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Swollen Members, Madchild, Sozay
Pop’s Concert Venue, St. Louis, MO
Words/Photo/Video @beeznutzstl

I remember around 2002, I ran with a bunch of skateboarders who also did graffiti. All of us were all big into the underground rap and hip hop music that inspired our lifestyles. We would ride around St. Louis and get into all types of shit listening to music. It was good times and, that style of music marks a era of my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything. There were far too many great, unbelievable times that I will remember forever. Just like the first time I heard Swollen Members.

Years past and I slowly got to see all the groups we had listened to back then, with one exception: Swollen Members. They toured a lot but, either I missed it or my city would get skipped. Then Madchild went and got banned from the US for a few years and that was that. So you could say I was pretty excited when Pops announced they were hosting a show for Swollen Members. Now I could finally see the group I had eagerly awaited to see live for well over a decade. They would not let me down.

I enlisted the help of 2 friends, we met up and piled in one car for the trip across state lines to the beautiful city of Sauget, IL home of Pops Nightclub. After we got inside, and secured some tasty refreshments from the bar, my friends and I went to check out the merch. I chatted with the Swollen Members merch guy Johnny, while they bought up a bunch of stuff. He was a super cool guy and, was the son of the touring support Sozay.


My friends and I stepped outside into the chilly night to the Pop’s patio for a moment. While we caught up on bull shit and, they caught some nicotine refreshment from the from the air inside. They stayed outside while I went in to catch Sozay, he was fun to watch. He had some really great tracks, a lot of them featuring some really fun word play. My first impression was man this guy is intense. He had this killer, crazy look in his eye. The same look that is in a really driven, pumped up, fighter right before a match. That look. He rapped with that same intensity and together with his hypeman got the crowd ready to party.


I enjoyed Sozay. About 2/3 the way through the show, he invited his son to join him for a song. It was a very catchy track and turned out to be one of my favorites from the set. It was great to see father and son rap together and, to me was a highlight of the show.


Between Sozay and Swollen the intermission was very short because I remember running to the patio to pull in my chain smoking counterparts inside just as DJ Rob The Viking bought out Prevail, and the notorious, Madchild to the frenzied St. Louis stage.


BAM. BOOM, They walked onto Pop’s stage from then on, it was as if bomb exploded and the place went nuts. This shit was crazy, all these people wearing BattleAxe Gear flooded the stage. Madchild is something you need to see live, he had this look about him. Big sunglasses, and tattoos covering his face and smiling this crazy ” I just robbed a bank and got away ” smile while rapping these venomous lyrics that prior to this I had only heard on a CD.


One of my first thoughts watching them was, they should write a damn book so these broke ass, broke down rappers can read it. Title it ” How To Do A Live Rap Performance “, because these guys were schooling the game. Working both sides of the stage, slapping more hands than that of WWF stars of the 80s on the way down to the ring. It was a good feeling seeing the show I had waited so long for. Prevail, was doper than I could of every imagined, his rhyme game is so sharp. He was spitting razor flows effortlessly all night while working the stage with blinding speed.


This show was pedal to the metal, in your face, for the entire show. For a few songs Prevail took a breather, while Madchild treated St. Louis to some solo material. The crowd ate it up, almost as much as the Swollen stuff if not more so. During the song ” Dickhead ” everyone in the audience sang every word. It was pretty incredible to see the love STL has for Madchild and Swollen.


This crowd was not the largest one of the tour but, Swollen Members as a group blew the place apart like it was a capacity show. Madchild remarked how happy he was with the crowd and, to be on tour in St. Louis. He seemed to be in very good spirits and projected this good energy on the crowd. Its a great feeling to watch people do what they love, Madchild puts passion into his raps and performance.


They finished the blazing set with a solo Madchild song ” Monster ” and all I can think about is how this performance is burned in my memory forever now. Madchild killed this performance from start to finish, in every way. Its just a raw, very captivating performance and let the show end on a very high note. I was completely impressed with this show.

Swollen Members have new album ” Brand New Day, out next month, featuring the single ” Power ” check it out online. If you are anyway on the fence about going to see Madchild, Swollen Members, or Sozay go! Spend some money on this show because this guys will tear the stage down and put on a memorable show. I am already counting the days until they come even close to my city. I can’t wait to see this again. Thanks to Pop’s, Thanks Swollen Members for putting St. Louis on your tour, thanks to Sozay for coming out and rocking. Respect to everyone who came and spent some money on some real underground hip hop on a Sunday night in St. Louis.

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Chevelle – Pop’s Nightclub – Sauget, IL 12-7-12

I’m really not sure how many times I’ve actually seen Chevelle, I know I’ve seen them many, as I was seeing them when they first came out and Joe there other brother was the bassists, so regardless of how many times.. they never disappoint. I love standing there and singing every word. I tend to think of the time when I actually heard the song on the Cd, or why Pete wrote the lyrics for that certain song, it’s memories in your head that come up while your singing along, it’s priceless.

Chevelle really is about the music for me, I love there music, love Pete’s lyrics and the guys are great, regardless of what others say, they bring it every night.

Overall Chevelle never puts on a bad show, at least not none that I have been too. They had two opening bands, the first one Lye, isn’t worth mentioning they were a local band from St. Louis. 10 years was the second opening band and they rocked, it was my first time seeing them, and they were amazing. They got the crowd going, came out into the crowd, it was a major group effort and I know they have toured with Chevelle in the past, so overall great performance by 10 years.

Since this is one of my favorite bands, being in the front is a must, so you can imagine that my friend and I were the first two, too arrive at Pops at 10am in the morning by dang it, we had a plan, we were on a mission we were going to be in the front row. After picking up another friend from the airport we planted ourselves with chairs in tow, outside the doors, and that worked.  We were front row and that’s all that matters.

