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Ryan Adams Hits The Late Show after Live On Letterman Webcast 12/5/11

This writer is one of the few for Concert Confessions who is undoubtedly late to the Ryan Adams party, but am joining it none the less. The dude can cover Iron Maiden on one hand and on the other have me walking into Starbucks to his jolly Christmas tune-that was reason enough to tune into the Late Show w/ David Letterman last night

It’s a good way to wake up eh?

Puppets Take Manhattan: Meat Puppets 11/4/11 Le Poisson Rouge

The Meat Puppets return to NYC in this edition( the 59th) of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series which takes us to “Le Poisson Rouge” at 158 Bleecker St. Doors are at 6:30- show’s suppose to start at 7. The deal is, there is a “dance party” scheduled at this same venue at 11PM. Lets see how this plays out.

Never been to this venue before. Found the place at almost 7 and headed in to check the room out. You walk in and the stage is immediately at the door to your left. Bar along the back, nice cozy room here. There are tables, but those are at a 2 drink minimum-and at this place that means $24. Seats not worth that much- especially with the 11pm party-it’s already 730. I’ve stood for way longer than this before-this day in history-fat guy passed on seat.

Chatted with Elmo Kirkwood, Curt’s son, outside the place before his friends showed up. Elmo used to have a band called Kirkwood-Dellinger that broke up and for this leg of the tour, he’s with the Meat Puppets as a 2nd guitarist…as I told him- ” to add a little extra oomph to this party”.. I went to hang by the merch table after that, chat with some fans and hopefully run into some of the 100000 people I’ve been telling about this show for weeks. Noticed Curt walking around outside having a conversation with someone, and Cris also walked by me outside.

Found drummer Shandon Sahm inside. We got to talking a bit before he went backstage. Then Cris came out and was taking pictures with a few folks. I didn’t wanna go over there at first because I remember the first time I met him-and I woulda been pissed if someone who’s already met him several times came over and ruined my glory. So when the smoke cleared I walked over, we got to talking. The show at the Gorge was brought up, and Cris says to me “You know what band I was really diggin? Mastodon!”. Where ever I go, Mastodon will follow me. So he heads backstage, and is holding the door open for me, like to come in. REALLY?!?! Is this real life right now? So I head back there to see a relaxed Curt smoking a cig, Cris goes to pluck his bass around and Curt was saying how they had to go on asap after Dex Romweber Duo(the opening act I missed, but had SEVERAL people on the line tell me that Dex was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so Sunday I’ll pay attention) because they had to be off by 10. Noticed Curt’s Les Paul behind me-this will be the first time I’ve seen them live on the east coast where he isn’t using the teal Strat. Interesting. Dex came backstage as he was finished, it was a little past 8 and I told the boys to have a good set as I was to run out for a smoke before they kicked things off. Before I left, I ran into Sean Yseult, The original Bass player from White Zombie. Cool chick too.

Anyway time for the main event as around 8:30 out come the legendary Meat Puppets! Led off with “I’m a Mindless Idiot”, “Touchdown King”, “Plateau”, “The Monkey and the Snake”.. This place is rocking-the sound in here is amazing, I’m all the way in the back(of this tiny room) taping with the coat check guy behind me, who has already stated he doesn’t care what the hell I film. Great. I didn’t catch “Coming Down” in time to get but after that they kicked into a triple shot of “Sam”, “Lantern”(from the new record Lollipop) and a cover of “Wasted Days Wasted Nights”(Freddy Fender) -all of which are uploading to YouTube as I type these word. Lantern is a great track-glad they’re playing it on this tour. And I’m so pumped about hearing Wasted Days Wasted Nights live. That was freaking amazing.

“Oh, Me” was even extra powerful with the filthy licks of Elmo Kirkwood filling out guitar parts to just let his father shred. I present example A as the 8 minute version of “Up On The Sun”, which towards the middle always gets crazy regardless, now has an added twang to it. This is my 8th time seeing the band and they get more intense every time. Lyrics get screamed louder, guitars get louder, songs get heavier-and every single second of it is magic. To go from “Up On The Sun” to “Seal Whales” seamlessly may seem somewhat challenging to the laymen yet the legends Kirkwood(and Sahm) make it look easy.

Here comes my favorite moment of the night: “Hey Baby Que Paso”…another Freddy Fender classic, and a song I’ve been singing to the kitchen staff a work since I saw video of them doing it at SXSW. Love that damn song. Taped it, followed by “Light” and “Open Wide”. Open Wide was insanity. Then, I was able to be the first to have a ‘Live’ version of the song “Orange”(off of Lollipop) on to YouTube.

I’m a mad genius at work taping mad geniuses at work. “The Whistling Song” and “Shave It”-another newbie but goodie followed.

Closing in on 10PM now, and what else to do now but bust out the Perry Como? Yea that’s right, my grandmother would be proud she loved Perry Como. Anyway, the song is “Where Does a Little Tear Come From?” and it’s awesome. And afterward they had a little blues jam going for like a minute, and recognizing the time, and the chords sort of, I knew it was ‘Backwater’- a face stomping version of Backwater finishing off at precisely 10PM. But wait, Curt puts his glasses on at this point, and we’re jumping into another tune past curfew. Not one, but TWO no less. It was the Beach Boys “Sloop John B” which lead right into a blow your mind version of “Lake of Fire”, to end the night at roughly 10:10.

The mother fudging Meat Puppets-changing my life every time I see them. I don’t even know how I can improve my state of mind any more than I did tonight by seeing the boys tear down NYC yet again. Wait, I know the perfect thing to top this off-How bout I see them again Sunday in Teaneck,NJ at Mexicali Live?? Two words: Hell yes.Catch you early Monday morning-LATE!


For all Meat Puppets related information, head over to TheMeatPuppets.Com , Follow them on Twitter @TheMeatPuppets .

Weird Al Yankovic 10/23/11 Beacon Theatre

With a combination of being an avid fan of comedy, and seats; how could the 57th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series land us anywhere but the Beacon Theater tonight to witness Weird Al Yankovic on the Apocalypse tour? How can you pass up a night of parodied hits? Wouldn’t be able to live with myself starring at that Amish Paradise CD that sits on my shelf.. Doors are at 6pm and the show is at 7pm. I was sent an email from “Madison Square Garden Events” (MSG owns the Beacon) with the ‘show info’. Whenever I look up set times online they’re never right- but since they specifically sent me this email alerting me that there’s no opening act and the show starts at 7, I’ll try my hand at slipping out of work early(if not for any reason but to hang Meat Puppets “Lollipop” posters up in Manhattan and on the ferry before I get in… This should be fun times- I never been to the Beacon before- let’s pop this venues cherry…

So walking in at 6, I was greeted at least three times on my way in. “Hello sir, Welcome to the Beacon”. Usually it’s like ‘sir let’s pat you down then talk’- I didn’t even get searched, and I got this big roll of scotch tape hanging out of my pocket. Anyway, so I stood by the door to my seat (Loge seating), and even tho I’m inside- the “house ” doors don’t open til 6:30..

This place is vintage, much like”Town Hall” except bigger ..Got my eye on that Jack Daniels behind the bar before I head ‘in’.
7:03 I’m making some observations here: No. 1 This place is half empty I really hope it fills out. And No.2 it’s 7: 03 and the lights aren’t even flickering on and off indicating that the show is started. If we’re going on after 7, don’t send me an email that says to be in my seat by 7 is all I’m saying. But gazing around,
I have to say this place is second to only Radio City Music Hall in classiness-I’m usually at dives like the Mercury Lounge or Gramercy.. I feel under dressed here (besides the kid outside with his parent wearing the “That’s what she said” shirt on.

I got the shoulder tap during “Polka Face”, the first song of the night. You have got to be freaking kidding me. I’ve seen video on YouTube from every Weird Al show, last I checked that was a choice made by the performer; and I didn’t see any signs.

The evening went on.. With the various costume changes, I knew that the big video screen up there would be put to good use. With every wardrobe change brought us another humorous video, whether it was an old snippet from MTV with Weird Al “interviewing” the likes of Eminem, Jessica Simpson, Keith Richards, Celine Dion, etc. Or clips from old TV shows and movies where he’s referenced or appeared (which was way more than I expected). Also a mock trailer for a bio pic titled “Weird”, in which I saw “Funny Or Die” in the credits-this guy gets around.

What’s not comedy is the “Loge” section (under the balcony but a level up from the floor) being half empty. Not the first time my fellow New Yorkers have disappointed me.

Later on, a suited up Weird Al is rocking out to “Party in the CIA”, then “CNR”, a parody ‘in the style’ of the White Stripes, not a song specifically. It’s hilarious, and about Match Game resident panelist Charles Nelson Reilly. I honestly found myself laughing out loud a number of times tonight.. “Canadian Idiot”? Now that’s comedy. I seriously would’ve tweeted out an “LOL” like a 5 year old if my phone wasn’t dying by that time..

At some points the videos would set up the songs, like from the Simpsons when Homer (portrayed as a Kurt Cobian-like character in this specific episode) says “he who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life”. That’s when I took another stab at recording, with “Smells like Nirvana”. It was early at this point, figured I had a few more warning taps before this staffer starting getting serious. So I was able to get it. I mean what’s this guy gonna do, throw me out?

I’m not a fan of mashing a bunch of songs into one, which is the only “on stage” occurrence tonight I was disappointed with. We went from an ‘Eye of the Tiger’ parody called “Theme From Rocky XIII{Rye or the Kaiser}parody right into “Spam”(REM-Stand) into “My Bologna”(The Knack-My Sharona) into”Spiderman”(Elton John-Piano Man) into “Lasagna”-probably missing one or two there that I didn’t catch, but each of those songs lasted no more than a verse and a chorus.

Then another run backstage and some new gear-this time a tight red leather jacket for “Eat It”(Micheal Jackson-Beat It) then the lights go down again and some more video is shown, leading us into the title track from the only Weird Al Yankovic record I have- Amish Paradise(Coolio-Gangsters Paradise, coincidentally I also have the Coolio album that song is on). With the music video in the background, and the crowd going wild- I had to make another attempt at recording..

Then after another round of the lights going down, the band came out to perform “Craigslist” (Doors Parody).. I gotta say Weird Al was in”channel” mode up there doing his Jim Morrison , with the jerky movements and looking like he’s sobbing into the microphone. Then Al runs off stage and comes back out in a peacock outfit(with long wings and everything) as they played “Perform this Way”(Lady Gaga-Born This Way).. A song later he introduced the band, who jammed out for like 2 mins after Al introduced them.. Said goodnight- it was about 9..

Lights are off, crowd is chanting “We want more! We want more!”.. I’ve seen chants for encores before but I think this is the first time everyone in a venue agreed to a common phrase..usually it’s just walls of noise til they come out. Encore? Weird Al? I’m not too sure about that one..

And I wasn’t- because they did come out for a few more. Here comes the Segway! We’re getting “White N’ Nerdy” up in here, and it’s awesome( if I said I tried to tape it and got tapped on the shoulder again by that same guy would I be getting repetitive? Buddy, what don’t you get? You should Google search “Social Media” you waste of life.. I don’t get why these guys just can’t look the other way-people are trying to run (and contribute to) websites here!). Then he changed into a fat suit for “Fat”(Micheal Jackson-Bad) before it became Star Wars time, ending the night with “Yoda” at 9:18..

I left this show a little more fulfilled then I thought I would. But I needed answers, on my way out the door, so I found the staff guy who kept tapping me telling me to stop taking video. I wasn’t an asshole about it(like I would normally be), I just said “hey man I didn’t see any signs and I Weird Al was posing for the cameras up front so what’s the deal? Is it a venue policy or something like that-I know you don’t make the rules I’m not trying to harp on you or anything”. His reply was simple as we walked, “No not at all its not a policy, but you know it’s kinda tacky sitting there taking video” and just as my head is about to explode I realize he’s not walking WITH me he’s walking me to the door, and before I could reply he nudged me out the door and headed back inside.

Sorry but can I rant in caps for a second? WHAT?!?!? It’s NOT a venue policy and it’s OKAYED by the artist but I was tapped on the shoulder based on the PERSONAL OPINIONS of an employee of the Beacon Theater? YOU THOUGHT IT WAS TACKY???? IF I WASN’T SO AFRAID OF POLICE AND GETTING ARRESTED, YOUR TEETH WOULD’VE BEEN DROPPING TO THE FLOOR LIKE TIC-TACKEYS. You schmuck. Look, I understand this concert video recording stuff is borderline and everything, with the changing media times.. but if your boss gave you no instructions to stop people from recording-then why don’t you just let me do my job here. I’m running out of words, the video saves me endless paragraphs…

Anyway, I usually don’t rant at the end, my bad. But besides that moron who worked there, the rest of the night was far better times then I’ve had in a while. Weird Al Yankovic has combined two of my three favorite things: Music and Comedy. And obviously by the decades of putting out albums, I’m not the only one who thinks he’s awesomeness in a can.

Hey do any of you have Halloween plans? How bout you come out to Hammerstein Ballroom to see the epicness that is Ween with Jay Porks? Oh wait, it’s sold out. Shucks. Well, you can ride shotgun with me reading that review hours after the show. An Evening With Ween.. get the humus ready.

Lemonheads Redeem Themselves @ Bowery Ballroom, 10/10/11

There is a HUGE side bar to tonights 56th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series taking place in the Bowery, actually at the Bowery Ballroom to be precise . It’s the second of a back to back stint here for the Lemonheads, who are touring performing “It’s a Shame About Ray”. The aforementioned side bar being that of Evan Dando. In the past week or two since this tour kicked off it’s been nothing but terrible reviews. Ranging from a show at the Mercy Lounge(where my buddies the Meat Puppets played a few nights prior) in Nashville , TN all the way up to the Twitter-verse going nuts with #Lemonheads hash-tagged comments reading of people walking out on last nights set at the Bowery Ballroom, with the band not coming on til “way after 11PM” and “they were getting booed”. Wow.. This could be interesting. I mean, it’s not like I’ve read or seen one positive thing about this current “It’s a Shame About Ray” tour. Of course that only really gives me two angles to take. I could be the author of the first positive words about the Lemonheads this year, or I could climb aboard that bandwagon of disappointed people wondering what kinda drugs is Evan Dando on these days.. The performance will dictate this of course, but I do plan on showing up early to grab some first come first serve seats sometimes offered at this venue upstairs (like where I sat for Mudhoney last year.), so there WILL be video of whatever fate the band chooses for themselves tonight. I’ll have beer in hand cocked to chuck at Dando if he behaves like the complete fool I’ve been reading about. Let’s get this party started….

What better to do on this Columbus Day 2011 then celebrate Christopher Columbus( who came to America and turned the Native Americans into slaves, claiming he discovered the land) then head to the “Sold Out” Bowery Ballroom to as I continue to inadvertently live up to my Mr.90’s mantra?

I got out of a cab at 7PM, I’m the only one here besides the dude at the door who’s only job is to tell people “doors are at 8PM”. Sweet, I was hungry anyway. Grabbed a slice a few blocks away (although I Tweeted I was heading for Chinese, since the Bowery is basically Chinatown. There’s nothing over there food wise). Got back there around 7:20- Met some cool peeps on line heading in, one dude who was there from last night. He said it was terrible: “Dando couldn’t put two words together”. There was a couple there who were cool too who just listened to to album on the way over (all 29 minutes of it) and the other chick who was at the Dando & Juliana Hatfield shows earlier this year(If they’re reading I’m trying to shout you guys out but I’ve never been to good with names!) . So the let us in a little before 8 but these are just the door to the downstairs bar. At 8:20 the finally let us into the main floor where we raced upstairs to snag seats at a table with the rest of the posse up there with us. Grabbed a table with my buddy who was here last night, love comparing notes. Sat next to two women from Melbourne. One of the two women said she saw Dando on some street one time and asked if he wanted a ride and he accepted due to the fact he spent all his money on booze. I am so freaking ready.

At 8:43 the 1st opener ‘New York Rivals’ came on. The traditional 4 piece with the lead singer

doubling on guitar. The lead singer dude says that they’ve “Only been a band 6 weeks” and ” 2 months ago I was on the couch watching Netflix” . They weren’t bad for a band not so seasoned. About three songs in they had me in head nod mode and I have never even heard of these guys.. I’ve seen a lot worse openers (maybe I’m about to see a worse one follow them!) 9:13 was their ceiling, as they headed off to make room for Shining Twins

They’re setting up this big drum set up where the mic stand for the lead vocalist is. I turn to my bud and I’m like “what the F#%k is going on here??). He says to me, “I don’t want to ruin it for you” with this grin on his face. Emphasis on ‘ruin’.

