t even really a rock band. All in all, a pretty great show. I got see Marcus Mumford play the drums, Death Cab for Cutie suck the Life Cab for Cutie out of me (see what I did there?), and Matt Schultz stand on people’s hands and look out at thousands of people. God bless America.

The Bootleg Doctrine Part 1: Autobiography of a Live Music Junkie

World English Dictionary

bootleg (ˈbuːtˌlɛɡ) 
— vb -legs -legging -legged
1. to make, carry, or sell (illicit goods, esp alcohol)
— n
2. something made or sold illicitly, such as alcohol during Prohibition in the US
3. an illegally made copy of a CD, tape, etc
— adj
4. produced, distributed, or sold illicitly: bootleg whisky ;


At 12:50 pm PST on June 6th, 2011 I received an e-mail from the fine folks at You Tube. It informed me that  Sumerian Records claimed that my video contained copyright infringement. They were indeed correct; I uploaded “A Prophecy” by Asking Alexandria from their 10/16/10 appearance at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA. Put the handcuffs on me and send me to the federal fuck me in the ass prison, I stole. I went out, got myself into House of Blues, paid for parking, paid for drinks and as I sat there I hit the record button on my camera. Upon my return home, I shared that moment on the Sunset Strip with fans of Asking Alexandria from Seattle to Singapore. When I awoke in the morning, that video had hundreds of hits from kids who had one of two comments. If they had not claimed that it was the best night of their life, they were begging me to upload more footage (which I simply didn’t have).

My story begins in 1994. I was in High School and I was forming my identity through music. A classmate allowed me to borrow a cassette tape she had. On this cassette tape was a band called Bush and their debut album Sixteen Stone had just hit shelves. My classmate did not pass me a copy of Sixteen Stone, but instead she hooked me up three separate live concerts performances that managed to fit onto that 90 minute cassette tape. Upon hearing that cassette tape, I ran down to the long-gone Blockbuster Music and handed over my hard earned babysitting money for a copy of Sixteen Stone on Compact Disc. While my love of Bush may have faded over the years, the important moment to take from this experience was my introduction with what is often referred to as a bootleg.

Sure, it’s plausible that I would have picked up Sixteen Stone somewhere in the outdated cycle of MTV spins of Buzz Bin clips like “Little Things” and “Comedown.” But long before Napster and YouTube that cassette tape converted me to the Bush army long before Gavin had Gwen on his arm. I told my friends, who went out and discovered Bush and fell in love and bought their own copies of Sixteen Stone. Ask anyone who experienced their teen years from 1970 on; friends are as big of an influence on your music listening habits as the big publicity machine like MTV, Magazines etc.

Most of Reverend Justito's CD Collection A/O 06/07/11

As my legally acquired collection of officially released record label approved music grew, so did my collection of bootlegs. Phish was the element that took that small door and kicked it down. The fact that this band could sell out arenas because fans shared the music vs. being “made” by mainstream America had a huge impact on my life. My guitar skills are limited, I can’t sing and my folks could hardly afford to send me to college let alone give me an advance to start up a record label. Yet my passion to share music was still there and my way of sharing with the world was live music trading. I made friends with tapers. I helped them sneak gear into shows and created a wall of silence around them as they worked their magic. You would be amazed at my fake screaming/clapping skills, check out Weezer 03/17/01 for example.

As technology evolved, so did my trading. Maxell XLII tapes gave way to CD-R’s. Trading discs in the mail with strangers gave way to bit torrent. Even in 2002, I was over MP3’s insisting that live shows downloads must be from .shn or FLAC files. I knew my habit was out of control when I took one look at my etree list and realized that I had actually acquired live recordings from Barry Manilow and Lionel Richie. It got to a point where I couldn’t keep up and I eventually burnt out. Then technology made the next leap…

For Christmas 2006, my parents got me my first digital camera. It was small, compact and took both photos and grainy videos. My goal was to document life and share it with friends/family via Myspace. But 8 months after getting my camera for Christmas, I realized my bootleg hiatus was officially over. I had brought my camera to the 2007 Sounds Of The Underground festival figuring I could sneak it in and take some photos. When I made it to Will Call that day I discovered that in addition to my ticket there was an all access photo/video pass with my name on it. It was that hot Orange County day when I hopped back up on the bootleggin’ bandwagon.

