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Meat Puppets / Soul Asylum @ Bowery Ballroom – New York City 06/22/15

Meat Puppets / Soul Asylum – 06/22/2015

Bowery Ballroom – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Puppets 2 Bowery 2015

The last time I walked into the Bowery Ballroom to see the Meat Puppets they went on after 11PM, Shandon was standing atop a part of his drum kit after kicking it over near 1AM as  the band was shredding a rare bust out of Attacked By Monsters to close out the night. Tonight, excitement is at new levels as The Meat Puppets are co-headlining this tour with Soul Asylum; basically giving you the chance to see two great bands still rocking out for the price of one. I mean, what else can happen here tonight to make it more awesome? Is Gibby Haynes gonna join the Meat Puppets on stage for a Freddy Fender song? That you’ll have to read on for.

Show is set to kick off shortly after 8-8:15ish. Questions one may ask are: “Well who goes on first?” and “Which band gets to play longer?”. Since the tour is co-headlining, each band is getting roughly 75 mins on stage. Tonight the Meat Puppets played first.

Never ones to stray from starting things with an instrumental jam, tonight’s lead off was Seal Whales. More people in this place than I originally thought. As I was at the merch table bullshitting before showtime didn’t remember THIS many people. Place looked as full as you’re gonna get on a Monday. And it was rocking in there. During Comin’ Down that gave me idea. Head downstairs. Oh, Me was great to get recorded from down there in the first few rows. Then, during Sam I get a tap on the shoulder with a security guard telling me not to take video. Instead of giving him the “it’s 2015” speech I give to all old people I shot back “Yes sir No Video Sir” and headed back upstairs to continue to film.


That’s when things got, well, things got awesome as Gibby Haynes (of course of the Butthole Surfers) was asked to come up and join the band in covering Freddy Fender’s “Wasted Days And Wasted Nights”. It was fun. I’ve got the video below. Wow.

We’re staying down in Texas here for a few as Hey Baby Que Paso preceded Before the Next Teardrop Falls and before you know it Seven Spanish Angels is being rocked out heavy. Bowery Ballroom doesn’t skimp on sound, this place was bumping! Very glad to see that happening.

Puppets 1 Bowery 2015

There was an Up On The Sun a bit earlier in the set and it lasted over 10 mins. It included Cris and Elmo bumping into the speaker and it almost falling over followed by Cris’s best Urkel impression (“Did I do that??). That was some epic shit right there. Curt and Elmo bouncing those spicy riffs back and forth of one another while Cris lays down some, as he called them, direct quote: “Tasty fucking bass licks!”. Quite accurate. And Shandon. Shandon has to watch all this unfold in front of his very eyes and keep up with the Kirkwood Guitar Noise Expo. Anyone who can drum in this band is someone of serious talent. Killin’ it back there.

Finished up strong with Backwater followed by the Sloop John B into Lake of Fire set the building on fire show closer. These dudes kill it every time they come around, no surprises here to witness this. Just wish they’d play these slightly larger type venues more often than places like Mercury Lounge where every picture is pitch black. Oh yeah, and Soul Asylum is up next!

Soul Asylum 1

Somewhere after 9:30 Soul Asylum hit the stage and Dave Pirner had on an Aquaman shirt. File that under “Hashtag: Rad”. These dudes are way more than just Runaway Train, and this being my third time seeing this band I can say that they’ve proved that with every set. Somebody To Shove brought the crowd back to life from it’s short  intermission real quick.  Shut Down preceeded two personal favorites of mine, Just Like Anyone and Misery. Such a tight band these dudes are.

The dude writing this isn’t surprised that Dave Pirner owns a grammy. Dave has a great rock voice and a above par songwriter too. I mean every song seems like it could be in the soundtrack of movie. And sometimes they are as the case with Misery.

Soul Asylum 2


Sometimes they’re not. Whatcha Need was up next before Black Gold, another one I had to tape. Band rocked quite a few more tracks awesome tunes. Without A Trace, The Game, Can’t Help It were songs I just took in. I had a seat so I leaned back, had a great view of this awesome scene. Thinking back of my shitty weekend and thinking about how I wasn’t thinking about it at all. That’s what this whole thing is about. Tonight was the first night I felt normal again in a while.