The Shining Twins hit the stage at 9:35. Apparently we have ourselves a stand up drummer( a chick, dueling as lead vocalist with the bass player), Odd… I’ll keep an open mind. Besides, two out of the three in this band are chicks. ..The girl playing bass said it was hot on stage as they were tuning, so OF COURSE I shouted out(didn’t even shout,but said loudly) “so take off your shirt then!”.. She was like “did someone really just say that? Even in new York?” in this obnoxious sort of tone, like as if that’s something sacrilegious to say at a concert. I think “take your shirt off” is second to “Freebird” in consistent things shouted at concerts. If you don’t want me to say sh!t like that then don’t set me up so wonderfully(and don’t be moderately attractive).. After a few songs into their set I’m trying to nail down who they sound like, then it hit me like a Anti-Pleasure Dissertation : they sound like a really bad version of the band Bikini Kill. The way the girls had the harmonies going. Losing alot without the drummer being at a natural kit. But then I see the guitar player is left handed and playing an upside-down Fender Jaguar(think it was a Jag) a la Kurt Cobain, that was the topping on this sh!tty cake for me. This whole act had such a poser type feel to it of that’s possible.. They went off at 9:53PM

Now the wait begins, the countdown til what could be the most epic of fails. We chatted with the women from Melbourne for a while, trading concert war stories.

10:45ish, here come the Lemonheads! They came out and blasted into “Rockin Stroll”. From the first chord, first verse you can tell things seem to have fallen in line . There was no fumbling around on stage before starting, no looks of confusion on the face of Dando. My bud who’s here from last night turned quickly after the song and said “Like night and day!”, commenting on Dando’s lucidness, and ability of the band to play the music compared to the previous night(and all other nights of this tour).

Last night they didn’t perform the entirety of “It’s a Shame About Ray”, even tho that’s what the bill said. That’s what was so different about this-I didn’t have any expectations for good until they began doing the songs in order off the album with no glitches . Confetti was awesome, and after the first chord of “It’s a Shame about Ray” Dando stops like he messed up or something, and then says “Nah, I’m kidding!”… and they rocked that sh!t out . That’s whenI knew they weren’t going to have one of those shows I’ve been reading about. I mean, even tho Dando’s sentences didn’t make a whole lot of sense, it at least looked as if HE knew what he was talking about. He was conversing with fans, between songs and between amp checks..

They played the whole album before the band left the stage leaving just Evan and an acoustic guitar to play solo. He never left the stage through the duration of the night, he played what was basically an entire acoustic set after finishing the album . If I had one complaint about the album

portion of the show, it would have to be inviting a fan up on stage to sing the lyrics to “Mrs. Robinson”. What’s up with that? Her voice isn’t really projecting through the mic, it’s almost like an instrumental.. When Dando asked if someone in the crowd could sing it, we were shouting from balcony “how bout YOU sing it Evan??!?” … He didn’t go near the mic for that one.

After the acoustic goings on the band came back on stage and they jumped into a little audience request portion of the evening. We’re passing Midnight and these guys look like they could go all night. We were screaming “If I could talk I’d tell you!!!” and Dando gave us a look and a nod but never ended up playing it. “Big Gay Heart” was awesome, I Heart that song.

Counting all these videos I’m uploading, we may have gotten to 30 songs here tonight-seriously. Ended the night with “Into Your Arms” at 12:22AM and sent a sold out crowd home extremely satisfied. Total curve ball from what I went in there expecting. Bravo Mr. Dando, hats off to you for keeping it together the night I came into the building. All the folks at Concert Confessions and the 7 people who visit The Jay Porks Experience site will be very appreciative. Great show… I mean, besides The Shining Twins.. whose bassist can’t take a joke..

If you made it to the end of this, you’re awesome and I hope you enjoyed, I’ll surely be back soon with tales of epic experiences as next up October 23rd is Weird Al Yankovic of all people, at the Beacon Theater of all places.. That could be something very epic indeed. Catch ya then! Late

Lemonheads- It\'s a Shame About Ray

My Morning Jacket Announce December US Tour

My Morning Jacket Announce December US Tour

My Morning Jacket will sneak across the US for a quick tour this December. The band is out in support of the recently released album “Circuital.” The trek will kick off in scenic Universal City, CA on December 1st and wrap with the bands triumphant return to Madison Square Garden on December 14th. Acts set to join Jim James and crew on the tour include Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Delta Spirit and Band of Horses. Dates for the tour are below the nifty viral video the band has produced to support their latest journey across America.

My Morning Jacket December 2011 Tour Announcement! from My Morning Jacket on Vimeo.


Dates for the trek are as follow:

12-01 Los Angeles, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre #

12-02 San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic #
12-06 Tulsa, OK – Brady Theatre ^
12-07 Dallas, TX – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie ^
12-08 Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theatre ^
12-10 Boca Raton, FL – Sunset Cove Amphitheatre ^
12-11 Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live ^
12-12 Greensboro, NC – War Memorial Auditorium ^
12-14 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden *

# with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
^ with Delta Spirit
* with Band of Horses


Meat Puppets Taking North America ‘Up on the Sun’ This Fall

“After this year brought the release of “Lollipop”; The Meat Puppets 13th studio album, the boys are still in the swing of releasing things, and are set to reissue of their classic 1985 album “Up on the Sun” Today (September 13th). And no need to start calling up your local record stores to see if they have it, The Meat PuppetsOFFICIAL WEBSITE has a whole web store set up where you can pre-order and purchase all of your ‘Up on the Sun’ related gear. Whether you dig the grooves on your vinyl, compactness of your discs, or the speed of your digital downloads-TheMeatPuppets.Com has all of those goodies for you ready to ship out. All sorts of packages including ‘Up on the Sun’ themed posters and tee shirts(Even I don’t have THAT shirt!) are available there for you.. Great gifts for all occasions, send your child back to school wearing a band tee that shows he or she has some taste! And for readers on the east coast who have patient waited reading concert reviews in anticipation: The next leg of the Meat Puppets US touring kicks off this Wednesday September 14th in Louisiana at Chelsea’s. All confirmed Meat Puppets tour dates are listed below highlighted with links where you can find yourself some tickets, most shows are ranging in price from $12-$15/ticket. I’m already confirmed for two of these dates, as I’ll be at the NYC show 11/4 and Teaneck, NJ on 11/6.. There’s a show in Philly I’m trying to swing as well, but not sure if thats doable via public transportation in 24 hours. Either way, get your face melted this Fall with the brothers Meat.

Follow the Meat Puppets on twitter ‘@TheMeatPuppets’ and check out their official website TheMeatPuppets.Com, and ‘Like’ the Meat Puppets on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meatpuppets And tell the boys Jay Porks sent ya!

09/14 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea’s

09/15 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s

09/16 – Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder

09/17 – Tampa, FL @ Crowbar-Ybor City

09/18 – Orlando, FL @ The Social

09/20 – Raleigh, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

09/21 – Charlotte, NC @ Visulite

09/22 – Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle

09/23 – Knoxville, TN @ Barley’s Tap Room

09/24 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl

09/25 – Athens, GA @ The Melting Pot

09/27 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge

09/28 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree

09/29 – Little Rock, AR @ Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack

09/30 – Fort Worth, TX @ Will Rogers Auditorium

10/01 – Austin, TX @ Scoot Inn

10/02 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s

10/28 – Fayetteville ,AR @ George’s Majestic Lounge

10/29 – Memphis,TN @ Hi Tone Cafe

10/30 – St. Louis, MO @ The Old Rock House

11/01 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel

11/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s

11/04 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

11/05 – Boston, MA @ Middle East

11/06 – Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live

11/08 – Akron, OH @ Musica

11/09 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Blind Pig

11/10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme

11/11 – Chicago, IL @ The Double Door

11/12 – St Paul, MN @ The Turf Club

12/31 – Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse “

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

With their new album The Hunter due to hit shelves at the end of this month, Mastodon have announced dates for a North American Headline tour. In addition to an appearance at the Voodoo Music Experneice in New Orleans on Saturday October 29th the band will be performing in most major markets during the five week run. Coming along for the tour will be Red Fang and Dillinger Escape Plan. You can check out the first single from Mastodon’s new album here. Dates for the trek can be found below.

Mastodon 2011 Tour Dates:
10/25 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
10/27 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
11/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
11/02 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/03 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
11/05 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/06 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/07 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
11/08 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
11/09 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/11 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Rave Ballroom
11/13 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
11/14 – Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
11/16 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/17 – Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
11/19 – New York City, NY @ Terminal 5
11/20 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
11/21 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
11/23 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
11/25 – Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
11/26 – Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
11/27 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/28 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
11/29 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
12/01 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

Furthur Announce Fall 2011 Tour Dates

Furthur Announce Fall 2011 Tour Dates

Furthur – the band featuring former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh have added additional dates to their US Fall Tour. The trek which is set to kick off September 23rd in Eugene, Oregon will now wrap a few days before Thanksgiving in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mail order will run through October 7th. General public tickets will go on sale via the regular corporate outlets beginning September 16th.

Dates For Furthur as of 09/09/11:


Anthrax Teams With Testament and Death Angel For US Tour

Anthrax Teams With Testament and Death Angel For US Tour

With a new album entitled Worship Music set to hit shelves on September 13th, Anthrax has announced dates for an American tour. The trek kicks off October 14th in Grand Rapids Michigan and will cover most of the nation over five weeks. While Anthrax will close all shows, the tour will feature co-headliners Testament while Death Angel will cover the opening duties.

The American tour follows a hometown appearance for Anthrax at Yankees Stadium as part of The Big Four with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Pre-sale is underway via AnthraxArmy.com while public on sales begin Friday September 9th.  For more information, make sure you check out Anthrax.com. Complete tour dates are listed below.


2011 Anthrax American Tour Dates


14 Yankees Stadium – New York, NY

14 Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
15 Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL
16 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
18 The Cotillion, Wichita, KS
19 Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
22 Nokia LA Live, Los Angeles, CA
23 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
24 House of Blues, San Diego, CA
26 Sunshine Theatre, Albuquerque, NM
28 South Side Music Hall, Dallas, TX
29 Emo’s East, Austin, TX
30 Warehouse Live, Houston, TX

1 House of Blues, Orlando, FL
2 Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
4 House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
5 Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
6 The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD
8 Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY
10 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
11 Palladium, Worcester, MA
15 Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
17 Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
19 Rave, Milwaukee, WI


Mary Magdalan DIGI.N3RV Tour at Webster Hall, NYC July 26th

Mary Magdalan featuring OLOM, Young London, and FreeSol

Webster Hall-New York, NY

Words/Photos by LexC


Knowing this show was at Webster Hall I decided to pregame a little bit. Their prices are ridiculous and even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay for drinks. Even a bottle of water is about five dollars. I also needed to waste some time because ended up in the city earlier than planned. So I stopped off at my favorite bar downtown, a little Irish place named Biddy Early’s. I had a few Jack and Cokes, some food and then as I was leaving the bartender offered me a shot of Honey Jack, of course I couldn’t say no. I’m glad for the buzz I had going because I got to the show way too early. Doors were at 7 and I got there only a couple minutes after. I should have waited to go in because as I was wondering in and out wasting time I found out one of the openers was selling tickets for ten bucks. I paid fourteen to get in. But I figured it was okay, I was willing to pay that much to see Mary again, I had paid about 12 the last two times.



After waiting for what felt like forever the first openers FreeSol went on. A couple minutes into the set I was actually glad I got to the venue in time to see them. I had planned on arriving fashionably late enough to miss at least most of the openers. They played a handful of songs that were pretty good. They were kind of like pop and hip hop sounding. Though I never heard of them apparently one of their songs was on Entourage. I looked it up and it’s called “Don’t Give It Up.” The next openers were Young London. They were very pop. Again they played a handful of songs including a cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Next up was OLOM. Finally some damn metal up in this bitch. The singer had a voice made for screaming. I truly think at points he didn’t even need the microphone. They played a pretty long set, longer than I think Mary Magdalan’s ended up being. And they were able to get a little pit going. It got a little more exciting when the singer came off stage and got in it.


Young London

Young London

I was a little disappointed in Mary Magdalan. I think their last two shows were much better. First of all, it took forever for them to set up. It felt like it took about the same amount of time to setup as it did for them to play their whole set. Then Gzus, Mary’s producer and DJ played a little mini set of dub songs to hype up the crowd, I’m guessing. But I felt that it went on just way too long. One or two songs would have been fine but after that I just started getting bored. The last thing to kill this for me was the choice of songs they played. I’m not sure if it was because of the new album coming out earlier this month or the fact they no longer have their guitarist but they didn’t really play of good mix of songs off all their albums. They started off playing songs off the new album. I was glad they played “Can’t Sleep at Night,” because I really like that song. See its not that I don’t like the new material but I would have loved to hear some older stuff too. They moved into some bits and pieces of songs from the mixtape including their mix of Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the way you Lie,” which I also really liked. They did play one older song that Gzus said they never played live before. Then they ended the set with one of my least favorite songs”STFU.”



The set felt really short too. Like I said openers OLOM must have played a longer set and they were supposed to be openers. Then again they were the hometown band and had just as many fans there. Even while Mary was on stage they were still more entertaining, dancing to the music and jumping all over each other.

Mary Magdalan

Mary Magdalan

Overall, though I was a little disappointed, it was still a great night. I had fun and met some cool people and found a great new metal band. I would have stayed longer after to see everybody one last time before leaving but I had another place to be.  The singer for OLOM, Coy, ended up giving me a cd since he didn’t get a chance to sell me the discounted ticket. Turns out the guitarist is also  in the band Mahavatar that opened for Mary last time she played Webster Hall. We realized that we were all at the show and after party and didn’t know it.  I would rather not have paid as much as I did but in the end it was still worth it. Though I was too lazy to get any video, I got plenty of great pictures, the full set is posted to my website.

Dinosaur Jr, Henry Rollins, OFF!, Fucked Up 6/23/11 Terminal 5

The 50th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us back to the famed Terminal 5 (610 West 56th street 11th ave in NYC) to see a special Dinosaur Jr show tonight.. Well of course all Dinosaur Jr shows are special, but the band isn’t really on a tour right now-they’re playing a handful of dates, one of them happens to be tonight.. opening bands are ‘Fucked Up’ and ‘OFF!’ (a new Keith Morris outfit) along with another added treat as according to Brooklyn Vegan, Henry Rollins will be interviewing Dinosaur Jr live on stage. I’ve seen Dinosaur Jr twice before, once here on a bill with the Meat Puppets and Built to Spill and a crazy set at the Brooklyn Bowl that left me deafened..Been a while since I was this excited for a show.. anyway, the plan is to head straight out to the venue after a 4 o clock exit from the day job, with hopes of getting there around 6 and being on of the first few people on line-I need that spot along the railing on the third floor I had for PJ Harvey.. that spot was insane. Place is huge (capacity 3000+), so fingers crossed as we head out for the latest Jay Porks Experience..

So I showed up early enough where the doors were open but technically not open, as all of us who are here pre-6:30 are being shuffled up flights of steps to the roof top smoke deck thing to await the official 6:30 doors. “Early doors” is what they’re calling that, I call it: “Instead of these kids flooding the street, lets flood them towards somewhere we can sell stuff”… So at about 635 event staffers begin to wave us in. As people dart passed me(one girl even busted her ass on the steps) racing for their lives to get down near the stage, I calmly walk myself over to the spot I’ve been dreaming of for weeks…and I got it. Third floor , left side along the railing WITH an ottoman pulled up that I’ll sit on until this show gets on the road and inbetween sets. Look at all those schmucks down there squeezing in to try and get really really close..it’s Dinosaur Jr for christ sake, I’m going to be deaf from up here on the top floor.. so have fun hearing for the next month….saw a sign behind the bar that said “OFF!” goes on at 7:30, Fucked Up at 8:30, Henry Rollins will interview at 9:30, and Dinosaur Jr will go on at 10 playing ‘Bug’ in its entirety, hopefully along with some other hits..