Over the past five years I have used three different cameras to capture the concert experience. Each camera a giant leap in quality from the previous to the point where today I cringe at those initial Sounds of the Underground videos. You know and I know that there is a lot of crap on YouTube. I take great pride in clear, high quality footage of bands because it is important to me. I won’t give you :30 seconds, I will give you the entire song. I try to follow the music, I’ll shoot the singer when he is singing and shoot the lead guitarist when he is shredding. I have never made a dime off live recordings, be it from CD trading, YouTube ads or even this site (that’s right folks, the ads revenues have never equaled the cost to run the site and I am perfectly fine with that). It has always been about the love of the music.

I would not be a fan of bands like Tenacious D, Widespread Panic and Death Cab For Cutie had it not been for me hearing them via a bootleg. I have received messages from all over the world where fans have thanked me for posting footage of shows they could never make. The last 24+ hours, I have felt many emotions including shock and anger. Yet the feeling that consumes my soul is sadness for the millions of fans who took great joy from watching footage of shows they never had a chance to make. I get that YouTube has a three strikes rule and my account received that third strike. What I don’t get is why labels like Sumerian bow down to the mighty dollar bill while angering their fans. But we will discuss that soon when we post The Bootleg Doctrine Part II.

Sasquatch! Festival – Saturday 5/28/11 – The Gorge Amphitheatre

Sasquatch! Festival – Saturday 5/28/11 – The Gorge Amphitheatre

Review, pictures and video from thenaturalstoner and Phishbeard


Waking up on a Saturday at the Gorge Campground is about as great of a feeling as one can possibly imagine.  If it weren’t for the hangover from the night before and a tent in shambles, I would have been feeling great!  So of course as soon as I got up it was time for the Gorge breakfast of champions AKA whiskey and coke!  Drinks were plentiful and everyone was having a blast all day in anticipation of the full day ahead (compared to the night before where there were many less bands).

I will be honest, I think Saturday was my least favorite day of the four.  Mechanical problems and mellow vibes (when I wanted to party) brought an interesting atmosphere to this day.  Of course there were some awesome points as well, and we will touch on those, but as a whole Saturday fell a little short in my opinion.

We made it into the Gorge in time to catch the Trailer Park Boys up in the Banana Shack, a tent that doubled as a comedy stage during the day and a dance tent at night.  The Boys weren’t performing a standup act though, it was more of a performance of a Trailer Park Boys episode.  From where we were in the tent the sound was pretty terrible, so we bailed in time to check out souvenirs and get some $9 beers.

We headed over to the Yeti Stage to see J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. at 4:35.  This was a set that I was extremely looking forward to, and we got to about 4th row in the crowd.  As mentioned above there were mechanical problems on Saturday during a couple sets, and this one had a few.  The music was great, but there were some big pauses and tunings between songs and some loudness/feedback that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Also during this set, the kid on the rail three people in front of me was hunched over, apparently asleep/way too wasted on whatever drugs he was on.  Security came over a few times, doing nothing of course, and then eventually they got the kid to wake up and head off to the side. It was an interesting and funny sight watching these big security guards confused.

After Mascis we went over to the huge lawn of the Gorge and watched Pink Martini.  This was one of the surprises of my weekend, as they were unexpectedly excellent!  I really enjoyed what they played and wished I could have seen more of their set-I think we got about half of it.

Phishbeard and I then took the long walk down to the floor and got close for Iron and Wine. Sam Beam and backup crew played for an hour and brought a cool vibe to the crowd. I like Iron and Wine a lot and thought they played great. They opened with Boy with a Coin and closed with Tree by the River, a fitting song as we watched the Columbia River flow behind the stage.  Walking Far From Home and Summer in Savannah seem like highlights, memory is a little foggy here.  After Iron and Wine we walked up to the Bigfoot stage and caught a few songs from Matt and Kim.  I liked these two a lot and this is another band that I wish I could have seen more of. Instead we made a bad decision and went over to the hill and watched the start of Bright Eyes, which I absolutely could not get into at all, and then went over to see Robyn party it up.

Robyn cancelled her fan meet and greet earlier in the day and came out over 25 minutes late for her set.  I am not sure what the deal was, but she was the artist I would consider the least timely of the weekend.  We watched a few songs and then went to watch Death Cab for Cutie.  This is where the possible worst decision of the weekend was made.

Instead of going to see Sleigh Bells we decided to give Death Cab a shot for about 30 minutes.  Like Bright Eyes, Death Cab was another band I just couldn’t find an appreciation for.  It was too quiet of set for what I wanted.  Eventually we went over to see the end of Sleigh Bells and that was possibly my favorite part of the day.  We only got 3 songs but they were a freaking blast and I really wish I could’ve seen more.  I will definitely put Sleigh Bells on my concert watch list.

