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Earlier in June of this year, I was cruising facebook when my favorite rapper (Mac Lethal ) posted he would be joining 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Urge and Soja for the Summerdaze Festival 2012 in his hometown of Kansas City. Had I not seen that post, I would of never drove across the state lines for this show. In hind sight I am very glad I did. After seeing Mac Lethal in the spring and rocking his ” Irish Goodbye ” Cd all summer. I knew I had to go see this.

My girlfriend and I joined up with my friends Chris and Lindsay and made this road trip official. However the week of the show we were told we were going to have to leave late, which had me worried I would miss the one person I had wanted to see most this day. We ended up leaving St. Louis around 1 p.m for a 4 hour drive to Kansas City. Mac Lethal posted he would go on at 4:45, thanks to Chris’s gangster driving skills, and avoiding the extra state trooper presence on the highway. We showed up cold drinks in hand at 4:40.

While walking through the parking lot, it was obvious we were going to miss some of the party. In St. Louis the police ride around on golf carts and issue citations for open containers in the parking lot. In Kansas City, the police stood off to the side as a full fledged party was well under way, complete with beer pong tables, loud music and copious amounts of empty beer cans and liquor bottles littering the ground.

We walked in as soon as Mac Lethal stepped on stage, we missed one song as we walked to the front of the stage. There was a light mist in the air and many came in early to see the hometown rapper make KC proud once again.

When I think of Mac Lethal, I think of two things: Fun, and Progress. His shows are constantly more fun than the last, and he is constantly stepping it up and making every show his best show. He was joined on stage by his hype man extraordinaire Alvie, and they made the best of the 40 minute set time.

Rocking songs from the older albums and his new album ” Irish Goodbye “. The set was very enjoyable. Before leaving he did a live version of the youtube viral hit ” Pancake Rap ” which boast over 20 million views on youtube. He closed his set off the same way I started it, by pounding a beer. ” Pound That Beer ” was a great way to end the set and made me wish he got another 20 minutes.

The rain picked up in between sets, and my girlfriend and I sought out some refreshments and drier pastures. Soja rocked it though as if it was a beautiful, sunny, summer day and the crowd loved it. We came back for the end of their set and it was very enjoyable they had a lot of good energy. I would go see them again in a instant and they were a great addition to a already solid lineup.

That made it time for our hometown boys made good, The Urge. Hailing from St. Louis and recently reunited from a long hiatus as a band they are back and in a big way. Lot’s of STL hats and The Urge shirts filled the crowd. They came on stage and showed everyone else who was not in the know what time it was.

They were very tight as band and had the crowd eating it up. It was awesome to see our hometown band rock a out of state show to such a great reception. It was like they never broke up, the vocals, the guitars, the drums, everything was on point.

I had one question in my mind the whole ride down to Kansas City. One of the biggest Urge songs boast Nick Hexum on the chorus and seeing how both 311 and The Urge were on the bill, would we get a live version of ” Jump Right In”? Well, lets just say they didn’t disappoint, aside from some minor feedback, they rocked a flawless version of ” Jump Right In “. That in itself made the trip worth the 500 + miles of driving.

After The Urge the sky grew dark and large lingering clouds of potent marijuana filled the skies as California’s Slightly Stoopid took the stage. I have been going to see Slightly Stoopid way before their success in 2003, after 10 years of exhaustive touring and nonstop albums. They have finally made it on a very large scale, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

They were the reason quite a few of the people in the crowd were there, and have become quite the popular act. They played a very diverse set which is expected from them. Mixing up the old and new, classics, and covers.

After 60 minutes of stoney jams, and lit spliffs the set came to a end. I sought out a tasty cold beverage and retreated to the seats for some rest before 311 took the stage.

After a 30 minute intermission, the lights went black for the last time, and the crowd grew loud. 311 came out to ” Beautiful Disaster ” to start off their 21 song set. My friend Chris was hoping for ” Count Me In ” which he was lucky enough to get. He remarked they haven’t played that song much this tour, but KC got it.