Chevelle took the stage around 9:30pm and started off with a bang, the bass in Pops was massive that it vibrated through your soul, it was awesome. They opened with “Sleep Apnea” from there 2009 album “Sci-Fi Crimes” of course they could play all of there albums and I would be happy. Pete had just gotten the ‘ok’ from his doctor to use his knee again, a couple months ago, he fell off a stage at a show and tore a muscle in his left knee so he was glad to be back to normal and ready to rock. He’s such a trooper though, even after he fell he still got back on stage, and finished the set all while sitting down.

There set list is as follows:

The majority of the photos are of 10 years, as the lighting for Chevelle was in my face and hard to actually take photos, I did manage to get a few, which was fine. It’s not like I don’t have photos of the band, just enjoying the music and singing was the highlight of my night. It’s all about there music for me, and Pete’s lyrics. I heard they are going to try to get another album out next year so that will be a plus all the way around.

Again Pop’s came through venue wise, can’t wait to see what 2013 brings to the area, and finishing off the 2012 concert season with two great bands was well worth the travel. Thanks again St. Louis.

Bush 12/06/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

It had been ten years or more since I first seen Gavin Rossdale and Bush live, I still remember the event, as he left the stage that night and came up close to where I was sitting, an unknown band at the time called Muse opened up for them, and that’s all I remember really, couldn’t tell you anymore, just remembered the event in my head.

So I was slightly excited to see Bush again, since it had been so long and I just wanted to make sure I was down in front of Gavin, but so did the fifteen or so fan club members that were there before us. My friend from Michigan flew down to St. Louis and we made a evening of it, as we were attending another concert the next day. Being about 15th, or 20th, in line wasn’t to shabby so the chances were good to get a rail when walking into the venue.  Getting to the venue early always allows you to make friends, visit and talk about other concerts that you have went to, and this was no different, Bush fans are really nice and they do love Gavin that’s for sure, but when security came out to tell the ones that had waited in line since noon or more, that only a few of them could go in, the bush army quickly became the blood army, but in the end all that were there before noon got to go in before us, still a rail was had.

Bush took the stage around 9pm I believe, and started out the night with “Machinehead” and Gavin looked mighty fine I will say. He sounded just like the album, voice and all didn’t miss a beat. They continued on with “All My Life”, “Chemicals” and the lead single off of there current CD “The Sea of Memories”. During “Afterlife” Gavin decided to leave the stage and make his way completely around the venue he started with the balcony and worked his way all the way back to where he started, of course a sweat trail was made. The man sweats a lot, so much so that he has plastic over his sound board, that’s how bad he sweats, but he’s getting a work out none the less. I’ve heard that the cold air affects his throat, so I understand why it’s warm in there and why he sweats, he doesn’t need to work out after a show that’s for sure.


The set list consisted of:

  • Machinehead
  • All My life
  • Chemicals
  • Sound of Winter
  • Zen
  • Heart of the Matter
  • Greedy Fly
  • I Believe in You
  • Afterlife (where he left the stage)
  • Break on Through
  • Little Things
  • Glycerine
  • Comedown

Overall it was a great show, I found myself taking more photos then normal, as Gavin is just so man pretty, the dude is flawless and he’s just sweet as he can be. I was able to met him afterward as there was a line, and he made his way down the line and hugged everyone, talking to them for a bit, posing for photos, and just overall gentlemanly. I told him one day I will meet your wife, he said he hoped to met her one day too.

Bush – Glycerine

Bush had two opening bands, Brookroyal a local St. Louis band whom I’ve seen a couple times on tour, they are a great rock band. They got the crowd moving and ready for Bush, along with Hollow Point Heros who from what I remember where pretty good. Both put out excellent performances while the crowd waited for Bush to take the stage.

Pops is a great venue in East St. Louis, I’ve been to it so many times the security guards hug me, that’s how much I’ve frequented that venue this year, it’s great for concerts and I’ll always feel safe there regardless of if others think it’s in a bad part of town, yes it’s between two strip clubs, but hey, it’s a rocking venue that’s all that matters. Pops does Rock!!

Check Out Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale sing Glycerine at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas together by clicking here.

Twiztid Destroys East St. Louis With Help From Hed Pe and Lil Wyte 11/29/12


Strangely I had not heard much of this tour until a few days before the show. Fate had giving both my girl and I the night off so we set out to make the most of it. After talking to my friend Steve, he invited us out to show and talked both of us into going. In exchage we talked Steve into giving us a ride out to Pop’s in Sauget, IL. Pop’s is one minute across the river in beautiful East Saint Louis. I have been coming to Pop’s since 1998. Great place, good staff, and awesome times.

We got inside as the California duo Potluck was midway through there set. They seemed like a fun band, and a great fit for this crowd. The crowd was a very good sized one, and had both the balcony and floor close to full.

After a few minutes of walking around we settled into a spot as Potluck played a remake of Tyga’s ” Rack City ” and turned it into ” Pot City ” talking about there hometown of Humboult County, CA. They closed out the set by asking fans to come smoke and talk with them at the merch booth.

During the intermission my buddy asked me? ” Is Lil Wyte here, he has no merch here? ” That was a good point too, as it was close to 8 p.m and they still hadn’t set up their merch. Well the lights went black and out came the southern legend that is Lil Wyte.

Hailing from Memphis, TN and reppin’ both Hypnotize Minds and Wyte Music. Lil Wyte has released 6 studio albums since 2000, the latest being ” Still Doubted ” which dropped in June of this year. The crowd really was into seeing Lil Wyte and his shows are always fun. As to be expected he closed his 30 set with ” Oxycottin “. The last few verses he did accapella with the crowd and was a great ending.

