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Meredith’s Top 10 Concerts of 2012

It’s nearing the end of the year, or if you’re into it, the end of the world as we know it.  Since I’ve attended many shows this year(30+) and taken photographs, I thought I’d share with you a re-cap of my most favorite shows from 2012. I am going to list them in the order in which I saw them, because picking a favorite is not easy out of what I’ve chosen. Here we go!



1. 311 Day 03/10-03/11 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas NV

What can I say?? I’m a 311 die-hard. This event was one of the most awesome concerts I’ve had the opportunity to witness. Yes it cost a lot for tickets, and yes, I was bummed I didn’t get floor tickets. But, traveling to Vegas knowing I’m not only going to see my favorite band play TWO nights in a row AND I get to see my friends from around the country made it worth it. Two days before leaving for Vegas, I caught 311 in Wendover NV as well. Met some fans who we actually followed and kept running into at gas stations along the way from Utah to Vegas. That’s one of the things that makes 311 unique. Their fans can easily become your family(literally, people have met through the 311 website and are now married with kids). When I got word that I got to photograph the band on 311 Day, that only amped up the show for me. With setlists that exceeded 30 songs per night, and a stage to rival the likes of Rob Zombie, 311 put on a show that went down in history. Thousands of people singing their hearts out, a band that loves its fans(truly….they honor fans by using fan art, our photos, etc, and always give credit) and a venue to fit us all. What an incredible two days.

311 Las Vegas 2012


2. GWAR 04/10/12 Saltair,  Magna UT

When the opportunity dropped into my lap to go to GWAR, two things happened: I got nervous, and I got a raincoat for my camera. I’d never seen this band, nor listened to anything of theirs past what I heard over the years randomly. I also heard that they were less than polite to photographers. So naturally, shooting this  show seemed like a good idea to me. What I saw and experienced made this show one that I will tell stories about forever. I had a poncho for myself, but used it to wrap my camera bag and hid it out-of-the-way. I was glad, because I got targeted immediately by a torso that had just had the head cut off on stage. The fake blood spurting out of the neck stump went directly into my mouth, eye and into my lens(yay for camera ponchos!)as the torso bent over and drained into my face. Yep, that’s normal. It didn’t phase me and honestly I got right over the fear of it. GWAR continued to dismantle people, creatures and Snooki on stage that night. Guts, blood, parts…..a mess. But the thing that amazed me was their ability to play instruments and sound good while all that was going on. A spectacle but very, very well produced. I will definitely take the time to bask in the live horror that is GWAR if they come back to Utah. Which they should, seeing as how there were plenty of flesh-hungry weirdos that were there(and a guy who literally threw his 7-year old into a mosh pit).





3. Primus 06/19/12 Rail Event Center, SLC UT

Legend. How could I not go to Primus? Playing their new album, “Green Naugahyde” in its entirety AND a set of our favorites as well? Sign me up. While the crowd warmed up with the “Primus Sucks” chant, I readied my lens. I stood in front of a stage with red lights, two giant astronauts with moving, living faces(awesome stage production), and my hands were shaking. In a moment, I was standing less than a foot from Les Claypool. Legend. Innovator.  As I stated, they played two sets. The first was a mix of hits, “Frizzle Fry”, “Pudding Time” etc. The second, was what I would call a trippy date with Pink Floyd, but on more acid, with more spinning things. “Green Naugahyde” is very different, but still very Primus. I think it was best it was played as a whole, and it fits as a piece that I feel is meant to be listened to from start to finish. But as a gift at the end, Primus encored with “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”. Dream come true. Capped off the night with meeting the band, and getting my Miscellaneous Debris EP signed, as well as my Green Naugahyde vinyl.

Primus SLC 2012me and les

4. Band of Horses 07/26/12 SLC UT Twilight Concert Series

We here in Utah have an outstanding summer concert series for the last 15+ years. It has nothing to do with those stupid vampire movies/books, and it’s called Twilight Concert Series. This year, they spoiled the hell out of us. We got a visit from Indie(yeah I said it) rockers Band of Horses. With songs you know from popular shows (The Funeral) and gentle hits like “No One’s Gonna Love You”, this band’s live performance wins over both the casual listener and the uber fan. I had the pleasure of being in the photo pit for this, and I was like a giddy school girl. I have listened to this band now for a few years, and it delighted me to hear them live. This was one of the larger crowds that turned out for the series that also featured artists including Nas, and Tinnie Tempah. The energy was amazing, and the crowd was singing along word for word. One of the summer shows not to be missed.


Band of Horses


5. Iron Maiden 08/01/12 USANA, SLC UT

You read that correctly. I went to Iron Maiden, and GWAR this year. I would not consider myself a hard/metal rocker. But I know better than to miss Iron Maiden on a tour to my piddly state. When Iron Maiden adds you to their tour stops, you go. And the crowd did. This was a very interesting mix of folks. I think I saw at least three pregnant women(two with broken legs) and a pregnant stage tech(also with a cast, hoisting her belly up a speaker stand no less). Mullets, 80’s leggings, and lots of black clothes. But, the thing that caught my attention was the many children that were out and about. This was a family affair. Many parents were seen passing on the musical tradition of a good ol’ rock show, and this made me have a little more hope in humanity. Instead of running to a Bieber show, little metalheads were having a great time watching the flames shoot out of the stage, and Bruce Dickinson leap about like a spring chicken(to quote the tour manager haha). The guys are in prime condition and threw down the gauntlet of rock music. The show was amazing, well-played, and for guys pushing 60+, doing the splits was pretty awesome. I am not allowed to share the photos, as there was a waiver, but the best way to see a show is to GO.


6. Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson 10/01/12 USANA, SLC UT

I went to this show as a fan of Marilyn Manson. I like Rob, but I like Marilyn more. I missed out the last time he was here and I was not going to miss him this time. Marilyn Manson opened for Rob Zombie, and now that I look back, that is just fine. I had excellent seats for this show, and no photo pass(boo) for Manson. He had a crazy stage with several changing sets, costumes, effects, etc. He also blew some “coke” onto the audience during “The Dope Show”, which was backlit with a large sign that read “DRUGS”. From pope costumes to glittery gloves and sword-shaped mic holders, Manson, for me, delivered.