They are notorious for having great career spanning set lists, and KC got a great one. Midway through they pulled out a Bad Brains cover and rocked ” Leaving Babylon “.

After 19 songs, they left the stage only to come back for two more. Omaha Stylee, and Creatures ended the 90+ minute set. It was a great time, and I couldn’t of enjoyed this show anymore than I did. Kansas City is a great time, always.

I can’t wait to be back, next summer I am sure to return, hopefully this festival does as well.

Till next time.


Cursive 03/02/12: The Record Bar – Kansas City, MO

Don’t tell the sold-out crowd at Kansas City’s Record Bar that Cursive‘s latest album isn’t the critical darling that their previous works were.

Despite hitting the shelves a week ago, the lyrical weight of Tim Kasher and company’s latest concept album had already worked its way into the crowd’s mind and were sung back to the five-piece band on every note. The Gemini heavy set worked extremely well, covering the whole gamut of the band’s seven-album history without becoming awkward. Despite several lineup changes and different musical directions that each album has taken, the band has woven together a coherent narrative that unites the different eras of their history, which was displayed perfectly as the night unfolded for the Kansas City crowd.


Kasher has finally ascended to true front man status. The memory of previous tours where he was placed behind miniature organs and off to the side has been wiped clean by a thrashing, daring lyricist who can challenge a crowd with not just his wordplay, but his emotionally charged performance. The band ran a blistering set that saw Kasher maniacally charged around the stage, and at times, into the crowd.

Opening with “This House Alive,” the band set the tone for the night that the crowd would gladly oblige. The whole crowd fully came alive for “A Gentleman Caller” from 2003’s Ugly Organ, which was peppered by multi-instrumentalist Patrick Newbery’s trumpet squeals. Newbery has helped fill out the band’s sound since the departure of cellist Gretta Cohen and has brought a new texture to the group’s catalog.

Digging even further into the band’s back catalog, “The Martyr” and “A Red So Deep” made an appearance from the band’s 2000 release Domestica. They sounded just as fresh and applicable as they were over ten years ago.

The band ratcheted the tempo down with “We’re Going to Hell,” which displayed the sonic range that Cursive has been known for. For every fist-raised, shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, group-therapy inducing song; there were several key moments like “Hell” and a completely restructured “The Recluse” that brought the crowd back into the shared setting with the band, intimately wrapped up and hanging on the band’s every note.

The band announced after “Art is Hard” that it this was the point that typically marked the end of their main set, but the sold out crowd had made it physically impossible for the band to the leave the stage. Instead, the band launched into a four song encore which concluded with the sprawling track “Eulogy for No Name.”
For a band that has made their bread and butter on insightful, exposed to the soul emotional hardcore albums that are presented in dense concept package; it would be easy to dismiss a live show from the band as falling short at every turn. Instead, Cursive takes the hard way in and emerges with a cohesive, charged live show that is as cathartic for crowd as it is for the band.

The Record Bar 03/02/2012, Kansas City, MO

This House Alive
Big Bang
A Gentleman Caller
The Cat and Mouse
A Red So Deep
The Sun and Moon
Ugly Organist->
Red Handed Slight of Hand
We’re Going to Hell
The Martyr
Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton->
I Couldn’t Love you Anymore
The Recluse
Art is Hard
Dorthy at 40
Mothership, Mothership do you read me?
From The Hips
Eulogy for No Name



View a gallery of pictures of last night’s Cursive show




Kid Rock Cares About Kansas City 11/29/11

After 15 years straight of playing large venues such as amplitheatres , arenas and race car tracks. Kid Rock and the respective Twisted Brown Trucker Band came back to revisit the club days.

They haven’t played clubs since 1999 and it was exciting to be able to buy general admission floor tickets for one of the best venues in the midwest. The Midland Theater right next to the Power And Light District of Kansas City, Missouri.