A few more were in were in the tank before things wind down. Supersonic, which isn’t an Oasis cover (That might be a little too 1994 at that point) but actually, I believe it’s a new track off the forthcoming record. It’s a rocker. Eyes of A Child was the last man standing before this place was about to burst wide open for, quite frankly, one of the best Rock & Roll songs ever to exist.

Runaway Train. And I’m back to recording. I need to get one with good sound, the previous times I saw the vocals on my video didn’t sound so hot. Well thank you Bowery Ballroom because everything sounds great to me at 5AM here after the show watching the video. When Pirner plucks those final bars on that song it sounded like magic. This night was just too insane. Spinnin’ , Gravity, Made To Be Broken were heavy jams before the biggest of them all, April Fool closed that son’bitch down.


Check this tour out. It’s coming out west where Concert Confessions Headquarters is based out of. I know we got lots of readers from the best coast. Head to TheMeatPuppets.Com/Tour and keep up to date. So many smiles leaving Bowery Ballroom. Such satisfaction.



Puppets 2 Bowery 2015


Foxy Shazam @ Bowery Ballroom – New York City 05/30/14

Foxy Shazam – 05/30/2014

Bowery Ballroom – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


The day had finally come. Foxy Shazam have returned to New York City. You know that we here at Concert Confessions are devout members of the Church of Rock & Roll, myself being baptized three times in 2012. One of the best shows I saw in 2012 was Foxy Shazam at the Bowery Ballroom, so when a show was announced happening in May at the very same Bowery Ballroom it was my duty to make sure I was there. We’ve got doors at 8PM with Foxy due on at 10 with openers Larry And His Flask filling the inbetween time. Me? I’m arrived on line about 6:45 ready to party.

Upon entry to the a Bowery Ballroom there was one thing on my mind besides the awesome tunes ahead: hope none of these people in front of me dart upstairs to the table I’m eyeing as a spot for this evening endeavors. I made it up to the balcony and landed the 3rd table down, as the first two were “reserved”.

Larry And His Flask

Larry and His Flask rolled out at 9 on the dot packing some mother plucking twangery! I mean that literally as they got a dude on banjo (doubling on trombone), a big stand up bass, acoustic guitar to the far right next to their electric guitar player with their drummer in the middle. Vocal melodies that sound like they could be inserted into any 50s song and work, almost sounded like some sort of heavy Barber shop quartette power country music. We sure got weird. Larry and His Flask had no trouble gaining momentum from the already seemingly won over crowd. Things uttered like “This is a song about a suicide cult so dance your asses off” is what truly makes this a good ol’ fashioned hoe down! Solid for a band you look at with a reaction of “what the hell?”. They went off at 9:45.

Foxy Shazam

With a 10PM listed set time, the chants of “FOXY!” were growing and growing in the crowd, the sold out crowd here packed to the gills at the Bowery getting ready to go completely GONZO. And that’s what happened at 10:15 in more ways than one when the boys hit the stage, looking a bit over dressed for the occasion, here to showcase their latest effort for us (‘Gonzo’) here in the first portion of their set. The title track and ‘Poem Pathetic’ set the tone for “Brutal Truth” which was a brutally magnificent song to experience live from these guys. When “Tragic Thrill” and “Have The Fun” followed it was clear that we were going to exclusively explore all of these newer cuts live early in the set and you could not have found one person in the building who would have been unhappy with that. Have The Fun was like having the entire crowd eating out of this bands hand.


Foxy Shazam has become a well oiled live act these days. Just straight burning down stages across the country. After they played the entire new record front to back Eric says to us “We’re gonna go change real quick and come right back”. I knew something was up. They seemed dressed too much like normal folks tonight and one might interrupt that as Foxy Shazam in fact going Gonzo.. Gonzo to them is normal to us.

