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Metalocalypse – Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains: Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, Ca

Metalocalypse Tour 2012

11/27/12 – Palladium/Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Misael

This was the Metalocalypse tour on November 27th, 2012. The tour featured Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder. This metal event took place at the legendary Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California where hundreds of now famous bands have left their mark. Due to my work schedule and not enough time to get there, I missed The Black Dahlia Murder but I made it in time for All That Remains and the rest of the bands. All That Remains kept the crowd pumped through the show. There were mosh pits going the whole time. They put on a decent show but I’m not too familiar with their music.

After them, Machine Head came up. Robb Flynn had just returned from surgery from a double inguinal hernia. It was a little disappointing that they only played 6 songs since I was looking forward to a longer show. They started the show with the song “This is the End” off of their new album, Unto the Locust. Robb Flynn stopped to talk to us about Disney banning them from playing near any of their theme parks so they can no longer play in Anaheim, California. Their show on December 4th in Orlando, Florida was also cancelled for that reason. Machine Head proceeded to play “Aesthetics of Hate” as a big F-you to Disney. They also played “Locust” which was another single off of the new album. They finished the show with Halo which is one of their best songs.



The headlining band for the night was the Adult Swim band from the show, Metalocalypse, Dethklok. Although the band itself is a cartoon, there are live performers for their live performances. The singer/guitarist for the band is Brendon Small which is also the creator of the show and voices some of the characters from Metalocalypse. The drummer is the legendary drummer, Gene Hoglan who has played with numerous metal bands throughout his career including Death, Testament, and Dark Angel.

They used a lot of theatrics for their show and lights. They opened with the first song off of their newest album, Dethklok III, which was “I Ejaculate Fire”. Throughout the night they did a good job of playing songs from all their albums. During small intermissions in between some songs, they put up videos on the screen from other Metalocalypse characters to entertain us. During their show I noticed their sound seemed to be a bit off since I had trouble hearing Brendon while he sang unless I was in a tough spot for his singing. This show is definitely a must for any and all metal heads that are looking for a night of non-stop metal.




Me with Robb Flynn(left, Machine Head) and Gene Hoglan(right, Dethklok)

for full Machine Head and Dethklok show: Metalocalypse 2012: Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains

Soundgarden 11/26/12: Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Stage – Hollywood, CA

Soundgarden 11/26/12:

Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Stage – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I am pretty sure it was 8th grade when I discovered Soundgarden and early 9th grade when I picked up Badmotorfinger. Sure Superunknown was solid but nothing ever hit me as hard as the songs on the 1992 classic.

Sadly I never had a chance to see Soundgarden the first time around. I was either too young to see shows or unable to get to a far off destination like Oakland to see the band. Now with the band back together it has been a struggle to see them. From already having tickets to another show to simply not getting down to the Bayou in time I feared it would never happen. As great as it would be to see them at the Wiltern early next year I simply don’t have the funds at this point in my life. So I did what any music snob in Southern California would do to get a fix of Soundgarden live. I volunteered to stand around for 3 hours in exchange for 5 songs as part of a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping.

I knew we would get a heavy dose of the band’s outstanding new album King Animal. I assumed the first song out of the gate would be Been Away Too Long but I was wrong. The band actually kicked off the set (which featured the Goodyear Blimp flying overhead) with By Crooked Steps. This actually worked nicely as I think it rocks a bit harder. What most surprised me is how the band seamlessly flowed Rowing out of Been Away Too Long. Typically this bald MC comes out and shocks nobody by sharing that the band will perform a few more songs off air. Not on this night as the action kept flowing well after the cameras were shut down.



With many hits that could fill up the brief set, I had my hopes on one song. That song was Rusty Cage. If I could just hear the band play that I could die a little happier. Much to my luck they decided to bust this out right as I hit record on my fancy new iPhone. Talk about perfect timing and life working out nicely.

The band closed out the mini set going back farther than Badmotorfinger. Deciding to rock the parking lot to the fullest, Soundgarden busted out Beyond The Wheel. Way cooler way to end than Black Hole Sun, while I would still go see the band perform a full headline set if I got the chance this was a great way to get a glimpse of a band I have loved for nearly two –thirds of my life. Glad they are back.



Lamb of God 10-31-12: Palladium – Hollywood, CA

This was my first time seeing the American heavy metal band, Lamb of god. This was their 3rd show since the one month incarceration in the Czech Republic of singer, Randy Blythe. The show took place at the world-famous Hollywood Palladium on the sunset strip in Hollywood, California.

The opening bands were Sylosis, Hatebreed, and In Flames. Sylosis put on a good show to get the crowd warmed up, once Hatebreed hit the stage the crowd started going wild with mosh pits. In Flames also put up a good show and people still weren’t slowing down with mosh pits. Once Lamb of God hit the stage, all hell broke loose. There were people crowd surfing and mosh pits everywhere. The whole band sounded great and had an impressive light display. They opened with the first track off of their newest album, Resolution, called Desolation followed by the next track, Ghost Walking. After that they played hits from other albums so they mixed it up well instead of songs from their newest album. We thought the show was over until they came out for an encore set which included: In Your Words, Laid To Rest, Redneck, and Black Label. During the final song, Black Label, the entire floor opened up to do a Wall of death which I’ve never witnessed before so it was definitely a sight to see. All 4 bands did a great job and I cannot wait for Lamb of God to come back again and kick our asses!


