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The Jay Porks Final Four: Top Experiences of 2010

The Jay Porks Top Four Shows of 2010

Words/Photos by Jay Porks of the Jay Porks Experience

I swear I’ll eventually learn how to cut down on the length of posts.. Just not quite yet. That said, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to determine shows would make the cut in my Top 5 of 2010. I mean, what does one exactly judge specifically when it comes to this type of list. The criteria is vague to say the least-what factors go into determining the awesomeness of a show? Well, here at Concert Confessions (and of course the Jay Porks Experience), we pride ourselves in delivering “different” kind of concert reviews to say the least. We tend to not follow the rules of conventional journalism-hell I personally don’t even follow basic rules of grammar at times. So it was decided that why start following any sort of rules when it comes to this, even if that means turning the top 5 into a ‘Final Four’.

#4- MMR(93.3FM) BBQ featuring Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains w/ Three Days Grace, Fuel, Skillet, Dive, Automatic Fire at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ 05/23/10.

Anytime there is boobs being flashed in the parking lot you know you’re in store for a memorable day. And this is exactly what it was-the whole day. Pam and I didn’t pull into the parking lot until like 2PM and it was already a party out there. Hot chicks toss a beach ball around, us downing beers without being hassled by event staff to take it inside. Some girl flashed her boobs upon request. It got me thinking we should move the stage out here and just have the show in the parking lot-this is the place to be. After eventually making our way inside, by the time we we’re at the food court area I heard Fuel playing “Shimmer”. Damn, I really like that song.
Anyway, we had extra tickets to this show-I had 2 lawn tickets and Pam put a successful bid on some tickets for the pit So we first enjoyed the friendly confines of the lawn for the end of Fuel’s set and for Three Days Grace. We decided to start on the lawn and move down to the pit for Alice in Chains and STP. It was good to catch a second wind after getting bombed mid-afternoon in the parking lot At about 6:55PM Three Days Grace headed off stage and we began to bid our farewells to the posse of friendly fellow concert goers as we headed towards the pit for the headliners. A dude shook my hand and told me “Good luck” before we left.
Got down to the pit section and were literally feet away from the stage to witness Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots play memorable sets. If only the camera I was using at the time was more “sound friendly”, as I got some awesome videos if you’re able to tune the sound to the right volume. This was the point where I decided that I was going to be at BlackDiamondSkye when the tour rolled through NYC later in the year. Stone Temple Pilots did little to disappoint as they ran through most of my favorites and the peak of the evening was when Jerry Cantrell came out to join the band for “Sex Type Thing”. Dean Deleo and Jerry facing each other trading riffs on one of my favorite songs; safe to say it was all worth the 2 hour drive into Camden, NJ.

#3-Local H Gramercy Theater 5/18/10

Was totally pumped to see another one of my favorite bands in Local H. Tickets were $15 and it was at one of NYC’s more intimate venues, the 600 person capacity Gramercy Theater. They labeled the tour the “6 Angry records” tour-they put all 6 of their albums names in hat and randomly picked out the one they’d play in it’s entirety that night. About a week before the show, news broke that the Stone Temple Pilots was looking to play a record showcase type gig in a venue smaller than their usual. Then I was nothing short of baffled when it was announced that STP would play Gramercy Theater the same night this Local H show was scheduled. I was worried my Local H show might have been compromised, but in the end both shows went on that night. STP was billed as a “Midnight Showcase” with separate admission of course. The bummer there was that Local H would only be able to play until 9:30 in order to clear out the place. So safe to say I showed up that night with low expectations, especially when the sign in front said “TONIGHT: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!”
First thing Lucas says to the crowd is “You know, it kinda feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots-but we’re not” before allowing a fan to reach into the hat and pick the night’s album. Turned out to be “Ham Fisted”, the bands first record-the record I was least familiar with of all their albums. To my surprise (through virtue of having the bands discography on my iPod) I happen to be familiar with most of those songs. After I got video of them doing “Feed” I knew I was in the best seat in the house-working with a two man band from this angle it’s very easy to keep the whole band in the frame without moving back and forth much. When they got into some other material later on after Ham Fisted I started to film almost every song. I impressed myself with the way I had the camera work in tune with the song, like: focused on the drums right before they break in, zooming in on the solos etc. The night ended when they played “Bound for the Floor” -in which mid way through they flipped it into “Rainbow in the Dark”(Ronnie James Dio had passed earlier that week) and then morphed back for the end of Bound for the Floor. Last song of the evening was an intense version of T.V. On the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”-it was nuts! During the song Scott climbed off stage to lean his guitar into the crowd while taking a swig of the drink of a lucky fan. I was like 2 feet away, filming.

