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Dinosaur Jr & Friends – Terminal 5 New York City 12/01/12

Dinosaur Jr + Special Guests – 12/01/2012

Terminal 5 – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

In two weeks, Dinosaur Jr‘s second studio record “You’re Living All Over Me” will turn 25 years old-why wait til then to start the celebration? Tonight, in the 81st Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series we return to Terminal 5 in New York City (610 West 56th Street) for what is billed as “Dinosaur Jr’s 25th anniversary of “You’re Living All Over Me” with Very Special Friends Sitting In and Special Guest Kurt Vile” Well, it’s well known that if the ticket says Dinosaur Jr and I can get there via Bus, Train and/or Boat-chances are I’m getting myself in the building. Kurt Vile and The Violators supporting, if nothing else, peaks my interest for an opening band. And Vile’s a bitchin’ guitar player so sitting in should be fun as well. But friends? Who? Weeks after I bought tickets a few names sprinkled out. Johnny Marr will be here. Dale Crover will be here. Al Cisneros will be here. Frank Black will be here and Kim Gordon will be here. If that’s not enough, there’s going to be two Dinosaur Jr sets, first playing the record and the second being a collection of hits ranging the band’s whole catalog. There’s still the extreme likely possibility that more guests will appear tonight on stage. Anything can happen. Let’s hope “anything” means “everything that you can think of in the world” tonight.

In my first trip into Manhattan in a post- Sandy world, I found myself outside on line to get into Terminal 5 at 6:30 with doors set to open at 7. Had to take a cab from the ferry because the (1) train line is totally fucked.  Got dropped off a two blocks up, I need the workout anyway . Felt like forever standing out there on line-not because it was cold. It was my anxiety, my prayers to several gods to be able to obtain my awesome third floor spot. I was about 100 deep in the line and another 100 people (at least) were behind me by the time doors opened. We got in and I ran up two flights of stairs to find exactly what I was looking: an empty third floor with plenty of chairs and ottomans to keep me comfortable until showtime. After I grabbed myself a Pepsi, it was already 7:30.

At 8 o clock Kurt Vile and the Violators hit the stage. They impressed everyone by the end of their set. Each songs having a different feel, kept thanking us for being a “beautiful audience”. They seem like a band that should have been around when bands like Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth were getting big in the late 80’s. They have that psychedelic thing going, but the sweet melodies are what, well, keep making me want to compare them to Dinosaur Jr. Was that an 18 string acoustic I saw Kurt Vile bust out on a song called “Freeway” or am I wrong? He changed guitars every single song. I like guitars, so this is a plus in my book. And we share a haircut. His voice is very punky, the tone is perfect for this kind of show. You know-effects pedals everywhere and extended noise jams. I recorded their song “Monkey”. Awesome job by them. It was 8:40 when they went off.

Truth be told, I haven’t listened to “You’re Living All Over Me” front to back in a few years. So I had to go back this past week leading up to the show and re-brush myself up on the masterpiece that is that album. After kicking off the night with “Thumb”(with a chick on stage playing the flute.. or a clarinet) , our first guest of the evening hit the stage next and was our first surprise guest of the evening: Lee Ranaldo(of Sonic Youth fame).

He provided some vocals on the record’s first track, “Little Fury Things”. So here we are, for the next 46 or so minutes watching Dinosaur Jr just kill it. I mean it’s not like I haven’t seen this band kill it before, this is my forth time. But they’re getting better. J Mascis takes a cerebral attack towards his playing, making his guitar his total bitch. This is beyond distortion, this is beautiful madness at it’s finest. At one point his guitar sounded like a flock of doves-I’m serious. And I’m up here, sitting on a chair, (Low to the ground like an ottoman, yet it has a back like a chair. Very comfortable) 3rd floor Terminal 5- not taping. I’m taking this whole album in right now strictly like a normal fan, we do have two sets after all. I’m under an influence alright-the heavy drug known as awesome music. I’m checking out the crowd, they’re going nuts, slamming into each other and crowd surfing like crazy. I mean, it’s a very tiny part of me, but part of me wanted to be down there smashing myself into strangers. But the sea of people doesn’t end as I keep turning my head-this place is packed to the gills (and my “private” section has turned into a full house) One note, I know here in NYC we have some less than desirable fans in the crowd who throw stuff on stage. Usually empty beer cups- I know I’ve been hit with several beers in the pit at past shows. But tonight, it was hoodies exclusively being thrown. I hate to break the news to these people that although it’s hot in the pit it’s still cold outside. Keep glancing over to the rhythm section to see Murph is the only person in shorts, beating the kit with everything he had on ever song he drummed on. I could tell, he worked up quite a sweat. And Lou. Every time I looked in that direction his head was down, bass hanging real low and he was just creating earthquakes over there with his heavy bass licks.

At 10:01 Murph and J dart off stage and the lights dim, revealing Lou Barlow alone, holding a Ukelele ready to play “Poledo” solo, adding that this is an “awkward end to an amazing record” before cranking out the oddity but goody.

This was advertised as two sets, and the bill fit the length of what you’d get out of two sets. But props to the band for not making us wait like 15 minutes in between. Frank Black (or is it Black Francis these days? I get them mixed up) former Pixies frontman was on stage by 10:06. He’s here to “help out on one of the songs off the new record “I Bet on Sky” according to J. After they played the tune, Mr Black hands the gigantic hand drawn lyric sheet he had in front of him to a lucky member of the crowd, re-tunes his guitar and next thing you know you’re hearing the lyric “hips like Cinderella” and we’re jumping into “Tame”.

Dinosaur Jr and Frank Black doing “Tame”. Are you freaking serious?!?! Pass me a tissue, I just wet myself. it was so perfect, so right for this evening. So many joyous screams.

A great old tracked popped up “Alone”, a great new track from the new record popped up, “Watch The Corners” and here comes Johnny Marr at around 1045. Besides that crappy band with Morrissey, I loved Johnny Marr’s stuff with Modest Mouse and he is a highly regarded guitar player. He’s actually releasing his debut solo record later this year. He lended a hand on “The Wagon”. Then they brought out a lyric sheet on a stand for J as they got into a song I didn’t know.

Thankfully we live in the 21st century and Twitter was buzzing within seconds chiming in with the song title: “The Boy with The Thorn in his Side“, a Smiths cover. There was another guest vocalist up there(thanks to fellow fans comments, it was pointed out to me that it was  Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene) .At least it wasn’t Morrissey. Dale Crover(of the Melvins) was out there drumming on the Smiths cover with them. Al Cisneros (known for his work in Sleep and OM) was on and off stage throughout the evening as well as Kurt Vile. Don Fleming(used to be in a band called Gumball) came on stage to cover a song by the band Iron Cross called “Crucified For Your Sins”. Your a typical hard rocking DC punk rock anthem to perk up the pit as some start to sober up. It was intense.

And at 11:09 Kim Gordon hops on stage. The sexist 59 year old chick I’ve ever seen, since her recent divorce with Thurston Moore (in turn, putting all things Sonic Youth on indefinite hiatus) Kim spends these days playing in an experimental noise rock duo with Bill Nace called Body/Head. Surprised Kim’s lungs didn’t come flying out of her chest during “Don’t”.

That one that requires screaming multiplied by a million. I hated when the band played this song last year(Review of that show here) because they let some fan sing the vocal and he kept slamming the microphone down and had an annoying scream. Kim was awesome, I just wish there was some better lighting in there for me to grab a better picture of her. Well, the lighting was good, but the shine from the drum set was messing with my camera. Everybody ducked off stage at 11:19

They came back out not long after. You know, there was one kid I saw outside wearing a Replacements tee shirt. At the time I saw it I said to myself “Sweet..the Replacements”. That must’ve been my spider senses tingling, because out for the encore on bass is none other than Tommy Stinson from the Replacements! Tommy also plays in the fake Guns N’ Roses band that Axl Rose tours with these days. And there’s my buddy John Petkovic (see Mike Watt & Friends 05/02/12) on vocals-and they’re playing The Stooges! “TV Eye”. The pit was chaos once again.

I had read reviews claiming Fred Arminsen was on stage at one point and I had to look back at my pictures a day later and notice that he is in fact drumming on “TV Eye”.  I was  having such a good time I missed the Portlandia star. “Start Choppin” followed and then our night ended with “Freak Scene”. The house music came on slightly after 11:30.

Dinosaur Jr never disappoints, but that my friends was something for the ages. I’ve placed a picture of the set list below.  Enjoy the videos as they upload! Late.

NYCTaper has a great capture of this show available for download. You can click this link here to check out all the audio goodies

Dinosaur Jr. To Hit The Road This Fall In Support Of ‘I Bet On Sky’

Dinosaur Jr. To Hit The Road This Fall In Support Of ‘I Bet On Sky’

Hey Jay Porks we have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that Dinosaur Jr. is going to drop a new record on September 18th called I Bet On Sky. The bad news is that the tour in support of the new record is not coming to New York City. Perhaps you can hit it up somewhere else like Philadelphia or one of the three nights they are playing in Toronto?

Anyways, for the rest of you, here is where you can catch J, Lou and Murph.

06/22/12 Chicago, IL: Subterranean
06/23/12 Chicago, IL: Green Music Festival
07/06/12 Des Moines, IA: 80/35 Music Festival
08/25/12 St. Louis, MO: LouFest 2012
09/24/12 Toronto, ON: Lee’s Palace
09/25/12 Toronto, ON: Lee’s Palace
09/26/12 Toronto, ON: Lee’s Palace
09/27/12 Detroit, MI: St. Andrew’s Hall
09/28/12 Cincinnati, OH: MidPoint Music Festival
09/29/12 Champaign, IL: Pygmalion Festival
10/01/12 Nashville, TN: Mercy Lounge
10/02/12 Atlanta, GA: Variety Playhouse
10/03/12 New Orleans, LA: Tipitina’s
10/04/12 Austin, TX: Mohawk
10/05/12 Houston, TX: Fitzgerald’s
10/06/12 Dallas, TX: The Prophet Bar
10/08/12 Flagstaff, AZ: Orpheum Theater
10/09/12 Santa Ana, CA: The Observatory
10/10/12 San Francisco, CA: The Fillmore
10/11/12 Eugene, OR, WOW Hall
10/12/12 Seattle, WA: Neptune Theatre
10/14/12 Salt Lake City, UT: Urban Lounge
10/15/12 Denver, CO: Bluebird Theater
10/17/12 Omaha, NE: The Waiting Room
10/18/12 Minneapolis, MN: Cabooze
10/19/12 Madison, WI: Majestic Theatre
10/20/12 Grand Rapids, MI: The Orbit Room
10/22/12 Bloomington, IN: The Bluebird
10/23/12 Cleveland, OH: Beachland Ballroom
10/24/12 Millvale, PA: Mr. Smalls Theatre
10/25/12 Washington, DC: Black Cat
10/26/12 Charlottesville, VA: Jefferson Theater
10/27/12 Philadelphia, PA: Union Transfer

Dinosaur Jr. Bring Bug To The West Coast

Dinosaur Jr. Bring Bug To The West Coast

Earlier this year, you may remember our man Jay Porks catching Dinosaur Jr. rocking their album Bug from front to back in New York City. You may also remember our man Jay Porks catching Henry Rollins having a heart to heart with Dinosaur Jr. before they rocked Bug from front to back. With a successful East Coast run in the rearview mirror, the team of Dinosaur Jr. and Henry Rollins plan to bring the show out west this December. The six night run kicks off in Orange County on December 12th and wraps December 17th in Seattle.

If catching Dinosaur Jr. out west simply isn’t enough for you the band is re-releasing their first three albums on vinyl October 4th. You can click here to pre-order those now.


Dinosaur Jr. w/ Henry Rollins Tour Dates a/o 09/12/11

12/12 – Costa Mesa, CA @ Segerstrom CFA
12/13 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern
12/14 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Music Box
12/15 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
12/16 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
12/17 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox at the Market


Dinosaur Jr, Henry Rollins, OFF!, Fucked Up 6/23/11 Terminal 5

The 50th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us back to the famed Terminal 5 (610 West 56th street 11th ave in NYC) to see a special Dinosaur Jr show tonight.. Well of course all Dinosaur Jr shows are special, but the band isn’t really on a tour right now-they’re playing a handful of dates, one of them happens to be tonight.. opening bands are ‘Fucked Up’ and ‘OFF!’ (a new Keith Morris outfit) along with another added treat as according to Brooklyn Vegan, Henry Rollins will be interviewing Dinosaur Jr live on stage. I’ve seen Dinosaur Jr twice before, once here on a bill with the Meat Puppets and Built to Spill and a crazy set at the Brooklyn Bowl that left me deafened..Been a while since I was this excited for a show.. anyway, the plan is to head straight out to the venue after a 4 o clock exit from the day job, with hopes of getting there around 6 and being on of the first few people on line-I need that spot along the railing on the third floor I had for PJ Harvey.. that spot was insane. Place is huge (capacity 3000+), so fingers crossed as we head out for the latest Jay Porks Experience..

So I showed up early enough where the doors were open but technically not open, as all of us who are here pre-6:30 are being shuffled up flights of steps to the roof top smoke deck thing to await the official 6:30 doors. “Early doors” is what they’re calling that, I call it: “Instead of these kids flooding the street, lets flood them towards somewhere we can sell stuff”… So at about 635 event staffers begin to wave us in. As people dart passed me(one girl even busted her ass on the steps) racing for their lives to get down near the stage, I calmly walk myself over to the spot I’ve been dreaming of for weeks…and I got it. Third floor , left side along the railing WITH an ottoman pulled up that I’ll sit on until this show gets on the road and inbetween sets. Look at all those schmucks down there squeezing in to try and get really really’s Dinosaur Jr for christ sake, I’m going to be deaf from up here on the top floor.. so have fun hearing for the next month….saw a sign behind the bar that said “OFF!” goes on at 7:30, Fucked Up at 8:30, Henry Rollins will interview at 9:30, and Dinosaur Jr will go on at 10 playing ‘Bug’ in its entirety, hopefully along with some other hits..

Quick random question: playing “Bug” in it’s entirety, why is the backdrop of the stage a picture of their latest album” Farm”? Maybe they’re just going with that as the default thing.. As 7 rolls around I start to wonder how this interview is gonna go down, doesn’t look like they left much room on stage..

“OFF!” is Keith Morris’s latest vehicle (Circle Jerks/Black Flag)., and sticking with these speedy hardcore punk roots, OFF! has a set list 3 pages long, and they are running through songs at a ferocious pace. .. Like I wonder if any of these clock in over a minute.. Did anyone tell Keith that the dreads with the receding hairline is not a great look..he looks like a hobo I’d see on the train.. 56 years old and still gives off that angry at life with his music-I envy that…. There’s a whole area of the floor section circled off with slam dancers… Jesus they are getting rowdy down there… They went off at 7:57.. Thanked us for coming out early repeated, and for all we know ran through 37 songs in the last 25 minutes. Awesome.

