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Firefly Music Festival Reveals Massive 2014 Lineup


For the third year in a row, Firefly Music Festival in Delaware is delivering another stellar lineup. Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Outkast lead the big names while Cage the Elephant, Weezer, Childish Gambino, Jack Johnson, Sleigh Bells, Young The Giant, Girl Talk, Chance The Rapper, Local Natives, Portugal. The Man, The Lumineers, Kaiser Chiefs, Grouplove and Pretty Lights round out the list of acts you may have heard of off the top of our heads looking at the list of over 100 acts.

Firefly throws a curve ball  in it’s forth year by adding a fourth-day to it. The new format leaves our Homer Simpson four day weekend taking place June 19th – 22nd at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware. Tickets will be available through the festival’s website.

Below, check out the festival lineup unveiling video, because that seems to be the new way to announce festivals not named Coachella.


Anyone have a couch in Delaware?


Watch: Dave Grohl, John Fogerty and Co. Play “Fortunate Son”

Grohl Forgety

Who’s NOT sick of talking about this “Sound City” Documentary directed by legendary drummer and mediocre front man Dave Grohl? Shit you know we’re not! Look at that on stage. It’s John Fogerty, it’s Pat Smear, it’s Dave Grohl. Is that Taylor Hawkins back there on drums? Oh my god how are you not totally wet to for the video of them jamming out on Credence Clearwater’s classic “Fortunate Son”? If you’re not excited, you’re not human. Check out the video below. Big ups to Hidden Track for tipping us off to this video

Video: Foo Fighters Full Set From Global Citizen Festival & Other Highlights

Foo Fighters Full Set From Global Citizen Festival & Other Highlights

For those who don’t know, Dave Grohl said at Central Park last night that Global Citizen Festival would be the Foo Fighters . Last show for a long time. “”Without making a big deal out of it, we don’t have any shows after this. This is it, man. Honestly I don’t know when we’re gonna do it again…”


said the Foo’s front man before jumping into “Learn To Fly“.  So while fans wait that 8 to 12 months (that’s this writer’s prediction on the duration of this “hiatus”) for the Foo’s to return to a stage near you, check out them out from a stage near me. It was Global Citizen Festival, it was Central Park, and it’s right below courtesy of the Audio Perv, who says don’t complain about the quality

Foo Fighters Full Set Global Citizen Festival

Maybe this brings us some more Them Crooked Vultures? Maybe Dave Grohl rediscovers that his drumming skills actually make some other folks happy, the 1% who aren’t into the Foo Fighters. Who knows. But trust us, we’ll be bringing you the news, whatever ends up happening.

And while we’re on the topic, for the encore of the Global Citizen Festival last night, the stage was shared by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Black Keys, The Foo Fighters and Band Of Horses for a version of “Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World” which was nothing short of epic. Check it out below.


If you’d like to move forward in helping incredible free concerts and stuff happen again like this in the future then you should head over to the Global Citizen Website and learn how you can get involved in what ever they have cooking up in the future. Don’t be a free loader!

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Black Keys, The Foo Fighters and Band Of Horses – “Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World”


Foo Fighters Perform At iPhone 5 Launch

Foo Fighters Perform At iPhone 5 Launch 

If you have a big event going on, whether it be the Democratic National Convention or a launch for a brand new phone that will cost you your house to purchase, you call the Foo Fighters. Below you can check out the video of them performing “Times Like These” at Apple‘s Launch of the iPhone 5 yesterdayCheck it out below


Foo Fighters Play The Democratic National Convention

Foo Fighters Play The Democratic National Convention

Dave Grohl and The Foo Fighters made a small pit-stop earlier today… That stop was the Democratic National Convention.  And here you thought all your favorite online music publications would be reporting about some ‘Video Music Awards’ on a channel that doesn’t play Music Videos anymore. Not us, we’re all political and stuff… or we just like music. Anyway check out the video for the Foo’s doing “My Hero” and “Walk” at the DNC.

Global Festival NYC Features Neil Young, The Black Keys & Foo Fighters For FREE*

Global Festival NYC Features Neil Young, The Black Keys & Foo Fighters 

Not a bad way to wake up this morning. Even if “Free” means “Do Charity Work”

Neil YoungFoo FightersThe Black Keys and  Band of Horses among others are set to perform  New York City’s  Central Park  on the “great lawn” as part of what they are dubbing the Global Festival, on September 29th , benefit concert to help raise money to try and end world poverty.

Rolling Stone is reporting that tickets are at a discounted price of FREE and will given out in a  lottery to individuals who perform “charitable acts”. That’s right folks, there’s volunteer work involved.

This event is put on by the same people who bring us Coachella, and that’s Goldenvoice/AEG.  You can commit to the Global Poverty Project here, and that’s where this writer will assume you can find out these “charitable acts” that must be done in order to see the likes of Neil Young , The Black Keys and Adult Contemporary Rockers Foo Fighters  and others in Central Park on a cool Autumn evening in New York City.

Just be on the look out for police if you think it’s okay to smoke cigarettes outside. Mayor Bloomberg, along with 32oz soda, has deemed it “illegal” to smoke a cigarette in Central Park. Last time I checked, that park was OUTSIDE. But don’t get me started, just enjoy the show.

Rocking Out With Mom – A Tribute To The Women Who Raised Us

Rocking Out With Mom – A Tribute To The Women Who Raised Us


A few months ago we had the bright idea to have some of your favorite confessors share tales of attending concerts with their Mother’s. We hope you enjoy them and encourage you to share your own via the comment section. Happy Mother’s Day to our Mom’s and all the Mom’s out there. Thank you for all that you do.

Alexis (LexC666)
When this “assignment” first got posted I thought, God people actually go to concerts with their parents. Losers. Then bam it hit me. I have gone to a concert with my mother. It wasn’t a planned event and I almost totally forgot about it. It was the early 2000’s and I was staying at my then boyfriends house. My mother called and asked if we wanted to go to see Incubus at Madison Square Garden. My mother’s “friend” had recieved box seat tickets to the show. I figured what the hell its a free concert and it’ll probably be the only time in my life I get into one of those boxes. It turned out to be a great night. The view from the boxes actually sucks but hey we had a bar a few feet outside of the room with real drinks instead of just beer. They didn’t have the screens in the room on but we had a fine view of all the big screens. Otherwise everything onstage would have been tiny dots to me. Though it was a little bit of an awkward psuedo double date with my mother we all had fun together. To top it off Incubus was really great. The singer, Brandon Boyd was excellent and they played a great set. Me and my mother were actually surprised by how many songs we knew. I was never a huge Incubus fan and couldn’t name one of those songs now, except of course for “Pardon Me.” But song after song I kept thinking, hey I know that. All in all it was a great night and guess I can say now I’m one of those losers that goes to concerts with their mommy.

My earliest memory of music comes from when I was in the womb with my Mother. While the story of my memories of her playing piano before I was born shall be saved for another day, there is no doubt in my soul that she is the reason music has become such a major focus in my life. From U2 and Oasis at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum to the Decemberists with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl we have seen some incredible shows together. Yet for Mother’s Day, I would like to share a tale of survival at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

The year was 2000 and we had previously enjoyed Neil Young’s Annual Bridge School Benefit in 1998 and 1999. On this particular Saturday in October the Bay Area was hit with a massive storm. With us having lawn tickets we found a spot on the lawn early on and hunkered down for 12 long hours in the elements. While this may have been nearly 12 years ago, I remember it as if it was yesterday. We made the most of the day, enjoying sets by the likes of Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and many more. Even when the rain stopped and the cold arctic blast descended upon Mt. View my Mom didn’t complain once. She smiled the entire time hypnotized by the music coming from the stage.

