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Foxy Shazam @ Bowery Ballroom – New York City 05/30/14

Foxy Shazam – 05/30/2014

Bowery Ballroom – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


The day had finally come. Foxy Shazam have returned to New York City. You know that we here at Concert Confessions are devout members of the Church of Rock & Roll, myself being baptized three times in 2012. One of the best shows I saw in 2012 was Foxy Shazam at the Bowery Ballroom, so when a show was announced happening in May at the very same Bowery Ballroom it was my duty to make sure I was there. We’ve got doors at 8PM with Foxy due on at 10 with openers Larry And His Flask filling the inbetween time. Me? I’m arrived on line about 6:45 ready to party.

Upon entry to the a Bowery Ballroom there was one thing on my mind besides the awesome tunes ahead: hope none of these people in front of me dart upstairs to the table I’m eyeing as a spot for this evening endeavors. I made it up to the balcony and landed the 3rd table down, as the first two were “reserved”.

Larry And His Flask

Larry and His Flask rolled out at 9 on the dot packing some mother plucking twangery! I mean that literally as they got a dude on banjo (doubling on trombone), a big stand up bass, acoustic guitar to the far right next to their electric guitar player with their drummer in the middle. Vocal melodies that sound like they could be inserted into any 50s song and work, almost sounded like some sort of heavy Barber shop quartette power country music. We sure got weird. Larry and His Flask had no trouble gaining momentum from the already seemingly won over crowd. Things uttered like “This is a song about a suicide cult so dance your asses off” is what truly makes this a good ol’ fashioned hoe down! Solid for a band you look at with a reaction of “what the hell?”. They went off at 9:45.

Foxy Shazam

With a 10PM listed set time, the chants of “FOXY!” were growing and growing in the crowd, the sold out crowd here packed to the gills at the Bowery getting ready to go completely GONZO. And that’s what happened at 10:15 in more ways than one when the boys hit the stage, looking a bit over dressed for the occasion, here to showcase their latest effort for us (‘Gonzo’) here in the first portion of their set. The title track and ‘Poem Pathetic’ set the tone for “Brutal Truth” which was a brutally magnificent song to experience live from these guys. When “Tragic Thrill” and “Have The Fun” followed it was clear that we were going to exclusively explore all of these newer cuts live early in the set and you could not have found one person in the building who would have been unhappy with that. Have The Fun was like having the entire crowd eating out of this bands hand.


Foxy Shazam has become a well oiled live act these days. Just straight burning down stages across the country. After they played the entire new record front to back Eric says to us “We’re gonna go change real quick and come right back”. I knew something was up. They seemed dressed too much like normal folks tonight and one might interrupt that as Foxy Shazam in fact going Gonzo.. Gonzo to them is normal to us.

Then around 11 when they came back out to more “Foxy!” chants peppered with some “We want the cup!” chants in regards this writers favorite hockey team advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals the previous evening. Gotta love this town, right? Now we’ve got ourselves a whole new ballgame on our hands. They kinda played two sets, but these guys aren’t pretentious enough to tell folks they’re playing two sets. They didn’t play the new record with a handful of well known tunes thrown between. Here’s the new for you to rock to, now here’s the greatest hits portion of the night. And what better way to intro into some classics than with “Bombs Away”.

Then we begin to head towards a  Church of Rock & Roll atmosphere here at Bowery when some “Oh Lord”, although not off that record  it has Lord in the title (which included a jump into the crowd by Eric), and “Holy Touch” action began to ensue.

Man do these guys slay or what? I feel like this is my first time seeing them again. Alex on the horns and co-vocals really showing some range tonight. Felt like a band with two front men. And there’s a different stage set up here as we got my man on keyboards in the back. Guess no crowd surfing for Schuyler tonight, although a later image of him playing the keyboard while lifting it on his shoulder happens during “Killin’ It” after they performed a building rocking “Yes Yes Yes”.

Foxy 04

The place has their second wind now as Eric is telling us that he’s from Ohio and he’s happy to be in New York because: “I feel all people from Ohio are very thankful to be in New York”.. followed by a drum beat and Eric saying “This next one is about my favorite flavor”and that’s when shit got real and the place exploded when “I Like It” went down.

I tried so hard to muddle my screams, because I’m taping this entire set but this is just incredible! “Evil Thoughts” kept things moving into a main staple at the end of their gigs: The Only Way To My Heart. An awesome adventure into what Foxy Shazam is and what they represent.

“Keep your flowers I’ll just give ’em back”. Four times seeing these dudes and they have made one thing clear to me, they give not a zero fuck about what I or anyone else thinks of them. They don’t need anything from us, they’re here to kick ass with guitars and horns and keys.

Eric Nally

Well, Eric Nally does need one thing at the end of this song, he needs a cigarette. So as I took my Newport short out of my ear and flung it no where near the stage not by design (I used to throw like a dude, don’t know what happened there) this dude is picking up cigs on stage as the band is gearing up for “Unstoppable”, before which a little 30 seconds or so of Longview, which was different.

Unstoppable would be the show closer as the band tore through that last one as Eric waited til the song ended to eat the lit cigs. Then before the house music came on he goes “We’re all pregnant..”, drops the mic and walks off. It’s about 11:30 as I stand and bow towards the stage repeatedly. I am not worthy of what just happened there, hell, none of us were.


I’m Jay Porks, and I’ve gone Gonzo. Late.

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Foxy Shazam To Baptize The Carolina’s This March

Foxy Shazam

It’s no secret around the water cooler that Foxy Shazam is one of a handful of bands around these days who can blow your mind. In 2013, The Church Of Rock & Roll continues it’s travels, though brief, spreading the gospel into North and South Carolina in March, as well as a Lancaster, PA date in April.  As readers know by now, most of us here at Concert Confessions are hoping this is only a prelude to an extensive Foxy tour schedule this year. You can view the dates below, and hit up their Facebook Page for all the information on ticket purchases if you’re lucky enough to be within reach of the land of cigarettes.

Foxy Shazam (Cigs)

For past coverage of Foxy Shazam here on Concert Confessions, Including reviews from New York City, West Hollywood, Seattle, St. Louis and more,  Click Here

Foxy Shazam March/April 2013 Tour Dates:

March 13th // Greene Street Club, Greensboro, NC

March 14th  // Amos’ Southend (opening for Chevelle) Charlotte, NC

March 15th // The Soapbox, Wilmington, NC

March 16th // St. Pat’s Day In Five Points, Columbia, SC

April 26th  // Launch Music Conference & Festival, Lancaster, PA


Slash & Foxy Shazam 09/18/12 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators  with Foxy Shazam – 09/18/2012

Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom – New York City

Words/Photos/Video – Jay Porks

“The essence of “cool” that is Slash cannot be matched”. That’s a phrase typed by this very music fan posing as a journalist in a social media world, after walking out on the band currently touring under the moniker of Guns N’ Roses during their encore at Izod Center last November. Well, after tonight that phrase cannot sing any more true as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators (on tour supporting Apocalyptic Love) made a pit stop at Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom to turn a disgusting, rainy Tuesday night in New York City into an evening full of magic. Getting to see one of your favorite guitar players play live for the first time is an amazing feeling, and to top matters off, the opener. Now if Slash represents the essence of “cool”, then you’d need to find a bad ass opener able to keep up with that. You’d need to find a band that simply can’t be touched right now in terms of putting on a rock show. Whelp, if those are the qualities needed, then you need Foxy Shazam. And tonight that’s who we have. We’ve got Slash and Foxy Shazam, we’ve got mezzanine seats and best of all, we’ve got a good camera. Doors open at 7PM. So without further ado let’s jump into the 78th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, shall we?

Showed up at the door at 6:10. I have to stop showing up so early when I have a seat. The seat is there for me, why am I standing out here in the rain? Tad’s Steakhouse taking the Patty Melt I usually get off the Menu and causing me to leave (I’m not a steak guy) may have effected my time. When they started letting us in the search was vigorous. I know I always complain about the search procedures and I sound like a broken record- but this one seriously had me rethinking if I had actually had anything illegal on me. Which of course I never do anyway, because I fear prison. They bring me to my section and tell me “Anywhere in these six rows is fine”.. What??? I paid for an assigned seat, I have the number on the ticket and I scouted online to see the angle I’d be on and everything, now you’re just saying I can sit anywhere here? Is it hard to number the seats?

Soundspeak hit the stage at 8:01PM. That’s right folks, they went “surprise 1st opener” on us. I was pissed, not at the band they didn’t do anything wrong. The venue should advertise ALL of the openers. Hey maybe it was advertised and I didn’t catch it since my place of employment is in the 19th century and I’m not allowed to touch my phone. But seriously Hammerstein, what’s with these surprises? And this band I find out later is friends of my buddy who I met at the Lemonheads and later Local H. Had I known that before I would’ve given them a chance. They weren’t bad, but I can’t sit here and break them down for you because they were in a tough spot there (with me personally anyway). They went off at 8:19.. Had I known we were in for an 18 minute set I would have lightened up a bit.

At 8:34 when the lights went low I’m up there screaming “here it comes- the mother fuckin’ Church!”. I was so excited. And look at this Eric is rocking a new hair color. Interesting. They ripped through “The Church of Rock & Roll” and “Holy Touch”. I was head nodding and screaming lyrics the whole time. I’m conscience of saving battery on my camera anyway. Suddenly, after Holy Touch I get a tap on my shoulder from the girl next to me. She’s with her boyfriend and they have accents so they may or may not be from here but the girl says to me “What is the name of this band”

and I told her and she says “They are amazing!!”. You damn right they are. The first song of their set I decided to tape was “Unstoppable”. Well, I decided to get the 3rd song in, it just happen to be that very song currently running in that MLB commercial. “The Rocketeer” followed, I don’t think they played that one at Bowery Ballroom this past May, after I got it at Irving Plaza opening for The Darkness in February.  Interesting.

“Killin’ It” before jumping into “I Like It”. And that song, well, “I don’t like it baby I fucking love it” as Eric would say. Cigarettes got eaten during “Temple”, which was the set closer at about 9 maybe a tad after. “If we had an ocean, we’d all be Surfin’ USA” was our “Deep thoughts by Eric Nally” moment before the lights came on. Unreal. And this night’s not even over yet!

I go out to smoke a cigarette, but you are not allowed to do that. They don’t have stamps for your hand or anything. You must stay inside, where they have confiscated your lighter at the door anyway and not smoke cigarettes. Okay, to the bathroom for that cigarette I go. I guess it’s okay to eat them but you can’t smoke them at this place.

So here comes Eddie Trunk (of That Metal Show, and the radio) on stage, to tell us Slash was coming up next. I’m so glad they had Eddie Trunk here to inform us of this drastic turn in events. And here I thought I was here to see Emerson Lake & Palmer. Anyway Eddie, thanks for that.

At 9:28 the man in the top hat himself hit the stage-Slash w/ Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators (seems ‘The Attractions’ and ‘The Imposters’ were taken). They jumped into things with ‘Halo’, off their new record followed by “Night Train”.

The place went bonkers. People walking away from their seats to make it to the back just to jump up and down and rock out. And all of these people are up to date on the new record a lot more than this guy. I have to admit I was more into the last record Slash put out with the revolving door of lead singers-but this stuff translates well live. “Standing In The Sun” came early and caught my ear. A few songs later they jumped into some more GNR cuts with a back to back of “Civil War” and “Rocket Queen”. During Rocket Queen, I noticed the entire floor level was pumping their fists in the air in unison. Looked like New Jersey, except that it was beautiful. Every song has it’s very own “Slash crazy solo” warped into the song. He quite an amazing soloist on the gee-tar. A song later on in the set, that I can’t even recall, I swear it was almost Phishy how Slash just jams out for 10 minutes at a time and then returns to the song Curt Kirkwood style. This became a problem on “Rocket Queen”, which I only have the first 9 minutes and 12 seconds of because I’m yet to figure out why my camera has a limit on the amount of minutes I can record a single video. I had camera issues all night.

Todd Kerns (the bass player) can sing too, so taking a break from Myles Kennedy for a song, we got “We’re All Gonna Die”, which the vocals are sang by Iggy Pop on the record. So now not only was Myles killin’ it but this guy is doing a hell of a job with this song.