Quick random question: playing “Bug” in it’s entirety, why is the backdrop of the stage a picture of their latest album” Farm”? Maybe they’re just going with that as the default thing.. As 7 rolls around I start to wonder how this interview is gonna go down, doesn’t look like they left much room on stage..

“OFF!” is Keith Morris’s latest vehicle (Circle Jerks/Black Flag)., and sticking with these speedy hardcore punk roots, OFF! has a set list 3 pages long, and they are running through songs at a ferocious pace. .. Like I wonder if any of these clock in over a minute.. Did anyone tell Keith that the dreads with the receding hairline is not a great look..he looks like a hobo I’d see on the train.. 56 years old and still gives off that angry at life with his music-I envy that…. There’s a whole area of the floor section circled off with slam dancers… Jesus they are getting rowdy down there… They went off at 7:57.. Thanked us for coming out early repeated, and for all we know ran through 37 songs in the last 25 minutes. Awesome.

“Fucked Up” hails from Toronto, and they’ve been much the buzz every time they come to town.. plus, a former professor of mine Brian Cogan (Who’s book you can purchase here ) says that Fucked Up is a “brilliant band with a great sense for the absurd”.. Well, I consider myself a fan of the absurd, but only NOW I get the full meaning of the word.. Fucked Up gave us a three guitar onslaught of heavy riffs topped off with a gigantic jolly front man who isn’t afraid to take his shirt off..first song in he’s in the crowd.. he’s screaming these lyrics as the microphone cord is like endless feet long so this dude just walks through the crowd hugging members of the pit..And it’s not like he got back on stage any time soon…the bass player is a chick,which always peaks interest of mine.. Nice little bass player cleavage… This band is pretty odd..and pretty cool.. Over thick, raspy screamed lyrics the other members of the band provide a little vocal harmony… it’s like a lot of these acts labeled “hardcore punk”.. it’s an interesting sound if there wasn’t all the screaming.. still a band I’d recommend.. I guess this is how they do things in Toronto, eh?

So I need to bring this up, and I really don’t care if this person reads it or not ( every time I mention a random fan in a blog they find me).. In-between Fucked Up and Dino, there was this girl who tapped me on the shoulder and said “excuse me, can I like sit on the floor in front of you.. like down there?(pointing to the spot) You can kick me if you want.”.. First off, I’ve been here in this same spot since 630, now you wanna come and sit in front of me so you can see? I got up for work today at 9AM, came straight from there in my dorky white button down shirt and took a bus to a train to a ferry to a train and walked 10 blocks just to get THIS spot. I would love if you didn’t come and try and Bogart that .. How bout you get here early enough to grab some prime real estate?.. Furthermore, let me get all male chauvinist pig here(I am Porks after all) for a second- Note to ANY girls in the future who want to tap me on the shoulder and ask me for something at a show, you better have something to bring to the table.. A make out at least.. something! Don’t use that “I’m a girl” bullshit to get whatever you want, this isn’t the 40’s anymore- we’re all equal here.. That said, my reply to her was “Do what you want”..

Safe to say I went hoping Rollins can squeeze in a few minutes of his humorous spoken word stuff that I missed out on March 2010..So about 9:30 they set up four chairs on stage as we wait for this interview to go down.. About 9:45, Henry Rollins came out to a resounding ovation-now all of a sudden this place is packed..

We were all set up when the interview ended, so the band headed off to return in a few minutes- and at around 10:15 they hit the stage.. J Mascis says playing “Bug” straight through the last few nights was “a little weird”, so they kicked off the set with “In A Jar” and “Off the Wagon”.. Absolutely electric-and not just due to the fact they’re plugged in. For the first time ever, I’m getting to hear JM’s vocals; previous two times I saw them I was inches away and I couldn’t hear a damn thing, I figured it was customary for them with the noise they make..place me a good two floors up it’s all sounding so crystal clear to me now- this is incredible..

“Freak Scene” and the rest of the tunes as we got through “Bug” put some insane guitar work on display by our platinum haired compadre downstairs.. His pedal board looks like something out of Star Trek, colors and buttons everywhere.. And a light show, who knew? Green and purple beams bounce off the walls and crowd.. And as I look around I think to myself: ” I was lucky enough to accidentally be introduced to Dino Jr a few years back that’s how I know them…. how are all these 17 year old kids chapter and verse on a record that came out in 1988?” The first song of the encore I didn’t recognize, but the room did.. I taped it I’ll find out..

Towards the end of the set songs got more and more intense.. For the last song on the album “Don’t”, We had a guest screamer on the mic.. See, bassist Lou Barlow blew his voice box out while cutting the track for the album- and he says he did the same first night of this tour, so they enlisted a fan (With a stellar afro) to come up and sing it..it clocked over ten minutes as it was about 11:15 when they went off for the encore..

They came back out a few minutes later and played a song before “Feel the Pain” started playing and my camera was tapped out of battery.. so I started to head closer to an exit, maybe check some other views of the room to finish off this set.. It’s gonna take me 4 songs to get outta this place anyway… 1st floor was terrible, as on stage Dino invited the lead singer of “Fucked Up” out to help them finish off the last song of the evening-which wasn’t “Just Like Heaven”, much to my chagrin…

Love to get my money’s worth, especially on our 50th installment.. fun night, plus that fact that I caught all the trains and boats with good timing on the way home, so I can queue up all this video to upload tonight… Sweet times… Thanks for hanging out for a few, and stay tuned..

Joe Budden @ Irving Plaza 6/17/2011

I always wondered what it would be like when I saw that show I was extremely unfulfilled with. I’ve never left a show thinking “I’m gonna trash the sh*t out of this thing”.. Well, let me try not to give away the ending here as the 49th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending concert series is sort of a continuation from where we left off last time. A few weeks ago we endured Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9”, Crooked I) at SOB’s in the city. Tonight is the alleged main event, as Joe Budden headlines Irving Plaza in Union Square. We came to these tickets like this, have you ever tried to set yourself up for a good birthday present? Well, that’s what I tried to do as this was my representation for my friend Chach’s birthday present, in hopes that when December rolls around they’ll be some awesome show I’ll get bought in to. And as previously mentioned here, Joe Budden’s music and the ears of Jay Porks usually get along very well.


Before we left for the city, I had tweeted something like “never been so unenthusiastic headed to a show before” and tagged Joe Budden in it, not thinking anything of it. What happened after that is completely out of my hands as sh*t got real and all of a sudden I had a way more powerful voice that I thought I did. So Joe Budden decides to tweet back at me, asking me why I paid for tickets if I’m not enthused. Here’s the back and forth via twitter:


-Jay Porks: me and @oneshotchach headed out to this @JoeBudden show with LOW expectations… I don’t remember being this unenthusiastic for a show b4.

-JoeBudden: @JayPorks then y exactly are yall paying to come ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden It’s this little thing fans do. You know, where they like your music and come out to show support…

-Joe Budden: @JayPorks u ever been to 1 of my shows ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden 2night’s the 1st time I get the exclusive Joe showcase.. was at SOB’s a few weeks ago. I wrote this: tinyurl.com/5tcj4wp

-Joe Budden: @JayPorks I read that b4.. All of it leads me to ask.. Y so unenthused about tonight ?

-Jay Porks: @JoeBudden If I had more than 140 characters, I’d have added “unenthusiastic due to in-climate weather and a trek from Staten”


First of all I’d like to thank Joe for walking directly into my trap by being so annoyed by my lack of enthusiasm he felt the need to Re-tweet(RT) it to all of his almost 296,000 followers. And I owe dude another thank you, as it was the perfect lead in to link him up to the review I wrote of the Slaughterhouse show. And of course the key line in all of this being “I read that b4”, now that is awesome-an admitted fan of my work… By the time all this is going down I still haven’t left my house, I’m up like 10 Twitter followers-the ‘mentions’ are out of control. NOW this night just got interesting. Too bad this would be the peak of this evenings surprises.


Me and Chach aren’t pulling any punches-we showed up after 9 (doors opened at 8:30).. last Hip Hop show I attended I sat through 27 opening acts before my headliner did a whole 40 minutes give or take; was not taking that chance this time. I’ve heard stories about (and could’ve sworn I read tweets directly from the horses mouth about) three hour Joe Budden sets. Which I wouldn’t mind-just would like to skip the additional 2 hours of standing before that. Irving Plaza, much like a lot of these NYC venues, if you’re not one of the first 15 people on the line and you don’t get a spot up against the stage-your standing place is going to suck balls anyway if you’re under 6 foot 2, so why rush there in the rain. And besides if doors don’t open til 8:30, I don’t expect to see this dude hit the stage pre-10:30.


Like I said it was after 9 when we walked in, and there on stage is a funny dude known as “Low Key” (Twitter @LowKeyUHTN) who is serving as the MC for the evening before the acts hit the stage. They’re spinning records, getting the crowd pumped and all that. It feels like a “club” in here, and it’s PACKED. People are already out the doors into the hallways packing into every inch of this place. The most full I’ve ever seen a place that wasn’t listed as “Sold Out” . And wait a second, there is an opener who is yet to go on stage, his name is Drue Hudson (I was calling him Dru Holiday all night, but Chach had to inform me I was thinking of a basketball player). Anyway he came on and played from 10PM to 10:10PM.. not a typo, that’s ten minutes and promptly after that Low Key handed off the mic to someone who said he was going to be our MC for the remainder of the evening, his name is “Killa BH” of “Is it the Shoes?” fame.. Joe Budden walked onto the stage at about 10:20, maybe a tad after, and jumped right into things with a song called “Real Estate” followed by a TEASE of a song called “Walk With Me” off his only major label release. What I mean by tease, is that the beat was played, everyone got excited and then as soon as it was time for the lyrics to kick it they flipped to another song immediately. There were a lot of times tonight I felt as if I was listening to HOT97 or something the way a beat would be teased only to not hear the song. How is that gratifying at all? And throughout the night the same “time killing” non sense would go down as it did at SOB’s a few weeks ago. We have fans being invited up on stage to see if they can rap the verses from a random Joe Budden song they throw on. First fan killed it on a song called “Calm Down”, completely nailed it. He won himself a free “Joe Budden related” tattoo from Joe’s personal tattoo artist. But that sucks, because that’s one of my favorites and another from that first(only) record that we’re now obviously not going to experience for real tonight. And not to say there weren’t full songs played(or almost full), because there were like: “Downfall”, “Side Tracked”, “Black Cloud” and inbetween there his biggest hit to date “Pump it up” was played about mid way through the set.


Am I missing something here? Think about this for a second, the artist I’m here to see has ONE album that you can buy in a store-the rest of his work has come on mixtapes. I mean, Pump it Up is not one of my favorites at all, but it’s his highest charting single, I would think that you save that song for close to the end, no? I know artists don’t like to be defined by one song, or one album of their career-but with such scarce depth of songs to reach too,don’t you think you should spend, I don’t know, maybe 20 minutes of this set and run though some of that for us really quick? Maybe play “Stand Up Nucca”, “Calm Down” or even “10 Minutes”-just to bring the night full circle you know. Promote all the new material too, but damn man I’d kill for a classic right now as I hear you accapella your verse from “Microphone” or a piece of “Never Sober Up”.. And as the night moves on, I keep hearing Joe say how “We’re pressed for time here tonight”… WHAT? It’s Friday night in New York City at a real deal concert venue and we’re already hinting about an early exit? At least add some commentary to that like “the VENUE is giving us a ceiling on time” or something. Especially when I’ve seen plenty of bands like Mudhoney and the Meat Puppets play into the 1AM hour and we’re dropping curfew hints at 11:23? This is making me feel like Esther Baxter isn’t the only one with the “So what? attitude/coming off arrogant” to quote a line from “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3”, which was actually one of tonight’s highlights.

Coming up on midnight closing this set down, Emanny was brought out to do a song called “Dreamers” as me and Chach decided it was time to see if we can catch that 12:30 ferry(which we didn’t) and got the hell out of there. So after being interrogated over Twitter and in not so many words being dared not to be blown away by this show-I walk away unblown, and my back is freaking killing me. I mean I’ve been to over 50 concerts, if any artists I’m going to see need tips on how to make a set list out or something, just send me over an email I’m always here to help. Had more fun at SOB’s than I did at this show-more intimate, more interesting, more energized…They say don’t knock it til you try it, well….Knock Knock.

Local Metal Showcase – Live @ Fontanas 05/28/11

Alekhines Gun, Edge of Existence, Eyes Like Cyanide, Feats of Valor & Lesser Being

Fontanas – New York, NY 05/28/11

Words/Photos by LexC

Alekhines Gun

Alekhines Gun

I’m not a big fan of  hitting up local band shows. Or to use a cliche I don’t “support the local metal scene.” There are many reasons including the fact that I am poor and have to choose my events carefully. I’ve had times that after paying a $10 cover was disappointed. This is not always the case but to me that’s a good amount of money to take that kind of chance with. The few times I wasn’t disappointed were because I personally knew members of the bands or my friends did. (Though there have been times where even that didn’t matter.) The only reason I went to this one was because my friend Denis plays the drums for Edge of Existence. He’s an amazing drummer and a good friend of mine. After ten years I still have not seen him play a show. Though I was a little weary about how the night would go, I forced myself out of my house and ventured into china town to Fontanas.

Lesser Being
Lesser Being
Feats of Valor

Feats of Valor

Expecting to see at least one good band I was really glad that every band was good. Because of my expectations and my general nature I arrived late at 8:30pm. Lesser Being was already playing and I was disappointed that I missed the majority of their set. The three songs and a spontaneous Samba interlude by the drummer, that I saw they were pretty great.  Feats of Valor began the very estrogen heavy night, with the first of three female vocalists. Their vocalist had a great voice, and some sick metal growls. She was better than plenty of guys I’ve seen. Not only was she a great vocalist she was entertaining too. Between songs she cracked jokes about getting more chicks than the guys in the band and pointed out another band member’s mother in the audience. It was her first metal show and clearly she was wondering what the fuck was going on. Eyes like Cyanide was the next female fronted band and the only other band besides the headliners to get a pit going. It was very short lived though. Somebody lost a drink and wiped out. Edge of Existence had some technical problems to begin with. Talking with them later, they were pretty hard on themselves but when they got it together they sounded good.

Eyes Like Cyanide

Eyes Like Cyanide

Through out the night many of us from downstairs–where they always stick us metalheads–had been outside hanging out, talking, and smoking cigarettes. But apparently at this point the bouncer decided that some of us needed to move from near the club to make room for the incoming crowd. He explained to one of the guys, he wanted him to go across the street so he didn’t mix with the more important crowd. The last band Alekhines Gun was another female fronted band. And she was an incredibly hot chick. When I returned downstairs to see her onstage even I got a little excited.

Drummer for Edge of Existence

Edge of Existence, Denis

She’s hot enough to get guys in trouble–even I couldn’t stop looking her. Though one of my friends said if she had a voice like the first band’s, he would have dropped to his knees and worshipped her. The crowd went nuts for them. About halfway through the set I started to regret wearing platform high heel sandals. Guys were flying all over the place and sliding around on the slippery floor. Until people started offering to keep moshers away, I though I was fine. Even the sound guy who I was standing near even offered to let me stand on the platform behind the equipment. I had already gotten stepped on and kicked a couple times. After realizing it was elevated, I figured for the good of my pictures and the safety of my camera it was a good idea. It turned out in the end to really be for the best. Around the last couple of songs people really started flying and the guy standing in front of me got pushed and flew back. He fell flat back and beer went flying. I think I was more upset about his beer getting on me than I would have it I had been the one who fell.

Alekhines Gun, Jessica

Alekhines Gun

Because I was so interested in seeing them finish their set and taking pictures of the singer I got left behind. Denis was looking for me to give me a ride back to Brooklyn. Since it was my first show sober in a long time I figured afterwards I could have a little bit more fun. (I had one beer all night at Fontanas and it was hot.) I probably wouldn’t have left anyway though. While they were on their way back to Brooklyn I stood around to at least buy a cd from the last band and see if I could collect on a few offers for free demos. The singer, Jessica, came over when I was attempting to pay for the cd and told me to just take it, beautiful and a sweetheart. After bullshitting around for a bit with people outside doing the usual standing around, figuring out plans and saying hellos or goodbyes I headed into Brooklyn. Unfortunately, I’m on my backup, backup phone so it took about an hour or so, a beer at Smiths tavern on fifth Ave, and tons of patience when I finally got a text about where he was. After realizing the bus would take way too long and I didn’t feel like taking the train, I hopped in a cab. Just had to hope that I had enough on my credit card for the ride. If not my alternate plan was to overdraft my account. I knew money was coming in real soon so it might have worked out. Unfortunately both cards got declined and I had no cash. Very upset but with nothing else to do the cab driver let me go. I ran with my pride completely shattered and went to attempt to enjoy the rest of my night.

