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Kasabian @ Terminal 5 – New York City 09/27/14

Kasabian – 09/27/2014

Terminal 5 -New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks


On this seasonably warm Saturday evening New York City is lucky enough to be graced with the presence of Kasabian tonight in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. Back in March 2012 the band was here in this very venue and the night was almost as magical as Derek Jeter’s final home game. Tonight we’re hoping for some of the same, as we’ll be 3,000 deep in the sold out Terminal 5. Bo Ningen is the opening act and the doors are set to open at 7PM.

Bo Ningen

When Bo Ningen walked out on stage there was some snickering and confusion around the area I was seated on the third floor, especially when the lead singer told the New York City crowd that the band (all of Asian decent) was from London and originally from Japan. Once this band broke into their first song nothing at all was funny anymore. They ROCKED. Songs were long and jam filled. Who knows if the lyrics were even in English let alone if I knew what the set list contained. I understood two things; First off,  they were really gracious and kept thanking us for coming out early. Two: The intensity of the rock that they played (which I look up later to be known as ‘acid rock. Which makes sense) made me get into it. And yes them not being your traditional  Bud Light American band of the month didn’t hurt at all. They rocked it til 8:30. Who the heck knew? Bo freakin’ Ningen.

Kasabian 3

At 9:05 this place was about to burst awaiting the Kasabian to hit the stage. It’s odd because I’ve spent the better part of two years mentioning this band to everyone who asks me about music I’m currently listening to (you can only go to the 90s well a certain amount of times before people stop talking to you) and I’ve found maybe a handful of folks who’ve heard of them. Yet here tonight in Hell’s Kitchen of all places at a venue where I’ve heard several concert goers in the past complain about sound and sightlines we’ve got a full house of adoring fans of a band that barely comes to this country. Is there an after party? The band hit the stage before 9:10, kicking the night off with a track off the new record 48:13 . The song is called ‘Bumblebee’.

There are times where you go see a favorite band who’ve recently put out a new record and they shove it down your throat the next time you see them live. Filling you with that “new car smell’ as I say. Tonight this was not the case as Kasabian seemed to hit every person in the building g-spot at some point during the evening. I keep turning towards the crowd because those kids are going bananas. They’re having so much fun and really, is that the point of all this?

Tom Kasabian 2

It’s hard to call a 16 song set ‘career-spanning’, but band followed Bumblebee with Shoot The Runner and Underdog before hitting us with another new one Stevie, which rocked way harder than it did for me when I sat down and listened to the record recently. Sometimes it’s just better live.  Days Are Forgotten preceded another track off 48:13 Eez-Uh,

followed by an oldie: Processed Beats. These guys are kicking my ass. I wanted to tweet some stuff during the set but I was firmly set with one goal in mind: Record This Entire Fucking Set. So when The Doberman went right into Take Aim right into Club Foot-I shot that.

When possibly my favorite track from this band Re-Wired got played before Treat and Empire-I shot that. And when the crazyiness of Fire ensued-well, you get the point. Jeez it was so hectic up in there when the band ducked off at 10:15. How does this band not headline festivals in THIS side of the pond? (Not counting once at Coachella)

Serge Kasabian

If anything is obvious here tonight it’s the on stage bromance that Serge and Tom have going on is nothing short of BFF status. After more than a few songs Tom walks over and slaps Serge, who sports a raccoon’s tail hanging from his ass a five. Mailing it in is something this band isn’t about. Maybe that’s why the one cool Beatle left digs them. Serge and (if Wiki has it right) Tim are having a little guitar noise circus over here far left side of the stage, or right below from my point of view. The encore consisted of Switchblade Smiles, Vlad The Impaler and L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever). Before L.S.F., we got into a few minutes of a cover of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You.

That was a fun thing to throw in.

Tom Kasabian

There was a keyboard/noise box thing near Serge and he’d go over and jam out on it on occasion and dance mid stage. At the end of L.S.F. Tom sings the chorus to

All You Nee Is Love and just like that in a blink of a eye Kasabian had once again conquered Terminal 5.. and it was over.

Kasabian 5

If you needed anymore proof that Americans are stupid it’s the fact that this band hasn’t “hit it big” here like they have back home. Now all 3,000+ of us in that building tonight are sitting asking the same question we asked two years ago: Will they ever come back? Even if the answer to that ends up being ‘No’, it’s good to know that I’ve been able to rock with them twice. If you’re viewing this and there’s only two videos up congrats, you showed up early. Every song from the evening is being uploading as I type and as you read and will be added as they publish. Until next time folks, thanks for having me.

kasabian 6


The Top Five Jay Porks Concert Experiences of 2012

Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012

The end of the year brings us empty wallets, fat stomachs and most importantly larger egos than we had the year before. It’s because of these egos that people like me put together these year end “best of”  lists. Although as you know, here at Concert Confessions we do things a little differently then other sites. We don’t have a Top Albums list, Top Artist list, Male and Female Rookies of the year list we do top Concerts of the year. Personally, I’ll trust all of you readers enough to go ahead and listen to all those albums of the year you’re listing-You’ll let me know what’s good. You’re nice people right?

Anyway, more self branding: Every year I set a personal goal of going to more shows then the year prior. In 2011, we had ourselves 23 Jay Porks Experiences. In 2012, money was a bit tight, schedules fluctuated and goals were not reached as 18 shows were only attended. But don’t worry, they were some memorable ones that will most definitely fill the void in my heart that sits beneath my wretched soul (Alright it’s not that bad, but it’s good copy!).  Below, you can view the list of the Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012.

  #5 Orion Music + More Festival (Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ) June 23rd – 24th


Heading to the lovely Detroit in 2013, this year brought this guy to his first ever “festival” experience. Sort of. And it turned out to be way more than I was actually prepared for. When you think festival you think a few things: camping, shower trucks and people lying overdosed in mud puddles while folks from LA Weekly takes photos. But Atlantic City brings  casinos, thousands of hotel rooms (lots of them luxurious), and no camp ground. The idea is to get a room for the weekend, they had room packages with some tickets, I chose to go off course and book my own room accommodations and take a cab over and back each day. Was a solid plan going in.   The list of acts seen was immense, including Metallica (curators of the Festival) headlining the two night stint. The first day I got to see Baroness, Roky Erickson, Fucked Up, Cage The Elephant, Modest Mouse and Arctic Monkeys before Metallica turned me into a fan playing Ride The Lightening in it’s entirety.  Skin was turned powdery white to beat red after the full day (sunscreen something I rarely carry) and the dreadful Flagship Hotel had a less than desirable internet connection. Day Two brought me the likes of A Place To Bury Stangers, Ghost, Gary Clark Jr, the waste known as Best Coast, The Black Dahlia Murder, Eric Church and Titus Andronicus before Metallica hit the stage to remind me why I was never that big into them in the first place when they played the The Black Album…. backwards. Okay. Then on this night the return to the hotel room brought me with the dilemma of having NO internet at all at the again, dreadful Flagship Hotel whose front desk said the services were down. So I walked myself to Bally’s Casino w/ bags packed with all the towels, soaps and ashtrays I was able to fit in there and awaited the 4:30AM bus back into New York City. Had to catch Childish Gambino in Central Park the next night after all. Sounds like a pain, and looking back it kind of was but at the same time, those two days spent AT Bader Field  (while the music was playing )were absolute  magic.