The star of this tour though, was Rob Zombie. Meeting him before the show was an added bonus. Skinny, polite, sweet I’d even say. He hugged me tightly and won me over for sure. Nothing like the man who came out of a robot’s chest that was shooting flames. Yes, I’d say it was about 12 feet of robot, and Rob Zombie emerged and took his place behind his mic of bones. The man is a talented showman. I was blown away at his pace, his talent, his band, and his stage. Rob interacted with the crowd, large inflated bouncing balls fell into the crowd during a song, pulp comics of vintage women  played on screens that were part of the stage’s platforms, and Rob dominated the show. He walked off stage and came into the crowd and sang with people during a song. The theatrics do not mask a lack of anything for this group. They compliment the musical talent and experience that Rob’s band has, and this was a total delight. I did get photo access for this set and took some decent photos. GO SEE ROB ZOMBIE.

rob zombierob



7. Deftones 10/17/12 In The Venue, SLC UT

Ch-ch-ch Chino. Again, one of those “do not miss” nights. Deftones came into Salt Lake City and owned it. I was talking to a stage hand who told me that they’d brought at least 3 semi trailers of sound gear, and so much of it that it wouldn’t fit the stage. I was more than amped for this show, and the crowd of sweaty people packed in on a mild October night, was pushing the capacity of what the place could hold. I was one of three people in the state lucky enough to get a photo pass for this. I was pretty damn blown away when Chino leaned into me and screamed into my face during a song. Nothing like that. The man is amazing. He also sweat on me, cause you know, we were close enough for that haha. The performance was killer, the sound amazing, the energy immense. My first Deftones show, and no way will it be the last.



8. Blue October 10/31/12 The Depot , SLC UT

Ok, this band took me by complete surprise. Yes, I knew who they were and their songs. But I have a rule. Never judge a band until you see them live(that even goes for country artists which I don’t usually like and yes, I’ve suffered through many country acts and some redeemed themselves). Blue October came into my town on Halloween and played a private “winner’s only” show for the local radio station. About 25 people were invited to see an acoustic performance by three members of Blue October, in a room that was part of The Living Planet Aquarium. This room is like a sunken ship, and that added to the beauty of what happened next. Singing four songs, Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld got into my head. I wasn’t the only one; several people were silently crying and listening to him sing. The acoustic versions of The Ocean, Hate Me, Dirt Room, and a new song, are haunting. That’s the best way to put it. No matter what your life is like, these lyrics echo in you. It was something I haven’t had before, a deep connection to a total stranger. It felt like no one else was in the room. I don’t know how they did that, but all the people in the room got a personal show that day. A handshake, photo and autograph….sure. But what stuck with me is way more valuable than those tangible things that will burn or fade away. Blue October played a whole set later that night at The Depot that was also incredible, but nothing like a bare-bones set with just a guitar and some other strings. I was honored to have been there.

Blue October


9. Cursive and Minus The Bear 11/06/12 The Depot, SLC UT

I’ll admit it, I’m not well-versed in Cursive’s catalog. But I knew a few songs and a friend of mine has been following them for years, so he encouraged me to go. When I realized that Minus The Bear was headlining, I was sold. Cursive commanded the stage with such force. I was truly analyzing what I was hearing and really enjoying watching the show. To me, they sounded like a fusion of B52’s, punk, and some swing rock. But each song was so different, and the time changes alone were enough to make any musician want to know “how’d they do that AND make it work?” .  A great set indeed.


Now, Minus The Bear….just, DAMN. I couldn’t have been more excited to see these guys. The last time they came, they played an album in its entirety, and I was ready to hear some other tracks performed live. I was lucky enough to shoot the show as well. The lighting was amazing, the sound-even better. Soft yellows and greens and smoke, along with that signature MTB sound and a crowd that was unusually young I thought. That made me happy though, seeing that there are some young folks left that appreciate real music. I got to hear “Pachuca Sunrise”, which they actually did in an extended version and I did get some tears in my eyes. I love this band, and they are doing amazing things with their music. Capped off the night with meeting the band, and pulling some gang signs at their request in our photo. Good times, good show, and awesome live performance.

Minus The Bearmgmtb


10. NOFX 12/08/12 The Complex, SLC UT

Ok. This was probably my first “real” punk rock show. This was a highly anticipated tour stop for this band, as they have not been to Utah since 2008. Luckily, I was sent into the surprisingly large photo pit to capture the first few songs. Also awesome, was the fact that we were in the “big” room at this venue, which held about 2500 people I’d guess. Either way, the place was packed and punk getup was everywhere you looked. People were extremely excited for this show. I’d been seeing people post about it for weeks on various social media networks, and heard people talking about it in passing. When Fat Mike and the boys took the stage, a guy immediately hopped the rail. Security was less than polite, slamming his head into my back and taking him to the ground. When Fat Mike called them out for being rough, the guy stood up and yelled “FAT MIIIIIIIKE” and then was escorted out. Fat Mike told Security to be nice and let him stay, and alluded to some butt raping joke…..but hey, it’s a punk show. Some highlights of the night were the insane jumping by Eric Melvin, drummer Erik Sandin sticking his tongue out at me, a dumbass fan putting his hat over a bright light and nearly setting it on fire(personally witnessed this and slapped his arm to get his attention when the hat was smoking), a plethora of beer cans being tossed, a series of racist jokes between Fat Mike and El Hefe(who was spotted “face timing” with his kiddo prior to the show) and the polite and rowdy fans screaming the words to every song in our faces.  This show was SO fun to be a part of. I’d see them 10 more times. Even if they sucked. But they don’t. So put on your spikey jacket, spray up that mohawk, tie up your Docs and head out to this spectacle. Because you’ll have a damn good time.


All in all, this was a great year for shows in my state. I was blessed with a great job that allows me access to take photos, and it has given me so many experiences that I will never, ever forget. I am honored and happy to share those with you, and please enjoy the photos I managed to snap at these shows. Have a happy, apocalypse-free 2013. Be good to each other. Looking forward to sharing the shows with you!


Earlier in June of this year, I was cruising facebook when my favorite rapper (Mac Lethal ) posted he would be joining 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Urge and Soja for the Summerdaze Festival 2012 in his hometown of Kansas City. Had I not seen that post, I would of never drove across the state lines for this show. In hind sight I am very glad I did. After seeing Mac Lethal in the spring and rocking his ” Irish Goodbye ” Cd all summer. I knew I had to go see this.

My girlfriend and I joined up with my friends Chris and Lindsay and made this road trip official. However the week of the show we were told we were going to have to leave late, which had me worried I would miss the one person I had wanted to see most this day. We ended up leaving St. Louis around 1 p.m for a 4 hour drive to Kansas City. Mac Lethal posted he would go on at 4:45, thanks to Chris’s gangster driving skills, and avoiding the extra state trooper presence on the highway. We showed up cold drinks in hand at 4:40.

While walking through the parking lot, it was obvious we were going to miss some of the party. In St. Louis the police ride around on golf carts and issue citations for open containers in the parking lot. In Kansas City, the police stood off to the side as a full fledged party was well under way, complete with beer pong tables, loud music and copious amounts of empty beer cans and liquor bottles littering the ground.