I do remember getting into her truck at the end of the night and sitting there for about 20 minutes with the heater going full blast as we dried and defrosted together. So thank you Mom for all you have done and thank you for passing your appreciation of music onto me. I love you – Happy Mother’s Day.

D. Brown (thenaturalstoner)

I have been to many shows with my mother, I am not ashamed to admit. Jimmy Buffett a few times, Ozzfest (although we left after Pantera and Marilyn Manson, I had seen what I had come to Devore for. Skipped Ozzy and old balls Sabbath). A Further Festival in Irvine 1997 with Ratdog, moe. Black Crowes, Arlo Gutherie, etc, A Horde Fest with Primus and Neil Young (also 1997), String Cheese Incident in San Diego in their heyday, etc. But what I remember most about shows with my mom was my first ever concert, ever. The Beach Boys in Temecula, California, sometime around 1985 or 1986. I don’t remember this show as much for the music and Cali blonde girls and beach balls brought to wine country SoCal that had everyone going crazy, but more for the fact that I saw two gay dudes for the first time in public. It was fucking awesome and made all those oldtime backwards thinking white dudes in the crowd freak out. I fucking loved it.

Chad (Phishbeard)

The first concert Phishbeard had the privilege of taking his mother to was Arlo Guthrie playing at The Met in Spokane, WA on 3/23/04. I remember before the show, my mother and I were having a couple drinks at the bar across the street from the venue. After prefunking with my mother, we crossed the street to go to the venue. I saw a really drunk man on the side of the street that we just left. He tried to step up onto the curb and missed. The man fell and hit his head very hard on a large blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox that was bolted to the sidewalk. The drunk knocked himself out and was lying in a busy street, so I had to run back to the man and pick him up and slump him over the mailbox. When he came to, he freaked out and wanted to know what I was doing to him, which led to my explanation. In a hurry to not miss the show, I left the drunk and continued on with my mother to the venue. I remember Arlo having at least one if not two of his children playing in his band. His daughter was drop dead gorgeous and if I remember correctly his son could play a mean guitar. Arlo played all his classics that night, just like I wanted. We were lucky enough to get an Alice’s Restaurant as well, even if was a shortened version. I would have to say that I had a real enjoyable evening hanging out with my mom and would love to take her to another show in the future some time.

Jakob (JakobRoss424)


The only man my mother loves more than Dave Grohl is my dad. Fortunately, she finally got the chance to see the most awesome man alive on May 27, 2011 with his band Foo Fighters. After a much-needed comeback and one of the best albums of the year, Foo Fighters played a triumphant headlining slot at the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge. The smile never left her face, even as the marijuana smoke wafted into the air and the temperature at the gorgeous amphitheater dropped. We had a marvelous time seeing one of the greatest live bands of the new millennium, and I hope I get to see Foo Fighters with my mom again.

Rodger (Gr8fulCougs)

Of the handful of shows I’ve been to with my mother, 2 of them occurred in the city of Missoula, Montana.  The best of those trips was one to see my favorite band of the 90’s, Pearl Jam. The show was in June of 1998, shortly after the release of the album Yield.  At the time my wife (then girlfriend) and I were 17 and my parents were doing the cool parent thing and taking us to the show.  Fellow concert confessions alum The Natural Stoner was also in attendance.  We headed across Idaho with my folks, rolling through LoLo hot springs on the way to Missoula where we hung out with some pals from our hometown .  We set out the next day for Missoula.  The weather was beautiful and I remember waiting in line an eternity to get into the venue on a bright, sunny Montana afternoon.   The concert was at the University of Montana Grizzlies football field and we ended up around the 35 to 40 yard line on the side towards the stage.  The setlist for this show was epic and I got my second favorite PJ song right out of the gate, Corduroy.   The show included lots of tracks from Yield (Pilate, Brain of J, and Given to Fly) as well as some classics from Ten.  We were also treated to some great tunes from the album No Code like Present Tense and Hail Hail.  Eddie Vedder did get pretty pissed off at the crowd as the mosh pit (where our homeboy the Natural Stoner was at…) folks were out of hand and hit him with a water bottle early on.   The show overall was amazing and ended with a 4 song first encore of awesomeness that included Black, Better Man, State of Love and Trust and ended with once.  And finally, for the second encore, my all time favorite Pearl Jam song Yellow Ledbetter was played.  My strongest memory from the show was of the four of us standing mesmerized through the second encore as many folks trying to beat the crowd out streamed up the stairs on either side of us.  The light quality (the sun had set and the sky was still orange but fading) added to the quality of the end of the show.  It was one hell of a fun adventure getting to see Pearl Jam with my mom (and seeing her enjoy it) and I would definitely go to a concert with her again.

Thanks to all of our Mom’s and every Mom out there. We love you :)

Pearl Jam And The Foo Fighters Headline Yet Another Festival

Pearl Jam And The Foo Fighters Headline YET Another Festival

So, in a week where “Bands Jay Porks Hates” is the Lunchtime Jam of the Day theme it’s just fitting that a festival with this line up would be announced.

There are so many things I’d rather be doing right now then reporting on yet another festival headlined by Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters. Cutting myself, putting my mouth on the exhaust of a parked car and voting Republican top the list, but you know what they say you can’t bake bread without yeast right? Well, here’s a yeast infection for you.

Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters will headline the newly revived “Music Midtown” Festival in Atlanta this September 21st and 22nd. Other guests will be “Girl Talk” (Wow, Girl Talk is playing a Festival set?!? I’m so shocked),The Avett Brothers, Florence and the Machine,T.I. Ludacris, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, O’Brother and LP.

All the ticketing details are on at the festivals official website at MusicMidtown.Com

2012 Outside Lands Music Festival Announces Initial Artist Details

2012 Outside Lands Music Festival Announces Initial Artist Details

Last year our man Reverend Justito returned home to San Francisco where he enjoyed all three days of Outside Lands. Knowing this year he would not be able to make it, he was praying for a terrible lineup. Of course his prayers were not answered as Outside Lands is back with one of its best lineups yet. Headliners include beloved Bay Area natives Metallica and Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Also high up on the list are the likes of Foo Fighters, Jack White and Stevie Wonder.

Three Day Passes go on sale Thursday April 19th at 12 noon PST. Prices will go up as each “level” sells out. Click here for all the ticketing details. To read our reviews from Outside Lands 2011, click here, here and here.


2012 Outside Lands Line Up:


Stevie Wonder

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Jack White

Foo Fighters



Sigur Ros


Norah Jones


The Kills

Regina Spektor

Passion Pit

Andrew Bird


Big Boi (maybe he will make it on time this year)

Bloc Party

Explosions In The Sky


Franz Ferdinand



Die Antwoord

Fitz and the Tantrums

Portugal. The Man

Amadou & Mariam

Wolfgang Gartner


Dr. Dog

The Walkman

Washed Out

City and Colour

Two Gallants

Of Monsters and Men


Alabama Shakes

Reggie Watts

Trampled By Turtles

Tame Impala


The Be Good Tanyas


Sharon Van Etten


Sean Hayes

Bomba Estereo

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Big Gigantic

The Oh Sees



Zola Jesus

White Denim

Allen Stone

The M Machine

Michael Kiwanuka


Father John Misty

Electric Guest


Yellow Ostrich


Honey Island Swamp Band

Animal Kingdom

Artist Update 05/16/12:

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchmen


Jukebox The Ghost

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons




Pearl Jam and The Foo Fighters to Headline DeLuna Festival

Are you ready?? As part of DeLuna Festival  DJ JAZZY JEFF is going to unload his man-juice load all over the old ass retirement fucks in Pensacola Beach this September 21st -23rd

Now there wont be any Fresh Prince mind you. But who needs that fucking guy???? The DJ is in the fucking house!

