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Papa Roach, Seether – Milwaukee and Chicago – 01/24/2015 – 01/25/2015


Nothing like a good concert weekend to make your life complete, especially when you have VIP for one band that you have been wanting to meet for over ten years, it was a Papa Roach weekend for sure.

Saturday started out cold, to be exact it was freezing in Milwaukee, but having VIP for both shows we were suppose to arrive at the venue at 3:15pm, which we did and around 3:15 or so they came out to get us for the Papa Roach VIP, which was taking place first before Seether’s VIP. I’ve been a fan of the band for over ten years, and this was the first time I’ve done VIP for Papa Roach, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able not too, as you get in early, you get the rail, you meet the band, you chat with Jacoby, what more could you ask for.

I was instructed by our fearless leader Reverend Justito, to give Jacoby a message, “tell him Stikmon requests he plays Orange Drive Palms“, so I did. Jacoby and Jerry’s reaction was what was anticipated jaw dropping, “how do you know stikmon” so I told him how I knew Justin, and he’s like “oh my gosh, the Cactus Club, I remember we played their and I found a bunch of drink tickets their like a roll of drink tickets and was like what do I do with these” and Jerry was like “oh yeah I remember that, you found them and we tried to use them”. It was a fun conversation, and Jacoby and Jerry told me to tell Justin Hi as well.  I’m glad Justin told me to ask him that, as it brought back memories for them I’m sure. After the hugs, and asking him to draw a “crack head” on my cell phone which he did, and said it was the “worst crackhead he done” I said no worries, it will fade.. ha, he’s like “yeah it will fade” and laughed. The photo was taken, and good byes were said, enjoy the show.


In all honesty I could have stood their and talked to Jacoby for an hour and a half, even the band as a whole, just about anything, they are that personable. It was a fun meet and greet, I’m glad I did it. Off to the rail we went.

Chicago’s VIP for Papa Roach was a little bit more rushed, as Seether had more VIP for them then they did for Milwaukee. The VIP for Papa Roach in Chicago was up the stairs, say your hello’s and get a photo. Which was alright, it was an early show, and hugs all around Jacoby’s like “she’s back” yep, I survived Milwaukee I’m coming back for more.

Papa Roach headlined this tour with Seether, and openers Kyng and Islander.

Islander was up first in Milwaukee and I fell in love with them, they have the “Deftones” stage presence, and the lead singer gets out into the crowd, they performed a small set that got the crowd going and ready for more, with the lead singer body surfing to get things started.

In Chicago, Islander put on another great performance, with Mikey Carvajal the lead singer going out into the crowd and doing his thing. I loved both of their set’s so much I got the CD afterward and have been listening to it on repeat, any band that can cause me to buy the CD and do that, is a band I’m going to see again. Mikey the lead singer is also a member of the non-profit outreach organization known as The Whosoevers. They are a band to be reckoned with, they are heading out on tour with “Red” this summer.

Next up, was Kyng one of my favorite bands from California, they rocked the house, with songs off of their two albums, “Trampled Sun” & “Burn the Serum”, with their epic version of “Hot for Teacher” which I did manage to get on video in Chicago. Kyng had played in Milwaukee several times, but this was the first time for Eddie and the band to be up in the huge ballroom, it’s a completely different setting up there. Kyng brought it though, with Eddie doing his usual faces of awesomeness from stage. He does get the crowd involved, in more ways then one.

In Chicago, Kyng put on another good set, and their rendition of “Hot for Teacher” was caught on video.

Afterward in Milwaukee Eddie the lead singer didn’t draw on my cell phone cover and give me a selfie, he refused as in his words “you’ve got to many” lol, and “do you want a bad drawing or a good drawing” but despite dissing me there, he was only joking. He made up for in Chicago, just love him. He’s such a sweetheart and they bring it every time they perform, can’t wait to see them more this year.


Seether was up next in Milwaukee with Christmas lights in full effect around each of their mic stands, and they had a touring guitarists with them, this time. He did backup guitars, and did a little singing, wasn’t to bad actually. I’ve been a fan of Seether since they came out, and seen them many, many times. Shaun has changed over the years, but he can still belt out the hits. Chicago was no different, they did however sing “Change” by the Deftones, which sounded amazing, even Jacoby was on the side of the stage singing it. Seether did an excellent job on both of their sets. They played several new songs from their latest release “Isolate and Medicate” .

Papa Roach was up next and you never really know what to expect from Jacoby, he could leave the stage at any time. They started their set off with “Face Everything and Rise” off of their new release F.E.A.R. that just dropped today the 27th of January. The crowd just gets into Papa Roach’s set, bodies start surfing, songs are being sung, it’s a massive mosh pit and it was epic.

Chicago was no different for Papa Roach, although Jacoby and the fellows did perform a new song off of the album called “Warriors” and it was awesome. Jacoby this time, decided to leave the stage and do a little crowd surfing himself, he walked on the crowd and surfed right up in front of me, you can see by the photo I got, that if the person’s arm wasn’t in the way, he would be looking right at me.


It was hard enough for me to get that shot, let alone others.. it was a great show in Chicago, he was on point and just basically having fun, perhaps the fact that they had two days off in the city, might have helped some. They rocked both days, and both days I was crushed and slammed up against a rail with 4000 people in Milwaukee behind me, and roughly 2000 some in Chicago.. EPIC weekend. Would do it all over again, if given the chance.

Papa Roach’s new CD F.E.A.R. Face Everything and Rise, dropped today January 27th, it’s awesome, Jacoby never fails on lyrics, and always writes from the heart, he may have been through hell and back, but he’s came through it 100% real. Love this band.. can’t wait for the summer tours.

The Gallery below, contains one or two photos from Milwaukee and Chicago.