#4 Local H (Bell House – Brooklyn) October 18th


This show was epic for so many reasons. In my 2nd time seeing the band this year (plus the Scott Lucas and the Married Men Mercury Lounge pit stop in June), and 1st time since the release of their latest record “Hallelujah! I’m a Bum”, which is an absolute masterpiece, I found myself leaving the Bell House that night feeling way more blown away then I could have ever predicted. Take into account the spot in the back of the room where we were able to survey the entire place instead of getting hit with cups full a beer down front. The energy Scott Lucas brought to the table that night was one of a man on a mission, and tons of great songs got played off the new record. I usually hate when a band tries to shove new songs down my throat at shows but this record is one that people need to hear. It’s too good to get lost in the shuffle. Ended the night covering TV On The Radio‘s “Wolf Like Me”, which was like the cherry on an awesome sundae.



#3 Kasabian (Terminal 5 – New York City) March 22nd



It was something out of Biblical times. On March 22nd 2012, Kasabian hit New York City with the entire world watching via YouTube and left every ounce of their fiber and being on that stage that night. Every song was like another chapter in a great novel I was having someone read to me. I wouldn’t say the man, myth and legend Reverend Justito and I like tons of the same bands, but this is one of the few he pointed to me and I was instantly a super fan. They burned Terminal 5 down to the ground that night, and everyone who was there is a changed person today. It’s a shame I didn’t have a good camera when I went to this gig, or I would’ve had some cool ass pictures. Well, none of my pics would’ve been better than Mick Rock‘s anyway, did I mention he was there? Google him. The video below from that evening at Terminal 5 is courtesy of The Bowery Presents because this show happened when this guy was still rocking a $50 camera. Dear Kasabian: PLEASE COME BACK TO AMERICA



#2 Foxy Shazam (Bowery Ballroom – New York City) May 16th



With Ween breaking up, they weren’t able to snag their normal spot as my #2 show of the year in 2012(as they had in 2010 and 2011). Having seen Foxy Shazam already kind of/sort of blow The Darkness  off stage in February – when a show was announced at Bowery Ballroom where they would headline I had to get in on that action-let’s see what the whole shebang brings to the table. And Oh Lord was I heeled with the Holy Touch with an evening of their finest numbers, funky vibes, and Eric Nally eating the cigarette I threw on stage!

I was sitting next to some people I met outside who were nice enough to pass along a pipe to me as I was filming “I Like It” . Snagged the spot upstairs balcony. Cannot beat it. Check the video for yourself. But if you told me before I went to that show that it would end up being the #2 show on my year end list I would have never ever believed you. The band is just that good. Nailing a spot supporting Slash on his Fall tour was a great job by him. Glad Slash has good taste in music. That was  Another show I attended. So three times I’ve been baptized into the Church of Rock & Roll this year… And I Like It.


#1 Mike Watt & Friends (Le Poisson Rouge – New York City) May 2nd


Mike Watt has tons of friends. When this purchase is made, the only thing known is that the Minuteman will team with J Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr to play tonight and that Mike Watt will be interviewed on stage before the show. I got to tape the interview but the questions are raised. So what songs are they going to play? Dinosaur Jr songs? Minutemen songs? Who’s singing? Well there was no mic set up in front of J, which is indication this isn’t a Dinosaur Jr kind of night. Out walks Don Fleming (from the band Gumball) and they play The Stooges “Real Cool Time”. Then I remember who the active bass player in the Stooges is: Mike Watt! So here we are playing Stooges songs all night with a revolving door of guest singers. John Petkovic came out, then one of my freaking heroes Thurston Moore(of the recently divorced Sonic Youth), then Sharon Von Etten, then Kurt Vile. And Thurston reappeared at least two more times, and they had Steve Shelly (also Sonic Youth) in there on drums on some songs too along w/ Byron Coley (who did the interviewing earlier) and John Maloney. I couldn’t have missed any names, because Mike Watt tweeted over the set list the next day with all the names of the parties involved and what songs they played on. That show was something I’m never going to forget. That’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing the actual Stooges.

The Jay Porks Favorite Read Of 2012 on Concert Confessions:

And last and certainly not least, I’ve added a new section to this top shows post. That portion is Top Concert Experience of 2012 NOT attended by me. We have lots of contributors, lots of varied acts getting written about. But one gig really hit close to home when out pal Reverend Justito went and saw my pals the Meat Puppets at the closing of the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California. I can guarantee that I enjoyed reading this one as much as most of the attendees enjoyed living it.

Photo Gallery: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds & Kasabian Live In Dublin

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds & Kasabian Live In Dublin Ireland

A few years back Reverend Justito started a Facebook group in hopes of getting Kasabian to hit America. Not only did it work, he has met some amazing folks as a result. One of those fine folks is a gal named Ellen who lives in the UK. She travels all over the world to see Kasabian. She gave us one of our first reviews of the band when she took a holiday to see them in Germany. Her and Rev even pounded some drinks before the band’s gig earlier this year in Hollywood. This past week, Kasabian teamed with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds for a gig at Marlay Park in Dublin Ireland. Ellen was kind enough to share some photos which you can check out below.

Watch Kasabian Take On Fatboy Slim

Watch Kasabian Take On Fatboy Slim

Okay so it is more of a tease then the full song but it’s still pretty bad ass. With headline appearances this weekend at the Reading and Leads Festivals over in the UK, Kasabian has been adding a little bit of Fatboy Slim’s Praise You into their set this summer. Check out some fan filmed footage from the 2012 Lowlands Festival below. Click here to check out our past Kasabian coverage including numerous reviews from their recent North American tour.


Watch Kasabian Drive From Coachella to Santa Monica

Watch Kasabian Drive From Coachella to Santa Monica

We are posting this video of Kasabian driving from Coachella to Santa Monica for three reasons.

1) Reverend Justito had a blast with Kasabian at Coachella

2) Reverend Justito is obsessed with Kasabian

3) Kasabian basically drives past Reverend Justito’s home in this video and he had no clue they were staying a few blocks away. Clearly he slacked in his stalking duties back in April. That said, stalking Reverend Justito (who is writing this and feels like a tool talking in the third person) just made it a whole lot easier to stalk him.

That said, enjoy the video for Kasabian Route Ten!




Kasabian Share Their Coachella Experience With The World

Kasabian Share Their Coachella Experience With The World

Coachella was a life changing experience for our founder Reverend Justito. A big part of that experience was the chance to finally see his heroes in Kasabian perform live. The band has put together a mini-movie of their Coachella experience and we would like to share it with you. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. To read a bit more about the band’s experience, check out this great article over at Spinner.



Kasabian 04/19/12: Jimmy Kimmel Live – Hollywood, CA

Kasabian 04/19/12

Bud Lite Concert Stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justitio

There is a line from the Kasabian song “Days Are Forgotten” that has been running through my head since I awoke this morning. Perhaps this line is here because I heard the band sound check the song no less than six times yesterday; perhaps it is there because of a deeper meaning? Hell, it is possible it is there for both reasons. The line is as follows:

“Cos I’m taking back what’s mine, I am taking back the time, you may call it suicide but I’m being born again…”

The responsible thing would have been going to the Roosevelt Hotel which is adjacent to the theatre where Jimmy Kimmel films his late night television program. There were some Brits there who wanted to drink cocktails and discuss matters I am not legally allowed to share here. Yet when the day of my death comes and my life flashes before my eyes what memory would I rather see? Cocktails with people who could give two shits about me, or the moment where I met Tom and Sergio from Kasabian? Suicide perhaps, but for this soul it was nothing short of the conclusion of a much needed rebirth.

I made it to Hawthorne Avenue behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios around 5:30pm. Off the bat I saw many familiar faces from our “Bring Kasabian to North America” Facebook campaign. I also ended up seeing many familiar faces that I met during Tuesday nights’ stellar Kasabian headline gig at The Fonda Theatre. As the band spent twenty minutes sound checking various sections of “Days Are Forgotten” and “Goodbye Kiss” we bonded even further over our love of Kasabian. We discussed everything from Coachella to Sergio and was he/was he not furious with a few fans disrespecting him at the end of the Fonda show. The fellowship continued as the fine folks at 1iota let us into the parking lot that the Jimmy Kimmel Bud Lite Concert Stage calls home and we all settled in for the mini performance.