Me with Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe

Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis Team Up For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis Team Up For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Fallon may have won the Best Late Night Musical Artist of the night award on Wednesday when he booked Refused, but Jimmy Kimmel grabbed it right back last night. Rocking the smaller of the Bud Lite Concert Stages, Kimmel welcomed Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis for a sweet performance of Feeling Alright. You know you want to check this one out down below.



Win Tickets To See Michael Kiwanuka Live In Hollywood

Win Tickets To See Michael Kiwanuka Live In Hollywood

Back in March British soul singer Michael Kiwanuka released his debut album Home Again. Kiwanuka will be hitting the US for a limited run next month with stops at both Lollapalooza and the Outside Lands music festivals. He will then return in September for a coast to coast headline run that will wrap at the beautiful John Anson Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood on October 9th. Support on that evening will come from Nathaniel Rateliff and Foy Vance.

Tickets for the Hollywood show are on sale now and you can purchase them by clicking here. We have teamed with Live Nation LA to give one lucky fan a pair of tickets to the show. To enter our contest all you need to do is leave a comment down below sharing your favorite song from Home Again.

We will pick one winner at random on October 2nd 2012. Winners will be notified by e-mail and tickets will be available at the venues will call on the night of the show. Good luck and thanks for checking out Concert Confessions.




Zac Brown Band Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

Zac Brown Band Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

When we started Concert Confessions the goal was to have a site that featured all types of music. So far we have done a pretty good job of that but the one area where we are lacking is country music. We could make jokes about country fans or discuss how much country music in the year 2012 sucks but that wouldn’t be very nice. So instead we will just share with you one of the bright spots of the genre – Zac Brown Band. The Grammy favorites paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night where they performed their songs The Wind and Uncaged. You can check them out for yourself down below.




Grace Potter and the Nocturnals ‘Never Go Back’ To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals ‘Never Go Back’ To Jimmy Kimmel Live

We here at Concert Confessions have a lot of lust love for Grace Potter. Tonight she brought her backing band The Nocturnals to Hollywood Blvd for a late night performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thanks to our pal The Audio Perv, you can watch the Vermont natives rock the song Never Go Back down below.

To check out our various coverage of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, click here.

Win Tickets To See The Promise Ring Live in Hollywood

Win Tickets To See The Promise Ring Live in Hollywood

It was back in 2002 when Milwaukee based The Promise Ring called it quits. While there was a brief reunion in 2005, the band officially got back together late last year. The group is hitting the road this summer and will stop at Avalon in Hollywood California on Saturday August 11th. Tickets are on sale now and you can buy them by clicking here. In the event you want to risk getting into this show and not buy your tickets ASAP you can attempt to win a pair from us.

The rules to enter are simple. All you need to do is leave a comment below letting us know a promise you have broken in the past. We will pick one winner at random on August 8th 2012 and you and a guest are off to see The Promise Ring live from your friends at Concert Confessions and Live Nation Los Angeles. Best of luck to all who enter.


Watch Nada Surf Perform Live From Amoeba Hollywood

Watch Nada Surf Perform Live From Amoeba Hollywood

As you may recall earlier this year our pal Reverend Justito hit up Amoeba Hollywood to check out an in-store performance from Nada Surf. Well now the kind folks at Amoeba have put together multi-angle video of the group’s complete performance. You can watch it for yourself down below.



To read our review of the show, click here.

The Offspring Pay Jimmy Kimmel A Visit

The Offspring Pay Jimmy Kimmel A Visit

This is an experiment. I want to see if anyone actually cares about The Offspring in 2012. I assume they have a few loyal fans from way back when, but who are we kidding this band has not had a decent song since Clinton was president (and even those songs have not withheld the test of time). So yeah here is Off Key Dexter, Noodles and some other twats stinking up the Jimmy Kimmel Live outdoor concert stage last night. If you actually think this is good, please leave a comment to help us with this experiment.






Scissor Sisters 06/16/12: Palladium – Hollywood, CA

Scissor Sisters 06/16/12

Palladium: Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by VoodooHipster

(Editor’s Note: This is VoodooHipster’s (aka Brian) first Confession for us. He is truly one of the nicest guys you will come across at shows in Southern California and we are honored to share his words).

Scissor Sisters are in town promoting their 4th long playing record “Magic Hour” an album they are proud of, so they came through Los Angeles and treated the crowd with a night full of dancing,drinking and grinding that really only a Scissor Sisters show can bring and the boys of Los Angeles in return brought their girlfriends and make sure that Scissor Sisters had a good time.

Jake Shears told stories of getting crabs in Los Angeles, being high on cough syrup and sung his ass off, Ana Mantronic made sure to do her thing, shake the tits, sing some great songs and just keep the vibe going. Baby Daddy (who is the equivalent to Justin Bieber in the gay bear cub world) really has to do nothing but stand on stage but play killer bass lines and be Babydaddy and finally Del Marquis a cool guitarist and seems fine in his part of supporting the other 3 on stage, but in reality is the glue that keeps it all together. With a cast of three background singers, forgettable video screens and Randy Real on drums, Scissor Sisters have the show down perfect, for me almost too much that is seems more calculated than just being a band on stage having a good time. All that being said they still pulled off a killer show that was tight as hell and was better than the last time they came through town.