Good to have a second voice option in your band so you don’t have to limit your set list-these are things professional musicians like these do. They jump back into the GNR catalog with “You’re Crazy”. I mean honestly, right now I’ve “won” for lack of a better term. See, back when I saw the band touring as “Guns N Roses”, I got to hear the handful of songs I enjoyed but every time I looked on stage I realized that I hate Axl Rose and his way of being a douche nozzle in every sense of life. Tonight I look on stage and see Slash, a gifted guitarist who has switches cleaner than anyone I’ve ever heard who’s whole life has been based on finding a singer. Finding someone to tour with and play music, write music, enjoy music with. This isn’t a job, I mean, there is a paycheck of course, but Slash and Myles look to be having some real fun up there. And making some real good music too, you can’t top the feeling of the artists you’re seeing seeming to be almost as excited to see you as you are them.

“Bad Rain” came before Myles took a seat on his little pedestal there. What’s with that? I first saw the guy from the Deftones doing it at BlackDiamondSkye with the tables set up in front. And he hardly stood on it. Anyway, he took a seat to get into a song called “Not for Me”, which, even with it’s epic guitar parts may in fact, not be for me. Didn’t hate it, but was one of the few times I looked to see what time it was during the night. But these guys know what they’re doing, and that’s when the “Sweet Child of Mine” riff started and then seriously there not an ass in a seat besides me trying to keep my camera steady.

It was amazing. Myles does a really good Axl, like a much less annoying Axl. Then rumblings of a familiar riff again, but not of the GNR variety.. It was “Slither”! Velvet freaking Revolver! Eff all you people I loved Velvet Revolver and now we’re finding out that Myles doesn’t do a bad Scott Weiland either.. I was so happy to hear this song live…. again? That’s when it dawned on me that I’m hearing this song live for the second time. In 2007 the first real concert I ever attended was Velvet Revolver with Alice In Chains and Kill Hannah. It’s so old there’s not even a blog for it. It took me til the last song before the encore for me to realize that this wasn’t me seeing one of my favorite guitarists for the first time live, never the less it was the seeing this dude the best time live. It was 11ish when they went off for the encore.

I’m up, I’m on my way out. I know Paradise City is coming and to be honest I’ve already for lack of a better term “shot my load” here with this one. I’ve gotten everything I could have wanted. Then Slash is on the microphone, a rarity. He says something to the effect of “We haven’t been playing this one, we’re gonna do it tonight because it’s fucking New York City!”. Then, with Kerns on vocals, we got ourselves “Welcome to the Jungle”. Once Slash grabbed the mic I stopped walking to see what they were up to. When he said that I immediately hit record and walking my way down the aisle and sat on the step there trying to record while everyone’s passing by my freaking shot. I found a better seat when they jumped into Paradise City, but halfway through I look at the ticker on my camera and notice it’s not moving. I didn’t hit record. That’s when I decided it was time to get my Foxy Shazam tee shirt and get out of here. Slash’s merch is in the lobby and Foxy has a table set up in the back of the General Admission floor. The security guard won’t let me through the velvet rope and tells me to head out the door as I’m ten feet from this merch table. So I walk out that door, and walk back in through a door this staffer is not guarding, and there I see Eric Nally taking pictures with two fans. I was trying to get my camera out to see if one of these strangers would take a picture of me with him but I’m way too anti-social for that kinda thing, so I went up to him when they left and shook his hand, told him they’re awesome and that I’ve seen them three times this year and made sure to say “And the Reverend Justito says Hi”. Now this is all while Paradise City is still blasting, so who knows if he even heard a word of what I said, but he seemed like a very warm individual. Not the dude on stage at all. With Paradise City still rocking, and my $30 Foxy Shazam tee shirt hanging off my shoulder, I said goodbye to the Hammerstein Ballroom, I was in a cab at 11:31. What an amazing night.



Show Notes:

I have some issues with the venue I’d like to address here. Dear Hammerstein Ballroom: First of all, you search people like they’re criminals. You take peoples lighters- for what reason might I ask? You think you’re stopping people from smoking indoors? Everyone is still smoking anyway, raises lighters in the air, and I have 2 packs of matches besides the point. Speaking of smoking- you have a 3+ hour rock concert and people aren’t allowed to go out to smoke cigarettes? What is that? You know what happens when you do that? People smoke inside of your building. People who are Drunk, high, tripping or all of the above are now using fire inside your precious “ballroom”. And on the way out your event staff wouldn’t let me near the Foxy Shazam merch cause you stuffed it in the back of the GA standing area and security thinks I’m trying to sneak into that crappy area to stand for the last song of the show. Like I would want to sneak down from my SEAT to a STANDING AREA FULL OF NUTBALLS. Had to fake that lady out and head into the lobby before darting back in to grab my tee shirt. And hey, I don’t want to tell you how to run things or anything, but you have a twitter account right? Of course you do, you follow me. Now why on earth would that twitter account not be put into use to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THAT SECOND OPENER?! Is this a little game that venues like to play? Trick people into showing up early? And why do I get to choose where I want to sit in the mezzanine? I paid 50 dollars plus whatever fees you plugged my ass for on this ticket and you can’t assign me a seat?? It’s going to take a miracle to get me back inside that building again.

Foxy Shazam at Bowery Ballroom NYC 05/16/12

Foxy Shazam- 05/16/2012

Bowery Ballroom -New York City

Words/Photos By Jay Porks

Usually for me, the opening bands at shows are a time for me to get annoyed-quickly. Yet somehow back in February when I saw The Darkness, there was just something about Foxy Shazam. Something about them that made me want to learn more. How long have I been missing out on this? Then, the band headlined there own tour and hit the places like Seattle, and Utah where I was able to read more about the Church of Mother F%#king Rock & Roll. Then, out of no where comes the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, who announce a Foxy show at the cost of, brace yourselves, $17. That my friends is a baptism fee I’m willing to pay. So let’s kick back, and enjoy this little journey out to the Lower East Side, 6 Delancey St, for Foxy Shazam, Doors at 7, show is at 8. And hey, it just wouldn’t feel special if it wasn’t The 69th Edition of The Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Let’s hope for a spot up on the balcony so I can tape.

Got to the venue at 6, and I’m no where near the first one here. Seems the high school crowd cut out of their afternoon classes and head to this 16+ event. Usually young girls like garbage, so I’m glad they’re here to be baptized tonight. I grabbed my spot upstairs at a table and saw my two compadres from the line downstairs(who were kind enough to offer me some Mary Jane). So I shouted to them “hey, I got two seats up here”, to which they came up. They bought me a jack and Coke for it. Sweet.

New York Rivals(who I thought were “Rival Schools” ) came on at promptly 8PM. I don’t know how to put this, but I’ll try. They seemed to be way heavier than they needed to. They were loud in a Weezer-esque sense, with the lead singers pants clinging to his legs like Yosemite Sam’s jeans.   Towards the beginning of the set they said they’d be playing Bamboozle. I shouted “who wants to see Bon Jovi?”. This guy belted out wuss tunes over instrumentation that was almost good if it was alone. The one time this dude mentioned the name of the song they were gonna play he was strummed over by his bassist.  They went off at 8:36.


Finally after waiting what felt like forever, the lights go down and ladies and gents, we have FOXY SHAZAM!
The band hit’s the stage at about 9:20 maybe a little before to a resounding ovation as Eric Sean Nally grabs the mic and screams “ I FEEL LIKE A CHOCOLATE BAR!” as they opened up with “ Welcome to The Church of Rock and Roll” (while he pointed out some dude’s Cincinnati Reds hat) and “Holy Touch”. Two things I notice at the same time: One, the whole set is getting taped. I got my arm resting on the railing and all that, and I’ve got a bird’s eye view of the only event staffer in sight. Second thing was how hard is it to keep a camera on Eric. To the regular fan, everyone knows his on stage antics do not include standing still. My wrists got a work out with my lens dancing with him all night. He’s like Iggy Pop minus the blood and Peanut Butter.


I was once told there was no such thing as a ‘Happy Panda’. Well, take a look at the keyboardist Schuyler Vaughn White for a few minutes and tell me that’s not one happy panda right there. The beard that’s a grizzly Adams-ZZ Top hybrid brushing the heads of fans in the crowd repeatedly while smiling for pictures (even looked up at us once),

before and after he floated his

keyboard out on the audience from time to time. When I first saw them I thought it was one of those stupid hydrolic set ups but then I realized this dude is just bad ass and he lifts it every which way / direction that is imaginable. He stands on it, stomps, lays sideways on it. Then for the unimaginable, him and the keyboard set sail into the crowd. Crowd surfing playing keys. Are you kidding me right now?


Songs like “Oh Lord” and “Unstoppable” were crowd pleasers mid-set. Eric at one point said “Nowadays music really sucks. It feels good to say that. You should say it as much as you can” I shouted “I try! I try!”. If we’re gonna get into crowd pleasers than we have to address my personal highlight, and that’s when they played “I Like It”. I flipped out simply because, come on, when else does a white dude like me get to verbally express his enjoyment of big black asses? I got to shout “That’s the biggest Black Ass I’ve ever seen and I like it! I like it!” out loud and not get punched.


During the duration of the set, I had a cigarette placed on the table in front of me ready to throw on queue. One of the dudes I was up there with kept telling me “throw it!”. I kept putting it off, I didn’t want to interrupt any of the funny speeches. Then finally, before the last song, he ends his soliloquy with “and the man asked: does anyone have a cigarette ?”. Hell yeah I do! I tossed it down on stage left handed and it landed behind him. He already had a full pack of Newport in his hand, but he’s looking around on stage and grabbing all he sees, including mine! We were screaming, probably hear us in the video(don’t leave me comments about it). Then he lit what had to be 5 or 6 at once in his mouth and puffed before turning them around and sticking them down his throat. Eric ate my cigarette! Unreal.


By nights end, Eric was asking if we liked his jacket (which I made a mental note of how cool it was when they first came out), then informed us: “I know Rock & Roll is dead.. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dance with it’s fucking ghost!” and that’s when it was time for “The Only Way To My Heart”-basically the song that got me hooked on Foxy the first time, is now serving as a merely the cherry atop of some of the best cake I’ve ever had.

So for those keeping score, end of the show was “The Only Way To My Heart”, then “Temple”, then the “drunken guy” soliloquy in the middle of Temple, followed by eating cigarettes while dragging out the end of Temple. With the keyboardist on the floor of the stage collapsed with his rig laying on top of him, the band made their way off stage as Eirc grabbed the mic to leave us with one final message: “If I was able to get into people’s minds and make them decide things it would be easy to be the biggest band in the world” as he slams the mic down and the house music hits.

My name is Jay Porks, and I went to attend sermon at the Church of Rock & Roll and have been baptized.









Foxy Shazam Summer 2012 US Tour Dates

Foxy Shazam Summer 2012 US Tour Dates

You know we fucking love Foxy Shazam here at Concert Confessions. It is with great pleasure that we share the latest tour dates of these incredibly underrated rock and rollers. The trek (which goes on sale May 4th) starts June 15th in the sweet state of Indiana and wraps July 12th in the sweet state of Indiana.

To check out numerous Foxy Shazam reviews from every time zone in the continental United States, click here.

Foxy Shazam Summer 2012 US Tour Dates:

June 15th – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe @ Old National Centre
June 17th – Des Moines, IA @ Wooly’s
June 22nd – Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
June 23rd – Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom
June 24th – San Juan Capistrano, CA @ The Coach House
June 25th – Las Vegas, NV @ Aruba
June 27th – Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom
July 2nd – Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
July 6th – Asbury Park, NJ @ Stone Pony
July 7th – Springfield, MA @ Pearl Street
July 8th – Manchester, NH @ Rocko’s
July 11th – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
July 12th – Ft. Wayne, IN @ Pierre’s

I went to The Church of Rock and Roll and got saved by Foxy Shazam

What happens when you cram 200 people into a room the size of a living room and invite Foxy Shazam and friends over? I’ll tell you. I had the pleasure of going to one of Utah’s smallest venues, Kilby Court on 04/12/12 to check out a “revival”. Foxy Shazam, the biggest little band you’ll ever see, rolled through my town. They brought along support acts Cadaver Dogs and Maniac.