We could credit the great spot, the Scott Lucas autograph, the Wolf Like Me cover to end it-we could credit all that. Or we could just say that the band delivered big time in a tough spot-I mean, with my aforementioned low expectations and all I would have never thought to have taken away all I took from that show. Floored.

#2-Ween 9/17/2010 Central Park

After reading a review at ConcertConfessions.Com of a Ween show earlier this year-when I noticed they were going to play a show at Central Park it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I’ll be the first to admit, I only knew a handful of their songs but I found myself curious of what the big hub bub was about-when you know what they say “Curiosity almost killed the cat by melting his face off”.

I was at Central Park the night before to see the band Cake-they came on at 8 last night. On line for beer I notice smoke beginning to fill the stage with smoke, as Ween is about to kick off at 7:30 as I dashed back to my spot which was pretty good despite a few taller people in front of me(I still think we should do size order at shows, like back in school). From “Buckingham Green” I was locked in-the Deaner is godly over there with the six string. The awesome light show they had going lights bouncing off smoke in rhythm with each song was epic stuff. Covering David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”- playing every song I had attempted to verse myself on in the week prior to the show they played. “Spinal Meningitis”, “Voodoo Lady”-even “Mr. Richard Smoker” as Gene Ween puffed cigarettes for most of the duration of the night. When they ducked off at 9:48 as we stood waiting for an encore I took a look around and saw a park with double the people in it compared to the night previous all standing with wide eyed, blank stares.. some clapping some screaming, hugging, high fiving-I get it now, and I’m so glad I was able to have the privilege to comprehend. Especially since they came back out to play “Dr. Rock”, with the lights at their peak of craziness in edition to people all around me just screaming top volume-to say it was a moment of ecstasy for everyone would be an understatement.

On the way out there was a group of dudes selling “Whip Its” (Balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide that you inhale it gives you a minute or two of a a light dizziness/light headed feeling). Anyway they were 3 for 20 bucks so I got a few and sat on a rock by the entrance of the park, with my peers from the Ween concert, all of us blown away sucking air from balloons getting momentarily intoxicated. Jay Porks was baptized into the Ween faith on that night, it was unbelievable.

#1 –The Flaming Lips 4th of July FREAK OUT 2010-House of Blues Atlantic City

When The Flaming Lips were coming to New York City to play a show at a venue called Terminal 5, of course you know I was more than interested. Surfing Ticketmaster, I noticed that they were playing a 4th of July show in Atlantic City, NJ(of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ fame), in which the House of Blues AC tickets were cheaper than the Terminal 5 tickets . So I figured why not make it a night in Atlantic City, book a room see the show write the review come back next day. It’s like a 2 hour trip riding via Greyhound bus for $20. So that’s what I did, stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino. Posted a little “Pre-Show” video and everything. Had a new camera in hand-set to be a great night.

When I got inside the House of Blues it was amazing, it had the whole vintage look going on, and the balcony was stadium seating and I was top row aisle seat-my view is epic! I’ve got an event staffer right in front of me and he watched me bootleg all those songs, didn’t say a word.

The night played out and so many weird freaky things were happening on stage from the start when Wayne came out in the bubble all the way through the stream shooters, pounds of confetti, thousands and thousands of balloons, a dude in a guerilla’s outfit ran out and Wayne stood on his shoulders. With Star Death and the White Dwarfs cheering on the side of the stage joined by a giant cat fish mascot type dude and Wayne bringing out the gigantic hands reflecting beams of light with each finger tip onto two disco balls hanging from the ceiling. I mean seriously, read the review-check the videos, this night was freaking crazy and that’s not even including being the Mr. 1990’s that I am watching these guys do “She Don’t Use Jelly” would’ve sent me home happy-but a few songs later I was way above the level of “happy”. I went from excited, to amazing, to shocked, to totally freaked out by the end of the night. I was seeing balloons and confetti in my dreams for weeks following the show-it’s without question the best 4th of July I have ever participated in.

STP & Alice In Chains w/ Three Days Grace, Fuel and more 05/23/10 in Camden, NJ

What a day leading into an insane night… on Sunday, in the 28th edition of The Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, we debuted the third annual Summer Concert Series section of the little thing we have going on here. Out to the Susquehanna Bank Center for the MMR(93.3FM) BBQ in Camden, NJ for Stone Temple Pilots & Alice In Chains with Three Days Grace, Fuel, Skillet, Dive and Automatic Fire.. Doors open at 12 and the first band (Automatic Fire) set to hit the stage at 1:30PM… I had a few questions coming into this show. For one thing, 1:30PM? So then how late exactly will this run, will we be exiting at 8:30 or something? Another thing, this is the first time the Jay Porks Experience has made its way to this venue, the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ.. We had no idea what to expect besides being told that it was “just like PNC”, referring to the PNC Bank Arts Center in Homdel, NJ.. So lets check it out shall we?