Then around 11 when they came back out to more “Foxy!” chants peppered with some “We want the cup!” chants in regards this writers favorite hockey team advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals the previous evening. Gotta love this town, right? Now we’ve got ourselves a whole new ballgame on our hands. They kinda played two sets, but these guys aren’t pretentious enough to tell folks they’re playing two sets. They didn’t play the new record with a handful of well known tunes thrown between. Here’s the new for you to rock to, now here’s the greatest hits portion of the night. And what better way to intro into some classics than with “Bombs Away”.

Then we begin to head towards a  Church of Rock & Roll atmosphere here at Bowery when some “Oh Lord”, although not off that record  it has Lord in the title (which included a jump into the crowd by Eric), and “Holy Touch” action began to ensue.

Man do these guys slay or what? I feel like this is my first time seeing them again. Alex on the horns and co-vocals really showing some range tonight. Felt like a band with two front men. And there’s a different stage set up here as we got my man on keyboards in the back. Guess no crowd surfing for Schuyler tonight, although a later image of him playing the keyboard while lifting it on his shoulder happens during “Killin’ It” after they performed a building rocking “Yes Yes Yes”.

Foxy 04

The place has their second wind now as Eric is telling us that he’s from Ohio and he’s happy to be in New York because: “I feel all people from Ohio are very thankful to be in New York”.. followed by a drum beat and Eric saying “This next one is about my favorite flavor”and that’s when shit got real and the place exploded when “I Like It” went down.

I tried so hard to muddle my screams, because I’m taping this entire set but this is just incredible! “Evil Thoughts” kept things moving into a main staple at the end of their gigs: The Only Way To My Heart. An awesome adventure into what Foxy Shazam is and what they represent.

“Keep your flowers I’ll just give ’em back”. Four times seeing these dudes and they have made one thing clear to me, they give not a zero fuck about what I or anyone else thinks of them. They don’t need anything from us, they’re here to kick ass with guitars and horns and keys.

Eric Nally

Well, Eric Nally does need one thing at the end of this song, he needs a cigarette. So as I took my Newport short out of my ear and flung it no where near the stage not by design (I used to throw like a dude, don’t know what happened there) this dude is picking up cigs on stage as the band is gearing up for “Unstoppable”, before which a little 30 seconds or so of Longview, which was different.

Unstoppable would be the show closer as the band tore through that last one as Eric waited til the song ended to eat the lit cigs. Then before the house music came on he goes “We’re all pregnant..”, drops the mic and walks off. It’s about 11:30 as I stand and bow towards the stage repeatedly. I am not worthy of what just happened there, hell, none of us were.


I’m Jay Porks, and I’ve gone Gonzo. Late.

rsz_foxy_cropp_this_1Foxy Eric NallyFoxy Money Money MoneyFoxy 3Foxy Shazamrsz_foxy_crop_02

Foxy Shazam at Bowery Ballroom NYC 05/16/12

Foxy Shazam- 05/16/2012

Bowery Ballroom -New York City

Words/Photos By Jay Porks

Usually for me, the opening bands at shows are a time for me to get annoyed-quickly. Yet somehow back in February when I saw The Darkness, there was just something about Foxy Shazam. Something about them that made me want to learn more. How long have I been missing out on this? Then, the band headlined there own tour and hit the places like Seattle, and Utah where I was able to read more about the Church of Mother F%#king Rock & Roll. Then, out of no where comes the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, who announce a Foxy show at the cost of, brace yourselves, $17. That my friends is a baptism fee I’m willing to pay. So let’s kick back, and enjoy this little journey out to the Lower East Side, 6 Delancey St, for Foxy Shazam, Doors at 7, show is at 8. And hey, it just wouldn’t feel special if it wasn’t The 69th Edition of The Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Let’s hope for a spot up on the balcony so I can tape.

Got to the venue at 6, and I’m no where near the first one here. Seems the high school crowd cut out of their afternoon classes and head to this 16+ event. Usually young girls like garbage, so I’m glad they’re here to be baptized tonight. I grabbed my spot upstairs at a table and saw my two compadres from the line downstairs(who were kind enough to offer me some Mary Jane). So I shouted to them “hey, I got two seats up here”, to which they came up. They bought me a jack and Coke for it. Sweet.

