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Mac Sabbath, Metalachi, Krammpstein, Okilly Dokilly: 4/8/17

The Monstrosity tour is perhaps one of the most bizarre tours of the year. Headlining the tour was Mac Sabbath, the world’s only Drive-Thru metal band. Along for the ride was Metalachi and Okilly Dokilly. A strange lineup, but something you’d have to see to believe. To super size the show, a very special guest was added. It was non other than Krammpstein, a Rammstein tribute band where the band members dress as Krampus and other Alpine demons. The historic Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles had a nice turnout on this Saturday night and it would prove to be a highly entertaining show.

To start the show, up first was Okilly Dokilly. If you’ve watched the tv show, The Simpsons, then you know the character, Ned Flanders. This band is a tribute to him where the lyrics are 75% quotes from Ned and the other 25% are other characters and original lyrics. The band debuted their first album Howdilly Doodilly on November 2016 and is readily available for anyone that’s interested in listening to their music. Okilly Dokilly came out and started the show with They Warned Me from their debut album. Their music has different elements of hard rock, metalcore, and even punk. Okilly Dokilly played all songs from their album except for one. Those songs included: Vegetables, Flanderdoodles, You’re a Jerk, and Press Destruct Button. To add to the comic relief, the band brought out an assortment of objects for laughs. Some of those objects included Ned’s head in the style of the popular video game Minecraft and a giant inflatable donut during the performance of Donut Hell, and even the suit from the “Stupid Sexy Flanders” scene. Okilly Dokilly finished with Nothing At All and left the crowd hungry for more. Fans of The Simpsons will surely enjoy this band for what they are. Stupid Sexy Flanders.


Krammpstein is a Rammstein tribute band where all the band members dress up as everyone’s favorite Austrian Alpine demon, Krampus. The band members came out and started with their Rammstein cover of Waidmanns Heil (Huntsman’s Salute). Rammstein fans could immediately fall in love with the music as it was played to perfection. The only difference is that the band changed Rammstein‘s lyrics to match the folklore of Krampus. Fans could be seen headbanging to the music, especially those familiar with Rammstein. Other songs played during this macabre performance were Ich Tu Dir Weh (I Hurt You), Sonne (Sun), Du Hast (You Have), Pussy, and Amerika (America). To match the folklore, Krammpstein brought out objects to match the band’s theme. Some of these items included Krampus’ ruten, a bundle of birch branches that was used to swat children with and a basket full of stuffed figures depicting children that Krampus would catch and were thrown for the audience to have. Krammpstein finished the show with Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood) and then left the stage. The concert was only halfway through and fans were still wanting more which they were about to get.


Metalachi is the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band. The theme if this band is silly, yet satisfying. They take famous classic rock and metal songs and cover them using mariachi instruments. The thought of that sounds far-fetched, but a quick YouTube search will reveal plenty of live material to check out should their description peak your interest. The band’s attire is an interesting blend taken from acts such as GWAR, KISS, and Rob Zombie, but still maintain a classic mariachi band look. The members themselves take stage names and personas. They go by: Vega De la Rockha (vocals), El Cucuy (trumpet), Paco Halen (guitar), Kyla Vera (violin), and Nacho Picante (bass).  Metalachi came out and started the show with their cover of Ozzy Osbourne‘s Crazy Train. Hearing a trumpet play in the place of a guitar takes some getting used to, but eventually you get the hang of it and you realize that Metalachi‘s concerts are always a party. The band stayed very energetic throughout the show as to not bore their audience and in between songs would often taunt each other on stage as well as tell personal life stories of the adult kind. Some of the other songs played were: Ace of Spades (Motorhead), Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses), Holy Diver (Dio), and Caught In a Mosh (Anthrax).  Halfway through the show, one of the band’s highlights takes place. They bring a random female fan on stage and then Vega and El Cucuy would serenade her by singing Fuck Her Gently as made famous by Tenacious D. If that wasn’t enough, Vega would give the female fan a lap dance and then surprised when Kyla would give her a lap dance as well. After all that, it’s possible that the fan is pregnant with triplets. The world may never know. Kyla Vera displayed her electrifying violin skills and played a violin solo which consisted of snippets from J.S. Bach and metal acts Metallica and Iron Maiden. The show came to a bloody conclusion when the band performed Slayer‘s Raining Blood and kept up the mosh pit that had been going on for a few songs. Metalachi always puts on one of the most entertaining shows and is highly recommended if you’re looking to let loose and have fun at a show.


