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Soundgarden Announces Remaining Summer Tour Dates

Soundgarden, one of Seattles great all time bands, has announced the remainder of their 2011 Summer Tour. 

Spanning from July 2 through July 30, Soundgarden will hit up parts of Canada, the East Coast, Chicago and some West coast spots (Sorry to those of you in the South!). 

Guests opening random shows of the tour include Coheed and Cambria, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, The Mars Volta and the Meat Puppets.  These will be shows NOT to be missed!


Full tour itinerary (Please note, I believe there is a typo on the Vancouver date on the Soundgarden website- likely to be July 29):

Date City Venue PreSale Times
July 2 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheater On Sale Now
July 3 London, ON John Labatt Centre Mon, May 9, 10:00 am PDT
July 5 Ottawa, ON Ottawa Blues Fest On Sale Now
July 6 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena Mon, May 9, 11:00 am PDT
July 8 Newark, NJ Prudential Center Mon, May 9, 9:00 am PDT
July 9 Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre Mon, May 9, 7:00 am PDT
July 10 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center for the Performing Arts Mon, May 9, 12:00 pm PDT
July 12 Fairfax, VA Patriot Center Tues, May 10, 9:00 am PDT
July 13 Philadelphia, PA Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing On Sale Now
July 14 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Spa & Resort Event Center Tues, May 10, 10:00 am PDT
July 16 Chicago, IL UIC Pavilion Tues, May 10, 11:00 am PDT
July 18 Morrison, CO Red Rocks Amphitheater On Sale Now
July 21 San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Tues, May 10, 1:00 pm PDT
July 22 Inglewood, CA The Forum On Sale Now
July 23 Las Vegas, NV The Joint Tues, May 10, 2:00 pm PDT
July 19 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena Tues, May 10, 3:00 pm PDT
July 30 George, WA The Gorge Amphitheater Tues, May 10, 4:00 pm PDT


Coheed and Cambria: all shows 7/2-10 (Toronto, London, Ottawa, Uncasville, Newark, Wantagh, Mansfield)
The Mars Volta: all shows 7/12-23 (Fairfax, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Chicago, Morrison, San Francisco, Inglewood, Las Vegas)
Queens of The Stone Age, Meat Puppets: 7/29 (Vancouver)
Queens of The Stone Age, Mastodon, Meat Puppets: 7/30 (George, WA)

Meat Puppets To Hit The Road In Support Of Lollipop

Meat Puppets To Hit The Road In Support Of Lollipop

It was our very own Jay Porks who assisted in giving away a free Meat Puppets song a few weeks ago, but today it’s our turn to pay some much needed attention to the psychedelic cow-punkers from Phoenix. With their latest disc dropping today, the brothers Meat are about to hit the road for the first round of dates in support of their 13th studio effort – Lollipop.

Dates for the trek are listed below. Oh and don’t forget to check out our review of the release of the Meat Puppets 12th record – Sewn Together right here.

Meat Puppets Tour Dates
Apr 27 – Busters – Lexington, KY *
Apr 28 – The Valarium – Knoxville, TN *
Apr 30 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK *
May 1 – Liberty Hall – Lawrence, KS *
May 3 – Simon Estes Amphitheater – Des Moines, IA *
May 5 – The Venus – Fargo, ND *
May 6 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN *
May 7 – The Pageant – St. Louis, MO *
June 8 – The Blue Light – Lubbock, TX
June 9 – Santa Fe Brewing Co. – Santa Fe, NM
June 10 – Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
June 11 – The Clubhouse – Phoenix, AZ
June 14 – Casbah – San Diego, CA
June 15 – Detroit Bar – Costa Mesa, CA
June 16 – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
June 17 – Independent – San Francisco, CA
June 18 – Humboldt Brews – Arcata, CA
June 20 – Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA
June 21 – Crocodile – Seattle, WA
June 22 – Doug Fir – Portland, OR
June 23 – Neurolux – Boise, ID
June 25 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
June 26 – Abbey Theater – Durango, CA
June 29 – Bluebird – Denver, CO
June 30 – Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
July 1 – Slowdown – Omaha, NE
July 9 – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI

w/ Slightly Stoopid *

FROM THE VAULT: Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr 9/25/2008

Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr 09/25/08

Terminal 5 – New York, NY

Words by Jay Porks


An old review from the first time I ever saw the Meat Puppets back in September of 2008 at Terminal 5 in New York City.. This review is so old that there aren’t even any pictures and I had left the show before headliner Built to Spill even came on. By reading, this seems to be the first time I was ever front row standing room and this is also the piece referenced by the Meat Puppets in a blog post on their MySpace page here:

