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Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D – Filter, Helmet, Local H – Newport, Kentucky – 8/13/2014


If a show is within driving distance from my home, it’s more then likely I’m going to make the trip. I usually map quest it to see how far it is, and then decide from there. So, four hours for a band I love is no problem whatsoever. Newport Kentucky is just over the river (literally) and through the woods to the Thompson House I went.

The Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D was hitting up Newport Kentucky and I made the journey, of course I needed to replenish the cookie supply, so Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans, made the trip as well. I got there after noon, to find that the Thompson House is exactly what it says it is, a house a huge house at that. Managed to see Filters merchandise girl Sarah,  and give her the cookies, she took them to the bus, and I made my way to the front door to wait until doors open.

There were two local bands opening, but I’m only there to see three not two,  but that’s beside the point. I again had VIP for this show, and that was going to take place afterward, as the doors opened at 6pm, with the concert area opening thirty minutes later and I made my way to the front of the stage which wasn’t hard since there wasn’t a rail, and the stage was just the right height to lean on.


Local H took the stage just after 8:15pm, they were running a little late, but with all the other gear from the two local bands to clear off the stage, they did a great job getting all their gear on stage and ready to go. I must say, this is my second time seeing Local H and I’m in love. I need to make it my mission in life to see them more often, we are from the same state, and I did have the honor of meeting Scott Lucas afterward, he’s a sweet heart. They are amazing live, seriously I know I have one of there cd’s, from several years ago, and I feel like I have seen them years ago, but can’t remember where or when. Their set list consisted of fan faves like “All right, Oh Yeah”, “Another February” , “Bound For The Floor“, “Misanthrope” and my personal favorite “High Fiving MF“, along with a few others that I’m not sure no as they don’t put down a set list, but regardless they rock every time.


Helmet was up next and I have to say the lead singer is awesome, he rocks out every night. He always seems to mention that he’s in his fifties, and that is why I love these guys, they are doing what they love and will continue to do what they love regardless of their age or whatever. Yes, it’s a sacrifice, but if you love what you do every night and getting up on stage and playing some great kick ass music, do it. Helmet, I believe had to cut their set list short one song, as the time was getting away from them, but it consisted of the songs listed below.

  • Role Model
  • So Long
  • Renovation
  • Welcome to the Algiers
  • Better
  • See you Dead
  • Ironhead
  • Enemies
  • Blacktop
  • Turned out
  • Unsung
  •  The Silver Hawaiian, and
  • Milquetoast

I could be wrong on a few of those, because they did play a request that someone asked them to play, overall Helmet rocks each and every time they take the stage, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to see them twice on this tour.


Filter was up next and they were a little late, but again that’s not their fault. The venue decides to put on the local bands, when the other bands are ready to take the stage as they should be, but that’s a bus story. Either way, Richard and crew put on a great show, they have been switching it up a bit, and singing some old, along with the new songs off of their current album “The Sun Comes out Tonight”. The only song that didn’t get played at this show, was “Soldiers of Misfortune” but that was alright. I would love for them to play “It’s my time” maybe they will at the next one. The set list is as follows, but not necessarily in that order.

  • (Can’t you) Trip like I do
  • Captain Bligh
  • Jurassitol
  • The Take
  • American Cliche
  • We Hate it when you get what you wanted
  • What do you Say
  • Take a Picture
  • Surprise
  • Self Inflicted
  • The Best Things
  • Skinny
  • Hey Man Nice Shot
  • Welcome to the Fold

In all the times I’ve seen them, he always closes with “Welcome to the Fold”, sort of like Trent Reznor in away, always closing with “Hurt”, perhaps there is a reason for that, and one that know one knows, but it’s attributes to, too great artists, and two amazing songs, that you know will always stand the test of time and come out the favorites each show.


Filter never disappoints, I find myself standing there not singing, but just listening to the show and taking it all in, sometimes a lyric or a song will make me just reflect why I’m here or why I love their music. It’s dedication to drive the hours I drive to see the bands I love, but friendship comes with the dedication, and the feeling of belonging, I guess. People think your crazy, or nuts for driving four or six hours to see a band, but that band did the same thing, they left families, and drove four, six or even twelve hours to be there, so why not return the favor. I did have VIP for this show, and honestly if there wasn’t another person with me, I would have headed out, but I stayed and we got to hang on the bus for a bit, it was the other kids moment. He was the future really, he reminded me of myself twelve years ago, all excited and just freaking out, he was getting Richard Patrick’s autograph tattooed on his arm, had the appointment and everything, that’s what it’s really all about, the memories and that moment you realize you belong.

The Thompson House in Newport Kentucky is just over the river from Cincinnati, it’s literally a house, haunted at that. Although I didn’t see any ghost, it was a pretty cool venue, the main concert hall was down in the basement, with the upstairs having a bar and other rooms, with access to a balcony, so overall a good venue to play at. I would go back for sure if other bands came there that I wanted to see, it would be worth the four hour drive for sure.

Image (1)

Filter only has a few more dates left on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D, with Helmet and Local H. I’m catching them one last time in a week on my birthday, and I can’t think of any other way to spend my birthday then with a band I love, will be a great one for sure.






Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop D with Filter, Helmet and Local H – 7/29/2014 St. Louis, MO.


When a band appreciates their fans as much as Filter does, you tend to want to return that appreciation, in the form of Chocolate Chip Cookies. That’s just what I did, I baked Filter some home made chocolate chip cookies, and in the process feel like I’ve made friends for life, Richard is like my big brother who happens to sing in a band.

I’ve been a fan of Filter since the beginning, but there current album “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” is by far one of there best. I had gotten VIP for this show, but I still think I was the only one, as I didn’t see any other “vip-er’s” there. Getting to go on the bus, and chat with Richard Patrick for a bit was well worth the price paid and more. The conversation ranged from touring, as I said “you should all tour with Powerman 5000”.  Richard says: “No, us, Powerman and Cold”.  I would be the first to purchase tickets for that, please make that happen, to family life, arch nemesis, and stuff I didn’t hear from him, on top of that I got front row for a kick ass show.

There were five bands that played at the Mad Magician in St. Louis, but I was only there two see three. The first two bands were local bands from St. Louis, Hustler and Divine Sorrow, they both took the stage for roughly thirty minutes or more, keeping with the schedule as Filter was going on at 10:40pm so it was a rushed show, the stage was not very big and accommodating every bands gear was a challenge in itself.


Local H took the stage around 8:15 and honestly I don’t know why I haven’t seen Local H in concert, I’m just going to say it, they rocked. I really should go to one of there shows when they come back around here, as we’re both from the same state.  . Even though Scott Lucas always looks like he’s in a bad mood, he’s a great guy and gladly accepted the beer that the fellow next to me bought him, they rocked the house. They got the crowd going, there was moshing, it was by far a great performance, and I will have to see them live again for sure. Local H’s set list consisted of a mix mash of several songs, there wasn’t an actual set list laid down, but from what I can gather:

  • Taxi Cabs
  • Another February
  • Fritz Corner
  • Misanthrope
  • Bound for the Floor
  • Team
  • That’s what they all say
  • High Fiving MF

I could be wrong on a few of them, as this was my first time seeing Local H and won’t be my last for sure. Excellent performance by a great band.


Helmet was up next, and it’s been years since I seen Helmet. The last time was with Chevelle and Disturbed back in 1999 or something to that effect, they opened up for Chevelle on a couple tours, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. They put on a good performance as well, although the sound was muttled, but the heavy guitar riffs were loud and clear, there set list consisted of 14 songs.

  1. Bored
  2. So Long
  3. Renovation
  4. Algiers
  5. Birth Defect
  6. Broadcast Emo
  7. Blacktop
  8. Crashing
  9. Smart
  10. Driving
  11. Miserable
  12. Like I Care
  13. Impressionable
  14. Bury Me

After there set the lead singer was asked how old he was, he was 55.. To be playing music and touring at that age, is fucking amazing, seriously. I said “I’m ten years younger then you and we look fabulous for our age”. I mean really, that is the reason I love these bands, they are all in my age bracket and they keep on going, because it keeps them young, and they love what they do.


Filter was on deck next and around 10:50 they hit the stage, with an opening performance of “Trip like I do” with abundance and lots of colorful lights. This is the third time I’ve seen Filter and they always put on a great show, Richard gets the crowd involved, you sing, listen, and you can’t help but smile through the whole thing, as they are just that good live.

I did get a video of “Take my Picture”

There set list consisted of songs off of the current CD as well as the old favorites, and one that Richard loves to play live “Welcome to the Fold”. I was hoping they would play “It’s my time”, but I’m sort of glad they didn’t as I would have started crying for sure. They ended up playing 12 songs total, as time was about to end, but they could have played ten more and I would have made it regardless of the heat.

  1. Trip like I do
  2. Captain Bligh
  3. American Cliche
  4. Jurassitol
  5. We Hate it
  6. What do you Say
  7. Take a Picture
  8. Surprise
  9. Self Inflicted
  10. Soldiers of Misfortune
  11. Best Things – didn’t get played
  12. Hey Man Nice Shot
  13. Welcome to the Fold


They ran out of time and weren’t able to play Best Things, but that was alright, they had already played there hearts out. Filter is such a sweet band, I don’t know if it’s the way Richard approaches things, but they go on stage each night and bring it, there is never a disappointing moment, yes it might be tough touring and leaving the family, but if you get to do something you love doing each night and appreciating the folks that come out to see you, what more could you ask for.

photo (19)

The Mad Magician in St. Louis is a little night club joint, no bigger then a house really, it was my first time there and I got to say, for not having a rail and being right next to the stage it was alright. They could have turned up the air conditioner it was hot as hell in there, I was soaked, bands were soaked and I almost didn’t make it, but overall I would go back to the Mad Magician they need to bring Powerman 5000 next.

In Drop DD

Filter, Helmet and Local H are on the Anti Folk Revival Tour in Drop D they still have several more dates left, according to Richard it’s pure rock and roll, “no banjo crap like Mumford and Sons” seriously true words. I’m planning on seeing them again in Kentucky here in two weeks before they go back overseas to play for the troops, that’s one thing I love about him, they support the men and women, even though they may not support the wars being fought, the troops need all the support they can get and bands like Filter and others do just that.


Local H @ Mercury Lounge – New York City 04/21/2014

Local H w/ Crook and Pony – 04/21/2014

Mercury Lounge – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

Local H

I have an idea: Why don’t you just enjoy the show” says Scott Lucas to one of his biggest fans who happened to be wielding a camera in the front row on Monday night. That lucky fan was this very writer. It’s not surprising at all to spot a dude named Porks sporting a gigantic smile out front Mercury Lounge an hour before doors open for the early show tonight. Sixth time catching Local H, first since 2012. One of those bands that you always see the same folks at the shows. Those people you make friends with eventually and you find each other every time to preach the gospel that is this amazing duo. Parked my spine against the pine a part of the front of the building at roughly 5:15, forty five minutes before doors. Hell you know this guy’s excited, especially after the band dropped a Lorde cover on us earlier this week in video form. Hope we get that tonight. The opening act was doing soundcheck, and tonight’s headliners, Scott and Ryan, walked by me into Mercury Lounge around 5:30. I mumbled “woot woot”, as I’m very awkward in situation involving people I’ve come to idolize. Before you knew it we had ourselves a line and we were on our way in. Same spot as always at Mercury, front row right side. In front of Scott.

Crook And Pony

Opening up tonight’s show is another duo, they’re called Crook and Pony. They’ve got the male/female dynamic going with a tall drink of water on guitar and a dude rocking the drums on the same side of the stage Local H new drummer Ryan Harding will be slamming later. Not sure which one’s Crook and who’s Pony, but they’re 7-8 song set rocked the house for the first half hour of our night. There’s was open skepticism about the band when the first song was slow and low with no drums involved, but right after that the set grew in intensity. I recall a song that had lyrics to the affect of “take my hand / like a drug” and from that point forward we got grittier and grittier til it came to it’s climax, a song called “Silent Twins” Damn, where was this girl when they decided to ruin my favorite band with Lorde at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I made sure to get a photo of the setlist. Good tunes, good times.

crook and Pony setlist

Tons of people don’t grow up with the gift of being able to perform live music but love live music so much so that they find themselves trying to find ways to be around bands in general; whether that happens to be hitting as many shows as humanly possible, working for one or some capacity, or one might even fancy themselves a writer at a website or two that covers music. I happen to be all of the above, plus the aforementioned huge fan. So when Buffalo Trace kicked off the night, a song I don’t recall ever seeing played live personally, I was beyond aflutter at what this night can bring to the table.

Local H

After that song, everyone in attendance tonight got to hear (and laugh at) Scott Lucas calling out a fan who had a camera in hand, who seems to have not shut his flash off. The person being looked dead in the eyes by Mr. Lucas is yours truly. He goes on to say “We look good in these lights.. you know what I even have an idea, why don’t you enjoy the show?” much to the delight of everyone judging by the roaring cheers from the crowd. And there I was glaring up at him, feeling like someone just told me my cat died or something. What’s the kicker to that you ask? Well, I don’t take pictures at concerts. Ever.

Scott Pissed

This photo above, it is the photo that set off Scott. As clearly seen here, this is NOT taken by me. I’m more off the right. You can guarantee that a flash did not come from me. I record video and obtain the pictures with screen shots. If it ever appears as if it’s a good picture I have taken than it came from sitting up all night going frame by frame through vids until a shot containing some light from another cameras flash happens. If I let off one single flash from my iPhone when they first walked on stage it was accidental. The flash that set him off, the flash that hit him in the face that put him over the edge, happened two dudes down from me, but blinded by the light and annoyed, Scott looked down and took it out on the dude with the camera hanging from his neck.

Local H

The career spanning set that Local H usually delivers took a few delightful detours along the way. The aforementioned Buffalo Trace along with Chicago Phanfair ’93 early in the set really got the crowd wired up for some new set list blood. Mixed in They Saved Reagan’s Brain

one of the standout tracks from the band’s latest effort Hallelujah I’m A Bum between those two cuts and an early set appearance of Eddie Vedder-the man I loathe and the song that I love. You can see in the video that the lighting is spectacular. The One With Kid is a raunchy tune to hear live. It just makes you want all that shit from your ex girlfriends back you left behind. Hands On The Bible and California Songs were strong with the force tonight,

and Taxi Cabs into Another February was a great transition. Then I made a huge mistake.

Local H

As you see scattered though this review, videos of complete darkness. Literally, this place gets darker every time, but at least the sound is very, very good for what it looks like. So I decided beforehand that at least for one song I’m recording with the iPhone camera. Well, the song I decided to do that one was the Lorde cover of Team, which not only doesn’t provide a brighter video, but destroys the sound completely. It’s a disaster on film, but being in the room experiencing it live was epic none the less, but I’m a guy who has a habit of making bad choices.

photo (3)

After a harrowing Fritz’s Corner, Scott mentioned that Local H has a new single coming out (possibly Tues 4/22) but they didn’t play it. They played another new rocking track for us called “One Of Us”. Fitting to play the newbie before you go blow the roof off with your trademark fan favorites

closing the show out with Bound For The Floor straight into What Would You Have Me Do and High Fiving MF. Surprisingly at 8:57 the boys had one more for us, Heavy Metal Bake Sale before we hit the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan a tad after 9, walking up to Broadway.

It’s NEVER too early to Rock & Roll.