The night ended when we went over to see the late night set of Bassnectar.  Another party I was looking forward to for a long time had an up and down go of it.  The power went out three separate times, including immediately after announcing “We are back!” and Bassnectar could only keep going (even though no one could hear anything) and pray to the Bass Gods (which he actually did) and hope the power would stay on for the remainder.  The glowstick war I was promised was nice, but I have seen better; see Phish performing Loving Cup on 10/31/09 in Indio.  The last hour of Bassnectars set went off without a hitch and I can see why the kids these days like to dance.  I had a pretty good amount of fun standing near the back of the crowd watching the crazies get their groove on.

The concerts ended at 12:30, but of course there is the long trek back to the Campground and then the party that awaits there.  Like I said, there were some great moments Saturday, but if I had to throw one of the days back in the water it would have been this one.  Maybe if I had seen all of Sleigh Bells I would think differently??


Random Notes:

Getting four people from the stage at J. Mascis was the closest we got all weekend, except for future ConcertConfessions contributor Mr. Sparkly who got two people from Death From Above 1979 and the Foo Fighters the night before.

Choosing Death Cab for Cutie over Sleigh Bells goes down as the weekends most epic fail.  Unlike Sunday with Major Lazer and Wilco (which I feel I managed almost perfect), I should have balanced Death Cab and Sleigh Bells much better.

Pink Martini goes down as possible surprise of the weekend.  A really fun set that seemed to come out of nowhere!

Shoulda saw more Matt and Kim.


Saturday Video of the Day:


Saturday Video list:

Bassnectar – Intro, glowstick war, and Mix

Bassnectar – Intro 2nd version

Bassnectar – In Bloom Mix

Bright Eyes – Shell Games

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Iron and Wine – Freedom Hangs Like Heaven

Iron and Wine – Walking Far From Home

J. Mascis – Listen to Me

J. Mascis – Not Enough

J. Mascis – Repulsion

J. Mascis – Thumb

Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Preview – The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Preview

By thenaturalstoner

It’s hard to believe that out of over 100 bands performing at this years Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre, I have only seen two.  I go to a lot of concerts, and like a lot of these bands, so it’s really freaking odd to me that I have only seen the Old 97’s (at an old Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, approx. 10 years ago) and Sharon Jones, although I didn’t see her with the Dap-Kings, only as a backup performer to Phish at their legendary Festival 8.  With that said there are some amazing acts this year, and as always, Sasquatch! is plum full of up and coming bands we will all love in 2-3 years.  This preview will look at my favorite acts I am looking forward to, and why.  There are lots of different reasons that these bands appear on this list, and after the Festival I am sure some of my favorite sets from the event won’t be any of these listed, but these are the top bands I am most looking forward to seeing perform live (ALL for the first time!).


10. Flogging Molly: While “celtic punk rock” isn’t my favorite genre, it certainly jumps up big on the list after a few cold beers.  So Sunday night’s Flogging Molly set on the Main Stage at the Gorge should be epic (so should The Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse to follow on the Main Stage-what a way to start the night!).

9. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: As mentioned above, I have seen Sharon Jones once before, backing up Phish at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio. This will be a nice treat seeing her with her own band. Sharons throwback funk/soul sound gets me going every time and her voice is amazing.

8. The Decembrists: I will admit, an ex-girlfriend got me into this band. Usually the kiss of death, but I have always kind of liked their sound (their 2011 album The King is Dead is a lot of fun) and these guys will be great at the Gorge.

7. Chromeo: When the initial Sasquatch! lineup was announced, I asked concertconfessions own Rev. Justito to give me some names of bands to check out that I might not be familiar with. I’m pretty sure Chromeo was on his list because they made it onto my iPod, but after a couple listens it really wasn’t for me. However, I decided to give their recent Coachella Festival webcast a chance, and after watching the ENTIRE set, this Prince-meets-Devo funky pop band is something I am really excited about seeing. I can only imagine the dance party that awaits.


6. Modest Mouse: The great Northwests own Modest Mouse, returning to Sasquatch! for a night for the ages.  Sunday nights headliner is a band that I like (not love), but maybe that will change as this will be my first Modest Mouse show.  I have heard their concerts can be hit or miss, especially these days, but I have to think the Sunday night magic of Sasquatch! will leave the Gorge Amphitheatre in awe.