Any Which Way You Can

Keep Your Shoes On

Baby Come Home


Kiss You Off


Take Your Mama

Years Of Living Dangerously

Let’s Have A Kiki

Comforatable Numb

Invisible Light

Shady Love

Skin That Cat


I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

Only The Horses

Music Is A Victim


The Other stuff:

There are still people in this world that only know 3 Scissor Sisters songs

Mary has become a bathroom break song

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ is still annoying

Only The Horses is a classic, probably one of the best songs they have written

Having grown men yell Babydaddy is my ear all night is still better than drunk girls

The Hollywood Palladium having 3 broken water fountains and still charge 3.00 for water is fucked up

Every man can get laid at a Scissor Sisters show, Guys wanting Guys Girl praying for one, you can’t lose.


This was my 5th time seeing Scissor Sisters, each time for a different album, I have come to realize that there biggest fault is sustaining the crowd for a 80 minute show, The set list always have a strange balance between classic songs and newer album tracks, It’s great cos there are songs that will never be performed again (Keep Your Shoes On,Inevitable) but the major negative is that every show I have seen has a weird groove to it. I can’t wait until the time when they come through town not promoting a specific album and can play a set full of songs that keep the party going all night..I believe that will happen one day.



Dead Sara Rock ‘Weatherman’ For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dead Sara Rock ‘Weatherman’ For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Remember last fall when our teen sensation Jakob confessed about a pretty sweet act who just so happened to open for Bush? Then a few days later ground-breaking websites started posting about this four piece? Now the secret is out, Dead Sara kick all kinds of ass. The group has now made it to late night television as they rocked Jimmy Kimmel Live a few hours ago. Check out their performance of Weatherman courtesy of The Audio Perv. Make sure to check back here tomorrow when we post the “bonus” song which has yet to be posted to the official Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page.

I guess they are not going to post the bonus song, so instead look for our pal Dharma69 in the front row :)

Oh and catch Dead Sara this summer at Warped Tour.

fun. Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

fun. Pay Jimmy Kimmel Live A Visit

The thing that rubs me the wrong way about fun. is not their name as much as how they spell their name. I get that we are out of band names and that is why we have bands like Girls and fun.  Sure it sucks to do a Google search for them, but it’s not as if they can call themselves Pearl Jam. What throws me off is the style is basically a rip off of moe. Whatever, the music doesn’t make me want to kill puppies like Fitz and the Tantrums and it sure as hell doesn’t make me want to kill kids like Foster the People. So with that said, enjoy fun. performing One Foot and We Are Young on Jimmy Kimmel Live.





Lisa Marie Presley Brings ‘Over Me’ to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lisa Marie Presley Brings ‘Over Me’ to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lisa Marie Presley performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We are going to rip off Tosh.0 and put 30 seconds on the clock:

Tom Petty called he wants the outfits from the Don’t Come Around Here No More video back.

Not even Jack White can make this listenable.

This went way better than her audition for Dancing With The Stars.

When does she start singing?


Yeah these were all rather lame but this performance is so bad it’s hard to make fun of. Perhaps you can try out our new and improved user comments system down below and come up with something better?



Silversun Pickups Serve Up ‘Bloody Mary’ For Jimmy Kimmel

Silversun Pickups Serve Up ‘Bloody Mary’ For Jimmy Kimmel

As yes there I was last night getting into bed after watching my beloved San Francisco Giants defeat the dreaded Los Angeles Dodgers out at Chavez Latrine. The television was already on and there was Johnny Depp plugging the new Warner Bros. Pictures smash hit Dark Shadows. I enjoyed his brief talk with Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel about him and Hunter S. Thompson sabotaging Don Johnson. Then I fell asleep before Silversun Pickups took to the Bud Lite Concert Stage. Thankfully I can watch the Los Angeles based group perform “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” right down below and you can as well. Enjoy.

Update: Kimmel has been kind enough to upload bonus footage of “The Pit” for your viewing pleasure.


Roger Daltrey Pays Jimmy Kimmel A Visit

Roger Daltrey Pays Jimmy Kimmel A Visit

Yesterday we told you about how my Mother-in-law would be stoked because Leonard Cohen was dragging his old ass across North America once again. Today, we make my mother happy by sharing with you the footage of another old timer. Roger Daltrey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to not only have a chat with the former Man Show host, but to play a song for him as well. The jet lagged rocker with the beautiful hair discusses his on again/off again band The Who as well as his work with the Teenage Cancer Trust. Check out the interviews below as well as a rocking performance of Young Man Blues.

Win Tickets To See James Morrison Live In Hollywood

Win Tickets To See James Morrison Live In Hollywood

In September of 2011, James Morrison released his third full length studio album The Awakening. To celebrate the release, Morrison is about to kick off a tour here in the United States and will be performing at Avalon in Hollywood on Thursday May 3rd 2012. You can purchase tickets here or you can try your luck and win them from your friends at Live Nation LA and Concert Confessions.


Opening for Morrison will be Honeyhoney. Unfortunately we didn’t make it out to Coachella in time to catch their set, but these up and comers are going to be a no doubt going to be a force to reckon with.