Luckily it did turn out great. The rest of the night included stories of projectile vomiting, a fire breathing friend and intoxication. Sorry but that is where the public part of my night ends. Maybe someday for the autobiography I will get into the late night adventures. What I will share very soon is more pictures from the show, they will be posted to my website www.lastremains.net.

Eyes Like Cyanide

Eyes Like Cyanide

Slaughterhouse(Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9”, Joel Ortiz, Crooked I) SOB’s 5/25/11

Well, we decided to do something a little different here for the 48th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series-we’re going rouge on this one. We’re headed out to a club called SOB’s in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City teetering on the borderlines of the Lower East Side, catching an “impromptu” show featuring the Hip Hop super-group known as “Slaughterhouse”(recently signed to Eminem’s Shady Records label), consisting of rappers ‘Joe Budden’, ‘Joel Ortiz’, ‘Royce Da 5’9” and ‘Crooked I’.. As previous mentioned in a post here, “Budden is one of the handful of Hip Hop artists I’d go see. The lyrics on songs from his debut album way back when helped me get out of a bad time of my life ”. And that said, when the members started tweeting the night before about an “impromptu” show at SOB’s the next night, a night that was billed for just Crooked I with opening acts “CMR” and Emilio Rojas. Doors at 7, show at 9. So I texted my buddy Chach(who you can follow on twitter @OneShotChach) and told him the news on Tuesday night, and we said why not check this out for 15 bucks? Being that I turned Chach into an avid concert goer (taking him to STP and Filter 5/31/08 now he goes to Summerjam and saw Jay-Z and Eminem at Yankee Stadium last year), I figured it could be fun to be rolling with him as oppose to him rolling with me; besides the fact I’d had a rough Monday and Tuesday sitting in my house bored as hell with the school semester being over and everything. So I ask everyone to open their minds here, and prepare to get weird…

Great to have the feeling of the welfare line while waiting to get into SOB’s, it adds to the ambiance of this night sort of. We were there at 7 and we waited, and waited for what felt like forever and they finally opened the doors at like 730-745 and we entered this so called dinner club..


We were on line early, but not early enough as the space leaning on the stage was taken by the 6 people on line before us so we were regulated to being a head or two back. Standing room only-besides a seated section left of the stage that had signs reading “$25 minimum to sit”..If I knew I could sit for dinner during the show, I wouldn’t have made that McDonalds pit stop beforehand. That said, those tables lined up over there looked so out of place, and who knows if they’d let us sit there all night; so lets stand here, I can get some good pictures from here.


There was an MC for the evenings proceedings.. funny dude too called “Low Key”(Twitter: @LowKeyUHTN).. who introduced all the acts and stuff, inbetween mixing in the roll call of the boroughs i.e. “Is ______ in the house?” and gaging the rooms reactions. This place only fits about 350-400 people, so when it started filling out I’m happy to report we did eventually have more than the two of us representing Staten Island “in the house”.


After 9, we began the parade of opening acts BEFORE the opening acts. I can’t even begin to tell you how many acts went on that I have no recollection of. It was frustrating looking at our watches and it’s creeping past 10 and no one on the bill has came on yet. To put it in perspective, we were on line at 7PM-Joe Budden tweeted that he was leaving his house(in NJ) at 7:23. Looking like we’re in for a long night..


Eventually the first official listed opener came on, and man was it worth it. Emilio Rojas. This dude was, how do you say, ‘a beast on the mic’. Had more than a few clever punchlines, the room went “Ohhhhh!” often during his almost 20 minute set in which the highlight was an accapella verse of lyrical genius. Speeding up and slowing down his flow, throwing out punchlines to die for, my favorite being something to the effect of “My mother didn’t want me/no stranger to wire hangers”. Awesomeness. I got a pic of him and Chach when he got off stage. Check him out on YouTube, he killed it.

After the next listed opener CMR came on and went off, up on the stage came 4 dudes from the West Coast called COB(Circle of Bosses) came on stage and got crazy for a few minutes. This is another crew that Crooked I rolls with, so they basically led into him coming up on stage and doing a few of his own numbers.. we’re at 11:30 right now.


Finally we look to our right and there is Royce Da 5’9” standing in the crowd waiting to walk up on stage. As soon as everyone realized the show had officially started-some dude 4 people to my left sparked up one of the fattest blunts I’ve ever scene, with the “yea I’m smoking-so what?” look-he was texting and everything. Event staffers? That’s a negative. I figured that was the green light for cigarette smoking.


Royce was introduced, shortly followed by Joel Ortiz and finally my man Joe Budden. When they all eventually made it up there, they jumped into a song called “Sound Off”.. once this night got started, I can really say it was awesome. Watching the crowd bounce up and down-Chach included. Watching the excitement unfold-having forgotten my SD card at home I wasn’t taking constant video so I was able to get into these songs that I hardly know, opening up my mind and enjoying the evening.. They did “2.0 Boyz” and “Microphone” as the night rolled along. At one point Joe Budden picked three members of the crowd to come up on stage and rap a verse of whatever Slaughterhouse song they drop a beat to. It was an awkward spot-and they all failed at it. It was part funny, part sad, part “I feel like you guys are killing time on stage”ish.


Two biggest highlights of tonight was Royce teasing a song off a project with Eminem called “Bad Meets Evil”. Song called “Fast Lane”. You hear that and you look up on stage and you’re like “damn, I remember hearing Royce rap with Eminem on the Slim Shady LP when I was in like 8th grade”. We’re in the room with a veteran here.


But the number one thing to take from this night is Joe Budden doing his latest hit (with us fans at least) “Ordinary Love Shit Part 3”. It’s a song that gets in depth describing a relationship with a girl named Esther Baxter who apparently was having sexual relations with NFL running back Derrick Ward-taken from the line “why’s ol’ girl sucking off Derrick Ward for?”. And I’m telling you this was like the proof of Joe Buddens massive following as most of the crowd rapped along with every verse. Funny social networking references in the song too like “You won’t Skype, won’ G-mail chat, won’t OovoO!” and “You said the WiFi was down in the telly/you ain’t say you was at hotel his house” The song is so real, as most of Buddens songs it covers not the glamor and glitz of money cars and hoes of hip hop life but sticks to stuff people like me can relate to-shitty times, being sad, dumped, addicted to things and helpless. And I’m so glad some professional has a video of it from that nights show on YouTube already-I’ll try to put it in the post..

and this guy filming is like right behind me because this feels like where I was watching from. The group continued to rock the stage after that and they didn’t go off til about 12:35AM . Felt like longer than an hour. Awesome night.


So we did something a little different and it paid off so far. I mean, I enjoyed my night I hope you all stuck with me on this one. It’s not like I went to see some garbage like Kayne West, or Puff Daddy or freakin Solider Boy-this was a team of lyrical assassins we saw here tonight. Being sort of a word smith myself, I tend to appreciate the intellect and honesty that comes across in the lyrics of these four artists I saw tonight. Fun times at SOB’s.. just wish I had a chair..


Next time we’re out and about should be June 11th for Coheed and Cambria’s free show at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn.. I work til four, and I doubt there’s a max capacity so we should be in there… lets hope we’re not too far back. Thanks for staying tuned.. LATE


Bad Religion/Rise Against @ Terminal 5 in NYC 5/6/11

And the love-hate relationship with this awesome yet dreadful venue continues. As Jim Nantz would say “Hello friends”, and take a seat aboard a train head down the tracks of the 46 installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series.. Tonight Me and fellow Jay Porks Experiencer Pam are heading out to meet Terminal 5 in NYC, this time for Rise Against w/ Bad Religion. Now, call me, Pam and my father a few of the crazy ones-but we here are clueless to the fact of why Rise Against is the headliner. This is not a knock at all at the band, but I would be under the impression that Bad Religion would have a bigger following(considering they sold out four shows in NYC last year).. Regardless both shows are sold out as they played here last night.. Since I’m going straight from work I have the white button down on with the blazer, again the “working journalist” look.. and let’s get this party start shall we?

I have myself a little idea- And this comes from Reverend Justito and I having back and forth convos about why Rise Against was headlining, and the sometimes crazy differences in popular music on each coast, etc. So how about some statistical analysis on this issue? Again, I’m on my way there straight from work so should getting there early.. how about while I await Pam’s arrival (she has the tickets) I use my waiter pad I stole from work to I make two columns- one Bad Religion and one Rise Against and just randomally approach on people outside waiting for doors and ask them simply- “who you here to see?”.. Because I gotta find out if I’m crazy or what-the first time I ever heard a Rise Against song it was me accidentally listening to the radio and I only knew who it was by the DJ mentioning that it was the new Rise Against.

So I got off the train at almost 6.. At a stop earlier than I should have,so after walking a distance that should be illegal for us chubby kids to walk- I made it to the front of the place about 6:30, and there was plenty of people out there. I rethought the survey idea- then decided to go through with it.

So standing on the corner asking passers who they’re here to see, I got some interesting answers. I would say “Hey, I’m an annoying guy with a blog, just taking a tally here-who you here to see tonight?” You would not believe how many people said to me: “nah man I don’t need tickets”.. Allow me to go caps lock for a second-I DON’T HAVE TICKETS! JUST NAME THE BAND YOU’RE HERE TO SEE! The stupidity of people and the ability to be such assholes not to just say two words. Just name one band for me-Don’t say stuff like “I’m not suppose to talk to strangers” and laugh about walking away..o And to those who said “Four Years Strong”, sorry I didn’t have a column for you…lots of not nice people, but the first group of people I ran into were really cool about it.. and at least I was freakin’ doin it right? And when people would pass me up I’m yelling at them down the block like “You know what-I don’t wanna see you following me on Twitter in 6 months when print media dies” and stuff to that effect.. sarcastically saying “You know this is new journalism, this is how you get your news now-through people like me. And again all the people who said “I don’t need tickets” do you think I’d be selling tickets 5 feet away from the 6 thugs who were on different corners selling tickets to this “Sold Out ” show? Just taking a survey here..speaking of said survey I closed the polls when we walked inside, and it was completely overwhelming how many more people stated they were here to see Rise Against.. Final total was 75 people for Rise Against and 14 for Bad Religion- and that’s counting me and Pam for BR. I figured it’d be at least 50-50, boy was I wrong. I was amazed..So let me state that yes, I did underestimate Rise Against’s east coast fan base.

Need to tell a cool story here-Midway through this survey I end up next to a dude wearing an ‘EYEHATEGOD’ tee shirt( awesome band) and he’s trying to sell two tickets. I’m thinking he’s a nut-because of the previous mentioned thugs 5 feet away from us, so basically this dude next to me is on their turf. See this is what always happens at these shows-they’re sold out in minutes yet I could go night of show and scalp a ticket(unless it’s Alice in Chains) from some dude who works the corner. And if that wasn’t enough its never some dude who just has an extra-it’s you give the money to someone on one corner and walk across the street and someone else gives you your ticket.. it’s a whole operation they have going like,-at all these shows I got to in NYC it goes on.. it’s looks like dealing drugs except with tickets they way these guys work, I watch “The Wire”.. and to put it gently (tweaking Dorthy’s famous line from the Wizard of Oz) ”We’re not in Staten Island anymore”.. So one of these big dudes on the corner comes up and wants to buy them- my friend in the tee shirt (Max) tells him 60 for the pair…the dude goes “I’ll give you 40”.. Im thinking in my head shit man take it and run…Max looks at this dude and says “It’s 60 or you could walk”. I was floored-now this dude Max is someone who owns a pair of balls-I mean he looks kinda like me, and he’s talking down to this professional scalper. So eventually the dude says 50 and Max takes it and he walks away. HERE IS THE KICKER-The dude looks at the tickets at the price says Zero Dollars, Max won them in a contest or something. He scalped the scalper. Then he stuck around as I waited for Pam saying and I quote “It’s so funny to watch this guy not sell this ticket-everyone’s in there already. It’s over.” And it was because right as Pam and I were walking in about 8:15 or so (actually was asked to open my cigarette pack to check for drugs on the way in) and I saw the dude who bought the tickets from Max walking around saying “Does anyone want free tickets?”.. that whole story is tagged with #Winning. I took his number down because he says he gets tickets and stuff and has Seether tickets for later this month at Gramercy-Need to see if I could get my shift covered if so I’m getting those.

Anyway we finally get in and I wanna run out to the rooftop smoke deck because Pam’s never seen it.. So many confusing stairwells and a people on top of people on top of people. See at Terminal 5 once those spots along the railings on the 2nd and 3rd floors are taken, there’s no way to see the stage besides the TVs I’m noticing.. The pic I have up here was taken by annoying people bending near crotches to snap, you’re probably thinking “why wouldn’t he stay there?”.. Anyway. we finally the stairway to the roof when Bad Religion kicked off their set at promptly 8:45 I immediately turned and said “fuck it” as we tried to make our way to a decent spot.. We spent the first two songs on the 3rd floor.. The spots along the railing are like 4 heads deep at this point-again no view at all. Being I was taking a frickin’ survey outside for 2 hours-I had no shame in climbing up on a couch to try and get above the people. Still wasn’t able to get a decent shot of the stage, because the lights hanging from the ceiling up there obstruct the view.. So I hop down and we turn to each other and go “2nd floor?”.. so we head down-Way more packed than the 3rd and the best view from there was stage happenings that are being shown on he LCD TV screens all over venue..again, no buenos.

So we headed down to the mobbed 1st floor(the 1st floor with people stacked out into the hallway you read about in my PJ Harvey review) and found a spot against the wall all the way in the back tucked behind a bar- hey, at least I could get some pics from this spot when the preztel stand isn’t in my way. And way back hear the vocals are terrible, like there was a lot of chat in between songs that me and Pam couldn’t hear a word of-and this translates on the video I managed to get, which was a vid of “I want to Conquer The World”/”21st century Digital Boy” and then “Infected” (the ladder two by far two of my absolute favorite songs by them)on video in this spot. Anyway, like you’ll hear kick ass riffs in these vids, but this is the second time I’ve had problems with the vocals in this venue (Meat Puppets/Dinosaur Jr back in 08′-walked out on Built to Spill) . So when you hear the sound on the vids-for once I can tell you it’s not my camera it’s Terminal 5’s sound(especially when your so packed that the Fire Marshall would’ve shut you down right now- you have people backed into the hallway all the way to the merch table-I’m backed against a wall, it’s a complete mess down there on that first floor… the only good thing I noticed was people were courteous as they passed by saw me filming they bent down to not get in the way. Props to them..


So like a typical punk band they’re ripping through songs at-with the chatter at times that we can’t hear, after I’ve gotten a few vids I’m really into this.. I mean I wasn’t taking the setlist down, although there’s an unofficial one at Setlist.FM.. So we’re hangin’ and me and Pam start talking about how old these dudes look..didn’t show in the performance aspect of it but you know, you got these “LA Punk Rockers” here, looking more like normal folk.. To put it in perspective. they’ve been around 20+ years, and I’ve been on earth for 24 years. Damn… still rocking, and finally just as I got a real head nod going, and some cool tweets all of a sudden it was 9:26, and they went off. 8:45-9:26…. 41 minutes of the band I came to see. Of course I’m not too thrilled but their not the headliner as we know, Rise Against is(and recent Jay Porks polls show that about over 80% of that crowd was Rise Against), but at least I got to hear the songs I wanted and now during the break we can explore Terminal 5 and all it’s confusion.