We walked in as soon as Mac Lethal stepped on stage, we missed one song as we walked to the front of the stage. There was a light mist in the air and many came in early to see the hometown rapper make KC proud once again.

When I think of Mac Lethal, I think of two things: Fun, and Progress. His shows are constantly more fun than the last, and he is constantly stepping it up and making every show his best show. He was joined on stage by his hype man extraordinaire Alvie, and they made the best of the 40 minute set time.

Rocking songs from the older albums and his new album ” Irish Goodbye “. The set was very enjoyable. Before leaving he did a live version of the youtube viral hit ” Pancake Rap ” which boast over 20 million views on youtube. He closed his set off the same way I started it, by pounding a beer. ” Pound That Beer ” was a great way to end the set and made me wish he got another 20 minutes.

The rain picked up in between sets, and my girlfriend and I sought out some refreshments and drier pastures. Soja rocked it though as if it was a beautiful, sunny, summer day and the crowd loved it. We came back for the end of their set and it was very enjoyable they had a lot of good energy. I would go see them again in a instant and they were a great addition to a already solid lineup.

That made it time for our hometown boys made good, The Urge. Hailing from St. Louis and recently reunited from a long hiatus as a band they are back and in a big way. Lot’s of STL hats and The Urge shirts filled the crowd. They came on stage and showed everyone else who was not in the know what time it was.

They were very tight as band and had the crowd eating it up. It was awesome to see our hometown band rock a out of state show to such a great reception. It was like they never broke up, the vocals, the guitars, the drums, everything was on point.

I had one question in my mind the whole ride down to Kansas City. One of the biggest Urge songs boast Nick Hexum on the chorus and seeing how both 311 and The Urge were on the bill, would we get a live version of ” Jump Right In”? Well, lets just say they didn’t disappoint, aside from some minor feedback, they rocked a flawless version of ” Jump Right In “. That in itself made the trip worth the 500 + miles of driving.

After The Urge the sky grew dark and large lingering clouds of potent marijuana filled the skies as California’s Slightly Stoopid took the stage. I have been going to see Slightly Stoopid way before their success in 2003, after 10 years of exhaustive touring and nonstop albums. They have finally made it on a very large scale, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

They were the reason quite a few of the people in the crowd were there, and have become quite the popular act. They played a very diverse set which is expected from them. Mixing up the old and new, classics, and covers.

After 60 minutes of stoney jams, and lit spliffs the set came to a end. I sought out a tasty cold beverage and retreated to the seats for some rest before 311 took the stage.

After a 30 minute intermission, the lights went black for the last time, and the crowd grew loud. 311 came out to ” Beautiful Disaster ” to start off their 21 song set. My friend Chris was hoping for ” Count Me In ” which he was lucky enough to get. He remarked they haven’t played that song much this tour, but KC got it.

They are notorious for having great career spanning set lists, and KC got a great one. Midway through they pulled out a Bad Brains cover and rocked ” Leaving Babylon “.

After 19 songs, they left the stage only to come back for two more. Omaha Stylee, and Creatures ended the 90+ minute set. It was a great time, and I couldn’t of enjoyed this show anymore than I did. Kansas City is a great time, always.

I can’t wait to be back, next summer I am sure to return, hopefully this festival does as well.

Till next time.


311 08/03/12: Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY

311 08/03/12

Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY

Words/Photos by Melorocker

After missing the last 3 unity tours from 311 I was able to not just attend this event but to also get v.i.p. tickets and a meet and greet. It was one hot evening meeting and then listening from second row one of my favorite bands of the last 15 years. 311 is still going strong. I was impressed that the venue was close to a sell-out. the vibe was hot and intense. opening for this tour is Slightly Stoopid and Soja. I was impressed by both bands. I was listening to the Soja giveaway sampler and now I definitely will get their stuff on my ipod. The meet and greet was awesome…Tim Mahoney came away as my favorite and coolest of the 311 men. They were all cool under the hot Long Island sun. here are some 311 pictures…will post some Soja and Stoopid one later one. first confession of 2012…floored.

311 Bring Unity to Atlanta With a Little Help From Their Friends

311 Bring Unity to Atlanta With a Little Help From Their Friends

One band that I’ve been interested in seeing for a couple years now is 311. And I finally got that chance when I purchased tickets to this show with my own money. I’m fairly positive that this is the sixth installment of 311’s Unity Tour, although I could be wrong. I know that last year’s Unity Tour featured Sublime w/ Rome And Lambert which I missed because we were out of town for that one. But last night I was able to catch not only 311, but also Slightly Stoopid and the supremely underrated LA group The Aggrolites, whom I saw open for Social Distortion last year.

This show took place on July 21st 2012 at Aaron’s Amphitheater in Atlanta, which is a venue I’d never been to before. Located right next to a high school (not even kidding) the entrance to the venue appears without much warning and the venue itself is just sort of…. there. But parking was free and easy, it wasn’t too crowded; so far a great concert experience compared to some I’ve been to.

The doors opened at 5:30 which, conveniently enough, is the exact time we got there. We walked in and got barely frisked by the guards and procured our pit bracelets. The Aggrolites were set to play from 6:30 to 7 and we had a little bit of time to kill, during which we bought our merch and made our way to the pit to check everything out.

The pit area was small and really the whole amphitheater itself was pretty small compared to some that I’ve been to in Washington. The lawn towards the back was huge, but there were maybe a couple hundred seats and maybe a 100-200 capacity pit at the most. Fortunately, the weather was nice—although Atlanta in July isn’t exactly cold weather—for some good vibes and other reggae-based cliches.

As expected, The Aggrolites graced the stage at 6:30 sharp and opened up their set with “Free Time.” They had great energy for an opening band. Their sound isn’t exactly built for an amphitheater setting, but they certainly made it work, encouraging sing-a-longs the likes of which I’ve never seen from an opening band. They finished off their 30 minute set with a great cover of The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” during which they invited everyone to sing along to the chorus, which they did. The band sounded great, as always, and were a great warmup act for the bands we all wanted to see.

About 20 minutes after The Aggrolites’ set ended, Slightly Stoopid and all its 8 members hit the stage for an instrumental intro followed by “Till It Gets Wet.” Singers Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald traded instruments a couple times throughout the set, one usually taking bass while the other sings and plays guitar, depending on the song. They played a few of their hits like “Anywhere I Go” and “Closer To the Sun,” as well as a few songs from their upcoming album Top Of The World. They even threw in their cover of “Leaving On a Jet Plane” as well as a cover of “Express Yourself” (the Charles Wright song, not the NWA song) to end the set. I also noted how during one of the horn solos I could hear a tease of the “riff” from “Yeah” by Ludacris, which you have to play if you’re in Atlanta.