To enter the contest, all you need to do is a leave a comment below with your favorite James Morrison song. We will pick one winner at random to win two tickets, available at will call on the night of the show. This contest will close Tuesday 05/01/12 at 9pm PST. Good luck.

James Morrison w/ Honeyhoney 2012 US Tour Dates:

04/29 – Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WA

04/20 – Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR

05/02 – The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

05/03 – Avalon, Hollywood, CA

05/05 – Humphrey’s – San Diego, CA

05/08 – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO

05/09 – Granada Theatre – Lawrence, KS

05/10 – Fitzgerald Theater – St. Paul, MB

05/12 – Cannery Ballroom – Nashville, TN

05/14 – World Café Live – Philadelphia, PA

05/15 – Webster Hall – New York, NY

05/16 – 9:30 Club – Washington D.C.

05/19 – Royale – Boston, MA


Kasabian 04/19/12: Jimmy Kimmel Live – Hollywood, CA

Kasabian 04/19/12

Bud Lite Concert Stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justitio

There is a line from the Kasabian song “Days Are Forgotten” that has been running through my head since I awoke this morning. Perhaps this line is here because I heard the band sound check the song no less than six times yesterday; perhaps it is there because of a deeper meaning? Hell, it is possible it is there for both reasons. The line is as follows:

“Cos I’m taking back what’s mine, I am taking back the time, you may call it suicide but I’m being born again…”

The responsible thing would have been going to the Roosevelt Hotel which is adjacent to the theatre where Jimmy Kimmel films his late night television program. There were some Brits there who wanted to drink cocktails and discuss matters I am not legally allowed to share here. Yet when the day of my death comes and my life flashes before my eyes what memory would I rather see? Cocktails with people who could give two shits about me, or the moment where I met Tom and Sergio from Kasabian? Suicide perhaps, but for this soul it was nothing short of the conclusion of a much needed rebirth.

I made it to Hawthorne Avenue behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios around 5:30pm. Off the bat I saw many familiar faces from our “Bring Kasabian to North America” Facebook campaign. I also ended up seeing many familiar faces that I met during Tuesday nights’ stellar Kasabian headline gig at The Fonda Theatre. As the band spent twenty minutes sound checking various sections of “Days Are Forgotten” and “Goodbye Kiss” we bonded even further over our love of Kasabian. We discussed everything from Coachella to Sergio and was he/was he not furious with a few fans disrespecting him at the end of the Fonda show. The fellowship continued as the fine folks at 1iota let us into the parking lot that the Jimmy Kimmel Bud Lite Concert Stage calls home and we all settled in for the mini performance.

As is common practice with all outdoor tapings for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, we watched the entire program as it taped via a videoscreen set up next to the stage. I am now an expert on Precious and her squirrel problem, Morgan Spurlock shared all about his manscaping and of course with it being a Thursday night we were treated to some Unnecessary Censorship. Then it was our turn to be up front and center as the fans who sat inside for the show taping joined us outside. We made lots of noise as Kimmel did multiple takes introducing the band (you can see me in my San Francisco Giants hat looking very awkward over Kimmel’s right shoulder) before my final Kasabian set of April 2012.

We all knew “Days Are Forgotten” was coming from the numerous soundtracks. It appeared that neither Tom or Serge were thrilled with the sound, but as you can watch below the fine editors at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show managed to work some post production magic and you can’t tell that is the case at all. I of course have to mention to wonderful shirt lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno was wearing. If I was going to be on Television, I’d probably wear something similar as well.


After a quick break, we were ordered to cheer again as the band launched into the second song, the web exclusive (which as of publication time has yet to be posted) “Goodbye Kiss.” A fitting song as the sun set on the 19th of April, this version sounded tighter than the one performed at the Fonda two days earlier. While the band may have sounded tighter, you could no doubt feel a bit of a disconnect between them and the fans due to the fact that cameras are flying above our heads and a large part of the audience was made up of tourists there for a television taping and not because they are fans of Kasabian.

As with most Jimmy Kimmel Live performances, the band played three songs after the cameras went off. Up first was “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To” which while not terrible didn’t do much to energize the now thinning crowd. The energy level did pick up a bit amongst those who only had tickets for the outside stage when the group closed the set with solid versions of “Vlad The Impaler” and “Fire.” While Pizzorno didn’t ask us to get down at the end of “Fire” fans did sing along to the chorus and a few of us even bounced up and down in unison.  Then just like that it was all over. Three Kasabian shows in six days had come and gone faster than you could say Velociraptor!

With the clock yet to hit 9pm, I decided to do something I have not done in years. I joined some of my new friends and we headed over to the alley directly behind the theatre. For roughly twenty minutes approximately 25 fans waited for Kasabian to be taken away from the site by large passenger vans with tinted windows. We sang “Fire” and we screamed and cheered as loud as we could. Our devotion was rewarded as both Sergio and Tom came out and met us. They posed for photos, signed our ticket stubs and some lucky ladies even got kisses on the cheeks. Some spoke about Football (known in America as soccer) and I was able to pass the “America Loves Kasabian” sign to a very appreciative Sergio. With many fans (myself included) thanking them for returning to our home land, they confirmed they would be back in the fall. Then as fast as they came out, Tom and Sergio were swept up by management and personal handlers and drove off into the night.