As is common practice with all outdoor tapings for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, we watched the entire program as it taped via a videoscreen set up next to the stage. I am now an expert on Precious and her squirrel problem, Morgan Spurlock shared all about his manscaping and of course with it being a Thursday night we were treated to some Unnecessary Censorship. Then it was our turn to be up front and center as the fans who sat inside for the show taping joined us outside. We made lots of noise as Kimmel did multiple takes introducing the band (you can see me in my San Francisco Giants hat looking very awkward over Kimmel’s right shoulder) before my final Kasabian set of April 2012.

We all knew “Days Are Forgotten” was coming from the numerous soundtracks. It appeared that neither Tom or Serge were thrilled with the sound, but as you can watch below the fine editors at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show managed to work some post production magic and you can’t tell that is the case at all. I of course have to mention to wonderful shirt lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno was wearing. If I was going to be on Television, I’d probably wear something similar as well.


After a quick break, we were ordered to cheer again as the band launched into the second song, the web exclusive (which as of publication time has yet to be posted) “Goodbye Kiss.” A fitting song as the sun set on the 19th of April, this version sounded tighter than the one performed at the Fonda two days earlier. While the band may have sounded tighter, you could no doubt feel a bit of a disconnect between them and the fans due to the fact that cameras are flying above our heads and a large part of the audience was made up of tourists there for a television taping and not because they are fans of Kasabian.

As with most Jimmy Kimmel Live performances, the band played three songs after the cameras went off. Up first was “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To” which while not terrible didn’t do much to energize the now thinning crowd. The energy level did pick up a bit amongst those who only had tickets for the outside stage when the group closed the set with solid versions of “Vlad The Impaler” and “Fire.” While Pizzorno didn’t ask us to get down at the end of “Fire” fans did sing along to the chorus and a few of us even bounced up and down in unison.  Then just like that it was all over. Three Kasabian shows in six days had come and gone faster than you could say Velociraptor!

With the clock yet to hit 9pm, I decided to do something I have not done in years. I joined some of my new friends and we headed over to the alley directly behind the theatre. For roughly twenty minutes approximately 25 fans waited for Kasabian to be taken away from the site by large passenger vans with tinted windows. We sang “Fire” and we screamed and cheered as loud as we could. Our devotion was rewarded as both Sergio and Tom came out and met us. They posed for photos, signed our ticket stubs and some lucky ladies even got kisses on the cheeks. Some spoke about Football (known in America as soccer) and I was able to pass the “America Loves Kasabian” sign to a very appreciative Sergio. With many fans (myself included) thanking them for returning to our home land, they confirmed they would be back in the fall. Then as fast as they came out, Tom and Sergio were swept up by management and personal handlers and drove off into the night.


I started this website over three years ago as a fan looking to build a community for individuals who had the same passion for live music as I did. I still love this place and I am very proud of what we have accomplished, but the sad fact is that it has gone from a hobby to a job. I have gone from someone who barely passed High School English to someone who sat around a table with legit journalists eating breakfast and frantically posting reviews of Coachella before heading out to the Polo Fields for more. I have had the threat of lawsuits and I have publicists who call me and beg me to check out their bands. I have had the chance to meet some heroes and had to play it cool because that is what you do when you are VIP at the corporate rock and roll venue. I am not crying at all because I love doing this. I am sharing this because I waited six long years to see Kasabian perform live and in person. This week has been amazing for many reasons, but most importantly I was able to shake off all the armor that one must wear when they decide to dive deep into the unknown and pursue what they love. I was able to be a fan boy and geek the fuck out. I made sure I was as close to the guard rail as possible for three shows. I jumped up and down and sang along to every song and made silly signs to show the band my appreciation. I have partied with the likes of Lemmy and Vinnie Paul yet that can’t even compare to what I felt inside my soul during that moment I took a blurry photo with Sergio. I have taken this site so serious for so long that I truly forgot the reason we started. Thank you Kasabian for coming back to America, rocking my ass off three times and most importantly reminding me why I do this again.

Kasabian 04/17/12: The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Kasabian w/ The Dear Hunter 04/17/12

The Fonda Theatre – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Standing along the fence that separates a parking lot from Hollywood Blvd I watched as a tour bus slowly backed up and parked next to an 18 wheeler. With doors for The Fonda Theater not open for another two hours I felt like a teenager again as I watched as each member of the band exited the bus and entered the venue. In a day and age where I typically show up to a concert as late as possible and often get to hang with the bands before or after I couldn’t remember the last time I felt such excitement to see a famous musician perform let alone walk across a parking lot. Then again, this was not your typical concert; this was the final headline performance during Kasabian’s highly successful return to America and I was going to treat this evening as if I was an underage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Having spent time pre show meeting many from a Facebook group I started called “Bring Kasabian to North America” the love only grew once inside the venue as fans that had never seen the band swapped tales with the few who had. It was about 45 minutes into our conversation when we were interrupted by Serge, Jay and Chris from Kasabian. Armed with size medium white t-shirts featuring a unique word printed upon it, they asked for volunteers to put them on. As you can imagine, there was no shortage of folks trying to squeeze into the tiny t-shirts. I know I felt a lot like a sausage as I did my best to fit my large man boobs into a shirt that simply read “ride.” With about 50 of us now wearing these t-shirts we were told that we would find out what they were for later. While the band never did share with us the purpose, it is assumed that it has something to do with the sign posted outside the venue stating that we would all be filmed by the Last Call With Carson Daly television program.

It was 9pm sharp when The Dear Hunter took the stage. Not to be confused with the Phish hating Deerhunter, this Rhode Island group mixes deep fried southern melodies with gluten free indie tendencies. Surprisingly, the end result was rather tasty as their 30 minute opening set was quite delectable. One of my favorite thing to see live is a three guitar attack. However, this must be done properly and The Dear Hunter did exactly that. An enjoyable set that lasted just the right amount of time as it was clear early on that 99% of the crowd were there for the evening’s headliner and not the opener.

Having smuggled numerous messages for the band into the venue, I made sure to have my “Vote For Meighan/Pizzorno in 2012” sign raised high as the boys from Leicester took to the stage. Opening with “Days Are Forgotten” it was clear out the gate that while The Fonda Theatre may only hold 1,200 people they brought a light and sound system designed to rock 120,000. As the bass boomed and singer Tom Meighan welcomed the packed venue with open arms I knew it was time to get loose, let go and give the band what little energy I had left after a long weekend (and not to mention my first Kasabian live experience) at Coachella.

Not missing a step, the end of “Days” flowed nicely into the Empire track “Shoot The Runner.” As I looked past the first few rows of fans behind me, my long running fears were beginning to come true. Having watched hundreds of live Kasabian videos on YouTube, I know that when they play the crowd goes bonkers for the band. Alas my lone headline appearance from the band happened to be in a town where even the greats find it impossible to get the crowd to show any type of enthusiasm on a Friday night, let alone a Tuesday night.

Thankfully my fear didn’t last long as Kasabian proved why they are the greatest rock stars to emerge over the last decade. The band reminded fans where they were, who they were seeing and that it was time to get off of the cell phones and into the show. Hard hitting versions of “Velociraptor,” “Underdog” and “I.D.” finally got many on the floor jumping and moving. Playing up that they were in the city of Angels, Meighan not only dedicated “Thick as Thieves” to Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, he threw in a few lines of The Doors “People Are Strange” to the delight of many older audience members.