Day of show the biggest Kid rock fan I know, my mom and I ventured out to Kansas City in search of good times and Barbque. It was a 4 hour drive that I drove in less than 3 and a half. I decided to hit a KC classic that I haven’t been to since 2001. It was a good choice.

We ended up a Oklahoma Joes around 12:30, which is a well known secret to K.C. It is housed inside a gas station with impossible parking and insane barbque. We found a spot after 3 laps around the lot, parked and went in. I counted 50 people in line, not to mention a full dining room. The place is that good, believe the hype.

After 15 minutes of waiting I got a barbque pork and a fry. It was worth every bit of the wait, this sandwich was incredible. The roll was nice size and the pork tasted juicy and fresh with just a bit of the famous sauce on it, with more being available on the side. The fries were some of the best I’ve ever had and were seasoned to a salty perfection.

We ate in the car to avoid the chaos of a full dining room and a packed line with no sign of slowing up. Every bit was delicious and I made sure to finish my extra large helping of fries.

After that we headed to the venue and got in line. While in line we got to know the most entertaining security guard of all time. He deserves an award, best security guard 2011. He was funny and kept everyone from not acting crazy, what more can you ask for? We were the 6th people in line and took turns all day leaving and holding the spot.

We got amazing spots for the show, front row, center right in front of the main microphone. Around 8 p.m the opening act came out we were pleasantly surprised by Ty Stone. Also from Detriot, MI he showed a lot of depth as performer and not to mention his act was solo.

Ty was recently signed to Top Dog Records. He did a great job of opening the show. I thought he was a great addition to the tour and I look forward to seeing of and from him in the future.

After 30 minutes the intermission music stopped, the lights dimmed, the spotlight came on and out walked the guy who travels around and does the introduction for Kid Rock and we have seen him on too many tours to count. The music started, behind the white, war torn sheet that covered the stage, you could see the shadow of Kid Rock.

He came out to the 98 classic ” Devil Without A Cause “. It was a great song to open a career spanning set.

When the song got to Joe C’s part a banner dropped as Joe C’s voice boomed out the speakers. It was a great moment in the show and it wasn’t even past the first song.

He explored most of his records for this tour. The Twisted Brown Trucker Band was on point. Each and every song they made their own. They played old hits from 99 to present some such as ” Wasting Time “.

He told the crowd that they haven’t played that song in 10 plus years live. I wish they would venture away from the singles a bit more often.

Going back to his break out 1999 album they played the crowd favorite ” Cowboy ” which was vastly different from the last time I saw him besides the cowboy hat part. The crowd ate it up, and couldn’t get enough.


(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

By this point the show seemed like it had been going on for a while and it was only half way through the setlist. He had the crowd going crazy. He has always been fond of covers and when he played Ted Nugent’s ” Cat Scratch Fever ” he took over for DJ Paradime and then took his turn at the drums and rocked both.

Everyone including the band was enjoying themselves. As the hits kept coming the people kept moving and everyone from the floor to the balcony was having a great time.

My mom was in heaven front row at her favorite artist in the world. I felt like a great son. Before performing the song ” Care ” Kid Rock announced that the money from this show was to benefit 2 charities in the Kansas City Area.

I think it is cool for a star such as Kid to give back, so many of these money hungry celebrities are like poor people in a cash machine. Just grabbing for every dollar they can. You have to realize Kid Rock doesn’t have to work, he doesn’t have to tour and he sure as shit doesn’t have to give to charity. But He does.

It is for reasons like these I respect Kid Rock, a lot of people knock the guy but he cares for his fans, our country and his music. Which is a lot more than I can say for some of the artist out now.

After the charity annoucements he played another great hit song from way back. ” Roving Gangster ” or better known as ” Rollin ” was next on the list. It was great seeing a setlist with a lot of earlier material in it as the summer tour was lacking this a bit.