Slightly Stoopid played a very impressive set. It was about an hour long and ridiculously chill. After a 30 minute wait, the lights went down (it was pitch black in the pit) and the men of 311 hit the stage. Nick started playing what I could only assume was the intro to “Down,” because that was the first song of the set, but no sound was coming out of his guitar, nor was any coming out of Tim’s guitar. SA began rapping his verse of the song and not much sound was coming out of his mic either. Really the only elements of the show that sounded good were Nick’s mic, the bass, and the drums. Everything else was not nearly loud enough. And that didn’t really improve at all during the rest of the show.

They then broke into “Large In the Margin” from their Soundsystem album. And then, as the sun set, they played the very appropriate “Sunset In July” from last year’s stellar Universal Pulse album. 311’s setlist is ever-changing, with a revolving door of at least 40 songs that they choose from for each show of the Unity Tour. During one of their songs (I wanna say it was “From Chaos”, but that’s just a guess) drummer Chad Sexton went into an awesome drum solo, during which a few mini drum kits, two gongs, and a bass drum were rolled onto the stage for the rest of the band members to jam on. After Chad’s solo ended, all 5 members went into a drumline-esque performance, eventually going back into the chorus of the song they were playing.

311 played pretty equally from all their albums, even throwing in a cover of “Leaving Babylon” by Bad Brains. After they performed “Amber,” P-Nut broke into his highly anticipated bass solo. P-Nut is an astounding bass player and did a really cool slapping thing, but compared to greats like Les Claypool and Flea, he’s not the greatest.

They ended their set with “Beautiful Disaster,” which actually was the best sounding song of the night in terms of sound coming out of the instruments. They came out for an encore of “Outside,” “Hydroponic,” and “Creatures (For a While)” before leaving the stage and barely making their 10:30 end time. 311 played an impressively great show that was way better than I was expecting. It was a great concert experience too, with no moshing that I could see and no crowd-surfing whatsoever. That might be a general rule for the venue, but perhaps people decided to not suck for once.

After the show, I came to the conclusion that 311 are just like Phish. 311 have had more mainstream success, but probably not enough to keep them an amphitheater band for so many years. They have a huge cult following and don’t need praise from critics to keep them a happy and fully functional unit. And I saw a guy with a shirt after the show that said “311 Is My Religion.” I think that’s all you need to know to really understand how big this band is, regardless of lyrical quality or poor sound mixing. And that’s all that matters.

SETLIST: Down, Large In The Margin, Sunset In July, Purpose, You Wouldn’t Believe, Freeze Time, Lose, Who’s Got The Herb?, From Chaos, Applied Science, Flowing, Rock On, India Ink, Amber, Bass Solo, Nutsymtom, Rub A Dub, Crack The Code, Leaving Babylon, Jackpot, Beautiful Disaster ENCORE: Outside, Hydroponic, Creatures (For A While)

Ghostwolf (Featuring SA from 311) Announces US Shows

Ghostwolf (Featuring SA from 311) Announces US Shows

Ghostwolf is the side project of SA from 311. We are not sure if you can call three shows a tour, but that won’t stop us from sharing with you where and when you can see the group this fall. The gigs will take place in Los Angeles, Omaha and New York City, but you could probably already tell that from the above banner. The band will be joined for these shows by Exes of Evil, which of course you can also tell from the banner above.

Ghostwolf September 2012 US Tour Dates:

09/20/12 – Molly Malone’s/Los Angeles, CA

09/22/12 – Slowdown/Omaha, NE

09/29/12 – Grammercy Theatre/New York, NY

To keep up with all things Ghostwolf, check out their official Facebook page by clicking here.



Follow Up: Night Two Photo Gallery from 311 Day 2012

As promised, here is the link the second night of 311 Day 2012 photos from Las Vegas. Check them out! This was a one-of-a-kind event and there are so many awesome photos in this gallery. You can enjoy them by clicking here.  For information on 311’s Unity Tour 2012 with Slightly Stoopid, SOJA and The Aggrolites – click here.


311 and Slightly Stoopid Team Up For Unity Tour 2012

311 and Slightly Stoopid Team Up For Unity Tour 2012

Fresh off a 311 Day 2012 celebration that featured 79 songs over two days in lovely Las Vegas; 311 have announced the initial dates for this year’s Unity Tour. Joining the Omaha natives (who also recently rocked a casino on the border of Nevada and Utah) for most of the trek will be Slightly Stoopid. Special guests including Soulcrate Music and SOJA will join the groups on select dates. Highlights of the trek include a return to Las Vegas as well as multiple dates for the great states of Florida, California and Texas. 311 and Slightly Stoopid will also make an appearance at the Summerdays Festival in Bonner Springs, KS. With details still emerging we will do our best to keep all information below as current as possible. As always, check out 311’s official website for all the latest news.

Unity Tour 2012

Note: All shows with Slightly Stoopid except where noted:

07/04 (TBA 04/26)

07/06 – Stir Cove @ Harrah’s – Counsil Bluffs, IA #

07/07 – The Brick – Minneapolis, MN #

07/08 – W.H Lyons Fairground – Sioux Falls, SD $

07/10 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO *

07/12 – Gexa Energy Pavilion – Dallas, TX *

07/13 – Whitewater Amphitheater – New Braunfels, TX *

07/15 – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Houston, TX *

07/17 – Cruzan Amphitheater – West Palm Beach, FL *

07/18 – TBA Florida *

07/20 – Ask Gary Amphitheatre – Tampa, FL *

07/21 – Lakewood Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA *

07/22 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Charlotte, NC *

07/24 – Farm Bureau Live @ VA Beach Amphitheatre – Virginia Beach, VA *

07/25 – Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion – Raleigh, NC *

07/27 – Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing – Philadelphia, PA ^

07/28 – Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheatre – Bristow, VA *

07/29 – Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion – Gilford, NH *

07/31 – Sherman Theatre Summer Stage – Stroudsburg, PA *

08/02 – PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NY ^

08/03 – Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY ^

08/04 – Comcast Center – Boston, MA ^

08/07 – Stage AE Outdoor Stage – Pittsburgh, PA *

08/08 – Lifestyles Community Amphitheater – Columbus, OH *

08/09 – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH *

08/12 – Jacobs Pavilion – Cleveland, OH *

08/14 -The Lawn at White River State Park – Indianapolis, IN *

08/15 – DTE Energy Music Center – Detroit, MI *

08/17 – TBD – Chicago, IL *

08/18 – Sandstone Amphitheatre – Bonner Springs, KS

08/19 – Red Rocks – Morrison, CO ^

08/22 – USANA Amphitheatre – Salt Lake City, UT ^

08/24 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Irvine, CA ^ (Win tickets from KROQ by clicking here)

08/25 – Cricket Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA ^

08/28 – Mesa Amphitheater – Mesa, AZ ^

08/29 – Santa Barbara Bowl – Santa Barbara, CA ^

08/31 – TBD – San Francisco, CA

09/01 – The Beach at Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV

09/04 – Sleep Country Amphitheater – Ridgefield, WA

09/05 – Marymoor Amphitheater – Seattle, WA *

# An evening with 311

$ W/ Soulcrate Music


* W/ The Aggrolites




311 Day 2012: Two Nights of Awesome

Yes, this is ANOTHER 311 post from me. This one is to explain to you the amazingness that transpired on 03-10 and 03-11-12 in Las Vegas Nevada. For those of you who do not know, the band 311 has been celebrating “311 Day” with a show that happens on the date 03-11, every two years for a while now. This is a show that is like no other. Fans from many states and even other countries make the trek to see the band put on a spectacular show. These events include pre-show fan parties, on-stage performers like specialist drummers, dancers and many other antics. I have now been to three(2008, 2010, 2012), and this was by far the best.