Cadaver Dogs…..this band is gritty, loud, and a lot of fun to watch. Frontman Mat, well, let’s just say he made it more than clear that he was there to “please” the crowd haha. He brought serious energy. One of my favorite moments was when guitarist Cole wrapped the mic around the stand and held it over into the crowd for the crowd to sing along. I was getting a kick out of this baby-faced crowd(it’s an all ages venue) smiling politely at Mat’s sexual references and drummer Alex’s coughcough “gestures”. I enjoyed their performance and would definitely see Cadaver Dogs play in Utah if they decide to come back.


Next up was Maniac. I had heard that this was an 80’s band. I would not necessarily classify them this way. While they very enthusiastically crammed 6 people onto the tiny stage and sang for us, I got a Grouplove-meets-Men At Work-meets-ABBA vibe off of them.


The songs were positive, warm, and you could tell that this band has a tightly knit unit. The front men had a very candid and brotherly repoire. I was able to get some shots of them while they performed songs including hit,” Pride of Lion”. They left me feeling happy and I got my fill of la la la’s no doubt.


Lastly, before Foxy Shazam came out, there seemed to be about 50 extra people that smashed into the already surging crowd. The excitement was thick, and I was really pleased at the turn out. I didn’t know that so many Utahns were into Foxy. As the ensemble made the walk onto the stage, the crowd was cheering and screaming. By this time, I’d lost a lot of ground and been forced to the side of the tiny stage. I had the pleasure of standing right behind trumpet madman Alex. I was kindly warned by Mat of Cadaver Dogs that Alex kicks, and to beware. He was right. I spent a lot of time admiring his legs and horn work. Foxy Shazam delighted us with several songs, including “Holy Touch”, “I Like It” and the awesome “Church” intro.

The head of Foxy, Eric Nally, is incredibly flexible. This man basically did the worm from a standing position. For a very small stage he surely explored the space, and being that I was relegated to side stage I was very happy he faced my way quite a bit. I was groin-level a lot of the time kneeling on the ground to shoot through people’s legs trying to get this spectacle on camera for you. And I succeeded. Eric is a born performer. He would be fun to watch without anyone else on stage. At one point he requested the lights be dimmed. We’re at a place that has basically a string of colored bulbs and two clamp lights for lighting. As the lights could not be dimmed, Eric simply unscrewed the bulbs and gave us mood lighting.  I was also delighted to see SO many fans screaming along every lyric with the band. It impressed me that there were so many true fans, and of such a young age. There is hope afterall.

If you don’t go and see Foxy Shazam on this tour, in these small clubs, you’re missing an opportunity to be part of a rock legend in the making. This band is big already, but they will be selling out venues and booking larger gigs. Go, now. See the Church of Rock and Roll, say a prayer and prepare your testimony, because YOU are the apostles that will spread the word. Please enjoy the photos below. Amen.


Foxy Shazam with Maniac and Cadaver Dogs @ The Vera Project, Seattle 4/14/12

Words by Mr. Sparkly

Photos by Shanda Sheldon

Foxy Shazam (9:50 to 11 p.m.)

Less than 24 hours in the Emerald City and a 600-mile drive across the state of Washington and back. That’s a small price to pay to see Foxy Shazam, one of the most entertaining bands today.

For an hour and ten minutes, Foxy Shazam delivered the kind of show that only Eric Nally and the boys can deliver. From the moment they started into Church of Rock and Roll until Nally was eating four lit cigarettes during The Temple encore, the 200-plus people packed into The Vera Project were having the time of their lives.

My friend and I were right in front of Sky White, and got caught up in the middle of the action when he lifted his keyboard into the crowd during Killin’ It and played while the fans held it up. At one point, Nally told an anecdote about a trip he took with his wife to New Orleans, before launching into the crowd favorite I Like It (see video at the bottom).

Overall, it was a great set and Foxy Shazam did not disappoint. Couple that with their in-store performance earlier in the day, and it was a trip that was well worth the drive.

Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam

Sky White of Foxy Shazam 

Alex Nauth of Foxy Shazam 

Daisy Caplan of Foxy Shazam

Maniac (9 p.m. to 9:50 p.m.)

Maniac stood out as a highlight of the evening  for two reasons. (1)  As the night progressed, the bands became less obnoxious. This was a refreshing change of pace. (2) The band is charismatic and played an energetic and fun set, delivering one catchy song after another. Co-frontmen Shawn Harris and Jake Grigg have great on-stage chemistry, and the entire crowd was dancing and singing along for the entire 50-minute set.

At first glance, it might be tempting to describe their sound as a simple nod to 80’s pop. However, their sound is a complex mixture of folk, pop, and rock elements, and the band delivers it with such energy that it’s hard not to love–which might be why Eric Nally from Foxy Shazam was in the crowd during their set.

If you have an opportunity to catch a Maniac show near you, don’t hesitate to go. You will have a good time.

Griggs and Harris of Maniac



Cadaver Dogs (8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

Cadaver Dogs are a dirty, gritty rock band from Ohio who play loud, fast blue-collar rock. They have a “we don’t give a shit” attitude and that is 100 percent their intention. As I watched their set, I kept thinking that they look like a band that should have been playing in the bar scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. 

Despite the drummer being a little over the top at times with his on-stage antics, I enjoyed their set and would go see these dirty mutts again.

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs 

Just Like Vinyl (8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.)

Just Like Vinyl, a local Seattle band, played a mediocre 30-minute set. Nothing about this band really stood out as being different from other bands trying to make a name for themselves within the rock genre. The lead singer played up the stereotypical “rockstar” persona, and their set included plenty of sexual innuendos. It was as if they were trying to channel their inner Steel Panther. If that was the intention, then they are well on their way to “success.”

Just Like Vinyl

Foxy Shazam at Silver Platters in Seattle 4/14/12

Foxy Shazam played an in-store performance at Silver Platters (Queen Anne Store) in Seattle on Saturday.  Around 100 fans came out to see the band and were treated to a three-song set that included Holy Touch, Forever Together, and I Like it. The event was from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

I walked over to the store at 2:30 p.m., which was conveniently located across the street from my hotel, and expected the place to be packed. Surprisingly, there were about 30 people in the store when I arrived. I was somewhat disappointed that more fans didn’t come out for this free event, then again, the low turnout worked out in my favor because I got a great spot for the performance.

After the performance, the band chatted with fans and signed autographs. Two lucky people won Foxy Shazam prize packages that included posters, a signed Foxy Shazam print on canvas, CDs, stickers and more. See below for a video of Foxy Shazam performing Holy Touch and Eric Nally describing his “inspiration” for the song.

Updated: Foxy Shazam Lines Up 2012 Spring US Tour Dates

Foxy Shazam Lines Up 2012 Spring US Tour Dates

The Church of MOTHER FUCKING ROCK AND ROLL is heading back out on the road. Fresh off a US tour with The Darkness which featured sold out balls to the wall full on ass kicking shows in New York, St. Louis, West Hollywood and Seattle, Foxy Shazam has lined up tour dates that bring the band from coast to coast. Joining the Cincinnati Ohio based rockers on the trek will be Maniac & Cadaver Dogs. Check out the dates below.

Update 04/03/12: With various members of Foxy Shazam very ill, select dates have been rescheduled and some venues have changed. Updated information as well as additional dates are down below. Per the Foxy website, if you bought tickets for a postponed show, they will honor your existing ticket for the make up show.

3/24 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock Café

3/25 Philadelphia, PA @ North Star Bar

3/26 Pawtucket, RI @ The Met

3/27 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory (SOLD OUT)

3/29 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

3/30 Albany, NY @ Valentine’s

3/31 Boston, MA @ TT the Bear’s

4/01 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground

4/03 Rochester, NY @ The Club @ Water Street Music Hall

4/04 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small’s

4/05 Lansing, MI @ The Loft

4/06 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection

4/07 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean (SOLD OUT)

4/09 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown

4/10 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep

4/12 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court

4/13 Boise, ID @ The Venue

4/14 Seattle, WA @ Vera Project

4/15 Portland, OR @ Branx

4/17 San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

4/18 Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy

4/21 The Woodlands, TX @ KTBZ Buzzfest

4/22 Frisco, TX @ KDGE Edgefest

4/24 New Orleans, LA @ Tiptina’s

4/25 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

4/28 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small’s

4/29 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection

4/30 Lansing, MI @ The Loft

5/1 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean

5/4 Rockingham, NC @ Carolina Rebellion Friday Night Campground Party

5/6 Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

5/7 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance Theatre

5/16 New York, MY @ Bowery Ballroom

5/18 Columbus, OH @ Rock On The Range 4 Play

5/20 Maryland Heights, MO @ Pointfest

5/25 Orlando, FL @ The Social

6/5 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground

6/6 Rochester, NY @ The Club @ Water Street Music Hall

6/19 Omaha, NE @ Waiting Room (NEW VENUE)

6/20 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep

7/13 Cincinnati, OH @ Bunbury Music Festival

The Darkness w/Foxy Shazam 02/25/12: Nepture Theater – Seattle, WA

The Darkness w/ Crown Jewel Defense & Foxy Shazam 02/25/12

Neptune Theater – Seattle, CA

Words/Photos by Thenaturalstoner & Mr  Sparkly

If you’re a regular visitor to Concert Confessions, you may have noticed a recurring theme throughout February. On our website, individual Twitter feeds, and the official Concert Confessions facebook page, there has been a lot of talk about The Darkness, the UK rockers who hit the scene in 2003 with the infectious tune “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” So here you go, the third confession of this tour, which also happens to be the last show of the North American tour.

It seemed like this particular weekend in Seattle was about seeing a few love/hate bands…either you love The Darkness and Foxy Shazam (or Sleigh Bells who we saw the night before) or you hate them. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, at least within the CC crew. Well, I love the Darkness and was jacked when they announced their North American tour last fall. Those hopes of seeing them were quickly dashed when I saw no Pacific Northwest dates. However, the boys came through when a few weeks later they added three PNW dates to the end of the tour.

After rocking with Sleigh Bells at the Showbox at the Market the previous night, thenaturalstoner and I headed over to the most dreaded part of Seattle, the University District (Go Cougs!), to see Crown Jewel Defense, Foxy Shazam and The Darkness at the recently renovated 800 seat Neptune Theatre. thenaturalstoner actually enjoyed Crown Jewel Defense’s set more than some of our other Concert Confessions brethren (I felt they were not bad, but just a bit gimmicky). Although I am not above giving them a second listen as both Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam) had nothing but good things to say about the band. However, we were psyched when their set ended and it was Foxy Shazam time!

Crown Jewel Defense

After reading some Foxy Shazam reviews on the site, I was extremely excited to catch this set. All of the stage antics we had been led to believe all came true. Eating cigarettes, crazy stage rolls, and awesome banter were all a fun addition to the set. The music was really good too—“I Like It,” “Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll,” and “Killin’ It” were amazing. We made our way to the floor, which was a great decision, and rocked out hard! After the set, we decided to head to spot near the front of the balcony and wait for The Darkness to hit the stage.

The Darkness came out about 10:30 and the sold out Neptune exploded. “Black Shuck” opened the set, and two hours later—with hits such as “Get Your Hands Off My Woman,” “One Way Ticket,” and of course, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”—the band and their rock and roll madness had the venue in shambles. It had everything I want in a rock concert: crowdsurfing, wailing guitar solos, high-kicks, Justin Hawkins’ bad-ass jumpsuits, and a mind-blowing “Love on the Rocks with No Ice” encore. Hawkins is a hell of a front man, which made it that much more of a great show. I have listened to the band’s first album, Permission to Land, thousands of times since its debut. Over the years, I had come to the realization that I may never see this band live. Tonight, after all those years, I finally got to see The Darkness rock Seattle.


Foxy Shazam Brings Out The New And Old Spirits Of St. Louis.


words/photos/videos/setlist by: BeezNutz

It had been almost 2 years since Foxy Shazam hit the wonderful streets of St. Louis and graced us with their presence. They have recently released a new album ” Church Of Rock And Roll ” on January 24th of this year. They are currently on tour with The Darkness.

They announced a headlining show at a great venue called Off Broadway in St. Louis. My friend Mike and I quickly requested off work as not to miss this show. The day of show the ground was covered with snow and ice. The facebook event page had 34 rsvps and it was on a Monday night. Things didn’t look good.