For fans that were looking to gorge themselves with the ultimate value meal, the best was yet to come. Mac Sabbath is exactly what you think it is. They are a Black Sabbath tribute band that dress like characters from McDonald’s and change the pyrics to match fast food. Those band members include Ronald Osbourne (vocals), Slayer MacCheeze (guitar), Grimalice (bass), and the Catburglar (drums). It’s something you have to see to believe. The stage was blocked by a giant red and yellow curtain so fans couldn’t see the stage being setup. The lights went out and the fans went wild as the curtain came down to reveal three of the four members on stage. They started the show with a cover of the song Black Sabbath, but renamed to Black Sandwich. One of the first things you’ll notice is how precise the music sounds. It’s as if you’re attending an actual Black Sabbath concert, but in the form of fast food. Eventually, Osbourne came out in a strait-jacket and sang part of the song before finally removing the strait-jacket. To being the next song, Osbourne turned on the grill that was on stage and picked up a beef patty, ate it, then proceeded to puke it back out into a bucket. I guess that patty wasn’t….Sweet Beef (Sweet Leaf). The band proved to be comical on stage as well as keep their Black Sabbath personas in check. Osbourne did a great job of copying Ozzy Osbourne’s movements on stage. From the way he jumps while on stage to his accent and the way he talks to the audience. Plenty of shenanigans were held on stage as Osbourne brought out plenty of trinkets literally not knowing what tricks he had up his sleeves. A huge straw was pulled out from inside his costume and then beer was poured from one end and Osbourne would be at the other end drinking it. Light up chicken nuggets would be eaten. Even water being squeezed out of ketchup and mustard bottles at the audience gave everyone a laugh. Other super-sized songs included: Lord of the Swirl (Lord of This World), Supersize (Supernaut), Chicken For the Slaves (Children of the Grave), and Organic Funeral (Electric Funeral). Frying Pan (Iron Man) was one of the songs near the finale and Osbourne brought out a frying pan and set it on fire. To add to it, he brought it the batwich which re-creates Ozzy’s infamous bat story. The show seemed to come to an end when they played Pair-a-Buns (Paranoid) and Osbourne decided to do some crowd surfing, or clown surfing as he called. The band left the stage and all seemed quiet. After a few minutes, the lights came back on to reveal the band members from all four bands came out to help Mac Sabbath perform the grand finale of More Ribs (War Pigs). It was truly a spectacular sight seeing Mac Sabbath, Metalachi, Krammpstein, and Okilly Dokilly all sharing the stage to play a song. The song ended and everyone bowed to the fans. The fans could all be seen with smiles leaving the venue. Full of cholesterol, but happy.


Okilly Dokilly:






Mac Sabbath:

Metalachi and Mac Sabbath: The Observatory – Santa Ana, Ca 7/9/16


Metalachi and Mac Sabbath are currently two of the best cover/parody bands around. So what’s better than seeing each band on their own show? How about back to back at a good-sized venue? That’s right. These two popular bands got together for a night of debauchery, mariachi, and fast food deliciousness. One might think how bands like these play out their music. Well, if curiosity has gotten the best of you, then read on and venture into their world. The Observatory in Santa Ana, California was packed and not ready for what they were about to witness.


Metalachi is the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band. The band consists of members: Vega De La Rockha (vocals), El Cucuy (trumpet), Kyla Vera (violin), Paco Halen (guitar), and El Nacho Picante (bass). They hail from Juarez, Mexico and Hollywood, California. They specialize in playing covers of popular rock and metal songs using their mariachi instruments. If this sounds unusual, a quick YouTube search (or watch video below) will answer any and all questions you have. The first thing that people noticed is how their mic stand were covered with women’s bras from past shows. That’s a sign how rowdy their crowd can be. Metalachi came onstage to a huge cheer from the crowd as many of them were already familiar with them. Metalachi started their show with Ozzy Osbourne‘s Crazy Train. The way Metalachi plays their instruments is on point as to how the original song sounds. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you’ll immediately get into it and start tapping your foot or maybe even dancing. Motorhead‘s Ace of Spades also made an appearance and could get you jumping at the sound of Cucuy’s trumpet.



In between songs, Metalachi would talk to the audience as well as talk smack to each other and of course exchange stories about their past whether it’s personal or sexual and always gets the audience laughing to be sure they’re having a good time. Other songs performed included Quiet Riot‘s Bang Your Head (Metal Stealth) and Guns N’ RosesSweet Child o’ Mine. After member introductions, De La Rockha dedicated this next song to all the cougars in the audience. Halen placed himself on the front of the stage and played the intro to Van Halen‘s Hot For Teacher. In the middle of the song, De La Rockha would ask Cucuy if he did his homework. Cucuy would say no and say looks like he’s got detention again. All to see his former teacher Ms. Mendoza whom he was fond of due to her big chichis. Metalachi next played a medley of Journey covers and they started with Separate Ways (Worlds Apart). Nacho Picante was usually in the back playing his base, but it was his turn to shine as he came to the front of the stage to perform a little dance for the women in the audience and displayed his singing voice as he did the Journey cover of Open Arms. The rest of the band followed as they finished the medley with Don’t Stop Believin’. Kyla Vera is the newest member of the band and she also got her chance to shine on stage as she displayed her shredding violin skills and played her own medley of songs which included Iron Maiden‘s The Trooper. The show was coming close to an end and the band played their Metallica medley which were Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, and Enter Sandman. To finish up the show, Metalachi played their cover of Slayer‘s Raining Blood and boy was it satisfying to have one of the greatest metal songs of all time being played in mariachi style. The band finished up and left the stage to make room for the headliner of the night.