Now who else is there. Jay fucking Porks’ two favorite bands Pearl Jam and the Fucking Foo Fighters.  “Fuck those assholes” Jay Porks said in an interview Monday night. He followed that up by saying “Seriously, fuck those assholes.”

Florence + The Machine, Ben Folds Five, The Wallflowers , Joan Jett and dick loads of other fucks on the bill.  Head over the festivals official website  here, fork over your cash and go get shitfaced


DeLuna Festival Line Up (a/o 05/15/12)

Pearl Jam

Foo Fighters

Florence and the Machine

Silversun Pickups

Ben Folds Five

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Guided By Voices

The Gaslight Anthem

The Wallflowers (Hey! Why aren’t these fucks playing Summerland?!?)

 Superchunk The Joy Formidable

Bad Brains

DJ Jazzy Jeff

The Corin Tucker Band

Band of Skulls

City and Colour

Ivan Neille’s Dumpstaphunk

Anders Osborne



Additional Artists as of 05/15/12

12th Planet

AC Slater

Bob Mould


Jimmy Cliff


Paper Diamond

Redd Kross

Trampled By Turtles


Lineups for the 2012 Reading & Leeds Festival Announced

Lineups for the 2012 Reading & Leeds Festival Announced 

The lineup for the 2012 Reading and Leeds Festivals have been announced and as always they are mighty impressive. Headliners include Kasabian, Foo Fighters and The Cure. Other notable acts include At The Drive-In, Paramore and The Black Keys. As of press time, the website for Leeds Festival has crashed from all the heavy traffic, but you can check out the lineup for the Reading Festival below.

For additional information on Leeds – click here.

For additional information on the Reading Festival – click here.


Jakob’s Top 10 Concerts of the Year

Jakob’s Top 10 Concerts of the Year


I’ve been to a ton of concerts this year, thanks in part to my awesome Dad for putting up with my concert-going needs. Well out of the many I’ve been to this year, here are my top 10. I am not doing top 10 live bands, but the top 10 shows. So here we go.

10. Social Distortion 02/12/11 – Showbox SoDo – Seattle, WA

Although I didn’t write a review of this show (I hadn’t discovered CC yet), this is the show that kicked off my 2011 concert season. Punk legends Social Distortion playing three sold out nights in a row in Seattle is just an outstanding feat. They played a great setlist and they were loud and crazy. Mike Ness and the boys may be kinda old, but they still put out great music and put on great shows (Photo from 10/29/11).

9. Matisyahu 07/28/11 – Oregon Zoo – Portland, OR

Two days before seeing Soundgarden at the Gorge, I was seeing Hassidic reggae/rapper Matisyahu at the Portland Zoo. Matisyahu put on an energetic, albeit short, concert to a mostly Jewish crowd (I think there was a Hebrew school field trip there). There was certainly more weed than I expected, but it was a cool show with great vibes. Oh and being Jewish makes it more of a rite of passage than a concert.

8. Bush 09/15/11 – Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA

I also had the pleasure of not only seeing but also being the youngest person seeing 90s post-grunge superstars Bush. After a decade-long breakup, the British band got back together for a tour that hit theaters and small clubs. Seeing them at the brand new venue The Neptune Theater just made it that much cooler, and Bush put on a brilliant show that rocked very hard. Gavin Rossdale sings better than I’ve ever heard him before.

7. Bumbershoot Music Festival 09/04/11 – Seattle, WA

Bumbershoot is an annual music/arts festival that takes place at the Seattle Center. While 2010’s festival sported big name acts like Weezer, Bob Dylan, Mary J. Blige, Meat Puppets, Hole, and Rise Against, this year’s festival was headlined by Wiz Khalifa, Presidents of the United States of America, Ray LaMontagne, and Hall and Oates. I was almost not gonna go until I won tickets for day 2 of the festival. I was able to see bands like The Kills (kind of), Butthole Surfers, Atari Teenage Riot, NoMeansNo, and internet comedy act The Gregory Brothers.

6. System of a Down 05/13/11 – Key Arena – Seattle, WA

The recently reunited alternative metal band System of a Down did a short west coast tour earlier this year, including Seattle’s own Key Arena. Not only that, but they chose gypsy punk collective Gogol Bordello to open for them, a band I happen to love. Both bands put on amazing shows, with SOAD playing a 29-song set. It was also my very first review. (Read with caution).

5. Echo Movement 07/13/11 – Studio Seven – Seattle, WA

Unfortunately, there are people out there unaware of Echo Movement’s mind-warpingly fantastic music. Lead singer Stephen Fowler and his brother, keyboardist, Dave, are the greatest songwriting duo since Lennon-McCartney. They inspire nothing but good vibes, and they are some of the nicest dudes ever. So take their motto to heart, and “listen to Echo Movement.”

4. Zeds Dead (12/9):

Say what you will about dubstep, I love it. The overall energy and feel of it just makes me want to get up and dance way more than Ke$ha ever will. Skrillex has more talent in his ridiculous glasses than Ke$ha does in her whole body. Well anyway, Toronto-based dubstep duo Zeds Dead (named after the famous Pulp Fiction quote) rocked the house with their rockin’ house music (see what I did there?). After numerous songs mashed into one (nonstop!), they encored with The Pixies‘ Where is My Mind?, and Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So. Long story short, see a dubstep show.

3. Deck the Hall Ball 2011 12/07/11 – Key Arena – Seattle, WA

After days of bugging my dad to get me tickets to this show, I had to settle with the upper seating area of Key Arena. It was ok, though. I had a great view of great bands such as Mumford and Sons, Death Cab for Cutie (blech), Cage the Elephant, Foster the People, Young the Giant, Two Door Cinema Club, and Grouplove. The show was almost overwhelming with its sheer beauty, and it may have been more of a Christmas show (I am Jewish), but it was still wonderful.

2. Sasquatch 2011 Day 1 05/27/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

Unfortunately, I only had the opportunity to see one night of the world-famous Sasquatch Festival. Fortunately, though, I was able to see Foo Fighters, one of the biggest bands in the galaxy. I also got the chance to see newly reunited garage rock duo Death From Above 1979, and new punk lords Against Me! The drive to the Gorge that day may have been difficult, but dancing to “Everlong” with strangers totally made up for it (Click here to read our review of Sasquatch Day 1 from our pals thenaturalstoner and Phishbeard.

1. Soundgarden w/ Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, and Meat Puppets 07/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA

No doubt, this is the best show I’ve been to. Not only did I have the opportunity to see the newly reunited Gods of grunge metal, but I got to see them with alt-rock stoners Queens of the Stone Age, muscular man metal band Mastodon, and classic indie rockers Meat Puppets. PLUS: I got to see them at the beautiful and fantastic Gorge Amphitheater. Soundgarden played through their classics, and I left the Gorge feeling tired and sore. Twas an awesome show.

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10!

Here’s to another great year of concerts. *coughREDHOTCHILIPEPPERS*cough*TOOL*cough*NOELGALLAGHER*cough*BONNAROO*



2011 was a year of many ups and downs and a lot of very unique and diverse shows of which I feel lucky and blessed to partaked in. And hey, nobody died this year. So moving on to number 10.

Number 10: Prof, 08/17/11 The Pageant, Saint Louis, Mo

Prof had impressed me quite a bit the early part of 2011 with a strong performance and a free cd that didn’t suck. A few months later he was back opening for Atmosphere, Evidence, and Blueprint respectively. Prof really put a lot into his short time and stole the show for me.

