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Eye Empire & Kyng 10/18/12: Old National Center – Indianapolis, IN

Free tickets fueled this stop on the Triple Threat Tour. I entered a contest with Live Nation and guess who won? I couldn’t pass up a chance to see two bands that I really love and Seether.

Prior dates had Sick Puppies on the bill, but the past week events resulted in them leaving the tour. Click here to see what Shaun Morgan of Seether posted on Twitter.

Sick Puppies of course said “due to unforeseen circumstances” while the lead singer of Kyng told me last night “they have no balls” I would am lead to believe that the kids didn’t get along well on the playground That being said, last night Eye Empire and Kyng stole the show for me.

Eye Empire (who performed earlier this month in Arizona) is a band that consists of four great guys that are so musically talented they could have bands on the side (oh that’s right they do). Donald Carpenter the lead singer belts out lyrics like no other. I first met Donald a good ten years ago, when he was the lead singer of Submersed. Mark Tremonti along with Alter Bridge introduced them to the world as their opening act and after that they managed to get with other bands that I was into at the time. Following them around was perfect. To be honest I’ve even been on their tour bus years ago where I was invited to listen to some new Submersed music. Donald is a great guy, down to earth and full of heart and just puts it out there every time he performs. The other guys in the band do the same, Ryan Bennett on drums, B.C. Kochmit on guitar, along with Corey Lowery on bass (who I’ve seen many times with his prior band Dark New Day) just bring it to the stage every time I see them. Last night was no exception as they rocked and performed songs from their first album entitled “Eye Empire” which included:

  • I pray
  • The Great Deciever
  • Angels & Demons
  • Feel like I’m Falling
  • Victim of the System
  • Obvious

Overall it was awesome as they got the crowd into it. Afterward, Donald always seems to go through the front row asking everyone to enjoy the show, it’s very personable and shows that he loves the fans. Hugs all around, I am glad I won tickets and had the chance to see them again.


Kyng was next. Before the show I commented on lead singer’s Eddie Veliz Instagram account that I was standing right in front of him, well to the side anyway and was awaiting a night of rock. He walked by right before Eye Empire took the stage and pointed at me and shook my hand Well of course I had to met the man who I say reminds me of Rob Zombie. He claimed he didn’t see it but he does see the Zack Wylde resemblance go figure.


Kyng has a heavy metal guitar riff driver sound as I shared in my review from the last time I saw the Triple Threat Tour. if I had long hair I would be head banging. They of course sounded great and Eddie’s guitar playing let’s just say wow, dudes got skills. They did have a hard time getting the crowd into it, but the crowd in Indianapolis was a tough one. They were expecting Sick Puppies I believe but life goes on, and enjoy the bands that are in front of you trying to get you to move. Kyng played songs off of their album “Trampled Sun” which included:

  •  Pushing and Pulling
  • Trampled Sun
  • Falling Down
  • Takes it Toll

There were a few others, but I just got the CD last night, and can’t remember off the top of my head what other songs they sang, they did sing six or seven overall.

Being that the crowd wasn’t into them, they did mange to get there attention by throwing out stuff, Eddie said “is that how it works we give you free stuff?” I don’t ask for free stuff, if they throw it my way, they throw it my way, if not.. life goes on, but I will say after the show Eddie did walk down and hand me a guitar pick. That was rad, thanks Eddie. Once he did say he would be at the merchandise booth I decided I would not be hanging front row for Seether.

Eddie was super sweet and quite entertaining. I love his sense of humor, it was a treat to get to met him and get a photo. Hopefully they will tour again after they are done opening for Megadeath in the coming months.


Seether had already started while I was meeting Eddie so nothing missed. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Seether, it’s just the Seether from years ago, isn’t the same as it is today. My friend that went with me wanted to hear “Brokin” and we did but after that we decided to leave, as I really only came for the two opening acts.  Seether’s stage set up is dark and not highly visible to the eye, so the photos I got aren’t to shabby, but overall the songs they performed, sounded good in the Old National Center, as Shaun’s voice echoed through the venue.

I love the Old National Center that houses these concerts over in Indianapolis, but I always seem to forget the three flights of stairs we have to walk up to get to the actual venue, they have great acoustics and are always nice and friendly, it’s a great venue and has been home to some great rock shows this year alone. It’s centrally located, and easy access from I-70, love the venue for the Indianapolis area.

Overall for a free concert, it was a good concert, glad I entered, Thank you Live Nation, and glad I got to met the guys that I wanted to met, good night indeed.


Eye Empire “Ignites” Martini Ranch

On Sunday, September 30, 2012, Eye Empire lit up Martini Ranch with an amazing performance, and while the band is no stranger to the road, their “Impact” on the Scottsdale stage was part the band’s first of what we all hope will be many headlining tours.

Grateful for the grassroots fans this independent powerhouse has gained, frontman Donald Carpenter and bassist Corey Lowery showed nothing but love as they interacted with the small but enthusiastic crowd that threatened to share the stage with them. Fist bumps and devil horns came from both directions while BC Kochmit on guitar brought down the house with his impeccable licks and shreds, the likes of which rival the masters from the good old days when we used to listen to the songs for their mid-tune guitar solos. Of course, the one band member who did not engage in the fan interaction was drummer, Ryan Bennett, holding down the fort with his clean, driving beats. He was, however, caught signing sticks and laughing with fans after the show.

AC/DC said, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll.” Ringo Star said, “You gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues cuz you know it don’t come easy”, and no one knows that more than the emerging stars of Eye Empire. Across the country, Carpenter preaches the message loud and clear: It’s about the music – the soul, the passion, the spirit, the energy, and the release. Eye Empire has the balance, the passion, the perseverance, and the drive to make it where others fail. The crowds may not be selling out yet, but Eye Empire knows that good music doesn’t happen over night. As Carpenter said, “The empty rooms and small crowds…this is the beginning. This is where it all starts.” Truer words were never spoken, and someday when they make it to the top, we’re going to say, “Remember when…” just like we do with all the other greats who’ve come before them.
Eye Empire’s debut album “IMPACT” is in stores now, also available on iTunes, and at the band’s website http://www.EyeEmpire.com. Follow @EyeEmpire on Twitter to receive future tour updates. Check out their new “IMPACT” single “I Pray” below:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOBXz1rU79k]


All photos copyright (c) 2012 J.A.M. Vaughan

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