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Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D – Filter, Helmet, Local H – Newport, Kentucky – 8/13/2014


If a show is within driving distance from my home, it’s more then likely I’m going to make the trip. I usually map quest it to see how far it is, and then decide from there. So, four hours for a band I love is no problem whatsoever. Newport Kentucky is just over the river (literally) and through the woods to the Thompson House I went.

The Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D was hitting up Newport Kentucky and I made the journey, of course I needed to replenish the cookie supply, so Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans, made the trip as well. I got there after noon, to find that the Thompson House is exactly what it says it is, a house a huge house at that. Managed to see Filters merchandise girl Sarah,  and give her the cookies, she took them to the bus, and I made my way to the front door to wait until doors open.

There were two local bands opening, but I’m only there to see three not two,  but that’s beside the point. I again had VIP for this show, and that was going to take place afterward, as the doors opened at 6pm, with the concert area opening thirty minutes later and I made my way to the front of the stage which wasn’t hard since there wasn’t a rail, and the stage was just the right height to lean on.


Local H took the stage just after 8:15pm, they were running a little late, but with all the other gear from the two local bands to clear off the stage, they did a great job getting all their gear on stage and ready to go. I must say, this is my second time seeing Local H and I’m in love. I need to make it my mission in life to see them more often, we are from the same state, and I did have the honor of meeting Scott Lucas afterward, he’s a sweet heart. They are amazing live, seriously I know I have one of there cd’s, from several years ago, and I feel like I have seen them years ago, but can’t remember where or when. Their set list consisted of fan faves like “All right, Oh Yeah”, “Another February” , “Bound For The Floor“, “Misanthrope” and my personal favorite “High Fiving MF“, along with a few others that I’m not sure no as they don’t put down a set list, but regardless they rock every time.


Helmet was up next and I have to say the lead singer is awesome, he rocks out every night. He always seems to mention that he’s in his fifties, and that is why I love these guys, they are doing what they love and will continue to do what they love regardless of their age or whatever. Yes, it’s a sacrifice, but if you love what you do every night and getting up on stage and playing some great kick ass music, do it. Helmet, I believe had to cut their set list short one song, as the time was getting away from them, but it consisted of the songs listed below.

  • Role Model
  • So Long
  • Renovation
  • Welcome to the Algiers
  • Better
  • See you Dead
  • Ironhead
  • Enemies
  • Blacktop
  • Turned out
  • Unsung
  •  The Silver Hawaiian, and
  • Milquetoast

I could be wrong on a few of those, because they did play a request that someone asked them to play, overall Helmet rocks each and every time they take the stage, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to see them twice on this tour.


Filter was up next and they were a little late, but again that’s not their fault. The venue decides to put on the local bands, when the other bands are ready to take the stage as they should be, but that’s a bus story. Either way, Richard and crew put on a great show, they have been switching it up a bit, and singing some old, along with the new songs off of their current album “The Sun Comes out Tonight”. The only song that didn’t get played at this show, was “Soldiers of Misfortune” but that was alright. I would love for them to play “It’s my time” maybe they will at the next one. The set list is as follows, but not necessarily in that order.

  • (Can’t you) Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • Jurassitol
  • The Take
  • American Cliche
  • We Hate it when you get what you wanted
  • What do you Say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • The Best Things
  • Skinny
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

In all the times I’ve seen them, he always closes with “Welcome to the Fold”, sort of like Trent Reznor in away, always closing with “Hurt”, perhaps there is a reason for that, and one that know one knows, but it’s attributes to, too great artists, and two amazing songs, that you know will always stand the test of time and come out the favorites each show.


Filter never disappoints, I find myself standing there not singing, but just listening to the show and taking it all in, sometimes a lyric or a song will make me just reflect why I’m here or why I love their music. It’s dedication to drive the hours I drive to see the bands I love, but friendship comes with the dedication, and the feeling of belonging, I guess. People think your crazy, or nuts for driving four or six hours to see a band, but that band did the same thing, they left families, and drove four, six or even twelve hours to be there, so why not return the favor. I did have VIP for this show, and honestly if there wasn’t another person with me, I would have headed out, but I stayed and we got to hang on the bus for a bit, it was the other kids moment. He was the future really, he reminded me of myself twelve years ago, all excited and just freaking out, he was getting Richard Patrick’s autograph tattooed on his arm, had the appointment and everything, that’s what it’s really all about, the memories and that moment you realize you belong.

The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky is just over the river from Cincinnati, it’s literally a house, haunted at that. Although I didn’t see any ghost, it was a pretty cool venue, the main concert hall was down in the basement, with the upstairs having a bar and other rooms, with access to a balcony, so overall a good venue to play at. I would go back for sure if other bands came there that I wanted to see, it would be worth the four hour drive for sure.

Image (1)

Filter only has a few more dates left on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D, with Helmet and Local H. I’m catching them one last time in a week on my birthday, and I can’t think of any other way to spend my birthday then with a band I love, will be a great one for sure.






Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop D with Filter, Helmet and Local H – 7/29/2014 St. Louis, MO.