New York Rivals(who I thought were “Rival Schools” ) came on at promptly 8PM. I don’t know how to put this, but I’ll try. They seemed to be way heavier than they needed to. They were loud in a Weezer-esque sense, with the lead singers pants clinging to his legs like Yosemite Sam’s jeans.   Towards the beginning of the set they said they’d be playing Bamboozle. I shouted “who wants to see Bon Jovi?”. This guy belted out wuss tunes over instrumentation that was almost good if it was alone. The one time this dude mentioned the name of the song they were gonna play he was strummed over by his bassist.  They went off at 8:36.


Finally after waiting what felt like forever, the lights go down and ladies and gents, we have FOXY SHAZAM!
The band hit’s the stage at about 9:20 maybe a little before to a resounding ovation as Eric Sean Nally grabs the mic and screams “ I FEEL LIKE A CHOCOLATE BAR!” as they opened up with “ Welcome to The Church of Rock and Roll” (while he pointed out some dude’s Cincinnati Reds hat) and “Holy Touch”. Two things I notice at the same time: One, the whole set is getting taped. I got my arm resting on the railing and all that, and I’ve got a bird’s eye view of the only event staffer in sight. Second thing was how hard is it to keep a camera on Eric. To the regular fan, everyone knows his on stage antics do not include standing still. My wrists got a work out with my lens dancing with him all night. He’s like Iggy Pop minus the blood and Peanut Butter.


I was once told there was no such thing as a ‘Happy Panda’. Well, take a look at the keyboardist Schuyler Vaughn White for a few minutes and tell me that’s not one happy panda right there. The beard that’s a grizzly Adams-ZZ Top hybrid brushing the heads of fans in the crowd repeatedly while smiling for pictures (even looked up at us once),

before and after he floated his

keyboard out on the audience from time to time. When I first saw them I thought it was one of those stupid hydrolic set ups but then I realized this dude is just bad ass and he lifts it every which way / direction that is imaginable. He stands on it, stomps, lays sideways on it. Then for the unimaginable, him and the keyboard set sail into the crowd. Crowd surfing playing keys. Are you kidding me right now?


Songs like “Oh Lord” and “Unstoppable” were crowd pleasers mid-set. Eric at one point said “Nowadays music really sucks. It feels good to say that. You should say it as much as you can” I shouted “I try! I try!”. If we’re gonna get into crowd pleasers than we have to address my personal highlight, and that’s when they played “I Like It”. I flipped out simply because, come on, when else does a white dude like me get to verbally express his enjoyment of big black asses? I got to shout “That’s the biggest Black Ass I’ve ever seen and I like it! I like it!” out loud and not get punched.


During the duration of the set, I had a cigarette placed on the table in front of me ready to throw on queue. One of the dudes I was up there with kept telling me “throw it!”. I kept putting it off, I didn’t want to interrupt any of the funny speeches. Then finally, before the last song, he ends his soliloquy with “and the man asked: does anyone have a cigarette ?”. Hell yeah I do! I tossed it down on stage left handed and it landed behind him. He already had a full pack of Newport in his hand, but he’s looking around on stage and grabbing all he sees, including mine! We were screaming, probably hear us in the video(don’t leave me comments about it). Then he lit what had to be 5 or 6 at once in his mouth and puffed before turning them around and sticking them down his throat. Eric ate my cigarette! Unreal.


By nights end, Eric was asking if we liked his jacket (which I made a mental note of how cool it was when they first came out), then informed us: “I know Rock & Roll is dead.. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dance with it’s fucking ghost!” and that’s when it was time for “The Only Way To My Heart”-basically the song that got me hooked on Foxy the first time, is now serving as a merely the cherry atop of some of the best cake I’ve ever had.

So for those keeping score, end of the show was “The Only Way To My Heart”, then “Temple”, then the “drunken guy” soliloquy in the middle of Temple, followed by eating cigarettes while dragging out the end of Temple. With the keyboardist on the floor of the stage collapsed with his rig laying on top of him, the band made their way off stage as Eirc grabbed the mic to leave us with one final message: “If I was able to get into people’s minds and make them decide things it would be easy to be the biggest band in the world” as he slams the mic down and the house music hits.