Number 9: 8ball and MJG, 04/29/11, Memphis In May Festival, Memphis, TN.

What can I say, I have always loved southern rap. Anyone who knows anything about rap knows that 8ball and MJG are LEGENDS! I had never had the chance to see either of them seperate, let alone together. When they were announced at Memphis in May, they by far were the most exciting addition to the lineup for me.

Many rap acts are a let down, I had no clue of what to expect from the southern legends. Well my friends and I were treated to a great set. From ” Coming Out Hard ” to ” You Don’t Want Drama “…

They had a great live set up, great audio and great crowd interaction. Featuring a live band and 3 back up singers. I wasn’t even pissed when they didn’t play my favorite song.

Then 8ball came back out, and said he grew up 10 minutes from the venue in Orange Mound, a infamous neighborhood in Memphis. He told the crowd if he can make it from there, you can make it out of anywhere. Then they played a awesome version of my favorite song ” Paid Dues” A fitting end to a truely classic rap show.

Number 8: DMX, Club Amnesia, 11/23/11, St. Louis, MO

I like a lot of rap and what can I say I go to a lot of shows. Here is another rap show in the Top 10 this year. DMX is one of those artist that seems like a performer first and recording artist second.

It has been trying couple of years for the mutli-platinum rapper. Stints in and out of Jail for multiple violations and various appearences on TMZ leading up to the show.

However when the beat hits and DMX takes the stage, he becomes another person. It is just him, the music and the crowd. Which is why I pay to go see shows. The highlight of the show was the set closing ” Slippin’ “.

Catch DMX given the chance, he will not let you down.

Number 7: Foo Fighters, 09/17/11 Savvis Center, Saint Louis, MO After catching the Foo Fighters back in 08 for the first time. My long 3 year wait to see them again finally came. As they ventured back to St. Louis a day after protesting the protesters in Kansas City, MO.

I had actaully fallen asleep during the show which sucked but, had nothing to do with the show which was great. I had been running around for 48 straight hours and it caught up. I woke up a few songs before the encore. It was sligthly wierd.

After promising a monster encore, and denouncing other arena rockers who put on less than stellar shows. They delivered and kept the hits coming and even threw in a few covers to mix it up.

They rocked the arena for around 2 hours and fifty minutes and left the packed crowd wanting more even after numerous encores.

Number 6: Yelawolf, Van’s Warped Tour , 08/03/11, Maryland Hieghts, MO.

Yelawolf was another artist I had been eager to see for years and finally got the chance to. After gaining underground fame, thanks to several well recieved mixtapes. Yelawolf finally hit it big, signing to Eminem’s label Shady Records in the spring prior to Warped Tour.

Just as his label founder Eminem did in 2000, Yelawolf hit the dusty Warped Tour Trail. I was crazy excited to see of the handful of Warped Dates he was on, St. Louis was one of them.

He had a great set time of 1 p.m and I made sure to have a great spot. He came out to his underground hit ” Trunk Music “. He was so much more pontent and raw live.

During one song a security guard grabbed a kid’s pipe as he was smoking in plain view of him. Well Yelawolf, went to the guard and somehow convinced him to give him the pipe. Much to the crowds excitement Yelawolf threw it back into the crowd, after hitting it!

He closed the set with his song ” Pop The Trunk ” and ended a very pontent 30 minute set before signing autographs for the rest of the day.

Number 5: Reel Big Fish, Rolla, St Patricks Day Festival, 03/12/11, Rolla, MO.

I have seen Reel Big Fish many times and it was something about getting hammered drunk before 4 p.m and watching a great outdoor set from one of your favorite bands, FOR FREE. It was a good time that’s for sure. My long time concert friend Chris and I made the trip. After singing ” Trendy ” all day it was a great fit thats what they opened with.

The crowd was into it, they were into it, everyone had a great time in downtown Rolla for St. Pat’s!

Number 4: Kid Rock, The Midland Theatre, 11/26/11, Kansas City, MO.

Kid Rock had not been on a small venue tour in over 10 years and is not like the demand is not there. The summer tour with Sheryl Crow was a huge success. After deciding to do a small 10 show run of smaller venues for local charities in each market. He selected Kansas City as one of the dates.

I snatched up the limit of 2 floor tickets as soon as they went on sale. Kid Rock despite being sick, put on a great show that revials his past club shows. He really pulled out the stops offering funny commentary, Original takes on many career spanning songs.

(Video Credit : http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 ) Check out for more great videos.

A highlight to me was late in the show, while still on the intro to ” Bawitdaba “. During which he took a painfully long pause in the song before telling people this is the part that hurts. He gave his all and gave back to charity. I was proud to support this tour and was well worth the money to see him in a smaller setting.

Number 3: Tori Amos, The Chicago Theatre, 12/10/10, Chicago, IL

Tori Amos is a unsuspecting favorite of mine ever since watching her set at Bonnaroo 10′. Something has always interested me about Piano and Tori is quite the master. This being my first headlining Tori gig, I was blown away. The command she has and how she can take a song and make it something else, live, right in front of you is simply amazing.

Between the 20+ song set, the string quartet and the lights it was one incredible experience, not to mention I love my seat in the beautiful, historic, downtown Chicago Theatre.

I can’t wait to see her again hopefully soon, also the variety she displayed on this tour really shows a depth of material. Great tour, Great show.

Number 2: Foxy Shazam, Van’s Warped Tour 2011, 07/02/11, BonnerSprings, KS

After seeing Foxy Shazam a variety of times the past two years you can never be sure what to expect. You can always be sure to expect a show. Whether its telling the crowd Jack Nicholson has died, or challenging the audience to kill him for 20 dollars you know something is going to happen.

Shortly after taking the Warped Stage the singer Eric Nally called for the merch guy to bring all the bands money. After recieving the money he took the 20 plus single dollars tore them up and threw them into the front rows of the crowd. Much to the crowds delight.

Video Credit : http://www.youtube.com/user/poisonkill1291

After a few songs, Eric called again to the merch guy saying ” Bring me some more money man, So I can pay these people.” After he recieved another bunch of bills, he began tearing them up and eating them.

And the show was great, I love their Cd and look forward to the early 2012 show they have lined up in my hometown.

Number 1: Coheed and Cambria, The Midland Theatre, 04/08/11, Kansas City, KS.

My friend Chris would always tease me about how awesome Coheed and Cambria’s ambitious ” Neverender ” Tour was. I never thought I would have the chance to experience anything like that. Until Coheed announced it’s spring run of small venues playing their 1st cd ” The Second Stage Turbine Blade ” in its entirety.

They started out with a acoustic set featuring great peformances of many of their hits and various other songs alike.

Followed by SSTB in its entirety, followed by a greatest hits set. No openers or other BS just great performances that Coheed fans have come to expect. After the short setlist on the headlining tour the winter before. It was want was needed to get right back into the band like the first time all over again.

Till next year.


thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2011

thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2011

2011 was undoubtedly my finest concert going year on record (out of 31!).  I saw over 80 bands, did several awesome road trips, brought in visitors from around the country to come to the Gorge Amphitheatre, and almost all my shows were at least ‘decent’.  Obviously some rise to the top, and some fall to the bottom… so here is my list of best concerts of 2011.

10) Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings 05/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I had seen Sharon Jones a couple years ago sing backup to Phish in Indio, California, so I was very excited to finally see one of Sharons own sets with the entire Dap-Kings. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!  Sharon was amazing and I got to meet her after her set over in the meet and greet area (AWESOME idea Sasquatch), which was a super cool experience.  After Chromeo and Sharons sets, the final day on Sasquatchs mainstage was off to a blistering Monday afternoon start!