When a band appreciates their fans as much as Filter does, you tend to want to return that appreciation, in the form of Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s just what I did, I baked Filter some home made chocolate chip cookies, and in the process feel like I’ve made friends for life, Richard is like my big brother who happens to sing in a band.

I’ve been a fan of Filter since the beginning, but there current album “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” is by far one of there best. I had gotten VIP for this show, but I still think I was the only one, as I didn’t see any other “vip-er’s” there. Getting to go on the bus, and chat with Richard Patrick for a bit was well worth the price paid and more. The conversation ranged from touring, as I said “you should all tour with Powerman 5000”.  Richard says: “No, us, Powerman and Cold”.  I would be the first to purchase tickets for that, please make that happen, to family life, arch nemesis, and stuff I didn’t hear from him, on top of that I got front row for a kick ass show.

There were five bands that played at the Mad Magician in St. Louis, but I was only there two see three. The first two bands were local bands from St. Louis, Hustler and Divine Sorrow, they both took the stage for roughly thirty minutes or more, keeping with the schedule as Filter was going on at 10:40pm so it was a rushed show, the stage was not very big and accommodating every bands gear was a challenge in itself.


Local H took the stage around 8:15 and honestly I don’t know why I haven’t seen Local H in concert, I’m just going to say it, they rocked. I really should go to one of there shows when they come back around here, as we’re both from the same state.  . Even though Scott Lucas always looks like he’s in a bad mood, he’s a great guy and gladly accepted the beer that the fellow next to me bought him, they rocked the house. They got the crowd going, there was moshing, it was by far a great performance, and I will have to see them live again for sure. Local H’s set list consisted of a mix mash of several songs, there wasn’t an actual set list laid down, but from what I can gather:

  • Taxi Cabs
  • Another February
  • Fritz Corner
  • Misanthrope
  • Bound for the Floor
  • Team
  • That’s what they all say
  • High Fiving MF

I could be wrong on a few of them, as this was my first time seeing Local H and won’t be my last for sure. Excellent performance by a great band.


Helmet was up next, and it’s been years since I seen Helmet. The last time was with Chevelle and Disturbed back in 1999 or something to that effect, they opened up for Chevelle on a couple tours, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. They put on a good performance as well, although the sound was muttled, but the heavy guitar riffs were loud and clear, there set list consisted of 14 songs.

  1. Bored
  2. So Long
  3. Renovation
  4. Algiers
  5. Birth Defect
  6. Broadcast Emo
  7. Blacktop
  8. Crashing
  9. Smart
  10. Driving
  11. Miserable
  12. Like I Care
  13. Impressionable
  14. Bury Me

After there set the lead singer was asked how old he was, he was 55.. To be playing music and touring at that age, is fucking amazing, seriously. I said “I’m ten years younger then you and we look fabulous for our age”. I mean really, that is the reason I love these bands, they are all in my age bracket and they keep on going, because it keeps them young, and they love what they do.


Filter was on deck next and around 10:50 they hit the stage, with an opening performance of “Trip like I do” with abundance and lots of colorful lights. This is the third time I’ve seen Filter and they always put on a great show, Richard gets the crowd involved, you sing, listen, and you can’t help but smile through the whole thing, as they are just that good live.

I did get a video of “Take my Picture”

There set list consisted of songs off of the current CD as well as the old favorites, and one that Richard loves to play live “Welcome to the Fold”. I was hoping they would play “It’s my time”, but I’m sort of glad they didn’t as I would have started crying for sure. They ended up playing 12 songs total, as time was about to end, but they could have played ten more and I would have made it regardless of the heat.

  1. Trip like I do
  2. Captain Bligh
  3. American Cliche
  4. Jurassitol
  5. We Hate it
  6. What do you Say
  7. Take a Picture
  8. Surprise
  9. Self Inflicted
  10. Soldiers of Misfortune
  11. Best Things – didn’t get played
  12. Hey Man Nice Shot
  13. Welcome to the Fold


They ran out of time and weren’t able to play Best Things, but that was alright, they had already played there hearts out. Filter is such a sweet band, I don’t know if it’s the way Richard approaches things, but they go on stage each night and bring it, there is never a disappointing moment, yes it might be tough touring and leaving the family, but if you get to do something you love doing each night and appreciating the folks that come out to see you, what more could you ask for.

photo (19)

The Mad Magician in St. Louis is a little night club joint, no bigger then a house really, it was my first time there and I got to say, for not having a rail and being right next to the stage it was alright. They could have turned up the air conditioner it was hot as hell in there, I was soaked, bands were soaked and I almost didn’t make it, but overall I would go back to the Mad Magician they need to bring Powerman 5000 next.

In Drop DD

Filter, Helmet and Local H are on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D they still have several more dates left, according to Richard it’s pure rock and roll, “no banjo crap like Mumford and Sons” seriously true words. I’m planning on seeing them again in Kentucky here in two weeks before they go back overseas to play for the troops, that’s one thing I love about him, they support the men and women, even though they may not support the wars being fought, the troops need all the support they can get and bands like Filter and others do just that.