Passing the famous Budweiser brewery and making a quick turn onto Lemp Ave. It was soon apparent that I had underestimated this show. We barely found parking within a few blocks of the venue and slowly made our way to the door.

I bought both of our tickets since Mike drove there and we went in.The band Last Nights Vice was playing and they brought a good size chunk of the crowd and had everyone enjoying themselves. The room was packed and it was good to see a great turn out on a snowy cold Monday night.

After a brief set change and sound check at 9:43 Foxy Shazam took the stage to a wildly excited packed crowd that had at least doubled in size since the last time we saw them. Everyone pushed forward in hopes of securing that spot close to the stage. They were in for a show.

Eric came out and started in with a story about him and Alex getting mixed up with some ” serious voodoo stuff ” and this might be the last show they play together and that we needed to make it fun.

Foxy Shazam brings the ruckus and waste no time. As they played ” Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll ” the first track off their new album. It was a lot of fun to watch each of them go crazy playing their respective instruments with a wild intensity.

They barely had stopped the first song before going into my friend Mike’s favorite song ” Oh Lord ” off the 2010 release ” Foxy Shazam “. A big thing about seeing Foxy Shazam live is what stories singer Eric Nally will tell. Before the next song Eric told everyone in the crowd how he was repeatedly offered a lot of money to play this show, but he just didn’t wanna play St. Louis. Then his agent again asked if he would play a show here for free, and he finally said Yes.

Which was a great fitting intro to ” Yes, Yes, Yes ” off the 2008 album ” Introducing Foxy Shazam “. It was hard to snap pictures on the floor and this show was all about me having fun so I didn’t take a lot of them.

Holy Touch ” was easily a highlight of the show for me, featuring a 2 minute break down featuring Eric telling a story while wearing a lighted cowboy hat which he remarked could of been a prop in the movie Tron. After story time the band jumped right back into the song and sent it out with a bang.

” The only difference between me and a scholar is what we paid for what we know ” was the advice offered by Eric to the now somewhat drunk crowd at Off Broadway. They took that intro and played another crowd favorite ” Unstoppable ” and had the floor bouncing.

They ended the song ” Unstoppable ” by singing Greed Day lyrics (Brain Stew ). It was a cool thing to see live, they always change it up and keep things fresh. Before playing my favorite song off the new album Eric told everyone this was the best song they ever wrote as a group.

It is a song called ” Forever Together ” a song about being away from loved ones. During one point of the song Eric got serious on the crowd ” Don’t laugh it’s not funny, I miss my family ” It was the most serious tone I have ever heard that man take.

They always mix up the setlist and ” Rocketeer ” was next up and had the crowd singing the chorus along with the band while making the 5,4,3,2,1 gestures. It was a very high energy song.

The Temple ” which is the 9th song on the their latest release was next, followed by ” Ghost Animals ” both got great crowd reactions which only fueled the bands performance that much more.

Before another one of my favorite songs ” Killing It “. Eric asked the crowd for a cigarette and within seconds had at least 30 different smokes to choose from. He ended up smoking 5 of them at once and eating the butts much to the shock of the people in the crowd whom hadn’t seen Foxy before. In between songs, him and Alex demostrated and discussed proper ” Monkey Fucking ” techniques.

Choosing another selection off “ Church Of Rock And Roll ” they played the single ” I Like It ” which is peaking at 37 on the US rock charts.

They ended the 57 minute set with ” Only Way To My Heart “. It was a fitting end to a great set, this band is worth the money to go see live.

Each member of the band really plays their instruments well, Aaron on Drums, Alex on horns and vocals, Sky on Keys, Daisy on bass, and Loren on guitar all fit together great as a band and there is no way you could write about how great they all sound and perform together.

The show wasn’t over yet though after a 5 minute wait they all reemerged on stage and started in on a encore. They started the encore with the last song on the new album ” Freedom ” before venturing way back to 2005’s debut album ” The Flamingo Trigger ” and playing ” No Don’t Shoot “.

The crowd obviously wanted more, and Foxy didn’t let them down. They played ” Bombs Away ” and let everything go on the last song, Sky held his Keyboard out into the crowd and let the crowd go wild.

After asking the crowd if they came yet, because they had to leave they finally ended a great set.

It wasn’t till I got home and went through my pictures did I see one that kind of shocked and intrigued me at the same time. Taking lots of photo’s through the years a lot of people talk about energy orbs in photos. Mostly photo’s taken in graveyards or other haunted places. Knowing that the area the venue sits on is a very old part of St. Louis, it is very likely there are more than a few spirits just floating around. So the question is? Do you believe in GHOST? Look at the picture below and see for yourself.

Foxy Shazam Setlist 02/13/12

1.Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll

2. Oh Lord


4. Holy Touch

5. Unstoppable

6. Forever Together

7. Rocketeer

8. The Temple

9. Ghost Animals (Across)

10. Killin’ It

11. I Like It

12. Only Way To My Heart

13. Freedom

14. No Don’t Shoot

15. Bombs Away

Thanks to Off Broadway, and the great staff there, thanks to Foxy Shazam, Thanks to Grilled Cheezy and everyone else who made this night great.

Go check out the Newest Foxy Shazam Release ” Church Of Rock And Roll ” go out and see a show with The Darkness.

Check out Foxy Shazam Here

Check out Last Nights Vice here :

Check Out Off Broadway Here :

And here are two great links from the community radio station:

Concert Review :

KDHX Radio Performance :

The Darkness w/ Foxy Shazam 2/4/12 Irving Plaza NYC

On the same evening that New York Jets Running Back Curtis Martin get’s elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, can you believe that’s only the second best thing that happened today? Well, The 64th installment of the Jay Pork Never Ending Concert Series may have had something to do with that. Tonight brings us to Irving Plaza in NYC for an epic evening with The Darkness! Along with Foxy Shazam (Which ‘thenaturalstoner‘ praises for their latest stellar release), and I believe some other band they threw on the card that will be named in the next paragraph or so. This is great for so many reasons. First trip back to Irving Plaza since the Joe Budden debacle, and as I recall I noted to show up earlier this time and make it a must to get a better spot. Irving Plaza is also the venue me and my friend Pam scalped the fake Alice In Chains tickets and got beat on 100 bucks. Bad things have happened here. But, it’s the freaking Darkness! A band that people don’t know til you sing them the chorus from “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”, and even then they snort in derision. “You’re going to see that band?”. Yea actually I am. I can recall actually having a professor of mine at the College of Staten Island last semester breakdown the Epicness of the Darkness to some classmate who claimed they were a “one hit wonder”. That teacher said he’ll be in attendance tonight, and I will be looking for him(Brian Cogan author of many books available on Amazon, including the “Encyclopedia of Punk”). So there’s that and hey, it’s our first 2012 show-time to get back in the swing of things. I kicked it off huge last year with GWAR, and I expect The Darkness deliver as well (Well, except the “one of the guys in the band dying” part anyway). So let’s get this show on the road shall we?

So after freezing outside on a line for about an hour, they decided to open the doors. I happened to be standing next to a couple outside who I got to chatting it up with. Totally cool people, it was all laughs and talking past show experiences. Love that shit. And it was either Connecticut or New Hampshire they were from I can’t remember because I’m a terrible friend. But I know they were in a hotel and I know they were nice enough to warm me up with some of their Jagermeister while we waited for doors to open. Awesome. Finally some people who are friendly! I’m standing next to someone who says there is a second opener in addition to Foxy Shazam. I’m sure as hell hope not. Anyway I was able to snag a standing room spot upstairs, so video is happening tonight (we hope).

At 9 on the dot, a band fronted by a guy wearing rainbow zebra pants hit the stage. This band turned out to be Crown Jewel Defense- they’ve been on tour with Darkness overseas they say, and by the looks of their wardrobe I believe them. These guys look like before they formed this band they played as a Darkness cover band the way everyone’s pants hugging testicles. I mean, these guys aren’t that bad- they’re tight as a band. This guy has painted lines under his eyes like a Native American chief or something. What the hell goes on with life? A whole 24 minutes of their set went by fairly quickly, before the last song there was chants of “No more songs!” from the Irving Plaza crowd. Wasn’t me this time I swear.

Foxy Shazam came out at 9:40, and were totally freaking cool from the get go. Lead singer grabs the microphone and says: “I know Rock and Roll is dead but that doesn’t mean we can’t dance with it’s fucking ghost!!”. Hell yes! THIS is a band I can get into. They kicked it off with a song called “The Only Way to My Heart”-you had me at “The”! The lead singer jumps on the lead guitarist’s shoulders as he’s playing his little solo part, humps the back of his head. They got what I thought was hydraulic keyboards going on over there, but that was just the dude enjoying lifting it and moving it into obscure angles, including upside down to end the set. He was standing (and stomping) on that keyboard for a while there. Their lead singer is something else. All over the place, crazy swinging the mic-stand around and catching it.. Little bit of Iggy in him,

you know, minus the blood and peanut butter. During the set he asked if anyone in the crowd has a cigarette, he was tossed one with a light and lit it up. He takes a few puffs, and EATS IT. The dude ate a lit cigarette on stage! That’s what I call showmanship right there, that’s a front man I want to see more of… I feel like I’ve said this before, but this band sounds exactly like it’s name. Foxy Shazam.. just say it like this Foxy Sha-ZAM!!..Their set was over at 10:09. Then the wait for the Darkness had begun.

Hey, message to the dudes behind me-bump me again, and I’m going to turn around and punch somebody. The dance floor is downstairs if you wanna boogie, there was 5 of us that ran up here for a reason-to get away from you idiots.

So at like 10:50, the lights went off and a little intro music for a minute or so before they appeared before us: THE DARKNESS !

Rocking a stache like no other, decked out in an American Flag themed outfit looking like Johnny Depp meets Freddie Mercury. The place has filled out to the gills and going completely crazy.. these people are screaming so loud I could barely hear the notes at first. Started it with “Black Shuck” and went into “Growing on Me” from there. As someone who writes stuff on the interwebs, this point of the show I’m in heaven with a great spot and no event staffers in sight. I’m rolling, I’m gonna get this whole freaking thing! “The Best of Me”, “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back”, “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us”(The music video they release a few days ago), and “Get Your Hands Off My Women”-with the only one I wasn’t recording was the new one.

To me, this set happens in portions. The above paragraph is me rocking out doing my Social Media Journalistic duties from the 2nd floor leaning over the railing, recording songs like the rest of the room-except I’m not using an iPhone. So this schmuck starts tapping me on the shoulder during “Can’t Believe It’s Not Love” and demands I put the camera away. Really dude? Again, I can’t stress this enough, IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO BRING A CAMERA, THEN PUT IT IN THE EVENT INFO! You can’t just make up rules. Besides the fact of all the pot smoke and cigarettes being smoked downstairs. But no, me standing next the mom of one Foxy Shazam’s photographers with a little tiny camera is a problem. Screw you guy, you almost ruined my night.

It was at that point I realized my kidney’s were not up to the task of holding this urine in much longer, and since this great spot has gone to waste thanks to that event staff prick, might as well hit the head right about now. And I promise you this is how it went down, I can’t make this up. I run downstairs as I hear that Justin Hawkins is strumming an acoustic, but now I’m on the run to the stall and as soon as I close that door and begin to relieve myself, I hear that the song they’re playing is “Holding My Own”.. as I look down and, let’s face it, I too am also holding my own. I ran back upstairs because I heard “Love Is Only a Feeling” about to get started and I got up there and couldn’t see a freaking thing it’s so packed out. I was so mad for that split second I swung my fist towards the wall and almost punched it, I pulled back before I hit it (damn people watching me must think I’m a nutcase). I walked downstairs and sat back to enjoy this great song, and this great night. Eff that guy-I got “Growing On Me” that’s gonna have 100’s of views by next week. Porks 1, Event Staff 0.