My name is Jay Porks, and I went to attend sermon at the Church of Rock & Roll and have been baptized.









Lemonheads Redeem Themselves @ Bowery Ballroom, 10/10/11

There is a HUGE side bar to tonights 56th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series taking place in the Bowery, actually at the Bowery Ballroom to be precise . It’s the second of a back to back stint here for the Lemonheads, who are touring performing “It’s a Shame About Ray”. The aforementioned side bar being that of Evan Dando. In the past week or two since this tour kicked off it’s been nothing but terrible reviews. Ranging from a show at the Mercy Lounge(where my buddies the Meat Puppets played a few nights prior) in Nashville , TN all the way up to the Twitter-verse going nuts with #Lemonheads hash-tagged comments reading of people walking out on last nights set at the Bowery Ballroom, with the band not coming on til “way after 11PM” and “they were getting booed”. Wow.. This could be interesting. I mean, it’s not like I’ve read or seen one positive thing about this current “It’s a Shame About Ray” tour. Of course that only really gives me two angles to take. I could be the author of the first positive words about the Lemonheads this year, or I could climb aboard that bandwagon of disappointed people wondering what kinda drugs is Evan Dando on these days.. The performance will dictate this of course, but I do plan on showing up early to grab some first come first serve seats sometimes offered at this venue upstairs (like where I sat for Mudhoney last year.), so there WILL be video of whatever fate the band chooses for themselves tonight. I’ll have beer in hand cocked to chuck at Dando if he behaves like the complete fool I’ve been reading about. Let’s get this party started….

What better to do on this Columbus Day 2011 then celebrate Christopher Columbus( who came to America and turned the Native Americans into slaves, claiming he discovered the land) then head to the “Sold Out” Bowery Ballroom to as I continue to inadvertently live up to my Mr.90’s mantra?

I got out of a cab at 7PM, I’m the only one here besides the dude at the door who’s only job is to tell people “doors are at 8PM”. Sweet, I was hungry anyway. Grabbed a slice a few blocks away (although I Tweeted I was heading for Chinese, since the Bowery is basically Chinatown. There’s nothing over there food wise). Got back there around 7:20- Met some cool peeps on line heading in, one dude who was there from last night. He said it was terrible: “Dando couldn’t put two words together”. There was a couple there who were cool too who just listened to to album on the way over (all 29 minutes of it) and the other chick who was at the Dando & Juliana Hatfield shows earlier this year(If they’re reading I’m trying to shout you guys out but I’ve never been to good with names!) . So the let us in a little before 8 but these are just the door to the downstairs bar. At 8:20 the finally let us into the main floor where we raced upstairs to snag seats at a table with the rest of the posse up there with us. Grabbed a table with my buddy who was here last night, love comparing notes. Sat next to two women from Melbourne. One of the two women said she saw Dando on some street one time and asked if he wanted a ride and he accepted due to the fact he spent all his money on booze. I am so freaking ready.

At 8:43 the 1st opener ‘New York Rivals’ came on. The traditional 4 piece with the lead singer

doubling on guitar. The lead singer dude says that they’ve “Only been a band 6 weeks” and ” 2 months ago I was on the couch watching Netflix” . They weren’t bad for a band not so seasoned. About three songs in they had me in head nod mode and I have never even heard of these guys.. I’ve seen a lot worse openers (maybe I’m about to see a worse one follow them!) 9:13 was their ceiling, as they headed off to make room for Shining Twins

They’re setting up this big drum set up where the mic stand for the lead vocalist is. I turn to my bud and I’m like “what the F#%k is going on here??). He says to me, “I don’t want to ruin it for you” with this grin on his face. Emphasis on ‘ruin’.