THE MEAT PUPPETS!!!!! Wow, now that was something else. That was like a whole other experience. I still feel my pants shaking from the vibrations of the show. Tonight was the night, the last official installment of the Jay Porks Summer Concert Series. A band called ‘Built to Spill’ was headlining a show which featured the opening acts being the Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr(Dinosaur with all three original member Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph) respectively. When I first got this ticket I was so psyched, so pumped to see them. This would be the first time I get tickets to a show because I’m more interested in the opening bands then the headliner, which is good because the first 2 hours don’t have to be boring. All this and now the night had arrived. The venue: ‘Terminal 5’, which is 610 West 56th street and like 11th avenue, right by that Saab dealership.

Doors open at 6:30pm and I make it to the place at about 6:20 and much to my surprise, there a line of like 30 people. Because in my eyes I thought everyone was there to see Built to Spill, that’s the only band even listed on the ticket. So I get padded down and walk in. Inside, its a really simple set up-just a hallway you walk down and which leads to the doorway of the standing room section by the stage. Its set up sort of like the Fillmore Irving Plaza was set up, there was an upstairs that you could watch from(there’s actually a 2nd AND 3rd floor to observe from), a balcony wrapping around the inside of the venue . Had the aforementioned third floor too, but I didn’t go up any stairs tonight. I grabbed my Meat Puppets shirt in the little vestibule between the doors and the stage for 20 bucks, (which wasn’t so bad considering I paid 35 for a Weezer shirt at Madison Square Garden last night). Grabbed a beer for 6 bucks, which again was not so bad, then I head over towards the stage because I noticed not many people were over there yet; the show doesn’t start for an hour anyway. So I walked over and landing myself a spot leaning right on the barricade about 5 feet from the stage. I reached out and touched the stage like, I thought to myself “Wow this is fucking sick”. Then I met a few cool people standing in like my area. We’re right in front of the microphone that Curt Kirkwood is going to be playing at (vocals/guitar). So the two kids to my right they saw me and were like “hey dude, just can I ask you a question, have you ever heard Built to Spill?, who are they?” I shook my head and told them “never even knew who they were until I saw they were playing with the Meat Puppets” and they’re like “yea man! Exactly, we’re just here for the Meat Puppets, they kick ass” and I’m like “-and we’re right fucking here” and everyone’s in agreement that this is going to be a kick ass night. We ask the kid to the left of me, who is he here to see. He says “ I’m here to see the Meat Puppets and Dino, I never heard of Built to Spill until this show” and at that point I’m thinking, finally some people I can relate too. We were just shooting the shit for like the whole hour before the puppets came on. We made fun of all the “hipsters” who are just showing up to see Built to Spill and didn’t even know there was opening acts. After about 5 people, we found a Built to Spill fan.

“And now the brothers Meat come up on stage..”, and here comes Curt Kirkwood with his Fender Stratocaster with little stickers on it. Looked like those things you get out of those 25 cent vending machines, and they appeared to be butterflies and turtles and stuff to that nature. Also, Curt was not only wearing pajama pants but the stains on them appeared as if he was just painting his garage or something. It was hilarious, then his brother Cris who plays bass came out looking like his same old fun self.. I hate when people sober up and forget how to be normal and fun-not the case here..he gets into these zones with the bass that look like a seizure that’s really cool.. glad he’s got it together.. . Curt pulls his pick out of the pocket of his very comfortable looking plaid pajama pants and we’re ready to go.