In the past, the festivities were held in New Orleans primarily, but due to a scheduling conflict with a worldwide dental conference(so we heard) the venue has been moved to Las Vegas the last two times. I’m ok with that. I can drive there!!  The event took place at The MGM Grand Garden Arena. This year’s show was even better for the true fan, because not only did we get a 311 Day set, we got a warm up tour and a 3/10 show as well. This means that 311 played 79 songs over the course of two nights. Each night indulged us with TWO sets as well.


Night one was amazing. From the special songs, rarities( oh and Nick Hexum covering Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain), the intense and pure energy that radiated from the crowd, we knew this would be fabulous. A serious high point in the show is always Pnut’s bass solo. He added a new level of amazing this time. He took his bass solo on a trip around the ENTIRE venue. This place holds an estimated 17,000 people. Pnut walked off of the stage, and circled the lower bowl while slapping his bass along the way. This was an incredible moment as the ecstatic fans surrounded him, not hindering him, cheering and reveling in what they were witnessing.  Night one saw historical debuts, including “Time is Precious” and “Old Funk” which featured Nick Hexum on the piano.  The band also did a sweet reggae remix of “Sunset in July”, much to the delight of fans. A few songs added extra percussion talents with the group Beat Squad joining 311 on stage . During the break, the 2012 Summer Unity Tour with Slightly Stoopid was announced. This is a great match-up, and makes total sense to me. Thirty-nine songs later, the night ended with a countdown to “311 Day”. It was mildly comical that we were actually 6-7 minutes into 3-11-12 when the countdown began, but we all cheered along with the screens and shouted anyway. Here is the Night One setlist:


1. Omaha Stylee (With Intro)
2. Do You Right
3. Time Bomb
4. Taiyed
(311th time played)
5. Evolution
(Last played 3/23/00)
6. Salsa

7. Large in the Margin
8. Starshines
9. 1, 2, 3
10. Sweet
11. Time Is Precious 
(Setlist debut – Unreleased Evolver B-Side)
12. Don’t Stay Home
13. Something Out of Nothing
14. P-Nut Bass Solo > Coda
(With P-Nut walking around the entire lower bowl playing his solo)
15. Nutsymptom
16. I’ll Be Here Awhile

17. Right Now (Last played 3/11/08)
18. My Stoney Baby
19. T & P Combo
20. Mindspin

– Announcement of 2012 Summer Unity Tour w/ Slightly Stoopid


21. Freak Out (Featuring Beat Squad Drumline)
22. Soulsucker
(Last played 8/17/03)
23. Today My Love
(Last played 3/11/08)
24. Wild Nights
25. Freeze Time
26. Thank Your Lucky Stars
(Last played 8/17/06)
27. Full Ride
28. Hostile Apostle
29. Dancehall
(Last played 4/15/02)
30. Transistor
31. Inner Light Spectrum
32. Waiting In Vain
(Solo Bob Marley cover by Nick w/ electric guitar)
33. Six
34. Sunset In July
(Supa Dups Reggae Remix Version)
35. Hydroponic
36. Nix Hex
(With Nick on Fender Rhodes piano and extended intro/outros)
37. Old Funk 
(Setlist debut – Unreleased Transistor B-Side, Nick on piano)
38. Welcome
(With Nick on piano for intro jam)
(Sick Tight) –
On stage setlist with question marks, but not played
39. Jackpot
(Ringing in 311 Day with a countdown, Beat Squad returns)
(courtesy of the www.311.com website)


If you’re overwhelmed already, rest assured, we all were too. There is nothing like seeing a band play 39 songs, meeting up with your friends who have actually become your family all while knowing there is a SECOND night of music awaiting you. I know that there are other bands that play extended sets, give each show their all, and make magic on stage too. But, this band has a backing of thousands of people from all over the world who are willing to travel to see them nearly anywhere. It’s more than a band, fans, a crowd. It’s a unique family. And for night two of the reunion, we were again spoiled as can be.

Night Two kicked off with “Down”. Predictable, but hey it’s a “classic” isn’t it?  I started this night off in the pit with about 15 other photographers, all of which were fans of the band. It’s always nice to shoot along side people who “get it”. We also got another debut, “Firewater” was played live for the first time.  Other highlights included “Beyond The Grey Sky” where Nick asked for all the lighters int he crowd to be displayed. I chuckled watching the guys in front of me (fellow Utahns I might add) trying to download the “Zippo Ap” in a hurry.  One of my personal favorites, is the song “Too Much Too Fast”. We were honored to have this song debuted to us, and I am so glad I finally got to hear this song live.

For the second set, 311 brought out another group of specialty instrumentalists, “The Unity Percussion Ensemble”. The seven-piece ensemble added so much to the songs, complete with xylophones and many other percussion instruments. I did get a little giddy too, when they played “Gap” and dedicated it to all the people who have 311 ink(yes, I’m that big of a 311 geek that I’ve permanently marked my body with related art). The second night included highly-requeseted songs like  “Use of Time”, “8:16 AM” , and “Jupiter”. We were certainly feeling the Transistor love that night. After thirty-nine songs, 311 finished off the incredible evening with well-loved encore song, “Feels So Good”. At the end of the song, confetti cannons boomed, and colored paper fell onto a group of people who can be summed up with they lyric “Now I  got a clique it’s more like a family” . If you weren’t feeling the love, feeling included, or feeling the radiant energy that was happening, you must have been dead. Here is a look at the setlist for Night Two:


1. Down
2. Rock On
3. Grassroots
4. Hive
5. Sever
6. Off Beat Bare Ass
7. Amber
8. Firewater (Setlist debut)
9. You Wouldn’t Believe
10. And A Ways to Go
11. Applied Science
(Mobile drum platform moved to front of the stage for Chad’s solo portion)
12. Jupiter
13. There’s Always an Excuse
(Last played 10/31/10)
14. Brodels
15. Trouble
16. Still Dreaming
17. Beyond the Gray Sky
18. Creatures (For a While)