9) Foo Fighters 05/27/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I love Foo Fighters and this was my first chance to see them live.  Well, let me take that back, I had one prior opportunity and didn’t exactly “make it to the show” that night.  Over 10 years later, I got my second chance and the Foos rocked me just like I wanted.  Headlining Sasquatchs first ever Friday night, the Foo Fighters rocked my face off.

8) Modest Mouse 05/29/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

When I made my festival review immediately after the Sasquatch Festival, I put this Modest Mouse set as number one on my list.  Over time, perspective pushed Chromeo over that for me, however this set was a monster, and something I was desperately looking for that weekend.  Going into Sasquatch I was hoping some band I have heard but never appreciated would turn me into a fan, and Modest Mouse did that FAR more than any other.  I am looking at you Wilco, Death Cab, etc.

7) Soundgarden 07/30/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

A huge 4 band lineup, including the Meat Puppets, Queens of the Stone Age and Mastodon, concluded with Soundgardens tour closer at the Gorge, a “hometown” show finale.  The experience of meeting ConcertConfessions own Jay Porks and having Soundgarden live up to all my expectations made this a huge weekend stop in central Washington!  I even did a Babe Ruth called shot right before Pretty Noose.  Ahhh good times…

6) Eddie Vedder 07/15/11 Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA

If it wasn’t for the following nights epicness, this show would have left a much higher imprint on me.  A fantastic show, in a beautiful venue, and getting the opportunity to tell Krist Novoselic “Thank you”, and get a “You’re welcome” back, made this a once in a lifetime night.  Thanks the Jesus I got into these shows after 5 attempts at various online ticket sales.

5) Chromeo 05/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I think Chromeo’s Tweet following the show says it all: “Moved to tears, Sasquatch.”

4) Ween 07/02/11 – Les Schwab Amphitheater – Bend, OR

A fun road trip to Bend, Oregon with several friends left us with a great Ween weekend.  Poopship Destroyer, Monique the Freak, Slow Down Boy, Waynes Pet Youngin, etc were great, but when Baby Bitch was played, and then Birthday Boy followed, this show got real.  What a moment!  Ween treats us well in the Northwest! Staying at the Rainbow Motel in Bend was the icing on the cake! Here is Poopship Destroyer from ConcertConfessions own Phishbeard.

3) Phish 08/06/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

A show that felt exactly opposite from the night before to me flow wise.  The show got GREAT at the end, instead of a solid start. Reba with whistling, a teaseful Antelope and a super encore with Sanity and a Suzy Greenberg that I needed to hear to get off my stats list (even though I “saw” it at Festival 8). And the pizzadillas!!!!

2) Phish 08/05/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

What a JAM!  Rock and Roll > Fire on the Mountain Jam (I still insist this happened) > Meatstick > Boogie On Reggae Woman was one of the best segues thrown down in years.  If the set didn’t go limp after Boogie On this could have been a number one contender.  This Rock and Roll jam gets to hang out up with the Boise AC/DC Bag and Inglewood Bathtub Gin as favorite Jams of my life. Getting to have Reverend Justito make it up to our neck of the woods for his first ever Gorge shows made this a perfect weekend.  One of the best camping setups we’ve ever had at Phish too. We did this weekend right. Here is a GREAT Roggae, with an unusually long (great!!) jam, that the Rev got on tape:

1) Eddie Vedder 07/16/11 Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA

When I look back at all the concerts I have ever been to, again 31 years worth, two specifically stand out to me as “best evers”. My first Phish show, 7/17/98 at the Gorge, and a random Phish show on a Tuesday night in Boise back in 1999 where the band decided to produce a set as grand as any they have ever played.  The only way I know how to describe this Eddie Vedder show is to say that it is on the same level as those two Phish shows from the late 90s.  This was no doubt one of the best concert experiences of my life, and gave me an exuberant feeling of positivity that I wasn’t sure still existed in this world (it had been 12 years since something hit me like this after all). Everything about this night was perfect, highlighted by an astounding mid-set run of: Needle and the Damage Done > Long Road > Wishlist > Man of the Hour > I Am Mine that rivals anything I have ever seen.


Just missed the cut: Major Lazer, John Prine, Big Boi, Meat Puppets, Hall and Oates, Sleigh Bells.

Biggest Disappointment: The Flaming Lips, The Gorge Sasquatch Festival. Described as a “Soft Bulletin” set (we didn’t even get the whole album), this gig was full of distractions (who sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to a music Festival mid Album set?) and too much wandering banter from Wayne Coyne. For my first Lips show, I was hoping for a LOT more.

Funny moment on video: I had a funny thing happen during Flogging Molly at the Sasquatch Festival.  Near the end of recording video of ‘Don’t Shut Em Down’, some guy taps me on the shoulder and says, “Vomits running down onto your bag!”. I look down and sure as shit the lady about 5 feet behind me had puked and it was streaming down below my feet!  See 3:10 into this vid!


Worst show: The Presidents of the United States of America, Cub Ballroom, Pullman, WA. Just terrible.

You know what else was cool?: Giving Marcus Trufant a “Go Cougs!” at Lil Wayne at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA!

My own downloadable audio recording:

  1. Blue Scholars entire set, 10/29/11 The Belltower in Pullman, WA  http://www.mediafire.com/?pyejjt21tsmyb9r

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light in St Louis – 9/17/2011

Foo Fighters w/ Rise Agaist & Mariachi El Bronx 09/17/11

Scottrade Center – St. Louis, MO

Words by Jenkins/Videos by Beeznutz


“You know, I used to get fucking nervous doing this shit. It used to freak me out that I had to stand in front of all of these people and play guitar, but I don’t get nervous any more at all – AT ALL … And, the way I look at it, when I come out and do a show like this, I look out at all you people and I just feel like, well, you’re Foo Fighters people, you’re the same as I am.”

Sure enough, 12,000 Foo Fighters people gathered at the Scottrade Center on Saturday night for an evening with the Foo Fighters – an evening most of us had been waiting for since May when the tickets went on sale. Supporting the Foo Fighters on this leg of the tour were rockers Rise Against and the practically uncategorizable Mariachi El Bronx.

The show was scheduled to start at 7:00PM, and we were heading in from the parking garage with about ten minutes to spare. As we submitted to the security pat down at the entrance, I noticed a list of things that were forbidden in the arena. Included on this list (along with the usual items like food, recording devices, weapons, and cameras with detachable lenses) was garden gnomes. How is this relevant to this concert experience, you ask? Well, to be honest, I have no idea – but if they felt that garden gnomes are important enough to point out, then so do I.

Mariachi El Bronx took the stage promptly at 7:00 – at 7:01 we were fumbling to our seats in the dark and they were already mid-song. Prior to this concert, I knew pretty close to nothing about Mariachi El Bronx. I knew they were a band, and I knew they had a relatively new album out, but that’s about it. Truth be told, I didn’t even know they were opening this show until mid-afternoon the day of the show. Needless to say, I didn’t really know what I was expecting from them, but what I can tell you for certain is that I was absolutely not expecting an actual mariachi band.

Clocking in at just over 25 minutes, the El Bronx set was short but jam packed with energy and a hell of a lot of fun. In some ways, they almost reminded me of the off-the-wall performances of Gogol Bordello. A highlight of the set for me – and this may be a bizarre thing to pick out as a highlight – was the song/jamming they played while introducing all of the band members. They could have jammed that out for the whole 25 minutes and I would have been content. Sadly, having gone in blind I don’t know the setlist and can’t go into any real detail in terms of what was played, but they sounded good, they put on a terrific show, and the crowd (at least, the crowd that actually bothered to check out the opener versus hanging out by the beer vendors) really seemed to enjoy the set. After 25 minutes of mariachi-rock insanity, Mariachi El Bronx ended their set and left the stage for Rise Against.