About an hour and a half ride from my house in Staten Island, we rolled into the parking lot before 2PM, and the scene is one for the ages. For all the non-New Yorkers out there reading this a quick back story.. frequenting shows in New York City-We wait on lines to be squeeze into 800 person capacity venues-going from freezing on a city street to sweating in an oversold rock venue within seconds only to spend money on $7 beers and $13 shots for anyone to get their “buzz” on before their favorite band hits the stage.. Even at PNC in Homdel, NJ-due to an altercation that occurred during a 2007 Ozzfest show-you cannot tailgate in the parking lot. That means NO pregaming what so ever. So believe it that when Pam and I rolled into this parking lot and saw, what was basically one big party, we were pumped as ever.. reached into the cooler and cracked open some beers-at Supermarket discount prices…

Everyone is just having a great time.. there are some older people a few spots to the left of us, and a ‘Smart Car’ on our right.. So we’re just hanging there, figuring we’re going to head in when everyone else starts heading in (or at least until we each get through a six pack).. the row in adjacent to ours we’re looking at has a few chicks dancing on the back of a pick up truck with others tossing a beach ball around and all the way to the right of us is a few other girls standing on top of vans-everyone screaming in joy with music blasting from their cars.. a few guys in the older group to the left of us started screaming to this moderately attractive girl with a hat on-sort of like a top hat.. they start screaming “SHOW US YOUR TITS!!”.. Finally I’m next to some people that I can hang with.. So when I reached into the car for another beer, a roar from the surrounding crowd begins-she flashed everyone, and I MISSED IT! Damn. A dude from the older group to our left went over and handed her a beer, she was resistant to take it since she was drinking what appeared to be that Mikes hard Lemonade stuff-the thing we all drank before we choose the crappy taste of normal beer over days of acid indigestion.. Continuing on, one of the women in the older group to our left is being asked to “show us your tits” by the girl who just flashed everyone and her surrounding group.. that’s when this women, who honestly was not an eye sore at all, answers them by screaming “You don’t want to see them trust me-I’ve been through child birth!”.. a few minutes later, she’s next to the younger chick who flashed everyone( but me) before with a couple of surrounding dudes and chicks looking on and I said “Wait a second!” and ran over there to get in good view and said “I can’t miss this”.. the two girls standing next to each other- the top hatted party girl and the early 40’s looking woman who claimed we didn’t “want to see these” with hands at the bottom of their shirts ready to go with about 10 of us looking on from the close up.. and then they whipped em’ out.. Great stuff… and the woman who said we didn’t want to see them-lets just say we enjoyed her’s more than the top hat party girl chick.. a few minutes after this it was already past 4 o clock believe it or not and we headed inside after the groups around us had already done so..

The parking stub said things like “Cameras”, “Illegal Drugs” and “Sharp objects” are prohibited.. yet somehow after I was patted down and forced to open my cigarette pack to show insider contents, somehow I’m walking into the venue with all of the above… Pam and I grabbed a couple of those frozen alcoholic flavored beverages in a yard glass for $11.. looking over at the tee shirt prices of $35 and $45 listed, I didn’t even get myself on that line-I can’t exactly take out a loan for a tee shirt.. we sat in the concessions area with everyone else who was standing around people trying to hit the target on one of those dunk tanks-a few moderately attractive girls were taking turns on the hot seat… as this is going on, Pam says “I guess we missed Shimmer”, referring to Fuel being on stage at the moment.. they played from 4:20 to about a quarter after 5pm…. we then decided to head to the lawn section of the venue, which surrounds the area behind the 7000 seat weather-proof section with a ‘Pit’ section in front of that, which standing room and closest to the stage…

I bought two lawn tickets and Pam had two ‘Pit’ tickets, and since it was just the two of us we were going to take full advantage of both sections of this venue.. we went to the lawn first to sit on the grass for a little bit while Three Days Grace was on-this is in the 6 o clock hour.. all I kept saying was “Come on play those two or three good songs you guys have”.. I heard them playing “I hate everything about you” and I was like “Yea! That’s what I’m talking about!”.. then as we started into some recreational use of Marijuana, I turned to the various people around me and asked who wanted to engage-about six people did, and we were all chatting it up sitting on the grass not being annoyed by event staff or anything enjoying a show.. it was cool for that moment.. then we realized in a little while, this crazy day would turn into an even crazier night.. the plan is to move down to the “Pit” after Three Days Grace finishes their set at about 6:55 PM, and that’s when we set the plan and motion-and headed towards the ‘Pit’ for the main events of the affair…