Partial Setlist(two songs missing):

Buffalo trace

Eddie Vedder

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

Chicago Phanfair 93

The One with kid

Hands On The Bible

California Songs

Taxi Cabs

Another February

Team (Lorde)

Alright, Oh Yeah

Cha! Said The Kitty

Fritz Corner

One Of Us (New song)

Bound For The Floor

What would have me do

High Fivin’ MF

Heavy Metal Bake Sale

Local H Add Spring Tour Dates For The East Coast

Local H 09/24/12: Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Local H is currently on the inaugural tour with new drummer Ryan Harding, and by all indications things seem to be moving along smoother than a friction-less surface.  So after endless nights awake looking for shooting stars to pass along the sky it turns out the band has added more gigs to this trek. With a handful of shows left for March ending with a Scott Lucas solo spot in Forest Park, IL, the boys will head further east hitting towns Local H fan filled towns such as Indianapolis, Richmond,VA,  New York City, DC, Baltimore, Portland, ME and Detroit just to name a few. The newer dates come courtesy of Hellhound Music, who also have a neat list of Scott Lucas’ top Rock & Roll films

Local H Spring Tour:

3/4    St. Petersburg, FL        The Local 662

3/5    Orlando, FL                   Will’s Pub

3/6    Atlanta, GA                   The Earl

3/7    Knoxville, TN                The Well

3/8    Lexington, KY               Cosmic Charlie’s

3/29   Forest Park, IL             Chalk (Scott Lucas solo show)

——–Newly Added——

4/16    Indianapolis, IN    Radio Radio

4/18    Richmond, VA    Canal Club

4/19    Washington, DC    DC9

4/20    Baltimore, MD    Metro Gallery

4/21    New York, NY    Mercury Lounge

4/23    Hamden, CT        The Ballroom at The Outer

4/24    Allston, MA        Great Scott

4/25    Portland, ME        Asylum

4/26    Burlington, VT    Signal Kitchen

4/28    Buffalo, NY        Waiting Room

4/29    Cleveland, OH    Grog Shop

4/30    Detroit, MI        Magic Stick

5/3    Bolingbrook, IL    Tailgaters

Local H Say Good-Bye to Brian In New York City – 10/5/13 – Santos Party House

Local H Santos

I know I’ve only written a few reviews and one of them was a Local H review, but I just have to do another one after catching them in New York. This was a big trip for me for three reasons. One, I had never been to New York and it was on my bucket list of things to do before I turn 40 (which is funny because I’m only 3-4 hours away). Two, this was one of the last shows that Brian would be playing with Local H. They weren’t coming to the Maryland area which is why I had to go New York to catch them. Three, I got to meet a fellow concert confessions writer in person – Jay!

So, I put out an invite to all my friends and two of them bit: Dana and Bob. Dana had her Local H cherry popped a year ago when I took her to her first Local H show, but Bob had never seen them before. He’s a big music nerd like the rest of us so I was really excited for him to FINALLY be able to see Local H. I’ve been trying for years to get him to come to one of their shows and have always failed in my attempts.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a little after 11:00 and we all meet up at Dana’s house and I was the volunteer driver so we hopped in my car and took off. The three hour drive seemed to just fly by and it was close to 3:00 by the time we drove through the Lincoln Tunnel. After crossing through to the other side, I was immediately met with traffic, pedestrians, and car horns blowing every single second. We found our hotel (right in the heart of the city) with no problems but parking was a pain as we drove around, trying to figure out where to park. During our 20 minute parking excursion, I’m sure I heard 1 million car horns blowing and came close to hitting at least 300 pedestrians….soooo this is what NYC is like? Got it! I decided to give my car horn a try for no reason at all!

We finally found a spot to park my car. It was street parking and we didn’t have to pay and it was right around the corner from our hotel! Score! My car stayed in that spot until we left the following evening. After checking in our little crappy hotel that cost an arm and leg, we got out and checked out Time Square. The only thing I can say is: Wow! There were so many people, so much to see, and walking was the best way to do it because you really got to take it all in. Around 5:00 or so, we stopped in Planet Hollywood to have some dinner and that’s where Jay met up with us. It was cool to meet another cool person that I had only known online. I was hoping he was going to hit up the Local H show so maybe we could have done a duel review but he had a special invite to go see Soul Asylum and you can check out his review on our page! After we finished our chatting, we all left together and parted ways at the subway; and Jay was a big help in making sure we were going in the right direction and hooking us up with a subway card!

When we arrived at Santo’s Party House, there were two lines outside the club and we quickly learned that Eye Empire was playing at the same place. There are two stages in this building which I had no idea. The line for Local H was about 50-75 people deep already and we found our spot at the end of the line. The doors were supposed to open at 6:30 but it was after 7:00 by the time they opened up. I was anxious for this show for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see what it was like to see Local H in a totally different state than what I usually do, I was curious to find out if the crowd would be the same or not, and I couldn’t wait to see if they played “California songs” because of the “…and fuck New York too” line.

When we entered the club, it wasn’t much different than the clubs here in Maryland. It had two bars, wasn’t too big, and had a big disco ball on the ceiling. It was a nice little club. It didn’t take long for the opening band to start. They were a band from Chicago named “Monkey Paw.” I had never heard of them but they were pretty good and did a good job warming me up for Local H. They were a 3 piece band that had some similar sounds to Local H but also had some jam type sounds in there too. I felt like they sounded great live but wouldn’t be all that great on a CD or listening to them on the radio. They were good though and worth checking out if ever given the chance.

Once Monkey Paw finished up, it didn’t take long for Local H to hit the stage. I was surprised at how early they were going on and that they were done playing by 10:00. Bob found out that they do a dance party at the club so that’s why the show was so early…which worked out well for us because we got more play time in the city!

Local H opened up with “Terrible Love” and they proceeded to rip through song after song with a nice mix of both old songs as well as new. What I noticed about the crowd was that it wasn’t much different than the Maryland area crowds. You had your hard-core Local H fans in the front, singing every single lyric to every single song, you had the drunk guys in the front who were too big, old, and drunk to be up close as they invaded everyone’s personal space because it was “their world and no one else’s,” and you had the entire crowd singing along to the well- known songs. What caught me off guard was that I saw a dude there that I see at ALL the Local H shows in the DC area. I’ve spoken to him once or twice before and while I can’t remember his name, I do remember him telling me he follows Local H around a lot, taking pictures, and Scott knows him by name…or he may have just been trying to make himself look good. He’s a male groupie either way!

Brain St. Clair Local H

It was surreal seeing Local H in New York City. For some reason, to me, it seemed more “professional” or more solid than their shows are in DC. They still sounded just as great and still put on just as awesome of a show as always, but it seemed more “big-time.” However, that could have just been all on me since I had never been to NYC before and it seemed very big and busy to me. I also seemed to be the only one amused when they did play “California Songs” and they did sing “and fuck New York too.” It made me laugh, but it doesn’t take much to amuse me. No one else seemed to think anything of it…oh well! One thing I noticed was that Scott didn’t talk to the crowd in NYC as much as he usually does in DC. He did talk to the NYC crowd but he seems more laid back at the DC shows.

Scott Lucas

Towards the end of the show, Scott informed the audience that they were there for two reasons. One was to make up the show there that they had to cancel when Scott got choked in Russia and the second reason was to say good-bye to Brian. After he said that, the crowd went into a cheer for Brian that seemed like it lasted forever but it was only a few minutes. As the crowd was cheering for Brian, his back was turned as it usually is during the breaks between songs but after a minute, he actually turned around and waved at the crowd and said thank you. Scott made the comment that he’s NEVER seen Brian do that…EVER! So I guess New York gave Brian some good vibes on this night! Here is my video of that:


After they were done, Scott did his crowd surfing over to the merchandise table like he always does and a line quickly formed with pretty much everyone in the place so we could buy some things and chat with Scott. I was disappointed that Brian didn’t hang out; he usually doesn’t but it would have been nice if he did so we all could have said good-bye to him. I bought another Local H shirt (not that I really need anymore) and Dana bought one as well, but she was having trouble figuring out which size to buy. Scott told her, in a very feminine voice, that he understood her female troubles and proceeded to take the next few minutes and help her decide which size to get. After she picked her size, she also told him she wanted a CD in which case he yelled, “Oh Shit!” I thought he was going to say that he was all out, but no…he had said that because, he said, “he had to make himself be a man again!” I can’t make this shit up!!


Overall the show was killer and I’m glad I took the trip up there to see Brian perform one last time with Local H. He was such a great fit with Scott and the music that is Local H that I don’t know how Scott is ever going to replace him. I’m going to miss looking over and seeing Brian whaling away on those drums, looking like “Animal” from The Muppets and not missing a beat. I have a couple of his drums sticks though!!

Going back to the drunken dudes in front of me, when Local H started playing “Fritz’s Corner” they went nuts and had their own private mosh pit. They scared Dana and Bob off to the side of the stage but I stood my ground and my short video of that song clearly shows me being shoved right before I decide to stop the video in fear of dropping the camera. Check it out:

Dana enjoyed her second Local H show and Bob, commented that they were really good! As for me, I’m crossing my fingers that Scott doesn’t take too long to get Local H back out on the road; as I’ve said before:  a life without live Local H shows is a life I NEVER want to experience. Just for the hell of it, here is a picture of me with Brian and Scott that I took back in 2008 when they were doing an acoustic performance in a music shop:


One odd thing about this show was that they didn’t do “bound for the floor” and “high-fiving mother fucker.” Scott did say that Brian pretty much came up with the set list so I guess Brian was all floored and mother fuckered out!

The set list for this night was:

Terrible Love

Heaven on the Way Down

Eddie Vedder

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

The one with Kid

Fine and Good

Hands on the Bible

Cold Manor

California Songs

Half Life

Another February

Nothing Special

All-Right (Oh, Yeah)

All the Kids are Right


Fritz’s Corner

What Would You Have Me Do?

Wolf Like Me

Video: Scott Lucas Funny Bantor With Crowd In Russia Pre-Encore Last Week


Local H played a show at Milk Club in Moscow, Russia last Wednesday on a bill called “12 Hours Of Grunge, Noise, Post-Grunge and Grunge-core”, the latter of those four genres I’m unfamiliar with. The card featured bands Round Hills and The Depressounds. As a matter of fact The Meat Puppets were slated to play this gig too had it not been for last minute visa issues. Anyway, always the charmer, one of Concert Confessions favorite dudes Scott Lucas had some pretty amusing crowd interaction before the band jumped into “Bound For The Floor”.

“You know in America we don’t encores… they don’t deserve them”

“In Soviet Russia the High Five Mother Fucks You”

“Here’s where I’m suppose to do the Rocky IV speech, but I don’t know it because Rocky IV sucks”

Local H “Bound For The Floor/T.V. Eye”

Funny stuff. Anyway, the real reason to share this video is for when the band busts into The Stooges “T.V . Eye” halfway through the song. We’re aware the video is not complete, but must admit it’s not bad at all for an iPhone 4S. And, it give us a reason to place the video of Iggy Pop talking smack about Billy Corgan below it. Somehow I feel this should lead to Kevin Bacon.  Hat Tip to …hang the dj for pointing me out to the Iggy footage.


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Local H Announce ‘Another February’ US Tour Dates

Local H 09/24/12: Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

Another February comes and goes, but at least this one will contain Local H on the road again… well, for a little while anyway. For the month of February the band will play seven  eight shows over the course of nine days. It kicks off in Bloomington, IL on February 7th and the duo will play towns like Little Rock, Austin and Tulsa before making their way back north and ending the stint in Iowa on February 16th. The list of dates are below. For more information, head to the band’s official website.

UPDATE: As Of 02/05 the tour has extended into March And April. All the new dates are below the already announce ones. You can listen to the new Local H  “Another February” EP over at Crave Online by clicking here

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Local H February Tour Dates

2/7 Bloomington, IL (The Castle Theatre)

2/8 Columbia, MO (Mojo)

2/9 Little Rock, AR (Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom)

2/11 Austin, TX (The Mohawk)

2/12 Tulsa,OK (Shrine)

2/13 Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar)

2/15 Palatine, IL (Durty Nellie’s)

2/16 Waterloo, IA (Spicolli’s Grill)

——-New Dates Added As Of Feb 11th———-

3/21 (Pyramid Scheme) Grand Rapids

3/22 (Cheers) South Bend

3/23 (Musica) Akron

3/25 (Brighton Music Hall) Allston

3/26 (Asylum) Portland (Maine)

3/27 (Gramercy Theater) New York City

3/28(The Note) West Chester

3/29 (A&R Music Bar) Columbus

3/30 (Montrose Room) Rosemont

4/5 (Bluebird Theatre) Denver

4/8 (Club Congess) Tucson

4/9 (Soda Bar) San Diego

4/10 (The Satellite) Los Angeles

4/14 (Bottom Of The Hill) San Francisco

4/16 (Hawthorne Theatre) Portland

4/17 (Chop Suey) Seattle

This is the Local H’s latest music video for their song “Cold Manor”. The video (directed by Scott Lucas) features some  fan filmed footage including a few clips of some handy camera work from our very own Jay Porks


The Top Five Jay Porks Concert Experiences of 2012

Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012

The end of the year brings us empty wallets, fat stomachs and most importantly larger egos than we had the year before. It’s because of these egos that people like me put together these year end “best of”  lists. Although as you know, here at Concert Confessions we do things a little differently then other sites. We don’t have a Top Albums list, Top Artist list, Male and Female Rookies of the year list we do top Concerts of the year. Personally, I’ll trust all of you readers enough to go ahead and listen to all those albums of the year you’re listing-You’ll let me know what’s good. You’re nice people right?

Anyway, more self branding: Every year I set a personal goal of going to more shows then the year prior. In 2011, we had ourselves 23 Jay Porks Experiences. In 2012, money was a bit tight, schedules fluctuated and goals were not reached as 18 shows were only attended. But don’t worry, they were some memorable ones that will most definitely fill the void in my heart that sits beneath my wretched soul (Alright it’s not that bad, but it’s good copy!).  Below, you can view the list of the Top Five Jay Porks Experiences of 2012.

  #5 Orion Music + More Festival (Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ) June 23rd – 24th


Heading to the lovely Detroit in 2013, this year brought this guy to his first ever “festival” experience. Sort of. And it turned out to be way more than I was actually prepared for. When you think festival you think a few things: camping, shower trucks and people lying overdosed in mud puddles while folks from LA Weekly takes photos. But Atlantic City brings  casinos, thousands of hotel rooms (lots of them luxurious), and no camp ground. The idea is to get a room for the weekend, they had room packages with some tickets, I chose to go off course and book my own room accommodations and take a cab over and back each day. Was a solid plan going in.   The list of acts seen was immense, including Metallica (curators of the Festival) headlining the two night stint. The first day I got to see Baroness, Roky Erickson, Fucked Up, Cage The Elephant, Modest Mouse and Arctic Monkeys before Metallica turned me into a fan playing Ride The Lightening in it’s entirety.  Skin was turned powdery white to beat red after the full day (sunscreen something I rarely carry) and the dreadful Flagship Hotel had a less than desirable internet connection. Day Two brought me the likes of A Place To Bury Stangers, Ghost, Gary Clark Jr, the waste known as Best Coast, The Black Dahlia Murder, Eric Church and Titus Andronicus before Metallica hit the stage to remind me why I was never that big into them in the first place when they played the The Black Album…. backwards. Okay. Then on this night the return to the hotel room brought me with the dilemma of having NO internet at all at the again, dreadful Flagship Hotel whose front desk said the services were down. So I walked myself to Bally’s Casino w/ bags packed with all the towels, soaps and ashtrays I was able to fit in there and awaited the 4:30AM bus back into New York City. Had to catch Childish Gambino in Central Park the next night after all. Sounds like a pain, and looking back it kind of was but at the same time, those two days spent AT Bader Field  (while the music was playing )were absolute  magic.