What a set they did. Most of the songs there was no pause in between, just played straight through to the next one. And the Meat Puppets do things live so much differently then they do on record and not one show is ever the same. Someone I was talking to on Pandora.com who has seen the Meat Puppets 14 times once described them as “the Grateful Dead, for people who hate the Grateful Dead”. Now I like the Grateful Dead, but I understand the analogy. I think they maybe paused between a song once, and during that 10 seconds one of those kids who are on my right while everyone is screaming requests screams “SLAYER!!! …” laughs and says “yes, I’m going to be that guy”. That was great, that’s when they went into “Severed Goddess Hand”. Great song- Also played an effervescent version of “Look at the Rain” The guitar work during these songs is god-like. A classmate of mine was showing me on the ferry how to use the pick and strum up with your pinky like and I thought that was insane(coming from somebody who owns, but cannot play guitar). But Curt Kirkwood at one point was strumming with three separate fingers while cuffing the pick between his middle and ring finger. It might have been four fingers at times, dude is just that amazing. And he would constantly adjust the feedback and turn it all the way up causing this fuzz and distortion which was like the living end; it was like when Grant took Richmond. “Plateau” was outstanding, truly incredible. I was screaming the lyrics along with the rest of the apparent crowd. I wasn’t too sure what the atmosphere of the crowd was because everyone was behind me; I could smell the fact that Curt didn’t brush his teeth, that’s how close I was. They played a few songs off their latest 2007 album ‘Rise to your Knees’ as well.. It’s as if whatever Curt feels like messing with distortion wise with his guitar he just goes, and its freaking incredible. “Oh Me” was great when they got into that, my little posse was rocking to that. They finished it off with “Lake of Fire”, which included a solo that lasted about 10 minutes and made everyone think they were starting like a different song. It was a really fast version of it, far from the one on “Meat Puppets II”. It rocked, during it Cris Kirkwood’s bass unplugged from the amp and he was like jamming the shit back in there. After that they went off, I don’t even think I they said one word to the crowd. In previous shows I’ve been to, the opening act spends half there night thanking the band for letting them open for them. Not the Meat Puppets, their epicness precedes them. They’re the effin’ Meat Puppets, been around since like 82. Interesting thing after their set, Cris and the drummer headed right off stage but Curt was on stage with the roadies packing up his own gear. Unplugging all the amps and his various fuzz box pedals. He had to lean over to unplug a wire right by me and I was right there and I didn’t know what to say, so I blurred out “Curt! You fucking rock man!” and he didn’t even look, good thing too, because I sounded like such a loser. What a performance, nothing could top it. The Meat Puppets!! I saw them!!! I could die happy now.

Let us not misinterpret what I’m saying here. Because Dinosaur Jr put on a set that kicked ass to the fullest extent as well, J. Mascis is very meticulous with his guitar and amp set up with 6 amps set up almost surrounding him, and every amp on stage has a microphone up against it which just continues in to the theme of distortion and feedback heavily used in songs. A great band to possibly set the tone for Dinosaur Jr seems to be the Meat Puppets because both bands use similar elements in their music. Not only that, but J had some big tall like control panel sort of thing next to him that he kept messing with. Wish I was closer to Mascis. See, I was near the microphone that Curt Kirkwood was at, but J.Mascis uses the opposite one. They kicked off with “Tarpit” which rocked and made me realize in person how good J.Mascis plays guitar even if it was from 20 feet instead of 5. Lou Barlow plays a mean bass though, he was right there and I mean right there because he kept leaning over to look at the piece of paper to see what the next song was. And the drum set was much closer too, Murph was like right there, and he’s a pretty powerful drummer. One of Lou’s bass strings snapped during like the first or second song, he looks to pick up his extra-but its not there.. So he like runs behind the amp looking for the roadie with his other bass. Murph was drumming and he looked up and didn’t see Lou, he made a face as if to say “wow, we’re gonna break up again already?”. It was great, Lou runs back and I’m thinking wow he got a new string on there pretty quick. No, he came back with it playing three strings. I guess he didn’t see his other one, which was brought out during that second song. Lou’s bass sound differs from Cris Kirkwood’s because his is a lot more relevant in the structure of the song, it’s much harder, nosier and more distorted. He was rocking out, I got some pictures of him on my phone but they suck because my phone sucks. I was hoping he’d throw one of his picks out into the crowd because Murph threw his drum sticks to someone. but he didn’t, he let the roadies pack it up. They closed with “Just Like Heaven” but to tell you truth I didn’t know the names of most of the songs they played because their vocals went virtually unheard the entire set.. I know the Mic was on because I heard J say “here’s a song” followed by noise.., I think the extent of the noise they use made it so loud that it was just overpowering. Or, maybe I was just so close that I was hearing the guitar and bass at such loud, blistering volume that it was just me who couldn’t hear it well. I felt my teeth vibrating in my mouth that’s how friggin’ loud it was. It kicked ass.