Thanks to youtube and the various reviews on Concert Confessions, I had a better idea of what to expect from Rise Against, but I still didn’t know much of their stuff beyond the most commercially viable/radio friendly stuff. Everyone who was hanging out with the beer vendors came in and took their seats for Rise Against – I was really surprised to see how full the arena was this early in the night (and I was equally surprised to see how many people were heading to their cars after the Rise Against set). The crowd really seemed to be into their set, with whole sections of the 12,000 person arena singing and screaming and bouncing along, complete with head banging and devil horns all around (including the 12 year old in front of me there with his dad). The audience was really responding to Rise Against like they were the headlining act and in general seemed to eat up every minute of their set.

There is no denying that Rise Against played their asses off during their set, and the two songs I knew – Help Is On The Way and Prayer for the Refugee – sounded good enough, but from where we were sitting the overall mix sounded way off and as a result I had a hard time enjoying their set. The mix was just too loud for the indoor venue they were in, and it was hard-to-impossible to understand any lyrics or hear any details in the music. It’s one thing to be loud and distorted, but the levels were so high that everything just sounded muddy. That being said, I realize that sometimes opening acts aren’t mixed as well as headliners since they don’t really get to soundcheck and the sound in the venue isn’t necessarily engineered with the opening act in mind. These guys are probably much more enjoyable as a headliner (and maybe when they are playing at an outdoor venue), but overall this just didn’t work for me. There were 11,997 other people there that night who may disagree, but the three of us in my group all agreed that this particular performance was just too loud to be enjoyable.

The Foo Fighters took the stage shortly before nine and played a solid set that clocked in at just shy of three hours. The audio mix was perfect, with the band being damn loud without clipping or sounding muddy at all. Various moving lights and displays were hanging over the stage, and above the stage on the left and right sides were two high definition jumbo view screens that were beautiful and crystal clear (these screens can be seen well in one of the videos below). The view of the screens would have been perfect from any seat in the house, including the last row of the nose bleed section. This is maybe the best lineup the Foo Fighters have had since the inception of the band, with the awesome Pat Smear returning to the band on rhythm guitar and providing an extra layer of sound (often freeing frontman Dave Grohl up for various other fist pumping, head banging, and bouncing around the stage duties).

Interspersed throughout the night was plenty of banter from Dave. He was especially chatty with the crowd, often stopping between songs to tell stories, harass the crowd, or express what felt like an incredible amount of gratitude. Dave leaves you believing that not only does he have the greatest job in the world, but he really feels like he’s stumbled into it totally by accident – he said more than once that “this band was never supposed to exist”. In the acoustic section of the encore, Dave identified a boy in the audience (Dave guessed he was ten years old), and waxed philosophic to him for several minutes about music, rock bands, guitars, and finally ended his speech to the kid with “We’re going to come back here in a couple of years, and when we do, you better have started a fucking band”.

Somewhere between a fourth and a third of the set was made up of songs from the new album Wasting Light, which (thankfully) is excellent. The rest of the set was rounded out with a huge list of radio hits, crowd favorites, and Foo Fighters classics.

(Incidentally, all credit for these videos goes to fellow concert confessor BeeZnutZ, who somehow manages to make great recordings even in lousy poorly lit environments like the Scottrade center.)

There were four songs I really wanted to hear from Wasting Light, and the Foo Fighters opened their set with two of them back to back – Bridge Burning and Rope. Bridge Burning is the standard opener for this tour, and it works well in that slot – a big distorted buildup at the beginning followed by 4 minutes of guitar heavy rock and the occasional Dave Grohl piercing scream. Rope, the first single from the album, already elicits a “fan-favorite” reaction from the crowd and sounds great live considering it’s one of the new songs.

Bridge Burning:



Rope led right into one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs: The Pretender. Ten thousand plus people singing and screaming along to the chorus of this song during a seizure inducing light show was definitely a high point of the night for me, complete with the typical “arena-rock” antics of quieting the music down during the bridge and then blowing it up and rattling the windows.

After standards My Hero and Learning to Fly, the band played White Limo. While this song has what I think is the greatest music video in the world (watch it here), I am hit or miss on the song itself, so I wasn’t really looking forward to hearing it live. Dave’s searing screaming vocals translated much better to the live setting, and this was actually pretty enjoyable.

White Limo segued into another Wasting Light tune: Arlandria. This is hands down my favorite song off of the new album, so I was really glad to see that it’s in rotation, and much like the other new songs, it sounds like they’ve been playing it for years rather than months.

Up next was a run of Foo Fighters oldies Breakout, Cold Day in the Sun, Long Road to Ruin, and Stacked Actors. Long Road to Ruin is great, but the others aren’t especially favorites of mine so I had a little bit of down time here. I was surprised to find myself getting into a great version of Stacked Actors, as I’ve never really cared for this song at all prior to this show.  At one point during the song Dave and Chris played some dueling guitar solos, with each of them often lifting riffs from guitar classics like Jimmy Page’s Heartbreaker solo.

The band squeezed in a standard-but-solid performance of Walk before playing one last round of crowd favorites with Generator and Monkey Wrench. Walk was the last song on my checklist of Wasting Light songs I wanted to hear and much like the others already sounds like an “old” Foo Fighters song. I could have personally done without hearing Generator – it was good enough performance wise, but the song itself is just not for me. Monkey Wrench ended with Dave having the lights in the venue turned off and bringing the volume of the music way down before screaming his way through the entire last verse.  I can’t help but wonder how this guy has managed to keep his voice at all – if I screamed the way that he’s been screaming for the last 15 years, I wouldn’t even be able to whisper, much less sing, howl, and shout.

Another new song, These Days, led up to what was absolutely the surprise of the night for me: I Should Have Known. For me, this ranks somewhere in the middle compared to the other songs on Wasting Light, but their live performance of it was truly exceptional. Passionate, intense, fiery, and LOUD, this was the best song of the night – a perfect blend of heavy rock jamming and emotionally touching songwriting and delivery. After this, the band wrapped up the main set with Skin and Bones, This Is A Call, and All My Life.  A primarily acoustic number, Skin and Bones was a short quiet change of pace from the rest of the setlist, as well as perhaps the only song anywhere in the Foo Fighters catalogue requiring an accordion.  I burned myself out on This Is A Call after listening to it hundreds of times as a teenager, because I just don’t care for it now – I missed most of the song as this was perfect timing for a restroom break for me.

There was no better way to end this set than with All My Life, which was 7 or so minutes of guitar-pounding-light-flashing-kick-ass-rock-and-roll. The red stage lighting at the end of this song was especially awesome.  Incidentally, at this point I was starting to come to the realization that my hearing would likely not function correctly for days following the end of the show.

All My Life:


The band took a nice long encore break to recoup, and the large video screens displayed a feed from a night vision camera that several band members were using backstage to egg on the audience and tease the number of encore songs.  The screens also served as a distraction to keep people from noticing Dave walking to the front of the extended stage to begin the encore set with a solo acoustic performance of Wheels.  This was one of many points in the night where the crowd participation was remarkable – at points during this song (especially the return on the chorus), the crowd sang word for word with Dave, often overpowering his vocals.  Dave continued his acoustic set with solo renditions of Best of You and Times Like These.  Best of You was the only point in the night where it sounded like Dave’s voice might have been ready to give out – but it’s hard to blame him after performing for almost three hours straight.

