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Death Cab For Cutie 04/02/15: iHeartRadio Theatre – Burbank, CA



Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank


During one of the obnoxious yet mandatory interviews interrupting the first half hour of Death Cab For Cutie’s hour long performance at the iHeartRadioMusic Theatre, Benjamin Gibbard declared that Los Angeles was neither a villain or a hero on their just released album Kintsugi. As a transplant of this harsh city who has survived upon the sun dried slab of cement for nearly 15 years; those words could not more perfectly sum up the experience of someone who somehow lucked into watching the band knock off some ring rust as they head out to promote their stellar new album.

With cameras overhead and 30 minutes to wash down a free beer from your friends at Budweiser, the former The Tonight Show sound stage is typically reserved for the likes of Katy Perry, Shakira, and the Dad from Growing Pains actual son. Starting promptly at 7pm for those tuning in via radio and internet, the now five piece band kicked the night off with the recently eligible for classic rock radio fan favorite The New Year. Where most people in the room more than likely assumed we would get a new song, the energy level in the room jumped massively with the unexpected curve ball.

With the first half hour being both radio and webcast, Death Cab did a phenomenal job blending new songs with hits. With hints of the City of Angels in both The Ghosts of Beverly Drives and Black Sun, the crowd has already instantly related and bonded to the latest additions to the Los Angeles influenced songs spread across the band’s catalog. With time restraints more than likely preventing I Will Possess Your Heart, You Are A Tourist and Soul Meets Body did a fine job of throwing some hits out to keep the VIP types up in the balcony.

As far as the forced interview went, perhaps the best question was if the new song You’ve Haunted Me All My Life was about being a fan of the Seattle Mariners and never making it to the World Series. Longtime fan Gibbard had a good laugh and stated this would be the year they win it all. While time will only tell if that happens, we also learned on this evening that bassist Nick Harmer spent his downtime between albums creating a mosaic piece of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch completely made out of Skittles.

Once the radio audience dropped off, the band seemed to loosen up a lot. Opening with the 1-2 Kintsugi punch of No Room In Frame and Little Wanderer, the band still has that layer of vulnerability in playing these songs in front of people that will be long gone by the time the now five piece pulls into the Hollywood Bowl later this year. Where the band never sounded bad or out of place; longtime fans without a doubt noticed that the two musicians taking the spot of recently departed founding member Chris Walla can emulate yet not truly recreate what he brought to the table. Impossible shoes to fill, songs like Crooked Teeth and the set closing Transatlanticism lack a certain warmth, yet will have no problem bringing out the emotions of the massive audiences the band are about to embrace.

A perfect warm up for what’s to come, Death Cab For Cutie made the most of their hour at The Burbank Studios. A few more chord progressions perfected, a chance to play in front of a loyal crowd, it will be interesting to see how tight this band becomes by the time they wrap up the touring cycle for this album. Leave it to Death Cab For Cutie to make an indie gig feel like a party in your friend’s back yard.

Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank



Death Cab For Cutie 04 02 15 Burbank

GROUPLOVE Pay Conan O’Brien A Visit

GROUPLOVE Pay Conan O’Brien A Visit

We love us some GROUPLOVE. We love how often GROUPLOVE are on late night TV. Having already rocked the likes of Kimmel and Leno, the up and coming indie rockers headed over to the Warner Bros. lot in beautiful Burbank to rock it hard for Conan O’Brien. Enjoy Itchin’ On A Photograph (and a ton of cardboard cutouts) down below.



The Avett Brothers Rocking Out on Conan 06/21/12

The Avett Brothers on Conan 6/21/12

Hey mofos, while we are all celebrating the Miami Heats triumphant NBA Finals Victory tonight the world famous Avett Brothers were hitting the sauce extra hard with a Lebron James sized rager in their pants on cable tv’s Conan show.  They came out and slammed everyone in the face with a Conan-erific version of Murder in the City wowzering all in attendance.  Concert Confessions favorite Phishbeard really likes these dudes (as does DarbySTL), so strap on a seat belt  and check out the jam BEFORE it even airs for all of us on the West Coast (lots of time to drink more boooooze and enjoy this wonderful day in NBA history before watching the show).