5. Bassnectar: Dubstep, a genre I am a total noob about, is intriguing to me. And Bassnectar is one of the best blowing up right now.  After hearing about the legendary glow stick wars (that supposedly put my band Phish’s to shame) and seeing some YouTube clips, I have a sneaking suspicion that this late night set could be one of the best of the entire Festival.

4. Iron & Wine: Another ex-girlfriend introduction for me, but I thank her greatly for it.  Iron & Wine (traditionally a one man band, but I have heard he sometimes tours with a group) is one of my favorite mellow “rock” acts.  The Main State of the Gorge will be a perfect setting for a Saturday night dusk time set and the new album is super, so the tunes should be great.

3. J. Mascis: The front man for legendary alternative band Dinosaur Jr. will be at Sasquatch! performing a solo set.  J.’s past solo performances are great and his latest all-acoustic album “Several Shades of Why” is fantastic.  This will be a small side stage act not to be missed!  I think I just pee’d my pants a little thinking about it.

2. The Flaming Lips: Not sure how I have not seen this band before, but am SUPER excited for this set.  The Lips will be performing their 1999 epic “The Soft Bulletin” in its entirety, plus other additional songs to follow.  I’ve been told a Flaming Lips show can be life changing, so Sunday May 29th may be my last “normal” day as thenaturalstoner.

1. Foo Fighters: The first band announced for this years Festival is the one I am looking forward to the most.  Nirvana was always my favorite band growing up, and to have the opportunity to see Dave Grohl and Pat Smear play together will rock my mind and soul.  Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic performed on the Foos new album “Wasting Light” (as did Huskur Du’s own Bob Mould, also at the Sasquatch! Fest), so who knows, maybe a Nirvana reunion will rock Central Washington in May.  Regardless, this is one set I have been looking forward to for months on end.  I had the chance to see the Foos only one other time, also at the Gorge with Kool Keith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and some mishaps along the way caused me to miss the show.  That will NOT happen this time.



Just missing the cut: Death Cab for Cutie, Death From Above 1979, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Washington state hip-hop represent!), Bob Mould, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Trailer Park Boys, Reggie Watts, Wilco.

Things I am pissed about:  J. Mascis and Chromeo only scheduled for 45 minutes; The Decemberists, Iron and Wine and Bassnectar only scheduled for an hour; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings scheduling conflict.

So that’s my list.  The best part about Festivals, especially 4 day long ones, is that your list will differ greatly from mine.  I can’t wait to check these bands out (plus 90 others!) and report back on who was amazing and who failed to live up to expectations.  George, Washington, here we come!!!

For those who can’t make it – NPR will be broadcasting live from the festival all weekend long.

Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Full Lineup:

Friday, May 27

Foo Fighters

Death From Above 1979

Against Me!

Biffy Clyro

Rival Schools

The Bronx

Bob Mould

Saturday, May 28

Death Cab For Cutie

Bright Eyes

Iron & Wine



Pink Martini

Wolf Parade

Local Natives

Matt & Kim

Trailer Park Boys

Sleigh Bells

The Thermals

Jenny & Johnny

The Head & The Heart


The Radio Dept.

The Antlers

Sharon Van Etten

Aloe Blacc

The Secret Sisters

Wye Oak

J. Mascis

Tig Notaro

Alberta Cross

Seattle Rock Orchestra

Washed Out

Dan Mangan

The Globes

Rebecca Gates & The Consortium

Pepper Rabbit

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Matt McCarthy

The Glitch Mob

Sunday, May 29

Modest Mouse

The Flaming Lips

Flogging Molly

Cold War Kids




Beach House

Flying Lotus

Tokyo Police Club

Fitz & The Tantrums

Archers of Loaf

City and Colour

Reggie Watts


Tim Minchin

The Drums

Sam Roberts Band


The Moondoggies

Smith Westerns

Das Racist

Wheedle’s Groove

S. Carey


Gold Panda

Cotton Jones

Mad Rad

Basia Bulat

Other Lives


DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Hari Kondabolu

Monday, May 30


The Decemberists

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Old 97’s


Guided By Voices

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings


Major Lazer


The Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins Show


Best Coast

Surfer Blood

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Bonobo (DJ Set)

Young the Giant


Black Mountain

Noah & The Whale



Twin Shadow

Foster the People

White Denim

Axis of Awesome


White Arrows

Head Like A Kite

The Young Evils

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Sasquatch Festival 2011 Set To Rock George, WA

Sasquatch Festival 2011 Set To Rock George, WA

As we reported late last year, the Sasquatch Music Festival is set to return to the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. As we already reported, Foo Fighters will be headlining one of the four nights. Also on the bill are Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, The Flaming Lips and a lot more. Four day passes are on sale now and single day tickets will go on sale on Feb 14th.. For all the details on this festival (which we hope to have our very own Thenaturalstoner attend) please click here.