Encore Break > Wheels:

Best Of You:


The band returned to the stage for a cover of Young Man Blues by Mose Allison – or perhaps more appropriately, a cover of The Who’s cover of Young Man Blues by Mose Allison.  While this was fantastic, I had the feeling that it was sadly lost on most of the crowd.  This jam led straight into Dear Rosemary, which then segued into a cover of Tom Petty’s Breakdown.  Musically, everything was note-for-note perfect on Breakdown (especially the keyboards), which was perhaps the most mellow song of the night.  Even though they were little out of their comfort zone in this genre, the guys were all smiles for this performance.

Dear Rosemary > Breakdown:


Finally, Foo Fighters closed out the night with Everlong.  Quite simply, Everlong was perhaps the most epic-mega-rock-and-roll moment of my concert-going life.



I’ve said before that if I could do it all over and be whatever I want when I grow up, I’d probably be in a band, on a stage, and nights like this remind me why.  These guys have the greatest job in the world.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I have been to a concert where the band members had as much fun as Foo Fighters.  Sure, on the surface these 5 guys walked on stage and played a predetermined setlist full of songs that they’ve rehearsed and played dozens (or hundreds) of times before, but it was more than that, too. They interacted with each other. They interacted with the crowd. They drank beer and goofed off and laughed. They had fun. They love what they do. They aren’t just Foo Fighters band members, they’re Foo Fighters fans – and right now is a great time to be a Foo Fighters fan.


Full Setlist:

Bridge Burning
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn to Fly
White Limo >
Cold Day in the Sun
Long Road to Ruin
Stacked Actors
Monkey Wrench
These Days
I Should Have Known
Skin and Bones

This Is a Call
All My Life
Best of You
Times Like These
Young Man Blues (cover of The Who’s Mose Allison cover)
Dear Rosemary
Breakdown (Tom Petty cover)

25th Annual Bridge School Benefit Announced

25th Annual Bridge School Benefit Announced

Neil Young has announced details of the 25th annual Bridge School Benefit concert and it is nothing short of impressive. The all acoustic shows will once again be held at Shoreline Amphitheatre on October 22nd and 23rd and features an eclectic lineup including Young, Eddie Vedder and Arcade Fire.


Proceeds from the show go directly to the Bridge School, an innovative organization educating children with severe speech and physical impairments located in the Bay Area. Tickets go on sale September 16th via Live Nation.

The 2011 Bridge School Lineup:

Neil Young
Dave Mathews
Arcade Fire
Los Invisibles, featuring Carlos Santana, Cindy Blackman Santana & Guests
Eddie Vedder
Foo Fighters (Sunday only)
Mumford & Sons
Tony Bennett (Sunday only)
Beck (Saturday only)
Diana Krall (Saturday only)
Jenny Lewis

Sasquatch! Festival – Friday 5/27/11 – The Gorge Amphitheatre

Sasquatch! Festival – Friday 5/27/11 – The Gorge Amphitheatre

Review, pictures and video from thenaturalstoner and Phishbeard


Since we have 4 days worth of Sasquatch! content to post, I thought it would be best to put each days items up on ConcertConfessions.com individually.  Friday was the opening night of the Festival, and it was a super rocking good time.  There were less bands on Friday, and we were testing out our camera access limits, so the Friday content isn’t as voluminous as the rest of the days (we have a couple of HOURS of footage from Saturday-Monday!), but the party was just as strong!  I think for these reviews I will talk a little about each band I saw, whether it be for a full set or only one song. Obviously I had to make decisions on whom to watch, so my review could be quite different from someone elses who was at the Fest.

We arrived at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheatre on Friday afternoon to a wind storm of epic proportions.  Over the weekend we lost both of our tents and another shade tent, and we weren’t the only ones.  Eventually everything settled, we met our neighbors (hey Phil!), got a solid buzz on (when I say solid, I mean SOLID), and we went in for the opening festivities.

Bob Mould opened my Sasquatch! Festival and the floor of the Gorge was pretty open, so we went close and got a great spot.  The set was nice, a little more mellow than I was expecting, but good.  I had been looking forward to this set and it went about as I expected, although I wish it was longer.  Bob would also make a guest appearance (one of only two I saw all weekend-weird) later in the night.

After Mould, Phishbeard and I decided to walk up the hill and check out some of the smaller stage acts.  Against Me! was playing on the Bigfoot Stage, the second largest Gorge stage, and we caught a few of their songs.  I don’t know these guys at all, but their songs were good enough for my ears.  Eventually we decided to go to the Gorge lawn and check out the end of The Bronx set.  Again we only caught a couple songs (and we missed their ‘Mariachi el Bronx’ set on the Yeti stage), but they were fun and set the scene for the nights two biggest acts.

Death From Above 1979 was the second to last act on the Main Stage and we decided to go to the floor and get as close as we could for their set.  We got a decent spot, but not as good as our friend and future ConcertConfessions reviewer Mr. Sparkly, and rocked the hell out for a solid hour of tunes.  I have been hearing a lot about DFA1979, so I was looking forward to this one.  It was a lot of fun and my ears may still hurt from their awesome sound.  After an hour, DFA1979’s set was over and the stage was clear for the biggest name of the Festival to rock us home, The Foo Fighters.

The Foo Fighters are one of my favorite acts in the world, and one of the few bands that I love but have not seen live.  I was looking forward to this set the very most all weekend, and the boys brought everything they could for over two hours. Bridge Burning opened the show and went into a loud Rope.  Another new song came and then they opened up the setlist for some of the older stuff.  I think my personal highlight was Hey, Johnny Park! > Monkey Wrench, which was unbelievably perfect, but the show was pumped full of hits.  Times Like These, My Hero, All My Life, Learning to Fly, I’ll Stick Around and more blew the non-existant roof off of the Gorge.  They got my favorite off the new album, Walk, in there, and brought Bob Mould out to sing on Dear Rosemary (a tune he sings on The Foos new ablum).  An Everlong closer was the perfect way to send us back to the campground for an even longer night of drinking and general debauchery.  I thought the Foo set was A+, but little did I know the best of the weekend was yet to come….


Random Notes:

Foo was amazing! Probably a top 3 set of the entire festival for me.

I was a little too drunk this night.  Not terrible, but a little more than I was going for.  This contributed to the lack of video. My apologies.

Anyone who showed up Friday early afternoon to set up camp had to deal with one of the suckiest wind storms in a LONG while.  I can’t believe my tent made it all 4 nights (but eventually lost the battle).

There was a Sasquatch! Festival birthday cake made from the Ace of Cakes guys from TV.  They rolled it out Friday and then again during the Flaming Lips set on Sunday. During the Lips set we all sang Happy Birthday and then Wayne Coyne threw much of the cake into the crowd.

I would guesstimate that the Sasquatch! crowd was easily 50% Canadian.  Could have been more like 66%.  I asked my new friend Phil from Calgary why there were so many Canadians at the show and he said ‘Unless you are in Vancouver, there’s nothing else to do up there”.  The “GO CANUCKS GO” chant got VERY old however.

I wish Bob Mould would have been a bit more rocking.


Friday Video of the Day:


Friday Video list:

Death from Above 1979 – Turn It Out


Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Preview – The Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA

Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Preview

By thenaturalstoner

It’s hard to believe that out of over 100 bands performing at this years Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre, I have only seen two.  I go to a lot of concerts, and like a lot of these bands, so it’s really freaking odd to me that I have only seen the Old 97’s (at an old Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, approx. 10 years ago) and Sharon Jones, although I didn’t see her with the Dap-Kings, only as a backup performer to Phish at their legendary Festival 8.  With that said there are some amazing acts this year, and as always, Sasquatch! is plum full of up and coming bands we will all love in 2-3 years.  This preview will look at my favorite acts I am looking forward to, and why.  There are lots of different reasons that these bands appear on this list, and after the Festival I am sure some of my favorite sets from the event won’t be any of these listed, but these are the top bands I am most looking forward to seeing perform live (ALL for the first time!).