“Fucked Up” hails from Toronto, and they’ve been much the buzz every time they come to town.. plus, a former professor of mine Brian Cogan (Who’s book you can purchase here ) says that Fucked Up is a “brilliant band with a great sense for the absurd”.. Well, I consider myself a fan of the absurd, but only NOW I get the full meaning of the word.. Fucked Up gave us a three guitar onslaught of heavy riffs topped off with a gigantic jolly front man who isn’t afraid to take his shirt off..first song in he’s in the crowd.. he’s screaming these lyrics as the microphone cord is like endless feet long so this dude just walks through the crowd hugging members of the pit..And it’s not like he got back on stage any time soon…the bass player is a chick,which always peaks interest of mine.. Nice little bass player cleavage… This band is pretty odd..and pretty cool.. Over thick, raspy screamed lyrics the other members of the band provide a little vocal harmony… it’s like a lot of these acts labeled “hardcore punk”.. it’s an interesting sound if there wasn’t all the screaming.. still a band I’d recommend.. I guess this is how they do things in Toronto, eh?

So I need to bring this up, and I really don’t care if this person reads it or not ( every time I mention a random fan in a blog they find me).. In-between Fucked Up and Dino, there was this girl who tapped me on the shoulder and said “excuse me, can I like sit on the floor in front of you.. like down there?(pointing to the spot) You can kick me if you want.”.. First off, I’ve been here in this same spot since 630, now you wanna come and sit in front of me so you can see? I got up for work today at 9AM, came straight from there in my dorky white button down shirt and took a bus to a train to a ferry to a train and walked 10 blocks just to get THIS spot. I would love if you didn’t come and try and Bogart that .. How bout you get here early enough to grab some prime real estate?.. Furthermore, let me get all male chauvinist pig here(I am Porks after all) for a second- Note to ANY girls in the future who want to tap me on the shoulder and ask me for something at a show, you better have something to bring to the table.. A make out at least.. something! Don’t use that “I’m a girl” bullshit to get whatever you want, this isn’t the 40’s anymore- we’re all equal here.. That said, my reply to her was “Do what you want”..

Safe to say I went hoping Rollins can squeeze in a few minutes of his humorous spoken word stuff that I missed out on March 2010..So about 9:30 they set up four chairs on stage as we wait for this interview to go down.. About 9:45, Henry Rollins came out to a resounding ovation-now all of a sudden this place is packed..

We were all set up when the interview ended, so the band headed off to return in a few minutes- and at around 10:15 they hit the stage.. J Mascis says playing “Bug” straight through the last few nights was “a little weird”, so they kicked off the set with “In A Jar” and “Off the Wagon”.. Absolutely electric-and not just due to the fact they’re plugged in. For the first time ever, I’m getting to hear JM’s vocals; previous two times I saw them I was inches away and I couldn’t hear a damn thing, I figured it was customary for them with the noise they me a good two floors up it’s all sounding so crystal clear to me now- this is incredible..

“Freak Scene” and the rest of the tunes as we got through “Bug” put some insane guitar work on display by our platinum haired compadre downstairs.. His pedal board looks like something out of Star Trek, colors and buttons everywhere.. And a light show, who knew? Green and purple beams bounce off the walls and crowd.. And as I look around I think to myself: ” I was lucky enough to accidentally be introduced to Dino Jr a few years back that’s how I know them…. how are all these 17 year old kids chapter and verse on a record that came out in 1988?” The first song of the encore I didn’t recognize, but the room did.. I taped it I’ll find out..

Towards the end of the set songs got more and more intense.. For the last song on the album “Don’t”, We had a guest screamer on the mic.. See, bassist Lou Barlow blew his voice box out while cutting the track for the album- and he says he did the same first night of this tour, so they enlisted a fan (With a stellar afro) to come up and sing clocked over ten minutes as it was about 11:15 when they went off for the encore..

They came back out a few minutes later and played a song before “Feel the Pain” started playing and my camera was tapped out of battery.. so I started to head closer to an exit, maybe check some other views of the room to finish off this set.. It’s gonna take me 4 songs to get outta this place anyway… 1st floor was terrible, as on stage Dino invited the lead singer of “Fucked Up” out to help them finish off the last song of the evening-which wasn’t “Just Like Heaven”, much to my chagrin…

Love to get my money’s worth, especially on our 50th installment.. fun night, plus that fact that I caught all the trains and boats with good timing on the way home, so I can queue up all this video to upload tonight… Sweet times… Thanks for hanging out for a few, and stay tuned..

FROM THE VAULT: Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr 9/25/2008

Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr 09/25/08

Terminal 5 – New York, NY

Words by Jay Porks


An old review from the first time I ever saw the Meat Puppets back in September of 2008 at Terminal 5 in New York City.. This review is so old that there aren’t even any pictures and I had left the show before headliner Built to Spill even came on. By reading, this seems to be the first time I was ever front row standing room and this is also the piece referenced by the Meat Puppets in a blog post on their MySpace page here:

THE MEAT PUPPETS!!!!! Wow, now that was something else. That was like a whole other experience. I still feel my pants shaking from the vibrations of the show. Tonight was the night, the last official installment of the Jay Porks Summer Concert Series. A band called ‘Built to Spill’ was headlining a show which featured the opening acts being the Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr(Dinosaur with all three original member Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph) respectively. When I first got this ticket I was so psyched, so pumped to see them. This would be the first time I get tickets to a show because I’m more interested in the opening bands then the headliner, which is good because the first 2 hours don’t have to be boring. All this and now the night had arrived. The venue: ‘Terminal 5’, which is 610 West 56th street and like 11th avenue, right by that Saab dealership.

Doors open at 6:30pm and I make it to the place at about 6:20 and much to my surprise, there a line of like 30 people. Because in my eyes I thought everyone was there to see Built to Spill, that’s the only band even listed on the ticket. So I get padded down and walk in. Inside, its a really simple set up-just a hallway you walk down and which leads to the doorway of the standing room section by the stage. Its set up sort of like the Fillmore Irving Plaza was set up, there was an upstairs that you could watch from(there’s actually a 2nd AND 3rd floor to observe from), a balcony wrapping around the inside of the venue . Had the aforementioned third floor too, but I didn’t go up any stairs tonight. I grabbed my Meat Puppets shirt in the little vestibule between the doors and the stage for 20 bucks, (which wasn’t so bad considering I paid 35 for a Weezer shirt at Madison Square Garden last night). Grabbed a beer for 6 bucks, which again was not so bad, then I head over towards the stage because I noticed not many people were over there yet; the show doesn’t start for an hour anyway. So I walked over and landing myself a spot leaning right on the barricade about 5 feet from the stage. I reached out and touched the stage like, I thought to myself “Wow this is fucking sick”. Then I met a few cool people standing in like my area. We’re right in front of the microphone that Curt Kirkwood is going to be playing at (vocals/guitar). So the two kids to my right they saw me and were like “hey dude, just can I ask you a question, have you ever heard Built to Spill?, who are they?” I shook my head and told them “never even knew who they were until I saw they were playing with the Meat Puppets” and they’re like “yea man! Exactly, we’re just here for the Meat Puppets, they kick ass” and I’m like “-and we’re right fucking here” and everyone’s in agreement that this is going to be a kick ass night. We ask the kid to the left of me, who is he here to see. He says “ I’m here to see the Meat Puppets and Dino, I never heard of Built to Spill until this show” and at that point I’m thinking, finally some people I can relate too. We were just shooting the shit for like the whole hour before the puppets came on. We made fun of all the “hipsters” who are just showing up to see Built to Spill and didn’t even know there was opening acts. After about 5 people, we found a Built to Spill fan.

“And now the brothers Meat come up on stage..”, and here comes Curt Kirkwood with his Fender Stratocaster with little stickers on it. Looked like those things you get out of those 25 cent vending machines, and they appeared to be butterflies and turtles and stuff to that nature. Also, Curt was not only wearing pajama pants but the stains on them appeared as if he was just painting his garage or something. It was hilarious, then his brother Cris who plays bass came out looking like his same old fun self.. I hate when people sober up and forget how to be normal and fun-not the case here..he gets into these zones with the bass that look like a seizure that’s really cool.. glad he’s got it together.. . Curt pulls his pick out of the pocket of his very comfortable looking plaid pajama pants and we’re ready to go.

What a set they did. Most of the songs there was no pause in between, just played straight through to the next one. And the Meat Puppets do things live so much differently then they do on record and not one show is ever the same. Someone I was talking to on who has seen the Meat Puppets 14 times once described them as “the Grateful Dead, for people who hate the Grateful Dead”. Now I like the Grateful Dead, but I understand the analogy. I think they maybe paused between a song once, and during that 10 seconds one of those kids who are on my right while everyone is screaming requests screams “SLAYER!!! …” laughs and says “yes, I’m going to be that guy”. That was great, that’s when they went into “Severed Goddess Hand”. Great song- Also played an effervescent version of “Look at the Rain” The guitar work during these songs is god-like. A classmate of mine was showing me on the ferry how to use the pick and strum up with your pinky like and I thought that was insane(coming from somebody who owns, but cannot play guitar). But Curt Kirkwood at one point was strumming with three separate fingers while cuffing the pick between his middle and ring finger. It might have been four fingers at times, dude is just that amazing. And he would constantly adjust the feedback and turn it all the way up causing this fuzz and distortion which was like the living end; it was like when Grant took Richmond. “Plateau” was outstanding, truly incredible. I was screaming the lyrics along with the rest of the apparent crowd. I wasn’t too sure what the atmosphere of the crowd was because everyone was behind me; I could smell the fact that Curt didn’t brush his teeth, that’s how close I was. They played a few songs off their latest 2007 album ‘Rise to your Knees’ as well.. It’s as if whatever Curt feels like messing with distortion wise with his guitar he just goes, and its freaking incredible. “Oh Me” was great when they got into that, my little posse was rocking to that. They finished it off with “Lake of Fire”, which included a solo that lasted about 10 minutes and made everyone think they were starting like a different song. It was a really fast version of it, far from the one on “Meat Puppets II”. It rocked, during it Cris Kirkwood’s bass unplugged from the amp and he was like jamming the shit back in there. After that they went off, I don’t even think I they said one word to the crowd. In previous shows I’ve been to, the opening act spends half there night thanking the band for letting them open for them. Not the Meat Puppets, their epicness precedes them. They’re the effin’ Meat Puppets, been around since like 82. Interesting thing after their set, Cris and the drummer headed right off stage but Curt was on stage with the roadies packing up his own gear. Unplugging all the amps and his various fuzz box pedals. He had to lean over to unplug a wire right by me and I was right there and I didn’t know what to say, so I blurred out “Curt! You fucking rock man!” and he didn’t even look, good thing too, because I sounded like such a loser. What a performance, nothing could top it. The Meat Puppets!! I saw them!!! I could die happy now.

Let us not misinterpret what I’m saying here. Because Dinosaur Jr put on a set that kicked ass to the fullest extent as well, J. Mascis is very meticulous with his guitar and amp set up with 6 amps set up almost surrounding him, and every amp on stage has a microphone up against it which just continues in to the theme of distortion and feedback heavily used in songs. A great band to possibly set the tone for Dinosaur Jr seems to be the Meat Puppets because both bands use similar elements in their music. Not only that, but J had some big tall like control panel sort of thing next to him that he kept messing with. Wish I was closer to Mascis. See, I was near the microphone that Curt Kirkwood was at, but J.Mascis uses the opposite one. They kicked off with “Tarpit” which rocked and made me realize in person how good J.Mascis plays guitar even if it was from 20 feet instead of 5. Lou Barlow plays a mean bass though, he was right there and I mean right there because he kept leaning over to look at the piece of paper to see what the next song was. And the drum set was much closer too, Murph was like right there, and he’s a pretty powerful drummer. One of Lou’s bass strings snapped during like the first or second song, he looks to pick up his extra-but its not there.. So he like runs behind the amp looking for the roadie with his other bass. Murph was drumming and he looked up and didn’t see Lou, he made a face as if to say “wow, we’re gonna break up again already?”. It was great, Lou runs back and I’m thinking wow he got a new string on there pretty quick. No, he came back with it playing three strings. I guess he didn’t see his other one, which was brought out during that second song. Lou’s bass sound differs from Cris Kirkwood’s because his is a lot more relevant in the structure of the song, it’s much harder, nosier and more distorted. He was rocking out, I got some pictures of him on my phone but they suck because my phone sucks. I was hoping he’d throw one of his picks out into the crowd because Murph threw his drum sticks to someone. but he didn’t, he let the roadies pack it up. They closed with “Just Like Heaven” but to tell you truth I didn’t know the names of most of the songs they played because their vocals went virtually unheard the entire set.. I know the Mic was on because I heard J say “here’s a song” followed by noise.., I think the extent of the noise they use made it so loud that it was just overpowering. Or, maybe I was just so close that I was hearing the guitar and bass at such loud, blistering volume that it was just me who couldn’t hear it well. I felt my teeth vibrating in my mouth that’s how friggin’ loud it was. It kicked ass.

I did end up getting the set list of the songs they played, but I didn’t have to search online to find it. while the roadies were cleaning up the stage I kept screaming “DUDE!!! Let me have the set list!! Its right there I need it for my blog!!! Come on!!!”. The list was literally just a inkling out of my reach from grabbing, it was duct taped on the amp in front of Lou. I saw them put it there before the show, and I wanted it bad. And one of the roadies finally saw me while he was ripping it off the thing and he tossed it to me, still with the purple tape on it and everything. I HAVE THE SET LIST!! How freaking awesome is that! Celebrity memorabilia right there. I was in fucking awe at the fact that I was holding that in my hand, something to always remember and not just the ticket stub and wristband. This is going right on my wall next to my Slash poster. As written on the paper, I will write it here. Some of the songs don’t have the whole title. It says: Tarpit, Been There, Back to Heart, Out There, Feel Pain, Wagon, Swan, Freak, Sludge, Heaven.

Freaking amazing.

Oh yea, Built to Spill played too right? Well, I really wasn’t sure because I was out of there once I got that set list.. I have just seen the Meat Puppets-a band that I wanted to know more about since they climbed upon that MTV Unplugged stage back when I was 7 years old.. I figured it would be best to cut my losses at this point and chalk up the night as a win…And besides, I have school the next day. Can’t be out all night partying..

Dinosaur Jr. 02/23/10: Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

Dinosaur Jr. 02/23/10

The Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos/Videos by Justin/

Dinosaur Jr. 02/23/10

I must be honest with everyone for a moment.  I own one compact disc by the band Dinosaur Jr.  It has their big hit “Feel the Pain” on it and I picked it up at a garage sale a few years back.  I don’t even know the name of it, nor most of the song titles.  I’ve always enjoyed the band and their loud, fuzzy alt-rock jams (they were rated 4 starts on my Yahoo Launchcast way back when). However after sharing some coke, rocking out and having my eardrums blown out by the three-piece band for free this past Tuesday night, Dinosaur Jr. may become my latest full-blown obsession.