#4 Local H (Bell House – Brooklyn) October 18th


This show was epic for so many reasons. In my 2nd time seeing the band this year (plus the Scott Lucas and the Married Men Mercury Lounge pit stop in June), and 1st time since the release of their latest record “Hallelujah! I’m a Bum”, which is an absolute masterpiece, I found myself leaving the Bell House that night feeling way more blown away then I could have ever predicted. Take into account the spot in the back of the room where we were able to survey the entire place instead of getting hit with cups full a beer down front. The energy Scott Lucas brought to the table that night was one of a man on a mission, and tons of great songs got played off the new record. I usually hate when a band tries to shove new songs down my throat at shows but this record is one that people need to hear. It’s too good to get lost in the shuffle. Ended the night covering TV On The Radio‘s “Wolf Like Me”, which was like the cherry on an awesome sundae.



#3 Kasabian (Terminal 5 – New York City) March 22nd



It was something out of Biblical times. On March 22nd 2012, Kasabian hit New York City with the entire world watching via YouTube and left every ounce of their fiber and being on that stage that night. Every song was like another chapter in a great novel I was having someone read to me. I wouldn’t say the man, myth and legend Reverend Justito and I like tons of the same bands, but this is one of the few he pointed to me and I was instantly a super fan. They burned Terminal 5 down to the ground that night, and everyone who was there is a changed person today. It’s a shame I didn’t have a good camera when I went to this gig, or I would’ve had some cool ass pictures. Well, none of my pics would’ve been better than Mick Rock‘s anyway, did I mention he was there? Google him. The video below from that evening at Terminal 5 is courtesy of The Bowery Presents because this show happened when this guy was still rocking a $50 camera. Dear Kasabian: PLEASE COME BACK TO AMERICA



#2 Foxy Shazam (Bowery Ballroom – New York City) May 16th



With Ween breaking up, they weren’t able to snag their normal spot as my #2 show of the year in 2012(as they had in 2010 and 2011). Having seen Foxy Shazam already kind of/sort of blow The Darkness  off stage in February – when a show was announced at Bowery Ballroom where they would headline I had to get in on that action-let’s see what the whole shebang brings to the table. And Oh Lord was I heeled with the Holy Touch with an evening of their finest numbers, funky vibes, and Eric Nally eating the cigarette I threw on stage!

I was sitting next to some people I met outside who were nice enough to pass along a pipe to me as I was filming “I Like It” . Snagged the spot upstairs balcony. Cannot beat it. Check the video for yourself. But if you told me before I went to that show that it would end up being the #2 show on my year end list I would have never ever believed you. The band is just that good. Nailing a spot supporting Slash on his Fall tour was a great job by him. Glad Slash has good taste in music. That was  Another show I attended. So three times I’ve been baptized into the Church of Rock & Roll this year… And I Like It.


#1 Mike Watt & Friends (Le Poisson Rouge – New York City) May 2nd


Mike Watt has tons of friends. When this purchase is made, the only thing known is that the Minuteman will team with J Mascis and Murph from Dinosaur Jr to play tonight and that Mike Watt will be interviewed on stage before the show. I got to tape the interview but the questions are raised. So what songs are they going to play? Dinosaur Jr songs? Minutemen songs? Who’s singing? Well there was no mic set up in front of J, which is indication this isn’t a Dinosaur Jr kind of night. Out walks Don Fleming (from the band Gumball) and they play The Stooges “Real Cool Time”. Then I remember who the active bass player in the Stooges is: Mike Watt! So here we are playing Stooges songs all night with a revolving door of guest singers. John Petkovic came out, then one of my freaking heroes Thurston Moore(of the recently divorced Sonic Youth), then Sharon Von Etten, then Kurt Vile. And Thurston reappeared at least two more times, and they had Steve Shelly (also Sonic Youth) in there on drums on some songs too along w/ Byron Coley (who did the interviewing earlier) and John Maloney. I couldn’t have missed any names, because Mike Watt tweeted over the set list the next day with all the names of the parties involved and what songs they played on. That show was something I’m never going to forget. That’s the closest I’ll ever come to seeing the actual Stooges.

The Jay Porks Favorite Read Of 2012 on Concert Confessions:

And last and certainly not least, I’ve added a new section to this top shows post. That portion is Top Concert Experience of 2012 NOT attended by me. We have lots of contributors, lots of varied acts getting written about. But one gig really hit close to home when out pal Reverend Justito went and saw my pals the Meat Puppets at the closing of the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California. I can guarantee that I enjoyed reading this one as much as most of the attendees enjoyed living it.

Local H @ The Bell House 10/18/12 Brooklyn, NY

Local H – 10/18/2012

The Bell House – Brooklyn, NY

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

The CMJ Music Festival: Hundreds of bands, tons of venues, and so little time. The “Marathon” as they call it consists of 4 days this year of shows in and around New York City and Brooklyn and is the reason I get to see Local H tonight for the 2nd time this year. A scheduling conflict cost me my shot at seeing the band perform at Webster Hall in the afternoon on Wednesday, but as we turn the page to today, I find myself pumped for several reasons amidst heading to the Bell House tonight in Brooklyn. First off, my friend Pam is finally going to get to see Local H. Truth be told, any other Local H shows I’ve attended that I have confessed to on this site I’ve had a ticket for her every time. She never quite could escape work or traffic, but tonight is locked in (hopefully not my famous last words). Also, my buddy Flo (who I met at the Lemonheads) will be meeting me there too-It’s going to be a freaking party. Do things get better? Well, how bout some Scott Lucas acoustic action at 8PM to open up the evening? Because that was the Facebook post from Local H that I woke up to this morning. Doors are at 7:30PM, I get off work at 4PM. Hopefully we can get ourselves there in time to grab that little elevated spot in the back, which is awesome for taking video, sitting, and charging our cell phones . So let’s have some fun here in the 79th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series…


We walked in and got to pass a big screen TV to take a glimpse at my baseball team taking it’s final swings of the season. Some good news, the dream spot in back of the room is free. So we settle in as we wait for Scott to come on, which Facebook said was an 8PM set. I noticed that the other opening band already has their stuff set up on stage and just an acoustic guitar in the middle of the stage. There’s four lights set up on stage too. I guess this has something to do with ‘The Life and Times’.

Scott Lucas came on shortly after 8:30 and kicked off his acoustic set with a Misfits cover “Last Caress” before getting into some Married Men tunes like “Steady Gaze”, “Heavy Lidded Love” and “Blood Half Moons”, the latter of which being the title track to the latest Married Men release. It’s amazing because, here I saw this band in April and Scott did this same opening for himself thing-then I went and saw him with the Married Men on their own, so all these songs are familiar to me and I get to sing along and stuff. Suddenly Scott starts explaining that they have the album at the Merch table for sale, and asks if we have any requests. Someone screamed “Nothing Else Matters”. That was probably worse than screaming “Freebird” at this point, Scott just looks at the guy and says “Nothing Else Matters? Yea fuck you asshole”. It was either “fuck you asshole” or something close to that. I drew a blank. Too much pressure for me to have 1 point 5 seconds to shout out a song that not only the crowd but the performer would be on board with. For some reason my whole night is focused on not giving Scott an excuse to throw me out or beat me up(You’ve seen the Cold Manor video!), and with less people here than there were for the Vaselines I could easily be picked out. No chances taken as someone screamed “Eddie Vedder”, which Scott and all of us liked so it got played. Next it was “Hey Rita” followed by the song that goes along with the new Scott Lucas and The Married Men music video, “a Halloween song” as Scott put it, and that’s “Ain’t No Grave”. A string broke on his guitar during “Hey Rita”, but the bad ass just kept it moving finishing off the seven song set with five strings. It was a little after 9 when he departed.

Let’s talk about the band ‘The Life And Times’ for a second, because they were slotted as the main support tonight. They have four lights sitting on the stage surrounding the band. These lights went on when the band started playing, providing light on their instruments as they played. As they broke into their murky-noise tunes and rocked their 45 minute set out. As a band, they were good. Maybe not my cup of tea, but tight musicians non the less. Maybe not the most cheery folk, after their 2nd or 3rd song the lead singer says “Wow, hope you guys make more noise for Local H when they come on”. I know we’re New York scum rockers and all that, but usually we get a “Hello, thanks for having us” before we start getting treated like garbage. With their lights and macho head games. So one of their songs sounded like “My Sharona” by the Knack. I mean the bass line and the drum line is extremely similar. I didn’t even point it out originally, Flo and Pam were screaming at me “MY SHARONA!!” and that’s when I noticed the similarities. So I may or may not have started screaming out the lyrics to My Sharona. After the song they decided to tell us about their new record and the lead singer goes “Yeah, did you hear that ding-dong over there screaming My Sharona? Yeah he’s probably not gonna buy the new record”. Ding-dong? Touche amigo.

Tonight is one of the few times I’m seeing a band headline and I’m praying for them to play a healthy amount of songs off their new record. Usually hate it when bands try to shove new shit down your throat at every opportunity-but the key word there is “shit”, and the new Local H record “Hallelujah, I’m a Bum!” the exact opposite of that. This album is a beast of it’s own species, So at 10:36 when the beginning chimes of “Waves” hit the speakers, I was beyond pumped that we might be getting the same heavy dose of this record that the Troubadour got a few weeks ago. We went “Waves” into “Cold Manor” straight into “Here Come Ol’ Laptop” (all from “Hallelujah I’m a Bum”)

before an early appearance of “Bound For The Floor”. This is the first time I’ve seen that song appear this early in an evening, but it was so right for the moment-so right for the evening to get that out of the way and keep this new stuff rolling. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time don’t get me wrong, but it’s good to have a night where the set isn’t closed with it-let’s roll the dice tonight. Next up, a stand out from the new album “They Saved Reagan’s Brain”. Now, I’m not an incestuously political guy (besides when it comes to Republican lying scum who hate Big Bird), but songs off this record make me want to go out there and make a difference. “There’s no use running with the Chinese coming and I don’t want to see this world burn no more”. Damn right there isn’t.

“Everyone Alive” came next, and that was followed by “The One with Kid” (from 12 Angry Months).The One With Kid is an amazing song, and as this night goes by the question is posed: Is Scott Lucas getting younger? Seriously, the car ride home consisted of a conversation between Pam and I about how old Scott is to be able to jump all over the place like a 12 year old having the time of his life when he’s been putting out music for almost 20 years. The only thing that ages is his guitar playing-which ages like fine wine. It gets better EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Little added parts and alterations to riffs and sounds and the way he can turn feedback into puddy in his hand and mold it whatever he pleases at any given time. It’s not just bass and guitar at the same time, he’s making enough sounds for 4 or 5 people up there. Every time I see this band I mention how Brian St. Clair is “Grohlian” on drums, in attempts to coin my own phrase and it hasn’t worked out. But he’s incredible, it’s like Keith Moon on speed assuming Keith Moon wasn’t already on speed. Were more symbols added to his kit recently? How can these two guys fly under the radar all these years? It boggles my mind. Especially when you hear the crunchy guitar sounds on “Night Flight to Paris”. Then the band kicks it back up to crazy once again with an oldie but goodie “Back In The Day”

before another 3-peat from the latest effort with “Say The Word”, “ Feed A Fever” and “Another February”. Since 2011 at the Mercury Lounge, I’ve seen Another February go from “here’s a new song we’re going to kick around” to a well oiled machine. I was late to hit record, so I got to rock out to this one. And it felt great.

With eight new songs already on display, I wasn’t shocked that the band made the pit happy with “Alright, Oh Yeah”, “All The Kids Are Right”, “Fritz’s Corner” and a haunting “Hands on The Bible” before which, Scott heard someone scream out The Libertines, and he replied with “Play The Libertines? No. We’re American”..   “Waves Again” book ended their set and they ran off at 11:47.

The encore I’d assume would be three songs, so after “California Songs” (with a “Fuck Brooklyn Too!” lyric included) and “Look Who’s walking on Four Legs Again” it finally hit me what they were going to close with: “High Fiving MF”.. They got right into that next, and towards the end of the song were saying what I thought would be their final goodnight of the evening. But they didn’t stop playing for more than a second before I heard a familiar riff. No way. Can it be? Are we getting “Wolf Like Me” right now??

You’re damn right we are! Unreal. This is just insanity. After Midnight Thursday turning into Friday in Brooklyn and Local H has not only burned down the Bell House with this set, but pissed out the fire-closing the show with a TV On The Radio classic. I wouldn’t have believed it was that good if I wasn’t there. Me, Pam, Flo and what couldn’t have been more than 100 other folks just witnessed a shot to be heard round the world.


Set List:


Cold Manor

Here Come Ol’ Laptop

Bound For The Floor

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

Everyone Alive

The One with Kid

Night Flight To Paris

Back In The Day

Say The Word

Feed A Fever

Another February

Alright, Oh Yeah

All The Kids Are Right

Fritz’s Corner

Hands On The Bible

Waves Again


California Songs

Look Who’s Walking On Four Legs Again

High Fiving MF

Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio)



Local H Unveil December 2012 US Tour Dates

Local H Unveil December 2012 US Tour Dates

Last month we had the honor of catching Local H during their stop at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Now Scott and Brian have announced a new batch of dates for the month of December in support of their amazing new album Hallelujah! I’m A Bum. The quick trek kicks off in Atlanta on the 14th and wraps a week later in St. Louis. You can check out the dates below.

Local H December 2012 Tour Dates:

12/14    Atlanta, GA            The Masquerade
12/15    Chapel Hill, NC        Local 506 *
12/16    Washington, DC        Rock And Roll Hotel
12/17    Philadelphia, PA        North Star Bar *
12/19    Lexington, KY        Cosmic Charlie’s
12/20    Nashville, TN            Mercy Lounge *
12/21    St. Louis, MO        Firebird

* denotes Scott Lucas opening with a solo acoustic set

Local H 09/24/12: Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

Local H w/ Ambassadors 09/24/12

Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

Back in early August I received an e-mail with a download link for the latest Local H record Hallelujah! I’m A Bum. Over the next few weeks the latest concept record from the pride of Illinois has been blasted into my head over and over and over again. In my cubical, sitting in traffic on the 101 and working out in the yard the 17 songs found on the double album is a soundtrack for exactly where I am at in 2012. I fought hard to give Hallelujah! a coveted 5 star review on Antiquiet, and  there was no way in hell I was going to miss the duo of Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair perform songs from one of the year’s best record at the best place to see music in West Hollywood California.

Monday night at the Troubadour kicked off with an acoustic set from Scott Lucas. Yes the same Scott Lucas who happens to be ½ of Local H. While many men watched the now legendary Seahawks versus Packers game I watched Lucas open up his brief set with a cover of Last Caress by the Misfits. From there Lucas performed some material from his Married Men band including Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down) and Blood Half Moons. A brief yet fun set, Lucas opening for himself was the perfect way to kick off the night.