He played the new crowd favorite ” Fuckin’ 40″ which suprisingly isn’t about 40′ ounces but turning 40. Who knew? Followed by ” So Hot ” and ” Bawitdaba “. While doing the famous into to ” Bawitdaba ” Kid exclaimed ” this is the part that hurts ” before screaming his name into the mic.


(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

Then The Twisted Brown Trucker Band exited the stage, leaving the crowd chanting ” Kid Rock, KID ROCK, KID ROCK, growing louder with each chant. Just when you thought it couldnt get any louder the band reemerged and took their places.

Getting the crowd back in the groove was the song ” Rock and Roll Jesus ” featuring confetti falling like rain from the sky.

As the confetti still fell from the sky they played a great live version of ” Only God Knows Why ” which was totally different than the album version.

They really mixed some songs up for this show and it was great.

The next song ” Born Free ” which started out with Kid on piano quickly changed tempo’s as he jumped on top of the piano as the American flag banner dropped in the backround.


(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker gave it their all, I didn’t mention most of the band was sick during this show but you couldn’t tell except for a few moments here and there.

They came to rock, and so did we, I stayed up and drove home in record time stopping by the White Castle for a late night tasty snack at 6 a.m and called it a night.

Till next time.


Devil Without a Cause
Rock Bottom Blues
All Summer Long
Purple Sky
I Got One for Ya’
Midnight Train to Memphis
Wasting Time
Slow My Roll
Lay It On Me
Cat Scratch Fever (cover)
God Bless Saturday
Roving Gangster (Rollin’)
Fuckin’ Forty
So Hott
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free

Go check out :http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 for more great videos! Great video work here!

Jane’s Addiction Announce Tour W/ Black Box Revelation

Jane’s Addiction Announce Tour W/ Black Box Revelation


In non-Coachella and non-Radiohead related news, Jane’s Addiction has announced some 2012 tour dates as well. In support of their latest effort “The Great Escape Artist”, the band will hit 18 cities, bringing along The Black Box Revelation as support (who have been opening for all your favorite cool bands like The Meat Puppets and Beady Eye)

“Starting February 22, this special run of North American shows—called “Theatre of the Escapists”–will bring the band to intimate venues, most of which are classic theaters”JanesAddiction.Com

We were able to obtain the names of the cities from the Jane’s Addiction Official Website below who offer their own presale Wed Jan 11th at 10AM(that’s tomorrow morning!) before they go on sale to the general public on January 14th.

2/05 — The Crane Bay, Indianapolis, Ind.
2/22 — The Pageant, St. Louis, Mo.
2/24 — The Fillmore, Detroit, Mich.
2/25 — The LC Indoor Pavilion, Columbus, Ohio
2/27 — Massey Hall, Toronto, ON
2/29 — Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, N.Y.
3/02 — The Palace Theatre, Albany, N.Y.
3/03 — State Theatre, Portland, Maine
3/04 — The Paramount, Huntington, N.Y.
3/06 — Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, N.J.
3/07 — Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Conn.
3/09 — The National, Richmond, Va.
3/10 —  House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
3/13 — The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga.
3/15 — Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Catoosa, Okla.
3/16 — Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Mo.
3/19 — The Brick, Minneapolis, Minn.
3/24 — Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wis.



2011 was a year of many ups and downs and a lot of very unique and diverse shows of which I feel lucky and blessed to partaked in. And hey, nobody died this year. So moving on to number 10.

Number 10: Prof, 08/17/11 The Pageant, Saint Louis, Mo

Prof had impressed me quite a bit the early part of 2011 with a strong performance and a free cd that didn’t suck. A few months later he was back opening for Atmosphere, Evidence, and Blueprint respectively. Prof really put a lot into his short time and stole the show for me.

Number 9: 8ball and MJG, 04/29/11, Memphis In May Festival, Memphis, TN.