So we finally made it out to the rooftop smoke deck outdoor bar thing and I’ve mentioned it before, this is a really cool place up here. It’s like, the bands should play up here, with the cities tall building surrounding you, drink in hand you feel comfortable. Speaking of drinks, I don’t usually do this but I may have went a little over board at the bar. I mean, I try not to get completely hammered at these thing, usually stick to a beer or two. Let’s just say a mention of a recent ex girlfriend and whiskey led to long rants by me, and looking down at people who came upstairs and screaming down at them “Here comes more people wondering why Rise Against is headlining!” and a few looked up and said “Exactly!”…. turn to Pam and say “Yea where were you when I was taking the survey buddy?”.. So I’m blabbing on-until I look at my phone-and its freakin’ 10:51 already!(RA set time was 9:55) saying “Oh shit we gotta see some of Rise Against!” as we rushed in to at least try and see what was the deal.. We got to the first floor and caught their last song before the encore.. I was really just focused on trying to get some good crowd shots and stage shots because their lights looked amazing, I bet they did put on a great set, even though I have no idea of most of the goings on-the place was jumping on our way out when they were gonna encore everyone’s chanting “One more song!” and as we’re headed to the merch table me, like being a dick is chanting “No more songs!, No more songs!” which had at least two people in agreement(more people who missed the survey I guess!). Anyway, got the tour tee shirt that says Bad Religion on it next to a picture of Ronald Regan for $20… sweet… We headed to the Pam-Van, and I got dropped off in time to make the Midnight boat back to Staten…


So I guess that’s it for now, I mean overall a fun night. Good tunes, taking surveys, getting tipsy-all in a good days work.. Well, won’t be too long til we’re back here, and with sticking with the punk theme, we will take our talents to Asbury Park, NJ for Social Distortion at the Stone Pony Summerstage. That will also be courtesy of the Pam-Van, helping me avoid all public transportation for that one. That’s Saturday May 14th.. Keep up with the concert calender and stay tuned for Jay Porks Ticket Givaways this summer. Until then, it’s 6:23AM over here on the east coast, maybe I should get to posting this..



Oh yea by the way epic pic right here-This is that same bum with the creative sign I saw outside the Hole shows I went to way back April of last year. Anyway, I wish I had money for the dude because he was telling me: “Ima catch ‘dat Grace Potter N Da knock-turtles ya digg! OO LA LA lala LA LA!” I need to buy this guy a sandwich or something, he is the greatest bum ever, and he had the same sign..He was screaming “Lets YouTube this shit man!”-and I should’ve turned him into the next bum who makes millions off YouTube..



Local H Rocks Mercury Lounge 4/21/11

By the end of the night, we all forgot it was the “Early Show”..Hello people, What goes on as we enter the 45 installment of that ever so famous Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Tonight we head back to the cozy confines of the Mercury Lounge to see one of my favorite bands still touring, Local H, who I’ve seen on two other occasions: first time they opened for Electric 6 (barf) and last time they rolled through Gramercy Theater the show was turned into an “early show” last minute to make way for Stone Temple Pilots to do a midnight showcase for their latest album, one of which I’ve already forgotten the name.

Tonight it’s billed as the “Early Show”, but at least this time that fact was clear months in advance. As a rock journalist blogger guy, early shows give me a chance to get home at a decent time and get to work. Doors open at 6:30 w/ the show starting at 7:30.. And I know there’s an opener, one of which I’ll fill you in on when I make it there-now it’s 5:26 and I’m on the ferry headed into Manhattan-I guess no time for a stop a Tad’s steakhouse before the show like we did on Tuesday, oh well- I can eat later, right now all that’s on my mind is that spot leaning up against the stage that I hope to score…

The Dig is the opening act, as I perch myself against the stage as previously planed, to the far right. Made the mistake last time of being 2 feet from the drum kit-I was deaf for days. Anyway the Dig had vocalists taking turns on songs, although the bassist seemed more of the lead guy. They had 4 guys, drums guitar and bass with a keyboardist who had a guitar next to him and played it on some tracks.. Couldn’t have played much, maybe 5 or 6 songs but as their set went on they intensified and got heavy. I can say I enjoyed them enough to have a look at their music when I get home. They went off about 7:30, leaving a half hour for Local H to set up- sign said they’re on at 8PM..

The room has filled out as I’m pressed against a pillar up against the stage and the few feet of elbow room I had was gone. The pillar plays a role in tonight’s video. Let’s explain: The pillar I’m leaned against is at the front right corner of the stage, so at times I would lean on the steps getting on the other side of it capturing shots of the band from the side of the stage-actually on stage at one point. I keep saying this place is tiny, but I can’t stress it enough. There are no “event staff”, this is basically a bar with a back room containing a stage. So on songs like “High Fiving MF”, and “Wolf Like Me” I sorta move back and forth weaving around this pillar depending on Scott’s moves. No one could stop me-it was truly a situation that deserved a tag of #Winning.

First song in, I’m back in my rare Tuesday night form-just rolling tape. It was so loud in the I was able to scream along lyrics without worrying about it being heard on the videos(hopefully)… Kicked things off with “Fritz’s Corner” and “All the Kids are Right” before “Cynic” A song I thought I had recording until I looked at the screen and noticed it wasn’t rolling. That would be one of my two slip ups of tonight.

You get into that “Okay, now I’m gonna rock out” mode when you hear a few awesome songs in a row- and that feeling was at a climax when we were in the middle of “24 Hour Break Up Session”- and then that’s when a full cup came flying from mid-crowd towards my direction, hit me dumping beer all over me and the surrounding few people. Are you friggin kidding me? All over my blazer and white button down (I came straight from work)? If I wasn’t enjoying myself so much trust me when I say that someones face was getting broken. Consider yourself lucky dude, lucky that self control prevailed , as I have a job to do here

Few songs later we move into, get this, a NEW Local H song! I know this is the “All the hits all night” tour, so safe to say I was delighted to hear a new number by the band called “Another February”. Sounded freaking great-my camera rolling still. Then came to “High Fiving Mother Fucker”, and it was at this time that I worked my way around the pillar and was sitting on the steps to the stage watching Scott throw his guitar towards the amp- feeding back that beautiful distortion we’ve all come to love. And of course I will be fooled again, as I stopped tape bout halfway through that song thinking it was over- something Reverend Justito and I discussed just two days ago; you’d think I’d be ready for that-but they tricked me! I woulda gotten the whole song too, “if I weren’t for those meddling kids!”.. Tricksters they are those Chicago folk.

Someone screamed “Lets hear it for Chicago!” and Scott stares up and is like “Okay”.. Goes on to say “We’re not really into anything, but one we’re into regionalism. If there’s one thing this bands not about it’s regionalism. You won’t hear a song by us like slamming another region- we feel that we are all equal” Just from that I figured “California Songs” was coming up sooner rather then later. Then Scott says “Here’s another failed single” as this jumped into “Everyone Alive”- followed by my favorite song off their latest album 12 Angry Months- and that was “Michelle (Again)”.


I have to address these two chicks down front. There were two girls leaning on the stage about 8-10 feet to my left. One of them was screaming stuff at Scott endlessly, at one point calling him over and whatever she said when he leaned over there he was not on board with. Who knows. Anyway, she was with a friend who may or may not have been her girlfriend(they were making out during “Hands on the Bible”, all over each other-forcing my camera to at times float in that direction). So the girlfriend is going with the no shirt just bra look. Like, just the bra rockin’ like it was dead of summer time or something. A few times, the bra-only chick stood on stage and just fell back into the crowd getting surfed towards the back. I usually see shit like that go wrong, but not tonight. During one song she jumped up on stage hand around Scott singing along-breaking into laughter as he sorta nudges her away and says something to the effect of “go find your shirt”. I wanted to scream “Show me your tits!”-but again, tonight I wear a blazer-lets act the part.

The person I hate but the song I love, “Eddie Vedder” came up next. It’s another one I haven’t seen them do live. I had one hand on the camera and the other was slamming my hand against the pillar rocking out. I’ve mastered the art of one handed typing this week, and I must say I’m proud of myself.

We continued to plow through great songs.. “Mayonnaise and Malaise” , ‘Hands on the Bible” came before we finally got to “California Songs” which before the song Scott says “Regionalism” and the five people who didn’t get the “regional” joke earlier most certainly have gotten it now. The lyric for “California Dreamin’ on the Radio” was changed to “Fucking Katy Perry on the radio”

I really don’t know how I was able to record all this as I’m having the time of my life over here 3 feet away from Scott. I’m closer to the band then the speakers are. Then he walks to the other side of the stage during the song and steps down into the crowd and is just jammin’ over there surrounded by people. Man, I wish I was over there.

Everyone is shouting out songs one dude catches Scott’s attention. Scott says to the dude “I know-I’m gonna get to that-I’ve got it covered I’m a professional.. I’m up here-you’re down there, there’s a reason for it” as the crowd lets out a harmonious “OHHHH” then continues on “I don’t come to where you work-do I really need to finish this?” before leading into a new song: “We usually do a cover here, but fuck it play here’s new one. Song’s called “Cold Matter”.. Another awesome tune that fits right into my Local H playlist seamlessly. Following that came one of my top like 4 concert memories of all time happening right here tonight- they covered “Joey” by Concrete Blonde! Not that I’m huge into Concrete Blonde, but I frickin love that song and love Local H covering it on that “Local H’s Awesome Mixtape” compilation of covers. I know they do it often, but to be right there- to not be watching it on YouTube for those 4 minutes. Epic.

In theme with All the hits all night- “Bound for the Floor” came next, and then to end the night classy, shouting out “RIP Gerard Smith!” before getting into the cover of TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”. I mean, they had already covered Concrete Blonde’s “Joey” and then went into “Bound for the Floor”. I figured on the ‘All the Hits All Night’ bill they wouldn’t do any covers (or new music for that matter). More examples of why Local H are so awesome..

While playing, for the second time tonight Scott is headed towards the crowd- only this time he’s headed down the stairs right towards me. What the hell do I do? Do I stop filming- is he gonna smash my camera with the neck of his guitar? So I back up as he’s continuing towards me-finally stops and leans up against me as I tried to capture it on film but it’s too dark to see on the video. Wow. I can’t Scott Lucas was riffing inches from me! WHAT?!?! SERIOUSLY?! Amazing. And that was it- they went off like 9:30..


After the show I had to hit the merch table to catch Scott for an autograph and a tee shirt and to try to make this night more epic. As he’s looking for an XL I leaned over and said “Dude I thought were coming to smash my camera!” he chuckled and said “Nah, not at all” as I got my shirt, ticket signed and tried to swim through dozens of people packing in trying to meet Scott and buy stuff. I squeezed through and grabbed hold of the door and popped outta the doorway Cosmo Kramer style out onto the New York City street. There I saw Pam, who sadly, was stuck in traffic and didn’t make it to Mercury Lounge in time to grab her ticket at Will Call and see the show. I felt so bad for my friend, who loves this freakin band and the damn Holland Tunnel prevented her witnessing the awesomeness. I handed her my autographed ticket (having two more at home anyway), and we went on a hunt for the Pam-Van… what a night..


Thanks for reading, sorry I couldn’t get this posted last night as my web was giving me trouble. Below is a full set list. Stay tuned to the site for more shows coming up, including back to Terminal 5 Friday May 6th for Bad Religion(for some reason Rise Against is headlining). See you all then hopefully, thanks again. LATE..

Fritz’s Corner
All the kids are right
Half Life
“Unreleased song”
24 Hour Break up Session
All Right, Oh yea
Another February(new song)
High Fiving MF
Everyone Alive
Eddie Vedder
Mayonnaise and Malaise
Hands on the Bible
California Songs
Cold Matter( New song)
Joey (Concrete Blonde)
Bound For The Floor
Wolf Like Me (TV On The Radio)

The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour Dates Announced

The 2011 Summer Slaughter Tour Dates Announced

Dates for the fifth annual Summer Slaughter tour have been announced. The month long trek will kick off in West Hollywood, CA on July 22nd before wrapping on August 21st in Dallas, TX. Concert Confessions favorites The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel are set to headline the package tour. Also included in the trek are Darkest Hour, Six Feet Under, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Powerglove.

Dates and venues are listed below. As always keep your eyes on the official site as dates/venues may change.

Summer Slaughter TourDates:

Jul. 22 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues
Jul. 23 – Anaheim, CA – The Grove
Jul. 25 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
Jul. 26 – Seattle, WA – King Cat Theatre
Jul. 28 – Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
Jul. 29 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
Jul. 30 – San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
Jul. 31 – Scottsdale, AZ – The Venue Scottsdale
Aug. 02 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Aug. 04 – Louisville, KY – Expo Five
Aug. 05 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrews
Aug. 06 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
Aug. 07 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues
Aug. 08 – Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
Aug. 09 – Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
Aug. 10 – Montreal, QC – Olympia
Aug. 11 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Aug. 12 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
Aug. 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of Living Arts
Aug. 14 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
Aug. 16 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Aug. 17 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution
Aug. 19 – Houston, TX – House Of Blues
Aug. 20 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
Aug. 21 – Dallas, TX – House Of Blues


Chris Cornell @ Town Hall NYC 4/13/11

Well I may never get a chance to see Soundgarden, but this sure as hell is a start! What goes on in those heads of yours people? Well whatever it is put it on pause because tonight 43rd edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us to Town Hall in the heart of NYC (West 43rd off Broadway) to witness a night of the ‘Acoustic Songbook Tour’ that Chris Cornell is currently on. There was a show here at this same venue last night too, we got lucky that this 2nd show got added because tickets sold out quickly.. I checked today on Stub Hub to see how much tickets were going for and the lowest cost I saw was like 180 bucks or something like that- my tickets were 35 plus the 9 dollars in fees. I got the balcony seats figuring Pam and I wouldn’t need to be headbanging in the pit for a show like this- plus there’s no way this place is bigger than Radio City Music Hall- so we should expect better pics( and hopefully video) from tonights proceedings as we did when we were #Winning on Sunday night.. I caught the 4:50 train to the ferry and the night officially got underway..

Got to Town Hall about 7pm, this massive brick building. Am I coming to vote for something, Town Hall? But actually when you walk in the place is pretty elegant- velvet ropes and all that stuff. Old style 1940’s movie theater seating..

I met up with Pam and headed inside just in time to catch the last two songs of William Elliot Whitmore (whoever that is) was the opener on as we walked in….he got through by 8:30… Walked by all those signs in the hallways that said “no video/audio recording”, device stuffed in my pocket behind an issue of the Village Voice and we were set-no pat downs or body scans.

Before Cornell came on Event staffers rolled in literally blowing whistles grabbing all our attention to shout out the following instructions: “NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!!! NO AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING AND THAT INCLUDES YOUR CELL PHONE! YOU WILL BE EJECTED IF YOU ARE CAUGHT DOING SO!”

Okay then, if we’re gonna be such Nazis about it I’ll hold off on the video-just don’t anally rape me like the tone of your voice suggests your going to do. I screamed out “Then how’d I see all that video of last nights show on YouTube?!” to no response.

So about 9:15 our man of the night Chris Cornell hits the stage as the place goes wild. The stage is set up with six guitars lined against an amp- four of them acoustic and two electric. Electric guitars? Acoustic songbook? Turns out they were just a decorative element to the stage setting.

From his first greetings to the crowd you could hear how awesome the sound is gonna be in this place. He asks if anyone was here from last night, then says he’s gonna change things up a little bit tonight. Not sure if that’s good or bad right now-because the set list I saw from last nights show was pretty epic. .. first song he jumps into is “Dark Globe ”, covering the late great Syd Barrett-the sound in this venue is something to be mentioned again, the strums of the acoustic felt like I was on stage with the guy-now my friends we’ve got ourselves a ballgame! Before playing a song called “Ground Zero” he mentions how it’s about Hurricane Katrina, anyone else find that sort of odd?. But what I love about a show like this is the little stories that get told inbetween songs, like the origins of the song and such. For example before he jumped into “I Promise It’s Not Goodbye” he explained how he has a fan who used to write him letters and emails and stuff and he had a daughter with brain cancer. He says “One day he sent me a poem written from the perspective of his daughter-probably wanted notes on it or something but I read it and had to put music to it right away” then went on to play the song. Little knowledge nuggets you pick up at shows, gotta love it. So the building is kinda quiet (or quieter than most crowds I’ve been in) listening to Chris speak and sing his songs… Well, most of us were quiet. A row in front of me, two seats to the right there was this cool chick who we were chatting with before the show started and she warned us that the song request she’d be screaming out all night is “Jesus Christ Pose”.. Now just imagine an intimate quiet setting, everyone relaxing and then at every opportunity you hear a loud blistering fan scream “JESUS CHRIST POSE!!”. I mean it was hilarious-this is a section I can roll with… I bet there were a minority of people in the building who found that annoying, but I actually thought it was quite humorous.. Rather that then “Freebird” right? I thought so.