Dinosaur Jr. at the Troubdaour 02/23/10

I had a few reasons for checking out the east coast band’s one-off show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood.  First of all, it was free, thanks to the fine folks at T-Mobile.  The show was to promote the companies MOG device, which they failed to do.  I have no idea what it is besides a way to see a great band for free.  The main reason I ended up going was this site and a confession of the band’s recent Brooklyn gig, shared by Jay Porks.  His review really made me realize that perhaps I was missing out on some loud ass rock and roll.  So after a long wait along the dirty sidewalks of Doheney Ave, I made my way into the venue and parked myself right in front of three Marshall 100 stacks, belonging to one J Mascis.



The band took the stage just after 9pm, opening with the song ‘Thumb”.  Immediately, I knew I was in for a great night, as my bones vibrated within my flesh from the sheer volume of the power trio (Featuring the original lineup of J Mascis on Guitar/vocals, Lou Barlow on Bass and Murph on drums).  The group played classics from their on-again-off-again-on-again career, but also showcased songs from their latest record – Farm. One of the songs from that release which really stood out to me was called “Pieces”.    With rich melodies and destructive distortion, it seemed to be as well received as the older numbers.

The highlight of the night (besides “Feel the Pain”; I am after all that guy and I am not afraid to admit it) was simply standing eight feet from J Mascis while he played.  What an amazing and highly underrated talent he is.  Great chord progressions, lighting fast solos, guitars I can only dream of owning and perhaps the biggest pedal board I have ever seen.  The man is a mad genius and the way he leads the band through densely distorted sonic jams is nothing short of mind (and ear) blowing.  Equally impressive on the other side of the stage was bassist Lou Barlow.  He made his bass guitar his bitch; owning it and forcing it to do things that would cause most mild-mannered instruments to blush with embarrassment.  The way he plucked huge chords, beat upon the strings and managed to keep in time with both Mascis and drummer Murph was incredible.  Perhaps next time I see them, I will have to stand on his side of the stage.

After rocking a main set that lasted about 70 minutes and featured songs like “Over It” and “Crumble,” the band played a brief two-song encore for the largely male, beanie and flannel wearing crowd.  It was during the encore that it really hit me: the 1990’s are back.  From the tiny pit that broke out during the encore with friendly smiling faces pogoing around peacefully to the aforementioned fashion, I managed to feel both nostalgic and yet young again.  Perhaps it was the free show; perhaps it was the comradery that comes with waiting in line for a few hours with your new best (and hopefully not single serving) friends. Whatever it was, the feeling was good vibes all around.  In fact, walking out of the Troubadour back to my car, I ran into some kids who made me feel really good.  Having been handed a bottle of coke by J Mascis as he left the stage, the young men were very excited to give me a sip of the carbonated beverage.  “Drink in the God-like genius that is J – this beverage will make you a Godzilla-esque Guitar monster” one kid screamed as he handed the 20 oz. bottle my way.  As someone who has been clean of High Fructose Corn Syrup for months now, I thought what the heck;  I had already fallen back into the 1990’s, why not fall off “The Wagon” as well?


Dinosaur Jr Live @ The Brooklyn Bowl Jan 18th 2010

Must say it was the most interesting place I’ve seen a show. I’m Jay Porks, and Welcome to the twenty second installment of the Jay Porks Never ending concert series for Dinosaur Jr!!!!… tonight takes us to Williamsburg, to the Brooklyn Bowl, which I know- sounds like a bowling alley. It actually IS a bowling alley, along with being a pseudo-fancy restaurant, it’s equipped with16 bowling lanes(each lane with a big screen on the end, showing a movie) to the right of a small concert stage… The space where use concertgoers will be standing is pretty basic… it’s larger than I thought but still basic-just a floor. No ramps leading to higher seating, no side barricades. I see J. Mascis'(JM) three tan/beige double stacks Marshall amps being covered by a white sheet. Feel like I’ve been here for ever but it’s still early, 7:08 actually and a few people are beginning to show up. Like ten maybe…There are people currently bowling- I wonder if that will continue throughout the show…. now that would be one cool bowling alley-when I used to go bowling on school trips to Gil Hodges Lanes there were never any bands playing.. just older women and cigarettes(something I had no use for at the time, but now would love to be around both) I found where the merch chick was, and she had 20 dollar tee shirts…sold. There were also copies of Dinosaur Jr.’s new record “Farm”, and it came with a free hat. I already have a copy so I wasn’t buying another one just to get the hat, so when about to ask how much for just the hat I read a sign that said “ No, you can’t just by the hat. Why? Because we said so”… Ok, so much for that hat. After buying my shirt I went out to smoke to find no one of interest out there. Now here’s the dilemma- do I head in and sit in the dark and wait two hours for the show to start or stay out here in the cigarette smoking zone to spot incoming concert goers?…Well there’s no WiFi in this place (figures, never WiFi where I need it).. AnywayI decide to come in but sit on a couch looking right at where the merchant is being sold. If someone interesting is gonna pass by then this is the place to be. Take in mind it’s 7:16pm. Two hours til show, and I’ve already limited myself to being within 10 feet of the door to this place for the next five hours…

It’s coming up on 8:33 and this place still isn’t packed out to the capacity it will be- I mean the show is set to start in a half hour So, I gave them there chance-now I’m headed to the front row, where nobody is standing directly in front of where JM is going to be standing. Plop, I’m there. I got one dude shouting out how cool my shirt is ( “your favorite band sucks” with JayPorks.Com on the back). Looking at those stacks up close I realize that I will be deafened by the guitar amps.. Sweet. One thing I don’t see any of: event staff, which bodes well for me trying out my new Flip video camera….about 8:51, the house music plays Tom Petty- The Wait…. If they only knew

8:57- and here’s Jeffrey Lewis setting up.. Looks like he’s solo. He has a little toy keyboard on the floor and a really funky looking acoustic.. He gets into his first song at which point I look at my vacant wrist because this is unentertaining.. He’s just singing and playing guitar as if he was playing for free or something on a street corner.. I was looking for his change bucket, didn’t I just see this dude on the ‘L’ train?. He had some weird, trying to be comedic slide shows going- there was one about the Indians getting there land stolen and another was an old school, black and white detective short. I thought I was watching the discovery channel or something. He also had a what he called “gangsta rap” about ” killing misquitos “…. Probably the most enjoyable part of his set. He went off at 9:44…now we await who we all came here to see..

It wasn’t until Jeffery Lewis’ set did I realize the big screens in front of each bowling lane would be used to project the stage happenings… These screens were showing “kill bill” (I think) before we started and now everyone was bowling towards Jeffrey Lewis’ history lesson. Yes the bowling continued as the show went on, with bowlers leaning over the rail to check out what was going on in between frames, it was a really cool atmosphere from where I’m standing, because I can see peoples scores as well having my face on an amp. And I see JM walking around-he tends to do this-he walks around like he’s a nobody seeming trying not to be noticed-he thinks he can get away with it, I mean.. rock star journalist’s like yours truly aren’t going to go running over like a prissy little fan boy, but I figured others would. I mean, dude has long platinum hair, how could you miss it? It looked like he was moving along just fine with little to no bothering by anyone…. I guess this is a hipster town after all. Rounding the corner on 10:15PM when they hit the stage, the one the only DINOSAUR JR!!

Kicked off the set with “Thumb”, first of all you knew it’d be a kick ass show when JM is wearing a Wipers tee shirt. Love the Wipers… anyway, right from the start- the first touch of chord my ears went numb almost-this was loud, noisy and distorted… and rocking! Every time JM touches the chord it explodes, and did you see his effects pedal set-up? Look at this: Your kidding right? There’s like 100’s of different sounds you can alter you guitar to-how do you remember which ones which ,when I can’t even ride a bike? As they get into songs like ‘In a jar’ and ‘Budge’ you just become a witness to cerebral assassinations of instruments We got the extended version of “Pieces”, a song I happen to love off the new record “Farm”-somewhere between this song and “Plans” and “Pick me up” which followed, was where Mascis just completely gave this this six string a total beat down-he was killing it. He plays a Fender Jazzmaster, which is a discontinued model but Fender provides JM with custom guitars (I hear he’s got velvet running up the back of the neck for comfort-how cool?).. “Feel the Pain” was awesome, because it was one of the handful of songs I recognized without looking over at the set list which was a foot away from me taped to the stage in large font. You can’t hear any vocals at the spot I’m in, which is how it usually is with me. It’s awesome to be there if your not trying to take videos for YouTube and stuff. I’m trying to write a blog here, I’m so close that the light shows interfere with my pictures as oppose to enhance them, but I got two full song son video “Thumb” and “Freak Scene”(Freak Scene is the song that Dave Grohl copies his guitar riffs from).. all of a sudden I remember there’s other members of this band, and I look over to see Murph kickin it big time on drums-really laying it down. And there’s not enough to be said about Lou’s bass playing-it’s a different kind of sound. Lou plays a sort of alternation of heavily distorted fast chords melded in with utterly decaying lows-blisteringly blissful… He takes queue from both hardcore and punk concurrently… He’s like the bass player version of JM, where it sounds like something, unique-something totally of it’s own.. totally ripping through the traditional basslines you’d expect to hear Song’s like “Forget the Swan” with Lou singing lead and JM soloing underneath make for inexplicable, indescribable type of rock. I want to call it noise but it’s too melodic. Want to call it “grunge” but it’s too fancy, too well played. It’s really something of it’s own. They actually went off with the two aforementioned songs. They played “Freak Scene” and then played “Forget the Swan” and walked off stage. Without even saying goodbye! This was 11:46, and without a goodnight I would think they’d come back out, and here they do, about 5 minutes later. They get into a song, which of course being an encore has exceeded the written set list, so I do not recognize the song. It’s loud, abrasive and awesome and I hope someone can get back to me with the name of that song. Then after that there kinda looking at each other wondering what to play and then someone screams “Just Like Heaven!” and JM looks at Murph and gives him the “fuck it, why not” look and they end an masterful set by covering the Cure, awesome….

SETLIST: Thumb, In a jar, Budge, Imagination land, Pieces, Plans, Pick me up, Out there, Over it, Feel the Pain, Little fury things, The Wagon, Freak Scene, Forget the Swan….

ENCORE: Unrecognizable song followed by “Just Like Heaven”

Your damn right I grabbed that set list off the stage. This was my second time seeing Dino, and my second time being amazing along with being the second time I got the actual taped set list off the stage. What a show, what an absolute guitar clinic that was put on tonight-jeez. I can’t hear a damn thing….. Yet another unforgettable evening riding the Jay Porks Concert Train… catch you all next time.

Keep up on this website there is more soon to come, and make sure you check out my other blogs too and hit me on Facebook and suggest shows I should go to-together we can make music a better place…Late

Meat Puppets w/ Mike Watt + The Jom & Terry Show and Grant Hart – Brooklyn Bowl 05/10/2017

Meat Puppets, Mike Watt + The Jom & Terry Show w/ Special Guest Grant Hart

Brooklyn Bowl – 05/10/2017

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

In 1985 label mates at SST Records embarked on the road in what was dubbed “The Tour” and it featured the likes of Husker Du, the Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Saccharine Trust, and SWA. Fast forward to 2017 and we have some of the ol’ gang hitting the road together again as The Meat Puppets have embarked on ‘The Tour Tour Two’ co-headlining dates with Mike Watt (Minutemen) + The Jom & Terry Show. Not only that, but a handful of dates here on the East Coast feature Grant Hart (From Husker Du) as a special guest opener. We’re at the Brooklyn Bowl for this one, which in case you’ve missed it, is a active bowling alley/concert venue hybrid and it’s the best thing to hit Williamsburg since IPA or CitiBike docking stations.

If you’re a fan of unique personalities, I’d like to introduce you to my new close and personal friend Grant Hart. Hanging around the venue incognito before he opened his set at 8PM with a booming Colorado. Real cool dude and as later discovered, nice enough to autograph stuff for fans who asked during the night. His set was about a half hour of glorioussness. You’re the Reflection of The Moon on The Water” is off 2009’s Hot Wax before the token Husker Du track Never Talking To You Again got resounding cheers. Or maybe it was someone rolling a strike at one of the lanes. Those folks seemed jacked to knock over pins with a ball. Two people behind me were talking to each other during the set. Overheard: “This guy, maybe he’s famous? A lot of people watching.” Yeah, he’s famous. As he said after the set “yeah man we worked hard back in the day on all this stuff so people can have our songs as their fucking ringtone.” Fantastic set.

Also, right before ducking off. Grant said something: “Home of the brave, not home of the chicken shit! We gotta do something man. Let’s shut the mother fucker down!” Damn right Grant, damn right. #Resist

Mike Watt has been bringing his Pedro twang to the scene since the 80s. He’s been in so many bands, so many different projects and is integral to every one of them. A set of assorted covers would blast out our eardrums over the next hour.

Tonight Mike Watt is with the Jom & Terry Show, comprised of Tom Watson on guitar and Jerry Trebotic. Need to be good to keep up with the pluckin’ and peddlin’ of Watt and these dudes are up for the task. Portions of the night had me in awe of Tom Watson’s guitar expertise.

Songs were running into each other without pause at times, like the notion of playing 48 songs in 43 minutes wasn’t so far out of the realm. Some songs contained long break downs at the end where Watt would run wild with the bass. Incredible vibes flowing through the Brooklyn Bowl on this night. Right after he said goodnight Mike Watt screamed out “John Coltrane!!!” then put his yellow backpack back on and headed off stage. Perfect.

The Meat Puppets had a little extra kick in their step tonight as they hit the stage at 10:15. Maybe it’s playing with old friends, maybe it’s the vibe of Williamsburg fueling the fire on stage. Legends to put it lightly, this is personally my 19th time seeing the sun scored desert rockers.

That said, it was exciting to hear a couple songs that haven’t been busted out most of those times. When Flaming Heart hit, it was so hard to contain squeals of excitement. They sang the harmonies on the chorus differently than the version found on Too High To Die, more low key. It was delightful.

Sam, Coming Down, Oh Me and Plateau had preceded. The Meat Puppets Facebook page had a live video going for the evening’s opener of Sam. How cool is that? And what do the comments read on that video? Well, they critique the abilities of the person taking said live video. The direct reason we can’t have nice things. Sidenote: I envy Cris Kirkwood’s beard.

The last time I saw The Meat Puppets play Severed Goddess Hand live, to my knowledge (fact-checking encouraged) was back in 2008 when they opened for Build To Spill with Dinosaur Jr sandwiched between them. The grainy pictures from my blackberry make me sick to this day. Sick in a different way was yet another gem from one of my favorite records of theirs.

