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Summerland 2014 @ Irving Plaza NYC

Summerland 2014 – Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 & Spacehog

Irving Plaza – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Summerland Marquee

On this day 20 years ago my hometown New York Knicks won Game 5 of the NBA Finals while O.J. Simpson was on TV, well at least his white bronco was.. being chased by police down the freeway. Those were good times. So it’s most certainly fitting to attend the only  throwback 90s concert tour worth seeing tonight: Summerland 2014. Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6 and Spacehog. Let nostalgia not be a dirty word tonight as we take a trip back two decades. Doors open at 6:30 and showtime is set for 7:30.

Art Alexakis

Art Alexakis was on stage at 7:27 to let us know how he believes this years Summerland is the best yet. This will be an ongoing theme as Art is a social guy, and will introduce every band that’s not his tonight. Seems to be trying to build on the Summerland thing, maybe keep this as a recurring tour year to year. I speak for tons of us when I say fuck yes that is exactly what I want.



Spacehog plowed through the opening slot well, playing songs like Candyman and Mongo to settle in the late comers still straggling in. Might be more people in VIP upstairs than in the standing room downstairs. Heaven for bid one of these juice bag guards let me snap a shot from anywhere that’s not the photo pit. This place is filling out as walking to the staircase is becoming a bitch. Played a song off their new record called Love Is a Curious is Thing (at least what I want to say the name is) and that had my head nodding swiftly as I scoped out some better spots. And to the guy surfing OkCupid during their set.. Come on man, seriously? Spacehog rocked In The Meantime to end the evening slightly before 8PM. The crowd more than thrilled and gave a resounding roar.

Eve 6

Eve 6 had tons of fans in the house here to just see them as I found out while outside smoking. When they jumped into their set, it was clear to me what was to like about this band besides Inside Out. These dudes can still kick it. At one point the lead singer screamed “everyone on your feet!” To the standing room only crowd. Habit I guess?  Here’s To The Night was a heavy hitter tonight, as I was reminded that I do in fact know and love this song.

At the end of their set, we let the filming commence on “Inside Out” which had to be one of the best moments inside that building this evening. They put my tender heart in a blender and were through by 8:45. Incredible energy.

Soul Asylum

While doing the pre band introduction,  Art says he’s “been trying to get Soul Asylum on this tour since the first year”. A few minutes after 9 Dave Pirner and Soul Asylum hit the stage for a quick set of hits to get Irving Plaza jumping. This band is so under appreciated. From their nutty 80s years to not getting eaten up by the 90s. Pirner is having so much fun, and so is the rest of this band. Made sure to let the bassist know it was a great set as he passed by me later on the evening. After the first couple songs you get booted from the photo pit, so I found a little corner for us antisocial folks. Myself and the non-socialites rocked out to Misery and Black Gold. The former of which Art came on stage to share some vocals duties towards the end.

Dave Pirner

 To sit here and try and pretend that Runaway Train wasn’t incredible to witness live, every time live for that matter, would just be absolute lunacy. Dave Pirner is often forgotten as one of the great songwriters of my generation, oddly that might be because he didn’t O.D. or kill himself.

Somebody To Shove and Just Like Anyone closes down a feisty set at about 9:40. What a band. I’m gonna see them every time they come to town if it’s gonna be this much fun and this rockin’ every time.  Also times flies when you’re having fun, very surprised how quickly this evening is moving along.


Max Collins of Eve 6 was tapped to introduce Everclear, who came out together instruments in hand side by side and played a cooled down Santa Monica for about a minute or so. I did notice on the setlist that Santa Monica was listed as both the set opener and closer. In the photo pit I got experience up close and person Heroin Girl and Father of Mine, the ladder of which I snuck video of because I’m just plain allergic to rules. I fucking love those songs. If I wasn’t busy snapping photos I’d be jumping around as if I was the one happy in hell with my heroin girl.


As I’ve been doing throughout the evening, I headed to the red couch in the back to stand on after the first couple songs of each band. Now we’re at the end of the night, so let’s do what I do best: roll film.

AM Radio, Everything To Everyone, I Will Buy You A New Life and the aforementioned Father of Mine are all being uploaded to Youtube as we speak. Hopefully we can remove this last sentence sooner rather than later.