Video Below Courtesy of The Audio Perv

GROUPLOVE Make Jay Leno All Kinds of ‘Tongue Tied’

GROUPLOVE Make Jay Leno All Kinds of ‘Tongue Tied’

Greetings from the left coast. Reverend Justito here sitting on the bed watching my second favorite baseball team kick the crap out of my all-time favorite baseball team. I can’t hear the Angels play by play team discuss the ass kicking the boys in red are putting upon my Giants because I am listening to GROUPLOVE live on Leno. I can’t lie, I still have not made my mind up on this band despite dropping $6.99 on the compact disc at Target a few weeks back. Sure, I couldn’t hear them at Outside Lands and yeah they lost a battle to the elements at Coachella but gosh darn I love the low end in the ‘Tongue Tied’ jam. So with love and praise going to The Audio Perv I am enjoying this jam hours before it airs in my time zone. We hope you enjoy it as well.

Oh and GROUPLOVE, as the dude who hit you up on social media today in regards to getting some Grill ‘Em All action right across the street from the NBC Studios, I forgive you for ignoring my request for lunch. I imagine it would be a challenge to perform after taking down a Behemoth.


The Wombats ‘Jump Into The Fog’ With Conan O’Brien

The Wombats ‘Jump Into The Fog’ With Conan O’Brien

Despite being almost 33, I will probably get grounded for this but it is so worth it. For a while in high school I started calling my Mother a Wombat. Not sure why really, probably because I was a dumb punk kid. She played along and even embraced the Wombat crossing sign I snuck into her truck at one point. So when I see this band, I automatically think of my Mother, which is not a bad thing at all. So with Mother’s day just around the corner (I love you Mom thanks for everything), enjoy the band Wombats performing Jump Into The Fog on the same movie lot that is home to the sets from ER, Growing Pains and of course Gilmore Girls.


Reggie Watts Shares ‘Diametrical Oppositionalism’ With Conan O’Brien

Reggie Watts Shares ‘Diametrical Oppositionalism’ With Conan O’Brien

The fact is if you don’t enjoy Reggie Watts, you don’t have a soul. No, that is not a ginger joke. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Watts paid a visit to beautiful Burbank California. Home of the Warner Bros. lot, the musical madman brought about 15 different styles of music to the Conan O’Brien television program. From metal to singing about cats like Ryan Adams there is something for everyone in his performance of “Diametrical Oppositionalism.” Check it out for yourself down below.

To check out past performances from Watts on Conan, click here.


Girls Bring ‘Love Like A River’ To Conan

Girls Bring “Love Like A River” to Conan


When a late night host calls a band “critically acclaimed”, it usually means I hate them. Most of the time that’s just code for “Yea we don’t quite know why they’re here either”.


Finally, this was not the case on Wednesday Night, when the awesome San Francisco boys, known as  Girls paid a visit to Late night cable television. They performed  the beautiful “Love Like A River”(off ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost‘) on Conan. In case you missed it, we have the video for you below. So glad this album was one of the few I shelled out money to buy when it came out..


To check out some past confessions of Girls, click here, here and here.


M. Ward Shares ‘Primitive Girls’ With Conan

M. Ward Shares ‘Primitive Girls’ With Conan

Truth be told for a really long time I thought M. Ward was the dude from Soul Coughing. Then I realized that was actually Mike Doughtry. So this M. Ward guy, he hangs out with Ben Gibbard’s  soon to be ex-wife and that Bright Eyes dude and Jim James of My Morning Jacket when he’s not making his own jams. That is where I know him from at least, but let’s be real here if he was standing next to me on the corner I wouldn’t know who the fuck he is. Hell I don’t even plan to see him at Coachella. I mean he’s not terrible but last nights Late Night TV Coachella act Pulp is way more important to see. Regardless enough of my rambling bullshit, below is a video of M. Ward performing “Primitive Girl” on the Conan O’Brien show.

Sharon Van Etten Performs ‘Leonard’ On Conan

So I was wondering where I heard of this Sharon Van Etten chick before. The name sounded so familiar-then it hit me like a bullet. We here at Concert Confessions teamed up with Live Nation Los Angeles a few weeks ago to give away tickets to Sharon Von Etten w/ The War On Drugs at Avalon in Hollywood, CA March 20th 2012.

So here on the East Coast, hours before that show in Hollywood was set to kick off, Sharon Van Etten appeared on Conan to perform a song called “Leonard” off her critically acclaimed “Tramp” Check it out:

(Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan)

Cake Was Served On Conan Last Night

Who doesn’t love Cake? And I’m talking the food, AND the band.