Watch Helmet’s Ferocious KEXP Session

It’s crazy to think that Helmet has been cranking out tasty heavy metal jams for over twenty years. With no new album to support, hardcore 49ers fan Page Hamilton and the gang ventured into the enemy territory known as Seattle for a few gigs with Wire. During their stop in the Emerald City, the band took time to record a quick session for local radio powerhouse KEXP. You can enjoy Helmet performing with headphones on down below.

To read past Helmet confessions from various Southern California appearances, click here and here.

Toadies/Helmet & Ume @ Webster Hall 08/02/12

Toadies/Helmet (w/ Ume) 08/02/2012

Webster Hall – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos By Jay Porks

I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting to see the Toadies again since Sept 2010, the 1st and only time I saw them live. So when news broke right here at Concert Confessions that they were to co-Headline tour with Helmet I was more than stoked. Helmet too? It’s impossible for one not to be pumped for something like this, and a promise that can hopefully be fulfilled in these next few paragraphs-we’ll try and find out how exactly the opening band Ume is actually pronounced. The songs I looked up on YouTube were pretty cool, so we got three solid bands lined up here tonight at Webster Hall for the 75th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Let’s hope there are no former members of the Cro-Mags here, I don’t want to get stabbed or anything. Doors are set to open at 6PM and Ume suppose to go on at 6:45.. I think it’s Ladies Night here at Webster Hall so I wouldn’t be surprised if they push us scum rockers out by 11 or so. Anyway, let’s roll.

Got a 32oz soda at the ferry because Mayor Bloomberg can kiss my ass. It wasn’t until I got in the line outside Webster Hall, 20 minutes til doors open that my bladder decided it was annoyed by the mass intake of beverage and let me tell you folks, that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. The only Starbucks near by had an “out of order” sign on the bathroom. As I stand around they open a door and I sneak a peak at the set times for tonight: Ume: 6:45, Helmet: 7:45, Toadies: 9:15. They let us in about 6:15, I find my way upstairs so I can lean on the rail and take some sweet pictures. Notice not a lot of people up here


The Austin trio scampered on stage at 6:45 and started things off with “The Conductor”. Boy were they loud. The ferocious guitar playing of Lauren Larsen led the way, powering through each song without a break in the heavy. The room isn’t even half full, but the people here are rocking out to no extent, this writer included.

All their songs have this ‘smash you in the face’ type aggression, like an angry Dinosaur Jr-the distortion was all I’ve ever asked for in a band, the drumming was sexy as hell.  After “Chase It Down” had me sold mid-set, I started to wonder why someone didn’t take the time out of their day to make this band a Wikipedia page, I got their names(first names anyway) from their Facebook page, Rachael on drums, Eric on bass. All killed it… They’re from Austin so they’d be a perfect band to open up for the Meat Puppets on a tour(wearing my Pups tee, of course).

Being an earlier show (with Helmet due on 745 and Toadies at 915), they unfortunately were only able to get into seven songs..but with they time they had they were able to deliver everything the early arrivals could have asked for. They went off a little after 7PM leaving me wanting more.


The buzz outside while taking in a cigarette was “can’t believe the Toadies are closing this show”. I’m just happy to have two cool bands co-headlining a tour, not gonna nit-pick the order here. Then I got a text from a buddy that said “I’m shocked they played before the Toadies”. I headed back in and at 7:45ish Helmet began what was to be a little over an hour of punching me in the temples with riffs. I hadn’t been deafened like that in a while, come on now the last show this guy attended was Summerland. Helmet has some great banter, they were joking on superfans who ask them to “play b-sides from like 1990”, also mentioned that this show was earlier due to some sort of “disco” happening afterwards. The aforementioned club night. As I’m laughing at this dudes funny commentary, I get a text from Pam, she’s outside. Sweet. Pam is the one who got me to see the Toadies in the first place in a Cake for Toadies ticket trade off and it was so worth it. So now we’re headed back upstairs (Helmet isn’t deafening me any less by me being in a hallway), and one of the security guards is giving Pam a hard time so I’m just turn to dude and say “She’s with me, it’s cool”, and it worked. With the likes of Maura Johnston from the Village Voice in attendance, confidence can go along way with “Wilma’s Rainbow” as a stellar background soundtrack.

We grab drinks, 10 bucks for a Jack and Diet in a dixie cup. As we’re paying for the drinks, Helmet is not letting up and Pam (who’s in the building for about 10 minutes) turns to me and says “This band is pretty rocking” or something to that extent. Hell she knows less about the band then I do, I know “Unsung”. Man do I love that song, it’s such an important song in the canon of 90’s Rock & Roll tunes.

Well, rolling near 9 o’clock the last song they played was “In the Meantime”, leaving us Unsungless. No one seemed to care but me, as between sets I ran out for a smoke and saw a bunch of Helmet tee shirted folk talking, then turn towards the door and see people just arriving with printed out tickets-I guess only here to see the Toadies.