The Shining Twins hit the stage at 9:35. Apparently we have ourselves a stand up drummer( a chick, dueling as lead vocalist with the bass player), Odd… I’ll keep an open mind. Besides, two out of the three in this band are chicks. ..The girl playing bass said it was hot on stage as they were tuning, so OF COURSE I shouted out(didn’t even shout,but said loudly) “so take off your shirt then!”.. She was like “did someone really just say that? Even in new York?” in this obnoxious sort of tone, like as if that’s something sacrilegious to say at a concert. I think “take your shirt off” is second to “Freebird” in consistent things shouted at concerts. If you don’t want me to say sh!t like that then don’t set me up so wonderfully(and don’t be moderately attractive).. After a few songs into their set I’m trying to nail down who they sound like, then it hit me like a Anti-Pleasure Dissertation : they sound like a really bad version of the band Bikini Kill. The way the girls had the harmonies going. Losing alot without the drummer being at a natural kit. But then I see the guitar player is left handed and playing an upside-down Fender Jaguar(think it was a Jag) a la Kurt Cobain, that was the topping on this sh!tty cake for me. This whole act had such a poser type feel to it of that’s possible.. They went off at 9:53PM

Now the wait begins, the countdown til what could be the most epic of fails. We chatted with the women from Melbourne for a while, trading concert war stories.

10:45ish, here come the Lemonheads! They came out and blasted into “Rockin Stroll”. From the first chord, first verse you can tell things seem to have fallen in line . There was no fumbling around on stage before starting, no looks of confusion on the face of Dando. My bud who’s here from last night turned quickly after the song and said “Like night and day!”, commenting on Dando’s lucidness, and ability of the band to play the music compared to the previous night(and all other nights of this tour).

Last night they didn’t perform the entirety of “It’s a Shame About Ray”, even tho that’s what the bill said. That’s what was so different about this-I didn’t have any expectations for good until they began doing the songs in order off the album with no glitches . Confetti was awesome, and after the first chord of “It’s a Shame about Ray” Dando stops like he messed up or something, and then says “Nah, I’m kidding!”… and they rocked that sh!t out . That’s whenI knew they weren’t going to have one of those shows I’ve been reading about. I mean, even tho Dando’s sentences didn’t make a whole lot of sense, it at least looked as if HE knew what he was talking about. He was conversing with fans, between songs and between amp checks..

They played the whole album before the band left the stage leaving just Evan and an acoustic guitar to play solo. He never left the stage through the duration of the night, he played what was basically an entire acoustic set after finishing the album . If I had one complaint about the album

portion of the show, it would have to be inviting a fan up on stage to sing the lyrics to “Mrs. Robinson”. What’s up with that? Her voice isn’t really projecting through the mic, it’s almost like an instrumental.. When Dando asked if someone in the crowd could sing it, we were shouting from balcony “how bout YOU sing it Evan??!?” … He didn’t go near the mic for that one.

After the acoustic goings on the band came back on stage and they jumped into a little audience request portion of the evening. We’re passing Midnight and these guys look like they could go all night. We were screaming “If I could talk I’d tell you!!!” and Dando gave us a look and a nod but never ended up playing it. “Big Gay Heart” was awesome, I Heart that song.

Counting all these videos I’m uploading, we may have gotten to 30 songs here tonight-seriously. Ended the night with “Into Your Arms” at 12:22AM and sent a sold out crowd home extremely satisfied. Total curve ball from what I went in there expecting. Bravo Mr. Dando, hats off to you for keeping it together the night I came into the building. All the folks at Concert Confessions and the 7 people who visit The Jay Porks Experience site will be very appreciative. Great show… I mean, besides The Shining Twins.. whose bassist can’t take a joke..

If you made it to the end of this, you’re awesome and I hope you enjoyed, I’ll surely be back soon with tales of epic experiences as next up October 23rd is Weird Al Yankovic of all people, at the Beacon Theater of all places.. That could be something very epic indeed. Catch ya then! Late

Lemonheads- It\'s a Shame About Ray

Mudhoney Live @ Bowery Ballroom NYC 9/04/10

Just as that slightly overweight chick dove off stage right into an unsuccessful crowd surf that landed her on the floor-I realized that their truly nothing pretty about Grunge.. except the sounds.