– First four songs featured the seven-piece “Unity Percussion Ensemble”
19. Cali Soca
(Last played 8/29/07)
20. Speak Easy
21. Stealing Happy Hours
22. Life’s Not a Race

23. Use of Time
24.Too Much Too Fast (Setlist debut)
25. Lucky
26. Don’t Let Me Down
27. 8:16 AM
28. Beautiful Disaster
29. Uncalm
30. Juan Bond
(Last played 3/11/08 – Blue Album B-Side)
31. Eons
32. I Told Myself
33. All Mixed Up
34. Gap
(Dedicated to all of the 311 fans with ink)
35. Homebrew
36. Who’s Got the Herb?
(With rock ending)
37. Livin’ & Rockin’
38. Random
(“We wanted to end the show with something…Random”)
39. Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm
(Last played 3/11/06)
40. Feels So Good
(With confetti canons to end the show)

(again, thanks to the www.311.com website for the complete list)

A road trip, flight, or trek to see a band in another state often sounds crazy to people. Especially if you saw them last summer, and a week before you drive to Vegas to see them again. I can’t tell you what it is that brings us all together, but I wish there were more of it to go around. There is nothing like being in a group of thousands of people that are united by the simple love of music. The people that become your friends and family are more than worth the cost of the tickets, hotels, etc. This event is a special experience for the fans, and we can at the very least, say thank you. See you at the shows!!!!

Check out my photos below, as well as a link to the other incredible photos of the photographers who captured this event. To see Night One, click here. To see Night Two, click here.

The Road to 311 Day 2012: The Peppermill Concert Hall

It’s the time of year where I’m in heaven. 311 Heaven. The band is doing a spring tour making their way to Las Vegas for 311 this week. Lucky for me, this usually includes a stop in Wendover. Wendover is the child of Utah and Nevada. We share custody, but undoubtedly, Nevada gets the cool part. It is home to casinos and free drinks while you gamble. It also houses the Peppermill Concert Hall. This venue, while hosting bands like Kansas and Styx, also knows how to throw a great 311 party.

The night started off with DJ Trichrome. He was spinning some awesome reggae beats off of actual 45s. It was nice to hear vinyl. I was getting a kick out how he would tell us the years that the tunes were made, once saying, “this is back from 1985”. Haha, that’s not that long ago, is it? I’m getting old. Anyway, he is a talented DJ and amped up the crowd by repeatedly asking us if we were “ready for 311”? Me? BORN READY.

So after about 30-40 minutes of reggae awesomeness, the lights went down and 311 took the large stage. They opened with “Beautiful Disaster”.  Right away, you could tell this was going to be a blast. Obviously, I’m a fan. But, there were others, lots of others, jumping and singing and thoroughly enjoying the show.  311 busted out a pretty diverse setlist, covering several albums and played one of my all-time favorite songs, “Stealing Happy Hours”. Here is the official setlist:

1. Beautiful Disaster
2. Prisoner
3. All Mixed Up
4. Weightless
5. Grassroots*
6. Eons
7. Sweet
8. Come Original
9. Rock On
10. Visit
11. Stealing Happy Hours
12. Applied Science
13. You Wouldn’t Believe
14. Purpose
15. Lose
16. Rub A Dub
17. Freeze Time
18. Nutsymptom
19. Amber
20. Down
21. Who’s Got The Herb
22. Creatures (For a While)

It should be noted that Grassroots has not been played since 08/19/06, per the 311.com website.

I think that the best part of this show was Chad Sexton’s drum solo during “Applied Science”.  He used what appeared to be an electric drum head to make some of the most unique music I’ve heard. There was an Asian flare to the whole solo, some audience members quipped that they were listening to the music from video game Mortal Kombat. Chad continues to amaze me. I’ve been seeing 311 since 1997, and the band is constantly growing and exploring themselves, while staying true to their “grassroots”.  The rest of the band joined in on the solo. This time, we had gongs. That was a really neat twist. They’ve used a gong before I believe, but they each had smaller, squared gongs. This just added a really different sound that I quite enjoyed.

Of course, no 311 show is complete without a P-Nut bass solo. He pulled out all of the stops and blew the crowd away both with skill and sound. Like I said before, they get better EVERY time you see them perform. And Tim Mahoney, as always, was spectacular. He is a gifted guitarist. He had some very impressive solos and played off of the energy Nick Hexum was radiating. They came together on stage for parf of “Beautiful Disaster” and I watched Nick mouth the words “that’s nice” which I captured here:

All in all, I was very happy to have been able to both attend and shoot this show. There is no more delight in a photographer’s life in my opinion, than to stand next to, or in front of the people who make you the most happy, and snap photos of them. I am honored to share with you my photo gallery from the set. Two more stops: Lake Tahoe and Sacremento, then the magical event 311 day 2012 can begin. I know myself and several of my friends from across the USA have been counting down to this since 2010! Can’t wait to get on the road and see the show! Enjoy the photos below.


311 Announces Details for 311 Day 2012

311 Announces Details for 311 Day 2012

311 have announced the initial details of 311 Day 2012. The event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on the weekend of March 11th, 2012 (get it?). Known for marathon gigs often lasting over five hours, for 2012 the band will use an entire weekend to celebrate the day that Bobby McFerrin was born.

On Friday March 9th, 311 will throw a fan party at the Joint (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino). On March 10th and 11th the band will take over the MGM Grand Arena for two unique concert experiences. The best part of the deal is that one concert ticket will get you into both shows at the MGM Grand Arena.

Pre-sale for 311 Day 2012 is already underway. Click here for ticket information/travel packages and all the dirt on this highest of holidays for fans of 311.



311 and Sublime with Rome @ USANA SLC UT 08/17/11

Here we are again from the great state of Utah, often overlooked for its live music scene and great venues. This time I get to share with you a review of my most favorite band, and some of my best ever photos. It’s my favorite tour of the summer, Unity Tour, which means one thing, and only one thing: 311 has come back to play for ME!

311 has this awesome habit of coming to Utah at least once a year, sometimes we’re lucky and get a spring tour stop as well. The boys have just come off the the first-ever Pow Wow Festival which was held in early August in Florida. The festival featured guests Sublime with Rome. Those of us who couldn’t make it were glad to know that Sublime and Rome were on the books for Unity Tour. On a very hot Wednesday evening on 08/17/11, Sublime opened for 311. I must say, I am most impressed with the shoes that Rome is filling. He has taken the role of front man for Sublime and made a seamless transition. I don’t get the feeling at all that he is trying to be Bradley, better than Bradley, or any of that crap. Rome is his own man, and he sings a hell of a song. The band serenaded us with good ol’ favorites like “Date Rape”, “What I Got” and even the new single “Panic”. There were plenty of people singing along with ALL of the songs, and what a great way to kick off this show.