Two totally different atmospheres in the room as I returned to my spot. The Helmet tee shirts sort of drifted towards the back of the room, and the few fellows wearing plaid shirts made their way up front. Toadies came out promptly at 9:15 and kicked things off with some “Heel” action, followed by “Backslider” and “I Come From The Water”

and that place was jumping. The last time I saw this band, I said something to the effect of “where have the Toadies been?”. Well, those questions were answered in an interview with Clark Vogeler  over at AQ, and then this past Tuesday they released a new record called “Play.Rock.Music.

I admit I have yet to grab the new album but I know they played “Summer of the Strange” off the new release, and that song is a keeper. They say the NSFW music video is pretty cool. The room was really settling in now, not many people seemed to have left after Helmet by the way everyone was fist pumping during songs like  “Sweetness” and “Waterfall”. That man Clark Vogeler over there is tearing up this place-bouncing feedback off his amp Scott Lucas style really gets my juices flowing, I love that stuff. At like 10 o clock, I turn to Pam and tell her I’m gonna head to the other side to catch some pictures from different angles. “Song I Hate” was just ending, so what do you know I’m over here experimenting angles with my camera when I hear that “Possum Kingdom” riff. Okay, let’s roll film.

That version of Possum Kingdom I got at Gramercy in 2010 on video with heads bouncing in front of me needed to be trumped. And if you check below above, it has been in terms of quality.

After that they jumped into “Mister Love” and after that it’s 10:23 so Lewis says that since they’re pressed for time sort of, they’re not gonna do the run off stage for a minute thing and come back for an encore, instead just saying they had two more to play. “Rattlers Revival” kicked off the “encore” in fine fashion. Then, all of a sudden there’s four drums on stage and one of the dudes from Helmet along with the drummer from Ume are on stage to help out on this one. I turned and said “What is this Applied Science or something?”, of course making a 311 reference. Then, Lewis, messing with my fragile emotions teases the first few chords of “Unsung” and looks up into this window upstairs on the side of the stage where the lead singer of Helmet is at the window, flipping the bird to everyone on stage. So after all the jokes “I Burn” was the last song played and they headed off stage at 10:32. Not a soul left unsatisfied. 

That was fun times. It’s rare to get two great bands together, let alone three with tonight’s enlightenment to Ume, which is pronounced “ooo-may” by the way. Hope they come around again. Hope all these bands come around again. And props to Webster Hall for having that Air Conditioning blasting at an obnoxious volume. Keeping a chubby kid like me from sweating, you made everyone I sat near very happy people. Anyway, I’m out of here for now. Thanks to to ones who made it this far down. 


Toadies and Helmet Announces Fall 2012 West Coast Tour Dates

Toadies and Helmet Announces Fall 2012 West Coast Tour Dates

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit bummed when the Toadies and Helmet skipped the left coast on their 2012 Summer co-headline extravaganza. Thankfully the duo have added a fall west coast leg. This particular leg kicks off October 18th in Tucson and will wrap a few weeks later in Lubbock Texas.

Dates for the tour are down below. Tickets for most dates go on sale August 4th. Main support will once again come from the exciting new group Ume. To read Reverend Justito’s review of the solid new Toadies record Play.Rock.Music., click here.

Toadies/Helmet Fall 2012 Tour Dates:

Oct 18 – Tucson – Rialto Theatre
Oct 19 – Tempe – Marquee Theatre
Oct 20 – Las Vegas – Hard Rock Hotel
Oct 21 – Solana Beach – Belly Up Tavern

Oct 23 – West Hollywood – House of Blues
Oct 24 – Anaheim – House of Blues
Oct 26 – San Francisco – The Independent
Oct 27 – Orangevale – The Boardwalk
Oct 28 – Reno – Cargo
Oct 30 – Portland – Crystal Ballroom
Oct 31 – Seattle – Showbox at the Market
Nov 1 – Spokane – The A Club
Nov 2 – Garden City-Revolution Event Center
Nov 3 – Salt Lake City – The Depot
Nov 4 – Grand Junction -Mesa Theatre & Club
Nov 7 – Omaha – The Waiting Room
Nov 8 -Fayetteville-George’s Majestic Lounge
Nov 9 – Tulsa – Cain’s Ballroom
Nov 10 – Lubbock – The Office

Keep an eye on Concert Confessions this Friday to read our review of the Toadies and Helmet live in NYC.

Initial Details Announced For Dia De Los Toadies 2012

Initial Details Announced For Dia De Los Toadies 2012

The initial details for the 2012 Dia De Los Toadies have been announced. The 5th annual music festival put on by the Toadies will take place August 31st-September 1st at the Whitewater Amphitheatre in New Braunfels Texas.

For the first time ever, Dia De Los Toadies will feature artists who don’t call Texas home. Those artists include Helmet (who will share co-headlining duties with the Toadies this summer) and Mariachi El Bronx. Other artists set to rock the festival include Riverboat Gamblers, Brutal Juice, 16 Deluxe, Soldier Thread and many more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Toadies guitarist Clark Vogeler had the following to say about Dia De Los Toadies:

“When we started this thing, we were hoping that we could do it for years and years, but we really had no idea if it would even work, or if people would come, but here we are at year 5 already!  It’s grown fast and it’s already become the best weekend of every year.” 