So this show is chugging along, I’m loving being in a seat for all this-the whole atmosphere makes me feel like an adult seeing a play on Broadway-the only difference being that this DOESN’T suck. A song I could get on board with, “Can’t Change Me” was followed by “You Know My Name”. Awesome already as we now begin to dig into the Audioslave catalog with “Wide Awake”. There were a lot of songs tonight I couldn’t name off the top of my head-so I worked with the “write down lyrics and google it later” motto. Didn’t really need it for “Call Me A Dog” though, that one sort of spelled itself out. And being a ‘Temple of the Dog’ song made it all make sense. I got myself lost in “Sunshower” while I was live tweeting pics and little comments all night long, but then my attention was grabbed by the sounds of that familiar riff and a roar from the crowd, as our first ‘Soundgarden’ of the night “Fell on Black Day” fell upon us. It’s weird because I want to be screaming singing along to it but it’s only Chris and his guitar up there so there’s not a lot of “noise” too drown me out you know. I’d be heard, and if I was someone who had singing talents I wouldn’t be here writing about it if you catch my drift. And are you freakin’ kidding me we’re jumping into “Blow Up The Outside World” next?! Little back to back ‘Soundgarden’ action-I can dig it. Chris you had me at hello!

Back to the ‘Audioslave’ with “I am the Highway” before he puts his guitar down and turns to a phonograph set up to his right. He says “I’m going to perform this as it was meant to be done” as he pulls out the vinyl and starts to play the track which is the piano part to “When I’m Down” while not playing guitar to anything to it.. pretty cool.. I start to smell pot and see a dubey being passed along the row in front of me.. I mean, if you take flash photography we’ll kill you but do all the drugs you want I guess. The only crime there was me not getting in on that as . “Sweet Euphoria” and “Heaven’s Dead” followed. Damn, I wish every night was like this-good music plus being comfortable make the night life as a “rock journalist” a lot less taxing. Back into Temple of the Dog mode with “Say Hello to Heaven” (one of Pam’s highlights of the evening) followed by “Seasons”… Then, I didn’t realize we we’re into the Led Zeppelin cover of “Thank You” until a few lines in..

Then, and you got me on this one, he plays “Sad Sad City” by a band called ‘Ghostland Observatory’.. he explains something to the effect of: “I wanted to translate this song from the electric stuff they use to guitar”. After that, he says “Okay everyone now lets stretch a little bit-stand up”.. so like half the place stands, I guess that wasn’t good enough as he jokingly says “okay now I’m telling you to stand up-everybody stretch it out”.. so we did-everyone in the building on their feet as we ran through two more from the Audioslave songbook- “Be Yourself” and “Doesn’t Remind Me” before he said thank you and went off at about 10:50….People are screaming “One more song!” chants.. people who’ve been to as many shows as I have-you know there’s an encore coming. And if there isn’t one you’d know before they turned the lights on. You get a feel for the shows after a while.

So of course, back out comes Mr. Cornell for a few more songs. All of a sudden the girl in the row in front of me like jumps out of her seat almost into the ceiling with exuberance as Cornell starts the riff for “Jesus Christ Pose”-but then stops abruptly while saying something that I couldn’t hear over the screaming crowd. That was some effed up shit for that chick screaming out “Jesus Christ Pose” all night(which people seated downstairs said they heard loud and clear all night) to be teased like that. Maybe he did it just to mess with her-wouldn’t that be cruel and awesome at the same time? Interesting moment to say the least before we broke into “Black Hole Sun”-started thinking of the memorable music video. Then the token Beatles cover “A Day in the Life” followed by some solo Lennon action with “Imagine” before playing another ‘Audioslave’-“Like a Stone”… While listening to it in its raw acoustic form, I turned to Pam and said “You know I really love this song” and she agreed as we got back to listening to it being the final song of the evening, with Cornell getting a stand ovation and heading off at about 11:15PM..

Incredible evening all around. I mean, besides the show being unique and highly entertaining-the commute(via Public Transportation) to this venue from my house is about as easy as it gets for me AND the rain tapered off and I didn’t feel a drop. Smooth as the red velvet seats at Town Hall, a place I will hopefully be visiting again.

Well, that’s it for me as it’s reaching 5AM and I’m due for a nap before work at 12.. Thanks you all for participating if you made it this far down, and I leave you with tonight’s set list in more readable form below, plus a reminder that I’ll meet all of you back here on Tuesday the 19th as we’ll head out to Terminal 5 to see PJ Harvey! Thanks again people- LATE!

Set List:

-Dark Globe(Syd Barrett)
-Ground Zero
-I promise it’s not goodbye
-Can’t change me
-You know my name
-Wide Awake (Audioslave)
-Call me a dog (Temple of the Dog)
-Fell on black days (Soundgarden)
-Blow up the Outside World (Soundgarden)
-I am the Highway (Audioslave)
-When I’m Down (sings along to phonograph)
-Sweet Euphoria
“heavens dead”
-Say Hello to Heaven (Temple of the Dog)
-Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
– Sad Sad City (Ghostland Observatory)
::At this point we were instructed to stand and stretch
-Be Yourself(Audioslave)
-Doesn’t Remind Me (Audioslave)
-Black Hole Sun(Soundgarden)
-A Day in the Life (Beatles)
-Imagine (John Lennon)
-Like a Stone (Audioslave)

Bangin’ 7 Gram Rocks w/ Charlie Sheen 4/10/11 @ Radio City Music Hall!

So the day has finally come upon us- Charlie Sheen on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/ Defeat is not an option tour as it embarks on it’s second night at Radio City Music Hall(1st night was Friday before a Saturday night stop in Washington, DC). Also bare with me, as this is not a rock concert yet I’m posting here, at a site devoted to sharing experiences with you from rock concerts. Simple math, if I put the words CHARLIE and SHEEN next to each other in a sentence, any sentence-this piece(and this site) will get that many more views. Just throw a #Winning in here and there and you’re all hooked. Robert Patterson (of Filter) was on guitar all night-so we’re not too far from the realm of music anyway; Eff that- I’m going with it.

Since the day I got these tickets, I’ve been kept up to date by people telling me things like “oh, I heard he got booed off stage”.. Yea, in Detroit- a town full of angry unemployed people expecting to see Charlie Sheen turn into Bill Hicks right before their eyes. This is not a magic act- there’s no rabbits being pulled out of hats here and I understand this-too bad the “real” media doesn’t get it. My mother busted out the “But Jay, he hasn’t been winning” line earlier this week really annoyed the crap out of me. This is just an actor who was fired from his job for being himself-he’s now out to make attempts at telling the world his story, tell some epic tales of epic times. I saw video clips of the show from Friday night and people are like screaming stuff out during his sentences and I’m thinking like: dude- can you shut up so I can hear this Nick Cage story?

Rolled with a posse for this one, with my friends In the pic left to right it’s Me, Jon,:Chach, Taylor and Pinky. Running a little late, but after burning down several blunts on the ride over from Staten to the City-we were in a parking garage a block or so away at 8PM exactly(costing us 42 bucks to park in the garage, I’m in the wrong business!). My first time at Radio City Music Hall-this place is mammoth to epic proportions . The lobby when you walk in with the 100 feet long chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, carpeted floor, some of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen in one place-now we are talking! And it’s not like I’m alone and don’t want to get caught staring at some dude’s chick-I have muscle tonight, my eyes are on every single tittie in that building. We walk up three flights of stairs (3rd mezzanine balcony) and are shown to our seats which are primo to say the least. First row overlooking the entire nights proceedings. Had my cup on the ledge until we were viciously scolded by an usher “HEY! NO CUPS ON THE LEDGE!! GET IT OFF!” I’ve had cameras confiscated in nicer tones of voice then that dude gave us.. sure dude- no problem, cups off.

So Charlie Sheen sits in a chair aside with another dude, and the other guy is basically keeping things on track topic wise, prompting Sheen with questions and stuff. One of the first things Sheen is preaching on is to the effect of : “You know I always say to Plan Better (#planbetter), so tonight we planned better by throwing out the script and just saying fuck it”..

Robert Patterson from Filter(a band I saw in the 1st ever Jay Porks Concert Experience!) was a few feet away from them holding his guitar playing along to zingers and such. For example, Sheen says “Can I smoke in here” and as he’s lighting up Patterson plays the “Smoke on the Water” riff-awesome. I actually dragged my friend Chach to that STP/Filter concert back in May 08, so he’s seen Patterson twice now. Anyway, the moderator dude was like going through this $20 booklet they were selling that had a bunch of stuff in it, including a list of the “20 best Charlie Sheen quotes”.. A rant about what being bi polar actually means ensued-with a Doctor being brought up on stage only to find out he was lying about being a doctor..

We got a light “7 gram rocks” chant going, then He asked us to pick it up saying- “that’s be awesome lets have a 7 gram rocks chant ”. Then went on to explain how we got ourselves to this magical number of seven gram rocks. Sheen states “I was jamming this huge rock into my crack pipe and it wouldn’t fit it was impossible”-we’re all already dying in laughter here as he says something to the effect of: “So I took it out and banged it on the scale broke it in two. While smoking a 3 gram rock I noticed the other one was 4 grams, so I finished it all up right there”

But Charlie has supporters he tells us, gazing into the crowd. “Where’s Daryl? I know you’re here Daryl stand up take a bow” and I notice floor seats middle/right section the spot light finds him I look on the big screen and it’s actually frickin’ Daryl Strawberry, there in the crowd trying to be incognito wearing army fatigues. A few minutes later he’d be forced by Charlie to come on stage to take a bow- “Just take a bow for the people”. Besides the massive chants of “Daaaaaaaarrrrrryllllllll!” when he walked off some fans shouted out “Lets Go Yankees”, to which Charlie replied “He played for the Yankees?”(Obviously we know Daryl actually did play for the Yankees in the late 90’s as a role player on those championship teams). Do you understand how hard it was to avoid a “Strawberry’s the only dude who’s smoked more crack then this guy” line? Oops.

Where’s James?” Sheen says gazing into the crowd again- “C’mon James I know you’re here take a bow”. So on the big screen we then see a shot of James fucking Lipton, host of “Inside the Actors Studio” in the crowd watching the onstage goings on. Really? This dude seems like the most serious guy in the world with all his thespianism speak and such, I can’t believe he’s here to win tonight. “Want to come up and ask me some questions James?” to a resounding cheer from the crowd-he’s not really into to at all Charlie continues to coax him “I know I promised I wouldn’t but just come up to take a bow at least” so finally he comes up on stage and hugs Charlie and then is asked if he had one question to ask Charlie what would it be and he replies with “Well(in his all deep, serious voice he has), it would have to be what I ask all the actor I have on-What’s you’re favorite curse word?” Easy answer for Sheen, who said it’s “Fuck…or Denise-either one” to a huge harmonic roar from the crowd. Lipton heads back to his seat. Damn-is there anyone else in here I should know of?

For the seven minute intermission they’ve decided to show a short little flick, which was described as the “real” interview ABC should have aired. It contained the questions asked by Andrea Canning and Sheen’s responses edited to much funnier things. Like at one point every shot on Sheen had him with most cigarettes inserted in each hole of his face-first his nostrils then to the point where he had cigs in his ears and about 5-6 in his mouth until finally it just cut to a giant cigarette sitting there in the chair burning. Also clips of Sheen and 3 friends in his house arguing in the kitchen-but they’re speaking Spanish. I am far from disappointed with this night so far this shit is hilarious!

We come back from break and Sheen is in the balcony right below us all the way across the room making his way towards the stage. He sits and someone screamed out some sentence containing “Lorre”. He came to admit that Chuck Lorre “doesn’t completely suck” and he went on to call Jon Cryer a “Rock Star” and apologized for calling him a troll in earlier interviews. He continues on topic, stating that he’ll eventually write an apology and “I will be back on that fucking show” while prompting everyone to write in letters demanding his return.

So we’re still jiving along, and he takes a few questions from the audience(wish someone could muster up something good).. Some women had a photo album in her hand and said when handed the mic : “Charlie, do you remember the Tyson/Holyfield fight in 1996? You spilled you’re drink on me I have the pictures”-he’s like “really let me see that..what year again?” she says “1996” So Sheen explains that you gotta understand when you party with him “drinks get spilled” and went on to say “Look how epic that is-she remembers that 30 years later and I have no recollection of even being there”

Another audience member asked him if he had any money left, which prompted Sheen to reach in his bag and say “I got 100 bucks, here you want 100 bucks? Take it” and just hands it to dude(sitting in 700 dollar orchestra seats mind you). Other people were handed the mic, one asking how he can become a warlock… Sheen looked at him, sort of knighted him in a way and said “You are one”..

We took one more senseless question, before Charlie left us with this “You can’t live in the past. Unless you can bring me a souvenir from said event then it doesn’t exist-and the only souvenir I brought back her from Friday night was ME! Goodnight, Love you guys!”

As the lights came on we all got to hear and view Snoop Dogg on the big screen doing a song I could only imagine could be called “Winning”, featuring lines like “Sheen with Tiger Blood like Snoop and Gin&Juice”. Tried to tape it, but the audio quality was an absolute abortion via Blackberry video camera. I only have one SD card, so I figured I’d test run it using the phone’s camera tonight, unaware that I wasn’t even going to be patted down whatsoever.

And As we exited we noticed that everyone had, you know, stayed til the end. Went to about 9:30, after coming on about 8ish.. No booing, no one walking out-everyone in the building having a blast. Take that conservative America!

So to tie things up here, I got what I expected and more. And I’m so glad too-just to shove it in the face of all you non-believers. All the people out there who look at me like I’m a satanist for supporting a #Winning cause yet tune in religiously to eMTpyV to keep up with all the latest happenings on the Jersey Shore. Not to rant or anything, but all those people could seriously suck it-two standing ovations tonight! Me and four of my friends sitting at Planet Hollywood after the show running up a 170 dollar bill all in agreement of the epic night. I even spotted a Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen’s character in the movie Major League, starring Charlie Sheen) jersey hanging up on the wall I got a pic of myself next too with Taylor. Our waiter was on board with the whole scene, actually writing at the top of our check “The Tiger Blood Was Free”. Complete awesomeness from all ends. And just for you Robert Patterson I’m going to blast Filter as I write this up just because you kicked ass riffing all night…

Anyway, I’m done folks-I still have two school assignments to do that are due tomorrow but this was more important. Needed to let the internet know what a genius Charlie Sheen is. And we’ll meet again soon right here, as I head out to Town Hall this Wednesday 4/13 to see Chris Cornell on his “Acoustic Songbook Tour”. So til then, thanks for participating and I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. LATE…

Phish at Madison Square Garden 1.1.11

Generally, I have found that shows will crescendo in energy level and song selection throughout the first set to set things up for a stellar second set.  I’ve really gotta hand it to these guys: Phish did not fall privy to such an archetype for their first show of the year.  The pleasure plateau sustained and remained, if you will.

My Soul set the tone for a rockin’ start to the evening, while Tube provided a healthy dose of funk before a clean departure and rebound into the rock vibe.  A meaty Runaway Jim followed.

Mike laid the bass line down thick for the opening of Foam, as to illustrate the properties of the opaque (and apparently overwhelming) substance.  I love this tune because it’s almost erratic while it maintains a sense of cohesiveness.  Parts sound like a demented Latin groove.  Parts sound like an updated jazz standard while Page hoofs it on the keys.  And sometimes parts just sound like Phish.

Any way, I dig it.

And apparently the crowd did too.  The ground was absolutely shaking after it had ended – a sweet reminder that we were more than five stories off the ground.  Thanks for bringing me back to reality by scaring the shit out of me, MSG.

But it’s cool.  Guelah Papyrus helped me get through it.  The catchy fan-favorite went into a quirky, nonsensical jam and ended on an upbeat, followed by silence – well, would-be silence if the crowd hadn’t gone hog-wild.  Trey began the chorus once more and pulled it all together just in time for one of my personal highlights of the first set: Divided Sky.

Except for the long pause before the closing of the main phrase, the entire thing was sublime.  But I must pick the bone with this one: the pause is positively too long.  I understand and appreciate the artistic desicion to use a pause in the music, but leaving us hanging for a minute or more?  I’d rather not.

I like my melodies just as I like my 80’s pop: straight up.

In the name of Paula Abdul and all things holy, let’s just get on with our lives.

Anway, the lullaby segment continued softly, purely, sweetly, until Page broke in with an insistent key change that gave way to a rippin’ solo.