Some bands let you down with their live performance-that is not the case here tonight. I cannot believe this guy can hit those high notes like that in real life-too bad Queen isn’t still looking for a front man to tour with-because THIS would be the guy. And keep now I’ve moved to the bar, and I’m watching the on stage happenings on a flat screen TV. I’m being blown away through a Television! This back end of the set they actually mixed in a few new songs too, that Justin said is on an album they’re working on. Good news for us Darklings. “Friday Night”(I love that song) was followed by a new one called “Everybody Have a Good Time”. He said it was “Everybody Have a Mother Fucking Good Time”, but the chorus didn’t have the expletive in it, so I’ll assume it’s not going in the title. “Givin’ Up” was in there too at some point, my iPod was dead I couldn’t take the songs down in order..Their were at least 2 more new ones in there that we weren’t privileged to be given the names of before the night was over. They went off well after Midnight, with “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” being the last song before the encore, and it was already 12:10 by then.

What a night. Feels so good to get back in the swing of things for 2012-as much as I love discussing festival lineups and trying to plan trips to Beale St., it fells so freaking good typing every single word of this as the clock ticks past 5AM. Tons of other shows coming this year, as we try and top last years total of 23: We got DMX coming up, Kasabian at Terminal 5 in March, Local H coming back at the Mercury Lounge in April. Fun times, fun times indeed. But here’s something not fun: I have a restaurant to open up in 4 hours-working til 9PM. And you know what, maybe someone get’s Merlot instead of Cabernet later because I’m so shot from all this madness… but it was all so damn worth it. Thanks for sticking around for all this jibber jabbar-stay tuned.


Chris Cornell at Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA – 9/29/15


Earlier this week, thenaturalstoner and I had what we would consider to be a perfect day in Seattle. We were in town to catch Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell at Benaroya Hall, a stop on his solo acoustic tour. After driving across the state of Washington that morning, we spent the afternoon in downtown Seattle doing all the typical tourist stuff like buying Hawks gear at the Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop, snapping photos in front of the Space Needle while making obscene gestures, taking in the sights of Puget Sound and studying the odd “art” along the waterfront. Like I said, typical tourist stuff.

At one point, we stopped off at a pub for a couple beers. No big deal, right? That’s what we thought until we spotted Grammy Award-winning rapper Macklemore sitting at a table behind us. Now, for some of you, this wouldn’t matter too much. But here at Concert Confessions, we have a little more respect for Mr. Thrift Shop ever since he released his latest single Downtown, which features vocals by Foxy Shazam frontman Eric Nally. Concert Confessions kind of digs Foxy Shazam, as evidence here, here and/or here.

After our afternoon downtown (and a fist bump between thenaturalstoner and Macklemore), we headed over to the show. It was such a nice evening out that we decided to walk instead of taking a cab. As we made our way to the venue, we stopped off in a small bar for a drink. Okay, if I’m being honest, it may have been a few drinks. Eventually, we made it to the show and we were ready for an unforgettable evening.


Inside Benaroya Hall, Chris Cornell thrilled fans with a massive 30-song set list that lasted nearly three hours and included his work with Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog (plus solo material). Cornell is arguably one of the greatest frontmen in the business today, and his iconic voice sounded great in the sold-out 2,500-seat concert hall, which is also home to the Seattle Symphony. To add to the thrill of it all, we were sitting front row. I have to give credit where credit is due, thenaturstoner was on his game when he bought these tickets months ago. I couldn’t believe that here I was now, an arm’s length away from the legendary Chris Cornell.

One of the highlights included a guest appearance by Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, who accompanied Cornell on Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog) and River of Deceit (Mad Season). Other members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam were spotted throughout in the venue. McCready, however, was the only sit-in. Of course we would have loved for other guests, but McCready was a super treat for us all and those older covers sounded fantastic.



Chris continued the night playing classics like Blow Up the Outside World, Fell On Black Days, Like A Stone and Black Hole Sun—although Benaroya Hall’s signature drink, the Black Whole Fun, left something to be desired. Cornell also dusted off some cool covers, including Bob Dylan’s Threw It All Away, Led Zeppelin’s Thank You, and a new favorite of mine, Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U.



All in all, this was an absolutely solid show and most definitely worth the time and money spent to make it to Seattle. I would highly recommend catching this tour if you have a chance. Cornell treats his fans to a massive set filled with great songs, which evoke the memories of the 90s.  Not to mention, his voice is still there and sounding better than ever. Thank you Seattle for an awesome evening.


Video credit: Tammy P.



The Top Five Jay Porks Concert Experiences of 2012

Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012

The end of the year brings us empty wallets, fat stomachs and most importantly larger egos than we had the year before. It’s because of these egos that people like me put together these year end “best of”  lists. Although as you know, here at Concert Confessions we do things a little differently then other sites. We don’t have a Top Albums list, Top Artist list, Male and Female Rookies of the year list we do top Concerts of the year. Personally, I’ll trust all of you readers enough to go ahead and listen to all those albums of the year you’re listing-You’ll let me know what’s good. You’re nice people right?

Anyway, more self branding: Every year I set a personal goal of going to more shows then the year prior. In 2011, we had ourselves 23 Jay Porks Experiences. In 2012, money was a bit tight, schedules fluctuated and goals were not reached as 18 shows were only attended. But don’t worry, they were some memorable ones that will most definitely fill the void in my heart that sits beneath my wretched soul (Alright it’s not that bad, but it’s good copy!).  Below, you can view the list of the Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012.

  #5 Orion Music + More Festival (Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ) June 23rd – 24th


Heading to the lovely Detroit in 2013, this year brought this guy to his first ever “festival” experience. Sort of. And it turned out to be way more than I was actually prepared for. When you think festival you think a few things: camping, shower trucks and people lying overdosed in mud puddles while folks from LA Weekly takes photos. But Atlantic City brings  casinos, thousands of hotel rooms (lots of them luxurious), and no camp ground. The idea is to get a room for the weekend, they had room packages with some tickets, I chose to go off course and book my own room accommodations and take a cab over and back each day. Was a solid plan going in.   The list of acts seen was immense, including Metallica (curators of the Festival) headlining the two night stint. The first day I got to see Baroness, Roky Erickson, Fucked Up, Cage The Elephant, Modest Mouse and Arctic Monkeys before Metallica turned me into a fan playing Ride The Lightening in it’s entirety.  Skin was turned powdery white to beat red after the full day (sunscreen something I rarely carry) and the dreadful Flagship Hotel had a less than desirable internet connection. Day Two brought me the likes of A Place To Bury Stangers, Ghost, Gary Clark Jr, the waste known as Best Coast, The Black Dahlia Murder, Eric Church and Titus Andronicus before Metallica hit the stage to remind me why I was never that big into them in the first place when they played the The Black Album…. backwards. Okay. Then on this night the return to the hotel room brought me with the dilemma of having NO internet at all at the again, dreadful Flagship Hotel whose front desk said the services were down. So I walked myself to Bally’s Casino w/ bags packed with all the towels, soaps and ashtrays I was able to fit in there and awaited the 4:30AM bus back into New York City. Had to catch Childish Gambino in Central Park the next night after all. Sounds like a pain, and looking back it kind of was but at the same time, those two days spent AT Bader Field  (while the music was playing )were absolute  magic.

#4 Local H (Bell House – Brooklyn) October 18th


This show was epic for so many reasons. In my 2nd time seeing the band this year (plus the Scott Lucas and the Married Men Mercury Lounge pit stop in June), and 1st time since the release of their latest record “Hallelujah! I’m a Bum”, which is an absolute masterpiece, I found myself leaving the Bell House that night feeling way more blown away then I could have ever predicted. Take into account the spot in the back of the room where we were able to survey the entire place instead of getting hit with cups full a beer down front. The energy Scott Lucas brought to the table that night was one of a man on a mission, and tons of great songs got played off the new record. I usually hate when a band tries to shove new songs down my throat at shows but this record is one that people need to hear. It’s too good to get lost in the shuffle. Ended the night covering TV On The Radio‘s “Wolf Like Me”, which was like the cherry on an awesome sundae.



#3 Kasabian (Terminal 5 – New York City) March 22nd



It was something out of Biblical times. On March 22nd 2012, Kasabian hit New York City with the entire world watching via YouTube and left every ounce of their fiber and being on that stage that night. Every song was like another chapter in a great novel I was having someone read to me. I wouldn’t say the man, myth and legend Reverend Justito and I like tons of the same bands, but this is one of the few he pointed to me and I was instantly a super fan. They burned Terminal 5 down to the ground that night, and everyone who was there is a changed person today. It’s a shame I didn’t have a good camera when I went to this gig, or I would’ve had some cool ass pictures. Well, none of my pics would’ve been better than Mick Rock‘s anyway, did I mention he was there? Google him. The video below from that evening at Terminal 5 is courtesy of The Bowery Presents because this show happened when this guy was still rocking a $50 camera. Dear Kasabian: PLEASE COME BACK TO AMERICA


#2 Foxy Shazam (Bowery Ballroom – New York City) May 16th



With Ween breaking up, they weren’t able to snag their normal spot as my #2 show of the year in 2012(as they had in 2010 and 2011). Having seen Foxy Shazam already kind of/sort of blow The Darkness  off stage in February – when a show was announced at Bowery Ballroom where they would headline I had to get in on that action-let’s see what the whole shebang brings to the table. And Oh Lord was I heeled with the Holy Touch with an evening of their finest numbers, funky vibes, and Eric Nally eating the cigarette I threw on stage!

I was sitting next to some people I met outside who were nice enough to pass along a pipe to me as I was filming “I Like It” . Snagged the spot upstairs balcony. Cannot beat it. Check the video for yourself. But if you told me before I went to that show that it would end up being the #2 show on my year end list I would have never ever believed you. The band is just that good. Nailing a spot supporting Slash on his Fall tour was a great job by him. Glad Slash has good taste in music. That was  Another show I attended. So three times I’ve been baptized into the Church of Rock & Roll this year… And I Like It.


#1 Mike Watt & Friends (Le Poisson Rouge – New York City) May 2nd


Mike Watt has tons of friends. When this purchase is made, the only thing known is that the Minuteman will team with J Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr to play tonight and that Mike Watt will be interviewed on stage before the show. I got to tape the interview but the questions are raised. So what songs are they going to play? Dinosaur Jr songs? Minutemen songs? Who’s singing? Well there was no mic set up in front of J, which is indication this isn’t a Dinosaur Jr kind of night. Out walks Don Fleming (from the band Gumball) and they play The Stooges “Real Cool Time”. Then I remember who the active bass player in the Stooges is: Mike Watt! So here we are playing Stooges songs all night with a revolving door of guest singers. John Petkovic came out, then one of my freaking heroes Thurston Moore(of the recently divorced Sonic Youth), then Sharon Von Etten, then Kurt Vile. And Thurston reappeared at least two more times, and they had Steve Shelly (also Sonic Youth) in there on drums on some songs too along w/ Byron Coley (who did the interviewing earlier) and John Maloney. I couldn’t have missed any names, because Mike Watt tweeted over the set list the next day with all the names of the parties involved and what songs they played on. That show was something I’m never going to forget. That’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing the actual Stooges.

The Jay Porks Favorite Read Of 2012 on Concert Confessions:

And last and certainly not least, I’ve added a new section to this top shows post. That portion is Top Concert Experience of 2012 NOT attended by me. We have lots of contributors, lots of varied acts getting written about. But one gig really hit close to home when out pal Reverend Justito went and saw my pals the Meat Puppets at the closing of the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California. I can guarantee that I enjoyed reading this one as much as most of the attendees enjoyed living it.

Reverend Justito’s Top 10 Concerts Of 2012

In 2012 I exchanged maxing out my credit card with Ticketmaster and instead maxed it out on diapers. In June I became a first time father which meant my sleepless nights were spent with an infant in my arms instead of next to the PA. Despite the life change I still managed to see some great gigs.

10) Baroness/Meshuggah 05/05/12

Meshuggah 05/05/12: House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA


Nothing say Cinco De Mayo on the Sunset Strip like the double shot of Baroness and Meshuggah. The House of Blues was sold out for weeks as fans heard a mix of new gems and old classics from both bands. Two completely different ends of the metal world combining perfectly just like beans and rice.

9) Foxy Shazam 02/19/12


Foxy Shazam 02/19/12: House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA

I once picked up a 7 inch of Foxy Shazam at a charity sale. That was my knowledge of the band. Then our friend BeeZnutZ swore up and down they were legit, so my mind was open. Then Porks saw them and was blown away. So by the time I got to see them open for The Darkness at House of Blues I knew I was in for a treat. What I didn’t expect was for them to blow the headliner (who I was very excited to see) off the fucking stage.