Now that the crowd was sufficiently ready, willing, and able, my boys took the stage. I was down in the photo pit. I’ve shot for 311 before, but I have to say that this was honestly my most favorite time. The crowd was amped. People were holding signs up for songs “Cali Soca” and “Juan Bond”, while others did the standard “311, 3-3-11” chant. I joined in because hey, just because I’m in the photo pit doesn’t me I can’t have fun. When Nick Hexum came out and the song “Hive” commenced, the crowd instantly compacted. SA Martinez, the other half of the vocals, nailed every word and danced his ass off. This opening song brought so much energy, and the crowd of about 18,000 came alive.

The band continued playing an array of songs, including some off of the newly released “Universal Pulse”, as well as what I would call rarities like “Electricity” off of Transistor. Salt Lake was lucky enough to get “Who’s Got the Herb” which usually is initiated with a chant of the title(followed by aromas and clouds of smoke, duh).  Other highlights were “Come Original”, “Jupiter”, “All Mixed Up” and even “Six”. 311 kept the songs flowing with a fabulous drum solo by Chad Sexton, a bass solo that was the best I’ve heard from P-nut, and a group drum session including Tim Mahoney that has become a crowd favorite. We also were indulged with a 3-song encore featuring “Jackpot”, “Rock On” and “Creatures”.

As you can tell, I enjoyed the show. I enjoy it every year. 311 is a very fan-oriented band. They have events just for us. Upcoming awesome things: 311 Day 2012 in Las Vegas(a two-night show that usually covers 60 or more songs) and a 2012 311 cruise. Check out www.311.com for all details. Also, please enjoy some(well, 34 or so) photos below.


2011 Unity Tour w/ 311 & Sublime: PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Unity Tour featuring Sublime w/ Rome and 311

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Words/Photos by Lexc666


If you read Jay Porks account of the night you already got most of the story. Lots of tailgating, too much actually, running across about 6 lanes of highway to get to the venue, and we missed Sublime with Rome. I won’t bore you with too many details, go read Jay’s review for more information. But I will give you my point of view on the night, and maybe rant a little. Don’t worry it will be short and sweet.


Now I’d really like to know who has two major bands playing and doesn’t have an opener. It’s supposed the Unity tour. So have some damn unity and grab a local band to open up so I can miss them and see who I paid to see. In addition according to a friend of Jay’s, Sublime with Rome went on a little after 6:30. That is complete insanity. Doors opened at 6:30, can you give people a chance to get in. I checked out the website for the tour and in addition to the two bands they had dj’s. Oh really that’s just great because I go to a live concert to hear a dj set. When we got the lawn the dj that was playing wasn’t that great either. He at least played a couple of good songs. But some where just bad mixes and as usual with dj’s they cut the songs short. Can I hear a whole song, come on. I would name the bad songs he played but I was a little wasted and I don’t like remembering bad things. At least he played No Doubts “I’m Just A Girl.” Appropriate for the night, figured it would be a flashback to high school kind of show.

Now on to 311, a band that I never really listened to a ton. But I know I am not completely lost when it comes to their music. Apparently I was wrong for the night. I swear one time I went to an Incubus concert, on a whim because it was free and half way through the set, I’m like holy shit I know almost all of these songs. And I listen to them about just as much. Though I figured it would be okay, I could pay 25 bucks to see 311. But guess what I got, a listening party for their new album. Running joke of the night, “Did you know 311 has a new album?” And you know what I wouldn’t complain so much if the new album was amazing but I really didn’t hear any songs from it that I like any where near all the old shit. Guess I have to agree with Jay we are getting too old for this. Other than not hearing enough music I wanted it ended about 10:30. I’ve been to PNC before and could swear bands went on past 11. Then again I might just be crazy but hey they could have easily stayed on a little bit longer. I feel like I was at a show for twelve year olds with midnight curfew.


I’m happy I did get to hear a handful of songs I knew and liked. And I did get video of “Hive.” The new stuff is okay, just not what I was expecting. I did have fun, thank god for good company.  Truthfully, we had more fun in the parking lot hanging out before hand. And I have to agree with Jay, really not feeling the asshole attitude of the crowd.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZCM0WD4gGY&w=480&h=390]



Untiy Tour 2011 hits PNC Bank Arts Center Homdel. NJ 7/21/11

Well THAT was an ordeal! The schlep that is the 51st edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us to Homedel, NJ and the PNC Bank Arts Center to see Untity Tour 2011: 311 with special guests Sublime W/ Rome.. how could this not be fun? It’s summertime, we have a scorcher out there today getting near 100 at several occasions today(and not cooling off as the sun went down). One of the few days I bust out the shorts, met Lex at my job and waited for the rest of the posse, Pam and Ray.. cold beers in trunk.. Doors at 6:30PM, and I’m sure there has to be some third band on this bill, so we figured there was no rush.

Got to the parking lot before 7PM(with the guys in the parking lot selling tee shirts for $20, I got one after the show for $10 #Winning)….we had a nice ‘on the grass’ spot so we can have less cops walking around. All working out well, we start drinking, and we don’t head in until we see everyone around us walking in.. so instead of walk beside people going into the same place we are, I look left and see the venue, just over the grassy hill over there. The genius I am, we head towards it only to find none other than the Garden State Parkway waiting for us there… it’s not like a street, this is a highway with very tight gaps between cars. I still don’t know how we made it across, like the nut jobs we are we dodged across making it to the other side.. that’s where we found AGAIN, the Garden State Parkway(this end going south I guess)-so another deathly mission, but using the Jedi force we made it and walked all the way up more parking lots finally making it inside..

Couldn’t be to much past 8PM, maybe 8:30 but we get to the lawn and take our place in a sea of pot smoke.. Ray and Pam head off to grab drinks and stuff, upon coming back they told us they were hearing that Sublime had gone on and off already.. No freaking way this can be true, when did they go on 7:30? We didn’t hear this from the parking lot? Guy next to us turns and says “yea they went on and played for like 20 minutes”… What?!? it’s still light outside.. so what’s happening now 311 is gonna come on at 9PM and play 2 hours? I just accidentally missed an opener? An opener I WANTED to see no less-I’m one of the 27 people who’s into the new singer, and I missed it drinking Heineken Light in the parking lot? We could chalk that one up in the Fail column for me.. dammit.

