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Third Eye Blind w/ Silversun Pickups 6/25/2017 Festival Pier @ Penns Landing, Philly

Third Eye Blind w/ Silversun Pickups – 06/25/2017

Festival Pier @ Penns Landing – Philadelphia, PA

Words/Photos/Video – Jay Porks

The Summer Gods Tour rolls on into Philly in what was an almost perfect Sunday for the beach. This tour came through the PNC Bank Arts Center on Friday and for a video heavy recap you can just hover over this sentence and click to check it out. That venue that’s been featured in several concert confessions. Tonight it’s Festival Pier @ Penns Landing in Philly. Penns Landing is a waterfront venue along the same lines as Williamsburg Waterfront or the Stone Pony Summerstage.  Simple venue concept: slab of flat ground in front of a stage. The stage set up did have that 2PM side stage at a festival type feel. Making up for it is a sweet breeze and sand on the ground as we’re literally on the beach. So we ended up here after all. On time too, so we made it for Ocean Park Standoff and the entirety of Silversun Pickups set as well tonight.

Ocean Park Standoff opened up the night at 6:45. They have a female guitar player doing the heavy lifting, so I googled and it’s Samantha Ronson, sister of Mark. It’s a big world. After a couple songs I made a note: this slot they’re in is where I usually unfairly give a band the cold shoulder just because I’m really douchey. But no! All of their songs had sweet melodies and someone in this group can write catchy songs. The band released their debut EP in March and are already opening up on a major tour. Guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t hate them. They went off at 7:10.

The Silversun Pickups! Wow, you want to talk about making it count, that’s what this band does. Unlike Friday, we’re on time today and can watch the full scale of SSPU set in action. Songs we know, songs we don’t, songs we didn’t know we knew. In that hour, Silversun Pickups slayed the dragon that was an ugly “festival” stage, flat non elevating stand room and the high school basketball team situated right in front of you. They made me forget. The Royal We, Substitution both early in the set headbangers. Shocked some life into the crowd of bros who all shared an outfit. Really hope the world is in a place where the Silversun Pickups are back out there touring regularly again. How hasn’t anyone told me how good this is?! Panic Switch, Dots and Dashes and Lazy Eye ended their night at 8:30.

Third Eye Blind came on at sharply 9 and by this time the jam packed crowd has tightened up towards the stage. They opened with the same sheet gimmick as Friday (and is assume on this whole tour). They play Summer Gods behind a curtain and then drop it, but tonight the sheet malfunctioned a bit and didn’t all come down on queue. Nothing tops the live concert experience.

Pictures and video were tough on this night as the standing room doesn’t elevate or anything towards the back. I planned ahead for that and got all the hits on Friday. So for the first time in a while, I also brought words and sentences to the table. #Journalism. Stephen mentioned how this is the first night of the tour without seats. “I hate seats” he says. I get it. It’s a rock show. But tonight, my sciatica is acting up so I personally miss the comfort of seats. At least for this one night.

Such an extensive list of awesome songs. Some may call this band a one hit wonder. They are not that. And they’re not even a band with two hits that sound exactly the same. Even after the other night I still popped for Never Let You Go to lead the encore. By that point it feels like there’s no way they got another banger. As the set progressed, I noticed a benefit of not having seats. A sea of heads rockin on a beach was a scene to be had. I may judge the process, but you can’t argue with the results. For example, Jumper tonight had like a little singalong portion that was absent from the show up in PNC. Maybe the beach vibes. The set was the same exact set songs wise as Friday with playing the entire self titled debut record and all, but I couldn’t have underestimated more how awesome of a time Third Eye Blind could be live.

The handful of decent photos can be chopped up to Amanda Porks, who you can follow on twitter here. Set list lays below. If the Summer Gods tour is coming your way, it’s a fun night out that’s highly recommended.

Summer Gods intro

Company Of Strangers

Horror Show


Queen Of Daydreams

Shipboard Cook


Losing A Whole Year


Semi Charmed Life



How’s It Gonna Be

Thanks A Lot

Burning Man

Good For You


I Want You

The Background

Motorcycle Drive By


Never Let You Go

Alright Caroline

God of Wine (yes that’s on the first record. They save it for the encore)

Third Eye Blind w/ Silversun Pickups 06/23/2017 @ PNC Bank Arts Center

Third Eye Blind w/ Silversun Pickups – 06/23/2017

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Third Eye Blind have kicked off a tour in celebration of 20 years since the release of their self titled debut record. Billed as The Summer Gods Tour, Stephan Jenkins and Co. have enlisted very special guests the Silversun Pickups. Roughly two weeks into the trek, the tour makes a stop off in Dirty Jersey at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Silversun Pickups went on early. We barely were in our seats when Panic Switch hit.

Audible roars of the crowd on the lawn were heard during the duration of their set, especially during Lazy Eye. People were still filing in, but the entire lawn was jammed pack. Wish we would have known Silversun Pickups were going to be playing that early. Their set ended at 8 freaking 30.

It’s been 20 years since Third Eye Blind debuted with their self titled debut record. Let’s all allow that to sink in for a minute and realize that we’re old.

The night opened with Summer Gods. Opening up with a handful of hits before we jump into this record. Company of Strangers, Horror Show (aka “Heroin”) and Wounded followed. Crowd was getting loose at this point where dancing in aisles began to occur. The seats were pretty much pack out at this point, with the exception of the top sections.

Queen of Daydreams and Shipboard Cook finished off the non album cuts as the band ducked off for a second for a tiny break before coming out to play the record.  That’s where we went into video mode:

London, Thanks A Lot and Burning Man garnered the most noise from the PNC crowd other than the big hits.

After a 2nd tiny break they came back to kicking off this encore with Never Let You Go

which by this point I had forgotten about in the sea of awesome songs tonight. Alright Caroline and God of Wine closed out their fairly epic set crisply before 11.

Silversun Pickups 09/13/12: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium – Santa Monica, CA

Silversun Pickups w/ Atlas Genius & School of Seven Bells 09/13/12

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium – Santa Monica, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Friends you don’t need me to tell you that we are smack dab in the middle of a baby boom. Perhaps it is because my wife and I just welcomed our first little bundle of joy into the world, but everywhere I look I see pregnant women. The final show I saw before my self-imposed let’s be a Dad instead of a music snob hiatus featured a bassist who was performing their final show before having a child, so it makes perfect sense that  my wife and I’s first night out in months would also feature a bassist heading out on maternity leave. That’s right folks the 2nd post fatherhood Reverend Justito Experience (see what I did there Porks?) we ditch the baby with grandma for a few hours in order to enjoy date night with Atlas Genius, School of Seven Bells and Silversun Pickups at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.


After getting a belly full of Mexican goodness at Gilbert’s El Indio we headed down Pico towards the Pacific for the rock and roll show. Despite living in Santa Monica for three years now I had yet to make it through the doors of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Fingers crossed Goldenvoice keeps using this place because it’s pretty sweet. Nice big open GA floor and bleachers in the back for old people such as myself. Nice lobby area where one could easily get a drink or a Silversun Pickup onsie.

The evening kicked off at 8 am with Australian indie rockers Atlas Genius. In performing my pre-show due diligence, I hated what I heard on YouTube from these guys. This is why I was shocked when they won me over with their 30 minute opening set. With front man Keith Jeffrey sharing that most of the set was from the band’s soon to be released full length debut I can’t really give you a rundown of what they played. I will say that the band sounded tight, the music was engaging enough to keep my wandering mind occupied and if you plan to catch this tour as it moves across America it is in your best interest to show up early and give them a shot.

Up next was School of Seven Bells. I was excited to see School of Seven Bells having heard some material including a crazy cover of Lil’ Wayne’s How To Love. Yet by the time the New York based band was halfway though their set I was more interested in playing Words With Friends and Simpsons Tapped Out on my recently obsolete iPhone 4. This is the thing, while the music is not terrible I have a serious lack of respect for bands that pretend to play live. If I had to guess, I would say that at least half of the music coming from the stage was made up of pre-recorded loops. Guitarist Benjamin Curtis looked bored as he focused on what I would consider third layer riffs instead of attempting to be an actual lead guitarist.  Lead vocalist Alejandra Deheza managed to out-bore Curtis with her uninspired performance. Don’t even get me started on the gal with the keyboard who did more standing around than key stroking. Apparently SVIIB is best enjoyed on YouTube because upon the stage they leave a lot to be desired.

It was 10pm sharp when Silversun Pickups hit the stage. With the Civic Auditorium now near capacity the band opened with Skin Graph from their outstanding 2012 release Neck of The Woods. The opener set a tone for the night as the band performed a majority of their new album during the 90 minute show. Some of the new numbers to emerge early in the set included Simmer, Here We Are (Chancer) and the first single Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings).

Before the band dipped back to 2009 for Substitution, front man Brian Aubert took a moment to address the home town crowd. After joking about how this was the most western location the band had performed at in the greater Los Angeles area he shared the news that this would be the final performance for bassist Nikki Monniger before heading out on maternity leave. Trying to make Monninger cry, it was one of the many sweet moments between in between songs as the band prepares for life on the road without their long time bassist.

The set progressed nicely with a mix of material from the band’s last two albums. Catch and Release was a nice breather for the folks jumping up and down at the front of the stage as the band unleashed massive rock radio hits The Pit and Panic Switch. Yet the biggest reaction was reserved for the set closing Lazy Eye from the bands 2006 full length Carnavas. Fans freaked out as Aubert ran around the stage conducting his band mates with the headstock of his guitar as massive waves of deeply distorted riffage crashed into the walls of the Civic.

Looking to play all night, the band returned for a four song encore. After performing two additional songs from Neck of the Woods the band brought it back to the old school for Kissing Families and the show closing Well Thought Out Twinkles. A great way to close out a great night of music as Silversun Pickups enters a new and exciting chapter of their history. Fingers crossed Goldenvoice keeps booking shows at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium as I know I for sure would like more date nights like this in the not so distant future.


Skin Graph

The Royal We

Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)


Here We Are (Chancer)


Mean Spirits

The Pit

Catch and Release

Panic Switch

Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)

Lazy Eye


Busy Bee

Out Of Breath

Kissing Families

Well Thought Out Twinkles

Silversun Pickups Stop By Conan

Meanwhile, over in Hollywood, the Silversun Pickups  (who are currently on tour) appeared on Conan. I’m not calling them “SSPU” because it sounds like the name of a boat that smells bad. You know what doesn’t smell bad, or even sound bad? This awesome video below of the band performing “The Pit”. Check it out.

Silversun Pickups “The Pit”

Silversun Pickups Add More Dates to Fall US Trek

Silversun Pickups Add More Dates to Fall US Trek

The last batch of Silversun Pickups tour dates we had for you here at Concert Confessions had dates leading into September then about a month break until Voodoo Music Experience in October. Well, the band decided “Screw downtime” and just filled that month slot with some East Coast dates, including a New York City stop at Terminal 5 and finishing off at the House Of Blues in Ohio a few nights before they head down to New Orleans. The support will be Cloud Nothings and Atlas Genius.. Atlas have a song getting played on NYC’s new Alternative station these days that drives me nuts. Anyway, the dates lay below:

Silversun Pickups October US Tour Dates:

October 9 | Atlanta, GA | The Tabernacle
October 11 | Baltimore, MD | Ram’s Head Live
October 14 | New York, NY | Terminal 5
October 16 | Upper Darby, PA | Tower Theatre
October 17 | Boston, MA | Orpheum Theatre
October 19 | Hartford, CT | The Webster
October 20 | Clifton Park, NY | Upstate Concert Hall
October 21 | Cleveland, OH | House of Blues

Silversun Pickups Announce Fall North American Tour Dates

Silversun Pickups Announce Fall North American Tour Dates

Neck of the Woods by Silversun Pickups is no doubt one of the best records of 2012. Having performed at a handful of festivals already this year, the Los Angeles based four piece have started to unveil headline dates for a North American trek this fall in support of the album. The band promises to add more dates on Monday so make sure to come back here to check them out. Support on non-festival dates for this tour will come from School of Seven Bells and Atlas Genius.