Not exactly the same as the version that Metallica plays, Whiskey In The Jar is always a fun time live.

Mockin’ Bird Hill was the two minute break from the ear-shredding that we all needed. Sweet little diddy and gave everyone a chance to catch their breath. This calm in the air would only last one minute and forty four seconds.

ATTACKED BY MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!? It’s a freaking headbanger full of fuzzy guitar genius. Only time I’ve seen them do it is 2009. This was sick. Upset this isn’t one of the songs they chose to extended jam on, but the night isn’t over.

Up on The Sun had to have clocked in at over 10 minutes. It can’t be said enough about the Meat Puppets. It’s a trip you take. These mid-song space jams, it’s like being elevated into some sort of craft and you return to earth when they come back into the song eventually. They always come back. Curt didn’t pull out the slide til late in the evening. The Brooklyn Bowl got smoked by the old guard of SST tonight. And it was phenomenal.


Coming down

Oh, me


Flaming heart


Severed Goddess Hand

Monkey And The Snake

Mockin’ Bird Hill

Whiskey In The jar

I’m ragged but I’m right

Touchdown king

Seal Whales

Lake of fire

Attacked by Monsters

Up on The Sun

Encore: Climbing


PREVIEW LouFest 2014 – Sept 6 & 7 – Feat. Outkast, Arctic Monkeys, Cake, Grouplove and More!


On September 6 & 7 the LouFest Music Festival will return to the beautiful Forest Park in St. Louis for a fifth straight year. LouFest is growing yet again, with a rumored FOURTH stage now being added after a third being brought into the mix last year. It was estimated that the 2013 version brought in more than 15,000 people each day, more than double the previous year. The last five years have provided concert goers with a very eclectic mix of artists from all genres and stages of their careers. Another great aspect of LouFest is that they be sure to throw a few local talents such as Sleepy Kitty, Troubadour Dali and Tef Poe on the bill as well.

Previous artists to grace the LouFest stage have included The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Girl Talk (above), The Killers, She & Him,  Jim James, TV on the Radio, The National, Trampled by Turtles, Alabama Shakes, Dawes, Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr. and even a Jeff Tweedy solo set. The Roots were scheduled in 2011 but sadly had to cancel at the last minute. LouFest has certainly grown to become something very special for the city of Saint Louis.

Unfortunately for LouFest, their game to slowly reveal the first nine bands by slowly releasing clues had a slight flaw that led to a leak of those nine bands in just a few hours after announcing the game. So what we already found out last week is that alt-rockers Cake will be one of the top bands on the bill… which excites the hell out of me! The other eight leaked bands are Grouplove, Portugal the Man, Blackberry Smoke, San Fermin, Pretty Little Empire, Moon Taxi, Washed Out and funksters Lettuce, who I am also incredibly excited to see.

The rest of the lineup was just released… check it out below. Be sure to check back soon for a full preview of the entire lineup!




Arctic Monkeys



Matt & Kim

The 1975

Portugal. The Man

Future Islands

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue


Washed Out


Vintage Trouble


Blackberry Smoke


Delta Spirit

Moon Taxi

San Fermin

Those Darlins


Young and Sick

The Districs



Kopecky Family Band

Roadkill Ghost Choir

Glass Animals

Black Pistol Fire


Holy Child

Alanna Royale


The Jan Shermans

Old Salt Union

 Marc Scibilia

Dylan McDonald and the Avians

Colin Lake

Pretty Little Empire

Big Brother Thunder and the Masterblasters



Check out our 2013 LouFest coverage here

Check out our 2012 LouFest Photo Gallery here





DAWES (2012)


LouFest 2013 - Jim James 2

JIM JAMES (2013)



Lineups Announced for Riot Fest 2013 (all three of them!)


Chicago’s Riot Fest is expanding yet again this year, heading to Toronto and Denver and those lineups have been announced, but that’s not even the big news here. Everyone hates surprise headliners including this guy, but  when your festival announced that The Replacements are that surprise then it most certainly lives up to the hype.  So in order, let’s go over how this is all going down in a few months.


As you can see in the above poster, Riot Fest Toronto is the first of the trio of festivals, going down August 24th-25th at Fort York in Ontario. The Replacements will headline and other cool acts we endorse here at Concert Confessions: Iggy and the Stooges and  Dinosaur Jr. And let’s consider the possibility of Iggy coming out to jam with Dinosaur Jr. or J Mascis coming out to jam with the Stooges. Now clean yourself up and let’s talk about Chicago.


At Humboldt Park in Chicago September 13th through 15th Riot Fest will feature the likes of The Replacements, Violent Femmes, Motorhead, Blondie (oddly enough), Bad Religion, Dinosaur Jr.,  FLAG, Bad Brains, AFI, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Bob Mould, GWAR, and everyone’s favorite band to hate- Sublime w/ Rome among other bands noted above in the poster. Moving along


On to Denver, ahhh Denver. Legal pot plus they have tons of awesome bands coming to town September 21st-22nd getting together at May Farms. What bands you ask? Well, there’s The Replacements, Iggy and the Stooges, Rancid, FLAG,  AWOLNATION, Bad ReligionThe Dismemberment Plan, Blink-182, AFI,  and Against Me! just to name a few.

If you’d rather here the news straight from the horses mouth, that’s understandable Just head over to the Official Riot Fest Website by clicking here. That’s where you can get tickets  and stuff.

Primavera Sound Festival 2013: Day 1

Primavera Sound Festival, Day 1, May 23, 2013

Words by Jakob Ross, Pictures/Videos by Scott Ross


“The day has finally come,” I thought upon waking up in my hotel room on Thursday, May 23. Washed up, grabbed breakfast, got dressed, etc., etc. You know how it is.

Next thing I knew, my father and I were riding a very dirty feeling subway train from our hotel to Parc del Fòrum—that’s Forum Park for those non-Portuguese speakers out there—where I’d take part in three straight days of late nights, loud bands, and the painfully bitter smell of Heineken and urine pervading my nasal cavity.

Before I get started on recapping my first day at Barcelona’s best independent music festival, let me start by saying: Hi. I’m Jakob Ross. I’m 16 years old, and last year I moved to Germany. You’ve already heard about the time I saw Sigur Rós in Munich, and you’ve probably read about all of my exploits in Atlanta and Seattle and Bonnaroo. But you’re about to read about my experience at Spain’s most well-known and most notoriously well stacked festival, Primavera Sound. Lineups for this festival over the past 10 years of its existence have included the likes of Aphex Twin, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, LCD Soundsystem, Mogwai, Television, Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, El-P, Black Lips, Jesu, Sunn O))), Yo La Tengo, Low, Japandroids, Pavement, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pixies, The xx, Wire, Battles, Das Racist, Grinderman, Yuck, Sufjan Stevens, Suicide, Public Image Ltd., PJ Harvey, Mercury Rev; the list goes on and on and on into eternity. And this year’s lineup was as impressive (if not more impressive) than every major American festival combined, and comes with a guaranteed “Those ‘Big in Europe’ Bands Will Draw Big Crowds” that Coachella couldn’t deliver.

So, of course, upon seeing 2013’s expansive and “spend money to fly to Spain”-worthy lineup, I felt like I had to go. And with a wave of a magic wand, it seemed, I was there. I had my wristband after visiting the venue the day before and was preparing myself for an exciting weekend.

Author’s Note: As much fun as attending Bonnaroo last year was, it was really nice to have an air conditioned hotel room with a bed to come back to after a long day’s rocking.

L’Hereu Escampa

L'Hereu Escampa

The first band I expected to see at the festival was British post-punkers Savages, although I decided to watch the band before them just out of curiosity. My dad and I were among the first people to make it to the Pitchfork Stage (curated by the infamous website), and we got there about a half hour before Portuguese garage rock duo L’Hereu Escampa took the stage to deliver a short set of raucous, energetic songs that reminded me somewhat of mid-to-late 90s post-hardcore and emo. Think The Dismemberment Plan meets La Dispute meets Japandroids meets the Portuguese language. Obviously I knew literally nothing about the band and couldn’t tell you what songs they played or what lyrics they sang, but I can tell you they impressed me. Being in a largely Portuguese-speaking part of Spain, there were many people in the audience who knew most of the words and had prior knowledge of this band’s existence. But by the time their set ended I’d noticed a significant increase in crowd size. Perhaps a lot of people wanted to get their early for Savages, but it’s good to see bands like this get attention from an audience who’d otherwise never know they exist.

Also, quick shout out to the guy wearing the Snowing t-shirt underneath the Have A Nice Life zip-up hoodie.



So, you might not know about a band called Savages. You should probably change that. Savages are a British all-female post-punk group who just put out their debut album “Silence Yourself” earlier this month, and it’s one of the best releases of the year. They’re currently coming off some hype that’s built around them ever since the release of their debut EP, as well as some very well received performances at SXSW.

Considering the fact that their album was very well reviewed on Pitchfork’s website, it should be no surprise that they’d be playing this particular stage. The crowd slowly increased in size in anticipation for Savages’ first performance at the festival. They sound-checked and prepared their equipment, and soon enough they came on stage and opened up their very intense and fun set with “Shut Up,” which is even more “punk” live than it is on record.

Savages, in my opinion, sound like what would happen if Joy Division replaced Ian Curtis’ dead body with Patti Smith. Thankfully that never happened, otherwise Savages would sound like a cheap knockoff, and not the fresh take on dark punk that they currently are.

The band is fronted by insanely charismatic frontwoman Jehnny Beth, who is apparently from France and not England like her colleagues. She sang with the same ferocity and passion that she sings with on the album, and plus she does these really cool downward fist-pumps that look like she’s about to roll dice, but she never actually does roll any dice.

If there was anything especially wrong with the set, it’s that guitarist Gemma Thompson’s guitar stopped working about halfway through the set. The rhythm section repeated the same phrase for a good 10 minutes or so while Gemma and the sound crew tried to figure out the problem. Although the band members were obviously a little frustrated with the situation (thankfully they did finally solve it and continue with the now abridged setlist), their ability to soldier through the technical difficulty and leave no band member behind was truly admirable, and probably won them many fans that night.

Their set eventually finished with the almost dance-worthy track “Husbands” as the friendly looking mosh pit near me grew in size. They thanked us and were treated to a long standing ovation, which was probably half praise for their incredible music and half praise for their ability to work through a technical difficulty with grace.



I don’t know what it is about Metz’s set that compelled me actually join a mosh pit, but something about the Canadian noise punk trio’s 2-minute bursts of feedback-driven sugar rush essence made me decide that moshing would be a good idea. And you know what? It really was. It also helped that the mosh pits in Europe were exceptionally friendly and not nearly as rough as they are in the States.

So Metz took the stage at 8:45 PM on the Pitchfork stage (which also makes sense considering the fact that Pitchfork reviewed their debut album very highly last year) and the crowd immediately went insane. Metz were playing loudly and energetically, and for a moment it felt almost as if I was in a punk club in downtown Whateversville, and not right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Oh, did I mention that Parc del Fòrum is located right on the Mediterranean Sea? Because it is.

Metz sped through the rest of their 40-minute set with great ease, maneuvering in and out of different time signatures and even taking the time for some two-part vocal harmonies.

To be completely honest, not much more can be said about the set that I haven’t already said. Loud, check; noisy, check; mosh, check; trio, check; Canadian, check. All that I can say is that if you enjoy acts like Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, or even Nirvana, then I highly recommend you listen to their music.

Dinosaur Jr.

Come on. Don’t pretend like you’re reading this website and you don’t know who Dinosaur Jr. are. Okay, well, Dinosaur Jr. are a North American alternative rock trio most famously consisting of lead singer and guitar god J Mascis, bass player Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph. Dinosaur Jr. would spend their career merging noise rock, punk, alternative rock, grunge, and even a touch of shoegaze into an impressive discography of well-received releases that would certify the band’s place in rock and roll history. The slowly-falling-apart band broke up in 1997 (with J being the only remaining original member) but reunited in 2005 with the three original members. I would finally get the opportunity to see one of my favorite touring acts live, although they’d have to play the show without Murph, since he couldn’t make it that day.

Dinosaur Jr. gloomily (are they capable of expressing any other mood?) played their career-spanning set that included classics (“Budge,” “Freak Scene,” “Sludgefeast,” “Feel the Pain”), covers (The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven,” J and Lou’s first band Deep Wound’s “Training Ground,” a song by Last Rights performed with Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham), and songs from their excellent new-ish album “I Bet On Sky.”

J and Lou stood on opposite sides of the stage and rarely interacted, which I guess is usual, but aroused a bit of suspicion from me. Either way, Dinosaur Jr. delivered an amazing set that would both impress the longtime fans and give newcomers something to talk about.

Killer Mike


And back to the Pitchfork Stage I went to catch Atlanta rapper Killer Mike promote his excellent 2012 album “R.A.P. Music” and build up hype for his upcoming El-P collaboration “Run the Jewels,” which will be released for free. Mike and El-P have worked a lot together over the past year, and although El-P wasn’t able to actually appear at the festival with Killer Mike, he was there in spirit, as Killer Mike dedicated song after song to his newfound brother in arms.

At 11:20, 5 minutes before Killer Mike was to take the stage, the crowd was looking rather thin, and I was somewhat worried that the few of us in the crowd would need to be as loud and energetic as humanly possible to keep Mike’s spirits up. Fortunately though, the crowd had thickened and grown considerably by the time he took the stage. Killer Mike smiled and launched into “Big Beast,” proving that he had an incredible amount of energy and live capabilities despite being a somewhat overweight gentleman.

Killer Mike continued into a nonstop flow of energy that I did not at all expect from him, whether it was his bombastic song “Untitled” or his political masterpiece “Reagan,” the latter of which had the entire crowd, including yours truly, chanting “I’M GLAD REAGAN’S DEAD.”

The set continued through what were mostly songs from “R.A.P. Music” and Killer Mike never lost an iota of energy. He sweat like crazy but continued to deliver his lyrics with perfection and clarity, even coming down to the crowd to preach an uplifting pseudo-Christian sermon. He also had his wife sit on the side (she was even mouthing some of the words), and Mike introduced us and has us all say hello. He was easily one of the most surprisingly great shows of the entire three days, and I left his show feeling incredibly happy.