Main support on this particular evening came from Ambassadors. The Brooklyn based band announced early on that they were performing in Los Angeles for the very first time much to the delight of many in the crowd. I was unfamiliar with Ambassadors walking in the door and I personally found them an odd choice of opener for a band like Local H as they were more hipster rock than heavy rock. In fact looking out into the packed club you could clearly tell who was there for Local H and who was there for Ambassadors.

Musically these four gentlemen would be a perfect fit for a Yeasayer/GROUPLOVE tour. A bit hippie jam with vegan hipster sensibilities. Not worldly enough to be called world music but no doubt more interesting than most indie bands if that makes any sense whatsoever. While I don’t know if I would seek them out again the band had a good energy and sounded tight. I have no doubt that when they return to Los Angeles they could very well perform at the Troubadour as the headliner instead of the opener.

As Local H walked down the stairs from the “backstage” area at the Troubadour the opening riffs of Waves played across the PA. Lucas timed of strapping his guitar on and walking to the mic to sing the songs opening line perfectly. As I expected weeks before the band set up their gear on the Troubadour stage I knew they would kick the set off with the opening number from their latest release. I also expected them to segue straight into Cold Manor as they do on the album but where they threw me for a curve was not heading straight into Night Flight To Paris after Cold Manor. Instead they went head first into a raging take of Paddy Considine and saved Night Flight for later in the set.

Having a good dose of Hallelujah! I’m A Bum now under our belts the band used the rest of the night to mix classic Local H cuts with new material. An early appearance of Bound For The Floor cleared out a decent number of Ambassador fans who hung around to finish their $7 Corona while Manipulator filled my quench for anything off their debut album Ham Fisted.

Lucas joked with the crowd before a block of new songs that it was time to go grab a beer from the bar instead of rocking out to new jams. However this was a rare night where I was actually more excited for new songs instead of older ones.  Sadly I was alone on this one as numerous fans decided to chat during the softer parts of Say The Word and while I couldn’t exactly see the line at the bar as Lucas announced that Feed A Fever was about Fox News I have to imagine that anyone who isn’t pumped for material from Hallelujah! is probably dumb enough to be a fan of that network.

After a goose bump inducing take on Another February the band brought out the big guns to close the night. After a hard rocking take on All-Right (Oh, Yeah) the highly intoxicated crowds’ energy finally exploded into a large most pit during All The Kids Are Right. The funny thing about this pit was the fact that none of the members were kids. There is nothing more depressing than watching a 30-something trying to relive the glory days of the days when Bill Clinton lived at the White House by crashing onto the floor in a crowd surfing attempt gone horribly wrong.

With tasty versions of Fritz’s Corner and Hands On The Bible in the rear-view the duo closed the set with Waves Again. As if there is any other song they can close with on this tour the song built from dreamy riffs into a massive wall of feedback that rang through the PA until the band returned for a lengthy four song encore that kicked off with a cover of the Rush classic 2112.

Interesting market research was accidently conducted during California Songs. In between digs at Katy Perry and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lucas observed that the Los Angeles crowd enjoys to scream the and fuck New York too section of lyrics. While we all could have a good laugh making fun of the fact that there are far too many songs about this city of Angels many in the crowd will no doubt remember California Songs for all the wrong reasons.

Having taking a solo on the opposite side of the stage from where he was set up, Lucas had to break up a fight between two sets of fans. Having watched things unfold all night I can understand the frustration of the two guys who got the venue early and waited for a front row spot. All night three drunk assholes did all they could to shove in on them (these assholes of course show up two songs into Local H’s set). While I must assume Lucas was unaware of the fact these assholes bullied these two fans all night he sure as hell stepped in when the bullied had enough and fought hard to save their spots. After Lucas got the parties to cool down he encouraged us all to stop fighting each other and go out to the street and fight the real bad guys by voting.

In watching this battle for front row supremacy brew all night it fit into everything that Hallelujah! I’m A Bum represents in America today. We are all struggling to get ahead. We will step over each other for a piece of the pie be it in our cubicles or for a front row spot to the rock and roll show. We are a nation divided and growing ever further apart and while we can put out all the hope in the universe it’s going to take a massive effort to reunite us together again. Thank you Local H for giving us a great place to start.

Local H Announces New Double Album, US Tour Dates

Local H Announces New Double Album, US Tour Dates

Many of us here at Concert Confessions are obsessed with Local H. You can imagine our delight when news broke a few minutes ago that not only were the band returning to the road, but they were heading out in support of a new double album entitled Hallelujah! I’m A Bum.

The 17 track double album was produced by Sanford Parker and features the two piece band rocking harder than ever before. The album is an epic concept record that sees frontman Scott Lucas setting his sights on the deeply divided political climate that exists in the U.S. and around the world, using the Windy City as a backdrop to sardonically comment on how this polarization personally impacts people. From the El-train inspired “Blue Line,” in which Lucas sings “It’s getting hard to realize / A sense of self in other eyes / It’s us and them” to “Another February,” which uses the city’s brutal winters to paint a picture of anxious desperation within a family to the Peter Gun-riff of “Paddy Considine,” a song that mocks middle-aged Travis Bickles and the hotheaded “conspiracy of toughs” roaming the streets of his hometown’s neighborhoods, the album examines how the national political discord affects people within their communities, their neighborhoods and even within their relationships.

“The last couple of records I’ve been involved with have been pretty inward-looking and navel gaze-y,” Lucas confesses. “And with so much going on around us – to keep making records like that is not only kind of embarrassing, but borderline irresponsible. On the other hand, it’s still rock and roll – and no one wants to hear a bullshit polemic from me. The trick was to make the global as personal as possible and make it something everyone could relate to – regardless of who you vote for. We’re on the same side we’ve always been on – the people’s. Fuck – I don’t think a band can get much more blue collar than us…..unfortunately.”

Lucas often uses hot and cold to illustrate the divide. “Feed A Fever” skewers FOX News specifically and irresponsible media in general, while “Cold Manor,” the album’s first single, addresses giving in to cynicism and “checking out” politically, while the ruling class uses that apathy to push through its agenda.

A dog theme runs throughout the album, making it a fitting companion to the band’s widely praised 1998 concept album Pack Up the Cats, which earned a spot in SPIN magazine’s top 20 albums of that year. Hallelujah! I’m A Bum is Local H’s first album of new material since 2008’s critically acclaimed 12 Angry Months, for which the Chicago Tribune named them “Chicagoans of the Year,” more than a decade after their breakthrough hit “Bound for the Floor” ruled the Modern Rock charts.

You can check out the song Night Flight To Paris down below:


The album is set for a September 18th release via Slimstyle Records. The band will kick off a US trek in Chicago the same day. The album will be released digitally, on compact disc and on limited edition vinyl. A track listing for Hallelujah! I’m A Bum and tour dates are down below.


Hallelujah! I’m A Bum Track Listing:

1. Waves
2. Cold Manor
3. Night Flight to Paris
4. They Saved Reagan’s Brain
5. Blue Line
6. Another February
7. Say the Word
8. Cold and Mannered
9. Trash Fire Bummers
10. Feed A Fever
11. Here Come Ol’ Laptop
12. Look Who’s Walking On Four Legs Again
13. Ruling Kind
14. Limit Your Change
15. Paddy Considine
16. Sad History
17. Waves Again

Local H Fall Tour 2012:
9/18    Chicago, IL                   The Bottom Lounge
9/19    Omaha, NE                   The Waiting Room
9/20    Denver, CO                   Larimer Lounge
9/22    Tempe, AZ                    The Sail Inn
9/23    San Diego, CA              The Casbah
9/24    Los Angeles, CA           The Troubadour
9/25    Fresno, CA                    Fulton 55
9/26    San Francisco, CA        Brick & Mortar Music Hall
9/28    Portland, OR                 Dante’s
9/29    Seattle, WA                   El Corazon
9/30    Spokane, WA                Carr’s Corner
10/2    Fargo, ND                     The Aquarium
10/3    Minneapolis, MN           Triple Rock Social Club
10/4    Milwaukee, WI              Shank Hall
10/5    Dekalb, IL                     Otto’s In Dekalb
10/6    Champaign, IL              High Dive

Local H Double Dip (Sort of) In NYC 4/15/12

I have no idea why people don’t support/know of this band. My 4th time seeing the Mid West Duo and it’s no secret that New York City hasn’t gotten the full Local H platter the last 3 visits to town. First it was way back when they opened for the dreadful Electric Six at Webster Hall, then the next time they played, Livenation bumped them out of the building early due to a Midnight Showcase the Stone Temple Pilots had scheduled at the same venue a week prior to the Local H gig. . Finally there was around this time last year, where Local H came to the Mercury Lounge and rocked out yet another “early show” . That’s not the case tonight as we head back to the Mercury Lounge(the SOLD OUT Mercury Lounge), and we have Local H here with no time limits, no ‘Early show’, no album themes (even tho I did think that was cool). Tonight is Local H untamed, and you bet I’m freaking psyched for it. Adding to excitement, the opening act besides “The Apple Bros.” is, none other then Scott Lucas, who is said to be performing solo acoustic ‘Scott Lucas and the Married Men’ material. A Scott Lucas double dip, it feels like my freaking birthday. Ticket says doors are at 7:30, but I’m getting there as early as possible and snag a spot up front as usual in the latest episode(67) of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series.

So I got to the venue at 5:30. Yes, 5:30, two hours prior to doors opening. I have this extra ticket that I hope I could give away, so what’s the harm in being 1st. Wasn’t 1st anymore after a walk around the block as there are two dudes who are about to become my friends(one wearing an Elephant skull cap, you may want to take note of that hat) standing on the line wondering about Will Call and what the story is there. Again, doors not open for another 2 hours.

Sign you’re on line with people that know music: my Meat Puppets shirt was immediately recognized. Then my buddy who I met at the Lemonheads show arrived. He was here last April when Local H played, but we didn’t know each other then. So the 4 of us kicking it before the show, we’re all discussing the epic video from epic Local H shows at the Double Door, or whatever other places in Illinois they play, and not getting a chance to have one of those memorable experiences in NYC. We gotta move to Zion. They opened up the doors at 7:30, and within seconds we were in the spot we’d be spending the next 4 hours or so.

Scott came on at 8 o clock with his acoustic guitar and a chair(the chair which was used to place his drink and phone on, not for sitting) and I’m just so damn excited that this is going down I almost forgot to mention the biggest adventure of my night-my new camera! Now I can get video in this venue that you can actually see (or so I thought) “Extra Special Bitter” was second, and that’s my favorite Married Men tune.  A couple songs later he played a song called “Blood Half Moons”, (the single off the new Scott Lucas and the Married Men record) where towards the end of the song, a slow rhythmic clap begins with a couple of people in the crowd. Scott during a pause says “No” to the assistance as we all laughed. Song ends and Scott looks at whoever started that and says “Thanks Dolche Gabana asshole for fucking up my pretty song. Is that what the DG stands for, Dick Gump?” Finished that set off with “Hey Rita” and Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” .He played from 8pm to 8:35pm. Total of 7 songs, and notes that he’ll be back at this very venue in June with the  Married Men. I have a feeling all of you will be reading about that experience right here, at Concert Confessions (and JayPorks.Com!!!)

The second opener (or the only opener not a member of thr headlining band) The Apple Bros  came on at 8:44. First thing I notice is their front man has a lefty guitar that he’s turned upside-down and re-strung.. To that I say, don’t they have tons of right handed guitars for sale already? I found myself throughout the set trying to find reasons to make fun of these guys, (like I did one sentence ago) But whatever these guys are playing, it’s not terrible.  I’ve seen way worse opening acts then this. There were 10 songs listed on the set list paper in front of the bassist(none or which I could read the name of!). They had to have played more-they came on 15 mins earlier than scheduled, and when off at 9:26

Shortly, like within minutes after Apple Bros. went off , the post-grungers scrambled to get their gear set up on stage. Then at 10 o’ clock folks it was time for the headliners: St. Clair and Lucas, LOCAL H!

They played lots of new stuff tonight. Last year they played us 2 new ones, and this year they started the show in full effect with it.. ‘Cold Manor’ came second, and being such a fan of this band obsessing with YouTube watching my own taping of this song last year, I’m already singing along to this song and it hasn’t even come out yet. And last year was on a crap camera, this thing I’m wielding is real deal, . Then drummer extraordinaire Brian starts poking at the lights. Remind you folks this is a bar with a room in that back that just happens to have a stage-it’s about the twice the size my living room. It’s not like, a “light show” more then it’s just generic lights hanging maybe the band gets to pick the color who knows. Anyway, Scott asked them to dim these lights and now after the 2nd song in I’m back to basically the same lighting if not worse, then last year. That was a serious “FML” moment right there.


It’s my favorite line and you’ll see me write it every time I see this band. ‘The man I despise but the song I adore’: “Eddie Vedder” kicked off the first back to back of old school tunes of the night when it was followed by “Everyone Alive” before we busted into another newbie: “Paddy Considine” then the ever so epic “Hands on The Bible” before another new one that Scott said was “about Fox News”. Not sure if that’s the name of the song. But during Hands on the Bible, oddly, when the lyric “A pretty baby never born”, the New Yorkers let out a light cheer. Hooray abortion? Anyway, there’s two kinds of people at Local H shows: Intelligent folk who grab their spots up front quickly. That’s my little outside clique from earlier and the rest of the people along the first row. Then behind that you have these people who behave like psychopaths-the people who think Local H is like a heavy metal band or something and they’re here to slam dance and mosh. They f%&ked stuff up, including lifting two of the tables used to support amps onto the stage, and it wasn’t a direct hit, but a drink was tossed in my area. Turned to the hot chick next to me and mouthed to her “what the f%&k?” as she was also bewildered. One drunk dude got on stage and wanted to stage dive(the entire 2 and ½ feet up on stage) and Scott literally just pushed him off stage. It was awesome.

“Another February”, which is another one off the new record (titled “Hallelujah, I’m A Bum!”) was next up. Usually bands piss me off when they play a bunch of new stuff at a show, but the new Local H material is freaking incredible and I cannot wait for that to come out. But next they played “Fritz’s Corner”, “All The Kids Are Right” and “High Fiving MF” back to back to back next and by the time we got to High Fivin’ that place was back to being exactly what that song is about. The lyric “Highjack the pit you shit!” while these assholes go bananas is life imitating art. That had to be the biggest hit of the night with them. With me, the biggest hit is also this song, because right before Scott starts singing (about 55 seconds in on my video), he leans towards my camera and taps it with his guitar-he knighted my camera. Wonder if he remembers me from last year. Especially since in the middle of High Fiving they jumped into a cover of PJ Harvey‘s “To Bring You My Love”. I saw PJ Harvey two nights before I saw these guys last year.

“California Songs” was another heavy hitter right towards the end when they went into “Bound For The Floor”, and in the middle of the song the gave us a little shot of the Stooges “T.V. Eye”. (Hopefully a Local H’s Awesome Mixtape Part Two coming soon?). Oh and remember that elephant hat I mentioned earlier that one of my new found buddies was wearing? Yea, that’s Scott wearing it, at the end of the Bound for the Floor video Lucas mentions how cool the hat is.  It was a great night, I just really wish it wasn’t so damn dark!

So long story short, Local H comes to town and Scotty Lucas gives us a double dip. I’m still trippin’ on that “Ain’t no Grave” he busted out during the acoustic set. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll see these guys every time they come to town.  There’s a band that gives their all every time.

I’ve already passed out on my keyboard several times writing this, so internet trolls please feel free to point out punctuation I may have missed. So next time you’ll be reading me is two weeks from today, when we hit the Melvins at Webster Hall..