I started this website over three years ago as a fan looking to build a community for individuals who had the same passion for live music as I did. I still love this place and I am very proud of what we have accomplished, but the sad fact is that it has gone from a hobby to a job. I have gone from someone who barely passed High School English to someone who sat around a table with legit journalists eating breakfast and frantically posting reviews of Coachella before heading out to the Polo Fields for more. I have had the threat of lawsuits and I have publicists who call me and beg me to check out their bands. I have had the chance to meet some heroes and had to play it cool because that is what you do when you are VIP at the corporate rock and roll venue. I am not crying at all because I love doing this. I am sharing this because I waited six long years to see Kasabian perform live and in person. This week has been amazing for many reasons, but most importantly I was able to shake off all the armor that one must wear when they decide to dive deep into the unknown and pursue what they love. I was able to be a fan boy and geek the fuck out. I made sure I was as close to the guard rail as possible for three shows. I jumped up and down and sang along to every song and made silly signs to show the band my appreciation. I have partied with the likes of Lemmy and Vinnie Paul yet that can’t even compare to what I felt inside my soul during that moment I took a blurry photo with Sergio. I have taken this site so serious for so long that I truly forgot the reason we started. Thank you Kasabian for coming back to America, rocking my ass off three times and most importantly reminding me why I do this again.

Kasabian 04/17/12: The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Kasabian w/ The Dear Hunter 04/17/12

The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Standing along the fence that separates a parking lot from Hollywood Blvd I watched as a tour bus slowly backed up and parked next to an 18 wheeler. With doors for The Fonda Theater not open for another two hours I felt like a teenager again as I watched as each member of the band exited the bus and entered the venue. In a day and age where I typically show up to a concert as late as possible and often get to hang with the bands before or after I couldn’t remember the last time I felt such excitement to see a famous musician perform let alone walk across a parking lot. Then again, this was not your typical concert; this was the final headline performance during Kasabian’s highly successful return to America and I was going to treat this evening as if I was an underage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Having spent time pre show meeting many from a Facebook group I started called “Bring Kasabian to North America” the love only grew once inside the venue as fans that had never seen the band swapped tales with the few who had. It was about 45 minutes into our conversation when we were interrupted by Serge, Jay and Chris from Kasabian. Armed with size medium white t-shirts featuring a unique word printed upon it, they asked for volunteers to put them on. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of folks trying to squeeze into the tiny t-shirts. I know I felt a lot like a sausage as I did my best to fit my large man boobs into a shirt that simply read “ride.” With about 50 of us now wearing these t-shirts we were told that we would find out what they were for later. While the band never did share with us the purpose, it is assumed that it has something to do with the sign posted outside the venue stating that we would all be filmed by the Last Call With Carson Daly television program.

It was 9pm sharp when The Dear Hunter took the stage. Not to be confused with the Phish hating Deerhunter, this Rhode Island group mixes deep fried southern melodies with gluten free indie tendencies. Surprisingly, the end result was rather tasty as their 30 minute opening set was quite delectable. One of my favorite thing to see live is a three guitar attack. However, this must be done properly and The Dear Hunter did exactly that. An enjoyable set that lasted just the right amount of time as it was clear early on that 99% of the crowd were there for the evening’s headliner and not the opener.

Having smuggled numerous messages for the band into the venue, I made sure to have my “Vote For Meighan/Pizzorno in 2012” sign raised high as the boys from Leicester took to the stage. Opening with “Days Are Forgotten” it was clear out the gate that while The Fonda Theatre may only hold 1,200 people they brought a light and sound system designed to rock 120,000. As the bass boomed and singer Tom Meighan welcomed the packed venue with open arms I knew it was time to get loose, let go and give the band what little energy I had left after a long weekend (and not to mention my first Kasabian live experience) at Coachella.

Not missing a step, the end of “Days” flowed nicely into the Empire track “Shoot The Runner.” As I looked past the first few rows of fans behind me, my long running fears were beginning to come true. Having watched hundreds of live Kasabian videos on YouTube, I know that when they play the crowd goes bonkers for the band. Alas my lone headline appearance from the band happened to be in a town where even the greats find it impossible to get the crowd to show any type of enthusiasm on a Friday night, let alone a Tuesday night.

Thankfully my fear didn’t last long as Kasabian proved why they are the greatest rock stars to emerge over the last decade. The band reminded fans where they were, who they were seeing and that it was time to get off of the cell phones and into the show. Hard hitting versions of “Velociraptor,” “Underdog” and “I.D.” finally got many on the floor jumping and moving. Playing up that they were in the city of Angels, Meighan not only dedicated “Thick as Thieves” to Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, he threw in a few lines of The Doors “People Are Strange” to the delight of many older audience members.

My biggest shock of the night was “Take Aim.” Not a terrible song, but one that may get skipped occasionally when I enjoy West Ryder however after this night that may never happen again. With Meighan now totally absent from the stage, lead guitarist/vocalist Sergio Pizzorno lead the band through a highly charged take on the song. Pizzorno doesn’t ask that you jump and make some noise, he demands it and by this point in the night there was not a single person inside of the Fonda not eating out of his hand and following his every word. Having smiled and given me a thumbs up after spotting my “America <3 Kasabian” sign, the swirling wall of feedback built into the bands biggest stateside hit “Club Foot.” With Meighan sneaking back on stage and bassist Chris Edwards laying down the greatest bass line of the past 25 years I couldn’t help but smile. Kasabian were in Hollywood rocking my ass harder than it has ever been rocked before.