Hot Snakes

Rick Froberg and John Reis have had one of the most important partnerships in punk rock history. Froberg and Reis first collaborated in 1986, when they formed the band Pitchfork, one of the first post-hardcore bands in existence. Pitchfork broke up in 1990 just after the release of their debut album, and right around the time that John Reis formed his long-lasting garage rock/punk group Rocket From the Crypt, and John and Rick joined forces for yet another band, Drive Like Jehu. Drive Like Jehu stuck around for about 5 years, releasing two incredible albums that blended math rock and post-hardcore, being one of the first bands to do so. John and Rick took a bit of a break from each other while Rocket From the Crypt continued to release music, but during a period of inactivity in the late 90s, Reis and Froberg decided to form yet another band, Hot Snakes. Hot Snakes would incorporate all the musical styles that John Reis and Rick Froberg had worked with in all their previous bands, including post-hardcore, garage rock, and math rock. Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt both broke up at around the same time, the mid-2000s, but Hot Snakes eventually reunited in 2011 and continue to perform festivals and small tours to this day. And that brings us all up to speed on John Reis and Rick Froberg.

Now due to a scheduling conflict with Killer Mike and Hot Snakes, I had to decide who I’d want to see more of. A few songs into Killer Mike’s energetic set, my dad and I both decided to watch Mike’s entire setlist and catch the last few songs of Hot Snakes’ set. So after Killer Mike was done, we headed all the way over to the other side of the festival ground to the All Tomorrow’s Parties Stage (which I assume was curated or at least sponsored by the famous festival) to watch punk legends perform some intricately strange tunes in the form of Hot Snakes.

To be honest, I’m not completely well versed on the music of Hot Snakes, so I’m not entirely sure what songs they played and didn’t play. But I do know that they played loudly and proudly, and John Reis and Rick Froberg both looked excited to be performing together again. Their partnership has been going strong, then nonexistent, then strong, then nonexistent, then strong again for over 25 years, and it really shows in seeing how in sync these guys are. The few songs of their show that I caught were a lot of fun to watch, and I’m glad I got the chance to see some legendary punks in a live setting.

Death Grips


So… Do you guys like Death Grips? Chances are that, if you’ve heard them, you either love them with a dedicated fan’s passion, or you have a strong dislike for their loud blend of punk, hip-hop, electronica, and noise. Whatever your opinion of Death Grips is, if you’ve actually listened to them, they’re an elusive group with a very dedicated fanbase and one of the most intense and cathartic live shows in the world of music.

Death Grips consists of mysterious lyricist and vocalist Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett, producer Andy “Flatlander ” Morin, and drummer Zach Hill, but Zach Hill would be sitting out of this current tour to focus on writing the screenplay for a film as well as working on some new Death Grips music.

At around 1:15 AM, on the same stage as Hot Snakes, MC Ride and Flatlander graced the stage with their rather disturbing presence. Ride looked as if he was possessed by some sort of demon (which he could be for all I know) and Flatlander prepared to unleash electronically produced hell on the gathering of people who came to watch. They opened up their set with “Lost Boys,” before diving right into fan-favorite “Guillotine.” One thing I noticed was that Flatlander was actually playing the beats using samples he’d collected and imported onto the keys of a keyboard. He was actually composing and playing the beats, not just letting them play on a laptop.

The crowd was extremely energetic, as I anticipated, and I shouted the lyrics until I had no voice left. My head thumped with a dull headache but I ignored it, because I was seeing Death Grips, one of my favorite bands. MC Ride danced on stage and shouted the lyrics at near perfection. It’s crazy that this guy gets on stage almost every night and shouts for an hour and can still have enough energy to do the same thing the next night.

MC Ride looks something like an anorexic Rick Ross, and he sounds like one too, but in a really good way. I just wanted to point that out but didn’t really have anywhere to put it.

Death Grips went from song to song with great ease, not taking the time to speak to or thank the audience (as if anyone actually expected that). Although I’m not sure of the order, they played songs like “Takyon (Death Yon)”, “Get Got,” “The Fever (Aye Aye),” “I’ve Seen Footage,” “System Blower,” “Hacker,” “Come Up And Get Me,” “Lil Boy,” “No Love,” and the set-closing “Lock Your Doors.” Death Grips were very loud, very intense, and at times somewhat frightening to watch. MC Ride has the looks of a homeless man and the skillful grace of a ballerina on DMT; and while Zach Hill’s presence was missed, it was still awesome to see one of my favorite bands live. And that’s all there is to it. Stay noided.

Animal Collective


The last band I saw that night was Animal Collective, a.k.a. Exactly The Kind of Hipster BS That People Under The Age of 25 Pretend To Enjoy Ironically. I’m kidding, Animal Collective rules.

I got to the Primavera Stage an hour early and saw all four members sound checking their rather complex equipment, as well as setting up the stage, which would include a ton of balloons that formed the shape of a mouth. An hour later, at a little bit past 3 in the morning (yeah, these shows ran very late), Panda Bear, Geologist, Avey Tare, and Deakin all took their respective spots on the stage to perform their psychedelic brand of synthesizer based indie rock and folk.

AnCo opened up the set with “I Think I Can” which comes off their “Fall Be Kind EP,” before going into “Today’s Supernatural,” “Wide Eyed,” and “Applesauce,” three songs from their most recent effort “Centipede Hz.” Although “Centipede” didn’t exactly get the same amount of critical or commercial praise that 2009’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion” got, I still think that a lot of the better songs from this album translate extremely well in a live format, especially the song “Monkey Riches” which would be the second-to-last song.

Some might complain that this set leaned a little too heavy on the fan favorites—including “What Would I Want? Sky” and “My Girls”—but I feel like Animal Collective jammed from one song into another with great skill and ease, and what specific songs they play doesn’t matter. Their live setup is so intricate and huge (excluding Panda Bear’s minimalistic drumset) that watching them actually navigate this complex equipment is a sight to see, whether you’re a mild fan, a fanatic, or you’ve never heard them before.

They ended the set with “The Purple Bottle,” a song from 2005’s excellent “Feels” album, which was pretty much their last guitar-driven indie folk record, and left the stage at a bit past 4 in the morning, making this an hour long set that would give us just enough time to sit outside in the cold for a half hour waiting for the subways to open (which it does at 5 am).

Overall, the first day was a success that left me with ringing ears, stinging eyes, and a pounding head. The subway ride that night would be extremely crowded and definitely suck, but the resulting sleep would bring me absolute tranquility. I slept from 6 am until noon and prepared myself for Day 2.

LOUFEST 2013 Lineup Unveiled! Feat. The Killers, Wilco, Alabama Shakes, The National, Jim James, MORE! / Sept 7-8 / St. Louis

GirlTalk -Loufest012-StLouis

LouFest returns for its 4th annual Summer festival taking place in Central Fields of Forest Park in St. Louis, MO. This year they have pushed the date back a few weeks from late August to early September, meaning we may luck out with highs near 95 instead of 106. But it is St. Louis, so there is also a chance of snow and somehow even a hurricane. This year we can also welcome the idea of expanding the festival to take up more of the beautiful (and under-utilized for this event) space in Forest Park, including for the first time a THIRD STAGE!!!

Last year’s festival was a great success despite less than stellar weather (it rained A LOT on Sunday afternoon/evening) and the Flaming Lips still managed to leave everyone happy (and wet/confetti covered) after a stellar two days of music. In addition to The Flaming Lips, last year’s installment featured Girl Talk, Dawes, Son Volt, Dinosaur Jr., Dr. Dog, and Little Barrie who have quickly become one of my favorite new-to-me bands in quite sometime. Aside from last years stellar lineup, previous festivals have featured She & Him, TV on the Radio, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco doing a solo set.


LouFest 2013 LOGO
































Visit the LouFest Official Website for all details and ticketing information

Be sure to ‘LIKE’ my DARBYSTL Facebook Page to stay in the know!

Dawes-LouFest2012-StLouis FLips

          DAWES – 2012 LouFest                                                         FLAMING LIPS – 2012 LouFest


Kurt Vile Reveals Spring US Tour Dates

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile I pretty awesome. If you have no idea what I speak of no need to fear, the man has a new record coming out called “Walkin’ On A Pretty Daze” due to hit stores April 9th. Also, he plans to support that effort with a tour of the US between the times of Coachella and Primavera Sound Festivals. You can view those tour dates below, and underneath that check out some visual imagery (videos).

Kurt Vile & The Violators opened for Dinosaur Jr. in December at the 25th Anniversary of “You’re Living All Over Me” . Check out our coverage of that here


Kurt Vile Spring US Tour Dates

04/14 | Indio, CA //Coachella
04/21 | Indio, CA // Coachella
05/04 |Atlanta, GA // Shaky Knees Festival

05/05 |Atlanta, GA // Shaky Knees Festival
05/07 | Los Angeles, CA // Echoplex
05/08 | San Francisco, CA // Independent
05/10 | Portland, OR // Doug Fir
05/11 | Vancouver, BC // Biltmore
05/12 | Seattle, WA // Neumos
05/14 | Chicago, IL // Lincoln Hall
05/16 | New York, NY // Bowery Ballroom
05/17 | Boston, MA // The Sinclair
05/18 | Philadelphia, PA // Union Transfer

Kurt Vile, Mike Watt, J Mascis “No Fun” (Stooges Cover)

Johnny Marr Bringing ‘The Messenger’ On The Road This Spring

Dinosaur Jr Johnny Marr Dale Crover

A few different folks in the above photo, but if you look to the far left next to J Mascis you’ll see Johnny Marr-the non wuss part of the Smiths. Well supporting his solo debut “The Messenger”, Mr. Marr will hit the road in America this April. After Coachella this trek heads east hitting The Metro in Chicago, Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club, The Magic Stick in Detroit and Irving Plaza in New York City to name a few before wrapping in Boston on Star Wars Day in Boston. For the full list of dates, they’re listed below. Hat Tip to …hang the dj for the heads up on the dates. They do fine work over there.


Johnny Marr Spring US Tour:

4/11 Las Vegas // The Cosmopolitan (w/ New Order)
4/12 // Coachella
4/13 San Francisco // The Fillmore
4/15 Seattle // Neumos
4/16 Portland // Aladdin Theater
4/18 Santa Barbara // County Bowl (w/ New Order)
4/19 // Coachella
4/21 Denver // Bluebird
4/22 Omaha // The Waiting Room
4/23 Minneapolis // Varsity Theater
4/25 Chicago // Metro
4/26 Detroit // Magic Stick
4/27 Toronto // Phoenix
4/29 Washington D.C.// 9:30 Club
4/30 Philadelphia // Trocadero
5/02 New York City // Irving Plaza
5/03 Brooklyn // Music Hall Of Williamsburg
5/04 Boston // Paradise Rock Club

Johnny Marr w/ Dinosaur Jr – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

Black Francis Playing East Coast Dates In February

Frank Black

Black Francis also known as Frank Black also known as awesome will play east coast dates over the next month of 2013. February will bring Black to upstate New York,  Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Tennessee  before wrapping up in New Jersey on the 22nd. For all those dates scroll below, and if you go down the page a little further you can watch Black and Dinosaur Jr. rip through “Tame” at Terminal 5 this past December.

Coachella Announces 2013 Lineup Information

It is a lot like Christmas in January. The 2013 Coachella lineup is here. Feel free to disagree, but while the headliners leave a lot to be desired this lineup has some great acts. From the reunions of Jurassic 5 and the Violent Femmes to Concert Confessions favorites like Modest Mouse, Ghost and Dinosaur Jr there is plenty of great music to be heard out in Indio this April. Check out the complete lineup down below.

coachella 2013

Governors Ball 2013 Reveals Star Studded Lineup (And Lame Headliners)

Governor's Ball 2013 Updated

Every year New York City’s Randall’s Island hosts it’s annual Governors Ball and this afternoon the 2013 line up was was announced, and it’s not short on the large names. Headlining is our first adventure, which has slots slated for Kanye West,  Kings of Leon and a “mystery” headliner (See Update Below). In the “acts that don’t suck” category we have ourselves Nas, Dinosaur Jr.,  The Avett Brothers, Gary Clark Jr., Death From Above 1979, Japandroids, Of Monsters And Men, Young The Giant and Kendrick Lamar. Weirdo favorites Animal Collective also making an appearance, along with Dirty Projectors, Bloc Party, Yeasayer and Crystal Castles. Tickets are on sale Friday January 25th at Noon EST and you can get them at GovBall.Com. For a full list of acts scroll below, and for more information you can head to the festivals official website.


The mystery third headliner was announced this morning and it’s non other than the band currently touring under the moniker of Guns N’ Roses. So it’s official folks, you now have THREE lame headliners for Randall’s Island this June.




































































The Top Five Jay Porks Concert Experiences of 2012

Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012

The end of the year brings us empty wallets, fat stomachs and most importantly larger egos than we had the year before. It’s because of these egos that people like me put together these year end “best of”  lists. Although as you know, here at Concert Confessions we do things a little differently then other sites. We don’t have a Top Albums list, Top Artist list, Male and Female Rookies of the year list we do top Concerts of the year. Personally, I’ll trust all of you readers enough to go ahead and listen to all those albums of the year you’re listing-You’ll let me know what’s good. You’re nice people right?

Anyway, more self branding: Every year I set a personal goal of going to more shows then the year prior. In 2011, we had ourselves 23 Jay Porks Experiences. In 2012, money was a bit tight, schedules fluctuated and goals were not reached as 18 shows were only attended. But don’t worry, they were some memorable ones that will most definitely fill the void in my heart that sits beneath my wretched soul (Alright it’s not that bad, but it’s good copy!).  Below, you can view the list of the Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012.

  #5 Orion Music + More Festival (Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ) June 23rd – 24th


Heading to the lovely Detroit in 2013, this year brought this guy to his first ever “festival” experience. Sort of. And it turned out to be way more than I was actually prepared for. When you think festival you think a few things: camping, shower trucks and people lying overdosed in mud puddles while folks from LA Weekly takes photos. But Atlantic City brings  casinos, thousands of hotel rooms (lots of them luxurious), and no camp ground. The idea is to get a room for the weekend, they had room packages with some tickets, I chose to go off course and book my own room accommodations and take a cab over and back each day. Was a solid plan going in.   The list of acts seen was immense, including Metallica (curators of the Festival) headlining the two night stint. The first day I got to see Baroness, Roky Erickson, Fucked Up, Cage The Elephant, Modest Mouse and Arctic Monkeys before Metallica turned me into a fan playing Ride The Lightening in it’s entirety.  Skin was turned powdery white to beat red after the full day (sunscreen something I rarely carry) and the dreadful Flagship Hotel had a less than desirable internet connection. Day Two brought me the likes of A Place To Bury Stangers, Ghost, Gary Clark Jr, the waste known as Best Coast, The Black Dahlia Murder, Eric Church and Titus Andronicus before Metallica hit the stage to remind me why I was never that big into them in the first place when they played the The Black Album…. backwards. Okay. Then on this night the return to the hotel room brought me with the dilemma of having NO internet at all at the again, dreadful Flagship Hotel whose front desk said the services were down. So I walked myself to Bally’s Casino w/ bags packed with all the towels, soaps and ashtrays I was able to fit in there and awaited the 4:30AM bus back into New York City. Had to catch Childish Gambino in Central Park the next night after all. Sounds like a pain, and looking back it kind of was but at the same time, those two days spent AT Bader Field  (while the music was playing )were absolute  magic.