But really what this is all about, the essence that Summerland is aiming for is just fun times with good bands playing music with guitars. This epiphany was had during Wonderful, because in all honesty every thing IS wonderful now. Maybe Art Alexakis and Douche McGrath had a disagreement on what this concert tour should be, but I’m #TeamArt on this one. Let’s keep this going.

The amped up version of Santa Monica closed the set, the only song I can kinda play on real guitar. Or so that’s what was believed but the band came back out to play some 70s covers superjam while introducing the members of the band. Heard bits of Queen, Judas Priest, Zeppelin.

They were kicking out the hard jams, this is the loudest they’ve been all night. And then, around 11PM it was over. Summerland 2014 was over. And it was back to normal life.. Sad face emoticon.

Eve 6 Soul Asylum








Soul Asylum




Dave and Art

Everclear trio shot




Soundgarden To Play Three “Small” US Gigs

Soundgarden To Play Three “Small” US Gigs

 I can’t name one person (besides possibly Billy Corgan) who’s not excited for this rebirth of Soundgarden we’ve had over the past few years, with a tour in 2011 and this year bringing a new record  King Animal, due out November 13th.  The band has just announced Late Night appearances on David Letterman(11/12)  and Jimmy Kimmel (11/26), along with three other intimate gigs that will undoubtedly sell out in a matter of moments. Those dates are listed below, and tickets are on sale to the general public November 9th via Ticketmaster

November 13 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
November 16 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theater
November 27 – Los Angeles, CA @The Fonda Theatre

Slaughterhouse Announces 2012 Tour Dates (43 of them!)

Slaughterhouse 2012 Tour Dates, New Album

It feels like just yesterday. En route to SOB’s to see the most buzzed about act to be affiliated Shady camp since Eminem himself: Slaughterhouse. Consisting of Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9”, Crooked I & Joell Ortiz, Hip Hop’s most powerful super-group proceeded to take the stage and tear down Lower Manhattan that night.

In turn, that led to excitement heading into a Joe Budden solo show at Irving Plaza a few weeks later, where this writer was actually in a bit of a Twitter dispute hours before the sub-par gig that we witnessed that night

“-Jay Porks: me and @oneshotchach headed out to this @JoeBudden show with LOW expectations… I don’t remember being this unenthusiastic for a show b4.”

“-JoeBudden: @JayPorks then y exactly are yall paying to come ?”

“-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden It’s this little thing fans do. You know, where they like your music and come out to show support…”

“-Joe Budden: @JayPorks u ever been to 1 of my shows ?”

“-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden 2night’s the 1st time I get the exclusive Joe showcase.. was at SOB’s a few weeks ago. I wrote this: tinyurl.com/5tcj4wp “

“-Joe Budden: @JayPorks I read that b4.. All of it leads me to ask.. Y so unenthused about tonight ?”

Now back on topic, the keyword in his last tweet to me contained the words “I read that b4”. So as an admitted fan of Concert Confessions, we figured let’s fill you in on their 43 date tour that kicks off March 8th and heads all the way into May spanning major cities all across the U.S. This is in support of their sophomore effort (and debut album on the Shady Records label), “Welcome To Our House”. This is not the kind of Rap Music that Watches any Thrones, they don’t play the same song 13 times in one show. This is not showmanship, not ‘see how much money I can piss on” type of hip hop. So for all fans of the genre’s lyrical achievements.. we got the dates below


