What more could a Filter fan ask for then a two hour non-stop rocking set. Oh, I know, have it happen on your Birthday of all things.

It was by far the best birthday ever, and I should have known something was up, when Richard tweets that “special” things are going to go down at this show, and everyone should come, well those that didn’t, missed an epic night of live music.

It was only Filter a the H.O.M.E Bar, which stands for House of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights Illinois, which is located probably thirty or so miles from downtown Chicago, so technically in Chicago, it’s a bar/venue place with great acoustics, and plenty of room, I will go back there to see a show for sure.

There were suppose to be three opening acts, but according to reports Stars in Stereo pulled out around 1:30pm that day, not sure on the reasons, but that was alright. There were two local acts that opened up before Filter, I can’t remember who they are to be honest, one played some cover songs and was really good, and the other sounded good as well, so overall not bad.

Filter took the stage right at 10pm, to a smoke filled room. The smoke machines were in full affect at this show, and it made it awesome, it gave the stage an eerie vibe, which made for some great photos. Filter is such an awesome live band, if the sound isn’t the way they think it should, they won’t play. It’s artist integrity that prevails with them, and rightfully so, as if you go to play a show and the sound isn’t up to par in the venue, why perform, yes, bands do, and they make the best of it, but for Filter the sound has to be perfect for them to take the stage.

They opened with “Trip like I do” which always requires smoke, and a lot of electronics, the set list consisted of several songs that weren’t listed, “The Best Things”, “American Cliche” they even brought out “Dose” and “No Love”, I stole a set list from the side stage while waiting for VIP, but it doesn’t have all the songs on it that were on the current one. Which is listed below:

  • Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • The Take
  • Jurassitol
  • We Hate it
  • What do you say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • Dose
  • Soldiers of Misfortune
  • No Love
  • American Cliche
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

Overall 16 songs, for almost two hours of awesomeness. I seriously felt like he was playing for me, although there was a slight issue during American Cliche. Jonny’s guitar wasn’t working, and Richard went over to try to get the cord into the guitar and it just wasn’t happening, so, he stopped the show. Yes, their are those dick heads that yell, “oh continue on” or “don’t be a drama queen” and to those idiots I quote Richard “hey, we aren’t going to play if it doesn’t sound right” and I believe he might have said a few other choice words in there somewhere, but I could be wrong. I mean really, don’t yell at them if they stop the show, let them have their right to vent about equipment, sound, whatever they feel the need to vent about, YOU are there for them, take it all in.

 20140821_230816(0) - Copy

Richard sings with such passion, he really gets a work out each and every night, he sings from his heart. You can tell, in the photos,  one of my favorite photos from the night, shows just how much passion the man has.  The photo above, is one of my favorites and I’m glad I captured it.


In the photo above, Richard is relaying the story of his friends the Deftones, and I’m not sure, if it was Chino’s mom or Chi’s mom that had gave him that sticker, that says “one love for Chi”, and she wanted Richard to put that sticker on his guitar to remember Chi by, he told the story before playing “Surprise” which is a song he wrote for his wife, and all the women in the world really, mom’s, daughters, it’s one of my favorite songs. It was a great moment, as the whole night was by far one of the best concerts of the year.

 20140821_222402 - Copy

I did have VIP again for this show, and honestly I hope and pray they never stop doing that, it’s been the best time of my life. Richard has a unique personality, perhaps that’s why we get along so well, I can take his sarcastic sick sense of humor and run with it, he’s himself, and he’s not afraid to show you himself. Their were four of us, two ladies that had met them already before, but I don’t think they ever went on the bus, and then another lady, whom thought he was weird. She just didn’t know how to take him, and overall he did nothing wrong, he was just himself. He said, “this is my time to goof off”, and it is, heck after working hard for two hours, playing everything you wrote, by dang it you deserve some good old fashion fun. I had fun, it was my Birthday after all.

Filter is headed home, with one last show out in North Dakota, and a stop in September. Then they are on a much needed break and I believe headed overseas to see the troops. Afghanistan from what Richard said on stage, I love that they do that, they support the men and women that serve our country and give them a taste of good old rock and roll, no folk stuff, just guitars, drums, and a singer that knows how to rock.

Until next year Filter, love you.. I really do, I feel like Richard is the brother I don’t have. With my mom passing away this year, he and the band have helped me more then they know, and I’ll always be grateful and appreciative of everything they have done. Until next time, hugs!!