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The Lonely Wild Live From Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14

The Lonely Wild
Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14
by bzntzstl

Before thier show later that evening at The Old Rock House, The Lonely Wild came to Vintage Vinyl in The Delmar Loop for a intimiate performance. I was lucky enough to of caught the instore put on by Royal Teeth earlier that day so I hung around the famous loop and grabbed a bite to eat. It was a bright, very sunny day in St. Louis the perfect weather for getting out of the house for some new music.


After lunch I made it back to Vintage Vinyl about a half hour before the 4 p.m start time. If you ever get time to check out Vintage give yourself extra browsing time as they have a amazing collection no matter your taste. It is truely a gem, you should see it first hand.


The five piece band ran through a fast soundcheck, grabbed some beers and started up. Schlafly Beer was on hand once again to those of us 21 and up. It is always a nice treat to have a ice cold locally brewed beer.


The Lonely Wild are based in California, they are on tour promoting their newest release ” The Sun As It Comes ” on Thirty Tigers records. It is out now and you can buy it on Itunes here: http://bit.ly/1kf6ZhN


The band played for about 20 minutes and reminded everyone to check them out later that night. I thought they had a great performance had not for having plans I would of loved to attend their full live gig that night.


Before leaving most people got their second Schlafly sample (who could resist?) and stay to chat with the ever friendly members of the band. I am very lucky to have caught this show I feel very blessed.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank You The Lonely Wild, and Thank you Schlafly for supporting both music and St. Louis in general.

Till next time’



Royal Teeth Brings Their ” Glow ” to Vintage Vinyl 03.06.2014

Royal Teeth
by bzntzstl

On a beautiful, bright day in the Delmar loop in Saint Louis, MO. Royal Teeth, a five piece band from New Orleans, LA stopped by Vintage Vinyl for a stripped down acoustic performance before their show at the Demo later that evening. They are on the road promoting their latest release ” Glow ” which is on Dangerbird Records and features the single ” Wild “.

It is always a wonderful feeling being at Vintage Vinyl, good times and a great staff that loves music as much as you! As a bonus treat, Schlafly Beer was free to those attending that were 21 and up. Schlafly has been brewing quality beer here in St. Louis since 1991 and they always have supported local music.


The band had been on a 30 plus day tour and was this was the second from last date on the trip. Still they looked, and sounded great as it was the first day out on the road.


They played songs from ” Glow ” as well as a few from their ” Act Naturally e.p “. Mixing in a few new songs and a cover the band played a diverse 30 minute set that lasted well into my second Schlafly.


The most undeniable thing about this group that I loved is they made it look fun. Which translated into everyone else enjoying the music that much more.


Last year they were featured on Last Call with Carson Daly as musical guest. Rumor has it they are booked for another national Tv spot on the 20th of this month on a prime time hit show.


Afterwords the band, the crowd and empolyees of the store all sat around chatting as if old friends. Some of us drank, others did not. Yet, everyone left feeling good and glowing with a smile.


Thank you Royal Teeth, Thank You Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, and Thank You Schlafly Beer.


Be sure to check out ” Glow ” on Itunes.



till next time’


Words/Photos/Videos/ By BzNtz

First time I saw Lights was at the Van’s Warped Tour. I was aimlessly walking around watching various acts when I stopped to watch this girl and her keytar rock the stage. She has been quite successful since the Warped days. The last show she played in St. Louis sold out. She was back in town for a show at The Firebird and to promote her new record ” Siberia “.

When our record store Vintage Vinyl announced they would be hosting a live performance instore with Lights I knew I had to be there. Vintage Vinyl is located in the Delmar Loop in University City, MO. They have a killer vinyl record collection, awesome rare cds, hard to find posters and a wonderful staff.

I had invited my girlfriend and her daughter to come join me. It was a beautiful sunny day in St. Louis and as a bonus the instore was sponsered by Schlafly Beer. Everyone who came could enjoy a ice cold St. Louis brewed beer along with free music. That is a great combo.

The instore was supposed to start at 3:30 but I am sure they hit traffic as they arrived 10 minutes late at 3:42. After a brief soundcheck, the eager and very diverse crowd got what they came to see, LIGHTS!