March 8, 2012—Southside (Dallas, TX)
March 9, 2012—House of Blues (Houston, TX)
March 10, 2012—Beauty Ballroom (Austin, TX)
March 11, 2012 – White Rabbit (San Antonio, TX)
March 16, 2012—House of Blues (Myrtle Beach, SC)
March 17, 2012—Beachem Theater (Orlando, FL)
March 18, 2012—Revolution (Miami, FL)
March 22, 2012—Masquerade (Atlanta, GA)
March 23, 2012—The Cannery (Nashville, TN)
March 24, 2012—The Fillmore (Charlotte, NC)
March 25, 2012—SoundStage (Baltimore, MD)
March 26, 2012—Wilbur Theatre (Boston, MA)
March 27, 2012—Trocadero Theatre (Philadelphia, PA)
March 28, 2012—9:30 Club (Washington D.C.)
March 29, 2012—Best Buy Theater (New York, NY)
March 31, 2012—Lava Lounge (Bowling Green, KY)
April 1, 2012—Metro (Chicago, IL)
April 2, 2012—Royal Oak Music Theatre (Detroit, MI)
April 5, 2012—The Clubhouse (Tempe, AZ)
April 6, 2012—Music Box (Los Angeles, CA)
April 7, 2012—The Regency Ballroom (San Francisco, CA)
April 8, 2012—Hard Rock Cafe (Las Vegas, NV)
April 9, 2012—The Galaxy (Santa Ana, CA)
April 10, 2012—Porters Pub (San Diego, CA)
April 11, 2012—Velvet Jones (Santa Barbara, CA)
April 14, 2012—Showbox at the Market (Seattle, WA)
April 16, 2012—Harry O’s (Salt Lake City, UT)
April 17, 2012 – Sunshine Theatre (Albuquerque, NM)
April 18, 2012—Bluebird (Denver, CO)
April 19, 2012—Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO)
April 20, 2012— TBD
April 21, 2012—Granada (Lawrence, KS)
April 22, 2012—Epic (Minneapolis, MN)
April 24, 2012—Rave (Milwaukee, WI)
April 25, 2012—Kalamazoo Theatre (Kalamazoo, WI)
April 26, 2012—The Vogue (Indianapolis, IN)
April 27, 2012— TBD
April 28, 2012—House of Blues (Cleveland, OH)
April 29, 2012—Omni (Toledo, OH)
April 30, 2012—Headliners (Louisville, KY)
May 1, 2012—Toad’s Place (New Haven, CT)
May 2, 2012—Lupos (Providence, RI)
May 3, 2012—Wilbur Theater (Boston, MA)

The Darkness w/ Foxy Shazam 2/4/12 Irving Plaza NYC

On the same evening that New York Jets Running Back Curtis Martin get’s elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, can you believe that’s only the second best thing that happened today? Well, The 64th installment of the Jay Pork Never Ending Concert Series may have had something to do with that. Tonight brings us to Irving Plaza in NYC for an epic evening with The Darkness! Along with Foxy Shazam (Which ‘thenaturalstoner‘ praises for their latest stellar release), and I believe some other band they threw on the card that will be named in the next paragraph or so. This is great for so many reasons. First trip back to Irving Plaza since the Joe Budden debacle, and as I recall I noted to show up earlier this time and make it a must to get a better spot. Irving Plaza is also the venue me and my friend Pam scalped the fake Alice In Chains tickets and got beat on 100 bucks. Bad things have happened here. But, it’s the freaking Darkness! A band that people don’t know til you sing them the chorus from “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”, and even then they snort in derision. “You’re going to see that band?”. Yea actually I am. I can recall actually having a professor of mine at the College of Staten Island last semester breakdown the Epicness of the Darkness to some classmate who claimed they were a “one hit wonder”. That teacher said he’ll be in attendance tonight, and I will be looking for him(Brian Cogan author of many books available on Amazon, including the “Encyclopedia of Punk”). So there’s that and hey, it’s our first 2012 show-time to get back in the swing of things. I kicked it off huge last year with GWAR, and I expect The Darkness deliver as well (Well, except the “one of the guys in the band dying” part anyway). So let’s get this show on the road shall we?

So after freezing outside on a line for about an hour, they decided to open the doors. I happened to be standing next to a couple outside who I got to chatting it up with. Totally cool people, it was all laughs and talking past show experiences. Love that shit. And it was either Connecticut or New Hampshire they were from I can’t remember because I’m a terrible friend. But I know they were in a hotel and I know they were nice enough to warm me up with some of their Jagermeister while we waited for doors to open. Awesome. Finally some people who are friendly! I’m standing next to someone who says there is a second opener in addition to Foxy Shazam. I’m sure as hell hope not. Anyway I was able to snag a standing room spot upstairs, so video is happening tonight (we hope).

At 9 on the dot, a band fronted by a guy wearing rainbow zebra pants hit the stage. This band turned out to be Crown Jewel Defense- they’ve been on tour with Darkness overseas they say, and by the looks of their wardrobe I believe them. These guys look like before they formed this band they played as a Darkness cover band the way everyone’s pants hugging testicles. I mean, these guys aren’t that bad- they’re tight as a band. This guy has painted lines under his eyes like a Native American chief or something. What the hell goes on with life? A whole 24 minutes of their set went by fairly quickly, before the last song there was chants of “No more songs!” from the Irving Plaza crowd. Wasn’t me this time I swear.