FILTER – H.O.M.E Bar, Arlington Heights, Illinois – 8/21/2014


What more could a Filter fan ask for then a two hour non-stop rocking set. Oh, I know, have it happen on your Birthday of all things.

It was by far the best birthday ever, and I should have known something was up, when Richard tweets that “special” things are going to go down at this show, and everyone should come, well those that didn’t, missed an epic night of live music.

It was only Filter a the H.O.M.E Bar, which stands for House of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights Illinois, which is located probably thirty or so miles from downtown Chicago, so technically in Chicago, it’s a bar/venue place with great acoustics, and plenty of room, I will go back there to see a show for sure.

There were suppose to be three opening acts, but according to reports Stars in Stereo pulled out around 1:30pm that day, not sure on the reasons, but that was alright. There were two local acts that opened up before Filter, I can’t remember who they are to be honest, one played some cover songs and was really good, and the other sounded good as well, so overall not bad.

Filter took the stage right at 10pm, to a smoke filled room. The smoke machines were in full affect at this show, and it made it awesome, it gave the stage an eerie vibe, which made for some great photos. Filter is such an awesome live band, if the sound isn’t the way they think it should, they won’t play. It’s artist integrity that prevails with them, and rightfully so, as if you go to play a show and the sound isn’t up to par in the venue, why perform, yes, bands do, and they make the best of it, but for Filter the sound has to be perfect for them to take the stage.

They opened with “Trip like I do” which always requires smoke, and a lot of electronics, the set list consisted of several songs that weren’t listed, “The Best Things”, “American Cliche” they even brought out “Dose” and “No Love”, I stole a set list from the side stage while waiting for VIP, but it doesn’t have all the songs on it that were on the current one. Which is listed below:

  • Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • The Take
  • Jurassitol
  • We Hate it
  • What do you say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • Dose
  • Soldiers of Misfortune
  • No Love
  • American Cliche
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

Overall 16 songs, for almost two hours of awesomeness. I seriously felt like he was playing for me, although there was a slight issue during American Cliche. Jonny’s guitar wasn’t working, and Richard went over to try to get the cord into the guitar and it just wasn’t happening, so, he stopped the show. Yes, their are those dick heads that yell, “oh continue on” or “don’t be a drama queen” and to those idiots I quote Richard “hey, we aren’t going to play if it doesn’t sound right” and I believe he might have said a few other choice words in there somewhere, but I could be wrong. I mean really, don’t yell at them if they stop the show, let them have their right to vent about equipment, sound, whatever they feel the need to vent about, YOU are there for them, take it all in.

 20140821_230816(0) - Copy

Richard sings with such passion, he really gets a work out each and every night, he sings from his heart. You can tell, in the photos,  one of my favorite photos from the night, shows just how much passion the man has.  The photo above, is one of my favorites and I’m glad I captured it.


In the photo above, Richard is relaying the story of his friends the Deftones, and I’m not sure, if it was Chino’s mom or Chi’s mom that had gave him that sticker, that says “one love for Chi”, and she wanted Richard to put that sticker on his guitar to remember Chi by, he told the story before playing “Surprise” which is a song he wrote for his wife, and all the women in the world really, mom’s, daughters, it’s one of my favorite songs. It was a great moment, as the whole night was by far one of the best concerts of the year.

 20140821_222402 - Copy

I did have VIP again for this show, and honestly I hope and pray they never stop doing that, it’s been the best time of my life. Richard has a unique personality, perhaps that’s why we get along so well, I can take his sarcastic sick sense of humor and run with it, he’s himself, and he’s not afraid to show you himself. Their were four of us, two ladies that had met them already before, but I don’t think they ever went on the bus, and then another lady, whom thought he was weird. She just didn’t know how to take him, and overall he did nothing wrong, he was just himself. He said, “this is my time to goof off”, and it is, heck after working hard for two hours, playing everything you wrote, by dang it you deserve some good old fashion fun. I had fun, it was my Birthday after all.

Filter is headed home, with one last show out in North Dakota, and a stop in September. Then they are on a much needed break and I believe headed overseas to see the troops. Afghanistan from what Richard said on stage, I love that they do that, they support the men and women that serve our country and give them a taste of good old rock and roll, no folk stuff, just guitars, drums, and a singer that knows how to rock.

Until next year Filter, love you.. I really do, I feel like Richard is the brother I don’t have. With my mom passing away this year, he and the band have helped me more then they know, and I’ll always be grateful and appreciative of everything they have done. Until next time, hugs!!



Riot Fest 2014’s Mega Lineup Unleashed


The plan here was to post the pic of all the bands and just name a handful of ones that us here at Concert Confessions are fans of and stuff like that. Then, as I kept reading into the poster containing the lineup for the 2014 Riot Fest in Chicago, this thing just has so much one would want to check out. Your top billing is The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, The National, Rise Against and Weezer while The Flaming Lips, Social Distortion, Slayer, The Offspring and Staten Island’s very own Wu-Tang Clan rounding out your ten highest billed performers. Dig deeper into the lineup and you’ll find Pussy Riot, Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile. You’ll also run into Failure and The Dandy Warhols. The Afghan Whigs are back, and you guessed it, they’re here too. My new favorite heroes(i.e. Dave Grohl/Safe Music) Mastodon is at this party as well. Feel free to have some fun too, throw a little Cheap Trick in your day. Things you don’t see here: Outkast, Lorde, Kanye West, Vampire Weekend, Skrillex and all those other garbage festival junkies you see on every card. Lots of music with guitars here.

Highlighted acts below, check out RiotFest.ORG for ticketing details and all that jazz.