Silversun Pickups Fall 2012 North American Tour Dates:

09/01/12 – XFest – Calgary, AB
09/02/12 – Sonic Boom – Edmonton, AB
09/04/12 – Malkin Bowl – Vancouver, BC
09/06/12 – Marymoor Amphitheatre – Redmond, WA
0907/12 – Cuthbert Amphitheatre – Eugene, OR
09/09/12 – MusicNW – Portland, OR
09/10/12 – Mondavi Center – Davis, CA
09/12/12 – Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA

09/13/12 – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium – Santa Monica, CA
09/16/12 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
09/17/12 – Sumtur Amphitheatre – Papillion, NE
09/18/12 – Hoyt Sherman Place – Des Moines, IA
09/20/12 – State Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
10/26/12 – Voodoo Music Experience – New Orleans, LA

For up to the minute information on Silversun Pickups make sure you check out their official website by clicking here.


Silversun Pickups Make A Letterman Pit-Stop

Silversun Pickups Make A Letterman Pitstop 6/4/12

I jumped on the Silversun Pickups band wagon a few years ago with “Lazy Eye”, and even I’ll admit,  it’s funny to say that you didn’t know the lad singer was a dude until you saw them perform. Truth is, in the realm music that comes out these days,  Silversun Pickups are excelling by not putting out terrible music. Does it blow your mind? Some people it might (I wanna see them live, see what happens), some people it may not.

Update: Why watch just one song when you can watch nearly an hour of Silversun goodness? Check it out below.

Silversun Pickups Serve Up ‘Bloody Mary’ For Jimmy Kimmel

Silversun Pickups Serve Up ‘Bloody Mary’ For Jimmy Kimmel

As yes there I was last night getting into bed after watching my beloved San Francisco Giants defeat the dreaded Los Angeles Dodgers out at Chavez Latrine. The television was already on and there was Johnny Depp plugging the new Warner Bros. Pictures smash hit Dark Shadows. I enjoyed his brief talk with Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel about him and Hunter S. Thompson sabotaging Don Johnson. Then I fell asleep before Silversun Pickups took to the Bud Lite Concert Stage. Thankfully I can watch the Los Angeles based group perform “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” right down below and you can as well. Enjoy.

Update: Kimmel has been kind enough to upload bonus footage of “The Pit” for your viewing pleasure.


Third Eye Blind 02/11/2018 @ Xcite Center (Parx Casino) Bensalem, PA

Third Eye Blind – February 11th 2018

Xcite Center @ Parx Casino – Bensalem, PA

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks + Mrs. Porks

Every day there are more states legalizing gambling in some form or another. With new casinos opening up, that leaves many an opportunity for glorious concert venues to open inside said casinos. This weekend, an early Valentines Day celebration brought my girlfriend and I to the Xcite Center inside Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA for Third Eye Blind.

I’d never write in a post that I was allowed into a casino with an expired ID, but I will say that the staff at Parx Casino were some of the first authority figures I ran into in life that were actually human. Big screens, awesome lighting-the Xcite Center is open for business and recommended by the fine people at Concert Confessions.


Cool thing about Third Eye Blind is that recently they’ve been playing without openers. The times they did recently was Silversun Pickups(!). So the band hit the stage at 8:15, with frontman Stephen Jenkins sporting a shirt that said in all caps WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Damn right (#Resist)! They broke out with Losing A Whole Year, followed by Blinded and Faster. For the first time in over 100 concerts attended over the last 8 years or so of this Doctor of Journalism covering shows, I was in the building without a camera not included with my phone. Technology is a cool thing. So I decided it’d be a good idea to livestream Wounded straight to Youtube. The grainy video proof above is the result of that.

A song early on the record button, we went into high energy versions of Semi Charmed Life, Company Of Strangers, Graduate and Back To Zero. More on Back To Zero a little later. 3EB already rolls with some awesome lighting but the Xcite Center did nothing but make those lights look extra cool. I looked in the back after the show to see if Chris Kuroda was there, but I didn’t see him.

Dao Of St. Paul was a late audible, as the setlist originally had Slow Motion in that slot, but was crossed off in favor of Stephen Jenkins doing a solo acoustic version of this beauty.

Underneath the set list below, you’ll see a video of Back To Zero. Remember that this was an early Valentines Day night and there couldn’t have been a better gift I could have received than my girlfriend Amanda grabbing all sorts of content with a better mobile device than I. Incredible.

Set List: Losing A Whole Year, Blinded, Narcolepsy, Faster, Wounded, Semi Charmed Life, Company Of Strangers, Graduate, Back To Zero, Dao Of St. Paul, Deep Inside Of You, Motorcycle Drive By, Crystal Baller, Jumper // Encore: Never Let You Go, God of Wine

I decide to go on Facebook Live for the encore. I mean, are they going to throw me out on the last song? That’s when something different happened. After the first song of the encore, Stephen Jenkins starts saying how they’re a band about work ethic and that they don’t cancel shows. Then, visibly choked up and unable to fight back tears, he mentions his mom. About how in all his songs, she’s a common thread.  He could barely talk as people just screamed out their support and well wishes. It really hit us all hard. We’ve all been there or are headed there. In that moment, Stephen wasn’t the lead singer of a big band, he was our friend that we all wanted to hug. He said he wasn’t sure if he could even sing the final number, we cheered him on as he dedicated God Of Wine to his mother.

Orion Music + More 2013: Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against (And Metallica)

Orion 2013

We here at Concert Confessions would like to that Orion Music + More for putting together an awesome lineup in year TWO.  Coming to the lovely Detroit this year, the festival features the like of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones and Rise Against headlining along side festival curators Metallica. Other notables include Japandroids, Silversun Pickups, the FLAG version of Black Flag (How many years have people wanted Black Flag to tour now that they finally do there’s TWO of them?) and Death Grips. Check out the full lineup below, and for information on tickets and such just head to this link.

Orion Music + More 2013:


Red Hot Chili Peppers



Rise Against

Dropkick Murphys

Gogol Bordello


Silversun Pickups

Foals, Tomahawk


the Joy Formidable

Datsik, Borgore


Dillon Francis

Adventure Club

12th Planet

Death Grips

The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dirtbombs

Fu Manchu

the Bronx


All Shall Perish

the Orwells





Check Out this photo gallery from last years festivities below:

thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2012

thenaturalstoners Top 10 Shows of 2012

By thenaturalstoner


Hello again dear readers, how are ya?!?  2012 was a pretty interesting year for me… saw lots of great shows, my dogs turned 5 (fucking 5!!) years old, and my house flooded while I was in Canada, displacing me from my home for over a month.  All of these experiences are what life is all about though, and this list below details some of these adventures in my top 10 musical sets of the year.  Besides WSU Football, live music is the best entertainment in the world, and I saw some pretty epic shit this year:


10. Warren G – 8/31/2012 – John’s Alley, Moscow, Idaho.

He may be a little older than he was in the summer of 1994, but make no mistake, The G Child can still put on a solid show!  It’s not every day that we get hip hop icons to perform concerts up here in Idaho, but we were blessed this past August with one of the Kings.  ‘This DJ’ to start and end the show, all of his hits and a medley of rap classics from others had the dance floor bouncing all night long!

9. Alabama Shakes – 5/26/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

On this Saturday, I had one of my only schedule conflicts of the entire Sasquatch Festival: Alabama Shakes vs The Civil Wars vs Portlandia in the afternoon.  Thank God I picked the Alabama Shakes set!  Brittany Howard is awesome and the Bigfoot Stage was packed full of fans that were loving the young bands soulful sounds.  This was one of the best sets I saw all weekend and I hope the Shakes blow up in 2013.

8. Starfucker – 10/22/2012 – The Belltower, Pullman, Washington.

Starfucker is my favorite electronic pop band, and this show was only a few blocks from my house!  My first Starfucker show was at this same venue, and The Belltower should be given credit as their audio improvements between the shows were drastic.  This show sounded great, had a great vibe, and I danced my ass off!

7. Silversun Pickups Acoustic Set – 5/28/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

I somehow randomly ended up in a Kokanee contest area at this years Fest, drunk on rum we snuck in that morning, then spun some big spin wheel and ended up landing on the rare “Kokanee Acoustic Tent Tickets” piece!  There is this small (200 people or so fit in there) tent setup in an out of the way area and acoustic sets happen each day at Sasquatch.  I was lucky enough to get a pair on the last day of the Festival and see the Silversun Pickups up close.  Nikki Monninger was totally checking me out the whole set and the bands jams were awesome.  I very much enjoyed this over their plugged in electric set on the Main Stage later that night.

6. Gary Clark Jr. – 5/28/2012 – Sasquatch Festival, The Gorge.

Gary Clark Jr. is the MAN and he ripped The Gorge a new one this day.  My favorite set of the entire Sasquatch Festival and it was a thrill to see him play guitar in person.  I hope we can get a repeat appearance soon… like 2013 soon!

5. The Darkness/Foxy Shazam – 2/25/2012 – The Neptune, Seattle, Washington.

My introduction to The Church of Rock and Roll capped off an epic weekend in Seattle (see show #4 below).  Foxy came out and blasted us with a great set, and then the Darkness followed with over two hours of their own!  A nice long show with two great rock bands.

4. Sleigh Bells – 2/24/2012 – The Showbox (at the Market), Seattle, Washington.

Sleigh Bells nailed us with a LOUD, thrashing show on this Friday night in the big city.  We were able to get inside the venue and close enough (super close) to really enjoy this experience in a proper fashion.  After the show the band called it one of the three best shows they have ever played.  After missing most of their set a year prior at the 2011 Sasquatch Fest, it was great to finally see them do their own show.  I think my ears are still ringing.

Sleigh Bells Seattle

3. Snoop Dogg – 7/20/2012 – The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I feel like these top three shows of 2012 are on a separate level from the others…. these three were A+, some of the best shows in a long time, type of gigs.  Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, BC was just what I needed at this random point in my life.  I was up in Canada for the week at this half work/half vacation thing, when I got a call from my landlord that my house had flooded and everything was a disaster.  Of course, this made the Canada trip an immediate bummer, and I needed some sort of positivity boost for the rest of the time we were up there.

On our last night in Canada we were treated to an hour of the D O Double G that brought a great feeling of happiness and life back into my depressed body.  Playing a mix of hits new and old, this show was off the charts.  Probably my favorite hip hop concert I have seen.

The venue was easily the smokiest venue I have ever been in (and I have been to Ween, Phish, Grateful Dead members, etc.), which made the 2 hour wait for Snoop to come out fairly tolerable.   Loved his hour long set and him encoring with ‘Young and Wild and Free’ with tons of blunts being smoked on stage seemed like a fitting end to this interesting trip across the border.

2. Alice Cooper – 11/17/2012 – The Northern Quest Casino, Airway Heights (Spokane), Washington.

I don’t know if I can accurately describe in words how great this show was.  Alice Cooper has still got “it” and he dominated the stage for almost two hours on this Saturday in Spokane.