I did end up getting the set list of the songs they played, but I didn’t have to search online to find it. while the roadies were cleaning up the stage I kept screaming “DUDE!!! Let me have the set list!! Its right there I need it for my blog!!! Come on!!!”. The list was literally just a inkling out of my reach from grabbing, it was duct taped on the amp in front of Lou. I saw them put it there before the show, and I wanted it bad. And one of the roadies finally saw me while he was ripping it off the thing and he tossed it to me, still with the purple tape on it and everything. I HAVE THE SET LIST!! How freaking awesome is that! Celebrity memorabilia right there. I was in fucking awe at the fact that I was holding that in my hand, something to always remember and not just the ticket stub and wristband. This is going right on my wall next to my Slash poster. As written on the paper, I will write it here. Some of the songs don’t have the whole title. It says: Tarpit, Been There, Back to Heart, Out There, Feel Pain, Wagon, Swan, Freak, Sludge, Heaven.

Freaking amazing.

Oh yea, Built to Spill played too right? Well, I really wasn’t sure because I was out of there once I got that set list.. I have just seen the Meat Puppets-a band that I wanted to know more about since they climbed upon that MTV Unplugged stage back when I was 7 years old.. I figured it would be best to cut my losses at this point and chalk up the night as a win…And besides, I have school the next day. Can’t be out all night partying..

Meat Puppets 05/11/09: Amoeba Music – Hollywood, CA

Meat Puppets 05/11/09

Amoeba Music – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos/Videos by  Reverend Justito/concertconfessions.com


With the milestone age of 30 weeks away for me, I was in high school when Nirvana introduced the world to Meat Puppets. During their now classic appearance on MTV Unplugged, the Arizona band performed three songs (only two song appeared on the original broadcast which our webmaster has on VHS) at the request of Cobain who couldn’t figure out how to play them on his own. This of course was my introduction to the brothers Meat (as Cobain dubbed them) and the wonderful yet wacky/twangy punk rock jams they have crafted for years. As time has progressed, I picked up a record here and there, and have always been a casual fan of the band. If Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson crossed off life goals in their 2007 hit “The Bucket List” – tonight in Hollywood, I was able to cross Meat Puppets off of my bucket list of bands I have to see live before I die.


With their new record Sewn Together hitting shelves tomorrow (05/12/09) Cris and Curt Kirkwood (along with drummer Ted Marcus) snuck into Amoeba Music to play some new song and visit some classics. With the store aisles packed with fans the trio opened the laid back 45 minute set with the new records title track.   Thanks to being in the wrong place at the right time and talking basketball with a really great security guard, I was plopped right in front of the stage at the last minute. Being so close I could hear the band chat between with each other between songs. Much like Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning, the band threw out the play book early on and relied on audible and played whatever felt right.  Another new song – “Rotten Shame” was one of the called audibles.



As fans danced in from the rock to the oldies section, it was about 5 songs into the bands set when I finally recognized a song.  The last song (not counting the ever popular hidden track) from their 1994 breakthrough Too High To Die “Comin’ Down” was even more stripped down than the original. This really got the crowd bogeying as the brothers harmonized over the Tex Mex riffs. I think my personal highlight was one off the bands final numbers called “Up On The Sun”.  The jam clocked in over 7 minutes and had a really sweet imrpov lead by Curt. The jam, with is rising riffs, deep distortion was just long enough to never get boring and featured a thick rhythm section laid down by Cris and Ted.


The band closed the intimate set with the one song left off the original airing of MTV Unplugged. The delicate “Oh Me” was the perfect closing, appealing to the casual fan like myself as well as the hardcore old school fan who were finally able to bring their young child to a Meat Puppets show. From (what I have been told) the record Cobain loved the most (Meat Puppets II), the band who had smiled through their entire set somehow to those grins grow a bit wider. With this being the opening night of their 28 date US tour, I am grateful to have finally seen the brothers meat 15+ years after I was introduced to them. In just 45 minutes, the band took the casual fan in me and made me a bit more obsessed. All the while crossing another band off my bucket list.


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