My biggest shock of the night was “Take Aim.” Not a terrible song, but one that may get skipped occasionally when I enjoy West Ryder however after this night that may never happen again. With Meighan now totally absent from the stage, lead guitarist/vocalist Sergio Pizzorno lead the band through a highly charged take on the song. Pizzorno doesn’t ask that you jump and make some noise, he demands it and by this point in the night there was not a single person inside of the Fonda not eating out of his hand and following his every word. Having smiled and given me a thumbs up after spotting my “America <3 Kasabian” sign, the swirling wall of feedback built into the bands biggest stateside hit “Club Foot.” With Meighan sneaking back on stage and bassist Chris Edwards laying down the greatest bass line of the past 25 years I couldn’t help but smile. Kasabian were in Hollywood rocking my ass harder than it has ever been rocked before.

I have to assume that either “Re-Wired” or “Goodbye Kiss” will be the song featured on the Carson Daly television program as numerous video cameras showed up around that time. Having now made Meighan smile and dare I say blush from his spotting the “Thank You For Playing America Again” sign the band unknowingly thanked me by busting out “Fast Fuse.” Countless nights I have pushed my car well past the posted limit as I drive through the concrete jungle known as Los Angeles screaming along to the lyrics from this song. I have abused this metropolis hard over the past decade and not playing this song within our vast city limits would have been nothing short of criminal.

After a set closing “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)” which featured an extended outro where Pizzorno once again made Los Angeles break its strict NO AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION rule by singing the songs La La La’s well after other members had left the stage. When the band eventually returned we were treated to a nasty three song encore. Kicking off with arguably the bands heaviest song “Switchblade Smiles” it felt as if the lads had turned up the music even louder than before. With many in the crowd now jumping and smashing into each other without Pizzorno requesting us to do so, “Vlad The Impaler” kept the low end rumbling and featured Pizzorno laying down a few lines from “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy.

As the notes of “Fire” began to rang through the PA I knew our time together was coming to an end. I flashed my “Let’s Hit Roscoe’s After The Show” sign and guitarist Jay Mehler asked if I was paying and I of course responded yes. While we never did find each other for a chicken and waffle feast, he and his mates did rock all of us one last time. Despite its rampant overuse in America today, the word epic is the only way to describe the bands final song. From the fan sing along to Pizzorno instructing us all the sit upon the floor only to jump up on his command the energy inside the room felt like we were in a venue built for sports and not a former vaudeville theatre. As the final notes rang through and the band walked off the stage I am pretty sure I was glowing. Kasabian have conquered the rest of the world and the last empire to fall just happens to be America. I felt it coming long ago but it’s clear that if they keep working hard it is only a matter of time before this band gets the same love and respect from America as Radiohead and Muse. Thank you Kasabian for coming to America, please don’t make us wait 5 years for your next visit.


Coachella Music Festival 04/14/12: Empire Polo Fields – Indio, CA

Coachella Music and Arts Festival 04/14/12

Empire Polo Fields – Indio, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I had three goals for Coachella on Saturday. See as many acts as possible while getting inebriated enough to enjoy Radiohead after having my Kasabian live cherry popped. All I have to say is Mission Fucking Accomplished.

Black Lips

One of my top twelve bands to see at Coachella, I made it to the stage about ½ through the Flower Punkers set. I saw no barfing; I saw no guitars being played by cocks. Instead I saw a rather small crowd gathered around the band. Oh and I saw the wonderful Adrian Garro, who I then spoke with instead of actually watching the band. How is that for a deep journalistic review? (Update – per the user comment below I guess I missed the cock show. This is why you should never hang out with your friends).

Childish Gambino

I don’t watch a lot of TV, and what I do watch certainly isn’t on NBC (and if it was, do you think I would actually admit here that I am a fan of Parenthood?). So while I can’t talk about the skills at his day job, Donald Glover’s side job as a rapper is pretty fantastic. With a massive crowd at the main stage in the hot afternoon sun, Gambino delighted the crowd more with his charm than his mic skills. Highlights included “Heartbeat,” “Fire Fly” and a cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” I think for most in the crowd (at least the two in front of me) the highlight was no so much Gambino’s ZZ Top T-shirt, but his song “Asian Girls Everywhere (UCLA).” Then again, how could that song not be a hit in sunny Southern California?


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

There was a moment on Saturday when Miss Potter was dancing on stage in her bikini top and leather shorts and she spotted me amongst a sea of hippiesters. Perhaps it was the Phish shirt, or the fact that I was not moving to the groups hit “Paris (Oh La La)” but she gave me a look and it clearly said the following: “Hey, what am I supposed to do, I can play tiny shit hole clubs as a respectable jam friendly musician or I can be a whore. You whore in a cube all day, I whore on stage all day it is what it is honey now stop looking at my rolls when I turn to rock out with our drummer.” I get it Grace you are living the rock and roll dream we all have and I refuse to knock you for that. But damn I wish you had stayed more Bonnaroo instead of going Hollywood and for the record this performance was 1,000 times hotter than anything you have done in the past two years.

Zed’s Dead

After checking out some of the installations at the festival/finding out Kasabian had cancelled their signing I decided to check out Zed’s Dead on the recommendation of our pal Jakob. The fans inside the Sahara tent were obnoxious and I really wanted to like the music but as more time went on it got on my nerves. This was the first real sign on this particular weekend that there is now an entire generation of music after the generation of music I grew up with. I am the old timer and I am going to need to learn how to accept that.


Just stopped in for a quick hello. They are legends after all. I dug the song I heard, it reminded me of Phish. On to the next thing.

The Head and the Heart

Knowing it was a long day, I sat just outside whatever tent these indie country types played at and found it rather enjoyable. Mellow, which was exactly what I was looking for at that point in time. Perhaps better in a small club than a festival tent but the band sounded good. The only thing that bothered me about the set was the pants worn by Charity Rose. Dreadful.


As far as old punk bands go, Buzzcocks came into my life about a decade ago. I was drawn in by their unique melodies and how they incorporated things like keys into their jarring sounds. With a massive circle pit causing a large dust cloud to rise inside the Gobi Tent, the few fans of punk who made it into Coachella were pumped for the career spanning set. The Buzzcocks saved most of their well-known songs including “Orgasm Addict” and “Something’s Gone Wrong Again” saved for the tail end of the set. I tell ya, the kids go crazy for car commercials as “What Do I Get?” got the biggest reaction from the crowd. Personally I am just glad I finally got a chance to see these guys live, a great high energy set performed by the boys from Bolton.

Kaiser Chiefs

Caught the tail of the set by catching up with an old friend I grew up with. Not bad, but it felt like they tried too hard. But hey, better them on the main stage at 5pm than Kasabian. I did feel bad when the band begged fans to tell all their friends about them. Perhaps it is time I start a PR firm that promotes solid UK acts who never get a chance stateside? Oh and how bad ass is the above photo as I took it from about 800 feet away?!?!?!?!

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Gallagher’s stop last year at UCLA’s Royce Hall was magical. I didn’t know how well Gallagher would do on the main stage during dinner time but as it turns out that just shows you how lame I am. Gallagher is a genius and after playing show after show in the worlds largest venues he knew just what to do. He cranked the distortion up to 11, made sure the drums were heavy in the mix and rocked the fuck out. Songs from his self-titled solo effort like “The Death of You and Me,” “If I Had A Gun,” and “(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach” were transformed from well crafted pop songs into all out stadium rockers. While many in the audience shows zero reaction to Oasis songs like “Mucky Fingers” and “Little By Little” they did indeed go nuts when the band performed “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” This of course was problematic to Mr. Gallagher as scolded the audience for cheering when he said he had a final song and not boooing. Well played Noel, well played indeed.

