Beats Antique The Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO 04/04/12
Words/Photos/Video by BzNtz

Over the past few years I have heard a lot of things about this group called Beats Antique, but still years later I knew almost nothing about them. I heard they put on a great live show, I saw numerous friends like their facebook page. So on this cold and rainy St. Louis night I decided to see for myself. I started the night at work, when I asked my friend Tori to switch me shifts. It meant she had to stay an extra 2 hours for me, and I would have to work 10 hours straight the next day. I wanted to see a show so I did what I had to do and I was out the door by 8 p.m.

I cruised by the gas station and picked up a six pack of beers, headed to my girlfriends house picked up memory cards, then I realized I forgot my I.D so I drove by my house to grab that. Finally after an hour of running around I hit the highway and cruised down to the Old Rock House located in downtown St. Louis. The Old Rock House is a great place to see a show they have a nice staff, multiple levels, great sound and lights. The capacity is around 400-500 and there is not a bad place in the house, even the bars feature tvs with a live feed of the show.

First thing that happened when I got there was this fire performer started performing right behind me, the only reason I turned around was because I could feel the heat from the flame. He was very into his act and got right down on that dirty night club floor and played with fire. After a few tricks he put out his fire and the crowd was back to normal again. There was a lot of girls, many of whom were wearing belly dance outfits and were very much entertained by the DJ blasting out beats and bass.

The Dj did his thing and had the crowd feeling no pain. Everyone was dancing, drinking and having a good time. There was a stilt walker going through the crowd. I found it entertaining to watch him go up and down the steps. I ran into a few familar faces in the crowd, but still I had no clue of what awaited me this evening. Next to the stage was St. Louis own Scarlett Sinferno who is part of the Venus In Flames Fire Troupe. She is a very skilled and awesome fire performer and she captivated the crowd with her hot moves. Letting the flames race across her body all while dancing and keeping pace to the music is fun and impressive to watch. I have see her perform countless times over the past few years and I always enjoy it.

Soon enough the DJ was wrapped up his set and made room for the headline act of the evening. Prior to the show I had not listened, watched or known anything about Beats Antique. I always prefer the live experience as opposed to seeing it on Youtube, or listening to a cd, or even the radio. All of those are fine, but I prefer my first experience with a group to be live if at all possible. I noticed the drums, and the DJ set up on stage, but other than that I knew very little of what was to come. The house music played for about 30 minutes before the lights went black and Beats Antique took the stage. As they band took their places a slow melodic song started playing as Zoe came out and put on a stunning dance show featuring a Asian style mask.

After her show stealing dance, Zoe disappeared into the back while Tommy ” Sidecar ” Cappel pounded away a beat on the drums while David Satori kept busy with a vast variety of instruments. They blended the sounds together and had everyone lost in the music that was being performed live and in person. The energy level was very high as the music vibrated the room. The crowd had filled the entire floor and everyone was dancing and losing control.

Zoe would return every few songs and sometimes would play a big drum, she was something a lot of the people in the crowd came to see. She also had multiple wardrobe changes to add effect to the show. The crowd ate it up, and could not get enough of her. She moves very seductively at times and other times she just seems possessed by the music. It was fun and fascinating to watch.

Beats Antique has been around since 2007 and have released 6 albums since then and have been on numerous tours in the US and abroad. They are certainly a band to watch in 2012 and future years. I would imagine the next tour will be at a slightly larger venue, and to a much larger crowd. The beers were flowing and the music kept pumping, the crowd keep it going and kept moving.

I was certainly impressed, and they proved to be a strong live act. After more than an hour on stage it was time to leave, and the crowd showed how much they loved them and screamed until they returned to the stage. David donned a Zebra head, while Zoe went with a lion head. They both jumped around and had a bunch of fun with the crowd and the final song of the evening. It was unexpected and great to see a band have such fun on stage.

After the band had left Zoe reemerged to take photos with fans and hug everyone in the front rows. She was very excited to see her fans and the fans were just as excited to be talking with her and taking photo’s. It was a great end to a great night. They put on a exceptional show and left a positive impression on all that attended. This is one show not to miss in 2012.

Till next time…….

Thanks to: The Old Rock House, Beats Antique, Dub Queen Stephanie, Scarlett Sinferno, and everyone else who came out and rocked on a Wednesday night.

Beats Antique is on tour! Check them out at a date or festival near you, for more information or to buy music visit:

Date Venue Location

Apr 05 Blue Note Columbia, MO
Apr 06 Granada Lawrence, KS
Apr 07 Cain’s Ballroom Tulsa, OK
Apr 09 The Canopy Club Urbana, IL
Apr 11 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI
Apr 12 Royal Oak Detroit, MI
Apr 13 Exhibition Hall (supporting Bassnectar) Madison, WI
Apr 14 The Brick Minneapolis, MN
Apr 15 Coachella Indio, CA
Apr 22 Coachella Indio, CA
Apr 24 Newby’s Memphis, TN
Apr 25 The Jupiter Tuscaloosa, AL
Apr 26 The Moon Tallahassee, FL
Apr 28 House Of Blues New Orleans, LA
May 02 9:30 Club Washington, DC
May 03 The National Richmond, VA
May 04 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
May 05 Neighborhood Theater Charlotte, NC
May 08 Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY
May 09 Westcott Theater Syracuse, NY
May 10 Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
May 11 The Met Pawtucket, RI
May 12 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
May 13 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
May 17 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 18 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 19 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 20 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 21 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 25 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 26 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 27 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 28 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 31 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 01 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 02 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 03 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 07 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 08 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 09 Starscape Festival Baltimore, MD
Jun 09 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 10 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 22 Wanderlust Festival Bondville, VT
Jun 28 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jun 29 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jun 30 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jul 01 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jul 06 Wanderlust Festival Copper Mountain, CO
Jul 08 The Doo Dah (w/ Ziggy Marley) Telluride, CO
Jul 15 The Forcastle Festival Louisville, KY
Jul 26 Wanderlust Festival Tahoe City, CA
Aug 09 The Festival of Gnarnia Beech Mountain, NC
Aug 25 Live at Squamish BEATS ANTIQUE (LIVE SET) (FEAT. SIDECAR TOMMY & DAVID SATORI) Squamish, Canada