Regarding the festival location:

 “Of all the places we’ve staged the Dia festival, Whitewater amphitheater in New Braunfels is by far the best setup.  It’s right on the river, which means that you can go out early in the day, float the river, then walk right into the festival.  There’s no better way to beat the Texas heat than to float down the river with your friends.  Each year we float en masse; 40 or 50 people floating down the river in a big sunburned, slightly tipsy moving party. “

And last but, certainly not least, Clark talks about the line-up:

Regarding the Dia line up for year 5, and the decision to open the invitation to non-Texas artists: “The first 4 years, we were firm about only bringing in Texas bands.  We want to showcase all the awesome music that comes from our home state, but this year we chose to go beyond Texas’ borders to bring 2 really awesome bands in.  We brought in local mariachi bands the first couple of years, but we’ve been wanting to bring in Mariachi El Bronx (fresh off the Foo Fighters Tour) ever since we heard them. Know they’re going to bring the right vibe to the fest when they bust out the horns, guitars and awesome mariachi suits!  Secondly, we decided to bring our soon-to-be tourmates Helmet to the festival.  Helmet has always been one of the heaviest, tightest loud bands ever.  when we realized that we didn’t have to stick to Texas bands, we immediately began working to bring them down.”

To check out our review of the Toadies recent stop at the Roxy in West Hollywood, click here.



Toadies and Helmet Team Up For Co-Headline Tour

Toadies and Helmet Team Up For Co-Headline Tour

We have been excited for this one for a while. This summer, Toadies and Helmet are hitting the road for a co-headline tour of the United States. The trek will kick off July 20th in Houston Texas and both bands will be playing full headline sets. UME will serve as the opener and the tour is set to wrap up August 14th in Denver Colorado. To check out the latest single from the Toadies Summer Of The Strange, click here. You can check out all of the dates down below.

Toadies/Helmet 2012 US Tour Dates:

07/20 – Houston, TX – House of Blues
07/21 – Pensacola, FL – Captain Fun Beach Club
07/22 – New Orleans, LA – Tipitinas
07/24 – Jacksonville, FL – Jax Rabbits
07/25 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution
07/26 – St Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
07/27 – Orlando – House of Blues
07/28 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
07/29 – Charlotte, NC – Fillmore
07/31 – Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore
08/01 – Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero
08/02 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
08/03 – Boston, MA – Paradise
08/04 – Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall
08/05 – Lansing, MI – Michigan Rock and Brew Fest
08/05 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
08/07 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
08/08 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot
08/09 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
08/10 – Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue
08/11 – Sauget, IL – Pop’s
08/12 – Kansas City, MO – Beaumont
08/14 – Denver, CO – The Bluebird



Helmet Set To Headline The Inaugural Metalliance Tour

Helmet Set To Headline The Inaugural Metalliance Tour

Underappreciated heavy metal heroes Helmet are set to headline the inaugural Metalalliance tour.  Sharing the bill with Page Hamilton and company are the equally underappreciated Saint Vitus and Crowbar.  The tour will kick off St. Patty’s Day in Dallas Texas, and will feature Helmet performing their 1992 album “Meantime” from front to back.

Tickets for the 2 ½ week run are on sale now.  For those with plenty of disposable income, Artist Arena has announced a $50 VIP package that includes the following:

  • A general admission ticket.
    * Access to a meet-and-greet with the Metalliance lineup.
    * A Metalliance hot sauce bottle.
    * A commemorative VIP show laminate.
    * An autographed poster.One grand prize winner will be randomly selected for a dinner with the bands, an autographed “Mosh Potatoes Cookbook” and one t-shirt from each of the bands.One second-place winner will randomly be selected for a one-on-one guitar lesson with CROWBAR guitarist Kirk Windstein and an autographed “Mosh Potatoes Cookbook”.


Metalliance Tour dates:

Mar. 17 – Dallas, TX – Southside Music Hall
Mar. 18 – Austin, TX – Dirty Dog / SXSW
Mar. 19 – New Orleans, LA – One Eyed Jacks
Mar. 20 – St Petersburg, FL – State Theater
Mar. 21 – Orlando, FL – Firestone Live
Mar. 22 – Greensboro, NC – Greene Street
Mar. 23 – Springfield, VA – Jaxx
Mar. 24 – Worcester, MA – Palladium
Mar. 25 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Mar. 26 – Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s
Mar. 27 – Joliet, IL – Mojoe’s
Mar. 29 – Denver, CO – The Summit
Mar. 31 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
Apr. 01 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
Apr. 03 – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
Apr. 05 – Hollywood, CA – House Of Blues

For all the latest information, please check out the official website for the 2011 Metalliance Tour.