I myself have been itching to see the boys again ever since an epic night in Central Park. Last night I was not only lucky enough to catch them on Conan a few minutes after Rebecca Romijn mentioned that her first ever “adult dream” was to the likes of Steve Martin, with Steve Martin sitting to her right. Anyway, talk of female ejaculation gets me pumped for anything, including a little bit of “Mustache Man”

The Cranberries Pay Jay Leno A Visit

The Cranberries Pay Jay Leno A Visit

Remember The Cranberries? We had forgotten all about them till the elusive Melorocker confessed about them back in 2009. Well the band is about to drop a new record later this month so they paid a visit to Jay Leno’s show in beautiful Burbank, CA (Editor’s Note: If you ever hit a filming of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno we recommend you grab a bite to eat at Choza Mama across the street from the NBC Studios). The new album is entitled Roses and it is available on February 28th. Check out Dolores and crew rocking “Tomorrow” below.




Wilco Pays Conan O’Brien a Visit

Wilco Pays Conan O’Brien a Visit

We like Wilco. However Wilco does not like fans with cameras, something about ruining the experience. So it’s rare that we go see the band live. Well that and the fact we are still not big enough to get a photo pass from Mr. Tweedy. Rev did write this back when Jay died. Anyways, let’s just get to the reason you came to this post, you want to watch Wilco rock the Warner Bros. lot in beautiful Burbank, CA as musical guest to one Conan O’Brien and his late night show. Enjoy.

Chris Cornell Hits The Tonight Show

Chris Cornell on the Songbook tour this past year was fun time for a few of us here at Concert Confessions. Back on this writer’s birthday, Chris Cornell was set to make an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. For reasons not made public, (possibly concerning Presidential Psychopath’s Ron Paul’s guest spot on that same Dec 16th show), the date was moved back to Jan 5th.

So last night, America collectively sat and tuned in(me WITH Ice Cream) to Chris Cornell perform “The Keeper” (off the Machine Gun Preacher soundtrack). Sans guitar, and hair still in full blown Jesus mode equipped with odd hand gestures, Chris Cornell was able to make even a few minutes of the Tonight Show actually watchable last night

In case you missed it, below is a link to the video of the performance we were able to dig up, courtesy of the Audio Perv

<Chris Cornell- The Keeper (Tonight Show)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Stop By Conan

Photo by Reverend Justito

Words By Jay Porks

Video Via Team Coco

As the Gallagher brothers tour the U.S. and world in separate bands hitting (or having already hit) a town near you-you must admit other than providing epic quotes for internet bloggers like myself to use, when together Oasis is a great band who played great music.

As Liam Gallagher tours with Beady Eye, a band that is essentially the rest of Oasis, Noel Gallagher tours with his own band-Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

On a Monday evening, Noel rolled through Conan with those High Flying Birds to play “AKA… What A Life!”, proving two of my own personal theories. One, I need to get a hold of this album, and two-most importantly in the Gallagher V Gallagher heavyweight bout- Noel wins.

Fistful of Mercy Team With Tom Morello To Rock Conan

Fistful of Mercy Team With Tom Morello To Rock Conan

Our founder and spiritual guru Reverend Justito wrote a recap of Fistful of Mercy’s appearance on the late night TBS talk show Conan earlier today for the fine folks at Antiquiet who would never, ever in a trillion years allow him to write such a tacky and horrific run on sentence such as the one you are about to finish reading right about ummmmmmmmm now.  With Tom Morello in tow, the posse of guitar slinging gang-stars rocked the gingers Warner Bros. Studio sound stage.  You can read his complete recap and watch the performance by clicking here.

Coheed & Cambria Meet & Greet & Signing!

Beginning Thursday, March 12th, pre-order the new Neverender DVD or purchase any Coheed and Cambria T-shirt at the Burbank Town Center Hot Topic location ONLY and receive a wristband that guarantees the opportunity to meet Coheed and Cambria on March 26th!* Need more info? Call the Burbank Town Center Hot Topic at 818.843.8630.
*Available while supplies last. Space is limited. Offer not valid online. Limit one wristband and one autograph per person. See associate for further details.

Hot Topic Burbank

201 E. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91501


Coheed Hot Topic In Store Burbank 03/09

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