I have to assume that either “Re-Wired” or “Goodbye Kiss” will be the song featured on the Carson Daly television program as numerous video cameras showed up around that time. Having now made Meighan smile and dare I say blush from his spotting the “Thank You For Playing America Again” sign the band unknowingly thanked me by busting out “Fast Fuse.” Countless nights I have pushed my car well past the posted limit as I drive through the concrete jungle known as Los Angeles screaming along to the lyrics from this song. I have abused this metropolis hard over the past decade and not playing this song within our vast city limits would have been nothing short of criminal.

After a set closing “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)” which featured an extended outro where Pizzorno once again made Los Angeles break its strict NO AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION rule by singing the songs La La La’s well after other members had left the stage. When the band eventually returned we were treated to a nasty three song encore. Kicking off with arguably the bands heaviest song “Switchblade Smiles” it felt as if the lads had turned up the music even louder than before. With many in the crowd now jumping and smashing into each other without Pizzorno requesting us to do so, “Vlad The Impaler” kept the low end rumbling and featured Pizzorno laying down a few lines from “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy.

As the notes of “Fire” began to rang through the PA I knew our time together was coming to an end. I flashed my “Let’s Hit Roscoe’s After The Show” sign and guitarist Jay Mehler asked if I was paying and I of course responded yes. While we never did find each other for a chicken and waffle feast, he and his mates did rock all of us one last time. Despite its rampant overuse in America today, the word epic is the only way to describe the bands final song. From the fan sing along to Pizzorno instructing us all the sit upon the floor only to jump up on his command the energy inside the room felt like we were in a venue built for sports and not a former vaudeville theatre. As the final notes rang through and the band walked off the stage I am pretty sure I was glowing. Kasabian have conquered the rest of the world and the last empire to fall just happens to be America. I felt it coming long ago but it’s clear that if they keep working hard it is only a matter of time before this band gets the same love and respect from America as Radiohead and Muse. Thank you Kasabian for coming to America, please don’t make us wait 5 years for your next visit.


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Land On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Land On Jimmy Kimmel Live

You know we love Noel Gallagher here at Concert Confessions. From his immaculate performance last fall at UCLA to his rocking main stage set at Coachella last Saturday the man can do no wrong in our eyes. Last night (04/16/12) Gallagher and his High Flying Birds descended upon Hollywood Blvd for a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The former Oasis member rocked Kimmel’s smaller indoor stage and you can watch both “AKA…What A Life” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger” down below.





Travis Barker Joins Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for Jimmy Kimmel Live

Travis Barker Joins Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s hard to argue that there is no brighter spot on late night talk shows for live music than Jimmy Kimmel Live. Last night (03/21/12) the former Man Show host once again set the bar high with a smoking performance from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem with special guest Travis Barker. Promoting the home video release of The Muppets, Dr. Teeth and company went to town on the classic jam Can You Picture That. Check out a video of the performance below.



Nada Surf 03/20/12: The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Nada Surf w/ An Horse 03/20/12

The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Before we begin this latest confession, a few shout outs are in order. Big thanks to the incredible Adrian Garro for inviting me out to the show. Truly one of the nicest people you will encounter here in Los Angeles thanks again for the hookup. Likewise, thanks to You Tell Concerts who held the contest for Nada Surf tickets that Adrian won. To check out Adrian’s review of the show (after you read ours of course) click here

On a cool Tuesday evening in March it didn’t matter who was playing on stage, I was just excited to be once again walking into the venue once known as the Music Box. Back to being called The Fonda after being closed back in January, the venue is one of the best Los Angeles has to offer and I know I am not the only person in this city excited that it is open once again. Sure, some of the couches are still missing and the beer selection has gone from bad to worse, but the fact is music is once again blasting from the corner of El Centro and Hollywood Blvd as it should be.

The night got started just past 9pm with the Australian duo An Horse taking the stage. Before the curtain had been pulled back at the historic theatre, I was already bothered by the group. I realize that when it comes to grammar, I am far from perfect but for the love of God what kind of a name is An Horse? A dreadful name, that’s what kind of name it is. Regardless the group’s first song was pretty solid, it had a Death Cab For Cutie meets Tegan and Sara kind of vibe. Then the second song had the exact same feel. Before the third song, we all discovered that the front man (who even had the same stage presence and moves as Death Cab front man Ben Gibbard) was actually a woman. Thank God she mentioned not being able to sport a bikini with this chilly LA weather, because otherwise I would have assumed the entire night she was actually a he. As you probably guessed the third song sounded like the first two and by the time the fourth song began I was starting to lose focus on the band and was more interested in playing Words With Friends, Dice With Buddies and texting our good friend Jay Porks. I believe it was around the seventh of eight song that I finally that my attention was drawn back in even if it was for all the wrong reasons. Sadly in this day and age I didn’t recognize the “hit song” because of MTV or radio, I recognized it as a TV jingle As proof that marketing campaign worked, I couldn’t even tell you what product was being pushed. I wanted to like An Horse, but between the terrible name (which even the lead singer had a hard time pronouncing) and all their songs sounding the same I just couldn’t get into it. I will give them credit for using a guitar with an image of Owen Wilson from Shanghai Knights on it. That was rather random.