You know that feeling that happens, honestly only a handful of times in your life, where you go to a show and you really only want one song to be on the setlist.  Like, this song MATTERS, and you just want to see it played live once before it’s too late. But then you look up recent setlists and notice that the song has been shelved for quite some time.  Well, my Alice Cooper song is ‘Hello, Hooray’ and he hadn’t been playing it at all that I had seen.  It’s the only song I felt I HAD to see live and he isn’t playing it.  But, oh man, “WHAT IF”??? I probably said “What if” a hundred times leading up to this show.

Then the lights in the venue drop, the intro guitar jam happens and then the curtain falls exposing the band and gear.  POW! ‘HELLO, FUCKING HOORAY’ to open the damn show!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?  It’s these moments of pure joy that are the reason I go to concerts and have complete faith in music.  Besides winning the Apple Cup (zinger!) there are no greater sources of entertainment and elation than moments like this.

Oh yeah, and the rest of the show was great as well.  REALLY great. Soooo glad I got to see this show.  It is probably the best non Phish or Pearl Jam related show I have seen in several years, no joke.

1. Pearl Jam – 9/30/2012 – Adams Center, Missoula, Montana.

A show so great it launched an “Instant Classic” download franchise, Pearl Jam dominated their only full United States show (non-festival set) of 2012 in beautiful Missoula, Montana.  A benefit for recently re-elected Senator Jon Tester, this two and a half hour set was scorching from top to bottom… well, except for the mini acoustic set which was much more relaxed.

Due to the demand for tickets, most every fan in that building had traveled some distance and really WANTED to be there, which led to an amazing environment. “This is the coziest place we have played in quite awhile”, in reference to the small basketball gym the show was in, and “This is the best U.S. crowd we have had in a very long time” just really brought this show to another level.  And it was true, the atmosphere was thick in there.  Some people couldn’t quite handle themselves, getting too drunk and passing out in the hallway, or the guy about 6 people down from us who puked on the 4 people in front of him pre-show, this was a special night of mixed energy in Big Sky country.

A home state show for bassist, Jeff Ament, this show had everything.  Even if Eddie Vedder was a little under the weather he didn’t show it as he was all over the place.  Not as much as Mike McCready though, that man is a monster, bouncing all over the room while shredding guitar in his Team Gleason shirt.  Mudhoney opened the show and they came out for a sweet ‘Kick Out the Jams’ with PJ, but my personal highlight was the ‘Fortunate Son’ Creedence cover late in the set.  Ending the show with no ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ was a nice change, my first show out of six where I didn’t get that song in the setlist. A fantastic night all around.

Oh and to the annoying guy from Cleveland that I met at The Rhino bar, who did NOT appreciate my “LEBRON” t-shirt:  You are still from Cleveland and ‘The King got his Ring’.

 Pearl Jam Missoula


Just missed the cut: Beck Sasquatch, Fruition/Danny Barnes Moscow, ID, Jack White Sasquatch, Foxy Shazam Portland, OR, John C. Reilly Sasquatch, Starfucker Sasquatch.


Moment of my year: ‘Hello, Hooray” from Spokane.  I think you can get a feel for the joy I was feeling by hearing how pumped I get in the video clip:

Watch Highlights From The Inaugural Firefly Music Festival

Watch Highlights From The Inaugural Firefly Music Festival

Sadly we were unable to make it out to Delaware for the Inaugural Firefly Music Festival. However that won’t prevent us from sharing highlights from some of our favorite artists including The Flaming Lips, Cake, Modest Mouse and GROUPLOVE. Check them out down below.

John Legend Covers Bob Marley:

A Double Shot of Jack White:

The Killers Rocking On Saturday Night:

Two Solid Jams From Modest Mouse:

Silversun Pickups Take Us Back To 2007:

GROUPLOVE Plays The Hits:

The Fabulous Flaming Lips:

It’s Not A Party Without Cake:

Finally, The Biggest Band In America Today – The Black Keys:

Fingers crossed we can send our pal Jay Porks to Firefly in 2012.

Metric Bring “Youth Without Youth” Jimmy Kimmel

Metric Bring “Youth Without Youth” Jimmy Kimmel 

People are into Metric.  So as I was packing for Orion Festival and  Mr. Sparkly mentioned to me that they performed on Kimmel last night, I felt it was a good opportunity to check out a band I haven’t heard before(I’ve heard OF, just not knowingly HEARD).

Having missed it live I checked out the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page and found a video of them performing “Youth Without Youth” . The first few seconds when the shot was from a distance then the I heard the first line or two I said “Wow, this dude looks like a chick, and he’s got the castrated Silversun Pickups voice going”. Then we got closer, and I realize that it’s not a dude,  it’s just a chick doing a Grace Potter spin off. The song wasn’t the worst I’ve heard, maybe to many machines for me, but the chorus part was dancing in my head for a while.  The video is below.!

Sasquatch! Festival 2012 Preview – A Letter to You From thenaturalstoner

Dear concert going friends,

I know you and I go way back (hope all is well!) and it has been a long time since we have talked, but there is just something extremely exciting that has built inside of me about what is going to happen this weekend at THE GORGE for the 2012 version of the Sasquatch! Festival that I must tell you about.  Last years Festival set the stage for a year of great memories and the need to “go back every year no matter what”.  We’ll see if that every year thing happens, but the terrible trio of thenaturalstoner, Phishbeard and Mr. Sparkly made it at least one more year and are ready to dominate every single thing about the next several days. I feel like last years performances by Chromeo, Modest Mouse, Foo Fighters, Sleigh Bells, Major Lazer and more have planted a seed at the Gorge that is about to sprout like a f’n weed and engulf all 20,000 of us that are going to be there for the entire four days.

But really who gives a shit about last year anymore.  I know you don’t.  We are talking about 2012 and hooolllllly shit does it look exciting. I will be heading in pretty early Friday night to see Of Monsters and Men kick off the Fest. Maybe even a little earlier for Allen Stone if I get the urge, but I have been hooked on that Of Monsters and Men album for a long while now.  Most of Santigold will follow, and then one of the sets I am looking forward to most all weekend, Starfucker!! Sadly this means I have to skip the Mark Lanegan Band, which is a bummer, really wanted to see that one. Half of Girl Talk and then another performance to be VERY excited about, Explosions in the Sky. I have been told numerous times that their last Sasquatch! Festival set absolutely owned the Festival and was a “life changing experience”.  I don’t want to get hopes too high, but that portion of Friday sounds amazing.  Then Pretty Lights to take the night home aka into the raucous Gorge Campground to continue the party late into the evening.

Saturday looks to be my longest day inside the venue by far. Ideally I will make it in bright and early at Noon to see Reptar > Charles Bradley while Pickwick will be hitting hard on a different stage. I may still be asleep at this time however and might not make it into The Gorge until Blitzen Trapper at 2pm.  One of my only conflicts of the entire weekend is after that, The Civil Wars vs. The Alabama Shakes vs. Portlandia.  This is a game time decision friends. I know Mr. Sparkly and I will be at Jamey Johnson at the Sasquatch Stage afterwards, and then I will either see Childish Gambino or AraabMuzik.  Seeing Gambino a few weeks back makes this a tough decision as I really like the AraabMuzik jams I have heard. Some free time where I will see an interesting mix of Metric, The Shins, St. Vincent and tUnE-yArDs continues the evening.  Probably my most anticipated set of the weekend, Jack White, followed by The Roots late night (HELL. YES.) caps off a Saturday for the ages.

I hope all is well back home. How is the family? Still got that pet, what’s its name?  Come visit us sometime, we miss seeing you up here.  Sparkly might be getting a new house, Phishbeards over in Oregon, I got an air mattress, come on up!  It will be like old times.

Back to the music.  Sunday to me is a complete free for all-except for the very end of the night.  I don’t really have much I MUST see this day, but there is an interesting assortment of bands playing: Trampled by Turtles, Blind Pilot, The War on Drugs, Chiddy Bang, M. Ward, Deer Tick, Tycho, The Head and the Heart and We Are Augustines are all early in the day.  I will be a roamer for sure (you remember how I do!). I might check out Apparat or Beirut before definitely catching half of Little Dragon.  My highlight of Sunday, a James Murphy DJ set up in the Banana Shack promises to be off the charts.  I’ll probably head over to get one song of Bon Ivers show on video so ConcertConfessions gets some web hits, and then its off to Feed Me (with Teeth!!) to dance the rest of the night away.

Monday will be somewhat bittersweet. A great day lined up to close out another long Memorial Day weekend full of memories (like back in the day when we were hangin’). I might get in there early for that Grouplove set, I don’t know. Gary Clark Jr. will be a for sure, especially after just watching his Hangout Festival set webcast, and then a little more free time for the MC.  The Joy Formidable, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Cloud Cult, fun., Feist, Shabazz Palaces, and Shearwater are all early afternoon and I will bounce around the place. John C. Reilly and Friends over at the Yeti Stage will be a great time, but I will have to sadly miss The Cave Singers and most of Silversun Pickups because of it.  Then my only other real big conflict awaits. I am certainly going to see the start of SBTRKT in the Banana Shack, and will have to miss all of Spiritualized.  However, one of your favorites, Tenacious D, is playing shortly after SBTRKT starts and I will have to decide if staying for them is worth missing half of The D. Another decision that will be made on the spot. I will at least see the end of Tenacious D before getting just a small part of Mogwai in. I wish I could see more but the great Beck is closing out the Festival over on the main stage.  I have been wanting to see him for almost TWENTY years now, and this will be my first time getting to do so.  Remember listening to Mellow Gold on end back in the day?  I hope it’s amazing. It sure seems like a great way to end a Festival, way better than Wilcos tame set last year.

So that’s basically what I am up to these days. Nothing else is really going on. I hope you guys are all good over there and your mom and dad are well.  Tell your sister thenaturalstoner says hello, she’ll remember.

I will talk to you soon. You should try to come up for Quatch ’13.



Video highlights from 2011 Sasquatch! Festival:


Sharon Jones introduction and ownage!

Modest Mouse

Flogging Molly fun, near the end of the clip I get told “Vomit’s running down onto your bag”! Hahahahahahaha

Voodoo Music Experience 2012 Announces Details and Initial Artists

Voodoo Music Experience 2012 Announces Details and Initial Artists 

Last year we had a blast when we headed out to Voodoo Festival on a sunny Saturday afternoon in New Orleans. It’s a shame we can’t make it back this year as it appears the festival could be the best edition yet. Green Day and Neil Young and Crazy Horse have been announced as two of the headliners for the party in City Park. Also on the bill will be Justice, Tomahawk, AWOLNATION, K’naan Skrillex, Bootsy Collins, Gary Clark Jr., Say Anything and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Plenty of more artists will be announced before the festival kicks the crescent cities ass during the weekend of October 26th – 28th.

New to Voodoo this year will be on-site camping. Fans will be allowed to camp under the stars and lush oak trees of City Park. Camping packages range from simple tent camping to fully pimped out tents with cots and all the luxurious one could imagine.  For more information on Voodoo 2012, check out the official site by clicking here.