Foxy Shazam came out at 9:40, and were totally freaking cool from the get go. Lead singer grabs the microphone and says: “I know Rock and Roll is dead but that doesn’t mean we can’t dance with it’s fucking ghost!!”. Hell yes! THIS is a band I can get into. They kicked it off with a song called “The Only Way to My Heart”-you had me at “The”! The lead singer jumps on the lead guitarist’s shoulders as he’s playing his little solo part, humps the back of his head. They got what I thought was hydraulic keyboards going on over there, but that was just the dude enjoying lifting it and moving it into obscure angles, including upside down to end the set. He was standing (and stomping) on that keyboard for a while there. Their lead singer is something else. All over the place, crazy swinging the mic-stand around and catching it.. Little bit of Iggy in him,

you know, minus the blood and peanut butter. During the set he asked if anyone in the crowd has a cigarette, he was tossed one with a light and lit it up. He takes a few puffs, and EATS IT. The dude ate a lit cigarette on stage! That’s what I call showmanship right there, that’s a front man I want to see more of… I feel like I’ve said this before, but this band sounds exactly like it’s name. Foxy Shazam.. just say it like this Foxy Sha-ZAM!!..Their set was over at 10:09. Then the wait for the Darkness had begun.

Hey, message to the dudes behind me-bump me again, and I’m going to turn around and punch somebody. The dance floor is downstairs if you wanna boogie, there was 5 of us that ran up here for a reason-to get away from you idiots.

So at like 10:50, the lights went off and a little intro music for a minute or so before they appeared before us: THE DARKNESS !

Rocking a stache like no other, decked out in an American Flag themed outfit looking like Johnny Depp meets Freddie Mercury. The place has filled out to the gills and going completely crazy.. these people are screaming so loud I could barely hear the notes at first. Started it with “Black Shuck” and went into “Growing on Me” from there. As someone who writes stuff on the interwebs, this point of the show I’m in heaven with a great spot and no event staffers in sight. I’m rolling, I’m gonna get this whole freaking thing! “The Best of Me”, “One Way Ticket to Hell and Back”, “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us”(The music video they release a few days ago), and “Get Your Hands Off My Women”-with the only one I wasn’t recording was the new one.

To me, this set happens in portions. The above paragraph is me rocking out doing my Social Media Journalistic duties from the 2nd floor leaning over the railing, recording songs like the rest of the room-except I’m not using an iPhone. So this schmuck starts tapping me on the shoulder during “Can’t Believe It’s Not Love” and demands I put the camera away. Really dude? Again, I can’t stress this enough, IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO BRING A CAMERA, THEN PUT IT IN THE EVENT INFO! You can’t just make up rules. Besides the fact of all the pot smoke and cigarettes being smoked downstairs. But no, me standing next the mom of one Foxy Shazam’s photographers with a little tiny camera is a problem. Screw you guy, you almost ruined my night.

It was at that point I realized my kidney’s were not up to the task of holding this urine in much longer, and since this great spot has gone to waste thanks to that event staff prick, might as well hit the head right about now. And I promise you this is how it went down, I can’t make this up. I run downstairs as I hear that Justin Hawkins is strumming an acoustic, but now I’m on the run to the stall and as soon as I close that door and begin to relieve myself, I hear that the song they’re playing is “Holding My Own”.. as I look down and, let’s face it, I too am also holding my own. I ran back upstairs because I heard “Love Is Only a Feeling” about to get started and I got up there and couldn’t see a freaking thing it’s so packed out. I was so mad for that split second I swung my fist towards the wall and almost punched it, I pulled back before I hit it (damn people watching me must think I’m a nutcase). I walked downstairs and sat back to enjoy this great song, and this great night. Eff that guy-I got “Growing On Me” that’s gonna have 100’s of views by next week. Porks 1, Event Staff 0.