Jane’s Addiction

The National

Pussy Riot

The Flaming Lips


Rise Against

The Cure


Wu-Tang Clan

The Afghan Whigs

The Offspring


Thurston Moore

Kurt Vile & The Violators

The Dandy Warhols

Dropkick Murphys



Social Distortion



Tegan And Sara

Patti Smith

Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas

Of Mice & Men

Cheap Trick



Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Three shows – 8/8, 8/11, 8/15/2013

If anyone knows me they know I’m not much of a “country” music fan, but if you play a fiddle and can rock out with the best rock bands out there, I’m probably going to like you. Natalie Stovall is a fiddle playing genius, she ranks right up there with the great Charlie Daniels, and even does a mean remake of “Devil went down to Georgia” on the fiddle.

Natalie has toured tons of college campuses, and in 2012 was named the 2012 Entertainer of the Year by the voters of Campus Activities Magazine.

Natalie Stovall and the Drive just got signed to a record deal here last month with HitShop Records, and they are currently in the studio recording songs for their next EP. That doesn’t mean Natalie doesn’t have CD’s already out, she has made a few in her day, and toured all over the country, as well as overseas to the soldiers of the armed forces, which she performed a song that she wrote for the soldiers entitled “Missed you the Most”.  Natalie got her band together back in 2007 and hasn’t looked back ever since, with Miguel Cancino – Guitar, Joel Dormer – Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin, Zach Morse – Bass and James Bavendam – Drums, (who also happens to be Natalies husband) they make up one fiddle shredding good time. This review spans over a few days, we traveled to see Natalie, in Indianapolis, Springfield, Ill, and Chicago.


Natalie and the Drive took the stage at the Rathskeller around 9pm and opened up with a song from her current EP “Standing my Ground” which contains the title track along with “Even Alaska” which she did perform, as well as “Sound of Goodbye”, “Whatever it Takes” and “Step by Step”. She finished off the first half of her set with a “Fiddle Palozza” sort of speak, where she plays random rock songs with a fiddle twist, she did sing a couple covers, a beautiful acoustic version of Adele’s, “Someone like You”, and Reba McEntire’s “Fancy”, she also fiddled out Charlie Daniels “Devil went down to Georgia” . A few new songs were also played that are coming out on her upcoming EP,  “Bones” is one that is especially awesome, according to her the first single will drop January of 2014, so hopefully there will be physical copies of it before then, but not sure how that will work. She closed out her two hour set with “Without You” which was the perfect ending to a great night of live music.

The opening band for Natalie at the Rathskeller was another country rock band from Nashville called Mockingbirdsun, they were really good, got to met the guitarist afterward, overall they put on a great show as well, and we will be seeing them again in November at Bub City.

Show number two for Natalie Stovall and the Drive was at the Illinois State Fair, they were playing in the Happy Hollow area of the Illinois State Fair, they took the stage at 5:30pm after a Magic Show performance, they were the last band on that stage, and the only band that I went to see.  It was a hot day Sunday August 11th, for that one, again there wasn’t many folks that showed up, but Natalie and the band put on one rocking performance.  There was some technical issues that involved losing power for a good twenty minutes, I guess you can’t have a ton of stuff hooked up on a hot day. After the first power outage, Natalie didn’t miss a beat and decided to treat everyone to an acoustic set.


Also got an acoustic video of a new song off of the upcoming EP. The song is called “Bones”

Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Bones Acoustic

There was another short power outage, but it didn’t last long, they just started back up where they left off. Overall there wasn’t more than thirty people at the state fair for there show, but it didn’t matter it was an intimate performance that won’t be forgotten, overall they do an amazing job every time they step on stage. The set list remained the same for the State Fair, as it did for the Rathskeller, it was switched up in Chicago, which was the next show on our list of the Natalie Stovall and the Drive tour.

Next up, was Chicago and Bub City. I’ve never been to Bub City, but did ask Natalie what it was like at the State Fair, she said the food was fabulous and it was, the BBQ Bacon to die for. Bub City is located on Clark Street in downtown Chicago, it’s easy to get to, just take your Ohio Street exit to Clark Street and turn right, two blocks down is Bub City, and a convenient parking garage is a block away. They are knows for BBQ in Chicago, and country music as well. Natalie and the band took the stage around 9:30pm. The stage set up was extremely small for her and the band, but they managed to make the best of it and put on another amazing performance.


Was also able to get a live version of Bones although it doesn’t sound the greatest, it’s worth viewing. Overall it was a great evening of good food and great music, the band is always so friendly and hugs were given all around. They did have folks there from there record label since they did recently get signed, they mentioned to us that they seen us singing over there, of course we were singing. The Set list did get switched up, as there was two sets, in the second set Joel, and Zach did some singing on a few songs, “Copperhead Road”, “Friends in Low Places”, and “No Huggy, No Kissy” which of course made folks get up and dance, there was a small dance floor which got used, but everyone was singing and having a good time.

Natalie Stovall and the Drive – Bones live at Bub City

Overall a great concert trek by Natalie Stovall and the Drive, they are a great little band and will go far in the future. I can’t wait for the new EP to be released, and for them to be played all over the world, and of course more shows to be announced, and more journey’s to be taken.

She & Him – Aragon Ballroom – 06-29-2013 – Chicago, IL

Going into this concert I really wasn’t sure who Zooey Deschanel was, nor had I seen her on TV or any of the movies that she starred in, but I will say that Zooey does have an appeal to her, and a voice that ranks up there with the best.

She & Him made their way to Chicago, Saturday night to play the Aragon, which was a lovely setting for Zooey’s voice, which has a harmoniousness soothing tone to it when she sings.

We managed to get the venue around 2pm, and there wasn’t anyone in line, so we were the first in line. At certain concerts you can sometimes tell who the fans are there to see, for She & Him, you could really tell who the fans where there to see. I have never seen so many girls in sun dresses, and flats in my life. I sort of felt under-dressed, as everyone looked “retro” in there printed patterned sun dresses and fifties style apparel, it was cool to see that the fans decked out for their favorite artist. Zooey herself had on a colorful sun dress, with sparkling appliqués and finger tips to match.
With the array of colorful sundresses as the attire at the concert, along with the strict no photos rule. Security had posted this sign out front roughly around 5pm concerning the photo taking rules, and gave us one to pass it down, so everyone in line could read it.