Update 06/22/12:

The following artists are now confirmed for Voodoo 2012

Green Day
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Jack White
The Avett Brothers
Silversun Pickups
Dave Stewart
Gary Clark Jr.
Bootsy Collins
Etienne De Crecy
Thomas Dolby
Say Anything
Die Antwoord
Toots & The Maytals
Preservation Jazz Hall Band
The Gaslamp Killer
The New Orleans Bingo! Show
The Features
Delta Rae
Soul Rebels
George Porter Jr. + Runnin’ Pardners
DJ Qbert
Jim-E Stack
Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
101 Runners Featuring Big Chief Monk
Treme Brass Band
CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis
Force Feed Radio
Lost Bayou Ramblers w/ Press Hall Horns
Johnny V, James Singleton Doing James Booker
The Revivalists
Marcia Ball
Andy Suzuki & The Method
Ingrid Lucia Presents New Orleans Nightengales
Lil Band O’ Gold
Paul Sanchez
Little Freddie
The Pimps of Joytime
Star & Dagger
TBC Brass Band
Noisician Coalition
Luke Wilson King
Leo Jackson & The Melody
Clouds of Joy
Royal Teeth
Carmine P. Filthy
Unicorn Fukr
Big History
Christopher Joseph
Christoph Anderson
Fleur De Tease
Chicano Batman
St.Cecilia’s Asylum Chorus
Money Mitch
Tribute To Jimmy’s Music Club Featuring Models, Dash Rip Rock and Stephie & The Whitesox



2012 KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta Set Times and Webcast Details

2012 KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta Set Times and Webcast Details

You remember a few months ago when we shared with you details of the 2012 KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta? With the show sold out for weeks chances are you won’t be getting into the venue formerly known as Irvine Meadows this weekend. Thankfully the fine folks over at KROQ have not only announced the set times for the show, they are going to webcast the entire thing. To watch this Saturday’s webcast, head over to on Saturday. To check out the set times, look down below. To read our review of the 2010 KROQ Weenie Roast, click here.

Bud Lite Stage Dos:

Walk the Moon 2:30 PM

Of Monsters and Men 3:00 PM

Grouplove 3:30 PM


Main Stage:

Garbage 4:50 PM

The Dirty Heads 5:25 PM

Angels & Airwaves 6:00 PM

Pennywise 6:35 PM

Silversun Pickups 7:15 PM

The Offspring 7:55 PM

Incubus 8:45 PM

Coldplay 9:35 PM


Of course make sure to check out for all the up to the minute details on this annual event.

Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters to Headline DeLuna Festival

Are you ready?? As part of DeLuna Festival  DJ JAZZY JEFF is going to unload his man-juice load all over the old ass retirement fucks in Pensacola Beach this September 21st -23rd

Now there wont be any Fresh Prince mind you. But who needs that fucking guy???? The DJ is in the fucking house!

Now who else is there. Jay fucking Porks’ two favorite bands Pearl Jam and the Fucking Foo Fighters.  “Fuck those assholes” Jay Porks said in an interview Monday night. He followed that up by saying “Seriously, fuck those assholes.”

Florence + The Machine, Ben Folds Five, The Wallflowers , Joan Jett and dick loads of other fucks on the bill.  Head over the festivals official website  here, fork over your cash and go get shitfaced


DeLuna Festival Line Up (a/o 05/15/12)

Pearl Jam

Foo Fighters

Florence and the Machine

Silversun Pickups

Ben Folds Five

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Guided By Voices

The Gaslight Anthem

The Wallflowers (Hey! Why aren’t these fucks playing Summerland?!?)

 Superchunk The Joy Formidable

Bad Brains

DJ Jazzy Jeff

The Corin Tucker Band

Band of Skulls

City and Colour

Ivan Neille’s Dumpstaphunk

Anders Osborne



Additional Artists as of 05/15/12

12th Planet

AC Slater

Bob Mould


Jimmy Cliff


Paper Diamond

Redd Kross

Trampled By Turtles


KROQ Announces Details For the 2012 Weenie Roast Y Fiesta


KROQ Announces Details For the 2012 Weenie Roast Y Fiesta

You’ve read about the KROQ Weenie Roast here at Concert Confessions in past years Known for groundbreaking lineups, were not 100% sure if this line up is going to blow anyone’s mind as hard as past years, but for your hard earned dollar you get a day in the sun with the likes of Coldplay, Incubus and The Offspring. Oh and for those of you who like Pennywise, there’s always that. With the event celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, we can only hope KROQ has some surprises up their sleeves. Perhaps unannounced performances from some of the bands that played the first Weenie Roast? Our vote is for Terrence Trent D’Arby.

Going down on Cinco De Mayo at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater  in Irvine, CA.

Tickets go on sale to KROQ Street Team members starting April 5th at noon via Live Nation/Ticketmaster. Tickets for the 2012 KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta are sold out. Tickets up front will set you back $85.00 while the lawn at the very back of the corporate sponsored music venue will cost you $45.00. A complete lineup for the 2012 Weenie Roast Y Fiesta is down below. For up to the minute information including, please check out the KROQ website by clicking here. Proceeds from the concert will be donated to The Surfrider Foundation and Heal The Bay.





The Offspring

Angels & Airwaves


Silversun Pickups



The Dirty Heads

Walk the Moon

Of Monster & Men


Firefly Music Festival To Be Held In Delaware

Editors Note: This is The 2012 Lineup. For the 2013 Lineup, Click Here

Firefly Music Festival To Be Held In Delaware 

Delaware, welcome to the world of States that have sweet Music Festivals.

The news broke last night, that the three day  ’Firefly Music Festival’, will be headlined by The KillersThe Black Keys and Jack White .  Solid, right? I mean, sure The Killers aren’t in the stratosphere of musical relevance circa 2012 as the The Black Keys and Jack White are; but hey, they could have went with the Beach Boys, so we’ll chalk up those headliners as a win.

The ’2nd tier’ if you will, of headliners consists of The Flaming Lips (what AREN’T the Flaming Lips doing these days?), Death Cab For CutieJohn LegendGirl Talk and Passion Pit (cancelled as a result of mental health issues). Modest Mouse, a late edition to the festivities, announced on June 25th they’d be in Dover as well that weekend.

Dubbed the “East Coast’s Premier Music Experience”, will  kick off July 20th  at Woodlands of Dover International Speedway in Delaware and end July 22nd with 3 day passes going for a modest $178 (as of 6/28, 3-Day passes have been sold out), at the Festival’s official website. The rest of the listed acts are below.


Click here to purchase your tickets: Firefly Music Festival TICKETS



Heartless Bastards


The Wallflowers (who’s absence from Summerland 2012 is baffling )

Lupe Fiasco

Mariachi El Bronx

Young the Giant

Ra Ra Riot

OK Go (treadmill dudes)

 Cold War Kids

 The Head and the Heart 

Tinie Tempah


The Felice Brothers

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires

Mayer Hawthrone & The County

Kids These Days

Bombay Bicycle Club

Penguin Prison

Update 05/08/12 – The Firefly Website now shows an image similar to the gang Hangman. While they promise a full lineup tomorrow 05/09/12 we have done some detective work and believe this festival is adding the following artists.


Fitz and the Tantrums

Lower Case Blues

Moon Taxi


Silversun Pickups

The Knocks

Turf War



Garbage Announces North American Tour Dates

Garbage Announces North American Tour Dates

On May 15th, veteran alt rockers Garbage will release a new album. Entitled Not Your Kind Of People, this will be the first new music from the group since 2005’s Bleed Like Me. To celebrate the release, the group has announced a brief US tour that focuses on the western half of the country. Check out the dates below now updated with an east coast leg that kicks off in New York City on May 22nd.


Garbage 2012 US Tour Dates:


04/06/12 – Los Angeles, CA, Bootleg Theatre
4/09/12 – Los Angeles, CA, El Rey Theater
4/10/12 – Los Angeles, CA, El Rey Theater
4/14/12 – Las Vegas, NV, Pearl Concert Theatre
4/16/12 – Tucson, AZ, The Rialto Theatre
4/17/12 – Phoenix, AZ, The Marquee
4/20/12 – Houston, TX, House of Blues
4/21/12 – Austin, TX, La Zona Rosa
4/22/12 – Dallas, TX, Edgefest 22
4/24/12 – Aspen, CO, Belly Up
4/25/12 – Denver, CO, Ogden Theatre
4/27/12 – Salt Lake City, UT, The Venue
05/05/12 – Irvine, CA, KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta
05/22/12 – New York, NY, Webster Hall
05/23/12 – Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
05/25/12 – Atlantic City, NJ, House of Blues
05/26/12 – Boston, MA, Paradise Rock Club
05/28/12 – Toronto, ON, Phoenix Concert Theatre
06/01/12 – Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Bowl (KJEE Summer Round Up w/ Silversun Pickups and more)

(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Sasquatch 2012 Lineup Announced!

Sasquatch 2012 Lineup Announced!


Sasquatch is one of Washington’s most widely regarded music festivals. Held annually at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheater, Sasquatch is known for hosting big name acts like Jane’s Addiction, Kings of Leon, Bjork, and Flaming Lips. Well this year, they’ve got a treat for you.

Here is the full lineup in order as it says on the website:

Jack White, Beck, Bon Iver, Pretty Lights, Tenacious D, The Shins, Beirut, Girl Talk, The Roots, Portlandia, Feist, Silversun Pickups, Metric, The Head and the Heart, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Nero, M. Ward, John Reilly and Friends, Childish Gambino, St. Vincent, The Civil Wars, The Joy Formidable, Little Dragon, tUnE-yArDs, Beats Antique, Wild Flag, Blind Pilot, Wolfgang Gartner, Apparat, The Walkmen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Mark Lanegan Band, Spiritualized, Blitzen Trapper, The Cave Singers, Shabazz Palaces, Jamey Johnson, fun., Grouplove, Tycho, SBTRKT, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Deer Tick, Imelda May, Dum Dum Girls, The Helio Sequence, Kurt Vile, Cloud Cult, Ben Howard, Here We Go Magic, Zola Jesus, The War on Drugs, Shearwater, Cass McCombs, Active Child, Trampled by Turtles, AraabMuzik, Star Slinger, LA Riots, Com Truise, Unknown Mortal, I Break Horses, Walk the Moon, Dry the River, Allen Stone, Hey Marseilles, Gary Clark Jr., Alabama Shakes, Purity Ring, Yellow Ostrich, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, Nobody Beats the Drum, Electric Guest, Coeur de Pirate, Lord Huron, Pickwick, STRFKR, We are Augustines, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Beat Connection, THEESatisfaction, The Sheepdogs, Hey Rosetta!, Said the Whale, Howlin Rain, Gardens and Villa, Felix Cartal, Craft Spells, Vintage Trouble, Poor Moon, Black Whales, Gold Leaves, Greylag, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Dyme Def, Fresh Espresso, The Physics, Sol, Metal Chocolates, Grynch, SPACE3MAN, Don’t Talk to The Cops, Scribes, Fatal Lucciauno, Fly Moon Royalty, Katie Kate, Nick Kroll, Todd Barry, Beardyman, Rob Delaney, Pete Holmes, John Mulaney, and Howard Kremer.

BEST OF THE BEST: Well it appears that Jack White will be making his solo US debut here at Sasquatch a month after the release of his debut solo album. That is certainly something to watch for.

With Beck, you should always expect the unexpected, so whatever he does will most likely be some sort of garage-punk/funky-pop weirdness explosion.

The self-described “greatest band in the world” Tenacious D will be returning to the stage after five long years, to coincide with the release of their new album.

Girl Talk is a mashup artist that can combine everything from War Pigs, to Teach Me How to Dougie, to 99 Problems, all without being sued.

Portlandia, a show led by Wild Flag’s Carrie Brownstein (who will also play the festival with that group) and SNL’s Fred Armisen. It’s an amazingly funny and amazingly bizarre sketch comedy show that sold out crowds across the US when they brought it to the stage. Definitely something to see if you watch the show.

If you’re looking to relax after a long day’s festival, Explosions in the Sky should help (not Bon Iver). This post-rock emotional explosion of instrumental beauty is like a symphony of guitars that will put you to sleep in the best sense of the word.