Some bands let you down with their live performance-that is not the case here tonight. I cannot believe this guy can hit those high notes like that in real life-too bad Queen isn’t still looking for a front man to tour with-because THIS would be the guy. And keep now I’ve moved to the bar, and I’m watching the on stage happenings on a flat screen TV. I’m being blown away through a Television! This back end of the set they actually mixed in a few new songs too, that Justin said is on an album they’re working on. Good news for us Darklings. “Friday Night”(I love that song) was followed by a new one called “Everybody Have a Good Time”. He said it was “Everybody Have a Mother Fucking Good Time”, but the chorus didn’t have the expletive in it, so I’ll assume it’s not going in the title. “Givin’ Up” was in there too at some point, my iPod was dead I couldn’t take the songs down in order..Their were at least 2 more new ones in there that we weren’t privileged to be given the names of before the night was over. They went off well after Midnight, with “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” being the last song before the encore, and it was already 12:10 by then.

What a night. Feels so good to get back in the swing of things for 2012-as much as I love discussing festival lineups and trying to plan trips to Beale St., it fells so freaking good typing every single word of this as the clock ticks past 5AM. Tons of other shows coming this year, as we try and top last years total of 23: We got DMX coming up, Kasabian at Terminal 5 in March, Local H coming back at the Mercury Lounge in April. Fun times, fun times indeed. But here’s something not fun: I have a restaurant to open up in 4 hours-working til 9PM. And you know what, maybe someone get’s Merlot instead of Cabernet later because I’m so shot from all this madness… but it was all so damn worth it. Thanks for sticking around for all this jibber jabbar-stay tuned.


Joe Budden @ Irving Plaza 6/17/2011

I always wondered what it would be like when I saw that show I was extremely unfulfilled with. I’ve never left a show thinking “I’m gonna trash the sh*t out of this thing”.. Well, let me try not to give away the ending here as the 49th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending concert series is sort of a continuation from where we left off last time. A few weeks ago we endured Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9”, Crooked I) at SOB’s in the city. Tonight is the alleged main event, as Joe Budden headlines Irving Plaza in Union Square. We came to these tickets like this, have you ever tried to set yourself up for a good birthday present? Well, that’s what I tried to do as this was my representation for my friend Chach’s birthday present, in hopes that when December rolls around they’ll be some awesome show I’ll get bought in to. And as previously mentioned here, Joe Budden’s music and the ears of Jay Porks usually get along very well.


Before we left for the city, I had tweeted something like “never been so unenthusiastic headed to a show before” and tagged Joe Budden in it, not thinking anything of it. What happened after that is completely out of my hands as sh*t got real and all of a sudden I had a way more powerful voice that I thought I did. So Joe Budden decides to tweet back at me, asking me why I paid for tickets if I’m not enthused. Here’s the back and forth via twitter:


-Jay Porks: me and @oneshotchach headed out to this @JoeBudden show with LOW expectations… I don’t remember being this unenthusiastic for a show b4.

-JoeBudden: @JayPorks then y exactly are yall paying to come ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden It’s this little thing fans do. You know, where they like your music and come out to show support…

-Joe Budden: @JayPorks u ever been to 1 of my shows ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden 2night’s the 1st time I get the exclusive Joe showcase.. was at SOB’s a few weeks ago. I wrote this: tinyurl.com/5tcj4wp

-Joe Budden: @JayPorks I read that b4.. All of it leads me to ask.. Y so unenthused about tonight ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden If I had more than 140 characters, I’d have added “unenthusiastic due to in-climate weather and a trek from Staten”


First of all I’d like to thank Joe for walking directly into my trap by being so annoyed by my lack of enthusiasm he felt the need to Re-tweet(RT) it to all of his almost 296,000 followers. And I owe dude another thank you, as it was the perfect lead in to link him up to the review I wrote of the Slaughterhouse show. And of course the key line in all of this being “I read that b4”, now that is awesome-an admitted fan of my work… By the time all this is going down I still haven’t left my house, I’m up like 10 Twitter followers-the ‘mentions’ are out of control. NOW this night just got interesting. Too bad this would be the peak of this evenings surprises.