No photos

This notice left everyone bummed, but I figured if they don’t see you actually taking a photo, what are they going to do. Needless to say, I did manage to get ten photos, all be it just of Zooey, the stage was high, so positioning my cell camera to look up, wasn’t that hard. She & Him consists of She (Zooey Deschanel) and Him (M. Ward), they do have several others that play on stage with them, I didn’t get their names, but a variety of instruments were played, from the electronic violin, to a little ukulele which Zooey plays, it was overall a great mixture of music on stage.
She & Him opened up with “I was made for you” which was off of their first album “Volume 1″. They just released a new album titled “Volume 3″, here in May. They did play quite a variety of songs, and cover songs from various artists, I wasn’t able to get the set list, but will post what I do know.

  • I was made for you
  • Baby
  • I’ve Got Your Number Son
  • Take it Back
  • Change is Hard
  • Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me. (Mel Carter cover)
  • Thieves
  • Turn to White
  • I thought I saw your face today
  • You Really got a hold on me (The Miracles cover)
  • Stars Fell on Alabama (Frank Sinatra cover)
  • Ridin’ in My Car (NRBQ cover)
  • Don’t look back
  • Magic Trick (M. Ward song)
  • Why do you let me stay here
  • In the Sun
  • Never Wanted your Love
  • Together


  • I Could’ve been your girl
  • Sweet Darlin
  • Roll over Beethoven

Second Encore

  • I put a spell on you

Overall they sang for a good two hours, and I was impressed considering I had never seen them live before, they didn’t disappoint. They did have an opening band called “Camera Obscure” they were from Scotland and like She & Him had a lot of instruments on stage as well; they played for roughly 45 minutes, and sounded really good. There was one song that I liked called “Hey Lord”, it was really good, the girl standing next to me, knew it word for word, and yelled at the lead singer who was a girl, saying “you rock Tracey Ann”. I’m thinking her name was Tracey Ann; they were a good little band.

I love the Aragon Ballroom, it was the perfect setting for She & Him, although the stage was slightly higher than normal, it’s always a great venue for any band personally I think, and I love going to it through the summer.

Overall She & Him was a good little show, Zooey’s voice echoed through the Aragon and sounded amazing, they thanked their sound board girl, a girl named Kelly I believe, that was from Chicago, and they had “stole her” as M. Ward said for their tour, she too did an awesome job, keeping them sounding crisp, and clean throughout the whole concert, best overall sounding show I’ve been to in a while

How to Destroy Angels – The Vic Theater – Chicago, IL – 04-23-2013

It has been roughly ten years or more since I seen Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, it was one of the most memorable concert experiences I had. I nearly died in that pit and it felt like I was fighting for my life every second, overall it was one of the worst pits I’ve ever been in, would I do it again, you bet I would.

Trent Reznor hasn’t changed much physically in those ten years, but musically he has. His side project “How to Destroy Angels” with his wife Mariqueen Maandig as the singer, Atticus Rose, and Rob Sheriden along with another guitar player have transformed music in a techno, melodic way. The lights, white curtains, and graphics that I seen ten years ago with Nine Inch Nails, the whole set is a melodic, colorful, transforming set you are mesmerized as you watch it.

How to Destroy Angels had done a pre-sale on there website for tickets to there upcoming tour, I was lucky enough to get one ticket, and it’s a special ticket it has your name printed on it to avoid scalpers, and to only allow you and your party into the venue immediately after handing you the ticket, this is what my ticket looked liked below:


I got to the venue around 2:30pm after driving through the rain almost all the way up to Chicago, once I got there, there was a line of about 30 people going in the opposite direction that my instructions said. Each of the pre-sale tickets got instructions on what to do and where to line up, which was nice, after chatting with those in line, I walked over to the box office and asked, luckily I was the fourth person there for pre-sale, so long story short, I was the first in the door to get my ticket. I like shows that way, I can actually walk to the rail and pick out a spot where I want to be, works for me.

How to Destroy Angels was suppose to have an opening band, but according to reports the opening band “DIIV” got snowed in up north, so they couldn’t make it to Chicago. A “DJ” was filling in, I’m not even sure what the dj’s name was, he played for roughly thirty minutes and “How to Destroy Angels” took the stage promptly at 8:30pm.


As you can see they have these rotating columns of white strings that float in front of them, there is roughly eight or nine sets of strings, it looks extremely cool up close. They rotate in and out and reflect some of the lights that are  are shown, they also reflect patterns of light, it makes for a visually entertaining show. They opened up with “The Wake Up” which is off of there current CD “Welcome to Oblivion” they also played a few selections from there 2010 EP titled “How to Destroy Angels” the set list is listed below.

  1. The wake-up
  2. Keep it together
  3. Parasite
  4. And the sky began to scream
  5. Ice age
  6. The Believers
  7. How long?
  8. Welcome oblivion
  9. BBB
  10. The Space in Between (sonoio remix)
  11. Fur-Lined
  12. The loop closes
  13. A Drowning


  1. One the wing
  2. Strings and attractors
  3. We fade away



Overall it was an amazing set, the lights, music, and Mariqueen has a beautiful voice, she is soft spoken and introduced the guys around her, with Trent then introducing her. It was an epic performance, worthy of standing out in the rain, and waiting for four hours I’m glad I was able to make it and be a part of this sold out show.

The Vic theater in Chicago is located off of Lake Shore drive, at the Belmont exit, you travel down Belmont until you get to Sheffield and turn left, and it’s right there, a public parking garage is across the street. Ten years ago when I was there for the first time there was nothing across the street, so it’s built up a whole lot in that time span. It’s a great venue, great acoustics, old theater type style, really a great venue for bands to play, and I would recommend anyone hit up a show there in the future.