What can I say, I have always loved southern rap. Anyone who knows anything about rap knows that 8ball and MJG are LEGENDS! I had never had the chance to see either of them seperate, let alone together. When they were announced at Memphis in May, they by far were the most exciting addition to the lineup for me.

Many rap acts are a let down, I had no clue of what to expect from the southern legends. Well my friends and I were treated to a great set. From ” Coming Out Hard ” to ” You Don’t Want Drama “…

They had a great live set up, great audio and great crowd interaction. Featuring a live band and 3 back up singers. I wasn’t even pissed when they didn’t play my favorite song.

Then 8ball came back out, and said he grew up 10 minutes from the venue in Orange Mound, a infamous neighborhood in Memphis. He told the crowd if he can make it from there, you can make it out of anywhere. Then they played a awesome version of my favorite song ” Paid Dues” A fitting end to a truely classic rap show.

Number 8: DMX, Club Amnesia, 11/23/11, St. Louis, MO

I like a lot of rap and what can I say I go to a lot of shows. Here is another rap show in the Top 10 this year. DMX is one of those artist that seems like a performer first and recording artist second.

It has been trying couple of years for the mutli-platinum rapper. Stints in and out of Jail for multiple violations and various appearences on TMZ leading up to the show.

However when the beat hits and DMX takes the stage, he becomes another person. It is just him, the music and the crowd. Which is why I pay to go see shows. The highlight of the show was the set closing ” Slippin’ “.

Catch DMX given the chance, he will not let you down.

Number 7: Foo Fighters, 09/17/11 Savvis Center, Saint Louis, MO After catching the Foo Fighters back in 08 for the first time. My long 3 year wait to see them again finally came. As they ventured back to St. Louis a day after protesting the protesters in Kansas City, MO.

I had actaully fallen asleep during the show which sucked but, had nothing to do with the show which was great. I had been running around for 48 straight hours and it caught up. I woke up a few songs before the encore. It was sligthly wierd.

After promising a monster encore, and denouncing other arena rockers who put on less than stellar shows. They delivered and kept the hits coming and even threw in a few covers to mix it up.

They rocked the arena for around 2 hours and fifty minutes and left the packed crowd wanting more even after numerous encores.

Number 6: Yelawolf, Van’s Warped Tour , 08/03/11, Maryland Hieghts, MO.

Yelawolf was another artist I had been eager to see for years and finally got the chance to. After gaining underground fame, thanks to several well recieved mixtapes. Yelawolf finally hit it big, signing to Eminem’s label Shady Records in the spring prior to Warped Tour.

Just as his label founder Eminem did in 2000, Yelawolf hit the dusty Warped Tour Trail. I was crazy excited to see of the handful of Warped Dates he was on, St. Louis was one of them.

He had a great set time of 1 p.m and I made sure to have a great spot. He came out to his underground hit ” Trunk Music “. He was so much more pontent and raw live.

During one song a security guard grabbed a kid’s pipe as he was smoking in plain view of him. Well Yelawolf, went to the guard and somehow convinced him to give him the pipe. Much to the crowds excitement Yelawolf threw it back into the crowd, after hitting it!

He closed the set with his song ” Pop The Trunk ” and ended a very pontent 30 minute set before signing autographs for the rest of the day.

Number 5: Reel Big Fish, Rolla, St Patricks Day Festival, 03/12/11, Rolla, MO.

I have seen Reel Big Fish many times and it was something about getting hammered drunk before 4 p.m and watching a great outdoor set from one of your favorite bands, FOR FREE. It was a good time that’s for sure. My long time concert friend Chris and I made the trip. After singing ” Trendy ” all day it was a great fit thats what they opened with.

The crowd was into it, they were into it, everyone had a great time in downtown Rolla for St. Pat’s!

Number 4: Kid Rock, The Midland Theatre, 11/26/11, Kansas City, MO.