St. Vincent

We all know St. Vincent is incredible. Where Grace Potter failed at being sexy, St. Vincent oozed it. Opening with “Northern Lights” St. Vincent was not only confident she was dominant in seducing the large Gobi Tent crowd with her music. A flawless version of “Cheerleader” followed as the sun was now fully set upon the Empire Polo Fields. “Chloe In The Afternoon” came next and sounded even heavier than on the record. I would love to know what kind of pedal she is using to get that beefy crunchy low end distortion from her guitar. After being won over by her set last fall in Hollywood, I wish I could have seen the entire set, but as she launched into her fourth song “Actor Out Of Work” I knew I had to depart in order to experience a life changing event.


No, Squeeze was not the life changing event. They were just the act playing to all the parents who brought their young kids out to the desert. The song I heard, well I will just say if you don’t have anything nice to say, you must be listening to Squeeze.


If you have read the site, you know that this band has been my long running obsession. As soon as Squeeze finished I forced myself up to the front of the Mojave Tent and quickly discovered that it is not just I who had waited a long, long time for this moment. I met fans from Europe, Saudia Arabia and Reno who had made the trek to Coachella just to catch an hour with Kasabian. In the minutes before the band hit the stage, fans began singing to chorus to the groups hit “Fire.” It was the only time I have seen this kind of pre-set energy at Coachella. When the band did hit the stage at 8:35 pm sharp they opened with a fierce 1-2 punch of “Days Are Forgotten” and “Velociraptor!”  I see a lot of bands, but I was truly freaking out like some 13 year old girl who just met Justin Bieber. It was Kasabian and they were loud and three feet away from my face.

The band playing a much shorter set than their typical headline shows did a superb job of mixing new material in with classic jams from their first and third records. With no proper US tour for West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum it was a treat when the band tore the tent to shreds with “Underdog” (which included some sweet improved lyrics from lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno about the large amounts of marijuana being smoked in front of the band). Joking about how they were kids when they last played Coachella in 2005 “I.D.” from the bands self-titled debut was not only a welcome treat but the perfect song for the electronic heavy festival.

From what I could gather the band was winning over fans left and right, especially after a jaw dropping take on the Noel Gallagher dedicated “Club Foot.” A humorous moment came right before “Re-Wired” as lead singer Tom Meighan pointed out a fan with a mask of the Queen of England before promptly booing her Majesty. Sadly before things really began they were coming to an end. Now with a full on mosh pit going down in front of the stage, the group closed with the effective combination of West Ryder classics “Vlad The Impaler” and “Fire.” It didn’t matter how tired I already was at that point, I gave it my all jumping up and down per the instructions of Pizzorno. In closing, I have noticed many times in life you long to see a band you love and when you finally do see them it’s amazing yet expectations are not met. Kasabian in 50 minutes are the one act I have seen who went above and beyond my high expectations and I can’t wait to do it all over again on Tuesday night.

Flying Lotus

All I can tell you is that he was bummed he was almost out of time. Honestly, having just seen Kasabian, I don’t even remember what I heard here.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed is one of those bands I have always heard of yet never heard. Nothing like I expected, I think I assumed these guys were more like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. With little or no lighting, what appeared to be about eight musicians sat down and made these crazy post rock instrumentals. Really mellow, really different. Took in about two or three songs before going to grab a quick bite and beer before Radiohead.


I tend to be a music snob and have hated everything this band has done since OK Computer. I often get into fights with folks on twitter by comparing their music to “pussy farts.” Yes, two hours was way too long to be alone in a field, but I actually really enjoyed most of Radiohead’s set. Sure, I recognized the hits like “Karma Police” “Lotus Flower” and “Idioteque” but it was some of the non-hits that most intrigued me. The opening song “Bloom” reminded me a lot of Phish which was awesome. I was shocked to hear the band play the song “Lucky” but perhaps that is just because I recognized it. The entire presentation from the light show and video screens was incredible (I can’t believe I am calling something Radiohead related incredible). Hell they even teased Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” before playing “Everything In Its Right Place.” So perhaps I was wrong, perhaps Radiohead is more than pussy farts?!?!?! I am not rushing to call them the greatest band, but they no doubt changed my feelings on them with a pretty spectacular Saturday headline set.



The Top 12 Must See Acts of Coachella 2012

The Top 12 Must See Acts of Coachella 2012 According To Our Shit Talking Loud Mouth Founder Reverend Justito

My only trek to Indio for three days of music in the desert was nearly 2 ½ years ago. It featured one band performing 8 sets for 45,000 devoted fans. Truth be told, I am a bit scared of my first Coachella experience. I am not really the violent type, but the right mix of mind altering substances as well as the heat and general stupidity of 89,989 fucktards rocking fedoras may just send me into a murderous rampage. I suppose it’s a good thing that the fine folks at Goldenvoice don’t allow weapons onto the lush green lawn known as the Empire Polo Fields. But enough with the hate, weekend one of Coachella is just days away and I want to share with you the top 12 artists I am looking to forward to enjoying in the middle of the fucking desert.

Honorable Mentions Who Didn’t Make the Cut: AWOLNATION, The Black Angels, Girl Talk, Manchester Orchestra


I tried to catch these lovable Silver Lake by way of the UK and Brooklyn yet formed in Greece hippiesters at the 2011 Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. Booked on the festivals smallest stage yet performing to a massive crowd my pals and I were so far back that we had no choice but to enjoy some whiskey and pretend that we could hear what was going on. With tours of a land down under and a few national TV appearances under their belt since Outside Lands, hopefully I can get a bit closer to the group this time around. If not, at least I will spend Weekend 2 of Coachella at my Best Friend’s House.

11) The Black Lips:

You don’t go see The Black Lips for the music (well maybe you do) you go see these Atlanta based Flower Punkers to watch them urinate on stage, puke on stage, chug beers on stage and spit snot rockets into the air only to catch it in their mouths and swallow it down. Hopefully around the time they play their guitars with their penises, I am vomiting all over those annoying racist white girls who dress like Native American Princesses. Don’t worry honey, I drink microbrew your moccasins will be just fine it’s the headdress that you need to worry about.

10) St. Vincent:

While I would prefer more METAL at Coachella, one thing that the festival is stacked with is great female talent. From Feist to that Florence chick who sounds like a dying pigeon when she sings this may be the best collection of ass kicking females in one place since Lilith Fair 1998. I was shocked at how impressed I was with St. Vincent when I caught her in Hollywood last fall. While I am not sure if her show will translate from a small dark theatre to a sun baked polo field if nothing conflicts I look forward to finding out. Oh and she may be the one individual at Coachella whose skin is more fair than mine. Perhaps we can share sun block after she gives me tips on how to kick ass on guitar as hard as she does.

9) The Buzzcocks:

For me classic punk bands are like Pokemon, I have to catch them all. With the likes of Angry Samoans, FEAR and Youth Brigade checked off the list, Coachella 2012 is my chance to catch the pride and joy of Bolton England. Here is hoping that “Orgasm Addict” and “Something’s Gone Wrong Again” make it onto the setlist.

8 ) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:

Unknown to her, Grace Potter is my future ex-wife. Long before she was rocking VH1 award shows wearing fancy clothes, this Vermont native was winning me over with her hippielicious 70’s arena rock. Oh and the best thing about seeing Miss Potter and crew at a festival is the fact I can still enjoy her without violating that nasty court order saying I must stay 250 feet away at all times.

7) Childish Gambino:

If Foxy Shazam is White Music For Black People, does that make Childish Gambino Black Music for White People? Granted I don’t know much about hip hop, everything I have heard by this dude is great. It’s like Drake, but not a total fucking joke. Plus we both drink whiskey till we are grounded, here is to passing out in the tent during his set. That is of course when I am not puking on Asian girls from UCLA?