That brought up (Həd) p.e. they are from Huntington Beach, Ca. I have been seeing them live since 1999. Since then I have been to countless shows. They have a very loyal following now, and they had a lot of t-shirts with their logo in the crowd.

As soon as that first song ” Let’s Ride ” hit, all hell broke loose. The crowd went into a frenzy and a huge pit formed. The crazy thing is normally the pit stays away from the metal beams way off to the side, this pit sent people hurling into it. Girls were left scattering as the crowd grew more vicious with the song.

Lead Singer Jahred talked in between songs about a lot of things: Freedom, America, fucking, smoking, being lied to and just overall living a good life. He still can get down on stage too, during some songs bouncing 3-4 feet off the stage. The crowd matched his intensity and gave it right back.

My favorite part of the show was when Strata-G came out and rocked the stage. Strata-G is part of the F.T.I Army, which is a St. Louis label. They rock a lot of shows out here, and they are constantly on the grind. Strata-G has spent years promoting F.T.I outside of Pop’s chasing his dream, and has released multiple full length cds.

Hed rocked the stage for a good 45 minutes, and it was obvious the crowd wanted more. There just wasn’t enough time though and it was time for the Detroit horror duo, TWIZTID.

We left the crowd for some fresh air, soon enough some random girl came outside screaming TWWWWWWWIZTIDs on. We left and went inside as the murderous tag team that is Monoxide Child, and Jamie Madrox took the stage for the first song. Onstage Madrox sported a fancy mo-hawk, while Monoxide Child rocked some toxic lime green hair. Many juggalos in the crowd sported bloody clothing, painted faces, and psychopathic merch.

I first heard of Twiztid back in 1998 when I got a flyer featuring a dead siamise baby. They have went on to release 9 full length and 6 e.p albums since then and have developed a extremely devote fan base. This year they released ” Abominationz ” in October on Psychopathic Records.

Twiztid pieced together a impressive career spanning setlist that made both new and old fans happy. During the show a omenious ” Old School ” sound bite would drop everytime Twiztid played a older song.

Twiztid played for a hour, and the packed house loved every second of it. My girl had fun, I had fun. After the show the bands stuck around to sell merch, sign autographs and take photos with fans. Jahred from Hed was helping fans cut the sleeves off their newly purchased shirts.

It was a great night, and I can’t wait to do it all again. Thanks to: Pop’s, Twiztid, Hed Pe, Lil Wyte, Potluck, F.T.I Army, Straga-G and everyone else who came out and made this night awesome.

Till next time…..

Seether’s Triple Threat Tour 09/28/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Back in June Seether announced they would headline the Triple Threat tour with Kyng and Sick Puppies. As it turns out, one of those bands stole the show in my opinion.

Seether has played Pops before, and I have heard stories of chaos and other interesting things. In fact one of the security guards there told me an interesting story about how he spent a few days on their tour bus last time they were at Pops, so clearly Seether is a partying band. Unfortunately , I was not lucky enough to actually party with them on this particular evening.

As the norm goes, my friends and I managed to get to Pops well before anyone else. It’s always a great feeling when you walk into a venue and see that empty rail knowing you have accomplished the mission of getting up front. That moment makes up for all the pains of skipping meals and waiting outside since 1pm.

The opening band for the show at Pop’s go by the name Young Guns. They were from England, and they were pretty good, in a sense they could easily play the Warped Tour and gather a ton of young girls screaming after them. They did a great job of getting the crowd moving and the lead singer did have beautiful blue eyes, so that was a plus. Honestly I’m not sure what their songs were, as this is the first time I have actually heard of the band, but I can tell you they played songs from their most recent album Bones. 

The next band I wasn’t familiar with either, they were a three piece band called Kyng. (pronounced “king”) If I would have had long hair, I would have head banged through their entire set. Seriously this band rocked. They had heavy guitar riffs, and blazing bass, along with a lead singer that sort of looked like Rob Zombie, with a hint of Zack Wylde. He knows how to play the guitar that’s for sure. They played straight up head banging music, and they were good at it.

Although I had a hard time understanding exactly what he was saying, they did play songs from their album Trampled Sun and the lead singer was rather flirty. If you’re going to make wide eyes at me, expect the same back. Yes, several times he decided to do that with me and near the end of the set he pointed at me and sung. I love moments where you can connect like that with musicians.

Next up was Sick Puppies. Personally they stole the show. It’s been a year or so since I last saw the band that formed in Australia back in 1997., My first time seeing them, was two or three years ago, when they opened up for Chevelle in Chicago. They rocked the house then, and they rocked the house Friday night. Shim, the lead singer wasn’t feeling too well, you could tell his throat was scratchy but him and Emma, the bass player, and Mark the drummer, rocked it out. They got the crowd bouncing, moving and just plain singing every word to every song. I think they had more fans than Seether it was awesome. Bassist Emma Azari well let’s just say she kicks ass and can play a mean bass that’s for sure. They opened with “Odd One” off of their third album Tri-Polar. From that point on it was all rock. Check out the setlist below.