Kid Rock had not been on a small venue tour in over 10 years and is not like the demand is not there. The summer tour with Sheryl Crow was a huge success. After deciding to do a small 10 show run of smaller venues for local charities in each market. He selected Kansas City as one of the dates.

I snatched up the limit of 2 floor tickets as soon as they went on sale. Kid Rock despite being sick, put on a great show that revials his past club shows. He really pulled out the stops offering funny commentary, Original takes on many career spanning songs.

(Video Credit : http://www.youtube.com/user/cmb7869 ) Check out for more great videos.

A highlight to me was late in the show, while still on the intro to ” Bawitdaba “. During which he took a painfully long pause in the song before telling people this is the part that hurts. He gave his all and gave back to charity. I was proud to support this tour and was well worth the money to see him in a smaller setting.

Number 3: Tori Amos, The Chicago Theatre, 12/10/10, Chicago, IL

Tori Amos is a unsuspecting favorite of mine ever since watching her set at Bonnaroo 10′. Something has always interested me about Piano and Tori is quite the master. This being my first headlining Tori gig, I was blown away. The command she has and how she can take a song and make it something else, live, right in front of you is simply amazing.

Between the 20+ song set, the string quartet and the lights it was one incredible experience, not to mention I love my seat in the beautiful, historic, downtown Chicago Theatre.

I can’t wait to see her again hopefully soon, also the variety she displayed on this tour really shows a depth of material. Great tour, Great show.

Number 2: Foxy Shazam, Van’s Warped Tour 2011, 07/02/11, BonnerSprings, KS

After seeing Foxy Shazam a variety of times the past two years you can never be sure what to expect. You can always be sure to expect a show. Whether its telling the crowd Jack Nicholson has died, or challenging the audience to kill him for 20 dollars you know something is going to happen.

Shortly after taking the Warped Stage the singer Eric Nally called for the merch guy to bring all the bands money. After recieving the money he took the 20 plus single dollars tore them up and threw them into the front rows of the crowd. Much to the crowds delight.

Video Credit : http://www.youtube.com/user/poisonkill1291

After a few songs, Eric called again to the merch guy saying ” Bring me some more money man, So I can pay these people.” After he recieved another bunch of bills, he began tearing them up and eating them.

And the show was great, I love their Cd and look forward to the early 2012 show they have lined up in my hometown.

Number 1: Coheed and Cambria, The Midland Theatre, 04/08/11, Kansas City, KS.

My friend Chris would always tease me about how awesome Coheed and Cambria’s ambitious ” Neverender ” Tour was. I never thought I would have the chance to experience anything like that. Until Coheed announced it’s spring run of small venues playing their 1st cd ” The Second Stage Turbine Blade ” in its entirety.

They started out with a acoustic set featuring great peformances of many of their hits and various other songs alike.

Followed by SSTB in its entirety, followed by a greatest hits set. No openers or other BS just great performances that Coheed fans have come to expect. After the short setlist on the headlining tour the winter before. It was want was needed to get right back into the band like the first time all over again.

Till next year.


Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

With their new album The Hunter due to hit shelves at the end of this month, Mastodon have announced dates for a North American Headline tour. In addition to an appearance at the Voodoo Music Experneice in New Orleans on Saturday October 29th the band will be performing in most major markets during the five week run. Coming along for the tour will be Red Fang and Dillinger Escape Plan. You can check out the first single from Mastodon’s new album here. Dates for the trek can be found below.

Mastodon 2011 Tour Dates:
10/25 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
10/27 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
11/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
11/02 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/03 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
11/05 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/06 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/07 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
11/08 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
11/09 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/11 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Rave Ballroom
11/13 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
11/14 – Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
11/16 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/17 – Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
11/19 – New York City, NY @ Terminal 5
11/20 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
11/21 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
11/23 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
11/25 – Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
11/26 – Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
11/27 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/28 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
11/29 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
12/01 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

Photo Gallery: Kanrocksas Music Festival – August 5th & 6th 2011

Kanrocksas Music Festival – August 5th & 6th 2011

Kansas Motor Speedway – Kansas City, KS

All Photos courtesy of ryan.richardson81@gmail.com

Over the weekend of August 5th and 6th, the inaugural Kanrocksas Music Festival took place at the Kansas Motor Speedway in Kansas City, KS. Ryan Richardson, a friend of Reverend Justito was kind enough to share some photos of the event with us.

