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One Republic – Peabody Opera House, St. Louis, MO – 7-20-2013



This was my first time seeing One Republic live, I’ve heard all their songs, got all the albums, but still hadn’t had a chance to see them perform. They were amazing to say the least.

One Republic is a pop rock band that comes from Colorado Springs. They’re composed of Ryan Tedder (lead singer), Zach Filkins (guitar) , Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher and Brent Kutzie all of which make up one awesome live performance. They have two sets of drums on stage alongside a piano, cello, and a couple guitars, so there range of sounds and music can go along way when played live.

I remember hearing them when they released their first single “Apologize” it was a catchy song that got remixed by Timberland, and was all over the air waves in it’s first week of being released.

One Republic took the stage at the Peabody Opera house around 9:30pm and put on an explosive two hour set. They opened their set behind a curtain playing “Light it up” from there current CD “Native” . It was really cool as you could see them playing, and it created a mysterious affect, made them look larger then life.


One Republic has three albums out, so a variety of songs were played from those three albums, there was several acoustic songs, and several stories. One story that stood out, was Ryan talking about the time him and Zach were in London trying to finish their second album and they still needed one song. Ryan said, “he is a huge Tim Burton fan, and loved the music in the Tim Burton movies, that Danny Elfman created” then continued, “wanted something on their album to do with Tim Burton, so he’s like you know all the songs that Danny Elfman creates always have some sort of kids singing in the background, so he said if we can’t get Danny Elfman to help us, can we have the “creepy ass kids” from the Tim Burton movies?”. So that is where the choir kids singing before “All the rights Moves” comes in, according to Ryan,they are the “creepy ass kids from Tim Burton’s movies”. It was a great, hilarious little story. Felt like something out of  “Storytellers” from VH1. Made for an interesting part in the show.


The set list is listed below, I’m not sure if all of it’s correct or not, but from what I remember, this was the set list.

  1. Light it up
  2. Don’t Look Down
  3. Secrets
  4. All the Right Moves
  5. What you Wanted
  6. Stop and Stare
  7. Counting Stars
  8. Aplogize
  9. Come Home
  10. I’ve Got a Women (Ray Charles Cover)
  11. Gold Digger (Kayne West Cover)
  12. Marchin On
  13. Good Life
  14. Feel Again
  15. Life in Color
  16. If I lose myself

Overall it was a magical night, and I’m thinking I might have to see these guys perform again, they truly were amazing live. Ryan’s voice is spectacular, and he can sing high, low, you name it he can sing it. I loved the whole cello aspect in there songs, and they even had a Spanish guitar solo, that was pretty cool as well.

There was two opening acts for One Republic, one was a singer/songwriter from Canada, named Serena Ryder and she was pretty good, had her guitar and a drummer. They also had Mayer Hawthrone he was more of a soul singer from recently bankrupt Detroit that had a full band, but couldn’t get the crowd into it. I didn’t care to much for him nor did the crowd, but he did do a good job during his set.

The Peabody Opera house is located downtown St. Louis, about a block away from Union Station, and just attached to the Scottrade Center, so it’s centrally located and has a beautiful setting for concerts. Great acoustics, high ceilings (that even include a bear that reflects on the ceiling), it’s a very good concert hall. It was my first time going to the Peabody Opera house and I’m sure it won’t be my last, it was odd going to a show with seats, even the small pit had seats, but we all stood during One Republic.

Overall great concert, One Republic does not disappoint they put on a spectacular show, with lights and screens, and just sounded amazing. If they come back near my area again, I think I might do the VIP, it helps that they are a good looking bunch of guys who can play music with the best of them.

Alice’s Summerthing 06/26/11: Speedway Meadows – San Francisco, CA

Alice’s Summerthing 06/26/11

Speedway Meadows – San Francisco, CA

Words/Photos by BellaLuna

Every year  Golden Gate Park is home to  two free musical events.  Starting at  noon and ending at four, Alice at 97.3 FM or also known as KLLC, hosts Summerthing and Now& Zen.  Alice’s Summerthing is held at the end of June, when the weather is warm and inviting to those who enjoy free music and relaxing in Speedway Meadow with friends. This year on the roster was Andrew Allen, Parachute, Michelle Branch, Matt Nathanson and One Republic.  Starting off the music fest was newcomer Andrew Allen, with his hit “Loving You Tonight” and One Republic finished us off with a song from their upcoming album.  All in all a great day in the park; nothing compares to listening to you favorite songs live in the California sun.

Being the newcomer, Andrew Allen showed no sign of circumspect.  Jumping right onto stage belting out tunes with boyish charm and stylish Ray Bans, he courted adoring listeners with sweet lyrics and a happy melody that made you bounce. Unfortunately his time onstage was limited to allow ample time for the more popular groups to play.  Next on the list was Parachute, singing their new hit “Something to Believe In” which got the meadow swaying.  They as well performed some songs off of their album; not yet chart toppers, but still songs I’d say are good road trip prospects.

Coming in third is Michelle Branch.  As much as I wish I could say I enjoyed her performance, it was in all honesty very lackluster.  Singing her most popular songs- “Everywhere”, “Goodbye to You”, and “Breathe”.  Her usual full lung expansion of “Breathe” must have left her breathless and wilted.  As much as I love that song, the tight lipped and somewhat monotone live version has stifled my enthusiasm to ever see her again in concert, even if it were another free one.

On a lighter note, Matt Nathanson who is my personal favorite, did not disappoint!  Wowing the crowd with the hip swaying  “Come on get Higher” and his new hit “Faster”.  To prove his diversity, he then performed Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl”, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, and even Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”.  Giggling every time  Speedway Meadow’s residents chanted out fuck you to complete the remainder of the chorus he sang.  His version of “Don’t Stop Believing” got all ages singing and dancing as if was 1981 all over again.  I’m sure that was planned, after all- it is San Francisco, home of the Giants.

Finishing off the lovely afternoon was One Republic.  I must say, I am impressed with these guys and the energy they gave off.  Performing “Good Life”, “Apologize”, “Secrets”, and even Ben E. King’s 1961 original “Stand by Me”.  All were performed effortlessly, and with passion.  The opening string instrumental duet of “Secrets” gave me chills watching Brent Kutzle on the  Upright Bass and Zach Filkins on Violin strumming with a harmonious and vigorous rhythm. That opening in itself was beautiful.  Hands down, One Republic won me over with their awesome live singing, charming humor towards the crowd, and I will gladly purchase their album along with Matt Nathanson’s.

All in all a fantastic day in Golden Gate Park, and a Sunday well spent with family.  One warning I do have for anyone attending these events- within the past two years I have noticed that people are becoming rude, and very inconsiderate of the space there within the field.  I witnessed people yelling at others for stepping on their 3 blankets spread across the lawn when there is only a few people to use the massive space they have taken.  Others yelled at people to sit down, and gave dirty looks if you needed to cross their path to exit or enter the field.  Lets remember that this is a free event and it should be fun and relaxed.  Selfish and uncivilized need not attend.  Thankfully the good outweighs the bad, and I will be looking forward to Now & Zen in August. Cheers!



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