Round Room broke out of its 2003 capsule and paid tribute MSG’s oval shape and the Eagles made a guest appearance through an incredible Walk Away.  It was high energy, an engaging solo, and totally authentic-sounding.  I’ll bite.

A thunderous Reba and Walls of the Cave closed the first set with little shenanigans involved (well, on the band’s part).

Crosseyed & Painless opened the second set, and man, did it rock.  I recently just got over listening (and re-listening) to the Coral Sky release, but now it seems I’m back where I started.

Not only is this song fast-paced and fun, but it’s by one of my (other) favorite bands. If there’s a match made in heaven, it’s Phish and the Talking Heads (sorry, Little Feat).


Simple morphed into a light, ambient jam as if to say: and now for something completely different! For a while I was thinking maybe there would be a segue into Piper, but to no avail.  I’m pretty sure no one really knew what was going on, but I’m also pretty sure no one cared.  The sound was rich and new and beautiful.  Does anything else matter?

Next came Makisupa Policeman, a tune that seemed to hit home with quite a few members of the crowd.  I love how Trey always seems to come up with entertaining new lyrics (this time’s?  Went home late last night after doing the New Year’s stunt/Laid back on my couch and I rolled myself a bl– well, you know).  The audience collectively lolled.  It was marvelous.

Suddenly, the fast-paced tapping of a certain cymbal emerged through the murk – which meant David Bowie was about to go down.


And it was a great one.

After a truly unremarkable Fee, Page whipped out a keytar and decided it was time to rock.  It was Frankenstien that resonated with me for the rest of the night (maybe cause I couldn’t get over the keytar?).  The energy that had been displaced by an out-of-the-blue Fee reappeared, and everyone went home happy.



(Photo and video credits go to mkdevo, Dave Bayne & Dave Vann.)

Phish at Madison Square Garden 12/30/10

Last night began with a feeling of foreboding as the stereo system buzzed, popped, and crackled ten minutes before the band went on stage.  With luck on our side, however, the set began without trouble.  In fact, it wasn’t until Camel Walk that there was a problem… but that’s a story for later.

Things kicked off with a nice bouncy Cities – appropriate for the fact that we were in the Big Apple!  The Chalkdust Torture that followed brimmed with energy, as did Gumbo.  I always love it when Page takes that sweet solo towards the end, lending an authentic ragtime feel to the music.  I have a suspicion that the boys were warming up their Creole chops for the dose of Little Feat that they delivered later in the set.

It was during Camel Walk that things got interesting.  The sound fizzed out for maybe a minute at the end of the jam section.  Trey and Mike looked at each other and kept on going, despite the fact that only those within a thirty-foot radius could hear them well.

But you know how people always tend to come together in the worst of times?  This was one of them.  When the time came for the end chorus, the band was joined with a resounding “Camel walk!” from the crowd.  Phamily phorever?  I think so.

While not my favorite Trey song (Mr. Completely, anyone?), Driver cooled things down with some soft bouncy sound after a meaty Maze.  A notable Bathtub Gin followed (made so mostly by Page’s excellent intro); the jam picked up intensity as time passed, leaving us with enough to get really excited for Fat Man in the Bathtub.  I mean, really excited.

I’m so glad I brushed up on my Little Feat this fall in preparation for hearing the Halloween show.  Not only did I realize that I actually really like their music (even though I’ve seen them live three times and they never grab me), I also realized that I really like it when Phish does their stuff.  I mean, really like it.

After a hot Golgi Apparatus came a Character Zero that couldn’t be beat.  Although I genuinely like the song, I think there’s not much to it – rather, not as much to it as some of their other tunes (read: YEM, Tweezer, Ghost).  I found myself lost in the jam just as much as anything else – and that’s always a good thing.

A transcendental Tweezer kicked off the second set.  This morning I was surprised to see on LivePhish that it was almost nineteen minutes long – it should have been longer!  The jam crept to a really interesting and different place, fueled by some offbeat rhythmic stuff that morphed the sound.

Tweezer also means the promise of a Reprise, which always makes me excited.

My Friend My Friend was short and sweet; everything was on, made apparent by the agile segue into Axilla I.  I really dig some of the darker Phish tunes (Carini, Guyute, Ester), and MFMF is one of them.

Fluffhead came next, and while well-executed in every way, I seemed to fade during the tune.  I used to get really excited when they played it, but I suppose all the sharply calibrated orchestration gets old after a while.

And then came The Funk.  The band began with a sweet Boogie on Reggae Woman which riled up the crowd… in a good way.  During the jam, Trey laid a non-diatonic chord on top of everything else, and the rest of the band slowly adjusted their way around it.  It’s always cool to see how they can react to each other’s moves.

After a slow segue into 2001 (which, apparently, was originally called Also Sprach Zarathustra; I guess 2001 is easier to pronounce.  But I digress…), things got funky.  Mike was jamming on those basslines and Page ever so gently rocked the organ.

Suzy Greenberg brought the rock and roll kind of energy back to the night which very nicely transformed into a steaming Antelope.  Hungry, anyone?

Tweezer Reprise was a stellar way to end the night by bringing back the memory of the even more stellar Tweezer that I had enjoyed so thoroughly.

Night one of my New Year’s run is over.  Next up?  Instead of ringing in 2011, I’ll be stepping back in time tonight to 1976 to hear the Grateful Dead do Cow Palace, courtesy of Dark Star Orchestra.  1/1/11 will bring me back to MSG for another night of Phish – the only way to start the new year off right!

Don’t let the security guard take your sandwich,


Phish – 12/30/10 Madison Square Garden, New York City – Webcast Review

Phish 12-30-10 Madison Square Garden Webcast Review

Review and screenshots by thenaturalstoner

I wasn’t sure if the idea of writing a review of a webcast was a good one or not. But after some thought I said what the hell and decided to write this up.  I had a lot of fun tonight watching this stream. Thank you Phish.


Well I certainly was not planning on staying at home tonight and watching the first Phish webcast since 2000 all by myself.  However, when life hands you lemons, you gotta make lemonade.  So when the local Doc. diagnosed me with pink eye this morning and I became stranded by myself here in Pullman, Washington, I immediately knew what my new evening plans were.  PHISH.

I don’t have a laptop computer, so initially I planned on watching the show on my small Samsung desktop computer monitor.  However after trying out the Livephish video feed on my Playstation3, I discovered I could watch the show on my 42” plasma and have the audio come through my home stereo setup as loud as I want! Party on!

I didn’t get a chance to see Phish at all in 2010, something that burns inside (damn you West Coast!).  But this webcast HAS to be the next best thing.  I could not believe how nice the general feed and audio/video quality was.  I think the feed skipped only once for like 2 seconds all night. And being able to watch in the comfort of my own living room, while drinking my own beers and fun, makes me hope this becomes a regular option for all Phish shows! It had to be a money maker for the band I assume as well. The clean sounding bass and clear pictures exceeded all expectations.

The 1st set was long, close to 90 minutes I would guess, and solid. You can’t go wrong with a Cities opener and that Maze was super tasty. There were several of my favorites played, Quinn the Eskimo, Timber Ho!, Camel Walk, and Madison Square Gardens first ever Bathtub Gin to name a few. They finished the set with a rippin’ Character Zero and off to setbreak we go.

Instead of dead setbreak air on the stream, immediately following the bands exit of the stage a video montage began.  This clip showed behind the scenes footage of the crew setting up, the band at setbreak, fans before the show, and other misc. experiences from earlier in the day.  The audio was set to a solid Mikes Song (reportedly from 12-31-95, MSG) and lasted a good 10 minutes or more.

Set 2 started with a mini gag for the viewers at home and finished in classic Phish rock fashion. Clearly someone told Trey that people could hear him calling out songs on the stream, so to start Set 2 Trey came out and said “Okay Jennifer Dances, one, two…”  After referencing the not so loved Phish song, they decided to bust into a nice Tweezer > Light instead (whew!).  Theme from the Bottom and My Friend My Friend followed as a super start to the set.  A couple of other favorites would follow, Axilla and Fluffhead. Boogie On Reggae Woman got the crowd pumped, which jammed into a 2001. A monster Suzy Greenberg would finish out the set in huge style. What a blast I was having from the seat of my couch, relaxing!

A rare Antelope (really nice!) encore would cap off a great night of Phish in New York City.  Tweeprize would close us out and send everyone home on a high note.  A great show for us tonight, and I can only imagine what the next 2 nights will bring!

If you are considering ordering the webcasts the next 2 nights, I strongly urge you do so.  If I am still stuck here at home alone for New Years Eve and January 1st, I can thank the heavens that Phish in New York is there to keep me and my pink eye company.

I’d like to thank the Phish organization for making these webcasts available to us fans.  I had a blast and would pay to do it again anytime.  From what I have been reading online, others share the same sentiment.  Kudos.


Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
December 30, 2010

Set I: Cities, Chalk Dust Torture, Gumbo, Quinn the Eskimo, Halley’s Comet, Camel Walk, Maze, Driver, Bathtub Gin, Fat Man in the Bathtub, Timber Ho, Golgi Apparatus, Character Zero

Set II: Tweezer-> Light, Theme From the Bottom->My Friend My Friend, Axilla (pt.1), Fluffhead, Boogie On Reggae Woman > 2001, Suzy Greenberg

E:Run Like an Antelope, Tweezer Reprise

Ozzy Osbourne w/ Halford Storm Through Madison Square Garden 12/1/10

Breaking News folks: Heavy Metal LIVES! Hello again people, what goes on? Well tons of stuff with myself, as Tonight the 41st edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us to the world’s most famous arena: Madison Square Garden, to catch the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. A long overdue first time ever for me getting to see Ozzy, safe to say I’m a little stoked. Supporting Ozzy on this first leg of the tour is Halford, band fronted by Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford ( Any chance they play “Breaking the Law”? It’s the only Priest song I think I know). And an added bonus- I acquired these tickets through a website “Ticket Liquidator” for $39 a pop and avoided Livenation/Ticketmaster’s big business services charges. Sweet. Meeting Pam there, an accompany to several Jay Porks Experiences(six this year) and the show starts at 8PM. All signs point to a fun night, now let’s get this party started.

Heading up the escalators at 8:15 I could hear that
Halford has already kicked off their set. Rob Halford kept thanking the crowd for keeping metal alive- glad I could do my part. Had trouble finding our seats so we sat in the second row(row B) in section 348 (tickets had us in row E). We sat and watched Halford storm through energetic set of some extremely heavy tunes. They were pretty cool having not listened to them until tonight. I wish they would’ve played ‘Breaking the Law’- but unless they played it first it wasn’t on tonight’s agenda. But they did play ‘Jawbreaker’, which I didn’t know that I knew until I heard it. So that was pretty sweet. They played one more and thanked us for again, “Keeping true metal alive” before ducking off at 8:53pm.

Before Ozzy came on they played a little intro video on a large screen set up on stage( a screen that for once they’ll use to show live shots of the band for those of us a mile away. What a thought!). The video consists or various clips from popular movies and tv shows only with Ozzy staring in all of them. Started with Avatar where he’s laying on a table in a lab being turned blue. Then they went Jersey Shore and showed Ozzy dressed like one of those douches from the show as he was cursing out that fat orange Snoopi girl. Cut to a forest circa ‘Twilight’, and insert Ozzy into Robert Patterson’s Character. The chick is like “Your a… But your a… A vampire.” he turns and says “Vampires are for pussy’s- I’m the prince of fucking darkness” before opening his coat revealing gigantic boobs. I gotta find it on YouTube somewhere- a very entertaining couple of minutes.. But now folks, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN


Now on to the set- which kicked off with “Bark at the Moon” after Ozzy gave us a little pre-show pep talk. Fireworks shot off loud scaring the hell out of me as the band jumped into it. From the first second you knew it was going to be one of those amazing nights. Whole arena was screaming bark at the moon midway through and on screen as the song plays their showing alot of Gus G- who has been getting ridiculed by everyone I told I was going to see Ozzy too for not being Zakk Wylde-well from where I was sitting he was literally tearing the guitar to shreds. Song ends and Ozzy starts talking-his beaten up English makes it hard for me to understand full sentences, but I did hear that every other word was ‘fuck’ besides constantly reminding us throughout the night as he did before the show that “The crazier you people get the longer we’ll play”, Sounds like a deal to me. “Let me hear you Scream” came next before one of my favorite Ozzy songs was played: “Mr. Crowley”.. as the harrowing tune begins fireworks begin to drizzle onto the stage before revealing the word ‘Ozzy’ in satanic text on the screen. Now I’ve hit the point where I’m sitting there looking around telling Pam constantly “Damn-this is fucking awesome!”. Trying to sustain a decent head nod going while taking video is a task in itself-but it worked out well. The Garden’s awesome sound + Ozzy having a video screen led to a few awesome videos if I do say so myself. I sat back and took it all in as we jumped into “I don’t know”,-(Insert the title of the ONE song of the night I couldn’t name here)-, “Suicide Solution and “Road to nowhere” before I pulled out the camera another time for “War Pigs”(which can now sit alongside the video of ‘Cake’ doing War Pigs back at Central Park). Then N.I.B. started and at the height of my buzz from the only 2 beers I could afford($9 a pop!) I was air drumming in my seat as I, as they say ‘let the tunes take me away’. Epicness! “Killer of Giants” and “Shot in the Dark” came next before Ozzy walked off stage leaving Gus G. alone on stage soloing something wicked.. this went on for several minutes-there was then a bass solo for a minute before a drum solo during which the drum kit was like rising up slowly with smoke blowing outta the bottom of it. Like a rocket ship taking off, that looked freaking incredible. So it’s about 10:30 while all this heavy amazing soloing is going on up on stage- so I’m at this point assuming this will serve as the encore and we’ll probably be out of hear before 11PM.


Ozzy returns to stage screaming the same line he’s been screaming all night: “ Come on fuckers! The crazier you fucking go the longer I fucking play!”.. Then you hear the drum beat that leads into “Iron Man”. Roars from the crowd, as the dope smoke in the air at this point is giving it the feel of PacBell during the World Series-hell I’m on board. “I ain’t going no fucking where man it’s too much fun for me” Ozzy says as the set continues on strong with “Fire in the Sky”, “Flying High Again” and “Into the Void” was followed by “I don’t wanna change the world”. After each of these songs Ozzy just leans back on the drum kit arms crossed listening to the packed arena go crazy.

Keyword crazy, as we’re well passed the 11PM hour getting into an epic version of “Crazy Train”. To say Gus G impressed would be an understatement. Then again it’s not like the Prince of Darkness would have some slouch guitar player or anything, so I guess it should’ve been more expected. Then came the nights only down point. Sorry people, I’m not into “Moma I’m coming home”-and when it’s past 11:30PM and you’re afraid you’re not gonna have time to squeeze in “Paranoid”-you don’t want to look around at people embracing each other swaying back and forth with lighters raised ‘Kansas’ style. I turned to Pam and said “You know, I friggin’ hate this song”.. but my dreams were not shattered, as they ended up playing “Paranoid” next, before thanking the crowd as several loud BOOMS ensued wiith fireworks shooting into the air behind them. Ozzy says “Thank you good night! you guys are fucking cool…Oh yea and a merry christmas too, don’t get too fucked up!”. Lights came up about 11:45PM.

If I clocked that correctly, that was a two and a half hour set by a 61 year old dude who’s consumed more drugs in his lifetime than the company of Pfizer has produced since inception. It’s really hard to state it in a well educated sounding sentence: All I have is that “That shit was fucking crazy”. That’s what I wanted to write as this review. Those five words-that shit was fucking crazy and just post some pics. But Ozzy had to go and be all awesome, and lead me to have to write up a wordy review in order recount all his phases of epicness throughout the evening. Whether hilarious opening intro videos or dumping buckets of water on the standing pit section in front of the stage, the Price of Darkness ceases to amaze us all-even people “haters” like myself.

And with that we’re done here. Thanks for reading if you made it this far-and note to everyone. Earlier this year I set a personal goal of getting to at least 20 shows this year, basing it on me attending 9 shows in 2008 and 12 in 2009. Tonight festivities made 20 for this year-so a pat on the back for me. If anyone has any ideas for shows for me to head out to I have nothing purchased, so please send suggestions my way. Thanks for stopping by again, LATE.