8) Local H 09/24/12

Local H 09/24/12: Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Hallelujah! I’m A Bum was my favorite album of 2012. So the fact that the Local H show at the Troubadour comes in at 8 tells you just how many amazing moments I saw this year. It was a rare occasion where I actually found myself rooting for new songs instead of the reliable rockers from the back catalog. Fingers crossed they make it back to Southern California in 2012.

7) Coheed and Cambria 10/04/12

Coheed and Cambria 10/04/12: Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Didn’t I just write about a show at the Troubadour where I was most excited to hear new songs? This time around it was Coheed and Cambria and having been shut out in the original on-sale, I lucked out and got in at the very last minute. As a hardcore Coheed geek, it was amazing to see the band perform songs live for the first time. The fact that I got to see it go down in the best club in Southern California is the icing on the cake.

6) Phish 08/15/12

Phish 08/15/12: Long Beach Arena - Long Beach, CA

I used to have this saying that as long as I saw Phish, they would be the top band I saw that year. While this could be true if I saw shows in San Francisco, St. Louis or Denver, the fact is that in 2012 the lone Phish show I saw is pretty low down on the list of shows I have seen the band play. Phish is pizza, even when it is bad it is good. But a poor venue and a setlist that included a good amount of Phish songs that I am less than ecstatic about drops my favorite band to the 6 spot.

5) Ryan Adams 02/17/12

Ryan Adams Conan
Antiquiet was kind enough to send my wife and I to downtown Los Angeles for an evening with Ryan Adams. After an opening set from Mark Twain, Adams dazzled the Walt Disney Concert Hall with his solo acoustic set. The night was as much of a comedy show as it was an evening of music. Adams banter is hilarious and Mr. Cat is now regularly played in my home. I didn’t manage to get any video but our pal Brian did. Check out a heartfelt cover of the Dio classic Holy Diver down below.

4) Trey Anastasio 03/10/12

Trey Anastasio w/ the Los Angeles Philharmonic 03/10/12
Remember up above where I mention that Phish is my favorite band? Well you can imagine how incredible it was to see Trey Anastasio rework Phish songs backed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. One of four shows booked across the states, Anastasio sounded flawless inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall. With the venue having a strict no camera policy I managed to get a few shots and this lone video.

3) Coachella 04/15-17/2012

Coachella 04/15/12 - Indio, CA
Having lived in Los Angeles for a decade, I finally dragged my ass out to Indio for Coachella. The sun and I have a real love/hate relationship so you know I was one of the few people out on the Empire Polo Fields stoked for the first rainy day in festival history. I viewed my three days like a buffet, getting a sampling of everything I could possibly fit in. I know this much. It may not be 2013 but my ass will no doubt make it back to Coachella before ten years pass again.

2) Ghost 02/02/12

Ghost 02/02/12: The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA
I said it in my review and now nearly a year later I stand by what I said. There are concerts, and then there is history. This was history. A packed Roxy witnessed the first Los Angeles ritual from Ghost. You just knew watching a band who was already far too big for the small Sunset Strip landmark. With a major label sophomore effort set to drop early next year I think it is safe to say that everyone who catches Ghost at one of the larger venues in town will claim they had made it into the Roxy on that February night.

1) Kasabian 04/17/12

Kasabian 04/17/12: The Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA
Ask anyone who knows me and they will share with you my unhealthy obsession with getting Kasabian to America. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t understand why America doesn’t like this band. For years I had prayed for their return and 2012 was it. As it worked out, I got to see the band three times in a week. Having seen the band for the first time a few days earlier at Coachella, their appearance at the Fonda was my one shot to see the band headline. It didn’t just live up to my expectations they absolutely destroyed them. Now the question is, how the hell do we get them back to do it again?

thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2012

thenaturalstoners Top 10 Shows of 2012

By thenaturalstoner


Hello again dear readers, how are ya?!?  2012 was a pretty interesting year for me… saw lots of great shows, my dogs turned 5 (fucking 5!!) years old, and my house flooded while I was in Canada, displacing me from my home for over a month.  All of these experiences are what life is all about though, and this list below details some of these adventures in my top 10 musical sets of the year.  Besides WSU Football, live music is the best entertainment in the world, and I saw some pretty epic shit this year:


10. Warren G – 8/31/2012 – John’s Alley, Moscow, Idaho.

He may be a little older than he was in the summer of 1994, but make no mistake, The G Child can still put on a solid show!  It’s not every day that we get hip hop icons to perform concerts up here in Idaho, but we were blessed this past August with one of the Kings.  ‘This DJ’ to start and end the show, all of his hits and a medley of rap classics from others had the dance floor bouncing all night long!

9. Alabama Shakes – 5/26/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

On this Saturday, I had one of my only schedule conflicts of the entire Sasquatch Festival: Alabama Shakes vs The Civil Wars vs Portlandia in the afternoon.  Thank God I picked the Alabama Shakes set!  Brittany Howard is awesome and the Bigfoot Stage was packed full of fans that were loving the young bands soulful sounds.  This was one of the best sets I saw all weekend and I hope the Shakes blow up in 2013.

8. Starfucker – 10/22/2012 – The Belltower, Pullman, Washington.

Starfucker is my favorite electronic pop band, and this show was only a few blocks from my house!  My first Starfucker show was at this same venue, and The Belltower should be given credit as their audio improvements between the shows were drastic.  This show sounded great, had a great vibe, and I danced my ass off!

7. Silversun Pickups Acoustic Set – 5/28/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

I somehow randomly ended up in a Kokanee contest area at this years Fest, drunk on rum we snuck in that morning, then spun some big spin wheel and ended up landing on the rare “Kokanee Acoustic Tent Tickets” piece!  There is this small (200 people or so fit in there) tent setup in an out of the way area and acoustic sets happen each day at Sasquatch.  I was lucky enough to get a pair on the last day of the Festival and see the Silversun Pickups up close.  Nikki Monninger was totally checking me out the whole set and the bands jams were awesome.  I very much enjoyed this over their plugged in electric set on the Main Stage later that night.

6. Gary Clark Jr. – 5/28/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

Gary Clark Jr. is the MAN and he ripped The Gorge a new one this day.  My favorite set of the entire Sasquatch Festival and it was a thrill to see him play guitar in person.  I hope we can get a repeat appearance soon… like 2013 soon!

5. The Darkness/Foxy Shazam – 2/25/2012 – The Neptune, Seattle, Washington.

My introduction to The Church of Rock and Roll capped off an epic weekend in Seattle (see show #4 below).  Foxy came out and blasted us with a great set, and then the Darkness followed with over two hours of their own!  A nice long show with two great rock bands.

4. Sleigh Bells – 2/24/2012 – The Showbox (at the Market), Seattle, Washington.

Sleigh Bells nailed us with a LOUD, thrashing show on this Friday night in the big city.  We were able to get inside the venue and close enough (super close) to really enjoy this experience in a proper fashion.  After the show the band called it one of the three best shows they have ever played.  After missing most of their set a year prior at the 2011 Sasquatch Fest, it was great to finally see them do their own show.  I think my ears are still ringing.

Sleigh Bells Seattle

3. Snoop Dogg – 7/20/2012 – The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I feel like these top three shows of 2012 are on a separate level from the others…. these three were A+, some of the best shows in a long time, type of gigs.  Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, BC was just what I needed at this random point in my life.  I was up in Canada for the week at this half work/half vacation thing, when I got a call from my landlord that my house had flooded and everything was a disaster.  Of course, this made the Canada trip an immediate bummer, and I needed some sort of positivity boost for the rest of the time we were up there.

On our last night in Canada we were treated to an hour of the D O Double G that brought a great feeling of happiness and life back into my depressed body.  Playing a mix of hits new and old, this show was off the charts.  Probably my favorite hip hop concert I have seen.

The venue was easily the smokiest venue I have ever been in (and I have been to Ween, Phish, Grateful Dead members, etc.), which made the 2 hour wait for Snoop to come out fairly tolerable.   Loved his hour long set and him encoring with ‘Young and Wild and Free’ with tons of blunts being smoked on stage seemed like a fitting end to this interesting trip across the border.

2. Alice Cooper – 11/17/2012 – The Northern Quest Casino, Airway Heights (Spokane), Washington.

I don’t know if I can accurately describe in words how great this show was.  Alice Cooper has still got “it” and he dominated the stage for almost two hours on this Saturday in Spokane.

You know that feeling that happens, honestly only a handful of times in your life, where you go to a show and you really only want one song to be on the setlist.  Like, this song MATTERS, and you just want to see it played live once before it’s too late. But then you look up recent setlists and notice that the song has been shelved for quite some time.  Well, my Alice Cooper song is ‘Hello, Hooray’ and he hadn’t been playing it at all that I had seen.  It’s the only song I felt I HAD to see live and he isn’t playing it.  But, oh man, “WHAT IF”??? I probably said “What if” a hundred times leading up to this show.

Then the lights in the venue drop, the intro guitar jam happens and then the curtain falls exposing the band and gear.  POW! ‘HELLO, FUCKING HOORAY’ to open the damn show!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?  It’s these moments of pure joy that are the reason I go to concerts and have complete faith in music.  Besides winning the Apple Cup (zinger!) there are no greater sources of entertainment and elation than moments like this.

Oh yeah, and the rest of the show was great as well.  REALLY great. Soooo glad I got to see this show.  It is probably the best non Phish or Pearl Jam related show I have seen in several years, no joke.

1. Pearl Jam – 9/30/2012 – Adams Center, Missoula, Montana.

A show so great it launched an “Instant Classic” download franchise, Pearl Jam dominated their only full United States show (non-festival set) of 2012 in beautiful Missoula, Montana.  A benefit for recently re-elected Senator Jon Tester, this two and a half hour set was scorching from top to bottom… well, except for the mini acoustic set which was much more relaxed.

Due to the demand for tickets, most every fan in that building had traveled some distance and really WANTED to be there, which led to an amazing environment. “This is the coziest place we have played in quite awhile”, in reference to the small basketball gym the show was in, and “This is the best U.S. crowd we have had in a very long time” just really brought this show to another level.  And it was true, the atmosphere was thick in there.  Some people couldn’t quite handle themselves, getting too drunk and passing out in the hallway, or the guy about 6 people down from us who puked on the 4 people in front of him pre-show, this was a special night of mixed energy in Big Sky country.

A home state show for bassist, Jeff Ament, this show had everything.  Even if Eddie Vedder was a little under the weather he didn’t show it as he was all over the place.  Not as much as Mike McCready though, that man is a monster, bouncing all over the room while shredding guitar in his Team Gleason shirt.  Mudhoney opened the show and they came out for a sweet ‘Kick Out the Jams’ with PJ, but my personal highlight was the ‘Fortunate Son’ Creedence cover late in the set.  Ending the show with no ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ was a nice change, my first show out of six where I didn’t get that song in the setlist. A fantastic night all around.

Oh and to the annoying guy from Cleveland that I met at The Rhino bar, who did NOT appreciate my “LEBRON” t-shirt:  You are still from Cleveland and ‘The King got his Ring’.

 Pearl Jam Missoula


Just missed the cut: Beck Sasquatch, Fruition/Danny Barnes Moscow, ID, Jack White Sasquatch, Foxy Shazam Portland, OR, John C. Reilly Sasquatch, Starfucker Sasquatch.


Moment of my year: ‘Hello, Hooray” from Spokane.  I think you can get a feel for the joy I was feeling by hearing how pumped I get in the video clip:

The Darkness – Terminal 5 New York City 10/21/12

The Darkness (w/ The Dirty Pearls & Sweatheart) – 10/21/2012

Terminal 5 – New York City

Words/Photos/Video – Jay Porks

Well, today was another case of me being on my way to a bitchin’ rock show while one of my professional sports teams loses in heartbreaking fashion. Thursday was the Yankees, and before tonight’s show kicked off the Jets had lost in overtime. Speaking of the show- Hello everyone, and welcome to the 80th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series (I’m told there’s a watch waiting for me at # 100) which takes us to Terminal 5 (610 West 56th Street) in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City to see The Darkness play one of their two shows on this side of the pond in support of their new album ‘Hot Cakes’, which you should go buy if you haven’t. Now, the only bad news is that Foxy Shazam is not in the building (they opened up for the band at Irving Plaza in February) but we’ve got two other openers to make a case for themselves here tonight as we have ‘Sweatheart’ and ‘The Dirty Pearls’ due up before everyone’s favorite cock-rockers hit the stage. Doors are at 7, with showtime at 7:30. Let’s roll.