Welcome back, and come take a stroll along the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series in it’s 32nd edition as this night takes us to the Bowery Ballroom to see none other than Mudhoney: The ONLY grunge band. Other bands use elements of grunge in their music, but there is no other band without an added sub-genre. Anyway, the doors open at 8PM and the only opener I heard about was ‘Pissed Jeans’ as per the ‘Bowery Presents’ website. I step out of the cab and on to the sidewalk, take a look across the street to check out how the line is doing.. there is none, BECAUSE IS NOT EVEN 6PM-mistimed my trip a bit, so found a some bar around the corner to duck into until it was remotely close to doors opening..

Headed back to Bowery Ballroom at about 7:15pm to stand in front and I hear through the walls there’s a band doing soundcheck- Probably one of the openers.. Walked past a sign outside that said Mudhoney will be going on at 11PM.. Had to show up early to reserve my spot by the stage.. Myself and about six other people are here sitting at the bar.. Got acquainted with my friend Jack(and Coke) and started chatting with a girl visiting from Argentina. Nice girl, we shared a mutual interest in Iggy Pop, and being at shows by ourselves…

I think Mudhoney’s playing a set in Upstate New York at the All Tomorrows Parties festival (A festival featuring the likes of The Stooges and Sonic Youth) in the afternoon- so are they even here yet is the question. Anyway, also came to find out there’s a 2nd opener-name “White Hills”, and they’re about to go on.

White Hills went on about 9:05.. They had two hot chicks in the band(the more prominent one on bass, sporting a red dress and the other on keys) they played some heavy tunes.. They’re set up with a guitarist, drummer, and the two aforementioned ladies. Bassist also sang(screamed) on some songs and the effects keyboard seems to be incorporating heavy experimental noise into there sound.. They did not suck at all.. I’m actually getting into some of this stuff.. And the hot blonde was playing a clear transparent bass.. It was pretty cool.. .. I was nodding my head Half was through.. It was during this set I realized actually how bad I needed to get to a men’s room, as my bladder had held all it is able to- so I hit the head.. As I came back I realize that this band gets into extended noise jams inside or in between songs.. Can’t understand one lyric but I’m loving this.. So heavy yet not death metal.. Gotta love to meet you half way… They went off at about ten to 10.. And I met a friend to save my upstairs seat.. Oh did I mention? There’s a 2nd floor with tables set up with two chairs at each overlooking the stage, and these seats are a first come, first serve basis: Consider me served…. This is working out well.. Dropped 6 bucks outside – someone returned it to me.. Nice guy- I gave him the Jay Porks Experience business card and told him to visit ConcertConfessions.com as well.. Still not sober enough where people can understand what I’m saying but I’m hoping by the time Mudhoney gets on I’ll be good to go- but ‘Pissed Jeans’ hits the stage at 10 or so the flyer says..

Pissed Jeans hit the stage a little after 10…. I read that they were experimental/ noise rock.. Sounded like a harder version of Mudhoney.. Got some slam dancing going on downstairs and my ears are already shot first song in.. They’re set up with the traditional bass, guitar and drummer with the lead singer strutting no instrument but his vocal chords.. Lead singer made a joke ” you know what the problem with tight jeans is you can tell what cell phone everyone has”.. Yea, I know I’m also waiting for the punchline-but attempts at humor get points in my book- but these guys rock really hard.. Like the type of hard that makes you wanna check and see if their music is available on iTunes.. Gotta love when you see the lead singer of an opener wearing a 21wristband.. The bar knows as much about this band as I do- but Pissed Jeans seemed to be drowning in the aesthetic of Punk rock- at 10:16 the lead singer removed his shirt Iggy Pop style.. Looks like the guitar player is playing a Fender Jaguar.. That’s pretty cool.. These guys got harder and louder as the set progressed. And I started to noticed some of the photographers (hot chicks who own cameras), focusing on the insane slam dancing that was taking place.. I saw one girl get pissed and go after some of these dudes.. Must be her first show- if you get slammed into, you slam back- don’t get all serious. We’re at a rock show for Christ sake…Anyway Pissed Jeans rocked it til about 10:35.. Now we await- the only true grunge band to ever exist- MUDHONEY

As 11:04 hit- I was starting to realize that I’m about to see frickin Mudhoney- .. Is anyone as pumped as me? Well, besides this dude sitting next to me who is equally pumped- I can’t see anyone in the building more excited than I.