Confessions of Phishing Barney

The Adventures of Phishing Barney 2010

Words/Photos by Barney the Purple Dinosaur (and his ghost writer Reverend Justito)

For those who are not a member of my immediate family, allow me to give you a brief history on the family tradition that is Barney the purple dinosaur.  I was in my early teens at the height of Barney-mania.  As a gag gift, my parents threw a Barney Doll (marching band outfit, filled with bubble mix) into the stockings of my brother and I.  My brother and I took great offense to “the purple one” in our Christmas loot, and our anger brought many laughs from the older generation.  The next year on Christmas Day, my brother and I each had a very large box.  We were instructed to open them last, and after getting through tons and tons of packing peanuts we each discovered that my parents had given us the same Barney once again.  I made sure to grab both Barney’s and the following year we got revenge upon my parents.  The following year, my brother and I got revenge upon our Aunts as they received packages with the dreaded Dinosaur.

The following year, Barney went to the next level.  Actually, he went to Portland, Las Vegas and Chicago and was passed along with a hilarious photo album.  Since that time, Barney dolls have gone onto such locations as Yosemite, Japan, Bosnia, London and Tom Jones house.  While one of the two dolls has “gone missing” Phishing Barney came into play in 1998.  Barney had returned to Portland and witnessed a Phish concert so grand that the band released it on compact disc.  As part of the gift, a tiny Barney with full fishing attire was presented with the photo album.  In 2009, Phishing Barney gave his family live updates from Festival 8 with Phish.  Having caught the bug, below you will find what Barney did in 2010 as an assistant to Concert Confessions founder & spiritual guru Reverend Justito.  Thank you for checking this article out and sharing in my families holiday tradition.  I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings the seven of us on Christmas Day.

The goal was simple. Take a bunch of Barney photos with celebs here in Los Angeles. Then it occurred to me that I don’t want to be that guy. When you see Marsha Cross eating lunch with her family, the last thing the Desperate Housewife needs is me bugging her for a photo with Barney. So after a conversation with the fine folks in Whitechapel, the plan changed from Barney with celebs to Barney rocking out with some of the best live acts of 2011.

The first artist Barney met was Joseph Arthur. I apologize to Mr. Arthur that the photo came out so poorly.

In June, Barney cruised up the coast to Ventura. There he spent the day at the Vans Warped Tour. It was on this day that Whitechapel just suggested he take a photo with them on stage.

As you know, we got busted by a YouTube user in the act.

Later that day, Barney rocked out with The Dickies.

The highlight of the day was Barney meeting the lead singer of Angry Samoans – Metal Mike. A fan for 15+ years, it was a dream come true.

A few weeks later, Barney hit up the Cool Tour. While it may have had a terrible name, the package tour had some great bands. That day, Barney rocked hard with…

Cancer Bats

The Acacia Strain

Between the Buried and Me

As I Lay Dying

Barney tried real hard to get a photo pass for Phish. He was denied, but that didn’t stop him and his pal Cookie Monster from rocking out for three days at the Greek with his favorite band.

A few weeks later, Barney was handed a photo pass for another favorite act – Coheed and Cambria. Sadly at the Wiltern, the photo pit is 25 feet from the stage. So ummmmm maybe next time Claudio.

In October, Barney hit Amoeba to check out an in store with Alain Johannes. Not only did he get to watch the man perform songs from his debut album, but he got to meet him as well.

As an added bonus, Barney ran into his old friend – comedian Steve Agee.

Shortly after Halloween, Barney snuck into the Key Club where he watched Helmet close out their lengthy North American tour. Barney and Helmet main man Page Hamilton were able to discuss how disgusted they were with the 49ers after the show.

Barney’s magical tour of 2010 ended on a high note. Sold out in under an hour; Phishing Barney snuck on stage with Mike Gordon of Phish at the intimate Troubadour.

All in all, 2010 was a great year for Barney. Who knows what 2011 has in store?!?!?!

Helmet 11/05/10: Key Club – West Hollywood, CA

Helmet (w/ Open Hand & Intronaut) 11/05/10

Key Club – West Hollywood, CA

Words/photos by Reverend Justito – concertconfessions.com

It took me 15+ years to see my first Helmet concert.  I only had to wait 40 days for round two with the criminally underappreciated metal band.  A lot has changed in 5 ½ weeks since I watched Helmet destroy Redondo Beach.  I was correct in my prediction to Helmet main man Page Hamilton that the 49ers would have won at least one game in that time.  However, another major sports feat has gone down and much to my delight it allowed me the opportunity to be booed by the entire Key Club.   But before I brag to you about an incredible end to an amazing week, let’s talk about some music.

For a moment I feared not making it into the Sunset Strip venue.  I had a spot on the guest list, yet according to the large bouncer outside the door my legal name was not on any list.  After showing him my confirmation e-mail and with the promise to buy a drink or two, I was allowed into the venue (thank you).  Former Trustkill artist Open Hand had already hit the stage and after making good on my promise I had no problem finding a spot up front.  I was introduced to the band from a friend about two years ago who had brought over the demos of what would become the bands most recent record Honey. Within seconds of the music hitting my ears, I was hooked.