Sick Puppies set list consisted of:

  1. Odd One
  2. Cancer
  3. My World
  4. All the Same
  5. Maybe
  6. Mad World
  7. Riptide
  8. New Song, not sure on name
  9. Nothing Really Matters
  10. War
  11. You’re going down
Shim also climbed out onto the crowd which did get bumped in the head by his shoe. Sadly I was unable to get photos of this but it’s okay. They performed an epic set and I will no doubt go see them live again.
Seether was next and their stage set up was pretty cool. They had moving parts on the amps, a clock that went around, pumps that moved up and down, and various other things, lots of glowing lights, and special things on the microphones, many different touches to there stage set up.
It had been a good six or seven years since I last saw Seether. They were a band that I followed and seen many times, even one time when they opened for Marilyn Manson way back when. So I was anticipating the sound that they play, but I wasn’t anticipating the mellow vibe I was getting. Honestly I could have feel asleep if it wasn’t for the little kid next to me that had made his way up to the front row and was rocking out. I would have dozed, perhaps it was Shaun’s mellowness that didn’t get the crowd going or just didn’t seem to have a stage presence at all. I’m not really sure.
Seether did perform well for what it was and played their hits along with old favorites such as “Broken.” They had an amazing drum solo by drummer John Humphrey. They did have a set up where Dale the bassist was sitting in a chair playing the bass during “Broken”, and there was some sort of glass object with liquid in it. Here is a photo of it below, the lighting was just dark enough that you couldn’t really get good shots, because it was so smokey in a sense.
Seether did finish up strong, and did get the crowd into with “Country Song” so things were looking up during the performance. As I said Seether has been through a lot as a band, Shaun has had issues and various other things seem to come there way, but overall, they did have a solid performance, the set list is pictured below:

It was a good night for a concert, and being dead center in the front wasn’t to shabby. I would have liked to have the lighting a little different for Seether, but it is what it is. Pops is a great venue, you can’t go wrong with going there to see a show, they have two stages and a balcony enough to accommodate a sold out performance. I love getting there early enough to be able to go in and out of pops to use the facilities, and get a drink if need be, it is a great little venue, nestled between two strip clubs.. makes for the perfect show, and they have a great atmosphere I think, overall I love pops. And this show turned me on to two new bands, that I hadn’t heard of until then, I will see Kyng again for sure, and you never know Young Guns might turn up on another tour, but overall another great concert.

Sebastian Bach – 7-21-12 – Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Sebastian Bach we all know the name from the days when Skid Row ruled the world (and perhaps girls of a certain age remember him from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls). I have never seen Sebastian Bach or Skid Row  perform live but I remember the hits like “ I Remember You” like it was yesterday . This show was another free concert as my friend and I got free tickets when we were at Pops two weeks ago. One of the manager’s for an opener asked if we wanted to go, how could we turn him down? As usual we got down to Pop’s early enough that we were the only ones in the parking lot. Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to Pops when there is someone else there, I’m usually always the first one as I want to be in the first row. So we started to stand in line around 4:30pm when Security came out and moved us back away from the door. Needless to say before the doors opened at 7pm the line was strung through the parking lot and around vehicles so there was a solid turn out for the Sebastian Bach show.

While standing in line my friend Cheri and I, discussed where we wanted to be as the presence of drunk people behind us in line, had us second guessing our spots. Knowing Pop’s has a nice balcony it was decided that we would head up there and get front balcony for the show. Once the doors opened we managed to get two seats almost center to the stage, where Cheri could video tape and I could test out my other angle of photos, and see if that would make a difference. We got our spot which was located underneath an air conditioner vent, you can imagine we nearly froze the whole time (unexpected for the Midwest in July), but enjoyed the show none the less.

Sebastian Bach took the stage at 10pm, and opened up with the head banging “Slave to the Grind.” It was outstanding as Bach was microphone swinging and head banging through the entire song. He sounded great, had the slight echo going through the mic when he finished a song, but that’s to be expected, it is Sebastian Bach for crying out loud. “Slave to the Grind” was awesome, although I kept on singing “Halstorms” version of it in my head, as they did remake the song on an EP earlier in the year, still Bach owned it.

He automatically continued into the next song, “Kicking and Screaming” without slowing down. I did notice his adorable little guitar player, Nick Sterling a young guy in his early 20’s yes I’m attracted to younger guys, he was adorable. In fact I almost thought it could be Bach’s son, but as the show progressed I realized it wasn’t but he could play that guitar beautifully and I thought was the highlight of the show, but that’s just me.

Set list below:

  1. Slave to the Grind
  2. Kicking and Screaming
  3. Dirty Power
  4. Here I am
  5. Big Guns
  6. (Love is) a Bitchslap
  7. Stuck Inside
  8. Piece of Me
  9. 18 and Life
  10. American Metalhead
  11. As Long as I got the Music
  12. Monkey Business
  13. My own Worst Enemy
  14. I’m alive
  15. I Remember you
  16. Tunnel Vision
  17. Youth gone wild

As you can see the set list had major Skid Row songs on it, and “Tunnel Vision” which he stated was wrote with John 5 from Rob Zombie. The highlight of the show was during “Youth Gone Wild” as Sebastian started the song and got into the first chorus a kid came running up on stage from the side and started head banging and dancing around. You could see Nick’s face like what the heck, he quickly got tackled and taken out by the security guards, he was in the crowd earlier and was head banging to the opening bands, he did really make it be “Youth gone Wild”, it was a great ending to a awesome concert.

Sebastian Bach had two opening bands, Conquest, and Divine Sorrow. I could have done without Conquest they weren’t very good. Your basic  hair band where the lead singer resembled Bret Micheal’s. Divine Sorrow on the other hand is a good little band, sort of a cross between Metallica and Creed, they had tons of family and friends there, and put on a great set.

Sebastian did mention “Sauget” a lot, as that is the town were Pop’s is located, but did also say that Pops sold out, and that was awesome considering everything going on in St. Louis over the weekend Pop’s managed to sell out for Bach, and as usual put on a great show, I love Pop’s so I can’t say anything bad about a venue that I frequent at least three or four times a year, a great night had by all.



Hoobastank 07/10/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

This particular journey to see Hoobastank began on Twitter. I’ve become friends with two awesome ladies from overseas who are huge fans of the band, Hazel Cooksley from the United Kingdom and Lotta Djerf from Sweden. They both love their music and love the band dearly, so me going and seeing the band became a top priority. Needless to say, they both went with me via Twitter and what a journey it was.