#4 Local H (Bell House – Brooklyn) October 18th


This show was epic for so many reasons. In my 2nd time seeing the band this year (plus the Scott Lucas and the Married Men Mercury Lounge pit stop in June), and 1st time since the release of their latest record “Hallelujah! I’m a Bum”, which is an absolute masterpiece, I found myself leaving the Bell House that night feeling way more blown away then I could have ever predicted. Take into account the spot in the back of the room where we were able to survey the entire place instead of getting hit with cups full a beer down front. The energy Scott Lucas brought to the table that night was one of a man on a mission, and tons of great songs got played off the new record. I usually hate when a band tries to shove new songs down my throat at shows but this record is one that people need to hear. It’s too good to get lost in the shuffle. Ended the night covering TV On The Radio‘s “Wolf Like Me”, which was like the cherry on an awesome sundae.



#3 Kasabian (Terminal 5 – New York City) March 22nd



It was something out of Biblical times. On March 22nd 2012, Kasabian hit New York City with the entire world watching via YouTube and left every ounce of their fiber and being on that stage that night. Every song was like another chapter in a great novel I was having someone read to me. I wouldn’t say the man, myth and legend Reverend Justito and I like tons of the same bands, but this is one of the few he pointed to me and I was instantly a super fan. They burned Terminal 5 down to the ground that night, and everyone who was there is a changed person today. It’s a shame I didn’t have a good camera when I went to this gig, or I would’ve had some cool ass pictures. Well, none of my pics would’ve been better than Mick Rock‘s anyway, did I mention he was there? Google him. The video below from that evening at Terminal 5 is courtesy of The Bowery Presents because this show happened when this guy was still rocking a $50 camera. Dear Kasabian: PLEASE COME BACK TO AMERICA


#2 Foxy Shazam (Bowery Ballroom – New York City) May 16th



With Ween breaking up, they weren’t able to snag their normal spot as my #2 show of the year in 2012(as they had in 2010 and 2011). Having seen Foxy Shazam already kind of/sort of blow The Darkness  off stage in February – when a show was announced at Bowery Ballroom where they would headline I had to get in on that action-let’s see what the whole shebang brings to the table. And Oh Lord was I heeled with the Holy Touch with an evening of their finest numbers, funky vibes, and Eric Nally eating the cigarette I threw on stage!

I was sitting next to some people I met outside who were nice enough to pass along a pipe to me as I was filming “I Like It” . Snagged the spot upstairs balcony. Cannot beat it. Check the video for yourself. But if you told me before I went to that show that it would end up being the #2 show on my year end list I would have never ever believed you. The band is just that good. Nailing a spot supporting Slash on his Fall tour was a great job by him. Glad Slash has good taste in music. That was  Another show I attended. So three times I’ve been baptized into the Church of Rock & Roll this year… And I Like It.


#1 Mike Watt & Friends (Le Poisson Rouge – New York City) May 2nd


Mike Watt has tons of friends. When this purchase is made, the only thing known is that the Minuteman will team with J Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr to play tonight and that Mike Watt will be interviewed on stage before the show. I got to tape the interview but the questions are raised. So what songs are they going to play? Dinosaur Jr songs? Minutemen songs? Who’s singing? Well there was no mic set up in front of J, which is indication this isn’t a Dinosaur Jr kind of night. Out walks Don Fleming (from the band Gumball) and they play The Stooges “Real Cool Time”. Then I remember who the active bass player in the Stooges is: Mike Watt! So here we are playing Stooges songs all night with a revolving door of guest singers. John Petkovic came out, then one of my freaking heroes Thurston Moore(of the recently divorced Sonic Youth), then Sharon Von Etten, then Kurt Vile. And Thurston reappeared at least two more times, and they had Steve Shelly (also Sonic Youth) in there on drums on some songs too along w/ Byron Coley (who did the interviewing earlier) and John Maloney. I couldn’t have missed any names, because Mike Watt tweeted over the set list the next day with all the names of the parties involved and what songs they played on. That show was something I’m never going to forget. That’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing the actual Stooges.

The Jay Porks Favorite Read Of 2012 on Concert Confessions:

And last and certainly not least, I’ve added a new section to this top shows post. That portion is Top Concert Experience of 2012 NOT attended by me. We have lots of contributors, lots of varied acts getting written about. But one gig really hit close to home when out pal Reverend Justito went and saw my pals the Meat Puppets at the closing of the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California. I can guarantee that I enjoyed reading this one as much as most of the attendees enjoyed living it.

Built To Spill to Spend February in the Pacific Northwest

Built To Spill to Spend February in the Pacific Northwest 

The first time I ever saw the best band still touring, The Meat Puppets, it was at Terminal 5 and the headliner was some band called Built To Spill . I didn’t know til after that show that this band was around for that long. Anyway, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest the first two weeks in February, I’d suggest go checking this band out. The tour dates lay below, and underneath that we placed a video of Built To Spill jamming out w/ The Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr as the encore to that aforementioned Terminal 5 show in 2008.

Built to Spill February Tour Dates:

2/1 Portland, OR (Doug Fir Lounge)

2/2 Bellingham, (WA Wild Buffalo)

2/5 Victoria, BC (Sugar Nightclub)

2/6 Vancouver, BC (Rickshaw Theatre)

2/8 Pullman, WA (BellTower)

2/9 Spokane, WA (Bing Crosby Theater)

2/10 La Grande, OR (Big Green Barn)

2/11 Boise, ID (Neurolux)

2/12 Boise, ID (The Crux )

Dinosaur Jr will celebrate their 25th anniversary of the record “You’re Living All Over Me” at this very venue in New York City this coming Saturday Dec 1st. Special guests include Johnny Marr, Kim Gordan, Dale Crover and Kurt Vile with more to be announce. Safe to say that we will have ALL that coverage for you here at Concert Confessions

Mike Watt + The Missingmen “2nd heepin’ helpin’ of 3rd Opera US Tour 2012”

Mike Watt + The Missingmen “2nd heepin’ helpin’ of 3rd Opera US Tour 2012”

mike watt's third opera 'hyphenated-man'

Back on May 2nd in New York City, Mike Watt came through with J Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr, Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten and other guests graced the stage at Le Poisson Rouge with their presence and played Stooges songs all night in support of the Mike Watt book ‘On And Off Bass“. A great night of music was capped off with Mr. Watt himself tweeting me the names of other people that came on stage and helped me get my set list in order. How awesome is that?

 He also sat down for an interview and discussed a number of things about the book, his future and what not. He mentioned “The Hyphenated Man”, which he dubbed his third  “Punk Opera”, and how he would be coming back around our area. Well he wasn’t wrong, in a statement he explains:

” people, I wanna bring my third opera hyphenated-man” around the u.s. again cuz there’s some towns I missed last time. fuck, we’re a big land and of course I’m gonna still miss some towns but that don’t mean me, my bass and my missingmen (tom watson on guitar and raul morales on drums) ain’t gonna try to do what we can”

Below the Dates, you can watch the FULL Mike Watt interview from May 2nd at the aforementioned Le Poisson Rouge in NYC filmed by yours truly.  Now with the dates there are links to the venues websites and all that but there is also a link for you to print out a flyer for the show coming to your town  so you can, according to Watt “so you can put these where you think folks interested might be able to see it and be aware when we’re coming and where to we’re gonna work this piece this fall” but later adds “no pressure on anyone but if you’re so kind to do so”

To read “Uncle Ray’s Tour Preview, which is at this link Mike Watt tweeted, you can click here.

“2nd heapin’ helpin’ of 3rd opera u.s. tour 2012”

mike watt + the missingmen

friday, sep 28
5213 ballard av. nw
ballard, wa
(206) 789-3599
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, sep 29
doug fir lounge
830 e. burnside st.
portland, or
(503) 231-9663
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

sunday, sep 30
a club
417 1/2 w. sprage av.
spokane, wa
(509) 624-3629
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, oct 1
zoo city apparel
1805 regent st.
missoula, mt
(406) 529-6482
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, oct 2
111 n. 11th st.
boise, id
(208) 343-0886
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, oct 3
urban lounge
241 s. 500th st. e.
salt lake city, ut
(801) 746-0557
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, oct 4
laramir lounge
2721 larimer st.
denver, co
(303) 291-1007
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, oct 5
the waiting room lounge
6212 maple st.
omaha, ne
(402) 884-5353
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, oct 6
vaudeville mews
212 4th st.
des moines, ia
(515) 243-3270
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

sunday, oct 7
turf club
1601 university av. w.
st. paul, mn
(651) 647-0486
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, oct 8
schubas tavern
3159 n. southport av.
chicago, il
(773) 525-2508
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, oct 9
mickey finn’s pub
602 lagrange st.
toledo, oh
(419) 246-3466
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, oct 10
the basement
391 neil av.
columbus, oh
(614) 461-5483
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, oct 11
north star bar
2639 poplar st.
philadelphia, pa
(215) 787-0488
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, oct 12
bell house
149 7th st.
brooklyn, ny
(718) 643-6510
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, oct 15
black cat
1811 14th st. nw
washington dc
(202) 667-4490
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, oct 16
dogfish head
320 rehoboth av.
rehoboth beach, de
(302) 226-2739
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, oct 17
brighton music hall
158 brighton av.
allston, ma
(617) 779-0140
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, oct 18
17 new scotland av.
albany, ny
(518) 432-6572
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, oct 19
the mohawk place
47 e. mohawk st.
buffalo, ny
(716) 465-2368
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, oct 20
club cafe
56 s. 12th st.
pittsburgh, pa
(412) 431-4950
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

sunday, oct 21
motr pub
1345 main st.
cincinnati, oh
(513) 381-6687
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, oct 22
union bar and grill
18 w. union st.
athens, oh
(740) 593-5060
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, oct 23
2100 s. preston st.
louisville, ky
(502) 635-9227
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, oct 24
the end
2219 elliston pl.
nashville, tn
(615) 321-4457
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, oct 25
the earl
488 flat shoals av. se
atlanta, ga
(404) 522-3950
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, oct 26
the bottletree cafe
3719 3rd av. s.
birmingham, al
(205) 533-6288
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, oct 27
hi tone cafe
1913 poplar av.
memphis, tn
(901) 278-8663
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

sunday, oct 28
george’s majestic lounge
519 w. dickson st.
fayetteville, ar
(479) 527-6618
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, oct 29
fitzgerald’s downstairs
2706 white oak drive bl.
houston, tx
(713) 862-3838
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gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, oct 30
red 7
611 e. 7th st.
austin, tx
(512) 476-8100
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, oct 31
the conservatory
8911 n. western av.
oklahoma city, ok
(405) 879-9778
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, nov 1
santa fe brewing company
35 fire pl.
santa fe, nm
(505) 424-3333
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, nov 2
crescent ballroom
308 n. 2nd av.
phoenix, az
(602) 716-2222
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, nov 3
4455 paradise rd.
las vegas, nv
(702) 693-5583
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

monday, nov 5
the casbah
2501 kettner bl.
san diego, ca
(619) 232-4355
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

tuesday, nov 6
slo brew
1119 garden st.
san luis obispo, ca
(805) 543-1843
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

wednesday, nov 7
bottom of the hill
1233 17th st.
san francisco, ca
(415) 626-4455
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

thursday, nov 8
the new parish
579 18th st.
oakland, ca
(510) 444-7474
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

friday, nov 9
velvet jones
423 state st.
santa barbara, ca
(805) 965-8676
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

saturday, nov 10
alex’s bar
2913 e. anaheim st.
long beach, ca
(562) 434-8292
click here for this
gig’s tour flyer

Interview from May 2nd Filmed By Jay Porks:

OFF! Unveil Fall North American Dates

OFF! Unveil Fall North American Dates 

Keith Morris’s latest vehicle in which to create punk rock,  the band OFF! have done nothing but please the likes of folks who’ve been lucky enough to catch them live. Well, this October begins your chance to catch them live ad the band has announced some dates that kick off October 16th in New York City’s Irving Plaza and includes a Halloween stop in Kansas City and ends at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. Check out the dates below and a video of the songs “Black Thoughts” and “Darkness” live at Terminal 5 in New York City back on June 23rd 2011 when they opened for Dinosaur Jr.

OFF! Fall North American Dates:

Oct 16th  Irving Plaza -New York, NY-
Oct 18th Black Cat -Washington , DC-
Oct 19th First Unitarian Church -Philadelphia, PA-
Oct 21nd The Middle East -Cambridge, MA-
Oct 22nd Les Foufounes Electriques -Montreal, QC-
Oct 23rd Wrongbar -Toronto, ON-
Oct 25th Grog Shop -Cleveland OH-
Oct 26th St. Andrews Hall -Detroit, MI-
Oct 27th Bottom Lounge -Chicago IL-
Oct 28th Station 4 -St. Paul MN-
Oct 30th The Waiting Room -Omaha NE-
Oct 31st The Record Bar -Kansas City, MO-
Nov 1st Fubar -St. Louis, MO-
Nov 3rd Fun Fun Fun Fest -Austin TX-

Toadies/Helmet & Ume @ Webster Hall 08/02/12

Toadies/Helmet (w/ Ume) 08/02/2012

Webster Hall – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos By Jay Porks

I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting to see the Toadies again since Sept 2010, the 1st and only time I saw them live. So when news broke right here at Concert Confessions that they were to co-Headline tour with Helmet I was more than stoked. Helmet too? It’s impossible for one not to be pumped for something like this, and a promise that can hopefully be fulfilled in these next few paragraphs-we’ll try and find out how exactly the opening band Ume is actually pronounced. The songs I looked up on YouTube were pretty cool, so we got three solid bands lined up here tonight at Webster Hall for the 75th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Let’s hope there are no former members of the Cro-Mags here, I don’t want to get stabbed or anything. Doors are set to open at 6PM and Ume suppose to go on at 6:45.. I think it’s Ladies Night here at Webster Hall so I wouldn’t be surprised if they push us scum rockers out by 11 or so. Anyway, let’s roll.

Got a 32oz soda at the ferry because Mayor Bloomberg can kiss my ass. It wasn’t until I got in the line outside Webster Hall, 20 minutes til doors open that my bladder decided it was annoyed by the mass intake of beverage and let me tell you folks, that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. The only Starbucks near by had an “out of order” sign on the bathroom. As I stand around they open a door and I sneak a peak at the set times for tonight: Ume: 6:45, Helmet: 7:45, Toadies: 9:15. They let us in about 6:15, I find my way upstairs so I can lean on the rail and take some sweet pictures. Notice not a lot of people up here


The Austin trio scampered on stage at 6:45 and started things off with “The Conductor”. Boy were they loud. The ferocious guitar playing of Lauren Larsen led the way, powering through each song without a break in the heavy. The room isn’t even half full, but the people here are rocking out to no extent, this writer included.