Childish Gambino, or as Community fans know him Donald Glover, is a brilliant lyricist and deliverer of rap music. He’s also wicked funny. So whether he does something comedic or something serious, it should be brilliant.

Blitzen Trapper are Americana-folk at its best. With Sub Pop signing more folk bands like Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper hopped on the first train out of Portland to play magnificent folksy music. It’ll be like a portal to another world, a world where all you should care about is not getting anyone’s vomit on your shoes.

ALSO CHECK OUT: Grouplove, fun., SBTKRT, Dum Dum Girls, Wild Flag. AraabMuzik, Gary Clark Jr., Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, STRFKR, The Sheepdogs.

Great lineup this year, if you ask me. Enjoy the show, all who are going!



Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I am not one of the individuals who remember the Sunset Junction as a small community gathering of Silver Lake locals. I know Sunset Junction as a gathering of inebriated individuals from all over Southern California looking to enjoy some music and overpriced churros in the hot summer sun. It had been a few years since I participated in the all day bash, and I was very much looking forward to the 2011 edition. USELESS KEYS, The Stripminers, Vanaprasta, Helmet, Melvins and the Butthole Surfers all in one day – how could you not brave triple digit heat for those acts? For those outside of Southern California, Sunset Junction failed to obtain a permit from the city of Los Angeles (which was not the city being cruel as much as Sunset Junction really fucked a lot of things up) and was subsequently canceled. As soon as Sunset Junction ceased to have a pulse, various artists began to book shows in and around down. With some dubbing the event as Echo Park Rising (a name I am using despite only seeing one show in Echo Park), my man Jeff and I decided to see just how many shows we could hit over the course of one day.

Sunset Junction Live From Dangerbird Records

Located in Sunset Junction, Dangerbird Records is home to such acts as Silversun Pickups and Beady Eye. While I have driven past their Sunset Blvd headquarters on numerous occasions, I have never had an opportunity to stop in for a visit. They have a pretty sweet setup, as the stage overlooks what is basically a back yard with various trees (aka shade), some street art and a basketball hoop. We made it to the free show (with donations requested and gladly handed over to the wonderful non-profit known as The Pablove Foundation) comprised of some of the up and coming local artist who were originally scheduled to perform at Sunset Junction.

Chasing Kings

Perhaps it was the heat, perhaps it was the mix of styles while never truly having their own sound but I lost interest quick in Chasing Kings. Did they meow a song? I think they meowed the lyrics to a song, I don’t really remember as I ended up hanging in the shade somewhere between the trash can and those endless supply of funky supplement drinks that tasted like diet skittles.

The Fling

Not knowing anything about these guys, they win the prize as the only new act to win me over all day. I am a sucker for that rock meets folk with a bit of La Honda psychedelica thrown in for good measure sound. The Fling fly the rock meets folks with a bit of La Honda psychedelica flag high and proud. Well written songs with solid licks and great melodies. With new material to release later in the year, the band debuted some new material, including the song below. I will no doubt be seeking these guys out again.


I really want to like Vanaprasta, probably because in the next 18 months everyone will like Vanaprasta. The band had elements I really liked. The energy level (especially the guy who was using the palm tree as a percussion instrument during the first song) in the group was high. Some of the musical passages intrigued my ear. I think the one thing that killed it for me was the vocals. They sounded so much like Kings of Leon that it ruined anything good they can do While the familiarity will help them in the end it made me rush back to a bench in the shade versus diving deeper into the set. Perhaps the group would be more enjoyable inside a club versus playing outside at 3pm. One positive note is that Kevin Bacon and his brother showed up for the set and seemed to enjoy it. If you know Vanaprasta (or Jeff and I) you are now one degree away from Kevin Bacon.


It usually takes something rather special for this Nor Cal West Side boy to hit the Silver Lake/Echo Park section of Los Angeles. Typically those special reasons are Record Store Day, Joseph Arthur or USELESS KEYS. Till someone proves me wrong, I will proclaim USELESS KEYS as the best local band in Los Angeles today. The group used their set not only to wrap up a brief tour of the South West, but as a chance to rock a lot of material assumed to be featured on their upcoming full length release . “Static Friend” “Kamikaze” and “Sea Bells” and songs unfamiliar to me hypnotized the crowd. The four-piece made sure to mix in the material found on their four song debut EP. “Arizona State Highway” was an appropriate call given the concrete baking from the oppressive sun overhead. There is no doubt that “White Noise” is a natural set closer, so when the band began to strum to chords I knew our time at Dangerbird Records was coming to a close. Another great set from USELESS KEYS, till next time gentlemen.

The Growlers

There was a debate to head back to the west side after USELESS KEYS, but that would have been about 2.5 hours in a car for three hours at home? So Jeff and I decided to head down Sunset to Amoeba Records in Hollywood to check out The Growlers. Originally scheduled to perform at the Junction on Sunday, I suppose you take a gig where you can get one right? I had literally looked up The Growlers on YouTube earlier in the day to see if it was worth the trek I enjoyed the spooky Scooby-Doo flavored surf rock thing that The Growlers had going and figured why not make the trip. We made it just as the band wrapped their first song. Standing in the Diamond Head/Ani DiFranco/Dio section of the store, I noticed myself more excited for the air conditioning instead of the music. Once my body cooled, I realized I really didn’t like the music. I take that back, the music while nothing amazing was fine. It was vocalist Brooks Nielson that ruined it for me. He felt as if he did not want to be there, proclaimed that he never comes to Amoeba because he has no money and one must assume he was not just drinking java from that coffee mug. I ended up looking at vinyl for the final 1/3rd of their set ending up with albums by Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts and TV on the Radio.

UFC 134

Photo by Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Man can’t survive on music alone, which is why Jeff and I hit up Big Wangs in Hollywood for dinner and what we assumed would be baseball and pre-season NFL action. While we got the NFL action, we were also treated to UFC 134. Neither of us are fans of UFC, but with cold drinks and pizza tater tots it ended up being a sweet spot to not only recharge our batteries but kill a few hours. Not knowing really anything about UFC, it was a blast to watch this Anderson Silva guy just destroy Yushin Okami. Where other fights I saw featured fighters lunging upon their opponents as soon as they were down on the mat, Silva played cat and mouse with Okami. It was pretty bad ass; I think I finally see the appeal of UFC.

400 Blows

The final leg of our Echo Park Rising 2011 experience was a trip to the Echoplex. Here is where I admit that I have never stepped foot into this venue (of the Echo for that matter) and now I must wonder why as it’s a great place. I spent basically the entire set of 400 Blows towards the back section. Its clear 400 Blows don’t take themselves seriously as I don’t believe a band could be that bad without knowing they are bad. Instead I spent my time playing Words With Friends with fellow journalist/Concert Confessions supporter Adrian Garro. Sure, he was 15 feet away from me, but as we posted to our Facebook wall, Words With Friends is much more entertaining than 400 Blows.

Butthole Surfers

On June 28th 1996 a local radio station in the Bay Area hit up my local Blockbuster Music and gave out free tickets to the Reverend Horton Heat/Toadies/Butthole Surfers gig that night at the Greek Theatre. I was not allowed to attend concerts at this time in my life, especially concerts across the Bay in Berkeley with people my parents didn’t know. So I did what any 17 year old kid would do and told my parents to fuck off and went anyways. As it turns out it was one of the better choices I made as my parents fined me $25 and then started letting me go to shows. For fifteen years I have been trying to see the band again. There was no way in hell I would allow a permit issue to keep me from rocking out with the Butthole Surfers.

The band hit the stage around 11:30pm as front man Gibby Haynes questioned the crowd to see how many had tickets for Sunset Junction. With many hands raised high, Haynes shared his disappointment with the cancellation (Butthole Surfers were set to headline the main stage) before blasting into “100 Million People Were Dead.”

With the bands core members all in their mid-50’s, the four piece rocked Echo Park hard for 90 minutes. What shocked me was the fact that most of the set was that much of the material performed was from the bands mid 80’s material. I didn’t think we would hear anything from Psychic…Powerless…Another Man’s Sac, but there they were rocking “Negro Observer” and “Gary Floyd.” Other classics like “BBQ Pope” “I Saw An Xray of a Girl Passing Gas” and “Bong Song” pleased the hardcore Butthole fans.

While I can’t claim to own the entire Butthole collection, I would say my favorite release by the San Antonio noise rockers is 1993’s “Independent Worm Saloon.” The band blessed the Echoplex with a lot of material from this release including “Goofy’s Concern” “Some Dispute Over T-Shirt Sales” and “Edgar.”

I know on their last tour, the band refused to play their one mainstream hit “Pepper” so I was not expecting to hear it on this particular evening. The band however shocked me and many more as they snuck it into a medley along with “Lady Sniff.” However that was the only material performed from the entire Electricladyland record.

All in all, the Butthole Surfers were the perfect way to end a great day of show hopping. I am grateful I got the chance to see the legends live and in person once again. As far as Echo Park Rising, I think there may very well be something here. Various shows around local venues for a weekend, it could be SXSW for downtown adjacent. I know I had a blast running around and would be down for another round next year.

Weezer @ Williamsburg Waterfront 7/16/10


07/16/10 Williamsburg Waterfront – Williamsburg, NY

Words/Photos by Jay Porks

Tonight we embark on the 30th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending concert series, where we go to Brookyln, NY- The Williamsburg WaterFront for Weezer ( try saying that 5 times fast). Here we have ourselves a newer venue in the hipster town of Williamsburg- home to a few cool places to see shows such as ‘Brooklyn Bowl’ and the ‘Music Hall Of Williamsburg’.. Bands booked at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer are the likes of Faith No More, Band of Horses, Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, Pavement and tonight, the Weez.. Let’s hope this lives up to the hype of $55 tickets ( 3 of which I had to sell for way less then face value-not to mention having to evade a brawl that ensued on the bus back in Staten Island on the way over).. To add insult to injury, about halfway to Brooklyn I realized I forgot my SD memory card, basically making my camera usless! I’m not sure how many still frames this can hold without extra memory…I feel like it’s 2008 all over again… Let’s hope for better times ahead!

After getting lost in Williamsburg, I heard a familiar voice blasting through the streets.. It was Matt Pinfield, welcoming everyone to this WRXP sponsered event.. So there, I found myself outside the venue at about 8PM.. Fresh after Rival Schools went off.. There’s a paragraph I won’t have to for the Williamsburg Warerfront- what a frigging dump this place was.. What are they renting a park for the summer.. It overlooks the East River, which is a good look- but the rest of this place is like a slab of concrete with a stage equipped.. It’s all standing room, right in front of 40 Porta-pottys(Spell check is telling me that’s the correct spelling) giving me the feel that I’m in the parking lot at a Jets game.. with an area they called ‘ the Beer Garden’, a concessions section which is ropped off.. This place is packed.. The stage is huge, but looks so out of place in the middle of a crummy neighborhood. It’s a great view when your NOT facing the stage, but everything else is abysmal ..
Showed up late enough where even though I feel like I’ve been here 5 minutes- Weezer is about to go on..