Scott Lucas And The Married Men Schedule A Few Dates

Scott Lucas And The Married Men Schedule A Few Dates

We know that there’s at least one writer here at Concert Confessions who is having an awesome week.  Just days after we posted Local H lining up tour dates(plus your chance to win a ticket to see them 4/15 in NYC!), it seems Scott Lucas And The Married Men are also in the business of releasing albums and playing shows this year.

Don’t get to your Googling  just yet, I’m going to explain it for those who have no idea what I’m talking about. Formed as a side/solo project by Local H front man, Scott Lucas and the Married Men  released an album in 2010  titled “George Lassos The Moon”, and are set to release yet another this year “Blood Half Moon”.

This “Blood Half Moon” record is slated to be released before the Local H record “Hallelujah, I’m a Bum”, which is already mixed and ready to go. And if our man Mr. Lucas wasn’t busy enough with two albums coming out this year plus the Local H tour; here we have come across some tour dates for the Married Men as well, including one on April 15th in New York City opening for….. ? You guessed it, Local H.  Well, it’ll actually just be Lucas doing solo acoustic Married Men material as the first opener on the card. And I’ll remind you again, this is a ticket to a show you can win RIGHT HERE at Concert Confessions.  A double dip of Local H.. sort of….. Scott Lucas and the Married Men dates below:

Scott Lucas And The Married Men 2012 dates:

4/15 – Mercury Lounge -New York City (solo acoustic set- opening for Local H)

5/26 – Reverb Music Festival – Waterloo, IA

6/06 – The Aquarium – Fargo, ND (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/07 – First Ave – Minneapolis, MN (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/08 – Majestic Theater – Madison, WI (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/09 – Metro – Chicago, IL (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/10 – Magic Bag – Detroit, MI (With Deer Tick + Turbo Fruits)

6/12 –  The Red Palace – Washington, DC

6/14 – Mercury Lounge- New York, NY (Opening for Ramona Falls)

6/16 – North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA

6/26 – Bootleg Bar – Los Angeles, CA

(Photo up top Courtesy of LoudLoopPress.Com/Jim Newberry)

Local H Prep US Tour/Win Ticket to NYC Stop

Local H Prep US Tour/Win Ticket to NYC Stop!

You can’t make this stuff up. Just as we were prepping this ticket give away, Local H dropped a whole bunch of US tour dates on us.  We here at Concert Confessions would like to thank Local H for their superb timing. Tour dates are at the bottom of this post, but if you’re in the New York City area April 15th, and you dig Local H, you may want to read about a little contest we have going on here:

Folks always ask me the same questions. They say “Hey Jay, why do you always rag on living in New York City? It’s the greatest city in the world” . And my answers are always the same: I’m not like these People

You see there is a difference between people like me, and the people I’ve come across in my 25 years of life. It’s one difference: I enjoy music that is, and sorry if I get to technical here, music that’s GOOD. It’s an addiction I know, but it’s just a bad habit I can’t kick.

PROBLEM: I purchased two tickets to this show (at a seriously reasonable $15 each) and my good friend Pam cannot make it to the show.  Therefore leaving me with one extra ticket

SOLUTION: Well first we were brainstorming a “Win a date with Jay Porks” contest, but come on now, we all know that’s bait no fish is biting at. So we’re just kicking it ol’ school, and leaving it up to the comment thread below to determine the winner of the prize of this FREE ticket to see Local H, courtesy of Jay Porks and the entire Concert Confessions Community. Just leave a comment on this post, and we will be picking a winner 48 hours before the show is set to kick off. It’s that simple.  Best Comment Wins . Deal? Cool.


Mercury Lounge

217 East Houston Street  Manhattan, NY 10002

Sunday, April 15th

Doors: 7PM

This Show is 21 and over

Opening Acts: The Apple Bros., Scott Lucas

You read that correctly. “The Bowery Presents” official website has Scott Lucas, the lead singer of Local H, listed as the 1st opener. I’m as puzzled as you are. Is that a misprint? Because I know he has a side project Scott Lucas and The Married Men that put out an awesome record in 2010 called ‘George Lassos The Moon”. But there’s lots of people in that group a violinist, accrodian player-they can’t fit all those people on the Mercury Lounge stage, shucks they probably can’t even haul that much gear into that cozy building. So is Scott going to do some acoustic stuff as we all sip hot cocoa and snap our fingers? That’s the wildcard here. Interested now?


All Local H tour dates sit below





Date Venue Location Tickets
  Apr 06 Rock Island Brewing Company Rock Island, IL Tickets
  Apr 07 Bombay Bicycle Club Clive, IA
  Apr 12 The Pyramid Scheme Grand Rapids, MI Tickets
  Apr 13 Frankies Toledo, OH Tickets
  Apr 14 The Whiskey Annapolis, MD Tickets
  Apr 15 Mercury Lounge New York, NY Tickets
  Apr 17 Brighton Music Hall Boston, MA Tickets
  Apr 18 Mojo Main Newark, DE Tickets
  Apr 19 The Reverb Reading, PA Tickets
  Apr 20 The Basement Columbus, OH Tickets
  May 04 Q Billiards & Sports Bar Darien, IL Tickets
  May 05 Double Door Chicago, IL Tickets
  May 11 The Taft Theater Ballroom Cincinnati, OH
  May 12 Martin’s Downtown Roanoke, VA
  May 13 New Brookland Tavern West Columbia, SC
  May 15 The Local 662 St Petersburg, FL
  May 16 Double Down Live Gainesville, FL Tickets
  May 17 Will’s Pub Orlando, FL
  May 18 The Masquerade – Hell Atlanta, GA
  May 19 Bottletree Birmingham, AL Tickets
  May 21 Scout Bar Houston, TX
  May 22 Red 7 Austin, TX Tickets
  May 23 Club Dada Dallas, TX Tickets
  May 24 Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK
  May 25 Firebird St Louis, MO Tickets
  May 26 Spicoli’s Grill Waterloo, IA

Local H Flies Under The Radar w/ A Few 2012 Dates

Words/Photos/Video by Jay Porks

Whoa, wait a second. You’re telling me if I had been lazy and chose not to dig all the way to the bottom of my email from the ‘Bowery Presents’ I wouldn’t have seen that Local H show listed at the Mercury Lounge in NYC? One of my favorite bands who kills it every time they come to my town, whether it’s Gramercy Theater or Mercury Lounge was that close to passing me by. No way. Especially when last I saw them they played two NEW songs off an album they’re recording which I would assume would be due out sometime this year.

So the search was on for tour dates, figured while I’m planing buying mine, I might as well find out the info on other days and pass them on to you. What kind of selfish guy would I be if I didn’t?

Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Friday 2/3/12 here and SongKick had other dates listed as of now, so I’ll list them below. Under that will be some video of Local H tearing up the Mercury Lounge last year

LOCAL H 2012 Tour Dates Courtesy of Local H Facebook Page:

Mar 9 – Rosemont, IL
Mar 10 – Midlothian, IL
Mar 30 – St Charles, IL
Mar 31 – Dekalb, IL

Apr 12 – Grand Rapids, MI
Apr 13 – Toledo, OH
Apr 14 – Annapolis, MD
Apr 15 – New York, NY
Apr 17 – Allston, MA
Apr 18 – Newark DE
Apr 19 – Reading, PA
Apr 20 – Columbus, OH
May 5 – Chicago, IL

Local H “Another February” Live at Mercury Lounge 4/21/11

Local H “Wolf Like Me” (TV On The Radio cover) Live at Mercury Lounge

The Top 10 Jay Porks Experiences of 2011

As 2011 reaches a close, we take a look back at the year in concerts. In volume, I probably attend the least amount of total shows per year if you pool all of the contributors here at Concert Confessions. But never the less, by years end I will have reached 23 concerts, eclipsing last years total of 20. My only personal goal is to always get out to more shows then the year before. We did that in 2011, and here’s hoping we crack a bigger mark in 2012. Back to the reminiscing, here’s the Top Ten Jay Porks Exerperience’s of 2011

10)GWAR Music Hall of Williamsburg(2/20/11)

It was a cold night in February. I remember it like it was yesterday-it was the day before I was to get my Blackberry, and I remember the whole night being pissed about how if I would’ve gotten a new phone earlier that day I’d leave here tonight with better quality photos. Speaking of photos, the Reverend Justito was able to go through channels and gain me a photo pass for the first 3 songs of their set. It was at this time that I would stand about an arms distance from the late Cory Smoot/Flatimis Maximus while getting soaked in GWAR fluids, which would later add some difficulty to hailing a cab after the show-being that it looked like I was covered in blood. Awesome times [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXrJ0Kw6d_Y&w=480&h=360]

9)Slaughterhouse at SOB’s (5/25/11)

I know what your all thinking-How the hell does he throw Hip Hop into his Top Ten? Well, a week or so prior to Joe Budden replying to a Tweet of mine setting off a back and forth which gained me a collective middle finger from his fan base, he played with Slaughterhouse at SOB’s. This is the show that made me buy the tickets to see the man solo at Irving Plaza, and even though that was terrible, I can’t deny what Budden, Royce Da 5’9′, ‘Joell Ortiz’ and ‘Crooked I’ did to the stage at SOB’s that night. And that was setting it on fire. Also, one of the openers ‘Emilio Rojas’, I promise you will headline shows in 2012. He sounded like the future.

8)Chris Cornell @ Town Hall(4/13/11)

With a Soundgarden full on reunion tour not yet confirmed, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Mr. Chris Cornell on his Solo Acoustic Songbook Tour. The hair is back, and in full Jesus mode Cornell blessed us with hits from Soundgarden, Audioslave, his own solo catalog and mixed in a Beatles cover along with a, brace yourselves, acoustic cover of Ghostland Observatory’s “Sad Sad City”.

7)Dinosaur Jr w/ Henry Rollins, OFF and Fucked Up @ Terminal 5 (6/23/11)

Overlooking the balcony on the 3rd floor of Terminal 5 for an epic night of events. If it wasn’t enough that I was seeing Dinosaur Jr., we had Keith Morris in the building with his latest band. OFF!. In addition to that we had the critical acclaimed “Fucked Up”. And the frosting for the cake, Henry Freakin’ Rollins interviewed Dinosaur Jr on stage before their set, an interview I captured in it’s entirety and it up on YouTube. Also got most of their set, they had great lighting and my spot was of epic proportions. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n0mEa2r_hM&w=480&h=360]

6)Local H Mercury Lounge (4/21/11)

Local H is one of those bands that will probably always find there way on my year end best list if they come around to my neck of the woods, and that’s just what happened. Not only that, but they were booked for an “Early show” at the Mercury Lounge-which means doors at 7PM and show was to end promptly at 9:30. No problem for Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair, who kicked out about 20 jams in the time they had on stage, including 2 songs from a forthcoming Local H record: “Cold Matter” and “Another February”(which I have video of below this paragraph). Covered ‘Joey’ by Concrete Blonde and “Wolf Like Me” courtesy of TV on the Radio. During Wolf Like Me, Scott came off stage with his guitar and played, like, into the camera was recording with and eventually was jamming out leaning against me as people snapped photos of him in the crowd. What Mercury Lounge is great for in not having security so I can tape, they suck at lights-and there is no conclusive proof of this on video. At least my buddy who I met into at the Lemonheads show says he remembers me from the crowd and remembers seeing that happen. Got an autograph from Mr. Lucas after the show and gave it to my friend Pam, who was defeated by New York City traffic trying to make it there. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sXiip0fN78&w=480&h=360]

5)Flaming Lips&Weezer Get Freaky On The Same Stage PNC (7/28/11)

So when I saw the show listed on Ticketmaster it was billed “Weezer/Flaming Lips” yet when my ticket arrived in the mail it said “Flaming Lips/Weezer”. I figured at the least I save myself time seeing some crap opener, as I like both these bands. As the show drew near, it was announced that the bands would both set their gear up on stage, and take turns playing songs back and forth. Now isn’t this interesting? And it turned out to be even way more fun then I imagined. With limited time, sort of, Weezer wasn’t able to squeeze into their set a bunch of songs I hate. Plus they kicked off the night both bands on stage playing Black Sabbath’s “Sweat Leaf” with Wayne Coyne and Rivers Cuomo floating the pit area in space bubbles. After 2 hours of back and forth hits from both bands, they shared the stage again to play “She Don’t Use Jelly” followed by “Undone(The Sweater Song)” before going off. Awesomeness. I was still giddy as I wrote the review on a plane flying off to Washington State-that’s a hint for things to come on this list. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d2iws3WKGc&w=480&h=360]

We have a tie for 3rd/4th place:

3)Meat Puppets (11/4/11) & in Teaneck, NJ (11/6/11)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cw28zvA_Xk&w=480&h=360]

The Meat Puppets returned to New York City for the first time in 2 years to play Le Poisson Rouge. They would play 2 nights later in Teaneck, NJ at Mexicali Live with me in attendance as well. It’s a tie because on both nights they would equally scorch the stage they played frying hearts and minds-yet it was two totally different experiences for me despite the set list not varying much. Night one in NYC I got backstage, and was able to hang with the boys before the show and even got to meet Sean Yseult (bass player who started a little band called White Zombie with dude named Rob), who was nothing less then a bad ass chick-I mean that in the awesome sense. But after all that it ended up I couldn’t get a good spot up front and had to extend my arm up full length when recording songs(the good news being I don’t have to hide my camera from anyone, being the Social Media Assistant for the band I am actually permitted and encouraged to do so).