All their songs have this ‘smash you in the face’ type aggression, like an angry Dinosaur Jr-the distortion was all I’ve ever asked for in a band, the drumming was sexy as hell.  After “Chase It Down” had me sold mid-set, I started to wonder why someone didn’t take the time out of their day to make this band a Wikipedia page, I got their names(first names anyway) from their Facebook page, Rachael on drums, Eric on bass. All killed it… They’re from Austin so they’d be a perfect band to open up for the Meat Puppets on a tour(wearing my Pups tee, of course).

Being an earlier show (with Helmet due on 745 and Toadies at 915), they unfortunately were only able to get into seven songs..but with they time they had they were able to deliver everything the early arrivals could have asked for. They went off a little after 7PM leaving me wanting more.


The buzz outside while taking in a cigarette was “can’t believe the Toadies are closing this show”. I’m just happy to have two cool bands co-headlining a tour, not gonna nit-pick the order here. Then I got a text from a buddy that said “I’m shocked they played before the Toadies”. I headed back in and at 7:45ish Helmet began what was to be a little over an hour of punching me in the temples with riffs. I hadn’t been deafened like that in a while, come on now the last show this guy attended was Summerland. Helmet has some great banter, they were joking on superfans who ask them to “play b-sides from like 1990”, also mentioned that this show was earlier due to some sort of “disco” happening afterwards. The aforementioned club night. As I’m laughing at this dudes funny commentary, I get a text from Pam, she’s outside. Sweet. Pam is the one who got me to see the Toadies in the first place in a Cake for Toadies ticket trade off and it was so worth it. So now we’re headed back upstairs (Helmet isn’t deafening me any less by me being in a hallway), and one of the security guards is giving Pam a hard time so I’m just turn to dude and say “She’s with me, it’s cool”, and it worked. With the likes of Maura Johnston from the Village Voice in attendance, confidence can go along way with “Wilma’s Rainbow” as a stellar background soundtrack.

We grab drinks, 10 bucks for a Jack and Diet in a dixie cup. As we’re paying for the drinks, Helmet is not letting up and Pam (who’s in the building for about 10 minutes) turns to me and says “This band is pretty rocking” or something to that extent. Hell she knows less about the band then I do, I know “Unsung”. Man do I love that song, it’s such an important song in the canon of 90’s Rock & Roll tunes.

Well, rolling near 9 o’clock the last song they played was “In the Meantime”, leaving us Unsungless. No one seemed to care but me, as between sets I ran out for a smoke and saw a bunch of Helmet tee shirted folk talking, then turn towards the door and see people just arriving with printed out tickets-I guess only here to see the Toadies.


Two totally different atmospheres in the room as I returned to my spot. The Helmet tee shirts sort of drifted towards the back of the room, and the few fellows wearing plaid shirts made their way up front. Toadies came out promptly at 9:15 and kicked things off with some “Heel” action, followed by “Backslider” and “I Come From The Water”

and that place was jumping. The last time I saw this band, I said something to the effect of “where have the Toadies been?”. Well, those questions were answered in an interview with Clark Vogeler  over at AQ, and then this past Tuesday they released a new record called “Play.Rock.Music.

I admit I have yet to grab the new album but I know they played “Summer of the Strange” off the new release, and that song is a keeper. They say the NSFW music video is pretty cool. The room was really settling in now, not many people seemed to have left after Helmet by the way everyone was fist pumping during songs like  “Sweetness” and “Waterfall”. That man Clark Vogeler over there is tearing up this place-bouncing feedback off his amp Scott Lucas style really gets my juices flowing, I love that stuff. At like 10 o clock, I turn to Pam and tell her I’m gonna head to the other side to catch some pictures from different angles. “Song I Hate” was just ending, so what do you know I’m over here experimenting angles with my camera when I hear that “Possum Kingdom” riff. Okay, let’s roll film.

That version of Possum Kingdom I got at Gramercy in 2010 on video with heads bouncing in front of me needed to be trumped. And if you check below above, it has been in terms of quality.

After that they jumped into “Mister Love” and after that it’s 10:23 so Lewis says that since they’re pressed for time sort of, they’re not gonna do the run off stage for a minute thing and come back for an encore, instead just saying they had two more to play. “Rattlers Revival” kicked off the “encore” in fine fashion. Then, all of a sudden there’s four drums on stage and one of the dudes from Helmet along with the drummer from Ume are on stage to help out on this one. I turned and said “What is this Applied Science or something?”, of course making a 311 reference. Then, Lewis, messing with my fragile emotions teases the first few chords of “Unsung” and looks up into this window upstairs on the side of the stage where the lead singer of Helmet is at the window, flipping the bird to everyone on stage. So after all the jokes “I Burn” was the last song played and they headed off stage at 10:32. Not a soul left unsatisfied. 

That was fun times. It’s rare to get two great bands together, let alone three with tonight’s enlightenment to Ume, which is pronounced “ooo-may” by the way. Hope they come around again. Hope all these bands come around again. And props to Webster Hall for having that Air Conditioning blasting at an obnoxious volume. Keeping a chubby kid like me from sweating, you made everyone I sat near very happy people. Anyway, I’m out of here for now. Thanks to to ones who made it this far down. 


Orion Music + More Festival Day One Recap 6/23/12

Orion Music + More Festival (Day  1)- 06/23/12

Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ

Words/Photos  by Jay Porks

Orion Music + More Festival Day One Recap 6/23/12 

Editor’s Note: Jay Porks is so bad ass, he wrote this review during the festival. We hope you enjoy. 

Welcome to the Jay Porks Day One Re-Cap of Orion Music + More Festival here in Atlantic City, NJ. For those who weren’t aware, this is the festival curated by Metallica, containing a bunch of acts you raise eyebrows to when you take a look at the list. Not only that, but Metallica is closing both nights, playing Ride The Lightning tonight, and The Black Album tomorrow night. Both days look awesome, but my plate for today is full of acts that I’ve been dying to see for a while,  Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse to name a couple. Also got some Cage The Elephant action in there, along with the obscure (in an awesome way) Toronto natives  Fucked Up. So excited for Roky Erickson. Roky is a personal highlight going into today until Metallica destroys me later on tonight. Any friend of the Meat Puppets is a friend of mine. Saturday is set to kick off for me with Baroness at 1PM. The 71st episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series won’t feature more than one or two videos from each act, as battery is a factor along with memory (I’m packing 32gigs), and we want to get all the Metallica we can get, because after all, they’re freaking Metallica. Anyway without further ado, let’s call this cab and get my ass down to Bader Field and get this party started!

I got out of a cab at 12:20 and walked a few blocks to the entrance side by side with a sea of folks all done up in their Metallica gear ( with a few scattered Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold tees- as I sported my Meat Puppets). It’s hot, really hot. This is my first “festival”, I don’t normally know the goings on of a four-stage event. This place is HUGE!  I can see for miles- and there’s all types of side things going on. Rows and rows of concessions ( water was $3- that’s a deal these days) . There’s a Metallica museum, which I’ll try check out tomorrow. There’s 100’s of old school custom cars in this tented area. Lots of people, lots of hot metal chicks wearing the appropriate attire for a 90+ degree day in the sun (life is so good). I was worried I couldn’t get my camera in, then I saw the sign that said ” no professional recording devices”. Well, if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s professional. The band the Orion stage had blasting was what every heavy metal fan would dream of- The Cure.


I didn’t know Tyson Chandler joined a band! That lead singer does resemble him- but all kidding aside if you’re kicking off a festival headlined by Metallica, I don’t see a more perfect band to do so then that in Baroness. My questions of “will you be able to hear other bands on other stages at the same time” was answered when these guys got started. I got almost all of that first song, only failed because they fooled me towards the end. The Orion stage has video screens on each side- giving it this “Hey, we’re a real festival” kind of feel. Me, the guy who’s not heavy on metal, found myself with a slight head nod and maybe a little strumming of my thigh as they passed 1:30pm with “Take my Bones Away“. Wow, they played the ONE song I actually knew the name of ! Good times, energetic set. They ended at 1:56pm

Roky Erickson

I showed up to the “Frantic” stage early, mostly due to the fact that it’s the only stage that’s tented. Some relief from the sun for a few minutes as they set Roky up. And that’s when I decided to take advantage of the free water re-fills they have on site here at the festival (warm water, but free water).

With full band (keyboardist, back up singer , drummer , 2 other guitar players and a bassist) on hand, Roky and the crew came out at 245. How old is his guy? The girl on keys is no eyesore. The lead guitarist says:  “damn, it’s hotter here than it is in Texas”. I’m in opposite Baroness mode as I ride the rail here where I was further back earlier. The band backing him was tight as hell, they helped carry him and everyone else into space for a little while. Played some of my favorites like ‘Two Headed Dog’, ‘Night of the Vampire’ and “You’re Gonna Miss Me”. It looks like Roky honestly doesn’t know what planet he’s on. To only be so lucky. They were done rocking at 3:20-3:30pm.

Fucked Up

So when I arrived at the “Fuel” stage for Fucked Up, I noticed some dude in an “OFF!” tee shirt. Must have seen a show on that Dinosaur Jr/Fucked Up/OFF tour I caught last year. First song into their set this Damien is already leaning on the rail screaming lyrics at the crowd- ripped his shirt off and the epic back sweater was in full force. Only took til the second song to get him completely in the crowd. Such a fun time, this band is too obscure and unique for me to call them punk, but they are some sub genre from that. A few songs they played were “David”, “I Hate Summer”, “The Other Shoe” (which I thought was called Dying On The Inside, because that’s the audience sing-along part) and “Turn The Season. Damien says he would’ve stayed the whole weekend, but him and his wife are expecting their 2nd child tomorrow. I ducked out about 4:40 hoping to be able to walk to some other stages to see what’s happening, I know these dudes (and bass playing non-dude) are awesome, let me see if I can discover something.


Jim Breuer

Caught the end of Jim Breuer’s “Heavy Metal Comedy Tour” set back at the “Frantic” stage. He was explaining how he started doing voices by prank calling his fellow Sears co-workers with Kaddafi bomb threats. Heard some dude say “I’m not into that whole ‘pot head comedy’ thing he does”. I don’t really get that statement, I don’t think Half Baked 2 is due out anytime soon. It was a fun few minutes over there

Gaslight Anthem

With time to kill til Cage the Elephant, the “Fuel” stage is already getting packed by the front. So I decided to go listen in on a few Gaslight Anthem songs, Since it looks like the entire state of New Jersey has made their way over to see the hometown boys. These guys are terrible. No seriously, these guys are terrible. I came in right while they were playing  “American Slang” , and heard a few after that. Why are people into this band? Even the jokes they make between songs are lame: “Here’s a slow song, so it’s your chance to talk to that girl with the tattoos next to you, because you know they don’t hang out where we hang out”. Where “We” hang out?? You guys are in a rock band that a bunch of sheep worship- you guys hang out where people like Jay-Z hang out. You are not us- we paid to get in. Oh yea, did I mention your band’s terribly boring?

Cage The Elephant

My thoughts on Cage The Eleplant can be summed up by what the lead singer said after the 1st song: “we’re weird people”. Weird in a good way, I enjoy the kinda half rap thing they do on some songs, and the music is funky as funk! No wonder Kirk Hammet introduced them. I was at this same stage for Fucked Up and was like 3 rows deep- now for Cage( who played House of Blues last night) I’m at least a football field away. Not only that, but just as I’m getting into this I see people already heading towards the Orion stage for Modest Mouse. Do I leave this set and scout a spot that’s maybe only 90 yards away for MM, or do I stay?


Modest Mouse

 There are SO many people here! I guess lots of folks skipped the early day activities and are arriving late , but I’m deep behind easily 1000 people standing. But I’m so far back, I can see over the heads. Awesome. Guys came out blazing, opened with “The Whale Song”.  Modest Mouse has a million albums(not actually a million), so even being handed a set of not-so-familiars  didn’t piss me off as it would with some other bands. “Float On” was a pleasant surprise at about 7:35ish. “Shit Luck” was mixed in there too.  People are already at this stage setting themselves up for good Metallica spots while I’m still peaking across the way to see how bad (in terms of me not being up front) things were getting for Arctic Monkeys.

 Arctic Monkeys 

And the trek back to the Fuel stage for Arctic Monkeys. Jeez am I getting a work out today or what? They were introduced by Lars (who introduced Baroness earlier), and they proceeded to prove their coolness. Lots of dancing going on during this set.  And not just during that song with dance floor in the name.

They played “Fluorescent Adolescent” ( my personal favorite of theirs) 2nd to last, after he introduced a song called “Brick by Brick”, in which the drummer handled some of the vocal duties. Was pleased that the stage lights were able to be used during this set, as it was just getting dark outside as they closed in on the end. One of the only bands to perform after sundown this weekend, The Arctic Monkeys delivered anything their solo live show could’ve sent a fan home happy with.Ended it with “Are you Mine” 9:06


At this point and time it’s past 9 o clock, and you look down at the Orion stage and see blue lights on stage, now everybody is facing that way, and you couldn’t get close if you tried. Didn’t need to, when Metallica came out and played “Ride The Lightning” in it’s entirety it did a couple of things for me.  One, Metallica will kick your balls in live. That is a serious professional band.  Seeing the guys have sort of a sense of humor up there and with putting on this festival and all almost makes up for that whole Napster thing. They said they “flipped it up” on us a bit-they played some stuff not on the record first like “Master Of Puppets,” “Sad But True,” “The Four Horsemen,” after kicking it off with “Hit The Lights.” I didn’t have the battery life on my phone to Google the album’s track list so I marked down the highlights with times next to them in my notes here.

At 10:05Pm, they played “Escape.” Am I a lucky bastard or what? My first ever time seeing this band, and I get the song they haven’t played-EVER.  Of course my camera’s battery is dead for this, (as it’s been since Master Of Puppets) they didn’t mess it up or anything. Sounded good.

10:25PM “For Whom the Bell Tolls” was insane. People raising fists (it is Jersey after all)-this one guy came in from of my camera and screamed the lyrics into my phone while I was trying to snap that last picture before the battery died. Thanks asshole.

Encores: To me, an encore means “songs played when you were about to walk towards the exit”. This happened at least 5 times on Saturday, where the boys said goodnight and convinced half the crowd they were done only to keep coming back on stage stopping people in their tracks. They saved their cool pyrotechnics til the end. Pictures of those fireworks and the flames rising would’ve been pretty wicked. So encore goes as follows “Nothing Else Matters”, “Enter Sandman”(this is where stuff started blowing up. Note to self: Save battery life for Day Two’s encore!). Then they ducked off stage for a minute and I started walking towards the exit, again and they came back out to play “Battery” and “One” before they said goodnight (again!).  The walk began once more, because surely it’s over. Nope. Came back out to play one more, “Seek And Destroy.” Place went crazy.  They went way past the  scheduled time of 11 on the billing. Incredible.