Deftones 10/23/12: Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL

Deftones w/ Scars on Broadway 10/23/12

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

Words/Photos by concertchk

I managed to get a Personal Day off from work so I knew there would be nothing getting in my way as I traveled north to Chicago to catch Deftones. A friend of mine was traveling from Michigan and had stayed the night up in Chicago, so she was already there, just not at the venue yet, I managed to get to Chicago around 11:30am or so, roughly that time, and low and behold there were two folks in line, a nice couple that had gotten there around 10:30 am, Of course friends were made with another couple that came along with Alexis my friend from Michigan and the line was formed.

The Aragon in Chicago is an old theater that has a sky for a ceiling, and a Spanish looking balcony, it’s very ornate inside. It’s a good venue, the acoustics are good, the air flow isn’t, but I’ve seen several shows there, and would recommend anyone going to a general admission show, there is a flight of stairs, but overall, it’s one of my go to venues in Chicago. Love it, and it’s located a block away from the Riveria. So two great venues all on the same street.

Of course there was construction happening at the train station that the Aragon sits next to and we were told to start lining up down the alley. That’s where we sat throughout the day. We did get rained on, got food, but overall having good company and someone to talk to helps you pass the time. The doors weren’t opening until 6:30pm, and we were allowed into the venue around 6:45pm. Got right up in the middle on the rail, they had the rail going in a ‘u’ shaped format, so standing right in that left area of the ‘u’ worked well as all of us who showed up early got great spots.

The opening band was “Scars on Broadway”, which consisted of Daron and John from System of the Down, honestly I have never heard of them, so they were new to me, but overall they didn’t do that bad. There was several folks there just to see them only to leave when they were done. One guy in the pit down by me actually said he had never heard of the Deftones, can you believe that? Scars on Broadway played some really catchy rock songs, and at one point there was this giant penis, that was lifted up out in the crowd, and it said and I quote “I’ll piss on your face while you suck on my cock” Lyrics from one of Scar’s songs, and they played that song, and acknowledged the huge blow up dick. I swear, between the pot and blow up, it was a rather interesting concert.

This makes the third time I’ve seen the Deftones, and roughly the most brutal of all three shows. I’m really surprised I didn’t break a rib that’s how bad the pit was. I even have the battle scars to prove it. The Deftones took the stage around 8:45pm to a massive push on my side. The other side of the pit didn’t move, but the left side did.  I’m really surprised a rib did not break. It was just a rush of people coming at the rail, and that continued pretty much through the whole entire set. Chino looked fabulous, he was flawless in belting out “Diamond Eyes” as their opening number.. The stage was really high at the Aragon, so he was able to actually look out over the entire crowd, everyone was singing along, and as usual the pit had many shifts. After “Diamond Eyes”, they went right into “Rocket Skates”, overall I believe they sang twenty songs, with Chino coming out into the pit during one, I can’t remember which one it is, as soon as he jumped off the stage, the surge of people was intense, he did manage to come on my side, right in front of another friend and her boyfriend. He started to go over to the other side, and then decided to hit up the middle of the pit, which was epic; his shirt did get ripped off almost.

Overall excellent performance by the Deftones, out of all three shows I’ve been to, this one was the best, the worst for pit, but the best for performance. There wasn’t an encore, although Chino did go change his shirt (to a Ghost shirt, click here to read all about how amazing that band is) so that could have been the small break, and they roughly played for an hour and half.

I did walk away bruised and battered, and slightly high in a sense, along with a parking ticket, and making it home, to catch three hours of sleep before being at work at 7. Great concert, typical day in this concert chick’s life.


Diamond Eyes

Rocket Skates

You’Ve Seen The Butcher

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

My Own Summer (Shove It)




Digital Bath

Knife Party



Engine No. 9


Change (In The House of Flies)


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Lollapalooza 08/04/12: Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza 08/04/12: Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza needs no introduction. The once great touring festival now goes down once a year at Grant Park in Chicago. One year I will manage to make it to all three days of the fest but for 2012 free tickets to Saturday is nothing to complain about.

This will be a short review as I didn’t get to do all I wanted to do at Lollapalooza this year, first off I don’t think my friend that I met there wanted to be there. She got nausea from the smells of various plants inhaled into the lungs of our fellow concert goers. I get that it’s a music festival and that is to be expected. However she didn’t get the message. Perhaps next year I’ll either go alone (as I seem to have more fun that way) or ask a friend that has never been and wants to partake in the festivities with me.

I decided to park at Soldier Field this year and leaving at 7am did help the cause I wasn’t caught in traffic nor was it hard to access the parking garage. The bad part about parking at Soldier Field is the over the river and through the woods trek you take to actually get to Grant Park. A few times I thought I might pass out, but I kept on going and managed to get myself to the front gate of Lollapalooza.  Just in case you’re wondering I’m older and muscles aren’t as limber as they use to be.


Going into the festival I knew I had wanted to try to catch Fun. on the Sony Google Play stage, so we headed that way to check it out. Then we roamed around the festival checking out Perry’s stage which was larger in comparison to years past, that seems to be the happening stage of the festival. You can see in this photo that it’s a huge set up, with LED screens on two stand along towers which will showcase any dance performance music to its fullest.

Lollapalooza had something new this year, Boxed Water, yes you read it, boxed water. It came in a little milk carton looking box, and said “Boxed Water is better” yes it is, for the environment indeed. This was handed out for free or purchased for $2 which wasn’t bad. It’s re-usable and a great little water jug for sure.