At about 11:15 or so Mudhoney hits the stage and jumps right into “The Money Will Roll Right In”, a ‘Fang’ song they’ve been covering for years.. Mark Arm started the set not playing guitar, opting to go for his Iggy Pop gyrations.. A few songs in he grabbed his guitar and added to the madness. I started recording and never looked back.. I had a great view of the stage without having to zoom in.. “Next Time” off their latest effort ‘The Lucky Ones’ came up a little after..and by the time we got passed “ Inside out over you” the energy began to feed off the band into the crowd.. During songs like “Suck You Dry” people would try to climb on stage to crowd surf.. there was a roadie pushing everyone back into the crowd-or if they made it on stage walking them off stage.. So the jumpers would have to be quick.. when they dove, they were rarely caught.. I saw some chick get up there (not the thinnest of women) and take a jump and disappear into the floor quickly-there was nothing pretty about it: The essence of grunge. She didn’t care that she looked like an Asshole-she’s rocking out. And we all salute her(and chuckle).

Mudhoney was too busy kicking ass to pay attention to this stuff, as they were showing that they without a doubt still had it. I mean think about it, they played a set 2 hours away earlier on this same day and came to play this one and didn’t sit there and mail it in. Steve Turner’s tight riffs along with Dan Peters and bassist Guy Maddison keeping the solid rhythm section going-put aside the notion of possible fatigue or lack of interest.. I mean the stuff Turner would do on songs like “Sweet Young Thing” was awesome ..by the time they got into “Let it slide” it was already an awesome set, and I hadn’t even heard my favorite Mudhoney song yet.. “Blinding Sun” showed up in there eventually, along with the title track from ‘The Lucky Ones’…. “Inside Job” and “Good Enough” both had me turn to the dude who I was sitting next too (took turns saving each others seats on beer and cigarette runs) in giddy excitement.. felt like a child.. more than this was wanted this was needed.. That fact especially was pointed out when right after they played ‘Good Enough’ they jumped in probably their biggest hit and my favorite song “Touch Me I’m Sick” which was the loudest that place got tonight. I can’t believe the camera’s microphone didn’t pick up me screaming like a little school girl when I heard the riff..So Awesome…. they followed it with “This Gift” and then “F.D.K”-which was another crowd pleaser.. “Hard on for War” had people holding up peace signs seriously. Good song and everything but lets not get corny about it.. they played a few more before playing the energetic “Hate the Police” running off stage like 12:20ish.. Chants of “MUDHONEY-MUDHONEY-MUDHONEY” went on for a good ten minutes before they came back out and played few more ending the night with “Here comes Sickness”.. they thanked the us along with White Hills and Pissed Jeans and called it an evening..

Lights came on as my new buddy and I exchanged in a high five as we got up from the table and headed outside.. when I hit the street I looked at my phone and it was 12:43AM.. that’s what I call a rock concert. Going on at 11 as oppose to ENDING before that time.. What a night.. I’ve got all these songs on video.. a few songs I need to decipher what is what-song titles and what not.. and some videos are two songs but it’ll all be up on my YouTube channel.. Mudhoney fails to disappoint-and give them all the credit in the world. 2 sets in one day 2 hours away from each other.. So worth it, even if I did get home at 3 o clock in the morning.. Well, if you made it this far, then why don’t you come back soon? How’s September 15th sound? I will be checking out the ‘Toadies’ with a good friend of mine.. word on the street is that I may get to take some great pictures-it’s at Gramercy, which is a tiny place.. Love it.. Thanks for listening to my non-sense for a little while..Late.

r 15th sound? I will be checking out the ‘Toadies’ with a good friend of mine.. word on the street is that I may get to take some great pictures-it’s at Gramercy, which is a tiny place.. Love it.. Thanks for listening to my non-sense for a little while..Late. Mudhoney-Touch Me I\'m Sick

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