We began our trip by tweeting pretty much the whole afternoon, and when we tweeted about Hoobastank or their lead singer Doug Robb we included them in our tweets. I was documenting this for my European friends, tour bus photo, venue photos, Hazel even called from the United Kingdom to hear a bit of the band’s sound check as we got close to the venues front door. That was unreal I thought as I had never received a call from London before.

Pop’s is a good little venue on the east side of St. Louis (Sauget Illinois to be exact). It has two stages, a balcony and a bar with a great atmosphere for music. Even though it’s located between two strip clubs, it still serves its purpose very well and is a venue I would recommend anyone go to that loves live rock music. The night started off with local openers From Skies of Fire. They got the crowd moving and one guy even crowd surfed. With the lack of guard rail, he got pushed right back down.


Hoobastank took the stage around 9:15pm and opened with “Pieces” off of their 2001 self-titled album. It had been a good ten or twelve years since they had taken the stage in St. Louis and Doug mentioned last time they were there he accidently called St. Louis, Cincinnati. Oops but hey he apologized and the band sounded amazing especially Dan Estrin on the guitar. Seriously I have never heard such sounds coming from a guitar before. Perhaps that is because this was my first time seeing the band? Regardless it won’t be the last time that is for sure.

Hoobastank has a new album called Fight or Flight coming out next month, and we were treated to several new songs from the album as well as some classic jams. The set list is as follows (I may have missed a song and it may be slightly out of order):

  1. Pieces
  2. Out of Control
  3. This is Gonna Hurt
  4. You Before Me
  5. 1st of Me
  6. Same Direction
  7. Running Away
  8. The Fallen
  9. Slow Down
  10. Unaffected
  11. Incomplete
  12. The Reason
  13. No Win Situation
  14. Fight or Flight
  15. Remember Me
  16. 1000 Words
  17. Born to Lead
  18. Crawling in the Dark

The band played their song with a ton of passion. They also decided an encore was not needed, instead Doug stated that we should just clap after this one song and after they took a little drink they would continue on with the music.  Ha that was funny and much easier if you ask me. The crowd was roughly 200 maybe 300 at the most, a small intimate setting and during “The Reason” you could hear it, I don’t think anyone wasn’t singing. Overall an amazing performance, but what made the night even more amazing was after the show, Doug bent down and shook my hand and said “you drove what two hours to be here” and I’m like “yes, and I said Hazel and Lotta say Hello” he’s like “I know, Hazel from the UK.. I know that chick.” I just smiled and said thank you as I was grateful he had been reading our tweets that day.

Afterward Doug and the rest of the band, Dan Estrin (guitarist), Chris Hesse (drummer), and Jesse Charland (bassist) all came out to greet fans and sign autographs. Doug was really sweet, he took the time to write on my set list Hi Hazel & Lotta, love Doug(me) and we took a photo with it. I told you it was an amazing night.

Buckcherry 04/27/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Buckcherry w/ Fivefold, Redlight Kings and James Durbin 04/27/12

Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Words by concertchk, Photos by  Beth Thompson

Buckcherry, odd name for a rock band but, with a lead singer like Josh Todd the name works well. This was my first time seeing Buckcherry live, so I went into this concert not really knowing what to expect. My friend and I got there after doors opened, but still managed to get in the front row, I guess folks have to leave to go get more beer, therefore losing their coveted spot? Oh well, so sorry.

The night kicked off with opening sets from Fivefold, Redlight Kings, and James Durbin. Fivefold were awesome, a great little rock band from the St. Louis area I believe. They had strong vocals, great guitars and an overall head banging vibe a perfect way to start the night off.

Redlight Kings let’s just say I LOVE THEM!! Seriously this is why I went to the show, Kaz is amazing, he’s the lead singer and I first discovered them last year in Fort Wayne, IN and have been a fan ever since. They lay down old school rock, mixed with a little bit of Everlast and a whole lot of soul. Keep your eyes on this band as they put on a killer performance and very well may be a household name in the not so distant future.

I honestly felt that Americal Idol alum James Durbin sucked. I’m sorry, but Spider One from Powerman 5000 already has that look and you should really try to get your own. I was not impressed, nor would I pay to see this person in concert. If you are going to dress like a rock star, and have a rock star looking band your voice better not sound like a girl.  Buckcherry could have totally done without him on tour. I would have been happy if it was the other two bands minus this dude.

Buckcherry front man Josh Todd is a tattooed work of art, seriously his whole upper half is inked. He sort of reminds me of a young Steven Tyler, not sure if it’s the skinny frame, the lips or the voice. Buckcherry took the stage around 10 pm and started out with “All Night Long.” Before you know it, Josh already had his shirt and jacket off (why come on stage with it, he knows we all want to see his tattooed torso?) and was on the move. For me, I thought he was shorter than what I had seen on TV, clearly I need to not let that affect how I perceive a rock and roll star.

I love messing with rock stars on stage, I’ve done this many times  smiling and looking them in the eye sort of jolts there stage presence, I, of course find it entertaining, and it shows they are actually REAL.  Josh is cocky you can tell by the way he acts, so I decided I was going to smile and make eye contact for the majority of the show. He was doing the same only to the girls that were jumping up and down, wonder why that was?  We did make eye contact several times through the show, and yes he almost cracked a smile, but that “I’m a hardcore rock dude” ego brought him back to reality. Unfortunately, my pal Beth and I were not mentioned in the “sexy” area of the crowd when he took that survey. Perhaps he knew we were the “good girls” of the crowd?