So it’s cool tho, 311 is still gonna come out here and play an awesome set, right? They didn’t disappoint me the last two times I saw them so I figured the odds were in our favor.. Ray is Mr. Optimistic over here saying “It sucks, but I mean we still got 311!”.. then about 5 songs in (they came on at 9PM almost on the dot) I turn around and see Pam and Ray looking at each other puzzled.. I look at Lex and she gives me this puzzled look too-then I realize I feel a little puzzled myself. What songs are these? Obviously I’m aware that they have the new record out.. and I know bands like to sprinkle new stuff into their set when they first release it.. but I mean, after kicking off with ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and throwing ‘All Mixed Up’ into the first few songs, I went for what felt like the longest time before another song I knew, “Amber” was played. ‘Jackpot’ was in there too-but I don’t know that song on its own merit just know it from the last time I saw them.. This was beginning to get really disappointing… Can I get “Love Song”? Can you do me that favor?

Now at 9:42PM here comes the drum solo part, where the whole band bangs on bongo drums for a few minutes-not sure if its just a jam or an actual song but either way, it’s another few minutes of us looking at each other waiting for the good part. It’s not like I’m by myself, and I can totally fluff this piece up by focusing on all the scathingly clad chicks walking around-I’m with my friends here, one of whom will be voicing her own thoughts on this on Concert Confessions herself.. How dare you shove that new record down my throat like that, in front of my friends no less.

New Jersey is full of odd girls man.. I mean, lets start with this random chick who asks me for a cigarette. Back story: I had like 3 cigs left in my pack, Lex was supporting my habits all night under the condition that I’d give her back a few later(Which I forgot to do).. so this chick walks up and asks for a cigarette after seeing me get handed a bust down from Lex, gave me that “pretty please!” facial expression. So while grimacing I reach to give her one and I’m like “If you had a penis, I wouldn’t even consider this” and I hand it over. She of course needs a light (Want me to smoke it for you too?), then she walks away back to hang with her boyfriend or whatever. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get a picture of this broad. I tweeted “To the girl who just grubbed a cig off me, welcome to the blog”. And with this pic I snatched, I stand by my tweet.

Fed up, and inhaling the second hand of all the awesome smelling weed that’s going around, I loudly state “Does anyone have weed? I have money!” just taking a shot in the dark, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s typical “I sell pot at rock concerts” guy standing over there calling me over.. hell, we’re at a 311 show what’s a guy to do.. hands me a 20 sack fatter than Snooki.. some nice smelling stuff too. But guess what, we don’t have any paper to roll in.. serious FML status going on all night long. So Ray is off into a sea of people through the darkness of this epic lawn and emerges with paper. Amazing. A God amongst men, but while that was happening, I asked these two girls if they had any paper on them who were standing close by.. she’s like “No we don’t have papers-do you have weed?” (No, I just want the paper because my notepad is out of sheets you moron) I reply with yes and the girl looks at me and is like “Alright when you find some paper come by and we’ll blaze”… I nodded and walked away. Balls. Seriously? What are you like Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher? Give me a nugget I’ll smoke it in the car like.. At least the shallow girls I run into in NY will pretend to be into you for the five minutes they want to take advantage of your stash. There weren’t even any guys with them, I promise if that girl woulda touched my freaking wrist she would been smoking with us.. come back when you get paper.. sure. And I get laid often..

But suddenly as we’re pouring the weed into the paper(Members of my family are probably loving all this getting high discussion right now-cannot compromise the truth, wouldn’t be fair to my any of the readers) I hear the “Come Original” riff starting.. Ray is doing the pouring, so I’m screaming at him “Don’t jump up! Please do not jump up!”.. we survived, and started burning a little herb.. impressive bud too-and then they played “Down”.. so like, as soon as I found some pot this night took a sharp left turn… they ducked off for a sec, came back to play “Who’s got the Herb”, and as a matter a fact we did! Played “Creatures for a while” and set was over like 10:40ish.. I mean, when you have til 11, you’d think they’d get close to it.

On the way out, we’re trying to figure out when Sublime w/Rome exactly went on, and all these people look like they’re the walking dead filled with Oxycontin I swear-I mean, we got wrecked before the show but on the walk out it was like amateur night here-ambulances and shit.. it’s called moderation people! But back to asking people, I got a lot of interesting replies. Went up to a group of girls by a car and asked when Sublime w/Rome went on (I specifically said the ‘with Rome’ part so I wouldn’t have to hear a lecture).. one girl says “They went on before 311”.. Wow, and the award for best zinger in a sHit-com series goes to.. They went on to say that it was early, but they don’t remember now(again, moderation)..The one chick says to me “Dude you’re old enough to be wearing a Sonic Youth tee shirt-you should know this isn’t the real Sublime”… As a matter of fact I did know that believe it or not. You see because I know the “real Sublime” could have had so many more great albums if Brad wasn’t such a junk box-I mean but what do I know, I wear the tee shirt of ‘ART’ ROCK band Sonic Youth. I must be clueless. And why are you here anyway? It’s like the people who go to Hole concerts hoping and praying Courtney Love falls down face plant style (everyone reading this nods saying “yea, that’s me”).. I don’t know people, maybe it’s me. Maybe Pam, Lex, Ray and I are old fogies.. felt like we were being starred at the whole time.. maybe we’re out of touch with music or something, and for me that’s fine. I’d rather sit alone and listen to music I like they be surround by people listening to the crap these people want today. Still reminiscing over Bradley-get over it. Like it, or shut the hell up. I hate people like that women I encountered in the parking lot. She’s giving me a lecture? Obviously hasn’t googled me.. But if you wanna do that go get a blog or something.. all these people have opinions and no one will document them publicly.. I mean, ended up an overall fun night for some reason, maybe my ranting throughout the parking lot on the way back to the car that, if you know me, is always a can’t miss. I’m the most humorous when I’m pissed. All of you New Jersey folk make me need to take a shower when I got home to wash off the stank of pretentiousness. Cargo shorts, no shirts looking like they’ve had heroin shot into their eyeballs.. You people make me sick

Having said all that, I’ll be in the exact same place this time next week watching the Flaming Lips and Weezer share a stage.. Rivers asked Wayne if he has an extra bubble he can ride around in.. should be fun. I HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET, was going to give it away Friday afternoon between the hours of 4-7PM because I’ll be the in-studio guest on 88.9 WSIA-FM (WWW.WSIA.FM), my local college radio station, talking all things Jay Porks Experience, and the world domination of Concert Confessions.. just basically me giving the verbal experience of all these shows I’ve been to and hopefully I’ll get to pick some songs… But we’ve been told that I’m not permitted to give away the ticket on air due to promotional complications-even tho it’s MY ticket, I’m just really looking to get a ride out of the deal. Anyway, I’ll catch all my faithful next week right here same bat time, same bat channel. Thanks for reading. LATE

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