6) Pulp:

As an American, my vote is that you play “Common People” and then get the fuck off the stage so The Black Keys can rock. Oh and have a meltdown, because I have always wanted to see a Brit-Pop band have a breakdown on stage. I kid of course, granted I don’t really know much about Pulp, I have a thing for bands from the UK who don’t get the respect they deserve on this continent. So knowing they don’t come over here often, Pulp you best amaze the fuck out of me.

5) Girls:

I get the feeling Girls will make a lot of new fans at Coachella this year. Their performance at the Music Box last December was their biggest US headline gig to date and they blew the roof off the fucking place. Their 2011 release Father, Son, Holy Ghost made it onto numerous top ten lists for good reason. From lush ballads like “Love Like A River” to Sabbath inspired rockers like “Vomit” and “Die” this band is truly something special and not to be missed.

4) Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds:

While I fully expect to see a water-downed version of Gallagher’s stunning November 2012 appearance on the campus of UCLA, that will still be far superior to the performance of Saturday headliners Radiohead. Having hit arena headliner status across the pond in Europe, I have no doubt that Gallagher’s well crafted songs will captivate the masses as the sun sets in the west. Likewise, ladies if you are crushed over his lack of “Wonderwall”, you can cry on my shoulder while Radiohead blow pussy farts across the Polo Fields.

3) Refused:

Dead my ass! Refused are back and they are going to kick the living crap out of the hipster nation. Granted I get the vibe they would be better in a small club instead of on a massive stage, the fact is that in 2012 Refused are alive and I will get to see them with my own two eyes. I never thought I would have a chance, but Lord knows I plan to make the most of this one.

2) At The Drive-In:

You can pretty much take the above statement on Refused and put it here. The only difference is that I was going to see At The Drive-In live and then they went and broke up. I kid you not, when those loveable fucks over at Antiquiet broke the news that these mad men from El Paso were reforming I knew I had to finally make the trek to Coachella. Fingers crossed no one moshes thus ending the performance before it even begins.

1) Kasabian:

CAN YOU FEEL IT COMING? Anyone who knows me already knew who the number one band was going to be. It has been 5 long years since Kasabian blessed North American with their presence. Super stars in Europe, Asia and Australia, there are many theories as to why this band has not taken off in America, but who cares. The fact is Kasabian is here in America right now and you are a damn fool if you miss their Saturday performance. Massive anthems from real rock and roll stars, Kasabian is the one act you can’t miss at Coachella 2012. See you in the fucking pit.




Kasabian Destroy Terminal 5 NYC 3/22/12

They have finally returned to America! That’s where Episode 66 of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series kicks off, bringing us to Terminal 5 in New York City to see the one and only Kasabian. This is a special night for all of us fans out there who’ve waited for this band to return to the United States. Facebook groups have been started, Twitter accounts have been created, all in efforts to get this band back to U.S. Soil for the first time in 5 years. So when a tour was announced a few months ago, there was no question that I was on my way here tonight. I kinda feel bad for my man Reverend Justito, because he turned me on to this band and I’m getting to check them out live before him on this tour. It’s alright, he get’s them at Coachella and an LA date that week-PLUS, he and the rest of the world get to watch this concert stream live online. YouTube in conjunction with the Bowery Presents have made it possible for tonight’s proceedings inside the epic Terminal 5 to be broadcast around the world. The event is sold out so without tickets I hope you all are getting ready to do it up Couch Tour style, as I try to coax my coworker to let me leave work early, so I can get that sweet spot on the 3rd floor left of the stage I love so much. Doors are at 7, show at 8. I want to be on that line at 5:30. This night is too important to have some hipster from Williamsburg standing in my favorite spot. Maybe I’m over playing this, maybe I’m not. Only one way to find out……

So I arrived at the line at 5:23.. That’s right I said line- I guess 2 and a half hours was not early enough to land me 1st on line. At 6 they opened the doors and shuffled all of us upstairs to the rooftop smoke deck-stairs leading to a 2nd deck actually.. Benches, bathrooms, a bar. Hell there’s even a video screen if people wanna watch the show from up here. Anyway, they roped off the rest of the place, and now everyone formed a line up here in hopes of snagging their favorite spot up front. 3 different people asked me whats the best spot in this place-I gave them 3 different answers.

So at 7 when all of us were let in, the mad dash began. People must not read enough of my reviews: if you’re going to a show a Terminal 5 I don’t understand why you wouldn’t head upstairs to get a nice railing spot on the 2nd or 3rd floor.. I mean I’m looking directly down at the stage, unless you’re one of those 1st 20 or so people who gets a front railing spot the 1st floor is pointless. Anyway, I’m overlooking the stage from the 3rd floor. Not only a perfect view but a chair ALONG with an ottoman. So with my feet up in total relax-mode, time to wait for Hacienda, the opening act listed to go on at 8PM..

Promptly, Hacienda came on at 8. 4 man piece, with a keyboardist, they hail from San Antonio and have been on this entire U.S. tour supporting Kasabian. They bassist and guitar player switched off vocal duties-it was almost like 2 different bands depending on who was singing which song. They weren’t bad, the guitar player had some filthy licks when the song called for it. The 45 minutes flew by. They were off by 8:45..

You can feel the anticipation building as the stage was set up, all the camera were checked, more tweets hashtagged Terminal 5 were being tweeted. At 9:10 I’m thinking to myself “Wow this is gonna be freaking CRAZY!”

At about 9:20, out came the main event: KASABIAN. And they came out with a thunderous “Days are Forgotten” followed by “Shoot The Runner”. I was mesmerized. For once in my life I can say I was around when New York City decided to get into good bands- the building was literally shaking. A crowd that was frozen still during Hacienda’s opening set was jumping around, slamming into each other. Everyone in unison just making the most of every single second they had in the building with this band. It was awesome.

Now all good comes with bad, right? You would think so-but that was surely not case here at Terminal 5. After “Underdog” was the 4th song in, I pretty much thought I was done with the songs I liked. I knew they had “Re-Wired” on previous set lists, so I waited. But as I did they played more amazing songs that I found myself to really be enjoying while taping, I mean more so than I would have. “Thick as Thieves” was the only jam tonight to have the acoustic guitar involved, and that’s the point where you look around and think to yourself-this is way better than advertised!

Then I remember we’re being live streamed on YouTube- the whole world is inside Terminal 5 tonight. Did you see us rocking that place out? Hell, even my hidden spot on the 3rd floor got packed with people standing on chairs trying to see over us along the railing. So I guess that “showing up late to avoid the opener” plan backfired. Sucks to be you. But I’ll tell you this: Bump me again, and my elbow meets your chest.

“Re-Wired” eventually came, but before that it was “Club Foot” (isn’t that song in a commercial? I’m too familiar with it for it not to be). I want to say this about every song, but the house was seriously about to come down during Club Foot. It just seemed to get louder and louder in there as the night went on. “Man of Simple Pleasures” and “LSF” were played towards the end of their set before the encore. The place got increasingly louder with screams while we waited for the band to come back out.

“Switchblade Smiles” was absolutely insane when they kicked off the encore with it. The colors-their light show is really cool the way it bounces off the walls of the tight, yet roomy Terminal 5. This was the perfect venue to have them perform, and they put on a flawless set that left everyone in the place trying to regather themselves outside; trying to comprehend the epicness they have just witnessed. I don’t think there’s anybody in the world who thought this show would be so… so… well ‘Perfect’ is the only word that comes to mind. . Ended their flawless evening of tearing down Terminal 5 with a 7+ minute version of “Fire”. Incredible.