If you are interested in a detailed review from this festival, Concert Confessions regular Steven Anthony has posted a review for our good friends over at Antiquiet.






A Hometown “Idol” Experience with David Cook

A Hometown “Idol” Experience

Ameristar Casino, Kansas City
April 22, 2009

Words/Photos By KC Music Gal

For the past fifteen months, it’s been nearly impossible to escape the name David Cook in Kansas City. While David has been playing music in Kansas City for over five years, his “big break” occurred when he auditioned for American Idol last August in Omaha, Nebraska. The local Fox affiliate provided a quick interview with David and his brother Andrew prior to their Omaha audition and well, we all know what’s happened since that day.

Kansas City isn’t much of a winning town as far as sports go. Sure, we’ve got our Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers but for a city who hasn’t seen a professional team championship since 1985, David Cook became our hometown “Idol” last May when he was named the 2008 American Idol. With a platinum album and nearly sold out tour, David returned to Kansas City last August with the American Idols tour (two shows, one completely sold out; the other at about 75% capacity). Admittedly, that show was full of cheese and screaming girls but what stands out in my mind was the fact that David single handedly sold out a venue which seats 18,000 people.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding David’s return home in support of his self titled platinum album on April 22nd. First off; his management chose a very small venue for his first solo tour stop in his hometown, leading to a sell out in less than seven minutes. Secondly, the website selling tickets for the show sucked, leaving many diehard fans out in the cold or paying hundreds of dollars for a single ticket. Third, in most towns this tour was billed as a college tour, making tickets under $30. In Kansas City, the tickets were $65 for floor and $55 for balcony (which wasn’t really a balcony but risers). Luckily, I was one of the 1300 to attend the concert and it was nothing short of phenomenal.

I honestly had no idea what to expect from David’s concert at the Ameristar Casino. The venue itself isn’t the best but the acoustics were pretty great and that gave the green light for an amazing show. With a mix of old, new and unreleased tracks, David’s 70 minute set rocked the socks off of all 1300 attendees.

I knew I was in for a treat when the show opened with “Heroes” and lead directly into “We’re Only Honest When We’re Sleeping”; a song rumored to be written right before David’s American Idol Audition. With fan favorites “Kiss on the Neck” (the hidden track on the aforementioned self titled album) and “Lie” the crowd appeared to sing along to every song played.

The concert highlight for me was David’s performance of my personal favorite song off his “Analog Heart” CD, an album yanked from multiple stores and websites upon David’s entry into the top 12 of American Idol. Another unexpected song was a cover of the 1984 Van Halen hit, “Hot for Teacher”. Immediately following the song David exclaimed “How cool is it that I get paid to play that song?” a true testament that he’s still in awe of his AI title and humbled view of his rapid rise to stardom. The show closed with “Bar-Ba-Sol”, probably the most “rocking” song on his major label debut. The crowd couldn’t get enough of David and Kansas City is still taking advantage of David’s popularity. The day after the concert, local radio station and HUGE David Cook supporter, Mix 93.3 announced that David will be the headliner for their annual Red, White and Boom concert in June. That show will give 15,000 Kansas Citians a chance to get their DC fill along with Kevin Rudolf, The Veronicas, Matt Nathanson and several others.

David may not sell as many albums as Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood but he’s definitely making a name for himself around the country. David will continue to tour the US through the summer in several radio station summer festivals and county/state fairs.


David Cook 04/29/09 - Kansas City, MO


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