Moving back to the Sony Google Play stage and sitting in the picnic area while eating some Chow Town grub, a band started playing. Fidlar, I suggest you check them out, they were awesome. They had the crowd going and even got a circle pit started and just had a great vibe. I managed to finish eating and head up near the stage to get some photos. They rocked in my opinion and the lead singer even made his way out into the crowd to join the fun, overall a great little band and great performance, not sure if anyone caught them on the You Tube stream, they were awesome as was the Givers they were next on the Sony Google Play stage and I made my way up front for them, they put on a great little set as well.

After watching the Givers my friend decides she is going home early, so I decide it’s best if I roam around and then head off to the Jane’s Addiction after show at the Aragon. I was trying to find my way out and walking as it was announced over the PA that Lollapalooza was evacuating due to a major storm that was headed our way. By the time I had finally got out and made it to my vehicle, the storm hit Chicago hard. I decided then it was best if I head home. I had to sit and wait for the rain to pass. As everyone was being cautious due to the weather and getting to the Aragon would have been a challenge.

So sadly my Lollapalooza 2012 experience was a bit of downer. Next year I will attend as I’m going to try again to get the three day passes that go on sale early, if not I’ll wait and see who is going to be there and decide that way. This was only my second time at the festival. I went back in 2010 when Lady Gaga was there, and was in the massive crowd that she decided to body surf upon. Overall a good Saturday, I’m burnt, and sore but I all that means is you are living life to the fullest.

Tom Waits Shows Off Mousetraps, Performs on Letterman

Tom Waits Shows Off Mousetraps, Performs on Letterman

If the name Tom Waits isn’t enough to get your panties wet as a fan of music, then I don’t know what will.

He stomped upon the Letterman stage for his interview to a huge ovation, and him and Dave spoke about a number a topics, Waits had props with him. An item that appeared to be a very expensive Rat torturing device, an “antique” I guess, from the 1600’s or something. All this can seen in the video of the interview below.

From the Tom Waits Facebook page, it said that the Musicians playing with Waits would “include his son Casey Waits drums, long time bassist Larry Taylor(he’s got the funky gigantic bass thing going), guitarist David Hidalgo, keyboardist Augie Myers and guitarist Big Bill Morganfield” . Performed a song from his latest album “Bad As Me”.

I got two things from the song besides the feeling of the soulful awesomeness that the man provides was one, I guess he likes things better in Chicago. Two, he had a lyric in there “When the Rainbow Hits the Ground..” that’s gonna resonate with me for a long time. That’s one of those “I wrote this song while I lived in a dumpster” type of lyrics of Waits can write. Anyway, the video of the interview, and the song he performed called “Chicago”. 

Video Courtesy of the Audio Perv



Riot Fest 2012 Set To Hit Chicago September 14-16

Riot Fest 2012 Set To Hit Chicago September 14-16

This actually sounds really cool. It is called the Riot Fest and it is going down September 14-16 in Chicago. While the lineup tends to be rather heavy, one can’t notice such diverse acts as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Elvis Costello.  The event will take place at Humboldt Park and the Congress Theatre. The best part is that tickets start at $18 a day. Below is the full line up (as of 05/14/12) and ticket are available by clicking here.


Riot Fest 2012 Line Up:

Rise Against, Iggy and the Stooges, The Offspring, Elvis Costello, A Day To Remember, Coheed and Cambria, Descendents, Gogol Bordello, Dropkick Murphy’s , NOFX, Alkaline Trio, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Gaslight Anthem, AWOLNATION, Slapstick, The Promise Ring, Chiodos, GWAR, August Burn Reds, Less Than Jake, Built To Spill, Frank Turner, Reverend Horton Heat, Fishbone, No Bunny, A Wilhelm Scream, Screaming Females, Teenage Bottlerocket, Off With Their Heads, Sister Crayon, Deals Gone Bad, White Mystery, Larry and His Flask, The Story So Far, Japanther

 Update #1 – GWAR posted this map on Facebook so we figured we would add it.

The Robert Glasper Experiment & Bilal @ Chicago’s Double Door – March 10, 2012

Last weekend I had the pleasure of finally witnessing The Robert Glasper Experiment do their thing. Although drummer Chris “Daddy” Dave wasn’t on this tour, replacement Mark Colenburg more than held his own. (As I knew he would after I saw him play with The Robert Glasper Trio last month in St. Louis. Don’t miss my audio recording of that here.)

On this chilly Chicago night, special guest Bilal joined the Experiment for 3 tunes: the David Bowie cover, Letter To Hermione, the J Dilla produced Reminisce, and his seminal piece, All Matter. On top of that, the Experiment played for well over 2 hours without a break. One of the highlights for me was Glasper repeatedly teasing Radiohead‘s Everything In Its Right Place during this 6 minute piano solo, which led into All Matter. I ended up shooting 48 minutes of footage using my video camera, external microphone and monopod.

Check out the videos over at Funk It Blog.

The Robert Glasper Experiment:
Robert Glasper: keys
Casey Benjamin: saxophones, keytar, vocoder, keys
Derrick Hodge: bass
Mark Colenburg: drums
+ special guest Bilal: vocals

Full setlist: A Love Supreme (John Coltrane cover), A Tear To A Smile (Roy Ayers cover), Butterfly (Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters cover), Letter To Hermione (David Bowie cover) (with Bilal), Lift Off (inc. drum solos), Bass solo > Say Yes (Floetry cover), Cherish The Day (Sade cover), Reminisce (with Bilal), Piano solo (w/ Everything In It’s Right Place teases) > All Matter (with Bilal), Ah Yeah > Drum solo > Smells Like Teen Spirit

Bison b.c. Hit The Road In Support of Dark Ages

Bison b.c. Hit The Road In Support of Dark Ages

Last fall we caught a band called Bison b.c. open for the mighty Helmet in Redondo Beach, CA. The boys from Bison b.c. plan to spend fall 2011 on the road in North America supporting their phenomenal 2010 release Dark Ages (one of Reverend Justito’s Top 10 records of 2010). In addition to their current dates with Weedeater, Saviours and Fight Amp, the Vancouver natives plan a headline trek across their native land. Dates for the tour are below and make sure to stop by Indiemerchstore.com for all your Bison b.c. goods. A complete list of tour dates are below.