Two nights later I meet up with Pam in Teaneck, NJ-a little hidden spot of Northern New Jersey I never even knew existed. My intentions on this night are to finally show off my favorite band still touring to one of my good friends- [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yeJftK_l5Q&w=480&h=360]
one of the few friends I have in real life who’s musical taste I respect. She’s never seen them, and this was to be my 9th time. Check this out, you know that band Black Box Revelation that’s been blowing up by the show? Yea, they opened up this one before they set off w/ Beady Eye on tour a week or so later. They were awesome. And my great spot for video during this Meat Puppets set as oppose to they Friday night set is not even comparable. I got everything I needed to get and more. About halfway during set Pam says to me “This drummer is amazing”. That drummer is Shandon Sahm (son of Doug Sahm, I’m gonna let you use Wikipedia for this one), and for the nights encore as it would have been Doug Sahm’s 70th Birthday day, we saw Curt Kirkwood relinquish his guitar to Shandon and took a seat at the drum kit. They then played “She’s About A Mover”, a Sir Douglas Quintet cover with Curt on drums and Shandon Sahm singing and playing guitar. Got Curt to autograph Pam’s ticket after the show. Freaking amazing weekend of the Meat Puppets, hence my tie for 3rd/4th place. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTZw1SJbg4g&w=480&h=360]

2)Ween Hammerstein Ballroom: Halloween 2011

For a second year in a row through circumstances beyond their control, Ween fall one spot short of the top spot on my best shows of 2011 list. It was Halloween, it was WEEN at Hammerstein Ballroom in the city. We tore the seated section 103 apart, stacking chairs creating a standing room frenzy. They did another “Evening w/ Ween” which includes no opening acts-and played for the better part of three hours dressed up for Halloween in skimpy sailor outfits. It was amazing, and even through picking up the pieces of my face on the way out the door-the number one spot had already been locked in. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn820V9WMhw&w=480&h=360]

1)Soundgarden, QOTSA, Mastodon,& the Meat Puppets @ The Gorge 7/30/11

Remember when I said I was writing the Flaming Lips/Weezer review on a plane heading to Washington State? Yea well, that was one insane weekend. With tour guides TheNaturalStoner and Mr. Sparkly taking care of me, we were off on Saturday July 30th of 2011 to the Gorge Amphitheater to see Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, and THE MEAT PUPPETS. This was before any Meat Puppets dates were locked for NYC so I had to make sure I caught them right? Plus opening for Soundgarden?!? A band I’ve been waiting to see for years and years. And sandwich in Queens of the Stone Age, which I missed out on a presale from their NYC show in March and how can we think this could get any better? Well, it got better as soon as we were at the top of the grassy hill looking down at the stage camped so behind it is the beautiful Columbia River and mountainside. 18,000 people get in this place, standing room exclusive. If it wasn’t enough that I got to see the Meat Puppets for the 7th time that night, I also got to see Soundgarden close out strong. And while Queens of the Stone Age kicked out songs I love, like “Go With The Flow” & “No One Knows” ,with the sun setting and beams of light bouncing off the river and silhouetting the people on the lawn.. man that 8-10 minutes right there may have been the greatest moment of my life(well, besides Jen Cartiglia). We had from what I counted 5 of us Concert Confessioners in attendance- Myself, TheNaturalStoner & Mr. Sparkly in one tent trying to get texts through to Phishbeard to meet up with us, while at the same time we tried to gain WiFi to find Jakob. The whole Washington experience blew me away, and the show being that epic wasn’t hurting matters either. Camped out afterward sleeping on a folding chair using a sleeping bag as a blanket starring up at the stars, which I can actually see in a state without the air pollution that New York City contains. Woke everyone around us camping up early due to my phone’s alarm clock still being on east coast time. The video I share below is not one that I shot, but shot by TheNaturalStoner. Since I was standing right next to him anyway, and his camera is way better then mine, here you go: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iou9tnsHt6w&w=640&h=360]

Honorable Mentions!!

I seriously wanted to put Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in here, but I didn’t want to take the crap from all the trolls out there who DIDN’T attend…But damn that was a pretty freaking epic night, awesome times with friends.. hence it’s honorable mention.

-Phish, Night 1 of their MSG New Years Eve run was pretty funky as well, had this list not been done before I attended the show on 12/28/11, it would have been up for nomination

LOCAL H 04/24/11: Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

Local H 04/24/11

Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington DC

Words/Photos by SluggerA

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE LOCAL H! I’ve been a huge fan since 1996 and every time they come around, I’m like a little kid at Christmas time.  I count down until the show arrives to my town, well, DC isn’t my town but it’s the closest they come to Maryland. Local H is the only band I will go to DC for. Traffic sucks there and the parking is worse. However, on this particular night, not only did I not get lost going there, or coming home, but I managed to get a killer parking spot, 15 feet away from the club!!

As I walked in the door and got my ticket, I could hardly contain how excited I was. I NEEDED this show after the crappy couple of weeks I’ve had. I went inside, bought my first and only beer for the night, and propped my ass against the bar. Back in the day, I would be right in the front, with all the crazy people, but I’m not so young anymore. I’d rather stand back and enjoy the show!

The first band, “The Dig” went on around 8:30. They were a great opener for Local H and you should check them out! An hour later, Local H hit the stage. All the hits all night is exactly what they played. Surprisingly, they started out with Fritz’s Corner. That shocked me since it’s one of the popular ones! And when they played “High Fiving Mother Fucker,” I remembered why I love them so much. There’s something about their music, their sound, and their feel, that makes me feel alive. When Scott fucks his amp with his guitar, oh man, it makes me wanna loose my mind!  I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe it’s the way he displays his energy while doing it, the sound, the feel, I dunno…but it makes me wanna just mosh with everyone in the club! It gives me an “alive” feeling. I must say, I hope I die before Local H stops playing for good. A life without live Local H shows, is a life I don’t EVER wanna experience!

I came to the show alone, but when I’m at a Local H show, I don’t “feel” alone. I’m surrounded by people who know what real fuckin’ music is! Standing back, you can see what’s going on in the crowd and one thing that I really found interesting is what I saw when they started playing “Bound For The Floor.” That’s an old song, probably the first song we all heard from Local H. I’m sure Scott and even Brian are tired of playing it, but they kinda have to. What I noticed though, were the guys in the crowd, who were there with their buddies, put their arms around each other and sing the words at the top of their lungs. I realized, they were doing the same thing I was, remembering where they were the first time they heard that song. What they were doing. I remember…I was at a local music festival and it was the first time I ever saw Local H or even heard of them. Just happened to check their set…and when they played “Bound For The Floor,” I was a fan for life. I remember me and my boyfriend at the time, walking out of that show, singing that song as we walked to our car.

And it never fails, going to see Local H in DC, pretty much the same time every year, I see some of the same people. The one guy that I’ve talked to a couple of times, but he probably doesn’t even remember me. The one guy who I hung out with outside of Record and Tape Traders the time Scott and Brian were doing an in-store signing, and this guy was playing Local H songs on his guitar in the parking lot. I got video of it. He was there last night. Doubt he even remembers me. And the tall dorky guy with glasses who’s at every show. Pretty sure I’ve talked to him before. Why do I remember these people, when they more than likely don’t remember me? Because I’m a fan! I don’t just take in the band, and the music, I take in the people. It gives me a certain “high” that only Local H can!

I started seeing Local H when I was 18. I’m now 32! They have been through it all with me. Their music has helped me though some rough times…and helped me party during the good times! My break up with my boyfiend a couple of months ago, can ya guess what I was playing?? Yup, the 12 angry months cd!

After they played, everyone rushed the merch. table to buy shit and meet Scott. I was standing in line next to these little girls. Well, not little, maybe 19 or so, but little to me. And one of them looked up at me, a drumstick clinched in her hand, and I saw myself in her when I was that age. Holding that drumstick, wanting to get that signature. She said something to me about I can go first coz I was there first, and I told her no worries, and she looked up at me and said, “I like your tattoos…blah blah blah…I’m sorry if I’m annoying you.” I smiled and told her she was fine and she finally left me alone. She wasn’t annoying me, it was like I was looking at myself years ago. It was awesome! And of course, she went ahead of me and her and her little friend took forever! Lol…it was cute though. And when Scott FINALLY got to me, I accidently said, “Finally!” Lol..he was like, “did you say finally?” Ooopps..I didn’t mean it like that…lol. I meant that the little kids were finally done drooling and taking up so much time. I just wanted to buy my shirt from that sexy mother fucker (referring to Scott) and go home! He said he felt like a bar tender..lol..some douch bag next to me said I should try showing some more cleavage and maybe Scott would have gotten to me sooner. As Scott said, “No,” I also said, “No, I’m not like that…” I bought my shirt, told Scott, “thank you for being so great.” He said, “Thanks for coming out to the show,” and I left, with Local H shirt #15 in my hand! Yes, I counted when I got home. I have 15 Local H t-shirts AND two hoodies!

I dunno, when I see Local H, it almost feels as if they are singing songs about my life. I relate to so much of what they are singing about, the attitude, and just the love of that music. Hmmm….and I will be on a high for the next week. I wish they would come around more then just once a year. I have so many memories, like seeing them twice in one week and getting to sing “All the kids” with Scott both times! Luck that was! When I hear the song “Mayonnaise and Malaise” I think about the time I worked at Blimpie Subs and wanted to kill the next customer who walked through the door! Shit like that, it makes me happy!

I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I don’t fit in with people, and I always feel like an outsider, but when I’m at a Local H show…it’s the only time shit makes sense….and with that being said, the new song they played was awesome and I can’t wait for the new record to come out…so I can put some new memories with it!

Thanks again Scott and Brian for being the awesome musicans you are and making everyone feel alive!

Click here to legally download a copy of this show.

Local H Rocks Mercury Lounge 4/21/11

By the end of the night, we all forgot it was the “Early Show”..Hello people, What goes on as we enter the 45 installment of that ever so famous Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Tonight we head back to the cozy confines of the Mercury Lounge to see one of my favorite bands still touring, Local H, who I’ve seen on two other occasions: first time they opened for Electric 6 (barf) and last time they rolled through Gramercy Theater the show was turned into an “early show” last minute to make way for Stone Temple Pilots to do a midnight showcase for their latest album, one of which I’ve already forgotten the name.

Tonight it’s billed as the “Early Show”, but at least this time that fact was clear months in advance. As a rock journalist blogger guy, early shows give me a chance to get home at a decent time and get to work. Doors open at 6:30 w/ the show starting at 7:30.. And I know there’s an opener, one of which I’ll fill you in on when I make it there-now it’s 5:26 and I’m on the ferry headed into Manhattan-I guess no time for a stop a Tad’s steakhouse before the show like we did on Tuesday, oh well- I can eat later, right now all that’s on my mind is that spot leaning up against the stage that I hope to score…

The Dig is the opening act, as I perch myself against the stage as previously planed, to the far right. Made the mistake last time of being 2 feet from the drum kit-I was deaf for days. Anyway the Dig had vocalists taking turns on songs, although the bassist seemed more of the lead guy. They had 4 guys, drums guitar and bass with a keyboardist who had a guitar next to him and played it on some tracks.. Couldn’t have played much, maybe 5 or 6 songs but as their set went on they intensified and got heavy. I can say I enjoyed them enough to have a look at their music when I get home. They went off about 7:30, leaving a half hour for Local H to set up- sign said they’re on at 8PM..

The room has filled out as I’m pressed against a pillar up against the stage and the few feet of elbow room I had was gone. The pillar plays a role in tonight’s video. Let’s explain: The pillar I’m leaned against is at the front right corner of the stage, so at times I would lean on the steps getting on the other side of it capturing shots of the band from the side of the stage-actually on stage at one point. I keep saying this place is tiny, but I can’t stress it enough. There are no “event staff”, this is basically a bar with a back room containing a stage. So on songs like “High Fiving MF”, and “Wolf Like Me” I sorta move back and forth weaving around this pillar depending on Scott’s moves. No one could stop me-it was truly a situation that deserved a tag of #Winning.

First song in, I’m back in my rare Tuesday night form-just rolling tape. It was so loud in the I was able to scream along lyrics without worrying about it being heard on the videos(hopefully)… Kicked things off with “Fritz’s Corner” and “All the Kids are Right” before “Cynic” A song I thought I had recording until I looked at the screen and noticed it wasn’t rolling. That would be one of my two slip ups of tonight.

You get into that “Okay, now I’m gonna rock out” mode when you hear a few awesome songs in a row- and that feeling was at a climax when we were in the middle of “24 Hour Break Up Session”- and then that’s when a full cup came flying from mid-crowd towards my direction, hit me dumping beer all over me and the surrounding few people. Are you friggin kidding me? All over my blazer and white button down (I came straight from work)? If I wasn’t enjoying myself so much trust me when I say that someones face was getting broken. Consider yourself lucky dude, lucky that self control prevailed , as I have a job to do here

Few songs later we move into, get this, a NEW Local H song! I know this is the “All the hits all night” tour, so safe to say I was delighted to hear a new number by the band called “Another February”. Sounded freaking great-my camera rolling still. Then came to “High Fiving Mother Fucker”, and it was at this time that I worked my way around the pillar and was sitting on the steps to the stage watching Scott throw his guitar towards the amp- feeding back that beautiful distortion we’ve all come to love. And of course I will be fooled again, as I stopped tape bout halfway through that song thinking it was over- something Reverend Justito and I discussed just two days ago; you’d think I’d be ready for that-but they tricked me! I woulda gotten the whole song too, “if I weren’t for those meddling kids!”.. Tricksters they are those Chicago folk.

Someone screamed “Lets hear it for Chicago!” and Scott stares up and is like “Okay”.. Goes on to say “We’re not really into anything, but one we’re into regionalism. If there’s one thing this bands not about it’s regionalism. You won’t hear a song by us like slamming another region- we feel that we are all equal” Just from that I figured “California Songs” was coming up sooner rather then later. Then Scott says “Here’s another failed single” as this jumped into “Everyone Alive”- followed by my favorite song off their latest album 12 Angry Months- and that was “Michelle (Again)”.


I have to address these two chicks down front. There were two girls leaning on the stage about 8-10 feet to my left. One of them was screaming stuff at Scott endlessly, at one point calling him over and whatever she said when he leaned over there he was not on board with. Who knows. Anyway, she was with a friend who may or may not have been her girlfriend(they were making out during “Hands on the Bible”, all over each other-forcing my camera to at times float in that direction). So the girlfriend is going with the no shirt just bra look. Like, just the bra rockin’ like it was dead of summer time or something. A few times, the bra-only chick stood on stage and just fell back into the crowd getting surfed towards the back. I usually see shit like that go wrong, but not tonight. During one song she jumped up on stage hand around Scott singing along-breaking into laughter as he sorta nudges her away and says something to the effect of “go find your shirt”. I wanted to scream “Show me your tits!”-but again, tonight I wear a blazer-lets act the part.

The person I hate but the song I love, “Eddie Vedder” came up next. It’s another one I haven’t seen them do live. I had one hand on the camera and the other was slamming my hand against the pillar rocking out. I’ve mastered the art of one handed typing this week, and I must say I’m proud of myself.

We continued to plow through great songs.. “Mayonnaise and Malaise” , ‘Hands on the Bible” came before we finally got to “California Songs” which before the song Scott says “Regionalism” and the five people who didn’t get the “regional” joke earlier most certainly have gotten it now. The lyric for “California Dreamin’ on the Radio” was changed to “Fucking Katy Perry on the radio”

I really don’t know how I was able to record all this as I’m having the time of my life over here 3 feet away from Scott. I’m closer to the band then the speakers are. Then he walks to the other side of the stage during the song and steps down into the crowd and is just jammin’ over there surrounded by people. Man, I wish I was over there.

Everyone is shouting out songs one dude catches Scott’s attention. Scott says to the dude “I know-I’m gonna get to that-I’ve got it covered I’m a professional.. I’m up here-you’re down there, there’s a reason for it” as the crowd lets out a harmonious “OHHHH” then continues on “I don’t come to where you work-do I really need to finish this?” before leading into a new song: “We usually do a cover here, but fuck it play here’s new one. Song’s called “Cold Matter”.. Another awesome tune that fits right into my Local H playlist seamlessly. Following that came one of my top like 4 concert memories of all time happening right here tonight- they covered “Joey” by Concrete Blonde! Not that I’m huge into Concrete Blonde, but I frickin love that song and love Local H covering it on that “Local H’s Awesome Mixtape” compilation of covers. I know they do it often, but to be right there- to not be watching it on YouTube for those 4 minutes. Epic.

In theme with All the hits all night- “Bound for the Floor” came next, and then to end the night classy, shouting out “RIP Gerard Smith!” before getting into the cover of TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”. I mean, they had already covered Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” and then went into “Bound for the Floor”. I figured on the ‘All the Hits All Night’ bill they wouldn’t do any covers (or new music for that matter). More examples of why Local H are so awesome..

While playing, for the second time tonight Scott is headed towards the crowd- only this time he’s headed down the stairs right towards me. What the hell do I do? Do I stop filming- is he gonna smash my camera with the neck of his guitar? So I back up as he’s continuing towards me-finally stops and leans up against me as I tried to capture it on film but it’s too dark to see on the video. Wow. I can’t Scott Lucas was riffing inches from me! WHAT?!?! SERIOUSLY?! Amazing. And that was it- they went off like 9:30..