I’ve seen some shows, but this is like top 5 in “Live up to the hype”. I mean I’ve heard the band on record and I enjoy them. But live, it’s a whole different experience. So much energy, so much ferociousness, and most importantly, having so much damn fun on stage. In five years when they come back to America(Let’s hope it’s not that long!), you can already book it that it’ll be on the Jay Porks Concert Calender..


Lineups for the 2012 Reading & Leeds Festival Announced

Lineups for the 2012 Reading & Leeds Festival Announced 

The lineup for the 2012 Reading and Leeds Festivals have been announced and as always they are mighty impressive. Headliners include Kasabian, Foo Fighters and The Cure. Other notable acts include At The Drive-In, Paramore and The Black Keys. As of press time, the website for Leeds Festival has crashed from all the heavy traffic, but you can check out the lineup for the Reading Festival below.

For additional information on Leeds – click here.

For additional information on the Reading Festival – click here.


Goldenvoice Adds Coachella Week Shows For Southern California

Goldenvoice Adds Coachella Week Shows For Southern California

Goldenvoice just posted information on which Coachella 2012 bands will be playing shows in/around the greater Los Angeles Area during the week between each festival. Highlights include Kasabian at the Fonda, Refused at the Glass House and Pulp at the Fox Theatre. Check out the above poster to see which of your favorite Coachella Artists are playing in Southern California this April. As always, check out the official Goldenvoice page for up to the minute details on these shows.


Watch: Kasabian Perform ‘Goodbye Kiss’ On Graham Norton Show

A few months back when the Rev Justito was telling us all at the Concert Confessions family about this band known as Kasabian I didn’t really do much but a Wikipedia quick peak, and move on. I mean this was coming from a fan of the Electric Six , how could I take him seriously?

Truth be told, Kasabian has went from “Band I’ll see to review for Concert Confessions” to “Band I can’t f%&king wait to see because they are f%&king amazing!!!” faster than you can try and pronounce the name of their newest record, “Velociraptor”. Seriously, why hasn’t this band ceaselessly toured the U.S.? These guys are frickin’ awesome.

Thanks to my Father’s enjoyment of British Television, he informed me that the band would be performing on the Graham Norton Show, slated to air on BBC America Saturday Night (2/3) at 10:15. Well, since I’m 20 days away from running into the band at Terminal 5 in New York City, I figured why wait? So here performing “Goodbye Kiss” on he Graham Norton Show, Kasabian

Kasabian Stop By Letterman


After months and months of Facebook groups being started, Twitter accounts being created-England’s brightest stars Kasabian , are finally here in North America.

Even with tickets to their Terminal 5 show on March 22nd purchased, I still wasn’t gonna believe it til I saw it with my own eyes. And at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan yesterday, when I tuned in at about 12:31 AM, there they were.

I’m confident that Letterman pronounces the name of their album “Velociraptor” better than I do, and he was sporting the vinyl at the desk as he introduced the band, who played ‘Days Are Forgotten’. The video is below

Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced

Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced

Kasabian, Refused, At The Drive-In and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – oh my. The 2012 Coachella lineup is out and it’s epic like elephant titties. Tickets go on sale Friday January 13th 2012 at 10 am PST via coachella.com We hope to see you in the desert in April.

Update 01/13/12 1:00 PM PST

Both weekends of Coachella 2012 sold out in less than three hours. Our man Reverend Justito has purchased tickets for the first weekend. If you are heading out to Indio, leave us a comment. Maybe he will buy you a beer.

Kasabian To Broadcast New Year’s Eve Gig Live on YouTube

Kasabian To Broadcast New Year’s Eve Gig Live on YouTube

Kasabian have just announced plans to stream their sold out New Year’s Eve performance live on YouTube. The band will perform from the o2 Arena in London. The stream starts at 3pm PST and the best part is that it’s free. Tom and Serge made a quick video to plug the webcast which you can watch below.

As we reported earlier this year, Kasabian will be touring across the United States in early 2012.



Kasabian Announce 2012 North American Tour

Kasabian Announce 2012 North American Tour

For those who are unaware, our founder Reverend Justito is obsessed with Kasabian. Last year he launched a Facebook Group with the goal to bring the band back to America. When the groups outstanding new record Velociraptor! failed to crack the Billboard Top 200 he upped the ante by creating a Twitter and a Tumblr page. Well, the good news for Reverend Justitio is that it worked as today Kasabian announced dates for a massive tour of North America.

The bad news for Reverend Justito is that the band seems to have looked over his home state of California (though rumors do indicate the band will be performing at the 2012 Coachella Music and Arts Festival).

Check out dates for the trek and a message to American fans from Tom Meighan below. Tickets go on sale December 2-3rd, 2011.

3/12/12 – South Side Music Hall, Dallas, TX

3/15/12 – Fitzgerald’s, Houston, TX

3/17/12 – Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

3/18/12 – Beacham Theatre, Orlando, FL

3/20/12 – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

3/21/12 – Theatre Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

3/22/12 – Terminal 5, New York, NY

3/27/12 – House of Blues, Boston, MA

3/28/12 – Corona Theatre, Montreal, QC

3/29/12 – Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ONT

4/01/12 – Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac, MI

4/02/12 – Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL

4/03/12 – First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

4/06/12 – Edmonton Event Center, Edmonton, AB

4/07/12 – MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary, AB

4/09/12 – Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC

4/10/12 – The Showbox @ The Market, Seattle, WA

4/11/12 – Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

4/14/12 – Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA

4/16/12 – Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

4/17/12 – Music Box @ Fonda, Hollywood, CA

4/18/12 – The Marquee, Tempe, AZ

4/21/12 – Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA

4/22/12 – The Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO

Kasabian Set To Return To America With 9/11 Anniversary Concert

Kasabian Set To Return To America With 9/11 Anniversary Concert

On September 11th, Kasabian will perform their first concert on US soil in five years. The band who is set to release their fourth record Velociraptor later this month will perform on a rooftop in New York City to mark the 10 year Anniversary of 9/11. While details have yet to be announced, Kasabian front man Tom Meighan recently told The Sun:

“”It will be strange for us playing in the city on such a big weekend for New York people. It will be emotional.

“I was at work and remember hearing 9/11 unfold on the radio. I remember going home and being in absolute shock. My mum had it on the news. It was f***ing awful.”


As of this posting an exact time and location for this gig are unknown. As soon as details are posted, we will have them for you. Kasabian currently have a UK Arena tour booked for later this year and plan to return to the United States in 2012.


Update 09/07/11: It appears the gig will be a private show for Mulberry and it will be held on September 12th. Still no information as to how the public can attend the event.


Kasabian Debuts New Material During U.K. Club Show

Kasabian Debuts New Material During U.K. Club Show

With their intimate tour of UK clubs kicking off in Sheffield last night, Kasabian fans were finally rewarded to a sneak peak of what is to come from the bands highly anticipated 4th album. With the O2 Academy sold out for weeks, the boys from Leicestershire debuted the songs “Velociraptor” and “Switchblade Smile” much to the delight of fans. While the current quality of clips from Sheffield leaves a lot to be desired, one must wonder if “Switchblade Smile” is the Nirvana-esque song front man Tom Meighan mentioned to BBC Music 6 last fall. With a studio version of “Switchblade” set to debut this Tuesday on BBC1, we will soon have the answer to that question. So for now, sit back and enjoy what new music we have from Kasabian. Now if we could only get them to tour North America…



Sheffield O2 Academy Setlist:

‘Club Foot’
‘Where Did All The Love Go?’
‘Shoot The Runner’
‘Cutt Off’
‘Thick As Thieves’
‘Take Aim’
‘The Doberman’
‘Fast Fuse’
‘Vlad The Impaler’
‘Switchblade Smile’
‘Stuntman’/’I Feel Love’




Kasabian Live at the 2010 Heineken Open’er Festival

Kasabian 07/03/10

Heineken Open’er Festival – Gdynia, Poland

Words by Reverend Justito/concertconfessions.com


When one does a simple Google search of “Kasabian North America” the first two WebPages that pop up are Concert Confessions creations (Please join our Facebook group).  I am pretty sure on a personal level I have done more work getting Kasabian on So-Cal radio juggernaut KROQ then the bands US label has.  To be honest, I fear the band may not even have a US label at this point.  So while Kasabian may not be able to sell 1000 tickets in my hometown, that does not stop me from worshiping the band and trying everything in my power to bring them back to North America. 