After a pretty intense walk from the train station, I made it to the entrance at 6:47 where they were already bringing people in and having them wait on the roof top smoke deck not to crowd the streets of Manhattan. Did I mention I’m wearing a suit? Well, last night my friend Janine (who was at The Offspring with Pam and I) got married and the ceremony was so awesome I figured why not let the good times roll on into Sunday night. I mean, it’s the Darkness we’re talking about here-must keep it classy. So they let us in at 7 and I’m dashing to my usual spot on the 3rd floor when I’m stopped by event staff. First he’s asking me for my VIP sticker (because I’m wearing a suit I guess) and when I tell him I’m a regular fan he informs me that the 3rd floor is not open this evening. I said “What’s that, due to lack of ticket sales or something?” he nodded. I cannot believe the Darkness are underselling this place? It holds 3,000- They sold out both nights at Irving Plaza in February, granted it’s a third of the size I figured this show would be sold out for months. Bummer. So my new spot is right behind the sound board and the guy controlling the lights, I’m looking down at all the action, hey there’s the Darkness set list right there on the table-let me just copy all these songs down and scout out when I’m going to tape. This spot I grabbed is on the 2nd floor, straight in the back. Finally get to see the stage background thing that bands always hang but I never see because I prefer a side view.

 At 7:31 Philadelphia’s own “Sweatheart” hit the stage. No, I’m not misspelling the word Sweetheart-it’s actually Sweatheart. They have a mannequin siting at the key board , several members wearing black hoods, (Halloween is around the corner after all). Once she removes the black hooded thing, this lead singer has a this skin tight bodysuit hot enough to keep my attention, and that girl’s name is Amanda Blank. For a half hour, they dropped their weirdness on us, filled with plenty of innuendo and crotch grabbing to explain why they were indeed opening for the Darkness. Justin Hawkins says this band did the animation for their music video “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us”. As I watched I kept trying to pin what sub-genre they fall under. They were like Bubblegum-Heavy, but when I came home, I read that they’re “performance rock”, and the band’s website says: “Approachable Stadium Pop, Man Jams (with Women) or Community College Rock. No wait, 80’s Screwball Comedy Soundtrack Rock”. Well whatever it was it sounded good to me, I like bands with a sense of humor (and a hot lead singer who openly discusses ejaculating on breasts). I did not see a bass player. They went off at 8:02

Things are moving quick on stage, as it only took til 8:13, for The Dirty Pearls to come on and rock this joint out-and they did. This band was more straight ahead Rock N’ Roll. Here we have a hometown band with a lead singer wearing sunglasses indoors and two guitar players playing nothing but gnarly fucking riffs man. Fuck Eddie Van Halen. I’m starting to get packed into this little spot here as people are catching on to this awesome view. Only one slow jam from them: “You Got Me Where You Want Me” to counter act the hard hitting songs like “Bruises” and the track that ended their set, “New York City Is A Drug”. They just released their debut full length record “Whether You Like It Or Not” which you can download at the bands website. Good times. They went off at 8:47

At 912 when “The Boys are Back in town ” started blasting through the PA, you knew that the boys were in fact back in town as the Darkness hit the stage. The band has a new record out called “Hot Cakes” and it’s spectacular. They have two U.S. Dates supporting this effort-that;s right TWO. Us NYC folk get them, as well as the City of Angels in a few days. Not surprising they’d began the evening with the first song on the new effort, “Every Inch Of You”.

Dan Hawkins in a Thin Lizzy tee shirt while Justin is in his usual Freddie Mercury style shiny white jump suit. “Black Shuck” followed with “Growing On Me” really had this place (well, the two floors of the place) rocking.

I mean, I know about a handful of people who are as into this band as I am-not everyone is smart enough to get these guys. But the ones who do were here tonight, as hands were waving, people in the back on the first floor were dancing (good idea for the playlist if I ever get married-The Darkness), just good vibes all around this place. “She’s Just A Girl Eddie” was our next Hot Cakes track to appear, and people already knew the words to it! This isn’t even one of their singles.

“One Way Ticket” came next and it featured a pause in the middle of the song as Justin was kicking guitar picks with his heel until finally the bass player caught one on like the seventh try to a resounding ovation.

Then before they played “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us” we were informed about how Sweatheart did the music video for them, and they were very grateful. Towards the end of “Get Your Hands Off My Woman” Justin had pointed to some fan in the crowd, who raced up through the sea of people to the front, where he was dragged on stage to help out on the “mother fucker” audience participation part of the song. That guy was funny. He took off his shirt and threw it at Dan, before walking over and taking a sip of Justin’s water. All of a sudden this guy’s a rockstar now. Awesome. Justin told him “end it with a leap!” and he did, he leaped right into Justin’s arms before grabbing his shirt and diving into the crowd to be surfed to the back of the room. Priceless.

I find it funny that the band has two songs on the set list that start with the word love and they choose to put them back to back. That’s the case next when the band busted out “Love Is Not The Answer” followed by my personal highlight of this evening: “Love Is Only A Feeling”.

This is a song where Dan gets some time to shine with his gee-tar..See, back at Irving Plaza when I saw this band, event staff made me put my camera away before I was able to tape this epic ballard. So I was thrilled to be rolling when they jammed out on that one before Justin ran back stage to change jump suits. Tattoos much? Jeez I thought that said “Thug Life” across the stomach for a second. This guy’s bad ass. In the black and silver jumper, an older tune “Friday Night” was followed by two new tracks “Concrete” and “Everybody Have A Good Time”.

This is the part where I say “The Darkness Covered Radiohead!!”

but it’s not a rare thing as they do “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” live almost every set, so much so that they recorded a version of it for Hot Cakes. I have to be honest here, I’m not a fan of this song much as a Radiohead song, but The Darkness knock that shit out of the park. The band was in rare form tonight, and I hate myself for living in the only borough you need to take a boat to get to and having to leave right after that because of the Ferry’s Sunday scheduling. Justin was introducing “Givin’ Up” on my way out, as I heard him saying “Hey, you want to hear me and my brother sing a song about Heroin?”. What a great freaking band.

I had copied down the set list before the show started from the sound board, you can find that below this little photo gallery. So pissed at myself for having to duck out of there, but as with life, stuff happens. Once the videos upload, they’ll all be posted right here. The Darkness covering Radiohead is first up of course. And oh yeah, check out my awesome photos. Seriously, I’m getting pretty good at this.

Set List:


Every Inch of You
Black Shuck
Growing on Me
She’s Just A Girl Eddie
One Way Ticket
Nothin’s gonna stop us
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Love Is Not The Answer
Love Is Only A Feeling
Friday Night
Everybody Have A Good Time
Street Spirit (Fade Out) [Radiohead Cover]
Givin’ Up
Stuck In A Rut
I Believe In A Thing Called Love


With a Woman
Hazel Eyes
Love On The Rocks With Ice


UR1 Music Festival Lineup led by Kanye West, Lou Reed and Jane’s Addiction

UR1 Music Festival Lineup led by Kanye West, Lou Reed and Jane’s Addiction

So it seems we’ve run out of creative names for festivals, but it doesn’t hurt to have an almost endless line up. That seems to be the case with UR1 Festival , which takes place in  December 8th and 9th a Bayfront Park in Miami. Headliners include the likes of Kim Kadashian’s newest squeeze Kanye West, The Offspring, and that guy who ruined Metallica, Lou Reed. 

Of course we kid about Lou Reed ruining Metallica (Metallica ruined Metallica this year). The rest of this line up rounds out pretty awesome with appearances from Slash(who split an awesome bill with Foxy Shazam this fall), fun.,  those weirdos Animal Collective, Flying Lotus, space rockers Ghostland Observatory along with Janes Addiction. 

For up to the minute festival details, head over to the official website by clicking here. For the full line up, plus festival trailer, that’s all down below.

UR1 Festival Line Up

  • Kanye West
  • The Offspring
  • Lou Reed
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Animal Collective
  • Keane
  • fun.
  • Flying Lotus
  • Slash
  • Santigold
  • Dead Can Dance
  • Erick Morillo
  • Sven Vath
  • Pete Tong
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Bob Sinclar
  • Zola Jesus
  • Ghostland Observatory
  • Dan Deacon
  • Holy Ghost!
  • Wild Nothing
  • Glass Candy
  • Kevens
  • Reboot
  • Dubfire
  • Luciano
  • Armand Van Helden
  • Carl Craig
  • Tanlines
  • Guy Gerber
  • Stacey Pullen
  • Peter Murphy
  • Arty
  • Onur Ozur
  • Tobi Neumann
  • Seth Troxler
  • Damian Lazarus
  • Davide Squillace
  • The Martinez Brothers
  • Cassy
  • Mathias Tanzmann
  • dyed soundorom
  • Dan Ghenacia
  • Luna City Express

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Rock Out On Conan

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Rock Out On Conan

Myles Kennedy is feeling better, and after cancelling last nights gig and the Wiltern, Slash and Co. bounced back in Burbank on Basic Cable rocking out to “Standing in the Sun” on Conan. Video Below courtesy of The Audio Perv. Slash DESTROYS in this by the way, in case you needed someone to tell you that something like that would occur in this performance.

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators “Standing In The Sun” 

For the Full Experience of Slash and Foxy Shazam storming though Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Click Here

Photo at the top, taken by me. Yea, I learned how to use a camera.

Dead Sara/The Offspring/Neon Trees North American Tour Dates

Dead Sara/Offspring/Neon Trees North American Tour Dates

Now continuing in a year of cool tours, Dead Sara is set to be joined on the road with The Offspring and Neon Trees. Dead Sara begins their trek August 11th and will be combining forces with The Offspring and Neon Trees  August 31st at the Fillmore in Detroit.  September stops at the Stone Pony in NJ and Terminal 5 in NYC may lead to a review ending up on this very website.  We shall see.

All the dates below were taken from the Dead Sara official website.

Dead Sara 2012 North American Tour Dates 

Aug 11
Dirt Fest 2012
Birch Run, MI
Aug 18
Sunset Strip Music Festival
West Hollywood, CA
Aug 23
Knitting Factory Concert House
Boise, ID
Aug 24
Knitting Factory Concert House
Spokane, WA
Aug 30
On The Waterfront Festival
Rockford, IL
Aug 31
Detroit, MI
Sep 02
Toronto, Canada
Sep 03
Montreal, Canada
Sep 06
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ House of Blues w/ Neon Trees
Boston, MA
Sep 08
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ Sands Bethlehem Events Ctr w/ Neon Trees
Bethlehem, PA
Sep 09
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ Stone Pony Summer Stage w/ Neon Trees
Asbury Park, NJ
Sep 11
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ Lupo’s w/ Neon Trees
Providence, RI
Sep 14
Riot Fest
Chicago, IL
Sep 15
The Fillmore
Charlotte, NC
Sep 15
DC 101 Kerfuffle @ Jiffy Lube Live (Sublime with Rome, Garbage, Anberlin, and Foxy Shazam)
Bristow, VA
Sep 19
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ Terminal 5 w/ Neon Trees
New York, NY
Sep 22
Epicenter Festival @Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Irvine, CA
Sep 27
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ Fillmore Auditorium w/ Neon Trees
Denver, CO
Sep 29
X96 Big Ass Show @ Gallivan Center
Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 02
THE OFFSPRING TOUR @ San Jose Event Center w/ Neon Trees
San Jose, CA
Nov 27
Shiprocked Concert Cruise
Fort Lauderdale, FL


I love our local record store, Vintage Vinyl. They are what every music scene needs, a place to check out new music, find old stuff you forgot about, and most importantly to turn you onto new and emerging bands. Just two years ago, I saw Foxy Shazam play here for free and now they are off doing big things and everyone is digging them. So as a rule of thumb, if I am off and you play a instore at Vintage Vinyl. I will come check out your band, and more times than not I will buy a record at the end just to thank both the store and the artist for their time.

