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Blueprint, Mad Dukes, Mathias and The Pirates
The Firebird 11/29/12
Words/Photos/Videos : BzNtz

I must admit, I feel bad for sleeping on Blueprint for as long as I did. With some many choices in music these days, its easy for great artist be over looked. A few years back I saw a show he did with Atmosphere and he stole the show for me. He has so much depth, passion and great lyrics in his music. His beats are alive with his pulse, because he puts heart and soul into his music.

The holidays are fast approaching, which meant I could not afford to ask off work anymore. I decided if fate gave me a night off, I would go to this show. Well it didn’t give me a night off, but I did manage to get off work sooner than expected. So I made a late dash to The Firebird in St. Louis, MO to catch a great hip hop show.

As I was pulling up to the brick building that houses The Firebird. It was easy to hear deep bass vibrating the walls. I was somewhat worried I had show up too late. It was difficult to tell through the thick walls if this was Blueprint on stage, or not. I was a bit late as it was 10:15 when I showed up. Just my luck however, I had made it in perfect time. One of my local favorites Mathias and The Pirates were on stage and I got to catch the last few songs.

They were great to watch and were a good way to start my evening. Mathias has been rapping in St. Louis for a very long time, he was part of the award winning hip hop group The Earthworms. Lately he has been on a lot of shows doing his solo projects which are equally as dope.

Up next from New York was Mad Dukez. He has a new video for a very entertaining song called ” Animal “. Mad Dukez is from Buffalo, NY and represents DTR45 records. He was very bouncy, and hype on stage.

I really enjoyed his set closing song ” Stupid Hard “. I thought his show was dope, and I can’t wait till he comes back to the Midwest. I enjoyed the downtime between sets and caught up with old friends in the crowd.

That brought up the main act of the evening Blueprint and DJ Rare Groove. He took about 5 minutes to hook up effect pedals, and a keyboard and beat machine. Then he told the crowd ” I am gonna work hard to make you guys feel good about coming out on a Thursday night, Thank you “. He would not disappoint the small, but fun crowd in attendance.

Coming out of Columbus, OH and representing Rhymesayers Ent. Blueprint got right to work, he spits his lyrics in a raw, easy to understand tone. His subjects are real, they can be a story, they can just be fun, but he has a unmistakable confindance when he raps that draws people in. For the next hour the stage was Blueprint’s. Early in the set, he played one of my favorites ” The Clouds “. The song is very personal and very unconventional because it has no hook or chorus.

He dropped great track, after great track, spanning all of his albums. Since 2003 Blueprint has released album after album. Also he has appeared on various hip hop projects. Neeless to say Blueprint carries quite the body of work with him when he tours. During some songs Blueprint picked up his keyboard and used it like a guitar. DJ Rare Groove made sure everything was fresh, and added dope cuts throughout the night.

He rocked some of my favorite songs this tour, like the one about selling weed. The song is called ” Neighborhood Weed Man ” he started the song off by talking about how many songs are about smoking weed while hardly any are wrote about selling weed. The song features what sounds like Method Man saying ” Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it ” and it is easily a great baking jam.

He also played the timeless classic ” Big Girls Need Love Too ” which before he started joked that is the number one song in South America. ” I can’t walk the streets of Hondurus because of this song “. It is a great song, filled with great lines. Just listen.

Blueprint got off stage and headed to the merch booth, where he sold T-shirts and copies of his new cd ” The Deleted Scenes ” which is a b-side record of all the cuts that didn’t make the ” Adventures in Counter Culture ” release. What is remarkable about Blueprint is that he has a amazing memory. Right way he remembered me, and he started a conversation about the last show I was at of his. I made sure to buy the new cd, and thanked him from coming back to St. Louis. He thanked me.

That doesn’t happen a lot anymore, he cares about his fans and it shows. This was a great hip hop show, Blueprint brings it everytime. If he stops in your hood, hand over that 10 dollars and go see this show. You wont regret it.

Thanks to : Blueprint, DJ Rare Groove, Mad Dukez, Mathias and The Pirates, The Firebird and everyone who was there.

Till next time.



PROF 03/10/11

Firebird – St. Louis, MO

Words/Photos by BeeZnutZ


PROF? Who? Yeah, I said the same thing when asked had I heard of him. Turns out I was asleep and he has been on the grind for quite a while. Most recently touring with Atmosphere. He also hails from Minneapolis, MN.

I was at home planning a crazy night for myself when the phone rang. It was my buddy Curtis, he asked me if I had heard of Prof? I said, I hadn’t but I would be down to check out a $7 dollar show.

I showed up to The Firebird late, met my friends in the parking lot for some pre-show meditations. Earlier in the day I had looked up “PROF” on youtube and got the entire wrong PROF, it was BIG PROF or something. The video showed some big black guy rapping about typical rap shit.

So going into the show I knew nothing about him. Then the lights go down and my buddy says to me ” this might be him “. Then DJ FUNDO hit the stage getting the crowd hype for Prof. Dj Fundo is a cool guy and did a good job hyping the crowd.

The first thing I noticed about Prof was his basketball grandpa shirt and big Timberwolves beads that bounced around as he jumped around the stage. It didn’t take him long to lose his sweatshirt and get St. Louis bouncing!

and then there was the stache…… Prof has a lot of fun with his raps which is how it should be. He is very entertaining to say the least. ” Put your hands up, all twelve of y’all”. Actaully there was about 40-50 people in the crowd. It wasn’t a bad turnout but wasn’t packed. Prof rocked it like it was a sold out arena though.

Then he sat down for some blues and whiskey. This track was produced by ANT who does Atmosphere’s production. I dug it. I mean who doesn’t love blues and whiskey? I turned to say that to my friend but he was already back at the bar for a refill.

After drinking whiskey until the cows came home, was time to get it cracking again. And Prof really waste no time, his high energy level is contagious and had everyone hype during his set.

After a solid 30 minute plus set, it was time to act as ANIMALS to close the set. ” I WANT EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU AT THE BAR WITH THE RED HAT ON TO SAY………. I’M A ANIMAL!!!”

I’M AN ANIMAL………. He really was fun to see live and that Stophouse Sampler he was giving out is no joke. That cd didn’t leave my car for weeks and everyone who heard it bumping had to have a copy. Prof is blowing up.

After Prof’s set, we stayed watched Steddy P and DJ Mahf who put on a great show(battery died). Before we left we said thanked both Steddy P and Prof for making St. Louis a stop on the tour and my buddy went and hit up some merch. I was flat broke but wish I could of. They both gave us some samplers that are better than most of the CD’s some artist are selling. They are both on the come up and you should keep your eyes and ears peeled for them. You will hear and see them soon enough!

Till next time….

Check out Prof here :


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