And at about 820- Weezer hit the stage and kicked the set off with ‘Hash Pipe’ Sweet, I love this song.. From back here, looks like avid soccer fan Rivers Cuomo is wearing a New York Red Bulls soccer jersey… If only someone gave a crap about soccor..after Hash Pipe, the band got into ‘Troublemaker’…. Then a stage hand gives Rivers a guitar as they go into ‘Undone(the sweater song)… Rivers has tried to get away from playing guitar at shows recently, so he started without one and was given it as needed.. I can’t say that this isn’t pretty cool so far as we get into ‘Surf Wax America”..then a newer, surprisingly likable song-‘Tripping down the Freeway’.. Towards the end of the song Rivers had grabbed an Emergency Exit sign and planted it mid-stage… Now Rivers back to Guitar as next up ‘Perfect Situation’.. Now everyone around me goes from excited to borderline giddy… Where are all those crappy Weezer songs I hate? Absent so far.. ‘Dope Nose’ followed, then “Say it ain’t so”- one of Weezers like top 3 songs ever.. this rocks right now- how did I have so much trouble selling these extra tickets?

There it is! Weezer crappy side surfaces with “I can’t stop partying’.. Never thought I’d say these words- I’d rather hear the version with Lil Wayne!.. Then we hear a “this ones for you for” as Balloons and clear beach balls fly from stage and they get into “Island in the sun”.. When the beach balls surfaced- I said aloud “what are the Flaming Lips in town?”.. I got looked at by spectators.. I can’t believe nobody got that joke.. ‘El Scorcho’ was next.. Sometime during the last few songs Pat Wilson jumped out from behind the drums and grabbed a guitar to be replaced on drums by some other in the set came ‘My name is Jonas’.. The crowd is beginning to cram more towards the front, I notice because I keep obtaining more room in the area in front of me.. Now it’s time for us to channel our inner Hollywood with “Beverly Hills”.. I can’t tell if Brian Bell is really using that talk box for the solo like Peter Frampton-or is he just mouthing the sounds.. I’m too far away to tell.

9:20 Weezer ducks off stage for what seems to be the first encore.. Came back out and started with Pat Wilson soloing something wicked(I think it was EVH but I hate Van Halen, so good chance I’m wrong).. That led into “Pork and Beans”, fitting for a Jay Porks Experience…. Then something really fun happened- Weezer doing MGMT- Kids/ Gaga’s Pokerface.. With Rivers sporting a platinum wig….Awesome

930- they head off for what seems to be the 2nd encore- because I didn’t hear Buddy Holly yet- and I’m not leaving til I do! Now all the lights on stage are off and I this is when I finally notice that there is an abandoned building behind the stage- and it’s full of spectators(If you look at the top picture, you can seriously see the buildings behind the stage)… How much do those seats cost?

Now a fan is on stage, it’s 9:33 and they let the fan:’ Chris from New Jersey’, sing lead on “If your wondering If I want you to (I want you to)’.. Guy didn’t do half bad- I wish I could do that-Looked like he had a good time.. that must be the VIP package.. NOW we can get into the climax of the night: ‘Buddy Holly’.. A song I can never get tired of.. By this time everyone in this place is drunk on the Weezer kool-aid.. Everyones having a blast.. After they played Buddy Holly it was followed by an impromptu drum jam- and off stage at 9:42…

Can’t call myself disappointed with the set.. played several songs I was hoping they would (they didn’t play ‘The Good Life’, but I’ll live).. I can’t say anything that Weezer did pissed me off.. The schlep to the slums of Brooklyn, the heat, and the bums grubbing cigarettes, well, that can get tiring and make you never want to hit the borough again.. But we will, as this party will be continued at Prospect Park July 31st, where Sonic Youth is playing a FREE show.. Til then-if you made it this far, you’ve made me proud.. LATE…

The 2010 KROQ Weenie Roast

2010 KROQ Weenie Roast
06/05/10 – Verizon Wireless Amp: Irvine, CA
Words/Photos/Videos by Reverend Justito/



No longer a Fiesta, the annual KROQ Weenie Roast returned to Irvine, California on the first Saturday in June 2010.  The long lasting corporate rock radio festival is not only a celebration of Summer’s arrival, but a chance for the stations simple-minded fan base to act like complete and total douche-bags.  Despite this fan-base of brainless burnouts, KROQ always puts together a top-notch line up of artists young and old.  Blessed enough to score a center terrace seat inside the out-dated live nation venue once known as Irvine Meadows – I headed south in hopes that great music could not be overpowered by an obtuse audience.
Passion Pit
I have to admit, I only saw Passion Pit in action for about 84 seconds.  The rest of their set was spent trying to get into Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre.  Trained guards in yellow winbreakers conducted long slow searches yet failed to stop 16,000+ from bringing booze, drugs and various sex toys into the Live Nation venue.  With the Bud Light Side stage about 600 yards from the line, we could hear Passion Pit just fine.  I feel I didn’t miss out on anything standing in line.  I have to assume cheesy synth-dance grooves over vocals that sound as if a cat is being skinned look pretty boring at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Really, the only time the music worked for me was when I was close enough to watch a female guard (keep in mind lines for searches are split into male/female) softly fondle the breasts of all patrons in her line.  Blessed by the good Lord with man hands, her touch was soft, slowly feeling for “joints” and “other contraband.”  I won’t lie, for a moment I was even jealous of her.  No matter what I do in life, I have the feeling I will never enjoy my work as much as this woman does.  The way she rubbed the female buttocks – lets just say you were not sneaking any credit cards or parking ticket past her.  For me, I just had to remove my cap off my bottle of water and throw it away.  As soon as my guard turned to feel up the next boy in line, I made a throwing motion into the trash can without even taking my top off.  I know, it’s true I am a bad ass.
Against Me!
The first band that mattered at the Weenie Roast was the Gainesville, Florida four piece (five if you count the touring keyboardist) Against Me! I planned it perfectly as I found my spot just as they took to the stage.  With a new record White Crosses releasing in less than 72 hours from their stepping upon the stage – Against Me! opened with a very a straight up pop sounding song that I can only assume is new.  The next 25 minutes ended up being everything I expected from my second Against Me! show.  A few new songs, a solid amount of material from their 2007 breakout record New Wave, and a dash of classics.  The Bonnaroo veterans packed in as much as they could in the abbreviated time slot, often not stopping between songs.  One highlight was the new records title track which flowed perfectly into the classic “Pints of Guinness Make You Strong.”  With the exception of the keyboards which felt out of place – the band sounded tight.  “White People for Peace”, “New Wave” and even their current single “I Was A Teenage Anarchist” sounded as if the band had been on the road for months.  Of course the biggest ovation from the crowd came from the bands most known rock radio number – “Thrash Unreal.”  The folks in the crowd who actually listen to the radio sang along to the bah bah bah chorus oblivious to the actual meaning of the lyrics.  Having now seen these guys twice on the festival circuit, I really need to make it to a full on Against Me! show.

While you won’t find the Chicago based band on my ipod, I have never had any issue with Chevelle.  I understand the comparisons to Tool and have enjoyed the bands string of rock radio hits over the past decade.  In my two previous trips to the Verizon Wireless Side-Stage Festival Grounds (aka a parking lot about the size of two-three football fields) the side-by-side stages have been set up in what would be the end zone.  It made logistical sense.  So leave it to some genius to switch the format and set the stages up at about the 40 yard line.  In doing this, there was far less room for fans, thus making it impossible to move around, let alone between stages.  Because of this, I watched Chevelle from the other stage (thus no video) not wanting to miss a second of Deftones.  Their 30 minute set was solid wall of hard rock.  I only recognized their hits – “The Red” and “Send The Pain Below” – which of course got a large reaction from the crowd.  The way I see it, I get to cross Chevelle off the list of bands I have never seen live – and they were the perfect warm up for Deftones.
Had it not been for winning tickets to their Jimmy Kimmel Live taping – this would have been lucky #13 for Deftones and I.  Having never seen the band in the same venue twice – I assumed the Sacto rockers would be playing before STP on the main stage.  Knowing that Deftones shows loose something in seated venues, I was fired up when I learned the band would be headlining the Bud Light side stage.  As a Deftones fan, I was shocked to find comments like this on the website:
@ME writes: the deftones are the only reason i’m going! why the hell are they going on at 4 and some sh!!!ty side stage!


    Yea I agree when they announced that the Deftones are playing I was like I’m not missing them but side stage?? Wtf?? Right?


    yeah why?

So you see, I am not being harsh when I call KROQ fans brainless.  Deftones for 45 minutes in the parking lot – how can one not be thrilled?
The band opened the set with “Rocket Skates.”   Sadly the song never had a chance.  For almost the entire song the crowd was unable to hear front man Chino Moreno’s vocals.  So in the event you are looking for an instrumental version of “Rocket Skates” the 2010 KROQ Weenie Roast is for you.  As soon as the mic issue was solved the band launched into the title track of their recently released record – Diamond Eyes. Even with fans packed in tight, two circle pits managed to form in front of the stage.  Those pits calmed a bit with “Knife Party” but that break was short lived as they swelled even larger when the band busted out their first taste of radio success – “My Own Summer (Shove It).”  Having seen the band in a similar setting at the San Francisco stop of the ’98 Vans Warped Tour, it felt right hearing so many songs from their 1997 release Around The Fur. The albums title track as well as “Lotion” are prime examples of what Deftones are all about.  One of the biggest reactions the band received was from Fur’s biggest hit “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away).”  While some fans grumbled over sound issues from guitarist Stephen Carpenter – most just went nuts over the chance to see the band in such an intimate setting.  After playing their biggest hit “Change (In The House of Flies) the band closed their set with “Birthmark.”  Having acted the previous night as if this was some sort of treat – I was hoping for “7 Words” or “Bored” when Moreno announced they would close with a song from Adrenaline. Regardless, there is a reason I have seen this band 14 times – they never disappoint.  Looking forward to show 15 this fall with Mastodon & Alice in Chains.

The Dirty Heads
I decided after 90+ mins at the side stage I wanted to empty my bladder and grab a beer.  Irvine Meadows (sorry, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre) was once a ground breaking venue (as it is my understanding it is one of the first sheds in the country).  However now it is out of date and in major need of renovation.  Lines for food, drink and restrooms are borderline criminal.  Men’s restrooms average 8 urinals and three stalls.  With limited rest rooms, you can imagine how long these lines are.  The lines for the women’s rest rooms are even worse.  Live Nation saves a buck by allowing volunteers to man the beer booths (some of the profit off $13.00 cups of brew are donated to charity).  Not even allowed to accept tips, the volunteers did their best to keep lines moving.  However a major lack of volunteers and small work space resulted in me missing the up and coming band cover “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones as well as the rest of their set.  Granted I don’t know a thing about The Dirty Heads minus their recent hit, I had hoped to catch a bit of their set just to give them a shot.  Perhaps next time?!?!?!?!
Cage The Elephant
I admit, I have lost touch with rock radio since I got an ipod.  However, Cage The Elephant is one of the bands that has really stuck out to me on the rare occasions my ears have been tickled by KROQ over the past couple of years.  Having recently picked up their self-titled album, I was excited to see the band who shares a home state with Wild Turkey Bourbon.  Sadly, I missed their first two songs in lines for not only beer as well as entrance to the Terrace section.  While solid, I am not sure if Cage is ready for prime time.  I realize it’s no easy task to rock such a large space in the sunlight, but the bands rowdy sound felt as if it would fit more into a club or theatre vs. a large scale amphitheatre.  Despite this – the band did an outstanding job rocking songs like “In One Ear”, “Back Against The Wall” and “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” and I expect big things to come.