Phish vs. The Philharmonic – Another Open Letter To Phish

Dear Phish,

On Monday I had to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned which resulted in me taking a different route to work.  Along that route was The Troubadour where I was lucky enough to see Mike Gordon just shy of 48 hours earlier.  However, it was another legendary Southern California venue that not only caught my eye but gave me an amazing idea that I think you are going to like.  Because after all, I know you guys don’t have anything to do then read open letters from a bitter West Coast fan who wishes you guys played my time zone multiple times a year.


Rumor has it that you guys had a hold on the Hollywood Bowl (for what they call a lease event) for your Fall 2004 tour.  We all know what happened there and why you never made it.  Since you have returned from your break up, multiple “rumors” have pointed to you playing the historic hillside venue.  Clearly this has yet to happen.  Then again, you have yet to play Los Angeles county since your return, not that I am crying or anything like that.  Yet as I drove past the venue on my way to work Monday, a huge WHAT IF sunk into my head.

 What if Phish not only played the Hollywood Bowl, but played it with the LA Philharmonic?


Now let’s look at the benefits of this truly epic idea.  First off and most obvious, is the fact that the Bowl is an amazing venue where everyone who is anyone has graced the stage.  In my decade in Southern California I have seen the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Gnarls Barkley, Neil Diamond, Aretha Franklin and Willie Nelson perform.  I could name hundreds of artists who have graced the stage.  Hell they even let Vampire Weekend perform at the Bowl, so why not Phish?  They can clearly pack large venues and can you imagine the Kuroda light show inside of the band shell?  I know I don’t need to mention how much nicer the hills of Hollywood are versus the hills of Irvine, Chula Vista or San Bernardino where those other outdoor music venues are located.


Now, for those who live outside of Southern California, here is something you may not know about the Bowl.  When a show is sponsored by the Bowl, you are encouraged to bring in your own food and drink (beer and wine only, sorry no hard alcohol).  Could you imagine sitting there under the stars with a nice red wine and some organic vegan snacks while the sounds of Moma Dance tickled your ears?  Then again, this could also be used as an argument as to why Phish should not play the Bowl.  So remember wooks, hippie crack addicts and other scum of our community – if this is to happen, this is a privilege.  Respect it.


While an open beverage policy and historical landmarks are indeed important, the main point is the music.  Each year a few contemporary artists (Death Cab for Cutie, Faith Hill etc) come to the Bowl and perform songs backed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Perhaps the band could perform alone during Set I, but invite the LA Phil out for Set II.  Sure, you may not have any massive “Mikes>Simple>Light>Weekapaug” jams, but could you imagine songs like “You Enjoy Myself” “The Divided Sky” and even “Time Turns Elastic” backed by some of the worlds most respected musicians?  I am sure Trey can and I am sure the thought would send his ADHD into overdrive.

So let’s do it!  Phish – it gives your loyal west coast fans not only a chance to see you, but a very special event.  It gives Fishman a chance to rock a suit like it was 1997 all over again.  It gives Trey the chance to use his immense talent once again to transcribe Phish classics for strings and horns and other fine orchestral instruments.  Most important, the band has a chance to not only take their music in a new direction, but prove themselves to a whole new set of fans (as the Hollywood Bowl crowd is often made up “subscribers” whose whole point is to discover new music).  Phish, meet the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Los Angeles Philharmonic – please meet Phish.  I am ready to have my mind melted in an all new way (may I suggest July 4th weekend 2011).  After all, if Raphael Saadiq is going to perform your songs at the Bowl, you may as well do the same.

Thanks for your time,

Reverend Jusito –

CC: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Ben & Zooey Salute America as San Francisco Beats Philly

Ben & Zooey Salute America as San Francisco Beats Philly

Folks, we make no secret that Reverend Justito – the founder and spiritual guru of Concert Confessions is a die hard San Francisco Giants fan.  With the Giants two wins away from the World Series, we could not be more thrilled.  Today, the Giants brought out some big guns to celebrate America.  By big guns, I mean the leading couple of indie rock – Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service) and Zooey Deschanel (She & Him/Yes Man).

You can watch them salute America (assuming MLB doesn’t get all pissy about that whole copyright violation thing) in the videos below.

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