Musically the band sang new songs and old favorites and basically sounded just like they do on record. Highlights included “Tired of You,” “Lit Up” and of course “Crazy Bitch.” They did a great job of rocking Pop’s, and while I was not overly impressed they still put on a solid show. Minus the joke of James Durbin, overall the concert was great, the pit wasn’t rowdy or pushy, just a good old fashioned rock show. Add the fact that Pop’s has great acoustics and is located between two strip clubs and I can see why so many love to perform here when in the St. Louis area. Truly a great night of music, and I am glad I had the chance to see Buckcherry, and the art of Josh Todd. I might even consider paying to see them again one day.

Photos were taken by my friend Beth Thompson..


Janus 03/29/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Janus/Deny The Gravity, Pop’s Sauget, IL 03-29-12
Words/Photos/Videos by BzNtz

My friend Mike called me very excited one day and told me that his band Deny The Gravity was picked to open a show for Janus. I was very happy for him and as I normally do with my friends bands if I am off work I will go.

The tickets were only 10.57 thanks to our local alternative radio station, 105.7 The Point. The Point puts on a lot of great shows that I try to support when I can. I rolled out to this show solo style, but I was instantly greeted by many familiar faces in the crowd.

Pop’s is a great place to see a show I have been coming to Pop’s for over a decade. Located in Sauget, IL right across the river from St. Louis. Pop’s has hosted many, many great shows through the years.

I missed the first opening band Manx but got there right in time to check out my friends Deny The Gravity. DTG is a 5 piece rock band from St. Charles, MO. They always bring a good crowd of people to see them, as they are great at promoting their gigs. They got on stage and wasted no time getting the people left in the seats on their feet.

Deny The Gravity features my friends: Bill on Vocals, Pappy on Bass, Mike, and Shane on Guitar, and Joe on the drums.

I have known them all for years and they have spent the better part of those years working on their craft. Hard work pays off and I have been there to see the crowd size double, and triple for them in size at each show.

They tore up the stage for the better part of 30 minutes, getting everyone moving around and feeling good. What a rock show is supposed to do.

After Deny The Gravity was Connibal Road who also did a great job of rocking the stage and getting the crowd charged. I didn’t get any pictures of their set because of low batteries. Then right around 10:05 our wonderful Point DJ Lux came out to announce the headliner of the evening.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Janus took the Pop’s stage and started things off with ” In Flames ” which is the first track of their new album released on 3/27/12 titled ” Nox Aeris ” on Realid Records.

They were very excited to be back in St. Louis and the crowd was happy they were back. They rocked ” Your Arms ” and ” Six Letters ” off of the debut album ” Red Right Turn ” before playing a new song ” Lifeless “.

Skin Deep ” and ” The Nerve ” followed by ” Stranger ” were next next in the set all of which are from the debut album.

The song ” Promise To No One ” is easily one of my favorites off the new album had plenty of people singing in the crowd.

They played another song from the new record ” Numb ” was a great song to see live. They seemed very together on the new material and it was fun and fresh to see live.

The new single was next ” Stains ” had the floor moving as Janus tore up the stage. They have a lot of energy when they play and the Pop’s crowd gave it right back to them. The Point has been spinning the new single a lot and the crowd was very excited hearing it live.

They ended the set with ” Eyesore ” which has been shown a lot of love on 105.7 The Point’s airwaves over the past couple years. It was a great choice to close the night out.

My friends and I hung out, drank some cold beers, and played bar games. Bill from DTG bought me a beer and it was very much appreciated. Thanks Bill!

Some of my friends left to hit the Penthouse Strip club and I was almost going to go with them. However, I need to save my chips for Memphis In May which is only a month away. Janus stuck around and signed copies for ” Nox Aeris ” for their fans. It was a great night.

Janus – Sauget, IL 03/29/12

1. In Flames
2. Your Arms
3. Six Letters
4. Lifeless
5. Skin Deep
6. The Nerve
7. Stranger
8. Promise To No One
9. Numb
10. Stains

Thanks To: 105.7 The Point, Deny The Gravity, Connibal Road, Manx, Pop’s, Lux, and all my friends who made this night ROCK! Thank You.

Be sure to check out Janus’s new record ” Nox Aeris ” and Manx, Deny The Gravity and Connibal Road.


and be sure to stay up with shows at Pop’s



I have been a fan of Machine Head since before the ” Burning Red ” album was released. That CD release show was one of the first shows I have ever attended at Pop’s Concert and Nightclub in beautiful, sunny Sauget, IL. Its hard to believe its been over 10 years since that day or summer. A lot has changed, new albums, new haircuts, new groupies and a lot has stayed the same. Hard fucking music brought to you as only Machine Head can. Brutal, unforgiving and in your face. When Robb Flynn and Co. decided to bring a winter tour to St. Louis and I couldn’t help but go. Oh the memories.

A show prior to this my car battery died completely, oh well thats what happens when you drive, shit breaks. So with my battery being shot, I decided to call and try and find a ride. It wasn’t hard, one of my good friends and die hard St. Louis Metal fan Matt decided to be nice enough to give me a ride to the show. Before heading out we grabbed a few Schlafly Pale Ale’s as a gift for the band Darkest Hour. Schlafly is a great St. Louis brewer and they make exceptional beer, they also sponsor great music and events. After grabbing a few beers myself we rolled towards Pop’s in search of good times, strippers and music.

We found all 3 numerous times upon entering Pop’s glorious parking lot. After finding a spot next to the buses we had to wait a whole 5 minutes before Lonestar from Darkest Hour came outside. My friend Matt and him chatted about the weather, beer, and music in a 3 minute chat. They kept it brief as Darkest Hour was to hit the stage in less than an hour and it was 22 degrees in St. Louis with a breeze that kills. I had killed a few beers by this time and I was hoping I could have a couple more inside. Well the math wasn’t right, I had 23 dollars the show was $22 day of show. Then someone asked me the magic question. Do you need a ticket they asked? ” Yeah how much ? ” I replied. When he told me 10 dollars I was super excited. Just what I needed more alcohol, and we were in.