As the rotating stage allowed Cage The Elephant to exit and Spoon to enter, I decided to go stand in line for the bathroom again.  Having seen Spoon twice before, I knew I was not missing out on anything.  To me, they are musically un-original and come off like self-righteous dickwads.  I hear folks blow them like they are the second coming of Coldplay Christ – yet no one can explain what makes them so fantastic.  So yeah, they came, they played, they sucked and won the “Reverend Justito’s Worst Band Of The Festival” award.  This is a pretty amazing accomplishment, considering my hate for a certain band further sharing the bill.
Silversun Pickups
My first trip to the Weenie Roast was in 2007. With “Lazy Eye” just breaking the charts – Silversun Pickups stole the show.  This was rather amazing considering they played the side stage.  I fell in love with their record Carnavas over the following months, but the bands follow up Swoon left a lot to be desired in my heart.  The band opened the set with the slow building “Growing Old Is Getting Old.”  While the setlist was not really what I was hoping for (all but one song was from Swoon) the Silverlake four piece did not disappoint.  Songs like “The Royal We” warmed the crowd who were chilled by the marine layer that had taken over the once warm day.  In our section, we had some very loud and flamboyant gay men who when not requesting for bassist Nikki Monninger to expose her tatas; insisted on screamed for the band to play “Substitution” even well after it has been played.  With a loud idiots behind me and so-so setlist I struggled for the first 2/3rd of the set.  I needed it to be so much more – I needed to connect.  Thankfully the last two songs that made me fall in love with Silversun Pickups all over again.  Granted they were the bands biggest hits “Panic Switch” and “Lazy Eye” Silversun Pickups always wins over the crowd over in the end.  In fact – it is physically fucking impossible to see Silversun and not rock your ass off.  For the first time all day, the band got fans in the seated section to get off their backsides and move.  Both songs were huge distorted monsters that unlike friends/former tour mates Cage The Elephant managed to fill the cavernous venue.  If it was not for a miracle at Berkeley’s Greek Theatre – there is no doubt I would be watching this band headline the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on August 6th.

I have no shame in proclaiming that I LOVE Paramore.  I own all three of the bands albums and have never had the opportunity to catch the group live.  The 2010 KROQ Weenie Roast was my chance to do just that.  With a buzz in the air from the final two Silversun Pickup songs the young band hit the stage like the Toronto Blue Jays are currently hitting baseballs.  The did a wonderful job by packing their time slot with hit after hit.  Early on – energetic front-woman Hayley Williams lead the band through older numbers like “That’s What You Get” and “Pressure.”  I have always cried foul when fans of “pop/dance” music defend lip syncing because of lack of breath from gaudy dance numbers.  Williams is much like a pinball bashing across the stage all while nailing her massive vocals.  I’m always amazes me when huge vocals come out of tiny people, which only adds to Williams allure.  Equally amazing, yet often overlooked is the bands guitarist Josh Farro.  Part of what won me over to these young pups was their love for one of my favorite bands – Failure. This kid has a great ear for melody rich gnarling distortion that just makes the hair on my back rise in delight.  On a totally unrelated note – I would be doing a disservice if I did not mention the pot-bellied Latina sitting next to me.  For most of the show, she was reading Twilight on her Kindle.  When Paramore played “Decode” from the Twilight Soundtrack – the gal put her Kindle down and rocked out.  By the time the band was on to “Brick By Boring Brick” the gal had returned to her electronic-book which held her focus the rest of the night.  I won’t lie, I was sad when Williams announced they would be playing their last song.  Paramore are a great live band with tight musicianship and raw power.  They know how to play up to the crowd, which of course meant they saved their biggest hit “Misery Business” for last.  Once again giving 110% the bands confirmed something I already knew – Paramore is something special.

I don’t own DEVO records.  I know a few songs, “Whip It” being the obvious favorite.  I know a lot of folks act as if DEVO is some huge important band.  I suppose they are if keyboards wet your whistle.  I know they wear plastic hats.  I know I once ran into Mark Mothersbaugh when I was eating breakfast with my mother-in-law.  I have nothing against DEVO, so the chance to see them for a few minutes at a festival didn’t bother me.  I don’t think I will be going out and buying any DEVO records, but they were cool.  I always love that feeling at an all-day show when light loses the battle to dark while a band plays on stage.  I felt excited watching strange video images as the post-punk/new wave band originally from Akron Ohio did their thing.  I headed for the restroom during their last song.  I am glad I got to see DEVO for the simple fact it gives me hipster bragging rights.  I still don’t get it.

How is it 2010 and the three headliners of the KROQ Weenie Roast were all major players in the heroin haze known as the nineteen nineties?  The one who OD’d, the one who should have OD’d and the one who couldn’t OD no matter how hard they tried.
I hate Courtney Love.  I hate her music even more.  Terrible songs, terrible vocals, terrible, terrible terrible.  My original plan was to post not one, but two reviews from Jay Porks instead of talking crap on the living breathing trash dumpster.  Then something changed as I paid a third visit to the filthy restroom (I have a small bladder and stayed hydrated – sue me).  I couldn’t believe my ears, the nasty puss filled scab was opening with “Sympathy For The Devil” by The Rolling Stones.  Not only was it the second Stones cover I heard while in line, I actually was bummed I was not inside the venue.  After watching a crystal meth tweaker piss into a trash can, I made it back to my seat around the time “Malibu” was finishing up.  As Love lead her hired hands through more songs, I noticed something.  While no Hole song will ever sound good, she has assembled a group of top notch musicians who manage to keep the music focused and on course.  From what I have seen of Hole back in the day, the crazed front-woman often lead her pack into disaster.  In 2010, someone in her camp has figured out that with a really solid backing band – she can sound halfway decent.  In fact, and it pains me to say it I actually cracked a smile or two.  The bitch has fabulous stage banter.  Who else introduces a Leonard Cohen cover with a discussion on personal douching habits?  I can’t believe I am going to admit this, but I found myself rocking out a bit to “Miss World.”  After bashing the lame requests of the crowd, Courtney obliged and performed “Doll Parts” but only after making fun of the song.  I even forgave Courtney for lying last night.  In dedicating an Alex Chilton cover to Kevin Weatherly, she thanked the program director for playing her records from Faith No More to the terrible (her words not mine) solo record she put out a few years ago.  Regardless, not only did I survive a Hole show, they were better than Spoon.  I never thought I would say that in a million years.

Stone Temple Pilots
STP was the main factor in buying tickets for this years event.  While the solid support was there – Stone Temple Pilots are in a league of their own – not to mention they just have a sound that works for summer time outdoors.  Great riffs, great grooves – when these four come together magic happens.  It’s that rare spark that separates the legends from the greats and STP’s spark is big and bright.  Taking the stage moments past 9pm the band opened with a triple shot of modern rock classics.  From the opening notes of “Vasoline” I knew it was going to be an amazing set.  “Wicked Garden” has always been my favorite STP radio staple, so having this in the two hole simply increased my already high level of excitement.  In fine Weenie Roast fashion it was around the third song  “Crackerman” that lug-nut fans began a giant bon-fire upon the lawn.  The foul smell of burning pizza boxes and beer cups choked the amphitheatre as the DeLeo brothers played their trademark interlocking grooves.

The band used their Weenie Roast appearance to bust out some songs from their just released self-titled album.  While not a bad song “Hickory Dichotomy” didn’t seem to fit as well into the hard rocking set as lets say “Between The Lines.”  Front-man Scott Weiland played a trick on the crowd introducing another new song only to launch into “Plush.”  While a majority of the sets songs came from the bands first two albums; a big highlight was “Tumble In The Rough” a song the band admits they have neglected over the years.
It was clear the audience wanted hits – and the band delivered.  “Big Empty” (dedicated to The Big Easy) “Interstate Love Song” and “Sex Type Things” were all highlights.  With everyone on their feet, the band left for a brief break before returning for a two song encore.  Screaming into his Megaphone – Weiland lead the band into a nasty version of “Dead and Bloated” before closing with another winner from the Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Giftshop album – “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart.”  From the deep emotion and slight struggle in Weiland’s voice to the soaring solos of Dean DeLeo, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful day of music.

Sublime w/ Rome
Long before Bradley Nowell was found dead in a shitty San Francisco hotel room, I was making fun of his crappy band.  When he passed, I laughed at my friends over their loss (I admit – I was a brain-dead 16 year old).  When I heard that the living members of Sublime had reunited with a new singer, I grew angry.  Look, I may not be a fan of Sublime, but if I know anything I know that it’s Bradley’s music.  Just because some pudgie Ewok looking thing gets good playing those songs alone in his bedroom does not mean you have to piss all over your legacy.  Sadly for Bradley’s family the two other guys who were in Sublime have.  Now, I realize many fans believe it pays tribute to the music – however it’s anything but.  The reason Blind Melon and The Doors failed with their new front men is because their bands had lost their voice – their souls.  What happened to Long Beach Dub All-Stars?  It might not be the profitable way to honor the music, but it’s the correct way.  Walking the long path back to the car, I could hear the crowd singing along to opening number “Date Rape” drowning out the band in the process.  If you want a Sublime w/ Rome review – once again I suggest you click here, because you are not getting one from me.  For as wonderful as the intent of the KROQ Weenie Roast is, the fans themselves cause the event to fail.  People don’t come to enjoy music, they come to get wasted and party with their friends.  It’s the reason they cry when Deftones are added to the side stage and the reason they quickly forget their legend for a cheap knock off of the original.  Perhaps as a music-snob I am too harsh on casual music fans, but it’s only because I love music so much and it breaks my heart to drown in a sea of disrespect.

Local H Blender Theater at Gramercy 05/18/10

Here we are on this rainy New York City night for the twenty seventh edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series.. Tonight we are headed to the Blender Theater at Gramercy, 127 East 23rd street to see the legendary hard  rock duo from Illinois- LOCAL H..

Interesting subplot to this evenings show: Earlier in the week a story broke that the Stone Temple Pilots were trying to squeeze Local H out of the room for tonight’s event- or should I say LiveNation tried to push Local H out so STP can play a ‘Midnight Showcase’ for their latest record effort.. Rumblings earlier this week on fansites finally led to an announcement on the offical STP site that tickets for a show at Gramercy Theater for May 18th, today. I was a bit puzzled.. So Livenation sends me an email titled “event information” and I immediately panicked… Opened the email to read that “Doors will open at 7PM.. Show will start 7:15 and end promptly at 9:30… I was pissed that my second time seeing Local H may be abbreviated – just like the first time I saw them at WebsterHall in November of 2008.. I wanted to organize a protest outside the venue after the show- but that idea seems to have been rained out.. Oh and by the way, the sign says for tonights event: An Evening with the Stone Temple Pilots..

Local H is currently on their “Six Angry Records” tour, where in every city before each set they will be picking a random album of theirs out  of a hat and playing it in it’s entirety.. The albums in the hat are  “Ham Fisted”, “As Good As Dead”, ” Here comes the Zoo”, “Pack up the  Cats”, ” What ever happened to PJ Soles?” and “12 Angry Months”….

        Never a huge fan of the bands playing entire albums thing, because I’d rather hear a varied collection of a bands work rather than a single time frame- but it can be good depending on what band, which album and what kind of feeling is in the air that night..

        Got in about 7:15.. Kinch was ready to come on.. I walked up to the merch line where Scott Lucas was at his normal post selling his band’s tee shirts and CDs.. So I’m on line thinking what am I going to say to this guy when I get there- I probably have enough time for one question  so I better make it worth it. Like that one pick up line everyone has  for that one showstopping chick that walks by when you only have one  swing at the plate.. I had to think quick, so I got ready. The question was going to be : “Whats your favorite record to play live?”.. The line dissipates slowly, and I’m finally face to face with the man of the hour, lead singer/ Guitar player of the band we all came to see, Local H..  So I step up, and open my mouth to speak- and as soon as I did, thats  when Kinch hit the first chord of their set.. No words were heard- didn’t even finish the question. So now he’s awaiting me to make a purchase,  so I chose this cool looking shirt that said “Local H 2010” in an extra large. I usually try and go for the tour shirts just so I can always say I was there, and there it was. So with loud guitars in the backdrop Scott pauses as he’s looking at a list he’s making tracking  sales, he looks around confused, so I smoothly said “You just got ripped off didn’t you?” and he said “Yea.. I did” and that when I slipped him the money along with my ticket, a pen and my fan-boy stare.. I gave him the “can you sign my ticket?” line.. He scribbled his autograph on the ticket and I thanked him and walked away. Once I got away from the line I realized that I just got ripped off…. Scott Lucas stole my pen!