After enjoying great jams by Kasabian, Girls and M83 spun by the venues house DJ, Nada Surf hit the stage just past 10pm. Having just seen my first Nada Surf set earlier this year at Amoeba, I was excited to see what the boys could do with electric guitars. The group kicked the set off with the 1-2 punch of Clear Eye Clouded Mind and Waiting For Something from their incredible new record The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. While some bands would let fans down with new material right out the gate, the loyal audience was eager to eat up anything and everything played by the East Coast rock and rollers.

By the time the third song Happy Kid was almost over, I realized something was not quite right with front man Matthew Caws but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Joking as he tuned (something the band does very well) Caws then confessed he feared that he was coming down with a cold. With a cup of Thera-flu mixed with Vitamin W (the W standing for Whiskey) Caws continued on with the set by asking the crowd to help him sing the high harmonies on Whose Authority. I have seen a lot of things over the years at shows. I have seen front men set themselves on fire, I have seen band members busted open by bottles, but never have I watched a front man come down with a cold on stage.

Despite feeling less than stellar Caws and the band continued on like pros. The bands sense of humor was as enjoyable as the music. I tend to no longer scream things at bands as it’s rather douchy, but with the band basically encouraging it I was happy when they answered my question as to what brand of whiskey they were drinking (it was Jameson for those keeping score at home). I know I was not alone when I chuckled after Caws shared that he had replaced his vitamin W with the real vitamin W as he chugged down a bottle of water. He of course joked that the original vitamin W was white wine before launching into a stellar version of Teenage Dreams. In fact, the one thing that really stood out on this particular evening was how great the new material sounded. My personal highlight on this Tuesday night was When I Was Young. I loved how the soft quiet song slowly built and the guitar solo from the newest Nada Surf member Doug Gillard was nothing short of phenomenal.

After performing a seventeen song main set that lasted nearly 90 minutes the band returned for an obligatory encore. Having read past setlists, I knew this was the moment when the band busted out all the big guns. As expected, the group kicked things off with Inside Of Love. Admitting its cheesy nature, the boys asked the audience to sway along in unison as they played the song. Knowing how jaded southern California crowds can be, I was shocked to see how many not only swayed along in time to the music, but sang along as well. Perhaps inspired by all the Peyton Manning mania that has gripped the nation the last week, Caws then called an audible that broke hearts from coast to coast. Instead of playing the bands biggest hit Popular, they busted out the soft number Blonde on Blonde. I am going to assume this has to do with Caws struggling to keep his voice at this point and thus all is forgiven. The band finally closed the night with the beautiful Always Love.

Despite fighting the common cold, Nada Surf North American tour kickoff exceeded my high expectations. This band has been fighting an uphill battle for nearly two decades, of course they were not going to give up because of a weak immune system. Now if only they had heard my request to pass the bottle of Jameson (which made its way onto the stage during the encore) to the folks in the front row. Oh well, there is always next time.


Win Tickets To See Good Old War/The Belle Brigade Live in Hollywood

Win Tickets To See Good Old War/Belle Brigade Live in Hollywood

Good news for fans of sweet vocal harmonies living in Southern California. We are giving away a pair  three pairs of tickets to see Good Old War and The Belle Brigade with support from special guests Family of the Year.

Good Old War just released their third full length record Come Back As Rain on March 6th of this year. Absolute Punk gave the record an 8 out of 10 rating while praising the trio’s ability to use their vocals as an instrument.

The Belle Brigade feature siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska. The duo has been on tour since their self-titled debut album dropped in April of 2011. With lush vocals and great melodies, these two have a bright future ahead of them.

Tickets for the groups March 25th show at Avalon in Hollywood, CA are on sale now and you can buy them by clicking here.

In the event you are feeling lucky and decided to not pick up tickets for this exciting show right away, you can enter for a chance to win right here, right now. The rules for entry are simple; all you need to do is leave a comment down below letting us know just how bad you want to win. We will pick three winners at random on Wednesday March 21st, Thursday March 22nd  2012. Winners will be contacted via e-mail by Live Nation. Good luck and make sure to check out the complete list of dates for this tour below.



8th Relix Varsity Theatre Knoxville, TN

9th Vinyl Atlanta, GA

10th Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC

11th 3rd & Lindsley Nashville, TN

13th HOB / Cambridge Room Dallas, TX

14th Korova San Antonio, TX

15-18 SXSW Austin, TX

19th Fitzgerald’s Houston, TX

21st Santa Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe, NM

22nd Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ

24th Slim’s San Francisco, CA

25th Avalon Hollywood, CA

28th Aladdin Theatre Portland, OR

3rd The Venue Boise, ID

4th The State Room Salt Lake City, UT

6th The Back Sheep Colorado Springs, CO

7th Bluebird Denver, CO

9th The Waiting Room Omaha, NE

10th Maintenance Shop Ames, IA

11th Varsity Theatre Minneapolis, MN

13th High Noon Saloon Madison, WI

14th Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL

15th The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington, IN

17th The Ark Ann Arbor, MI

18th Beachland Ballroom Cleveland, OH

19th Mr. Small’s Theatre Pittsburgh, PA

22nd Higher Ground Burlington, VT

24th Black Cat Washington, DC

25th Bowery Ballroom New York, NY

26th Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA

27th Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA


The Joy Formidable Rock Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Joy Formidable Rock Jimmy Kimmel Live