After the show I had to hit the merch table to catch Scott for an autograph and a tee shirt and to try to make this night more epic. As he’s looking for an XL I leaned over and said “Dude I thought were coming to smash my camera!” he chuckled and said “Nah, not at all” as I got my shirt, ticket signed and tried to swim through dozens of people packing in trying to meet Scott and buy stuff. I squeezed through and grabbed hold of the door and popped outta the doorway Cosmo Kramer style out onto the New York City street. There I saw Pam, who sadly, was stuck in traffic and didn’t make it to Mercury Lounge in time to grab her ticket at Will Call and see the show. I felt so bad for my friend, who loves this freakin band and the damn Holland Tunnel prevented her witnessing the awesomeness. I handed her my autographed ticket (having two more at home anyway), and we went on a hunt for the Pam-Van… what a night..


Thanks for reading, sorry I couldn’t get this posted last night as my web was giving me trouble. Below is a full set list. Stay tuned to the site for more shows coming up, including back to Terminal 5 Friday May 6th for Bad Religion(for some reason Rise Against is headlining). See you all then hopefully, thanks again. LATE..

Fritz’s Corner
All the kids are right
Half Life
“Unreleased song”
24 Hour Break up Session
All Right, Oh yea
Another February(new song)
High Fiving MF
Everyone Alive
Eddie Vedder
Mayonnaise and Malaise
Hands on the Bible
California Songs
Cold Matter( New song)
Joey (Concrete Blonde)
Bound For The Floor
Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio)

Reverend Justito Presents: The Top 5 Concerts of 2010

Reverend Justito Presents His Top 5 Concerts of 2010

I have been attending concerts non-stop since 1996.  2010 has been a wonderful year of music.  Not that I have the time to keep track of such a statistic, but I do believe that I have seen more shows in 2010 than any other year of my life.  It was not easy to narrow down my top five shows from this year, and chances are this list would be different if you asked me to pick in three months.   So enough of my mindless introduction; It’s time for my top five shows of 2010.

Honorable Mentions:

Allegaeon 11/12/10 Cat Club – West Hollywood, CA

USELESS KEYS 09/10/10 Spaceland – Silver Lake, CA

#5 Local H 06/18/10: BriXton South Bay – Redondo Beach, CA

Truth be told, I made the thirty minute trip to Redondo Beach on a cold Friday night because of Jay Porks.  I had forgotten all about Local H, but reading his review got me fired up about a band that I managed to catch at both Kamp Kome gigs back in the 1990’s.  The night was what shows are supposed to be all about – letting go of the bullshit and having a great time.  From the band allowing a fan to pick a record out of the hat to discovering my favorite new music venue in Southern California the night was just perfect.  Most important it has restored my love for Local H who I hope return to the road in 2011.


#4 Joseph Arthur 01/23/10: Troubadour – West Hollywood, CA

If you count Fistful of Mercy, I saw Joseph Arthur five times in 2010.  I am not exactly sure when Fistful of Mercy formed, but looking back at this show, I was fortunate enough to see the project in it’s early stages.  From Arthur opening the night with a haunting version of Restore Me to guest appearances from members of his Lonely Astronauts band and Ben Harper it was a truly inspiring night.


#3 Arcade Fire 10/08/10: Shrine Auditorium – Los Angeles, CA

I was fucking angry walking into this show.  Bad traffic, poor venue planning and my Giants had just blown an important home game against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS (as you may be aware, things worked out ok for my beloved Giants in 2010).  To be honest, I was not even sure why I had agreed to go to the show as the band was over-rated in my eyes.  Then the band hit the stage and changed my life.  I understand how douchy of a statement that is, but it’s true.  The Arcade Fire are that powerful, they suck you in and steal your soul.  You can’t stop it no matter how hard you try.  It’s very rare that a band can emote a certain feeling inside of me.  It’s a feeling that I can’t describe; the nirvana, bliss, floating on a cloud emotion.  On October 8th, 2010 the Arcade Fire took an angry Angelino and got him to that place.


#2 Faith No More 11/30/10: Palladium – Hollywood, CA

When I was a freshman in High School, I found $5 on the ground out front of my school.  I ran down to The Record Man and picked up a banged up copy of Angel Dust by Faith No More.  It is amazing that the disc will still play today, yet it does.  If I had to pick three albums to bring onto a deserted island, this would be one of them.  Sadly I was not old enough to drive into San Francisco and see Faith No More on their last hurrah.  I made sure I was online with ten minutes to spare to get tickets to this show.  I was not going to miss my chance.  As luck turned out, I got to see both Faith No More shows here in Hollywood, and it was truly a dream come true.  Not a bad moment over two nights, I got to see Faith No More kick all kinds of ass on stage.  Between this and the earlier mentioned Giants World Series trophy, let’s just say I can die a lil happier.


#1 Phish 08/06/10: Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA

Who are we kidding, all three nights at the Greek come in 1/2/3 on this list.  I will spoil every top shows list from here till the day I die right now.  If I see Phish, there is a 99.8% chance they will be the top live band I see in any given year.  Nothing can top Phish.  Yet to give some other bands a fair shot, we have picked this as the best  Phish show that I witnessed in 2010.  This show just dominated and is no doubt in my top three shows of all time.  Cities>The Moma Dance>Bathtub Gin>Stealing Time from the Faulty Line just can’t be beat.  Unless of course you look to the second set that kicked off with a high energy cover of the Velvet Underground’s Rock and Roll, featured a beefy “Mike’s Groove” and crested with the trampoline stunt during the set closing You Enjoy Myself. I think just about everyone knows I expect some serious West Coast Phish love in 2011, here is hoping the boys don’t break my heart.


The Jay Porks Final Four: Top Experiences of 2010

The Jay Porks Top Four Shows of 2010

Words/Photos by Jay Porks of the Jay Porks Experience

I swear I’ll eventually learn how to cut down on the length of posts.. Just not quite yet. That said, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to determine shows would make the cut in my Top 5 of 2010. I mean, what does one exactly judge specifically when it comes to this type of list. The criteria is vague to say the least-what factors go into determining the awesomeness of a show? Well, here at Concert Confessions (and of course the Jay Porks Experience), we pride ourselves in delivering “different” kind of concert reviews to say the least. We tend to not follow the rules of conventional journalism-hell I personally don’t even follow basic rules of grammar at times. So it was decided that why start following any sort of rules when it comes to this, even if that means turning the top 5 into a ‘Final Four’.

#4- MMR(93.3FM) BBQ featuring Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains w/ Three Days Grace, Fuel, Skillet, Dive, Automatic Fire at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ 05/23/10.

Anytime there is boobs being flashed in the parking lot you know you’re in store for a memorable day. And this is exactly what it was-the whole day. Pam and I didn’t pull into the parking lot until like 2PM and it was already a party out there. Hot chicks toss a beach ball around, us downing beers without being hassled by event staff to take it inside. Some girl flashed her boobs upon request. It got me thinking we should move the stage out here and just have the show in the parking lot-this is the place to be. After eventually making our way inside, by the time we we’re at the food court area I heard Fuel playing “Shimmer”. Damn, I really like that song.
Anyway, we had extra tickets to this show-I had 2 lawn tickets and Pam put a successful bid on some tickets for the pit So we first enjoyed the friendly confines of the lawn for the end of Fuel’s set and for Three Days Grace. We decided to start on the lawn and move down to the pit for Alice in Chains and STP. It was good to catch a second wind after getting bombed mid-afternoon in the parking lot At about 6:55PM Three Days Grace headed off stage and we began to bid our farewells to the posse of friendly fellow concert goers as we headed towards the pit for the headliners. A dude shook my hand and told me “Good luck” before we left.
Got down to the pit section and were literally feet away from the stage to witness Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots play memorable sets. If only the camera I was using at the time was more “sound friendly”, as I got some awesome videos if you’re able to tune the sound to the right volume. This was the point where I decided that I was going to be at BlackDiamondSkye when the tour rolled through NYC later in the year. Stone Temple Pilots did little to disappoint as they ran through most of my favorites and the peak of the evening was when Jerry Cantrell came out to join the band for “Sex Type Thing”. Dean Deleo and Jerry facing each other trading riffs on one of my favorite songs; safe to say it was all worth the 2 hour drive into Camden, NJ.

#3-Local H Gramercy Theater 5/18/10

Was totally pumped to see another one of my favorite bands in Local H. Tickets were $15 and it was at one of NYC’s more intimate venues, the 600 person capacity Gramercy Theater. They labeled the tour the “6 Angry records” tour-they put all 6 of their albums names in hat and randomly picked out the one they’d play in it’s entirety that night. About a week before the show, news broke that the Stone Temple Pilots was looking to play a record showcase type gig in a venue smaller than their usual. Then I was nothing short of baffled when it was announced that STP would play Gramercy Theater the same night this Local H show was scheduled. I was worried my Local H show might have been compromised, but in the end both shows went on that night. STP was billed as a “Midnight Showcase” with separate admission of course. The bummer there was that Local H would only be able to play until 9:30 in order to clear out the place. So safe to say I showed up that night with low expectations, especially when the sign in front said “TONIGHT: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!”
First thing Lucas says to the crowd is “You know, it kinda feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots-but we’re not” before allowing a fan to reach into the hat and pick the night’s album. Turned out to be “Ham Fisted”, the bands first record-the record I was least familiar with of all their albums. To my surprise (through virtue of having the bands discography on my iPod) I happen to be familiar with most of those songs. After I got video of them doing “Feed” I knew I was in the best seat in the house-working with a two man band from this angle it’s very easy to keep the whole band in the frame without moving back and forth much. When they got into some other material later on after Ham Fisted I started to film almost every song. I impressed myself with the way I had the camera work in tune with the song, like: focused on the drums right before they break in, zooming in on the solos etc. The night ended when they played “Bound for the Floor” -in which mid way through they flipped it into “Rainbow in the Dark”(Ronnie James Dio had passed earlier that week) and then morphed back for the end of Bound for the Floor. Last song of the evening was an intense version of T.V. On the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”-it was nuts! During the song Scott climbed off stage to lean his guitar into the crowd while taking a swig of the drink of a lucky fan. I was like 2 feet away, filming.

We could credit the great spot, the Scott Lucas autograph, the Wolf Like Me cover to end it-we could credit all that. Or we could just say that the band delivered big time in a tough spot-I mean, with my aforementioned low expectations and all I would have never thought to have taken away all I took from that show. Floored.

#2-Ween 9/17/2010 Central Park

After reading a review at ConcertConfessions.Com of a Ween show earlier this year-when I noticed they were going to play a show at Central Park it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I’ll be the first to admit, I only knew a handful of their songs but I found myself curious of what the big hub bub was about-when you know what they say “Curiosity almost killed the cat by melting his face off”.

I was at Central Park the night before to see the band Cake-they came on at 8 last night. On line for beer I notice smoke beginning to fill the stage with smoke, as Ween is about to kick off at 7:30 as I dashed back to my spot which was pretty good despite a few taller people in front of me(I still think we should do size order at shows, like back in school). From “Buckingham Green” I was locked in-the Deaner is godly over there with the six string. The awesome light show they had going lights bouncing off smoke in rhythm with each song was epic stuff. Covering David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”- playing every song I had attempted to verse myself on in the week prior to the show they played. “Spinal Meningitis”, “Voodoo Lady”-even “Mr. Richard Smoker” as Gene Ween puffed cigarettes for most of the duration of the night. When they ducked off at 9:48 as we stood waiting for an encore I took a look around and saw a park with double the people in it compared to the night previous all standing with wide eyed, blank stares.. some clapping some screaming, hugging, high fiving-I get it now, and I’m so glad I was able to have the privilege to comprehend. Especially since they came back out to play “Dr. Rock”, with the lights at their peak of craziness in edition to people all around me just screaming top volume-to say it was a moment of ecstasy for everyone would be an understatement.

On the way out there was a group of dudes selling “Whip Its” (Balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide that you inhale it gives you a minute or two of a a light dizziness/light headed feeling). Anyway they were 3 for 20 bucks so I got a few and sat on a rock by the entrance of the park, with my peers from the Ween concert, all of us blown away sucking air from balloons getting momentarily intoxicated. Jay Porks was baptized into the Ween faith on that night, it was unbelievable.

#1 –The Flaming Lips 4th of July FREAK OUT 2010-House of Blues Atlantic City

When The Flaming Lips were coming to New York City to play a show at a venue called Terminal 5, of course you know I was more than interested. Surfing Ticketmaster, I noticed that they were playing a 4th of July show in Atlantic City, NJ(of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ fame), in which the House of Blues AC tickets were cheaper than the Terminal 5 tickets . So I figured why not make it a night in Atlantic City, book a room see the show write the review come back next day. It’s like a 2 hour trip riding via Greyhound bus for $20. So that’s what I did, stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino. Posted a little “Pre-Show” video and everything. Had a new camera in hand-set to be a great night.

When I got inside the House of Blues it was amazing, it had the whole vintage look going on, and the balcony was stadium seating and I was top row aisle seat-my view is epic! I’ve got an event staffer right in front of me and he watched me bootleg all those songs, didn’t say a word.

The night played out and so many weird freaky things were happening on stage from the start when Wayne came out in the bubble all the way through the stream shooters, pounds of confetti, thousands and thousands of balloons, a dude in a guerilla’s outfit ran out and Wayne stood on his shoulders. With Star Death and the White Dwarfs cheering on the side of the stage joined by a giant cat fish mascot type dude and Wayne bringing out the gigantic hands reflecting beams of light with each finger tip onto two disco balls hanging from the ceiling. I mean seriously, read the review-check the videos, this night was freaking crazy and that’s not even including being the Mr. 1990’s that I am watching these guys do “She Don’t Use Jelly” would’ve sent me home happy-but a few songs later I was way above the level of “happy”. I went from excited, to amazing, to shocked, to totally freaked out by the end of the night. I was seeing balloons and confetti in my dreams for weeks following the show-it’s without question the best 4th of July I have ever participated in.

Local H Rocks Redondo Beach – 06/18/2010

Local H (w/ Left Brain Heart) 06/18/10

BriXton South Bay – Redondo Beach, CA

Words/Photos/Videos by Reverend Justito/concertconfessions.com

When it comes to Local H, I suppose I am only allowed to see them perform live in the South Bay.  In the mid-1990’s, I saw the band perform at both Kamp KOME radio festivals just north of San Jose, CA.  Some 13 years later, I found myself this past Friday night making my first trip to the SoCal South Bay community of Redondo Beach, where Local H were stopping on their 6 Angry Records tour.  Inspired by a Jay Porks review a few weeks back, I figured it was time to catch up with a band I basically lost touch with around the turn of the century.  Armed with a yahoo map, I headed solo down PCH to an unknown venue called BriXton South Bay hoping the small club experience would obliterate the memories of the band playing on a sunny afternoon inside a giant amphitheatre.