Since the band won’t come here, and I currently can’t afford a trip to Europe to see them/review them, I will have to settle for the next best thing.  Watching the bands July 3rd, 2010 performance to a sea of rabid fans at the Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia Poland.  So please enjoy my review from watching this show three times on YouTube.  If you want to enjoy this for yourself, please feel free to watch the below video.  Fingers crossed we can get the band to pay us a stateside visit after the release of their fourth album.  Big thanks to YouTube User DroolPL for uploading this mind blowing performance. 



In 90 short minutes, UK rock powerhouse Kasabian managed to level the small North Coast town of Gdynia, Poland.  With many miles of road behind the band on their “everywhere but the Americas” West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum world tour, the group unleashed a brutal set of fan favorites, radical b-sides and straight up anthems upon the Heineken Open’er Festival.

Taking the stage as the sun set upon the festivals third night, the multiple NME Awards winner kicked things off with the pulsating “Fast Fuse.”  With singer Tom Meighan having nothing to lose and a city to abuse, all in attendence were warned that this was indeed the real deal and shit was about to get crazy.  From there, the band unleashed a string of hits which included “Shoot The Runner”, “Underdog” and “Where Did The Love Go?”  The crowd went bonkers as the band refused to let up hitting them with their mix of rock/dance/psychedellic musical madness.

After a rocking take on the instrumental “Swarfiga”, the band looked back to their “still ahead of it’s time” self-titled debut record.  “Cutt Off” is a magical hybrid of late 60’s San Francisco and mid 90’s Brit Trip-Pop that somehow works better live than on record.  “Reason is Treason” is a beast live, with a sweet phased out keyboard jam builing nicely before guitarist/principal songwriter Sergio Pizzorno took on lead vocals for the songs bridge.  What really impressed me was how well the song flowed right into the foul-mouthed B-side “Julie & The Moth Man.”  Being an American and not having access to the Kasabian B-side collection, it was my first time hearing this.  In fine Kasabian fashion, it was instantly stuck in my head. 

After mellowing things out a bit with “Thick as Thieves” and the Pizzorno lead vocal blockbuster “Take Aim” the band left the valley and brought the mass of humanity back up the mountain with a triple shot of songs from their second album Empire.  After rocking the title track, the highlight of the set was “The Doberman.”  The way the song slowly builds into a horn lead symphonic masterpiece, only to quietly fade works so well on record, I didn’t think they could pull it off live.  I am glad to report that I was wrong.  “Stuntman” is not really a favorite of mine, but it rocked live.  The band closed their set by performing their breakthrough hit “Club Foot.”  With the power of Rage Against The Machine and the dance groves of Tricky coming together into one giant Brit-Pop anthem, this was my introduction to the Countesthorpe band and to this day it still makes my arm hair tingle with delight.  With a seizure-inducing light show and a brain bashing bass line layed down by Mr. Chris Edwards (perhaps one of the most under-rated four stringers on the planet), the band took the crowd and beat them upside the head for one last time before taking a well deserved encore break.

The band came back for three songs.  The melodic “Fire” kicked things off right and gave the crowd another chance to drown out the band by singing along.  “Fire” segued right into another West Ryder track called “Vlad The Impaler.”  With another trademark bass line, the band simply managed to connect with the crowd even more.  The show finally closed with the worldwide hit “L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever).”  The original Kasabian anthem, it’s next to impossible to not feel alive as the band stretched out the massive number.  Hell, even after the band had left the stage, the crowd continued to sing the songs closing ohhhhhh oh oh’s not only to honor the band that had just spent 90 minutes destroying their senses, but secretly hoping for one last song.  With the rest of the world on board, it’s only a matter of time for America to discover the power and beauty that is Kasabian.


Hayley Williams Joins Deftones in Luxembourg




Clearly, I should have spent the weekend in Luxembourg instead of Ventura.  Somewhere in that pint-sized nation was an event called the Rock-A-Field Festival.  Not only did it feature the #1 band Concert Confessions would like to see play in America again, but those lucky Luxembourgers (is that a real word?  Fuck it – it is now) were treated to Lil Miss Hayley Williams of Paramore rocking “Passenger” with Deftones.

Sure, she may not be Maynard, but she has a much nice set of tits pipes than that ‘roid raging Coldplay look a like from Dillinger Escape Plan.

Kasabian – Live Aus Berlin

Kasabian 06/01/10

Astra Kulterhaus – Berlin, Germany

Words/Photos/Video by Ellen


Editors note:  Ellen helps me run the Facebook Group “Bring Kasabian to North America.”  She was kind enough to e-mail me this review.

This is a first for me Ive ever written a review before so hopefully you will get the jest of it.

This has to be one of the strangest yet best venues I have been to see Kasabian play.
It can best be described as a bomb hit shed in someones back garden, but once inside its like Dr whos tardis fantastic place in a perfect location right near to the last remaining parts of the Berlin Wall.

The bars are located outside the building in a court yard and the beer is cheap compared to london prices 3.20 euros a pint.  Unfortunately Ii forgot what order songs were played in although I do know they started with fast fuse, they totally changed the set list for this concert but ended in L.S.F. as usual.

It took a while for the German crowd to get into it about 3 songs I’d say but then they went absolutely wild.  The Germans aint into the beer throwing as much as us Brits they prefer to drink it. Kasabian concerts are renowned for getting a good soaking of beer so if you don’t wanna get wet stay up the back, even then your not that safe.

The concert it self was brilliant as are the German people, but I spose i would say that being a massive fan having seen them well over 30-40 times now.  From start to finish they were rocking the place and Ii think at some points were more into it than the crowd, they love to entertain and pull out all the stops.

Tom and serg are two of the best front men a band could ever have, but lets not forget chris, ian and jay who are great musicians and after all the band would’nt be what they are without them.

Shoot the Runner, Empire, Vlad The Impaler and Clubfoot all went down a storm.
A few of the slower songs off their recent album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum  had the crowd go a bit quite but were well recieved all the same.

Doberman, Clubfoot, and L.S.F.  were the 3 encore songs the place erupted with Clubfoot even the germans gave up their beer for that one, while L.S.F.  could be heard round the streets of Berlin for about 2 hours after the show.

All in all a great show well worth the trip to Berlin and just a word of warning if ever you travel abroad to see kasabian in action DON’T book a flight back home for the following day the hangover that follows is not good, take this from someone that knows.


The Campaign To Bring Kasabian To North America

For many years now I have been a fan of a band from the United Kingdom. They are called Kasabian, and they manage to make some amazing psychedelic indie alt Brit-pop. While the band has won major awards, played some large stadium/festival gigs across Europe, America for whatever reason has never accepted the band (I blame you RCA/Columbia). In fact, I just happened to find their recent album – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum on accident, not off a clever marketing campaign by their record label.

So I get that the fan base is small, and there is a lot more glory playing football (aka soccer) stadiums in Europe vs. small clubs in America. However, American Kasabian fans are people too, and that’s why I have decided to start a campaign to bring the band back to America. In a day and age where a pickle can get more fans than Nickleback, why not use facebook to launch the campaign? If you are interested in joining the group, please click here.

Thanks for your time:

Justin – concertconfessions.com

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