10. Flogging Molly: While “celtic punk rock” isn’t my favorite genre, it certainly jumps up big on the list after a few cold beers.  So Sunday night’s Flogging Molly set on the Main Stage at the Gorge should be epic (so should The Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse to follow on the Main Stage-what a way to start the night!).

9. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings: As mentioned above, I have seen Sharon Jones once before, backing up Phish at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio. This will be a nice treat seeing her with her own band. Sharons throwback funk/soul sound gets me going every time and her voice is amazing.

8. The Decembrists: I will admit, an ex-girlfriend got me into this band. Usually the kiss of death, but I have always kind of liked their sound (their 2011 album The King is Dead is a lot of fun) and these guys will be great at the Gorge.

7. Chromeo: When the initial Sasquatch! lineup was announced, I asked concertconfessions own Rev. Justito to give me some names of bands to check out that I might not be familiar with. I’m pretty sure Chromeo was on his list because they made it onto my iPod, but after a couple listens it really wasn’t for me. However, I decided to give their recent Coachella Festival webcast a chance, and after watching the ENTIRE set, this Prince-meets-Devo funky pop band is something I am really excited about seeing. I can only imagine the dance party that awaits.


6. Modest Mouse: The great Northwests own Modest Mouse, returning to Sasquatch! for a night for the ages.  Sunday nights headliner is a band that I like (not love), but maybe that will change as this will be my first Modest Mouse show.  I have heard their concerts can be hit or miss, especially these days, but I have to think the Sunday night magic of Sasquatch! will leave the Gorge Amphitheatre in awe.

5. Bassnectar: Dubstep, a genre I am a total noob about, is intriguing to me. And Bassnectar is one of the best blowing up right now.  After hearing about the legendary glow stick wars (that supposedly put my band Phish’s to shame) and seeing some YouTube clips, I have a sneaking suspicion that this late night set could be one of the best of the entire Festival.

4. Iron & Wine: Another ex-girlfriend introduction for me, but I thank her greatly for it.  Iron & Wine (traditionally a one man band, but I have heard he sometimes tours with a group) is one of my favorite mellow “rock” acts.  The Main State of the Gorge will be a perfect setting for a Saturday night dusk time set and the new album is super, so the tunes should be great.

3. J. Mascis: The front man for legendary alternative band Dinosaur Jr. will be at Sasquatch! performing a solo set.  J.’s past solo performances are great and his latest all-acoustic album “Several Shades of Why” is fantastic.  This will be a small side stage act not to be missed!  I think I just pee’d my pants a little thinking about it.

2. The Flaming Lips: Not sure how I have not seen this band before, but am SUPER excited for this set.  The Lips will be performing their 1999 epic “The Soft Bulletin” in its entirety, plus other additional songs to follow.  I’ve been told a Flaming Lips show can be life changing, so Sunday May 29th may be my last “normal” day as thenaturalstoner.

1. Foo Fighters: The first band announced for this years Festival is the one I am looking forward to the most.  Nirvana was always my favorite band growing up, and to have the opportunity to see Dave Grohl and Pat Smear play together will rock my mind and soul.  Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic performed on the Foos new album “Wasting Light” (as did Huskur Du’s own Bob Mould, also at the Sasquatch! Fest), so who knows, maybe a Nirvana reunion will rock Central Washington in May.  Regardless, this is one set I have been looking forward to for months on end.  I had the chance to see the Foos only one other time, also at the Gorge with Kool Keith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and some mishaps along the way caused me to miss the show.  That will NOT happen this time.



Just missing the cut: Death Cab for Cutie, Death From Above 1979, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Washington state hip-hop represent!), Bob Mould, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Trailer Park Boys, Reggie Watts, Wilco.

Things I am pissed about:  J. Mascis and Chromeo only scheduled for 45 minutes; The Decemberists, Iron and Wine and Bassnectar only scheduled for an hour; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings scheduling conflict.

So that’s my list.  The best part about Festivals, especially 4 day long ones, is that your list will differ greatly from mine.  I can’t wait to check these bands out (plus 90 others!) and report back on who was amazing and who failed to live up to expectations.  George, Washington, here we come!!!

For those who can’t make it – NPR will be broadcasting live from the festival all weekend long.

Sasquatch! Festival 2011 Full Lineup:

Friday, May 27

Foo Fighters

Death From Above 1979

Against Me!

Biffy Clyro

Rival Schools

The Bronx

Bob Mould

Saturday, May 28

Death Cab For Cutie

Bright Eyes

Iron & Wine



Pink Martini

Wolf Parade

Local Natives

Matt & Kim

Trailer Park Boys

Sleigh Bells

The Thermals

Jenny & Johnny

The Head & The Heart


The Radio Dept.

The Antlers

Sharon Van Etten

Aloe Blacc

The Secret Sisters

Wye Oak

J. Mascis

Tig Notaro

Alberta Cross

Seattle Rock Orchestra

Washed Out

Dan Mangan

The Globes

Rebecca Gates & The Consortium

Pepper Rabbit

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Matt McCarthy

The Glitch Mob

Sunday, May 29

Modest Mouse

The Flaming Lips

Flogging Molly

Cold War Kids




Beach House

Flying Lotus

Tokyo Police Club

Fitz & The Tantrums

Archers of Loaf

City and Colour

Reggie Watts


Tim Minchin

The Drums

Sam Roberts Band


The Moondoggies

Smith Westerns

Das Racist

Wheedle’s Groove

S. Carey


Gold Panda

Cotton Jones

Mad Rad

Basia Bulat

Other Lives


DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Hari Kondabolu

Monday, May 30


The Decemberists

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Old 97’s


Guided By Voices

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings


Major Lazer


The Scott Aukerman & Paul F. Tompkins Show


Best Coast

Surfer Blood

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Bonobo (DJ Set)

Young the Giant


Black Mountain

Noah & The Whale



Twin Shadow

Foster the People

White Denim

Axis of Awesome


White Arrows

Head Like A Kite

The Young Evils

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid

Sasquatch Festival 2011 Set To Rock George, WA

Sasquatch Festival 2011 Set To Rock George, WA

As we reported late last year, the Sasquatch Music Festival is set to return to the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. As we already reported, Foo Fighters will be headlining one of the four nights. Also on the bill are Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, The Flaming Lips and a lot more. Four day passes are on sale now and single day tickets will go on sale on Feb 14th.. For all the details on this festival (which we hope to have our very own Thenaturalstoner attend) please click here.

Foo Fighters Set To Rock Sasquatch Festival in 2011

Foo Fighters Set To Rock Sasquatch Festival in 2011
News posted by: thenaturalstoner

It’s never too early to get excited for the best festival in the West.  Held every Memorial Day (in May, for the holiday challenged) Weekend it’s the Gorge Amphitheatres own Sasquatch Festival.

The festivals official site has announced intial plans for this years run, and the early news sounds excellent:

1. A 4th night (Friday) has been added to the Festival!!

2. Early headliner announcement: The Foo Fighters!  The Footies will be headlining the new Friday night freak out…. Concertconfessions is very excited about this early news.



Check back to http://www.sasquatchfestival.com/ or http://www.concertconfessions.com or more Sasquatch news as it comes.  TONS of bands will be added, and this Fest will be one not to miss!

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