Kinch was a pretty cool band at times, and not so much my flavor at times.. think of Death Cab meets Silversun Pickups without that annoying squeal that the dude from Silversun Pickups has… sounds wise any.. They’re from Phoenix.. They came out and played about 6 or 7 songs and “promptly” went off at 7:48… I survey the room at this time and notice a slight crowding and cheers getting louder as the room continues to pack in…behind the standing

room area, is auditorium like seating set up above us.. That must be for the

STP set later, because those seats remained vacant for the nights proceedings. I also noticed that I’m leaning on a barricade about 6 feet from the  stage- this being my first time at the Blender Theater, I’m not sure  if this barricade is here on a regular basis or just here because the  establishment, big business rock and roll will be taking over later in  the evening…. 8pm is approaching quickly, and here comes Brian St.  Clair for drum check.. Now Scott lining up his pedal boards we’re finally at the main event.. Ladies and Gents, the one, the only- LOCAL  H!!

After the meet at the merch table with Scott, I noticed some prime real estate on the barricade on the most left you can go.. I’m in a corner- Nobody in front of me, directly in front of the drum kit.. this is where I’m going to be getting killer footage all night long.. Didn’t know how close I really was til Brian slammed that first snare.. This is going to get really LOUD really fast.. Scott grabs the microphone and says “This is kinda weird… sort of feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots….we’re not, but it does got that feel”. He then explains the pulling the record out of the hat as fans scream out their favorite Local H records, he asks a girl in the front what she wants to hear, she says “Pack Up The Cats”.. Then the hand goes in the hat- here it is, the moment of truth, what we’ve all been waiting three months to know: which one of their albums will they pull out? Okay hand inside the hat.. Here it comes….

“Ham Fisted”……

Not that I’m upset, because I’m just happy to be here witnessing this great band- but as one member of the crowd screamed ” DO OVER!”, to which Scott told us after Ham Fisted was through, that: “We’ve toyed with the idea of rigging the hat, but you can’t rig the hat… It’s a slippery slope. First your rigging the hat.. next you’re fucking babies.. you know you don’t know where it’s going to end-you need to draw the line somewhere “..

First song they got into is “Feed”, and when they started it I thought to myself ‘okay, this is gonna rock harder than I thought’ because thanks to a 32 gig iPod touch- I have Local H’s entire discography on there- so I am unknowingly familiar with most of these songs- even though it’s their first record, and maybe a lesser known one. Tracks like”Manipulater” and “Grrlfriend” were crowd pleasers, and the latter, Scott played solo using Kinch’s keyboard that was left on stage.. and The two guitar players from Kinch were on stage a couple of time throughout the evening, providing backing guitar or lyrics or keyboards when needed., The entire night, I’m next to someone who obviously wants to hear a song called “F*ck Yeah, That Wide”, as he is screaming it all night and is an unwanted guest speaker on my videos I was taking.. I got some of the greatest video I ever got tonight-sound and view and not being harassed by event staff all night.. they had a film crew on hand and were filming right in front of me.. Watching the video as I give the final touches to this review at my house, these guys know how to ROCK-on some real deal type stuff… Why isn’t  Local H a bigger band then they are? Why don’t people know them? Scott is playing a guitar and a bass at once! It has bass picks built in, with two chords leading out-one to the guitar amp, and one to the bass amp… and to be that loud.. it’s just mega awesome…. Ham Fisted was done around 9, maybe a little before-then they kicked it into overdrive…

They hit us with “All the Kids are Right” and quickly followed it with “All Right, Oh Yeah”. The intensity of the band seemed to have risen, as now the unpredictable can occur.. the audience got more recklessly into it, because now we all don’t know what’s coming next-this is feeling like a two part rock concert somehow and they never went off stage… Members of Kinch running on and off stage when they hear the first opening chords to whatever song it was .. the entire night the band was having a good time, which was good considering the facts at hand-we must clear out by 9:30.. but I look over and it’s like five past nine, so I’m camera in hand ready to rock for these next 25 minutes.. We got a sweet version of “California Songs”, with “Weezer” replacing “California Dreaming” in the lyric “The message is the same-it’s getting pretty lame/ California Dreaming’s on the radio”.. I just got my Weezer tickets, so take that Scott! When “Fritz’s Corner” came on, I went frickin’ bonkers.. probably the only video I have where I could not restrain from singing along. This is like the 10th time at least I’ve noticed during this set that this is incredible! I’m not getting cheated at all, as I thought I would be going in… Local H is killing it.. Brian is over there kicking the shit out of his drum kit in Grohlian fashion..  Scott comes off stage and steps onto the barricade and leans into the crowd while playing, it’s a really cool scene.. he looks down and takes a swig of the drink that one lucky girl happened to be holding… I got a great shot of it…The light show is even cool.. Scott also explained that “If it wasn’t for STP this show would have been canceled-I’m fucking serious”.. So if you read between the lines(no pun intended), this was the doing of LiveNation, and not STP.. Livenation looked around, and chose to try and fuck Local H, but, according to Scott “STP made this show happen”, so for that I am grateful.. because this is still going… here comes “Hands on the Bible” with one dude from Kinch on keys and another backing on guitar and this is just HEAVY.. . “Bound for the Floor” (casual fans think it’s called Copacetic), and I think they snuck another song in there in the middle of it, then ending back to Bound to the Floor.. Check my YouTube page-link somewhere in the sidebar-if anyone can confirm it for me that’d be awesome… then I knew it was over, I couldn’t believe they were going to play something after their biggest hit to date.. but they did.. “Wolf Like Me”!!! a TV on the Radio cover... a few weeks ago I really got into both bands versions of the song and I was dying to hear this one life… I screamed, honestly..I screamed with unbridled enthusiasm! Totally pumped trying to keep the camera straight while swinging my head back and forth and turning my head so I can try and scream the lyrics without being heard on the footage… it was unbelievable-rocked it for about 8 and a half minutes- and said goodnight.. and honestly, there was nothing more to be played as Scott put his guitar down and stepped over the barricade into the crowd and disappeared into that rainy city night as we were all being forced out due to time constraints..

LOCAL H delivers BIGTIME! What a show. You joking? They pulled out the album I would have last choose to be played and in returned they showed me a thing or two about what’s it’s like to be blown away-I’m blown… I don’t even know what just occurred…But on my way out I did see the dude with the envious pony tail; dude we ran into at the Hole show at Terminal 5 the first night, he was waiting in line to see STP… Small world…

All I’m saying is that there is a time and a place for the establishment rock and roll to show up and be all “big time”.. and that time is going to be this Sunday, where the Jay Porks Experience will roll into Camden,  New Jersey for a huge outdoor show to kick off the 3rd annual Jay Porks Summer Concert Series with the aforementioned Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Three Days Grace, Fuel and more… So that’s where you’ll find me.. until then, thanks for taking the time.. LATE…..

A Night At The Roxy with Into The Presence

Useless Keys/Into The Presence 07/09/09

The Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos/Video by Justin

So there I was Thursday night, standing outside the Roxy Theater chatting with The Maldonado brothers when adult film legend Ron Jeremy strolled by. As scenesters sucked on cancer sticks oblivious to their surroundings, we watched as a homeless man tried to sell the King of Porn roses as he made his way up the strip to the Rainbow Room. Just another Thursday night in Hollywood, I suppose.

The Useless Keys 07/09/09: The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA

A few hours earlier, I had walked into The Roxy as USELESS KEYS wrapped up their opening set. I have to admit, I wish I had showed up a bit earlier to catch this four piece who (judging by one song) meet somewhere between Silversun Pickups and Brand New with a dash of Autolux 83 minutes after popping a Valium. If I know one thing from our five glorious minutes together, it’s that I need to seek them out again. After the curtain dropped on USELESS KEYS, I hit the bar for a very strong drink and smiled, knowing that I was probably the only person in the vacuous club who was in on the secret of the next act. Yet, even I was in for a surprise when the curtain rose and revealed the band I paid $13.50 to see.

Into The Presence 07/09/09 - The Roxy

Into The Presence consists of core members Luis Maldonado and Tim Alexander. Imagine my shock in discovering that both Mr. Alexander as well as bass player Jenn Oberle were MIA from the stage. Before things had even sunk in, the trio (who was later joined on stage by Ana Lenchantin on Cello) went head first into “End Game” while most of the crowd kept a firm grip on their beverages back by the bar.

Hecstacy - Into The Presence 07/09/09:  The Roxy

Over the next 30 minutes, the band managed to win over the jaded Thursday night crowd, one audience member at the time. As Luis Maldonado (who was joined by his brother Hector on Bass, and a drummer whose name I believe is Josh ) led the recent recruits through songs from their recently released self titled record, it was clear that it was his night to shine. Songs like “The Garden” allowed the musical prodigy to race up and down his fret board hypnotizing the crowd. His powerful vocals screaming “We’ve Lost Communication” couldn’t speak louder to me on a personal level these days. I think it was during “Radio” when one young audience member/student at the Cobra Kai dojo out in the San Fernando Valley was won over by the pulsating prog meets 70’s glam rock songs. Wearing a totally tubular headband, he used the wide open dance floor to show his approval with a series of serious martial art moves that not only complimented Hector’s monster bass bombs, but resulted in a rather epic tweet from another member of the crowd.

Ana & Luis of Into The Presence perform My Only Crime:  The Roxy 07/09/09

The musical highlight of the set was when Luis (joined by just Lenchantin) strapped on an acoustic guitar and played the delicate “My Only Crime”. While anyone can shred on an electric guitar, the Spanish influence meets monster Steve Vai shredding by Luis is just part of what makes this song so intense. Lenchantin’s haunting cello complimented Luis the acoustic guitar perfectly. This was the moment in which the audience shifted, and Into The Presence had them eating out of their hands. In fact, watching Into The Presence perform to an unexpecting audience is much like watching a Shepard on the job. The sheep may be lost and spread out, but by the time the band launches into the closer “Dear Father“, the Shepard has gathered the flock and collectively brought them home. I may hold the record at this point for most L.A. ITP shows attended with four. The last two times, I have been in on the secret and been able to watch as the haunting riffs and sonic sounds win over unexpecting crowds. I just hope that in a day and age of a dying music industry, that many more are lucky enough to be exposed to Into The Presence.

Blood Cat Love 07/09/09: The Roxy, Los Angeles CA

I managed to catch a bit of the next band who were called Blood Cat Love. I have nothing nice to say about these unoriginal and painfully bland collective of cliches. Somehow the worst of Silver Lake indie rock managed to regurgitate just past Pioneer Chicken on Sunset Blvd and float down the gutters to the Roxy, and while fatties with Emo-mullets (long in the back, messy on top and dumb shavings into the side) rejoiced as the generic group did their thing on stage. I decided it was enough and called it a night. Good thing I did as well. Otherwise, I would never have met up with the brothers Maldonado and discovered that The Hedgehog Ron Jeremy drives a beat up compact commuter chevy. Oh how I shall miss Thursday nights in Hollyweird.


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