With the room 50% full, Open Hand did a fine job of winning over numerous souls consuming their first cocktail of the night.  Songs like “You and Me” and “Jaded” got the we are cool, we are Hollywood and it’s too early to stand up front but we will nod our heads because we really fucking respect you treatment from the crowd.  However, the highlight of the brief opening set was Open Hand sticking it to the Key Club.  Told to get off stage, the bands leader Justin Isham fought for one more song.  With an angry stage manager and beefy security on the side of stage ready to pounce upon Open Hand, the band reached backed and bitch slapped everyone inside the Key Club with their self-proclaimed best song “Hard Night.”  An epic number that feels much like Hum meets Kyuss while being totally unique – while Open Hand may have managed to get themselves black listed from the Key Club the 200+ folks in attendance were clearly won over on the first Friday in November.

Before Intronaut hit the stage, I knew the band only in name.  Someone once told me they were space metal, however I had no clue what that meant.  Hell after seeing the band, I still have no clue what it means, but that sure as hell didn’t prevent me from being won over by the “post-metal” band from Los Angeles, CA.  For a lack of a better term, Intonaut is a thinking man’s metal band.  One part prog, one part jazz fusion with a ton of sludge, doom and death thrown in for flavor, the band has a massive sound that right off the bat made the Key Club feel small and inadequate.  They are one of those bands where you wish you knew every song walking in, because watching these guys pull these unfamiliar songs off live on stage was nothing short of incredible.  If you are a fan of Tool, Mastodon and Isis then Intronaut is for you.

As I have already mentioned, this was my second time seeing Helmet in 40 days.  With the club near capacity, the band took the stage and opened up with the melodic yet rocking “Swallowing Everything.”  From there the show was off and running as the band snuck the new song “So Long” in between Aftertaste favorites “Birth Defect” and “Exactly What You Wanted.”  I felt the set progressed nicely, as songs from the just released Seeing Eye Dog mixed with Helmet classics.  Yet, one look around me and it’s rather obvious a majority of fans only wants to hear the band play songs from Meantime and Betty. It’s the reason a pit of four drunken tools breaks out during “Iron Head” while the very same individuals stand around looking bored during “Welcome to Algiers.”

Where Hamilton and company basically ditched the setlist halfway through the Redondo Beach show, there was no negotiating on this the final night of the bands lengthy North American tour.  It actually seemed as if the setlist was designed to fuck with the simple minded masses.  Old material was played, however  the band refused to play the huge hits the crowd begged for.  Cries for “Unsung”, “I Know” and “Biscuits For Smut” were ignored as the band instead decided to rock tight versions of “Black Top”, Repetition” and “Tic.”

For me, the highlight wasn’t the music, as much as it was a rare moment of stage banter.  Someone mentioned Hamilton’s Portland Trailblazers sweatbands and he got onto the topic of sports.  During this moment he spotted me in my San Francisco Giants hat and as he pointed me out he congratulated me and my team for winning the 2010 World Series.  On a high all week long from my teams first World Championship since my grandmother was seven months pregnant with my father I was of course booed by the Dodgers loving Southern California crowd.  As I turned from the front of the stage and egged the volatile crowd on a huge shit eating grin crossed my face.  How could it not, the Giants are baseball champions of the world.

The band closed their set with a three song encore.  After shaking hands with fans up front (and informing many that there was no chance in hell “Unsung” was being played) the band kicked things off with “Crisis King”.  From there, the crowd was enthused by powerful back to back action packed powerhouse jams “Wilma’s Rainbow” and “In The Meantime.”  Fans got crazy one last time and for Helmet a very long tour came to an end.  After the last chord was played, the band greeted fans up front with handshakes and fist bumps.  Hamilton and I once again discussed 49ers football (he called the week 7 loss to Carolina the clubs most embarrassing in years) and I thanked him for two truly wonderful autumn nights in the year 2010.

Helmet 09/26/10: BriXton South Bay – Redondo Beach, CA

Helmet (with MX Machine & Bison b.c.) 09/26/10

BriXton South Bay – Redondo Beach, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito/concertconfessions.com

Ever since I watched a ridiculous MTVnews interview with Helmet (you know, the one where they make a big deal about a metal band with short hair) I have been obsessed with seeing the band live.  OK, perhaps obsessed is the wrong word, but I have been a fan now for over half my life and somehow always manage to miss the band when they swing through town.  I decided it was time to change this, and on the night of Sunday Sept 26th I headed south to Redondo Beach to check out the long running metal bands concert at BriXton’s South Bay.


It took me almost an hour to get to BriXton’s, as I got stuck in the mass exodus of inland residents leaving various costal cities.  I figured I had managed to miss the local support acts; however I made it just in time to catch the complete set for local rockers MX Machine.  Initially, the power-trios Motorhead inspired trash metal set, bored me, however after about the second song things started to get interesting.  First drummer and Packers fan Joe Ayala somehow lost a kick pedal.  This forced bassist/vocalist Diego Negrete to fill time with akward yet rather hilarious stage banter.  Once Ayala was up and almost running, the band continued on with the set.  With the mood lite from the silly banter, the band semeed relaxed and let loose.  One highlight was the bands “breakthrough single” from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III soundtrack.  The song was called “Psychcotic Killing Machine” and it got the 1/3rd capacity venue up on their feet and rocking out.