To read all about Orion Music + More Day Two – Click Here

FYF Fest 2012 Returns To L.A. State Historic Park Labor Day Weekend

FYF Fest 2012 Returns To L.A. State Historic Park Labor Day Weekend

We called it last week when we assumed Refused would headline FYF Fest 2012. The festival returns to the L.A. Historic State Park with arguably the best lineup yet. Other highlights include a reunited Quicksand as well as Concert Confessions favorites Sleigh Bells, Dinosaur Jr., Baroness, Against Me! and Warpaint. Weekend passes start at $77 and all the additional details you need for this ever-expanding end of summer festival can be found by clicking here.

 2012 FYF Lineup (a/o 06/18/12):




James Blake



Sleigh Bells


Simian Mobile Disco (Live)

American Nightmare

Dinosaur Jr.

Against Me!


The Growlers


Wild Flag

Hot Snakes

Paul Banks

Twin Shadows




Black Mountain



Lightning Bolts

The Vaselines

Fucked Up

King Khan and the Shrines

Future Island

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Purity Ring


Gold Panda

Aesop Rock


Atlas Sound


Black Dice

Cloud Nothings

Two Gallants

Redd Kross

The Field

AA Bondy


Moon Face

Father John Misty

DJ Harvey

Tiger & Woods

Dam Funk

Wild Nothing

Nick Waterhouse

The Men

The Soft Pack

The Allah Las

Nite Jewel

Joyce Manor

White Fence

I Break Horses

John Maus


Sandro Perri


The Suicide Of Western Culture

DJ Coco (Primavera Sound)

Daughn Gibson



White Arrows

Kishi Bashi

Must See Acts, Set Times for Orion Music + More Festival

Must See Acts, Set Times for Orion Music + More Festival 

Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ June 23rd & 24th

On Saturday June 23rd, Atlantic City’s own Bader Field will be taken over by the legion of Metal-Heads as Metallica’s  Orion Music + More Festival will kick off.  You may have heard over the weekend that Phish just did 3 nights at this same “field”.

When you hear someone say “Hey, I’m going to that Metallica festival” it’s immediately interrupted as something that would be titled “Death Metal Fest” or something like that(and in pour the comments about the differences between death metal and black metal). But au contraire friends, this isn’t the typical festival(line-up wise) at all you would expect for Metallica to be curating. The two day festival is bound to bring not only fans of the Metal or thrash genre, but the pseudo-intellectual hipsters will flock to this thing too, as some of their favorite Indie acts like The Gaslight Anthem and Best Coast  have been invited to this festival along with the other 30+ ,  eclectic to say the least,  acts set to appear. We’ll get to the full list of the acts at the bottom of this post when we map out which bands will be appearing at what times on which of the four stages this festival will have, but for now, let’s get into the  Jay Porks Top Five Must See Bands at this Orion Music + More extravaganza this weekend June 23rd and 24th.

#5 Metallica ( Headlining both nights ‘Orion’ Stage)

I know what you’re thinking: “How can Metallica NOT be number one here?!?” . Well, truth be told, I personally am not the biggest Metallica fan. Putting all the differences aside like when Lars and the boys got angry about fans downloading the bands music from Napster, all and all I’m lucky to see the band. And hey at least they’re playing the Black Album and Ride The Lightening in their entirety, because those are the only two albums that contain the Metallica songs I like.  I’m happy to be able to cross them off the bucket list of bands to see, and I appreciate them putting on a festival like this with such diversity. But there are 4 other acts I’d rather see perform at this thing.

#4 Ghost (Sunday, ‘Orion Stage’ 2PM-3PM)

Here’s all I know about Ghost: they scare the living fuck out of me. Seriously, have you seen their cover of “Here Comes The Sun”? The people (Fine authors like Reverend Justito and Jakob Ross  to name two)I know who seem to know music speak very highly of the Stockholm band, and with nothing conflicting (and hopefully carrying a change of underwear) I will be sure to check these dudes out on the Sunday at 2 in the afternoon.

#3 Roky Erickson (Saturday,”Frantic” Stage 2:45-3:30PM

Before I explain myself let me remind everyone that every act on the bill was invited by Metallica to perform. But holy shit, I get to see  Roky Erickson! I’m over joyed . Pioneer of  the psychedelic rock movement with the 13th Floor Elevators back in the day, Roky has be cited as the influence for a number of acts, from the Meat Puppets to obvious Metallica. If that’s not cool tits right there, I don’t know what is. Above is a video of Mr. Erickson jamming with the aforementioned Meat Puppets at SXSW last year.

#2 Arctic Monkeys (Saturday,8PM-9PM ‘Fuel Stage’)

I don’t remember when it was, but I know it was some random Pandora radio station I had created back in the day. I was trolling some bands message board arguing with people for reasons I forgot 5 minutes later, a song called ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ came on and I immediately stopped to find out who the hell these guys were.  Such an interesting sound, so unique in so many ways-these guys just opened up a Arena Tour for the Black Keys . That show (though pricey I was still going to attend) sold out on me faster than you can make a premature ejaculation joke. I’m so freaking ready to watch these guys rock out the ‘Fuel Stage’ before Metallica closes out Saturday with ‘Ride The Lightening’

#1 Modest Mouse (Saturday 7pm-8pm ‘Orion Stage’)

And leading that pack of  aforementioned pseudo-intellectual hipsters will be this guy right here, hopefully riding the rail for Modest Mouse’s set. Hell, I’ve even grab a few Tao Lin books and spend two days in a garage errrrrrr I mean an “art space” in Williamsburg watching Russ Meyer flicks to gear up for this one.  I freaking LOVE this band. The only thing I would question is why have Arctic Monkeys and these guys on the same night? One of them should be playing Sunday before Metallica. Anyway, I’ll hopefully be “Doin’ The Cockroach” with some festival groupie chicks to whom sober is 26 miles in their rear view mirror.

Honorable Mentions: Cage The Elephant are a really cool band, and had I wanted to do a Top six they were next-promise.  If all goes according to plan, Metallica fans storm the stage and trample Best Coast for being such wusses. That’s one band that’s gonna get killed at this gig, seriously. Back when Dinosaur Jr came to Terminal 5 and Rollins interviewed them on stage and that douche bag stole a snippet of my full 18 minute video, an opener that was sorta over looked in the aftermath was Fucked Up. So I’m interested to check out their festival set and see what they’re all about. And either Jim Florentine or Don Jamieson  I guess I’ll have to check out to. I wonder if “That Metal Show” will do an episode remote from the festival. Probably not, but here’s hoping.

Below, you can find humongous screen shots of the festival’s stage schedules and all the bands playing when and where. TheNaturalStoner hooked that up because I’m an idiot who was gonna type it out individually.

There are two slots in these photos labeled TBA. The Saturday 1PM at Orion Stage is Baroness, and the Sunday, 5PM on the Fuel Stage is Volbeat. They were the last two bands added to the line-up. You’d think the festival’s website would have an updated version of this. Oh well. Come find me at the Flagship Resort as that’s where I’ll be staying since Atlantic City has closed my favorite hotel/casino the Trump Marina (that had a sweet buffet and a Hooters). Seriously, come find me, I’m looking to freaking party. Besides the time at Bader Field, and the hour after that I’m writing the experience up-I will be wasted. The Jay Porks After Party. Don’t act like I WON’T do that.  See you all there, I’ll be the one in the shirt that says “Your Favorite Band Sucks”(or my Blood Half Moons tee shirt).

Jay Porks Orion Schedule:


1PM Baroness-Orion Stage

2:45PM Roky Erickson-Frantic Stage

4PM Fucked Up -Fuel Stage

5:15PM Jim Florentine-Frantic Stage

6PM Cage The Elephant-Fuel Stage

7PM Modest Mouse-Orion Stage

8PM Arctic Monkeys-Fuel Stage

9PM Metallica (Ride The Lightening)-Orion Stage


1PM A Place To Bury Strangers -Fuel Stage

2PM Ghost-Orion Stage

3PM Gary Clark Jr.-Fuel Stage

4Pm Best Coast – Orion Stage

5:15Pm The Black Dahlia Murder – Damage Inc. Stage

6PM Eric Church-Orion Stage

7PM Titus Andronicus- Frantic Stage

8PM Metallica (The Black Album)- Orion Stage

Mike Watt & Friends 05/02/12: Le Poisson Rouge, NYC

Mike Watt & Friends 05/02/2012

Le Poisson Rouge -New York City

Words/Photos By Jay Porks

Tonight is going to be a treat to say the least. “Tonight ‘Three Rooms Press’ presents: May Day 2: Mike Watt + Friends w/ Mike Watt + J Mascis + Murph , Appomattox , Dead Trend and the NYC Launch of Mike Watt: On and Off Bass + very special guests”. How could I not go to this?? Especially since I got the Flu (which I’m still laboring from) at the Melvins/Unsane gig and with no medical insurance took the safe route and made the sacrilegious decision to leave the show midway through-Didn’t even see the Melvins. So All Apologies on my end, that’s something that will not happen again. That’s what made me get these tickets, because I felt I needed to make up for missing the Melvins. What better way then Watt From Pedro? And Le Poisson Rouge no less? At 158 Bleecker Street this is where I saw The Meat Puppets back in November tear the roof off this place. Small venue, and I arrived first on line as usual, about 6 with Doors at 7, Show at 8. Spotted J Mascis outside around 6:30. This night could get interesting..So let’s kick off the 68th Episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, I promise you this is a good one!

Once I nabbed my spot up front I was ready to rock and roll. Last time I was here there was a “Dance Party” scheduled for after the show. I’m not sure what the case is tonight, but they moved quick in setting up and being ready to roll by 8PM. Three Rooms Press put this gig together so there is this woman introducing the bands and hyping up the aforementioned publisher. She thanks us for coming repeated, etc. Anyway, she introduces a band called Dead Tread and 8PM. I would their sound as “kinda punky” if you times what’s in quotations by 11. I saw a 12 song set list and I was pissed. I thought we were in for some 40 minute set. Get this, these dudes may not have even had a song that clocked in at over a minute. The took their shirts off, this dude screamed at us. Songs called “Lunch lady” if my vision serves me right. They played from 8 to 8:17. Twelve songs in 17 minutes then the guitar player who has already broken two strings takes his guitar and slams it on stage. Freaking awesome! Someone screamed “You guys suck!” after the set, and the drummer said “Tell us something we don’t know”.

At 830, Brooklyn’s own, Appomattox hit the stage. Introduced as “Mike Watt’s favorite band from Brooklyn”.. They were a lot more towards the side of traditional rock and roll and weren’t punky at all as Dead Trend was. Their songs had hooks and stuff, and the lead singer was switching off between keyboards and guitar. They played about 25 minutes and the last song they played, “Radiator”, is available to listen to on the web( so they say) they went off at 8:55..


There was an interview with Mike Watt before he went on “with friends”..I filmed it, so I figure why write about it when I can show you. There’s some hilarious stuff in this. It’s worth the check out.

Right after the interview, Watt headed towards his bass to start setting up. JM and Murph come on stage and set up quickly. It seems J has found a new bag in which to keep his effects pedals because he usually packs a hefty looking case where this was able to fold up easily when they went off later. Maybe it’s the “Non-Dinosaur Jr” pedal board, he probably has tons. There’s a few things I’ve been wondering since I bought this ticket yesterday: Whose catalog are they going to be dipping into? Would it be more Minutemen stuff, or will they mess around and do some Dino stuff too? Who is singing? Few minutes before 9:30, and those questions were about to be answered.


When the lights dimmed and the show got started, the dude who’s gonna kick off the night on vocals was unknown to me, but thanks to comments left by awesome people reading, I now know that was Don Fleming (of Gumball).  The riff was familiar, but I couldn’t hear any lyrics because, I’ve AGAIN made the mistake of place myself an arms distance from JM and his amps, giving my eardrums a beating. This is the kind of pain I enjoy, as I realize it was “Real Cool Time”, a Stooges song! I was floored when they played “TV Eye” next (John Petrovic from Cobra Verse  sang that), because now I get it. We are gonna jam out to Stooges songs all night with Watty’s mean bass plucks and JM basically turning his 6 string into a blow torch that blew the minds of us close enough to be completely taken in by it. I love the original versions, but hearing JM’s take on it was like something you can only imagine. You don’t get these types of shows at the big venues.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, here comes out on to the stage none other than Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth)! Thurston! Seriously!?! Is this “fill the venue with my favorite musicians” night or what? They played “Loose”, another Stooges cover as it was confirmed that this is Stooges tunes all night, and I’m freaking creaming my pants over here third song in.

Steve Shelley, also from Sonic Youth came on stage to drum on “Dirt” next. The vocalist was an unknown to any of us, only reference Mike Watt made to her was “J’s friend”. Come to find out that was Sharon Von Etten  In a night of uncertainty at first, rocking out throughout the evening over everything, was the man who was on Bass, and that’s Watt From Pedro (his twitter is @wattfrompedro ). The bass lines were prevalent everywhere. Every time JM took his foot off a pedal you hear that funky bass riff bouncing all over the place.

When it was time to play “Down on the Street”, Thurston Moore made another appearance. After that, I see this kid come up on stage with lyrics in his hand. It’s Kurt Vile. I’ve heard of him, but never heard his stuff. He held his own on “No Fun”, even though is that really the song you need the lyrics for? That’s barely a critique, just an observation. Did I mention I was rolling film throughout the duration of the evening? Yea, I got the whole set minus about a minute from the encore because my 16 gig Memory Card was apparently full. The encore was Thurston returning to the stage to do an epic version of “Funhouse” , and I saw myself with the rest of the crowd moving towards the exits at 10:26PM.

Set List(Mike Watt was kind enough to Tweet this over):

Real Cool Time with Don Fleming
TV Eye with John Petkovic, John Maloney on Drums
Loose with Thurston Moore, John Maloney on Drums
Dirt with Sharon Van Etten and Steve Shelley
Not Right (watt on vocals) John Maloney on Drums
Down on The Street with Thurston Moore, Murph on Drums
No Fun with Kurt Vile, Murph on Drums
1970 with Noel (former soundman from the Continental on vocals) Steve Shelley
Little Doll (Watt on vocals), Steve Shelley
Fun House with Thurston Moore and John Petkovic on Clarinet
LA Blues – with Byron Coley and John Petkovic w/ Murph & John Maloney on Drums

Jeez, that was so awesome. Like, I wish I could put it to you in a intellectual sort of way but I can’t. Mike Watt, J Mascis, Murph, Thurston Moore, Steve Shelly, Kurt Vile came into Le Poisson Rouge and jammed on Stooges songs on a Wednesday night in New York City. What more could you ask for?



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