Once the shock of discovering that the club was located inside the Redondo Beach Pier wore off, I headed inside and plopped down onto a bar stool.  I quickly discovered a few things. Sure, I may have no signal or service for my AT&T phone, but at least the club provided free WiFi.  With a drink in hand, I surely didn’t stay on my bar stool very long.  Taking the stage as main support was a Chicago Illinois band called Left Brain Heart.  I am of the age where I have seen enough dull opening acts that it takes a lot to get me off my tush and into your set.  By the time Left Brain Heart were wrapping their second song, I was not only vertical but one of the few standing on the very open floor.  The five piece group manages to do it all while always sounding consistent.  One moment your thinking they are a post-hardcore Queens of the Stone Age, only to have them pegged as My Bloody Moody Blues Valentine a few minutes later. The group had one original song that truly stood out because it was so familiar.  It was reminiscent of Green Day’s “Hitchin’ A Ride” that crept into a slowed down version of Social Distortion’s “Sick Boy” only to speed back into the Green Day chord structure.  Despite the similar vibes, the song was uniquely Left Brain Heart.

(Note, I once had video of Left Brain Heart. As I went to re-upload all files lost when YouTube had my account deleted in June of 2011, for whatever reason it is missing. Fingers crossed it turns up somewhere as I continue uploading my videos from 2010)

When not joking about recent championship victories of the Chicago Blackhawks and Los Angeles Lakers; the band was tearing up songs like “Going” and “Wonderland.”  The band closed their set with “Mississippi Nights” – a song about vocalists Justin Slazinik’s St. Louis roots.  Fearful of the clubs two large bouncers busting me for video-taping, I only managed to record the last minute of the song.  Not to worry, though; I intend to see these guys on a future trip to Southern California.

The concept is simple.  Six records written down on scraps of paper are thrown into a hat.  One fan reaches into the hat and the album picked is played front to back.  The crowd went nuts when Local H main mastermind – Guitarist/Vocalist Scott Lucas graced us with his presence, cowboy hat in hand.  After joking that the beach town was more foul than Detroit, he allowed a female audience member to reach deep into his hat and choose our fate.  The pick was 1998’s “Pack Up The Cats”,  a record I suddenly regret passing along to a friend 10+ years ago.

Only being familiar with half of the albums found in the hat, I was stoked to get a record I was familiar with.  Wasting no time, Lucas grabbed his guitar and kicked the set off with the albums scream-a-licious opening track “All-Right (Oh, Yeah).”  While  song two, “‘Cha!‘ Said the Kitty”, was a rip-rocking good time,  my first personal highlight was “Lucky.”  It may only be forty-eight seconds on the album, but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for those kinds of numbers.  While this adaptation was a bit longer than the album version, it was fun and flowed nicely into “Hit the Skids or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rock.” The crowd reacted favorably to the entire record, but really seemed to go crazy for the cow bell introduction of “Cool Magnet.”  A few moments later, “She Hates My Job” became a chaotic crowd sing along.

I am still trying to figure out what the hell happened during the albums most recognizable number — “The Kids Are Right.”  Feeling shoving from behind, I looked back assuming a mosh pit had broken out.  Unfortunately, the pit consisted of one fatty in a Toadies shirt, and he seemed to only be moshing with me.  Apparently my request to stop in his mind was an invite to not only shove me, but finger my brown eye.  Now anally violated, my next warning was not so kind and I grabbed him by the shirt and told him to cut the crap.  Watching his abundant chest ripple and flop as he charged at me, I was preparing to defend myself.  Before I had a chance to exterminate this drunk pest, he was being dragged out of the venue by one of the brute bouncers.  With various audience members cheering, the guard removed the turd from the punch bowl as I turned around and enjoyed the final few songs.

Once the album came to a close, the band (who had been joined all night by various members of Left Brain Heart) spent the next hour playing non Pack Up The Cats material.  A real angry version of “24 Hour Break-Up Session” kicked things off right.  Two songs from the bands biggest album As Good As Dead quickly followed.  “Fritz’s Corner” took me back to cruising around the Bay Area’s South Bay, rocking out to KOME on Friday nights.  With a huge wall of feedback, “High Fiving MF” got the crowd jumping around to the thunderous guitar riffs.  I found myself missing my buxomed drunk in the Toadies shirt during this number.  After all, it is a song about assholes in the pit.

We all knew what was next once Lucas announced into his mic that this would be the last time on this tour the ban would play a certain song in our great state.  Sure it may bash the transplants who ruin my home state, but the crowds loudest sing along was during “California Songs.”  Local H — I am with you guys on this one; we don’t need anymore songs about the city of Los Angeles, especially by the once-great Weezer.  Speaking of California bands, Local H found time for a choice cover of the Agent Orange classic “Bloodstains.” Lucas dedicated the cover to Agent Orange who frequent BriXton South Bay.

Once the anti-California-dreamin’ song wrapped, two more tracks from As Good As Dead ended the night.  The highlight of the night was the bands’ biggest hit, “Bound For The Floor”, although not for obvious reasons.  Having flirted with the gentleman to my right all night, Lucas brought the audience member on stage because he wanted to display his Chicago T-shirt.  With drummer Brian St. Clair not missing a beat, the band launched right into the Chicago classic “25 or 6 to 4.”  Gone were the signature horns; in their place, twisted feedback laced distorted chords and a huge smile on one lucky fan’s face.  The cover eventually found it’s way back to the original number, only proving how tight these two musicians are together.

The show ended with one of my all time favorite Local H songs, “Manifest Destiny Pt. 2.”  We all know Scott Lucas uses a bass pickup with his guitar, but what makes this song work is the slow, deep bass line with random guitar squeals thrown over for good measure.  With more help from their friends in Left Brain Heart, the band rocked Redondo Beach one final time. Throughout the number, Lucas jumped from the stage and played the solo surrounded by the crowd.  His return to the stage was short as the heart and soul of the band left his guitar on top of his amp, looping feedback as he walked to the merch booth.  The crowd that didn’t follow Scott went nuts. I, on the other hand, made a promise to myself.  South Bay, North Bay or no bay at all, I won’t wait 13 years for my fourth Local H show.

Local H Blender Theater at Gramercy 05/18/10

Here we are on this rainy New York City night for the twenty seventh edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series.. Tonight we are headed to the Blender Theater at Gramercy, 127 East 23rd street to see the legendary hard  rock duo from Illinois- LOCAL H..

Interesting subplot to this evenings show: Earlier in the week a story broke that the Stone Temple Pilots were trying to squeeze Local H out of the room for tonight’s event- or should I say LiveNation tried to push Local H out so STP can play a ‘Midnight Showcase’ for their latest record effort.. Rumblings earlier this week on fansites finally led to an announcement on the offical STP site that tickets for a show at Gramercy Theater for May 18th, today. I was a bit puzzled.. So Livenation sends me an email titled “event information” and I immediately panicked… Opened the email to read that “Doors will open at 7PM.. Show will start 7:15 and end promptly at 9:30… I was pissed that my second time seeing Local H may be abbreviated – just like the first time I saw them at WebsterHall in November of 2008.. I wanted to organize a protest outside the venue after the show- but that idea seems to have been rained out.. Oh and by the way, the sign says for tonights event: An Evening with the Stone Temple Pilots..

Local H is currently on their “Six Angry Records” tour, where in every city before each set they will be picking a random album of theirs out  of a hat and playing it in it’s entirety.. The albums in the hat are  “Ham Fisted”, “As Good As Dead”, ” Here comes the Zoo”, “Pack up the  Cats”, ” What ever happened to PJ Soles?” and “12 Angry Months”….

        Never a huge fan of the bands playing entire albums thing, because I’d rather hear a varied collection of a bands work rather than a single time frame- but it can be good depending on what band, which album and what kind of feeling is in the air that night..

        Got in about 7:15.. Kinch was ready to come on.. I walked up to the merch line where Scott Lucas was at his normal post selling his band’s tee shirts and CDs.. So I’m on line thinking what am I going to say to this guy when I get there- I probably have enough time for one question  so I better make it worth it. Like that one pick up line everyone has  for that one showstopping chick that walks by when you only have one  swing at the plate.. I had to think quick, so I got ready. The question was going to be : “Whats your favorite record to play live?”.. The line dissipates slowly, and I’m finally face to face with the man of the hour, lead singer/ Guitar player of the band we all came to see, Local H..  So I step up, and open my mouth to speak- and as soon as I did, thats  when Kinch hit the first chord of their set.. No words were heard- didn’t even finish the question. So now he’s awaiting me to make a purchase,  so I chose this cool looking shirt that said “Local H 2010” in an extra large. I usually try and go for the tour shirts just so I can always say I was there, and there it was. So with loud guitars in the backdrop Scott pauses as he’s looking at a list he’s making tracking  sales, he looks around confused, so I smoothly said “You just got ripped off didn’t you?” and he said “Yea.. I did” and that when I slipped him the money along with my ticket, a pen and my fan-boy stare.. I gave him the “can you sign my ticket?” line.. He scribbled his autograph on the ticket and I thanked him and walked away. Once I got away from the line I realized that I just got ripped off…. Scott Lucas stole my pen!

Kinch was a pretty cool band at times, and not so much my flavor at times.. think of Death Cab meets Silversun Pickups without that annoying squeal that the dude from Silversun Pickups has… sounds wise any.. They’re from Phoenix.. They came out and played about 6 or 7 songs and “promptly” went off at 7:48… I survey the room at this time and notice a slight crowding and cheers getting louder as the room continues to pack in…behind the standing

room area, is auditorium like seating set up above us.. That must be for the

STP set later, because those seats remained vacant for the nights proceedings. I also noticed that I’m leaning on a barricade about 6 feet from the  stage- this being my first time at the Blender Theater, I’m not sure  if this barricade is here on a regular basis or just here because the  establishment, big business rock and roll will be taking over later in  the evening…. 8pm is approaching quickly, and here comes Brian St.  Clair for drum check.. Now Scott lining up his pedal boards we’re finally at the main event.. Ladies and Gents, the one, the only- LOCAL  H!!

After the meet at the merch table with Scott, I noticed some prime real estate on the barricade on the most left you can go.. I’m in a corner- Nobody in front of me, directly in front of the drum kit.. this is where I’m going to be getting killer footage all night long.. Didn’t know how close I really was til Brian slammed that first snare.. This is going to get really LOUD really fast.. Scott grabs the microphone and says “This is kinda weird… sort of feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots….we’re not, but it does got that feel”. He then explains the pulling the record out of the hat as fans scream out their favorite Local H records, he asks a girl in the front what she wants to hear, she says “Pack Up The Cats”.. Then the hand goes in the hat- here it is, the moment of truth, what we’ve all been waiting three months to know: which one of their albums will they pull out? Okay hand inside the hat.. Here it comes….

“Ham Fisted”……

Not that I’m upset, because I’m just happy to be here witnessing this great band- but as one member of the crowd screamed ” DO OVER!”, to which Scott told us after Ham Fisted was through, that: “We’ve toyed with the idea of rigging the hat, but you can’t rig the hat… It’s a slippery slope. First your rigging the hat.. next you’re fucking babies.. you know you don’t know where it’s going to end-you need to draw the line somewhere “..

First song they got into is “Feed”, and when they started it I thought to myself ‘okay, this is gonna rock harder than I thought’ because thanks to a 32 gig iPod touch- I have Local H’s entire discography on there- so I am unknowingly familiar with most of these songs- even though it’s their first record, and maybe a lesser known one. Tracks like”Manipulater” and “Grrlfriend” were crowd pleasers, and the latter, Scott played solo using Kinch’s keyboard that was left on stage.. and The two guitar players from Kinch were on stage a couple of time throughout the evening, providing backing guitar or lyrics or keyboards when needed., The entire night, I’m next to someone who obviously wants to hear a song called “F*ck Yeah, That Wide”, as he is screaming it all night and is an unwanted guest speaker on my videos I was taking.. I got some of the greatest video I ever got tonight-sound and view and not being harassed by event staff all night.. they had a film crew on hand and were filming right in front of me.. Watching the video as I give the final touches to this review at my house, these guys know how to ROCK-on some real deal type stuff… Why isn’t  Local H a bigger band then they are? Why don’t people know them? Scott is playing a guitar and a bass at once! It has bass picks built in, with two chords leading out-one to the guitar amp, and one to the bass amp… and to be that loud.. it’s just mega awesome…. Ham Fisted was done around 9, maybe a little before-then they kicked it into overdrive…

They hit us with “All the Kids are Right” and quickly followed it with “All Right, Oh Yeah”. The intensity of the band seemed to have risen, as now the unpredictable can occur.. the audience got more recklessly into it, because now we all don’t know what’s coming next-this is feeling like a two part rock concert somehow and they never went off stage… Members of Kinch running on and off stage when they hear the first opening chords to whatever song it was .. the entire night the band was having a good time, which was good considering the facts at hand-we must clear out by 9:30.. but I look over and it’s like five past nine, so I’m camera in hand ready to rock for these next 25 minutes.. We got a sweet version of “California Songs”, with “Weezer” replacing “California Dreaming” in the lyric “The message is the same-it’s getting pretty lame/ California Dreaming’s on the radio”.. I just got my Weezer tickets, so take that Scott! When “Fritz’s Corner” came on, I went frickin’ bonkers.. probably the only video I have where I could not restrain from singing along. This is like the 10th time at least I’ve noticed during this set that this is incredible! I’m not getting cheated at all, as I thought I would be going in… Local H is killing it.. Brian is over there kicking the shit out of his drum kit in Grohlian fashion..  Scott comes off stage and steps onto the barricade and leans into the crowd while playing, it’s a really cool scene.. he looks down and takes a swig of the drink that one lucky girl happened to be holding… I got a great shot of it…The light show is even cool.. Scott also explained that “If it wasn’t for STP this show would have been canceled-I’m fucking serious”.. So if you read between the lines(no pun intended), this was the doing of LiveNation, and not STP.. Livenation looked around, and chose to try and fuck Local H, but, according to Scott “STP made this show happen”, so for that I am grateful.. because this is still going… here comes “Hands on the Bible” with one dude from Kinch on keys and another backing on guitar and this is just HEAVY.. . “Bound for the Floor” (casual fans think it’s called Copacetic), and I think they snuck another song in there in the middle of it, then ending back to Bound to the Floor.. Check my YouTube page-link somewhere in the sidebar-if anyone can confirm it for me that’d be awesome… then I knew it was over, I couldn’t believe they were going to play something after their biggest hit to date.. but they did.. “Wolf Like Me”!!! a TV on the Radio cover... a few weeks ago I really got into both bands versions of the song and I was dying to hear this one life… I screamed, honestly..I screamed with unbridled enthusiasm! Totally pumped trying to keep the camera straight while swinging my head back and forth and turning my head so I can try and scream the lyrics without being heard on the footage… it was unbelievable-rocked it for about 8 and a half minutes- and said goodnight.. and honestly, there was nothing more to be played as Scott put his guitar down and stepped over the barricade into the crowd and disappeared into that rainy city night as we were all being forced out due to time constraints..

LOCAL H delivers BIGTIME! What a show. You joking? They pulled out the album I would have last choose to be played and in returned they showed me a thing or two about what’s it’s like to be blown away-I’m blown… I don’t even know what just occurred…But on my way out I did see the dude with the envious pony tail; dude we ran into at the Hole show at Terminal 5 the first night, he was waiting in line to see STP… Small world…

All I’m saying is that there is a time and a place for the establishment rock and roll to show up and be all “big time”.. and that time is going to be this Sunday, where the Jay Porks Experience will roll into Camden,  New Jersey for a huge outdoor show to kick off the 3rd annual Jay Porks Summer Concert Series with the aforementioned Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Three Days Grace, Fuel and more… So that’s where you’ll find me.. until then, thanks for taking the time.. LATE…..

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