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Leverage Models Invade Vintage Vinyl, 03/18/14

Leverage Models
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO

I just can’t stay away from Vintage Vinyl and, its for good reason too. The special events/instores they frequently host are just too good to pass up. On a nice, chilly Tuesday night in St. Louis, the Leverage Models from New York stopped by the give everyone reason to funk it up. Earlier in the week I won a Twitter contest put on by Vintage Vinyl for ZZ Ward concert tickets. I had first heard of ZZ at a Vintage Vinyl performance a few years prior. So I decided to check out Leverage Models on our way down to the ZZ Ward show.


After a nice dinner my lady and I arrived on the historic Delmar Ave. right at Sunset. It is a beautiful diverse street filled with concert venues, food, and a amazing array of shops to suit just about everyone. We got in Vintage about 10 minutes late and I made a bee line to the beer table. Once again my friends and, unofficial sponser Schlafly Beer was on hand to provide adult refreshments to the 21 plus crowd. Black Lager tasted outstanding, Thank You very much Schlafly, keep up the great work.


The first thing anyone noticed about this performance was LOUD. Incredibly LOUD, even for this large size record store, the sound was in your face from the moment you stepped inside. After securing my refreshment I took a spot up front and watched the insane antics of frontman Shannon Fields.


They used a lot of funky futuristic sounds, auto-tune and various other instruments including a maraca and megaphone. They were very amusing to watch, I surely enjoyed it. After 20 minutes and a full sweat soaked shirt Leverage Models thanked the crowd and reminded everyone to check out the new self titled release which just came out last fall. Check the links below.


They put on a amazing show, afterwords we chatted for a few minutes they were very nice talking to. You should go check them out online, or even better when they come to a town near you. Many gracious thanks to everyone making this possible.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank you Leverage Models (safe travels) and a much love, very special thank you shout out to my unofficial (for now) sponser Schlafly Beer Saint Louis, MO (p.s SPONSER ME )



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Watch Sir Paul McCartney Jam with Nirvana at Safeco Field

Last night (7/19/13) at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA, Sir Paul McCartney was joined by the remaining members of Nirvana and treated fans to “Helter Skelter,” “Cut Me Some Slack,” and “Get Back.”

Video credits: Trent Moorman

Smart Zombies Love The Downrights (Cuz Braaaiiiinnnnnnzzzzz)

It was the end of the world, or at least we all pretended it was for the annual American Red Cross Run For Your Lives 5k zombie infested obstacle course in Darlington, MD on October 27, 2012. One band after another took the stage during the day-long Apocalypse Party, where runners, spectators, and of course, off-duty zombies came to hang out and relax after their grueling duels in the woods. What started out to be a bright and sunny day eventually turned to gray, and just as Hurricane Sandy began to roll in, an incredible sound from New Jersey took the stage by storm.

I’d been at this thing all day. I was tired, hungry, thirsty, and a little bit cranky. As I sat on the ground scowling at my unvinegared french fries, I heard the familiar style of a two-step beat and a raunchy guitar. I stood up quickly, grabbed my camera, and once again pushed my way through the zombie horde to the stage. Within minutes, I was bobbing up and down to the beat of “The Kids Are Coming” by The Downrights. It was then that I had a “moment”. My artist heart said, “Hey, these guys are REALLY good!” and my uneaten, music nazi brain agreed.

The Downrights brought some serious punkabilly chizz. They had all the look, the feel, the class, and sound of a multi-platinum put-together, the message and drive of a classic punk band, but all the fun and personability of a party with the boys next door. The band sounds like a 90’s punk throwback to the late 50’s with a dollop of Bill Haley frosting on top, and if sound alone isn’t enough, there is no lack of real talent in this group. Not only were the rip shredding guitar solos spot on and well woven into the fabric of the music, they were the kind of licks and leads that rock and roll was built on. To prove it, when they played Chuck Berry’s famous “Johnny B. Goode” the crowd roared, and if you didn’t know better you’d have sworn it was Chuck himself up on stage laying down the law. They had drawn a fairly decent crowd to the stage, considering the venue, and it’s worth mentioning because they were the ONLY band out of 9 that day to draw any sort of a crowd at all. The band was fun to interact with between songs and took as much of an interest in their dancing spectators as the fans did of them. It was one of those shows where the set was just too short. I, myself, would have listened to them play everything twice, and I pretty much did in the car on the way home after scoring their album from the merch table after the show.

After a long day, it was great to hear some music we could all get into. I loved The Downrights, the audience loved them, and dare I say it, my mother even dug these guys. Clearly, zombies don’t eat brains of people who know good music when they hear it. To survive any future apocalyptic events, check these guys out at www.TheDownrights.com and follow them on Twitter twitter.com/thedownrights.

All photos copyright (c) 2012 J.A.M. Vaughan

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