BISON b.c.

Tour w/ Weedeater, Saviours, Fight Amp

09/15   Columbus, OH              Outland Live

09/16   Grand Rapids, MI          The Pyramid Scheme

09/17   Chicago, IL                   Reggies

09/18   Marquette, MI               Upfront and Co.

09/19   Minneapolis, MN           Triple Rock Social Club

09/20   Rock Island, IL              Rock Island Brewing Co.

09/23   Denver, CO                   Larimer Lounge

09/24   Salt Lake City, UT         Burt’s Tiki Lounge

09/26   Seattle, WA                  The Highline

09/27   Vancouver, BC              The Rickshaw Theatre

09/28   Portland, OR                 Branx

09/29   San Francisco, CA         The Independent

10/01   San Diego, CA               Soda Bar

10/02   Los Angeles, CA                        The Key Club

10/03   Tempe, AZ                    TBA

10/04   Albuquerque, NM          The Launchpad

10/06   Austin, TX                    Emo’s

10/07   Houston, TX                 Fitzgerald’s

10/08   New Orleans, LA           Siberia

10/09   Atlanta, GA                   The Earl

10/10   Athens, GA                   New Earth Music Hall

10/11   Tallahassee, FL             The Engine Room

10/12   Tampa, FL                    The Orpheum

10/14   Savannah, GA               The Jinx

End Tour

Canadian Headlining Tour

10/19   Ottawa, ON                  Café De Kcuf

10/20   Kingston, ON                The Mansion

10/21   London, ON                  Call The Office

10/22   Toronto, ON                  Bovine Sex Club w/ C’mon (final show), Burning Love, Miesha and the Spanks

10/24   Thunder Bay, ON          Jack’s

10/26   Winnipeg, MB               The Zoo

10/27   Regina, SK                    The Exchange

10/28   Saskatoon, SK              Amigos

10/29   Edmonton, AB               Starlite Room

10/31   Calgary, AB                   Commonwealth

11/01   Fernie, BC                     The Northern

11/02   Kamloops, BC                Pogue Mahone

Meat Puppets Taking North America ‘Up on the Sun’ This Fall

“After this year brought the release of “Lollipop”; The Meat Puppets 13th studio album, the boys are still in the swing of releasing things, and are set to reissue of their classic 1985 album “Up on the Sun” Today (September 13th). And no need to start calling up your local record stores to see if they have it, The Meat PuppetsOFFICIAL WEBSITE has a whole web store set up where you can pre-order and purchase all of your ‘Up on the Sun’ related gear. Whether you dig the grooves on your vinyl, compactness of your discs, or the speed of your digital downloads-TheMeatPuppets.Com has all of those goodies for you ready to ship out. All sorts of packages including ‘Up on the Sun’ themed posters and tee shirts(Even I don’t have THAT shirt!) are available there for you.. Great gifts for all occasions, send your child back to school wearing a band tee that shows he or she has some taste! And for readers on the east coast who have patient waited reading concert reviews in anticipation: The next leg of the Meat Puppets US touring kicks off this Wednesday September 14th in Louisiana at Chelsea’s. All confirmed Meat Puppets tour dates are listed below highlighted with links where you can find yourself some tickets, most shows are ranging in price from $12-$15/ticket. I’m already confirmed for two of these dates, as I’ll be at the NYC show 11/4 and Teaneck, NJ on 11/6.. There’s a show in Philly I’m trying to swing as well, but not sure if thats doable via public transportation in 24 hours. Either way, get your face melted this Fall with the brothers Meat.

Follow the Meat Puppets on twitter ‘@TheMeatPuppets’ and check out their official website TheMeatPuppets.Com, and ‘Like’ the Meat Puppets on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meatpuppets And tell the boys Jay Porks sent ya!

09/14 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea’s

09/15 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s

09/16 – Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder

09/17 – Tampa, FL @ Crowbar-Ybor City

09/18 – Orlando, FL @ The Social

09/20 – Raleigh, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

09/21 – Charlotte, NC @ Visulite

09/22 – Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle

09/23 – Knoxville, TN @ Barley’s Tap Room

09/24 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl

09/25 – Athens, GA @ The Melting Pot

09/27 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge

09/28 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree

09/29 – Little Rock, AR @ Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack

09/30 – Fort Worth, TX @ Will Rogers Auditorium

10/01 – Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn

10/02 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s

10/28 – Fayetteville ,AR @ George’s Majestic Lounge

10/29 – Memphis,TN @ Hi Tone Cafe

10/30 – St. Louis, MO @ The Old Rock House

11/01 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel

11/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s

11/04 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

11/05 – Boston, MA @ Middle East

11/06 – Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live

11/08 – Akron, OH @ Musica

11/09 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Blind Pig

11/10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme

11/11 – Chicago, IL @ The Double Door

11/12 – St Paul, MN @ The Turf Club

12/31 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse “

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

With their new album The Hunter due to hit shelves at the end of this month, Mastodon have announced dates for a North American Headline tour. In addition to an appearance at the Voodoo Music Experneice in New Orleans on Saturday October 29th the band will be performing in most major markets during the five week run. Coming along for the tour will be Red Fang and Dillinger Escape Plan. You can check out the first single from Mastodon’s new album here. Dates for the trek can be found below.