My awesome girlfriend Danielle and I descended on beautiful Delmar St. in search of good times and music and found both promptly at Vintage Vinyl. The weather was great, everyone was in good spirits however the band hit the to be expected rush hour traffic in St. Louis. As most live performances at Vintage Vinyl do, this one featured FREE Schlafly Beer! Which was enjoyed by most in attendance, and not just one variety they always have new styles to try and it always makes the deal that much sweeter. The band arrived and after some friendly chit chat and a sound check they took the stage in the back of the store.

Black Girls was returning to their home state of Virginia after a brief tour of the midwest featuring a festival slot at Smoky Hill River Festival. They were each very nice to myself and others in the crowd as we chatted about music, beer and other fun topics.

They each had a great time making the most of the cramped stage make shift stage area. I really was enjoying myself and the free music, free beer and atmosphere that Vintage Vinyl provides for music fans.

The five piece band featuring : Drew on vocals, Jeff on bass, Stephen on drums, Fletcher on rhythm guitar, and Mike on lead guitar tore up the stage and brought over more people than when they started to watch their set.

I give this band my endorsement of someone to watch in the next few years, they sounded great live, were fun to watch perform and were great people in general. I wish them all much success and plan to be in attendance at the next St. Louis show they book.

Please go and check out Black Girls online here:

and don’t forget to show love to Vintage Vinyl as well, they can be found online at:

Thanks to everyone who made this day great, Schlafly Beer, Vintage Vinyl, Black Girls and everyone else who made this possible.

Till Next Time…… BzNtz

Best Coast Play ‘The Only Place’ On Letterman

Best Coast Play “The Only Place” On Letterman 

I walked in from a night of Foxy Shazam and the first thing on TV when I walked in was Best Coast on Letterman. Funny, because we at Concert Confessions were just discussing the other day about how Best Coast are playing Orion Music + More Festival (that Metallica thing in Atlantic City) and how it’s not going to take long for this chick (the singer in this band) get hit in the face with a bottle of piss. I hadn’t heard the band’s music at all, I just found that comment hilarious. And just about halfway through the song I turned to my father (who’s ear I’d been filling with Foxy Shazam jargin upon arrival) and said “Yep, these guys are gonna get killed by these meatheads” . Check out the video and see if you get what I’m saying

Mad love as always to The Audio Perv for the video.

Willie Nelson Covers Pearl Jam On Jimmy Fallon

Willie Nelson Covers Pearl Jam On Jimmy Fallon

It’s been almost a year since I saw Willie Nelson in Spokane.  The legend himself in person. Hard to believe that weekend even happened.  So every time he’s on TV or something I feel like I have to check it out, to sort of relieve the memories a little bit. So he stopped by ‘Late Night’, promoting his latest effort Heroes among other things. Hell I would go see him again in NJ tomorrow night if I didn’t already have Foxy Shazam tickets. Anyway  Below is the interview he did with Jimmy Fallon last night, and the musical performance will be below that. For all things Willie Nelson i.e. Tour Dates, Merch, Helping Farmers or whatever, you can hit his official site by clicking here.


Willie Nelson “Just Breathe” (Pearl Jam cover) [Video Courtesy of The Audio Perv]

Willie Nelson “It’s Flooding Down In Texas” (Web Exclusive)

2012 Bumbershoot Music Festival Lineup Announced

2012 Bumbershoot Music Festival Lineup Announced

Long before the wheel was invented and fire was discovered, Seattle has hosted a massive labor day weekend music festival known as Bumbershoot. The lineup for the 2012 edition has just been announced and it is nothing short of fantastic.

Saturday 09/01/12:

Jane’s Addiciton, AWOLNATION, M. Ward, The Jayhawks, The Hello Sequence, City and Colour, The Heavy, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, King Khan & The Shrines, Heartless Bastards, Oberhofer, Thee Satisfaction, Damien Jurado, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, Alela Diane, The Barr Brothers, Tacocat, Unnatural Helpers, Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra, Polecat, Nude

Sunday 09/02/12:

Tony Bennett, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Keane, Blitzen Trapper, The Promise Ring, Yelawolf, Mudhoney, Wanda Jackson’s Dusty 45’s, The Greenhornes w/ Eric Burden, Ian Hunter and the Rant Band, Civil Twilights, Fruit Bats, The Jezabels, Why?, Barcelona, Lee Field and the Expressions, Harmonica House Party, Katie Herzig, Niki & The Dove, Am & Shawn Lee, THENEWN02, Gold Leaves, Karen Lovely, Deep Seadiver, Theoretics, Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme, Ty Curtis Band, The Young Evils, Knowmads, Katie Kate, Eighteen Individual Eyes

Monday 09/03/12:

Skrillex, M83, Passion Pit, Low, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Vaselines, Fujiya & Miyagi, Fishbone, Lights, Rebirth Brass Band, LP, Ty Segall, Hey Marseilles, The Wombats, Ana Tijoux, Foxy Shazam, Bombino, Omar Souleyman, Tyrone Wells, El Vez, Debo Band, Star Anna, Seapony, Bryan John Appleby, Reignwolf, Noah Gundersen, Super Geek League, The Pharmacy, Ghosts I’ve Met, Posse, Cascadia ‘10

To check out our coverage of Bumbershoot 2011, click here. For up to the minute details on the 2012 edition, check out the official website by clicking here.


The Top 12 Must See Acts of Coachella 2012

The Top 12 Must See Acts of Coachella 2012 According To Our Shit Talking Loud Mouth Founder Reverend Justito

My only trek to Indio for three days of music in the desert was nearly 2 ½ years ago. It featured one band performing 8 sets for 45,000 devoted fans. Truth be told, I am a bit scared of my first Coachella experience. I am not really the violent type, but the right mix of mind altering substances as well as the heat and general stupidity of 89,989 fucktards rocking fedoras may just send me into a murderous rampage. I suppose it’s a good thing that the fine folks at Goldenvoice don’t allow weapons onto the lush green lawn known as the Empire Polo Fields. But enough with the hate, weekend one of Coachella is just days away and I want to share with you the top 12 artists I am looking to forward to enjoying in the middle of the fucking desert.

Honorable Mentions Who Didn’t Make the Cut: AWOLNATION, The Black Angels, Girl Talk, Manchester Orchestra


I tried to catch these lovable Silver Lake by way of the UK and Brooklyn yet formed in Greece hippiesters at the 2011 Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. Booked on the festivals smallest stage yet performing to a massive crowd my pals and I were so far back that we had no choice but to enjoy some whiskey and pretend that we could hear what was going on. With tours of a land down under and a few national TV appearances under their belt since Outside Lands, hopefully I can get a bit closer to the group this time around. If not, at least I will spend Weekend 2 of Coachella at my Best Friend’s House.

11) The Black Lips:

You don’t go see The Black Lips for the music (well maybe you do) you go see these Atlanta based Flower Punkers to watch them urinate on stage, puke on stage, chug beers on stage and spit snot rockets into the air only to catch it in their mouths and swallow it down. Hopefully around the time they play their guitars with their penises, I am vomiting all over those annoying racist white girls who dress like Native American Princesses. Don’t worry honey, I drink microbrew your moccasins will be just fine it’s the headdress that you need to worry about.

10) St. Vincent:

While I would prefer more METAL at Coachella, one thing that the festival is stacked with is great female talent. From Feist to that Florence chick who sounds like a dying pigeon when she sings this may be the best collection of ass kicking females in one place since Lilith Fair 1998. I was shocked at how impressed I was with St. Vincent when I caught her in Hollywood last fall. While I am not sure if her show will translate from a small dark theatre to a sun baked polo field if nothing conflicts I look forward to finding out. Oh and she may be the one individual at Coachella whose skin is more fair than mine. Perhaps we can share sun block after she gives me tips on how to kick ass on guitar as hard as she does.

9) The Buzzcocks:

For me classic punk bands are like Pokemon, I have to catch them all. With the likes of Angry Samoans, FEAR and Youth Brigade checked off the list, Coachella 2012 is my chance to catch the pride and joy of Bolton England. Here is hoping that “Orgasm Addict” and “Something’s Gone Wrong Again” make it onto the setlist.

8 ) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

Unknown to her, Grace Potter is my future ex-wife. Long before she was rocking VH1 award shows wearing fancy clothes, this Vermont native was winning me over with her hippielicious 70’s arena rock. Oh and the best thing about seeing Miss Potter and crew at a festival is the fact I can still enjoy her without violating that nasty court order saying I must stay 250 feet away at all times.

7) Childish Gambino:

If Foxy Shazam is White Music For Black People, does that make Childish Gambino Black Music for White People? Granted I don’t know much about hip hop, everything I have heard by this dude is great. It’s like Drake, but not a total fucking joke. Plus we both drink whiskey till we are grounded, here is to passing out in the tent during his set. That is of course when I am not puking on Asian girls from UCLA?

6) Pulp:

As an American, my vote is that you play “Common People” and then get the fuck off the stage so The Black Keys can rock. Oh and have a meltdown, because I have always wanted to see a Brit-Pop band have a breakdown on stage. I kid of course, granted I don’t really know much about Pulp, I have a thing for bands from the UK who don’t get the respect they deserve on this continent. So knowing they don’t come over here often, Pulp you best amaze the fuck out of me.

5) Girls:

I get the feeling Girls will make a lot of new fans at Coachella this year. Their performance at the Music Box last December was their biggest US headline gig to date and they blew the roof off the fucking place. Their 2011 release Father, Son, Holy Ghost made it onto numerous top ten lists for good reason. From lush ballads like “Love Like A River” to Sabbath inspired rockers like “Vomit” and “Die” this band is truly something special and not to be missed.

4) Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds:

While I fully expect to see a water-downed version of Gallagher’s stunning November 2012 appearance on the campus of UCLA, that will still be far superior to the performance of Saturday headliners Radiohead. Having hit arena headliner status across the pond in Europe, I have no doubt that Gallagher’s well crafted songs will captivate the masses as the sun sets in the west. Likewise, ladies if you are crushed over his lack of “Wonderwall”, you can cry on my shoulder while Radiohead blow pussy farts across the Polo Fields.

3) Refused:

Dead my ass! Refused are back and they are going to kick the living crap out of the hipster nation. Granted I get the vibe they would be better in a small club instead of on a massive stage, the fact is that in 2012 Refused are alive and I will get to see them with my own two eyes. I never thought I would have a chance, but Lord knows I plan to make the most of this one.

2) At The Drive-In:

You can pretty much take the above statement on Refused and put it here. The only difference is that I was going to see At The Drive-In live and then they went and broke up. I kid you not, when those loveable fucks over at Antiquiet broke the news that these mad men from El Paso were reforming I knew I had to finally make the trek to Coachella. Fingers crossed no one moshes thus ending the performance before it even begins.

1) Kasabian:

CAN YOU FEEL IT COMING? Anyone who knows me already knew who the number one band was going to be. It has been 5 long years since Kasabian blessed North American with their presence. Super stars in Europe, Asia and Australia, there are many theories as to why this band has not taken off in America, but who cares. The fact is Kasabian is here in America right now and you are a damn fool if you miss their Saturday performance. Massive anthems from real rock and roll stars, Kasabian is the one act you can’t miss at Coachella 2012. See you in the fucking pit.




The Darkness Add A Few More US Tour Dates

The Darkness Add A Few More US Tour Dates

The Darkness are favorites of most of the writers here at Concert Confessions. We have reviews from New York City, California, Seattle-all shows blowing our collective minds along with opening the world up to the epicness that is Foxy Shazam, who opened for them.

So we’re glad to report that as per the Darkness Website, they’ve added 8 more U.S. dates, included stops at the Infield Festival, Rock On The Range, and Rocklohoma. Here are the dates below, if they’re coming to a town near you, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Darkness US Tour Dates 2012 a/o 3/27/12

May 18 New Haven, CT – Toad’s Place

May 19 Baltimore, MD – Infield Festival

May 20 Columbus, OH – Rock On The Range Festival

May 22 Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works

May 23 New Orleans, LA – House Of Blues

May 25 Austin, TX – Stubbs

May 26 Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma festival

May 27 Dallas, TX – House of Blues

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