There I was in bed again last night (shocking I know). MLB Network once again was blacked out so I found myself watching my late night back up Jimmy Kimmel Live. Having enjoyed Jonah Hill promoting 21 Jump Street the night before (only to fall asleep before The Crystal Method rocked with Martha Reeves), it was Tatum Channing’s turn to promote the upcoming cinematic extravaganza. I fell asleep around the second guest whose name I don’t even remember but woke up just in time to catch the tail end of a performance from The Joy Formidable. I always miss this band. I missed them at Outside Lands last summer. I didn’t make it into their Mayan gig on Wednesday and now I slept through them on Kimmel. Oh well, at least you can watch the performances below.





(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)


The Crystal Method Team Up With Martha Reeves For Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Crystal Method Team Up With Martha Reeves For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Typically I watch MLB Network as I fall asleep. But with a local teams game being featured the channel was blacked out so instead I decided to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live. While I would later ponder just how drunk Jonah Hill was, the thing that stuck with me was Kimmel sharing a story about ½ of the shows musical guest – The Crystal Method. As it turns out, Ken Jordan fired Jimmy from a Las Vegas radio station many years ago. Unfortunately, I fell asleep long before the lovely Busy Phillips made her way to the couch so I didn’t get to see The Crystal Method perform with the legendary Martha Reeves. Thankfully it’s 2012 and we have YouTube where those of us who fall asleep before late night shows get to their musical guests can go and catch what they missed. Check out The Crystal Method with Martha Reeves perform I’m Not Leaving down below.


(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)



Win Tickets To See Sharon Van Etten w/ The War On Drugs in Hollywood

Win Tickets To See Sharon Van Etten w/ The War On Drugs in Hollywood

With her third album Tramp hitting shelves last month, Sharon Van Etten is set to kick off a North American tour in support of her most recent effort on March 14th in Austin Texas. NPR Music has declared “Her songs are heartfelt without being overly earnest; her poetry is plainspoken but not overt, and her elegant voice is wrapped in enough rasp and sorrow to keep from sounding too pure or confident.” To celebrate her upcoming tour, we have teamed with Live Nation Los Angeles to give away a pair of tickets to her March 20th show at Avalon in Hollywood, CA.

Joining Van Etten at the Avalon will be indie rockers The War On Drugs who recently caught our eye with a tasty performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. You can watch the performance by clicking here.

To win the tickets, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter (@concertconfess) and tweet the following message:

I want to win tickets for #TheWarOnDrugs & @sharonvanetten from @concertconfess & @livenation_la.

Please note retweets of our original posting won’t count. You must follow us and create an original tweet with the above message in order to win.

The contest is open now and we will pick a winner on March 16th, 2012. You can purchase tickets for this show by clicking here.

Sharon Van Etten 2012 North American Tour Dates:

March 14, 2012 : SXSW: Austin, Texas – United States

March 15, 2012 : SXSW: The Mohawk (outdoor patio): Austin, Texas – United States

March 20, 2012 : The Avalon: Los Angeles, California – United States#

March 21, 2012 : The Independent: San Francisco, California – United States#

March 23, 2012 : The Aladdin Theater: Portland, Oregon – United States#

March 24, 2012 : The Biltmore Cabaret: Vancouver, – Canada#

March 25, 2012 : Neptune Theater: Seattle, Washington – United States

March 27, 2012 : State Room: Salt Lake City, Utah – United States#

March 28, 2012 : The Bluebird Theater: Denver, Colorado – United States#

March 30, 2012 : Mission Creek Festival: Iowa City, Iowa – United States

March 31, 2012 : Luminary Center for the Arts: St. Louis,, Missouri – United States#

April 1, 2012 : Rhino’s: Bloomington, Indiana – United States#

April 19, 2012 : Ottobar: Baltimore, Maryland – United States

April 20, 2012 : Jefferson Theatre: Charlottesville, Virginia – United States

April 21, 2012 : Grey Eagle: Asheville, North Carolina – United States

April 22, 2012 : Bottletree Cafe: Birmingham, Alabama – United States

April 24, 2012 : The Square Room: Knoxville, Tennessee – United States

April 25, 2012 : The Earl: Atlanta, Georgia – United States

April 26, 2012 : Mercy Lounge: Nashville, Tennessee – United States

April 27, 2012 : Mayday Northside: Cincinnati, Ohio – United States

April 28, 2012 : Carnegie Lecture Hall: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – United States

May 3, 2012 : BAM: Brooklyn, New York – United States

June 21, 2012 : Union Transfer: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – United States

July 28, 2012 : Newport Folk Festival: Newport, Rhode Island – United States

August 4, 2012 : First Avenue: Minneapolis, Minnesota – United States

September 22, 2012 : ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror New Jersey: Asbury Park, New Jersey – United States

# w/ The War On Drugs


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