It was your typical metal show, lots of black shirts featuring the words fuck and bitch. I made my way to the floor to watch Darkest Hour. They hail from Washington D.C and bring the metal all over this globe. They took the stage on time and wasted no time in putting on a show that sent those in attendance to see them to go crazy, my friend Matt included.

He hyped this band up quite a bit and they did not let down. They played ” The World Engulfed In Flames ” to open their set and played it with a raw intensity. It was a great start to what would turn out to be a great show.

Singer John Henry was very into his job at vocals working both sides of the stage, and never letting the shows energy to slip back down. He was a great front man to watch work the stage.

Darkest Hour has recorded 7 albums in the past 10 years and paid a lot of dues across America among other countries. They played a variety of songs off of their collection of albums. One that stood out in my mind being the first time seeing them live was, ” A Thousand Words To Say But One ” off of the 2005 release ” Undoing Ruin “. This song really showed how together these guys are as a group.

They played a incredible set, I really enjoy these guys and look forward to seeing them back in the future. On the way down to the show Matt told me the song ” Doomsayer ” changed the way he viewed music. I respect Matt’s opinion very much and that is a major statement. So we sat on the way to the show and listened to that song twice, and it was only right they would end with ” Doomsayer ” and left the crowd charged and waiting more.

After the brief set change, the lights went dark and the crowd once again rushed the floor. Up next from Southern California was Suicide Silence. A lot of people have negative things to say about this band. The handful of times I have met them or seen them live they have always rocked and treated me and other fans with respect. They brought a sizeable chunk of the crowd that night and the floor got crazy when they started off the set with ” You Only Live Once ” which is off of their latest release ” The Black Crown “.

After first seeing them in 2008 at some local club that was packed to the walls, I have seen them countless other times over the years. They always put on a great show and take performing seriously. Lead singer Mitch Lucker loves his circle pits and would call for one almost every song to which the crowd was happy to help. It was great seeing half the crowd try for the circle pit and the other half sit there and wonder whats going on?

They had a good variety of songs during thier 40 minute set. Such as songs from the 2007 debut release ” The Cleansing ” such as the fan favorite ” No Pity For A Coward “. That got the hardcore Suicide fans revved up in a frenzy. They encouraged the crowd surfers that were flying over the barricade almost faster than security could catch them.

Towards the end of the set they still had the crowd eating out of their hands. After playing ” Smoke ” off of 2009’s ” No Time To Bleed ” album it was time for the metal show staple ” The Wall of Death “. It went over great as it normally does at Pop’s the crowd loved it and it got them to go even crazier than they were already. They followed that up with ” Disengage ” which is the last song on the ” No Time To Bleed ” album.

After Suicide finished their set, the anticipation grew as we waited for Machine Head to take the stage. The crowd chanted ” Machine Fuckin’ Head ” as the lights went out. They came out and rocked the song ” I AM HELL ” for the St. Louis crowd, red lights lit the stage giving even more feeling to the song. It was a great song to open with and people wasted no time in showing everyone else what Machine Head shows are all about.

” I Am Hell ” is a single off of the album ” Unto The Locust ” which was released in 2011. They continued the destruction with ” Imperium ” off of 2004’s ” Through The Ashes Of Empires ” which the crowd went crazy for screaming the chorus as loud as they possibly could. It seemed to get louder and louder and the show progressed.

This show reminded me of all the other great Machine Head shows I had seen here over the past decade or so. At one point frontman Robb Flynn told the crowd about the first time he came to Pop’s and how much he loved playing here, then he asked ” How many of you crazy motherfuckers are going to be here next time? ” It was obvious that they hadn’t lost any steps and that they will have a crowd in St. Louis for a long time to come.

I enjoyed the intro Robb did for the song ” Locust ” off of their latest effort ” Unto The Locust ” and they rocked it. The crowd was very into it and let them know it. During the next song ” This Is The End ” crowd surfers were flying everywhere.

After a Cheers with the crowd and waking the crowd up. Robb Dedicated ” Aesthetics Of Hate ” to Dimebag. It was a fitting tribute for a metal legend that deserves to remembered as much as possible.

It was great seeing such a awesome band from my younger years still tearing shit up, Adam Duce the bass player was as fierce as ever.

The Drums were on point, Phil Demmel was ripping up some crazy solo’s on lead guitar. They had a great setlist featuring songs we have grew to expect at a Machine Head show.

“10 Ton Hammer” and ” Bulldozer ” got the great response that each should. Lot’s of bodies flying and slamming into each other, in the crazy pit that grew with each song.

Machine Head left the stage briefly after 60 minutes and 13 songs. They came back out to rock the crowd with ” Halo ” off of 2008’s album ” The Blackening ” and closed the set with ” Davidian” off of 2005’s album ” Elegies “. It was a great performance from a band that always delivers. MACHINE FUCKIN’ HEAD tore it down once again.

After Machine Head’s set, I sat and chatted about concerts, touring and life as of late with Mitch from Suicide Silence, he was just chillen, enjoying a Coor’s Light and the crowds company. He took time to sign autographs and take pictures with all of his fans left in attendance. It is cool to see people so eager to meet their fans. This show has a great lineup, each band has a great set and it is a great time. I walked out of Pop’s slightly drunk and ears ringing and headed straight to White Castle as I do after most shows. Go see this show, go support these bands and pick up some albums. ‘

Darkest Hour has ” The Human Romance ” and 6 other albums instores
Suicide Silence has ” The Black Crown ” and 2 other albums instores
Machine Head has ” Unto The Locust ” and 6 other albums instores



The World Engulfed in Flames

No God

Savor the Kill

With a Thousand Words to Say but One

Violent by Nature

Love as a Weapon

Your Everyday Disaster

Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)



You Only Live Once

Wake Up



Slaves to Substance


Fuck Everything

No Pity for a Coward



I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)

Be Still and Know


Beautiful Mourning

The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears


This Is the End

Aesthetics of Hate


Darkness Within



Ten Ton Hammer

Who We Are




Till Next Time.