While the music was solid, it was the energy and banter of Negrete that truly made the set.  From complaints about having to show up for his day job on Monday to plugs of an upcoming gig with Accept at the Key Club, Negrete even had the bartenders laughing out loud.  So if you are going to that Accept show, or just happen to see that MX Machine are opening a gig you plan to attend make sure you check these guys out.  They are a musically tight and will bring you more laughs than Dane Cook.


Up next was a band out of Vancouver Canada known as Bison b.c..  For three weeks, the group has criss-crossed the west coast with Helmet and Redondo Beach was the bands final night.  Coming into the gig, the hype around Bison b.c. has been huge and despite not knowing a single song I was almost as excited for their set as I was for Helmet.  I am glad to report that Bison b.c. not only lived up to the hype, but they blew that hype up with a fistfuls of dynamite and kicked it off the Redondo Beach Pier straight into the Pacific Ocean below.


Not owning any of the bands albums, sadly I can’t give you intimate blow by blow details of what songs they played.  I can tell you that the band absolutley dominated the tiny club stage.  Imagine all the things you love about bands like Mastodon and Black Flag and combine them with the ass-stomping power of The Black Dahlia Murder.  That is Bison b.c. in a nutshell for you.  The band is so brutal and so heavy that bassist Masa Anzai doesn’t even bother with a “G” string on his instrument.  During their thirty minute set, the band not only seemed to be having a blast, but were grateful for the chance to expose their music to a new and highly appreciative audience.  I was so impressed, I not only needed a lot more Bison b.c. (thus me rushing to the merch stand to pick up their lastest record), I found myself wondering how Helmet could follow such an amazing act.  If you are into the heavy doom/thrash/stoner metal scene – believe the hype.  Bison b.c. is the real fucking deal.


Where the first set change was quick, the change between Bison b.c. and Helmet felt like an eternity.  By the time the band finally took the stage, I instantly noticed how many folks had left between Bison BC and the headline act.  Anyone who did leave early is a fool, because Helmet crushed all within a three mile radius of the club.  Promoting their latest release Seeing Eye Dog the Page Hamilton led band kicked the set off with a new song from the new release called “Swallowing Everything.”  The crowd surged to the front of the tiny stage and watched adoringly as the four piece band kicked off a 90 minute set that covered their entire career.


I have to say, what we heard from the new record was solid.  The highlight was a heavy and moving version of “Welcome to Algiers.”  The song had that classic heavy Helmet feel, but had the rich melody you would expect out bands like Jawbox or Hum.   While respectful, it was clear the audience was not conecting with the band and the new (aka everything from Aftertaste on) material.  Hamilton even tried to egg the crowd on by declaring how San Diego the previous evening was the highlight of the tour.  While this was lost on the mosty 40+ year old crowd, Hamilton found the key to getting the crowd into set around the sixth song.


For the first time all night, a pit broke out and the crowd went nuts as the opening riffs for “Iron Head” rang through the clubs PA.  Another classic “Give It” followed and the energy went from old and tired to youthful and energetic within a matter of seconds.  The band followed these monster jams up with two more new songs – “In Person” and “She’s Lost.”  Sadly almost all the energy in the crowd was once again lost.  Of course that energy was brought back up as the band busted out their breakthrough 1992 hit “Unsung.”  Clearly Hamilton noticed, and instead of having a Billy Corgan diva-esque moment he did the smart thing and called an audible.


After some hilarious stage banter, Hamilton decided to skip the title track from Seeing Eye Dog and instead informed his band mates that it was time to bust out “I Know” from the highly successful 1994 release – Betty.  The place went nuts, especially as the song segued flawlessly into “Wilma’s Rainbow.”   A third track from Betty called “Milquetoast” followed and it was clear Hamilton had made the right choice.  The crowd was very much stuck in the early to mid 1990’s, and I am not just saying that because I was the only person not wearing jean shorts.


After toast, the band left the stage for a brief encore break.  Upon their return, they dedicated the first song to a fan/friend who had recently returned from a tour of duty in the Middle East.  The band then reached deep down and gave 100% for one last song.  That song of course was the early 90’s classic “In The Meantime.”  For the final time on this hot autumn night, the 12-14 men who made up the mosh pit ran around the main floor of BriXton South Bay beating each other silly.  When all was said and done, those still left in the crowd seemed thankful for a chance to see Helmet rock their small costal community.  As a single stage hand began to tear down the equipment, Hamilton met with fans.  Caught in the mob, I quickly shook his hand and found myself in a painful conversation about our 0-3 San Francisco 49ers.  Sure, our team may stink, but I can’t think of a better way to end my first Helmet show then Mr. Hamilton and I consuling each other over our crappy team.    Here’s hoping we have a few victories under our belt when the band and I collide once again in Hollywood in November.


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