She came out smiling and thanking everyone for coming out to see her, exchanging smiles, jokes and laughter with the crowd. She understands the crowd interaction very well and we basically helped her pick out the set list. Starting the set with “ Cactus In The Valley “. Which is song number 9 off her newest album ” Siberia ” which was released in 2011 got things rolling.

After a random suggestion for ” Jingle Bells ” and a few for the song ” Saviour “. Lights delighted everyones requested by playing a few lines of ” Jingle Bells ” before playing the first song off her 2009 album ” The Listening “. ” Saviour ” really displayed her fantastic voice and had the crowd very into watching the wonderful performance going on right in front of them.

After telling the story of how the song came to be and her days spent at a coffee shop she played one of her older songs ” Romance Is “. Which had a bit of a slower feeling to it.

The song ” Toes ” was a great moment of the set for me. I felt like she really rocked this acoustic version of the song and as the song says she captured our attention, had us carefully listening and had us on our ” Toes “.

Many people yelled out for ” Peace Sign ” which also is from the newest album ” Siberia “. She was glad to grant their request and it went over great.

As I have mentioned numerous times she has a new record she is promoting and judging by the response she got from the crowd things are going well. She played the title track from ” Siberia ” and it came off great acoustic. I really liked this track.

After the 30 minute perfomance she stuck around as the registers were busying ringing with record sales. While she hung out and signed autographs, taking pictures and chatting up the crowd.

Even siging a router for one lucky fan, she had lots of fun and so did we.

While we were leaving the store we were watching the street performer outside the store. My girlfriend’s daughter dropped her cd on the ground. Before I could Lights walked up and picked it up off ground for her with a huge smile. Just another example of the awesome person she is.

Go see a show, and be sure to pick up ” Siberia ” which is instores right now. You will be very happy you did.

Thank you to : Lights, Vintage Vinyl, Schlafly Beer, and everyone else who came out and made this day special. Thank You.

Till Next Time.


St. Louis Honors Chuck Berry With Statue In Delmar Loop!

Today I woke up, ate a quick bite and headed down to the Historic Delmar Loop. The Delmar Loop is a great street of shops, restaurants, books and record shops. It’s also boast the St. Louis Walk Of Fame and various other gems that makes my city great.

Well today they added another attraction to the already impressive list. They added a statue honoring the great Rock and Roll icon Chuck Berry. Now and forever sitting across the street from Blueberry Hill is Chuck Berry.

I arrived just in time to catch all the festivities. They had Delmar shut down, and a stage and podium set up next to the statue. A band called ” Blues Plus ” was cranking out Chuck Berry songs tune after tune and had the crowd rocking.

The ceremony started with the choir from Galilee Missionary Baptist Church proceeding through the crowd, followed by The Coca and Show Me Sound drumline band.

Through the thick of it all I could see the signature Sailor hat worn by Mr. Chuck Berry in the backround.

As he approaced he was very gracious and kind to all in attendance by shaking hands and smiling. At his side was “The Unofficial Mayor of The Loop ” Joe Edwards. The Chuck Berry statue is one of the many, many things Joe has done for Delmar and our City and I always appreciate all that he has done.

The Mc of the day was Kmox radio’s Charlie Brennan who has that classic radio voice and kept the program moving in the right direction.

First to speak was Mayor Arthur Sharpe Jr. who spoke about the importance of “Do It Now”. Asking the crowd that if they have a chance to make something good happen or do something good to ” Do It Now”

Next to the podium was renowned sculptor Harry Weber who has pieces all over the country. Notably at Busch Stadium, Cooperstown and the St. Louis Riverfront to name just a couple.

He also had a enjoyable speech with a couple of funny jokes mixed in to humor the crowd. At one point thanked his support team who hasn’t let a piece fall yet.

Then it was Joe Edwards turn at the podium and he thanked everyone for their support through the project and gave a really nice speech.

Which left one man to take the podium Chuck Berry himself. He walked up looking very humbled and a bit emotional to be there. He kept it short and thanked everyone for being there, and told us he loved us all.

If the response was any sort of a hint. It was obvious that we love Chuck right back.

After walking back through the crowd of cheering fans, Joe Edwards, Chuck and family disappeared into the Famous Blueberry Hill that Chuck still performs in once a month.

Then I went to work, where on our store radio they were playing none other than Chuck Berry. Thanks for everything Chuck, your statue is a blessing to our city!

Hail Hail, Rock and Rock!

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