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

Mastodon Announce 2011 North American Tour Dates

With their new album The Hunter due to hit shelves at the end of this month, Mastodon have announced dates for a North American Headline tour. In addition to an appearance at the Voodoo Music Experneice in New Orleans on Saturday October 29th the band will be performing in most major markets during the five week run. Coming along for the tour will be Red Fang and Dillinger Escape Plan. You can check out the first single from Mastodon’s new album here. Dates for the trek can be found below.

Mastodon 2011 Tour Dates:
10/25 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa
10/27 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgeralds
11/01 – Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
11/02 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
11/03 – San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield
11/05 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
11/06 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO
11/07 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
11/08 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
11/09 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
11/11 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Rave Ballroom
11/13 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
11/14 – Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
11/16 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
11/17 – Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
11/19 – New York City, NY @ Terminal 5
11/20 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
11/21 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
11/23 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
11/25 – Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus
11/26 – Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
11/27 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
11/28 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
11/29 – Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
12/01 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

Bad Religion and Rise Against Play East St. Louis Parking Lot.

Bad Religion/Rise Against 05/10/11

Pop’s Outdoors – Sauget, IL

Words/Photos by BeeZnutZ


I love outdoor shows. They remind me of summer days spent outside seeing some of my favorite bands with good friends. When Rise Against announced they would be touring with Bad Religion I was sold. Even better the venue Pop’s 24/7 in Sauget, IL was hosting the show outside, in the parking lot in between two nightclubs.

The morning of the show was gloomy, rainy and anything but exceptional weather for an outdoor event. As the day progressed the weather slowly turned around until it was a pretty nice overcast day. The day concluded with a nice sunset and my friend and I racing towards the east side. Home of Strip Clubs, Pop’s, that one off track betting gas station and factories!

As we pulled in I noticed a bunch of people sneaking in the parking lot to avoid paying $5 dollars.They were being chased down by the security guards. However I wanted to drink a beer in peace in my car. And 5 dollars sounded like a great bargain not to be heckled by parking attendants.

Parked the car, cracked a beer, slammed one and opened another. As we started walking the first song of Bad Religions set was being played. We hustled made good time and only missed one full song.

We found good spots middle of the crowd and were treated to a great show from the California punk veterans. The crowd was very into the set and the band gave the energy right back.

Greg Graffin is a pretty cool guy, never had the chance to meet him yet, but you can tell from his cool stage demeanor.Turns out he his also pretty damn smart too! This fall Greg will be teaching evolution at Cornell University. He sounds great live and makes Bad Religion a can’t miss for me always.

The rest of the band is equally amazing with original members Brett Gurewitz on guitar and Jay Bentley and bass still! That is incredible considering they have been around since 1979 Up next was a old school jam I love. ” Do what you want”

I was having so much fun during the set. So many memories of Bad Religion at various Warped Tours over the years instantly came to mind. The outdoor setting was perfect for this show. Next they rocked the classic ” Infected ” a tune written by the guitar player Brent Gurewitz. Who writes a lot of the bands songs and also started the record label Epitah Records back in the 80’s to sell Bad Religion records and merch.

They closed out a great set with ” Sorrow ” another song Brent wrote, that appeared on the 2002 album ” The Process of Belief ” which is hard to believe was their 12th full length album.

Another solid set in the books for Bad Religion. Everytime I am impressed by them! These new sissy wannabe bands coming out today should relax and take notes.

There was a quarter of a moon lurching in the sky above during the Bad Religion/Rise Against set change. Nice T-shirt weather night outside. The crowd was buzzing and the beer lines were long.

Since this is concert confessions I will confess that I didn’t go for Rise Against. That being said about everyone else did. So fair being fair they headlined and rocked it for all their fans in attendance.

They brought a good sized chunk of the crowd, who bounced and sang along with all the songs. The weather was just right and made everyone that much more excited to be there.

They had the crowd bouncing the entire night and almost everyone was having a great time. My friend and I were enjoying each others company breathing in the fresh industrial smog and rock and roll that was thick in the air.

They kept the energy and crowd going at a decent level the whole show. It was fun to watch them work the stage. They broke into the new single from the new album ” Endgame “. This song has been getting a lot of spins at the local station 105.7 KPNT The Point.

After seeing the one song I did know, we decided to stay for a few more songs. Up next was ” Swing Life Away” I remember that getting played 4,506 times back in the day. So maybe it is understandable why they are headlining after all.

We decided to beat traffic and make good time home, and that we did. My friend had a great night, I had fun and I can’t wait to do it
all again. Till next time….

Bad Religion :

1. The Day The Earth Stalled

2. Wrong Way Kids

3. American Jesus

4. Before You Die

5. Let Them Eat War

6. The Resist Stance

7. Cyanide

8. Meeting Of The Minds

9. Do What You Want

10. Social Suicide

11. Dearly Beloved

12. Infected

13. We’re Only Gonna Die

14. Los Angeles Is Burning

15. Sorrow

Rise Against :

1. Chamber the Cartridge

2. The Good Left Undone

3. Heaven Knows

4. Re-Education (Through Labor) Play Video

5. Survive

6. Make It Stop (September’s Children) Play Video

7. The Dirt Whispered

8. Help Is on the Way

10. From Heads Unworthy

11. Prayer of the Refugee

12. Swing Life Away

13. Hero of War

14. Audience of One

15. Architects

16. Ready to Fall


17. Entertainment

18. Savior Play Video

19 . Give It All

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