Me and Chach aren’t pulling any punches-we showed up after 9 (doors opened at 8:30).. last Hip Hop show I attended I sat through 27 opening acts before my headliner did a whole 40 minutes give or take; was not taking that chance this time. I’ve heard stories about (and could’ve sworn I read tweets directly from the horses mouth about) three hour Joe Budden sets. Which I wouldn’t mind-just would like to skip the additional 2 hours of standing before that. Irving Plaza, much like a lot of these NYC venues, if you’re not one of the first 15 people on the line and you don’t get a spot up against the stage-your standing place is going to suck balls anyway if you’re under 6 foot 2, so why rush there in the rain. And besides if doors don’t open til 8:30, I don’t expect to see this dude hit the stage pre-10:30.


Like I said it was after 9 when we walked in, and there on stage is a funny dude known as “Low Key” (Twitter @LowKeyUHTN) who is serving as the MC for the evening before the acts hit the stage. They’re spinning records, getting the crowd pumped and all that. It feels like a “club” in here, and it’s PACKED. People are already out the doors into the hallways packing into every inch of this place. The most full I’ve ever seen a place that wasn’t listed as “Sold Out” . And wait a second, there is an opener who is yet to go on stage, his name is Drue Hudson (I was calling him Dru Holiday all night, but Chach had to inform me I was thinking of a basketball player). Anyway he came on and played from 10PM to 10:10PM.. not a typo, that’s ten minutes and promptly after that Low Key handed off the mic to someone who said he was going to be our MC for the remainder of the evening, his name is “Killa BH” of “Is it the Shoes?” fame.. Joe Budden walked onto the stage at about 10:20, maybe a tad after, and jumped right into things with a song called “Real Estate” followed by a TEASE of a song called “Walk With Me” off his only major label release. What I mean by tease, is that the beat was played, everyone got excited and then as soon as it was time for the lyrics to kick it they flipped to another song immediately. There were a lot of times tonight I felt as if I was listening to HOT97 or something the way a beat would be teased only to not hear the song. How is that gratifying at all? And throughout the night the same “time killing” non sense would go down as it did at SOB’s a few weeks ago. We have fans being invited up on stage to see if they can rap the verses from a random Joe Budden song they throw on. First fan killed it on a song called “Calm Down”, completely nailed it. He won himself a free “Joe Budden related” tattoo from Joe’s personal tattoo artist. But that sucks, because that’s one of my favorites and another from that first(only) record that we’re now obviously not going to experience for real tonight. And not to say there weren’t full songs played(or almost full), because there were like: “Downfall”, “Side Tracked”, “Black Cloud” and inbetween there his biggest hit to date “Pump it up” was played about mid way through the set.


Am I missing something here? Think about this for a second, the artist I’m here to see has ONE album that you can buy in a store-the rest of his work has come on mixtapes. I mean, Pump it Up is not one of my favorites at all, but it’s his highest charting single, I would think that you save that song for close to the end, no? I know artists don’t like to be defined by one song, or one album of their career-but with such scarce depth of songs to reach too,don’t you think you should spend, I don’t know, maybe 20 minutes of this set and run though some of that for us really quick? Maybe play “Stand Up Nucca”, “Calm Down” or even “10 Minutes”-just to bring the night full circle you know. Promote all the new material too, but damn man I’d kill for a classic right now as I hear you accapella your verse from “Microphone” or a piece of “Never Sober Up”.. And as the night moves on, I keep hearing Joe say how “We’re pressed for time here tonight”… WHAT? It’s Friday night in New York City at a real deal concert venue and we’re already hinting about an early exit? At least add some commentary to that like “the VENUE is giving us a ceiling on time” or something. Especially when I’ve seen plenty of bands like Mudhoney and the Meat Puppets play into the 1AM hour and we’re dropping curfew hints at 11:23? This is making me feel like Esther Baxter isn’t the only one with the “So what? attitude/coming off arrogant” to quote a line from “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3”, which was actually one of tonight’s highlights.

Coming up on midnight closing this set down, Emanny was brought out to do a song called “Dreamers” as me and Chach decided it was time to see if we can catch that 12:30 ferry(which we didn’t) and got the hell out of there. So after being interrogated over Twitter and in not so many words being dared not to be blown away by this show-I walk away unblown, and my back is freaking killing me. I mean I’ve been to over 50 concerts, if any artists I’m going to see need tips on how to make a set list out or something, just send me over an email I’m always here to help. Had more fun at SOB’s than I did at this show-more intimate, more interesting, more energized…They say don’t knock it til you try it, well….Knock Knock.

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