At about 7:25pm, Alice In Chains hit the stage an emphatically put their stamp on the evenings proceedings about two songs in-kicking it off with “Them Bones” and “Dam That River”-Alice In Chains probably the heaviest band I’ve ever seen live-we were deafened immediately.. They were doing it-like they never skipped a beat… William DuVall isn’t imitating Layne Staley-that’s just the way he actually sings, which is what makes it so eerie…And he and Jerry can trade leads when he’s playing guitar on songs… Now Jerry Cantrell-there is a guitar player. It’s a shame that he spent years inactive on the shelf without a band-his playing is on such a level that it’s a travesty it was absent from society all these years… I mean when they start playing “Angry Chair” then lead that into “Man In The Box” you don’t hear the message board junkies screaming “it’s not the same without Layne!”.. all you have is all of us, some younger and some older than others-you have this crowd rocking to one of the greatest bands of our lifetimes.. I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but: Layne who? Come on-‘Black Gives Way to Blue’ was a great record (#3 on the Jay Porks top 10 of 2009).. the two hit singles off the record they played mid-set: “Your Decision” and “Check My Brain” were amazing live with DuVall strumming the opening chords on an acoustic then sticking with the electric the rest of the song.. it was brilliant all around.. Alice In Chains(This was known to me already but was announced by the band during the set) is embarking on the biggest tour they’ve ever been on..with Layne, they hardly were able to tour due to his(and probably other band members at times) drug issues.. now, on the “BlackDiamondSkye” tour, with the Deftones and Mastodon, they are set to headline Madison Square Garden on September 24th of this year-that’s going to by far be the biggest Alice In Chains show in history-they are back. This is NOT a reunion tour.. when they played “We Die Young”-there was nobody there including ourselves who thought this was anything but slightly beneath heaven what was being experienced… the epic set continued with hard hitting song after hard hitting song til about 8:40PM when they played a kick ass version of “Rooster” and exited into the night-freakin epic…. consider us and everyone else around completely blown away… WOW… gotta get BlackDiamondSkye tickets…..

      After we grabbed drinks and pit stops at the bathrooms, we headed back towards the ‘Pit’ area and I saw written on a piece of paper that STP hits the stage at 9:15.. much to my surprise, they came out around 9:20, which isn’t so bad if we’re going by Scott Wieland time. They kicked it off with “Vasoline”, with the screen behind them getting lit up with weird visuals in tune with the light show and song.. Alice In Chains had some slight stuff going on this screen but STP had a whole schpeel going.. it was cool I guess.. and here’s the thing that STP does best of bands I see live-they play all those songs you want to hear.. they have a new record coming out-they played like 4 songs off it tops, and they kicked it til about 10:45.. kick ass versions of “Sour Girl”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Big Empty”.. Dean Deleo kicking ass over there and for some reason reminding me of Joe Perry-maybe the hair style.. then we got Robbie Deleo on Bass and he’s got the ‘Joe Cool’ look going-big sunglasses-leaning over conveniently towards people holding up cameras.. I got them doing “Between the Lines”, which if you listen to the bridge part of the song it’s an exact copy of the bridge part of Nirvana’s “Stay Away”-but that’s what STP is known for.. doing what others do best.. Scott looked like he’s clean I guess-one can never quite tell.. he had the megaphone going in full effect all night.. “Crackerman”, “Creep”, “Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” all serious crowd pleasers.. they played “Tumble in the Rough”-thats a song I happen to like but Scott said they hardly do it live, and the two previous times I’ve seen them they didn’t play it.. but STP was upstaged in the highlight of their set, when they invited Jerry Cantrell out on stage to play “Sex Type Thing” with them.. That was beyond epic.. imagine “Sex Type Thing” with that Alice In Chains sounding riff that Jerry provides.. I have it on video of course…Jerry and Dean facing each other and playing viciously-then trading solos.. this is the definition of tearing the house down… After that Jerry left stage but no one forgot-they played “Dead and Bloated” before ending the night at 10:45 after the aforementioned ‘trippin on a hole’… great set… amazing night… I can’t believe Jerry Cantrell totally blew them off stage by himself.. brilliance….

Seriously-what more can be said? Just go to the Jay Porks Experience YouTube Channel-link is in the side bar somewhere over there and take a look at all the videos I got from the show… Until then check back here for late editions to the concert calender and chances to get free tickets to shows-LATE…

As for the folks reading at ConcertConfessions.com, there is obviously no sidebar with all my personal links there.. so head over to http://www.youtube.com/user/jayporks for all the videos….


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