Mastodon 2011 Tour Dates:
10/25 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
10/27 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
11/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
11/02 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/03 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
11/05 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/06 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/07 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
11/08 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
11/09 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/11 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Rave Ballroom
11/13 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
11/14 – Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
11/16 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/17 – Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
11/19 – New York City, NY @ Terminal 5
11/20 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
11/21 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
11/23 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
11/25 – Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
11/26 – Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
11/27 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/28 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
11/29 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
12/01 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

Anthrax Teams With Testament and Death Angel For US Tour

Anthrax Teams With Testament and Death Angel For US Tour

With a new album entitled Worship Music set to hit shelves on September 13th, Anthrax has announced dates for an American tour. The trek kicks off October 14th in Grand Rapids Michigan and will cover most of the nation over five weeks. While Anthrax will close all shows, the tour will feature co-headliners Testament while Death Angel will cover the opening duties.

The American tour follows a hometown appearance for Anthrax at Yankees Stadium as part of The Big Four with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Pre-sale is underway via AnthraxArmy.com while public on sales begin Friday September 9th.  For more information, make sure you check out Anthrax.com. Complete tour dates are listed below.


2011 Anthrax American Tour Dates


14 Yankees Stadium – New York, NY

14 Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
15 Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL
16 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
18 The Cotillion, Wichita, KS
19 Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
22 Nokia LA Live, Los Angeles, CA
23 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
24 House of Blues, San Diego, CA
26 Sunshine Theatre, Albuquerque, NM
28 South Side Music Hall, Dallas, TX
29 Emo’s East, Austin, TX
30 Warehouse Live, Houston, TX

1 House of Blues, Orlando, FL
2 Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
4 House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
5 Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
6 The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD
8 Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY
10 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
11 Palladium, Worcester, MA
15 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
17 Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
19 Rave, Milwaukee, WI


The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour Dates Announced

The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour Dates Announced

Dates for the fifth annual Summer Slaughter tour have been announced. The month long trek will kick off in West Hollywood, CA on July 22nd before wrapping on August 21st in Dallas, TX. Concert Confessions favorites The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel are set to headline the package tour. Also included in the trek are Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Powerglove.

Dates and venues are listed below. As always keep your eyes on the official site as dates/venues may change.

Summer Slaughter TourDates:

Jul. 22 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues
Jul. 23 – Anaheim, CA – The Grove
Jul. 25 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
Jul. 26 – Seattle, WA – King Cat Theatre
Jul. 28 – Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
Jul. 29 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
Jul. 30 – San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
Jul. 31 – Scottsdale, AZ – The Venue Scottsdale
Aug. 02 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Aug. 04 – Louisville, KY – Expo Five
Aug. 05 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrews
Aug. 06 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
Aug. 07 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
Aug. 08 – Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
Aug. 09 – Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
Aug. 10 – Montreal, QC – Olympia
Aug. 11 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Aug. 12 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
Aug. 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
Aug. 14 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
Aug. 16 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Aug. 17 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution
Aug. 19 – Houston, TX – House Of Blues
Aug. 20 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
Aug. 21 – Dallas, TX – House Of Blues


Rammstein To Tour North America in 2011

Rammstein To Tour North America in 2011

Our prayers have been answered. Various outlets are reporting that with the success of their Madison Square Garden appearance last fall, Rammstein will once again hit North America for a brief tour. The trek will kick off May 5th in beautiful New Jersey before wrapping up a few days before Memorial Day in Las Vegas, NV.

Tickets for the Live Nation tour are scheduled to go on sale next week. The dates for the tour are listed below.

Rammstein 2011 North American Tour Dates:
05/05 – E. Rutherford, NJ @ IZod Center
05/07 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
05/08 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre
05/10 – Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena
05/13 – Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place
05/15 – Seattle, WA @ Tacoma Dome
05/18 – Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena
05/20 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
05/21 – Las Vegas, NV @ Thomas & Mack Center

Suicidal Tendencies Postpone North American Tour

Suicidal Tendencies Postpone North American Tour

According to a post on BlabbermouthSuicidal Tendencies have been forced to cancel the remaining dates on their North American Tour.  The band has released the following statement:

“Sunday night SUICIDAL TENDENCIES played New York City to 2000 old- and new-school Cycos! It’s always great to hit the East Coast and catch up with a lot of our friends, bands and family. Unfortunately, the New York City show will be the last show of this tour. Sadly, one of the band members had a parent pass away suddenly and needed to fly home to be with his family in this difficult time and handle all the funeral arrangements, etc. With heavy hearts, the band decided it would be best to postpone the remaining SUICIDAL TENDENCIES shows and make them up sometime next year. We appreciate your understanding, your thoughts and your prayers. Please give us a few days and we will try and let those who already have tickets how how to get refunds, etc. Again, we are so sorry to have to postpone these shows, but hope that everyone will be able to understand, and we’ll do our best to make the dates up.”

The postponed dates are:

Nov. 17 – Metro – Chicago, IL
Nov. 18 – Cabooze – Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 20 – Summit- Denver, CO
Nov. 21 – Sunshine Theatre – Albuquerque, NM

For a review of the bands recent show in Washington D.C. click here.


Phish 3D – Early 4:20 Screenings Coming To A Town Near You

This past Halloween I was lucky enough to experience the return of my all time favorite band – Phish.  In April 2010, that experience will be shared in glorious 3D at a movie theatre near you.

While the film will hit theatres nationwide on April 30th, select markets will get an early screening on April 20th. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak of all the action.

PHISH 3D – IN THEATERS APRIL 30TH from Phish on Vimeo.

Early 4:20 screening cities will take place in the following cities:
Boston – National Amusements Revere
Burlington, VT – Majestic 10
Chicago – Muvico Rosemont 18 Theatre
Denver – Aurora Movie Tavern 10
Houston – Rave Motion Pictures 18
Los Angeles – The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center
New York – Pavilion Theatre
Raleigh/Durham, NC – Wynnsong 15
Washington, D.C./Fairfax, VA – Fairfax Corner 14

Keep checking concertconfessions.com for updates and a full review of Phish 3D

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