Set List:
Bark at the moon
Let me here you scream
Mr. Crowly
I don’t know
-(One song I couldn’t name)
Suicide solution
Road to nowhere
War pigs
Killing the Giants
Shot in the Dark
Gus G soloing, drum solo around 1030

Iron Man

Fire in the sky
Flying high again
Into the void
I don’t wanna change the world
Crazy Train
Moms I’m coming home

Fiction Plane w/ The Globes @ Mercury Lounge NYC 11/15/10

Tonight seemed like a ‘coming out party’ of sorts as Fiction Plane proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not just the band that feature Sting’s son. So people, what goes on? Welcome to the 39th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series which brings us to the Mercury Lounge in New York City to see the band ‘Fiction Plane’ (Joe Sumner-Bass/Vocals, Seton Daunt-Guitar, Pete Wilhoit-Drums). And there’s an interesting sidebar story with tonight’s proceedings as it’s an “early show”. By early I mean EARLY. Doors are set to open at 6:30 according to ‘Bowery Presents’ website, which also lists Fiction Plane’s set time at 7:30PM. Put it in perspective: Bowery Presents website has info on the later show here tonight and says doors for that open at 8:45.. being a Monday night it doesn’t bother me that’s it’s early.. I’m just psyched to see this band..So I say we take a seat and enjoy this Jay Porks Experience.

Fiction Plane was a band that first came to my attention in 2008 when their single “Two Sisters” started to get major play on local rock stations over here the in big apple. Then I got to see them briefly all the way back at the third ever version of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series-that was a show in NJ where they opened up on that year’s ‘Unity Tour’ w/ 311 and Snoop Dogg. I didn’t catch their whole set that day due to long lines while filing into the PNC Bank Arts Center so when I saw them headlining a gig for $12 a ticket I was more than thrilled. Especially at the Mercury Lounge-one of my favorite venues to see a show.

Arrived at 6:15.. I’m used to saying that I hopped out of the cab at this time, but uncharacteristic of my usual laziness-I took public transportation the whole way there.. And patting myself on the back for finding the place without looking up directions either-went on my own memory; which is suspect at times but paid off here. So I walk in and say “Hi, my ticket is a will call”- I was met with a hand to the chest and told ” Okay great-We’re not open yet. Doors are at 6:30 and first band is going on at 7″.. I walk back out and there’s a whole 11 people outside( I counted-but then again half of these people may be with one of the bands). Let me tell you why this is the type of place I love to see a show- it’s the definition of a ‘sweat box’. It’s tiny, a foul stench will fill the room once full and it looks like it hadn’t passed a building inspection in 20 years. I didn’t even remember how small the room was until I got in-it’s reminiscent of the living room at my house. There’s one guy serving as event staff and he’s at the door check I.D.’s. As 7PM draws closer I see we’re up to at least 30- something people now. I’m sitting along the bench on the wall placing my cup on the stage to reserve the space for now-as I’m gonna enjoy a seat as long as I can before the show starts… I think I’m going to have to back up when the bands come on to try and get my camera in better position. As I’m sitting there starting this review on my iPod I notice an older couple sat down next to me. Not older like 30 or 40, older like senior discount. Minutes pass and at least two or three other couples in the same age range walked in-I saw one woman looking for a seat so I offered her mine. Can’t pass up a easy mitzvah when it presents itself.

The Globes hailing from Spokane, Washington, hit the stage a minute or two after 7.. working with Two guitarists(who share vocal duties), drummer with a bass player doubling on keyboard. Whenever I see any type of keyboard on stage I get discouraged a bit-but I got into these dudes fairly quickly.. Guitar player on my side of the stage was working multiple pedals below him distorting noises much to my enjoyment. They do a lot of start-stop/ loud quiet loud stuff with their sound; by the third song in these dudes were rocking hard- riffin heavy guitars building up during verses leading to softer choruses with harmonically sang vocals at times. The drummer had on a Modest Mouse tee shirt. These guys look like they’re gonna smack their instruments together as they are so close to each other on this small stage violently rocking back and forth with each strum. They kept thanking us and seemed very happy to be here. Well, we were happy to have them as The Globes went off at 7:40PM to substantial applause from the growing crowd. I noticed on their MySpace page that they’re playing a show Friday(11/19) in Brooklyn at a place called ‘The Rock Shop’. If you’re in town you should check them out-won’t be let down.

I’m a pessimist at heart-so it’s surprising to me that this place is not as empty as I thought it would be, as I returned from my mid-band cigarette to find myself not able to get back to my spot against the stage. Wasn’t mad about it because I needed to back up anyway- so now I’m standing about 4 or 5 rows of people back as the crowd pushes themselves closer to the stage as minutes pass. Joe Sumner is on stage discussing with a roadie the status of an acoustic guitar they seemed to be having trouble with. Finally Joe says over the mic to the sound guy “It’s broken-so I guess fuck it”.

They kicked the set off with a song called “Two Sparks”- a tune easy to sing along to through your first listen as people begin to do- screaming the “We’re gonna burn you!” line of the song. The room has filled out nicely by now, as I’m being bumped into on occasion. I thought I was in here to enjoy the handful of Fiction Plane songs I’m familiar with-not the case at all. As each song went by I kept thinking “Wow-this legitimately rocks”. Two things I quickly noticed while these dudes were playing: 1)This guitar player insane! And 2) Joe Sumner is having tons of fun up there. He’s jumping around, leaning into the crowd, bullshitting in-between songs all smiles all night. Like when they jumped into the song “It’s A Lie” a few songs later-he joked about having to “sing high on this next one”. Seton Daunt is the aforementioned guitar player-and man he’s doing some amazing stuff over there. Dude had a pedal board of Mascis-type proportions. Sumner introduced the band more than once- “I’m a registered alien” Joe says before he pointed to the drums “Pete Wilhoit behind the drums..He’s an American (to a loud cheer)… And on guitar Seton Daunt who is a foreigner!”(to a louder cheer).. Also when the opportunity presented itself Sumner hit us with some funky bass grooves. And even though sometimes unfairly tagged as Sting’s son’s band-there were times where one would look up and hear those dashes of Ska along with singer playing bass; it’s hard not to say “Wow, these guys are like ‘The Police’ meets 90’s alternative!”. At the same time Sumner’s demeanor and stage presence makes you realize that people would probably think higher of Sting if he wasn’t such a Prick. Yes, I said it. Obviously I’ve never had the privilege to meet the man or had a personal discussion of any sort with him. But he just comes off to me as a prick; complete opposite of his fun loving, energetic and entertaining(along with hard rockin’) son. As songs play Sumner seemed to be enjoying us as a crowd(the building was literally ROCKING as I felt the floor below me basically bouncing with thumps for most of the night-felt like it was going to caved in). He said he was enjoying us more than we were enjoying the band-kept saying how great it was to finally be back in NYC and saying things like “from here you guys are doing amazing!”.. Easy to be a good crowd when a rocking band is As the night progressed I was impressed more and more. It’s getting really hot in here, Sumner seems to agree as he takes his leather jacket off midway through the night. Their sound is far from complacent as we shifted from Ska/Reggae flavors to pretty heavy, almost headbanging type levels of rocking throughout the evening. There are two girls in front of me who are way into this-flailing arms in the air, dancing around and screaming with unbridled enthusiasm at the start of most songs. I mean, a hand or two may have gotten in the way of the video I was recording, but I’m not here to complain about fans enjoying a show. I’d be doing that if I wasn’t “working”. The crowd was summoned for assistance in singing on a few songs- “Tommy” off their 3rd full length studio effort ‘Sparks’, which was released earlier this year. “Why don’t I have more than one of their records?” is what I kept asking myself. “Sadr City Blues” was another one of the endless amazing songs they played-Unfortunately I was not able to obtain an official set list myself, but a reader at ConcertConfessions.com named Wendy found it for me and posted it in the comments. I’ll paste it to the bottom of this post.

My cell phone shows me 8:45PM so I know we’re closing this out soon… as we got towards the end of the night, Sumner looks at the set list and says “Okay whats next… well, the guitar is broken so I guess we can’t play that one!” as they then jump into their most popular song to date “Two Sisters”.. I was singing along as quietly as possible because I was trying get video on that one. Extended it a little bit as the song went for roughly six minutes. Anyone who’s been to a concert knows that feeling you get when you finally hear that favorite song you have by the band you came to see that night. A state of bliss that can only be match by sex or the taking of illegal substances. I was totally walking on air at that point as a journalist turned prissy little fan boy-they played one or two more before 9PM rolled around and it was time to say goodnight..

What a night! Fiction Plane took care of business tonight in every sense of the phrase. I’ll be the first to admit in all honesty I did not think they would rock THAT hard. I underestimated them and in return got blown away. I’m at the iTunes store as we speak getting more of their music to put on my iPod. Why aren’t these dudes more known? Their sound is so easy for your ears to get along with-down right funky at times. It can’t be denied that this is a lot more that “The band Sting’s son is in”, but don’t take my word for it-take me up on this offer: See them live and if you exit the venue anything less than blown away then shoot over an email and the Jay Porks Experience will personally refund what you paid for you ticket. That’s how confident we are in the musical abilities of Fiction Plane.. it’s a sure thing.

For those who made it this far, our deepest thanks go out to you for taking a glimpse into the Jay Porks Experience. Next on the concert calender is ‘Matisyahu’ 11/29 at the Brooklyn Bowl.. should be fun-hope to see you there. LATE.

Official set list as handwritten by Joe Sumner:
It’s A Lie
Drink (not played due to acoustic guitar situation)
La La La

Arcade Fire Pay A Visit to Saturday Night Live 11/13/10

Arcade Fire Pay A Visit to Saturday Night Live 11/13/10

The Arcade Fire snuck into New York City to perform on Saturday Night Live.  In addition to performing two songs from their amazing new record “The Suburbs” the band managed to sneak into a rather funny digital short.  You can watch all three (assuming NBC does not take these down) below.

Gorillaz Escape From Plastic Beach hits the Garden!

          Purchasing these tickets on Tuesday night for a Friday night show, I didn’t expect premium seating.. Didn’t need it at all.. What goes on people, thanks for stopping by and hoping on board the 38th Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series which takes us back to the Mecca- Madsion Square Garden, for NY’s taste of the Escape From Plastic Beach Tour with Gorillaz! Show is set to kick off at 8PM with N.E.R.D. billed as the opener.. This should definitely be interesting. I love cartoons and I love music by Gorillaz- so combining the two elements should be exquisite..

A few differences from when I was here last week for Alice In Chains- the floor pit section has seats as oppose to standing room. Also, I wasn’t routed to another section upon arrival- sat in the seat listed on my ticket: Section 401.

N.E.R.D hit the stage a minute or two after 8PM.. Looks like visual effects will be tonight’s theme- for an opener N.E.R.D had some light show going.. Three mini screens on the stage… Two hot chicks table dancing on each side of the stage- nice. I see two drummers with a dude on multiple keyboards in between them.. Guitar and bass player too- going with the full band. I appreciate “Hip Hop” ( if we wanna call this that) when a live band accompanies it. Makes it seems more, I don’t know for lack of a better term, more real. Because truth is, if you play ME a beat I could rhythm to it, alot of people can. But ten minutes in I’m enjoying this- not even that “good for the opener” enjoyment- I legitimately like this.. Pharell says “since we’re in the greatest city in the world where people know music, we’re playing some new N.E.R.D.” they then got into a song called ” I’ve seen the light”.. As the set progressed I got more and more impressed.. Here’s the thing about us New Yorkers- most neighborhoods are ethnic ones, so we all learn to appreciate hip hop on one form or another- and when they closed out the set with “Lapdance”, I was officially into it.. Seriously.. N.E.R.D. Just took the biggest stage in the world and killed it.. Great job- I’m sold.. They ended their set at 8:35PM

At 8:40 Matt Pinfield came on stage to pump us up for Gorillaz.. These days, Matt host the morning drive time (6-10AM) show on101.9 WRXP in New York City. Besides mentioning that the show ‘120 Minutes’ will be coming back on the air soon(That’s not a joke).. . He then told us that, get this: LOU REED WILL BE PERFORMING TONIGHT! Holy freaking god this is going to be crazy! Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Mos Def as well are in attendance and will all be making appearances..

A cartoon character appeared on screen as the lights dim at 9.. “When’s this warm up band going to finish?”, was what this angry green cartoon dude kept asking while looking with one eye straight at the screen straight at us.. Similar shorts like this made 2 more appearances throughout the night- then the screen cuts to a shot of Snoop Dogg- crowd goes crazy as they jump into ” Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach”, with Snoop Dogg on screen rapping his parts of the song.. The big Gorillaz neon sign on stage is lit and changing colors with moods and sounds.. directing sitting under it in chairs is the orchestral part of the band(horns and stuff) who are not seen- most of the time only being shown in silhouette(which was trippy). Light show is exuberant, different cartoons flood the big screen with each song. This looks like a pretty expensive production (but not over the top in the vein of Pink Floyd/It worked like in the vein of the Flaming Lips). The crowd gets crazier and crazier every song that passes- even I don’t know all these Gorillaz songs, but they’re rocking and there’s nobody in there having a bad time.. “Empire Ants” was pretty jaw dropping to experience live.. Also I had some nice looking ladies dancing in the row to the front of me.. ” Tomorrow Comes Today” almost half way through was the point where I went from really enjoying this night to just starring in amazement, repeating my signature phrase: “Wow”, to myself.. One of those moment where I kept reminding myself I almost didn’t attend this show…

As I looked around to notice the only empty seats in the house were the ones to the far sides and behind the stage which during concerts aren’t sold when the stage is placed where it is. I’m pretty shocked that Gorillaz(intended as a side project mind you) would sell that many more tickets than Alice In Chains two weeks ago. Upon googling it I saw one site listed the show as “Sold Out”- got my Tickets Tuesday night so not sure if that was official or not.. and while I’m taking a look around, allow me introduce you to tonight’s rhythm guitar and bass- Mick Jones and Paul Simonon; they were in some band called ‘ The Clash’, maybe you’ve heard of them. Keeping the melody flowing steady all night.. Then a Gorillaz cartoon version of Lou Reed was shown on screen, with Reed taking a pair of chopsticks to tangled wiring-had the XL forehead going just like the real life version. Reed came out to chants of “LOOOOOOOOOOU” and they played “Somekind of Nature”. During the song I can see(kinda) Reed signaling to the stage hand pointing at his monitor and pointing to the sky. He did this almost the whole song, I’m going to assume that meets “turn this shit up”, but again I’m in section 401 Reed exited the stage after that, as my dreams of hearing Gorillaz doing “Sweet Jane” were shattered. “Super fast Jellyfish” had the group of attractive young ladies in front of me excited, along with the rest of my section. Damon Albarn is a freaking genius man. Him and of course cartoonist Jamie Hewlett have created a monster, blending the brit pop sound of Blur’s front man with completely unfabricated Hip Hop vibes. At one point during the set Jamie wanted to mention about how they played overseas, and then introduced us to what he call the “Arab American “ section of the orchestra. I am so glad he brought that to NYC in the midst of these bigoted New Yorkers complaining about a Mosque “near” Ground Zero. Glad that everyone in the building can see that people who are of Arab decent can  be and are just like all of us-they can be in an awesome friggin’ rock band that is in the midst of ( I must preface this with figuratively)  burning down the house at the Garden. Incredible on so many levels!

    Anyway, as the night And the guest list doesn’t  end as after they went off at 10:30 and then ran back out for the encore; Mos Def took the stage for “Sweepstakes”, De La Soul came back out for “Feel Good Inc.” (they may have made an earlier appearances-but the only person I could tell who it was without introduction was Jamie from my distance).. other in attendance performing on songs were Bobby Womack, Bashy, Miho Hatori, Bootie Brown and Yukimi Nagano.. And of course you knew this moment was coming- everyone’s favorite Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood”, with some of the rap lyrics changed(to the dismay of one of my YouTube commenters), Jamie even jumped the gun on the chorus first time around… It was great, and I recorded every minute of it! . “Demon Days” closed the out this night of insanity. Went off at about 10:53PM

WOW. Gorillaz, Escape from Plastic Beach Tour. Are you serious? Did this band really just put on THAT show? Did they really just tear down Madison Square Garden, the Mecca?? There was not a dull moment during the set.. Of course my personal highlight of the evening-LOU REED came out and performed! Incredible.. Seriously one thing I gotta get off my chest to everyone right here-I cannot believe I was just in the same building as Lou Reed! That is the stuff of legend.

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