When you first hear the band name Mac Sabbath, chances are the band is exactly what you think it is. They are a McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath tribute band. The member of the band dress as McDonald’s characters, yet retain a bit of a rocker look. The members consist of: Ronald Osbourne (vocals), Slayer MacCheez (guitar), Grimalice (bass) and the Catburglar (drums). This ain’t no value meal though. To stay true to a Black Sabbath-turned-junk food band, Mac Sabbath would change the Black Sabbath song titles to match fast food references and change the lyrics to a more comedic feel. The stage was hidden behind a red and yellow curtain and all that could be seen were these two Ronald heads that would spit out fog during the show. The lights went out  and the crowd once again cheered as the curtain came down and Mac Sabbath started the show with More Ribs (parody of War Pigs). To anyone that’s familiar with Black Sabbath, you’ll see first hand that Mac Sabbath sounds exactly like Black Sabbath when playing their instruments. Ronald Osbourne would come out in a strait-jacket as he sang the lyrics to the song in War Pigs style, but with the band’s own parody lyrics. Something you’ll notice is how Osbourne literally took Ozzy Osbourne’s stage personality and put it in himself as if he was Ozzy himself. From his method of talking to his laugh and stage tricks.


Up next was Chicken For the Slaves (Children of the Grave) and Sweet Beef (Sweet Leaf). Keeping up with the fast food theme, Osbourne would regularly bring out items from his grill which was right in front of him and the items included chicken nuggets and beef patties. Halfway through the show, Mac Sabbath brought out El Cucuy from Metalachi to do a quick duet and have Cucuy play his trumpet while Osbourne put on a bull fight with Slayer MacCheeze using his red cloth. Mac Sabbath continued their fast food madness with tracks like N.I.B.B.L.E. (N.I.B), Brand of Doom (Hand of Doom), Organic Funeral (Electric Funeral) and Lord of the Swirled (Lord of This World). Osbourne seemed to have limitless amounts of tricks up his sleeve as he pulled out a giant straw from his crotch and watered fans with ketchup and mustard bottles. Mac Sabbath was close to finishing the show as Catburglar played the familiar bass drumming to Black Sabbath‘s Iron Man, except changed the title to Frying Pan. So it was interesting to hear the beginning of the song, “I am Frying Paaan!”. Osbourne had a frying pan in his possession and set it on fire as if cooking. Fans thought the show was over until Osbourne came back out saying that fans want the show to be super sized and so played one more song which was Pair-A-Buns (Paranoid). Fans got the chance to mosh pit to this song just as they had been moshing for most of the set.


Mac Sabbath finished up the show and left the stage as their fans were surely hungry from all the food imagery. Metalachi and Mac Sabbath are more than entertaining bands and should definitely be seen on their shows for a guaranteed night of fun and laughter. If either or both of these bands have caught your attention, keep an eye out on their Facebook pages because both bands are asking fans if turning this into a full tour would be something fans would want. Tacos and burgers all day!

Metalachi: https://www.facebook.com/Metalachi/
Mac Sabbath: https://www.facebook.com/macsabbath/


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Mac Sabbath 03/09/16: The Social – Orlando, FL

California’s own Mac Sabbath made their way to Florida to deliver their Drive-Thru Metal to a very appreciative Downtown Orlando crowd.

mac sabbath 5

Mac Sabbath is a solid, Black Sabbath tribute band with a decidedly twisted twist. They change all of the song titles and lyrics to tributize fast food. Take Iron Man, it’s called Frying Pan. Fairies Wear Boots is, Cherries Are Fruits and well, you get the picture.

Ronald Osborne delivers a very Ozzy performance, but in a Ronald McDonald clown suit. Lead guitar is Slayer Mac Cheeze. Bass is Grimalice. Drums are the Cat Burglar.

The show was outstanding and for having to wear those cumbersome costumes, the musicians were top notch. I never figured they would come to Florida, but they did. I’m glad I got to see this spectacle Live and in person.

Local Orlando band American Party Machine got the party started with their high energy American Party songs. At the end of their set, they threw the Burger King through a table WWE style. That set the tone for the night.

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