Papa Roach delivered the goods on this anniversary show,  the second of two

(california being the first show).  It was also guitarist JERRY HORTON’ s birthday,

though  the fans got all the presents in the form of 15 delectable papa songs.

the show started with Days of War/Change or Die from their forthcomming

METAMORPHOSIS and after that an-onslaght of classic,

great papa songs made their way. Getting away, …To be loved, Broken Home

and many more.  I was happy that they played Time is running out and

that Scars, a great song to begin with is getting better with every performance

by the band.

Papa Roach’s energy was amazing for this was a headlined show

amist their current role as oppeners for buckcherry and later nickelback.

Jacoby did his routine of going to the fans as close as possible. he went all

the way to the back rows of seats at The Blender at The Gramercy, sorry for the

actual venue name. some got a bit of Jacoby that night and everybody else

got a lot from the band.

i have seen Papa Roach twice before and have located myself in front of

jerry’ side of the stage that for this show i made a beeline to tobin’ side.

 i was  listening to tobin’s bass work all night. it was a pure joy.

no videos from this show but lot’s of great pics. enjoy.