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Leverage Models Invade Vintage Vinyl, 03/18/14

Leverage Models
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO

I just can’t stay away from Vintage Vinyl and, its for good reason too. The special events/instores they frequently host are just too good to pass up. On a nice, chilly Tuesday night in St. Louis, the Leverage Models from New York stopped by the give everyone reason to funk it up. Earlier in the week I won a Twitter contest put on by Vintage Vinyl for ZZ Ward concert tickets. I had first heard of ZZ at a Vintage Vinyl performance a few years prior. So I decided to check out Leverage Models on our way down to the ZZ Ward show.


After a nice dinner my lady and I arrived on the historic Delmar Ave. right at Sunset. It is a beautiful diverse street filled with concert venues, food, and a amazing array of shops to suit just about everyone. We got in Vintage about 10 minutes late and I made a bee line to the beer table. Once again my friends and, unofficial sponser Schlafly Beer was on hand to provide adult refreshments to the 21 plus crowd. Black Lager tasted outstanding, Thank You very much Schlafly, keep up the great work.


The first thing anyone noticed about this performance was LOUD. Incredibly LOUD, even for this large size record store, the sound was in your face from the moment you stepped inside. After securing my refreshment I took a spot up front and watched the insane antics of frontman Shannon Fields.


They used a lot of funky futuristic sounds, auto-tune and various other instruments including a maraca and megaphone. They were very amusing to watch, I surely enjoyed it. After 20 minutes and a full sweat soaked shirt Leverage Models thanked the crowd and reminded everyone to check out the new self titled release which just came out last fall. Check the links below.


They put on a amazing show, afterwords we chatted for a few minutes they were very nice talking to. You should go check them out online, or even better when they come to a town near you. Many gracious thanks to everyone making this possible.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank you Leverage Models (safe travels) and a much love, very special thank you shout out to my unofficial (for now) sponser Schlafly Beer Saint Louis, MO (p.s SPONSER ME )



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Road To Paid Dues, The Gramophone, 03/05/13
Photo’s/Words : BeezNutzSTL


Paid Dues is a independent hip hop festival held annually in Pomona, California. This week some of my favorite artist came out to rock The Gramophone in St. Louis on The Road To Paid Dues tour. Thanks to my good friends Kathy and Curtis, I have known about and been a fan of Prof for years now.


My friends Kathy, Curtis and I all decided to meet up and ride downtown together. That way we would save that gas money for better things, such as drinks and merch. We got to The Gramophone around 9:30, went inside and headed straight to the bar. Which was where I met my new friend Anna. We had both came to the show to see Prof and we ended up hanging out most of the night. A beer later I found my spot just in time for Black Cloud Music who was taking the stage.


Black Cloud Music is a indepedent record label based in Island Empire, California founded in 2006. They were represented by two of the members Noa James ” The Intelligent, Elegant, Elephant ” and Curtiss King who made a reference to himself looking like Sinbad which was funny. They both were dope, had great lyrics and played well off each other. I watched the entire set and was very impressed. Noa commanded everyone’s attention and respect when he rapped acapella and his words boomed off the back brick walls.


They rocked for 30 plus minutes and got the crowd hyped up. It was a nice sized crowd packed into the smaller venue. We headed outside for a minute to cool off between acts. Fashawn was the next man to the stage. As soon as Fashawn touched the mic he got right to work. My friends and I all liked him, and you could hear people around us remarking how dope he was between songs. He rapped about life, California, weed and girls. Fashawn started ” G’s Up ” by asking ” By a show of hands who knows where the good weed is in St. Louis? ”


Fashawn made a lot of fans, my friends and I included. After Fashawn left the stage I held down our spots while everyone went for merch and drinks. Anna came back with beers, and shots. While Curtis and Kathy went and got some merch including a fresh Dj Fundo T-shirt. As soon as Dj Fundo walked out and started scratching records the party was on. Prof has a unmatched energy level on stage and his shows are just crazy start to finish. He opened with ” Gampo ” off his newest official release ” King Gampo ” which had the people that knew him rapping along, while everyone else was bouncing.


Prof has so much fun with his music and it spread like fire through the small venue. One of my favorite songs ” President ” was in the midway through the set and was a highlight of the show for me. During a song break Anna got Prof’s attention and told him she bought him Jameson. He was super excited and said she looked like a mob daugther. She promised him that her mob father wouldn’t put a hit on him, if he hit on her. In exchange for the shots Prof personally thanked her and then serenaded her with some R. Kelly. Then they both slammed down the shots, made for a very memorable part of the show. As always Dj Fundo, kept it fun on the Turntables chiming in with funny stage banter throughout the night.


Everytime Prof comes back around the crowd is bigger, and he has stepped it up. Two of my favorite Prof tracks closed out the set ” On My Way ” which was on the first Prof cd I ever got. He followed that up with my favorite track off King Gampo ” Yeah Buddy ” which got a great crowd response each chorus. This show made me feel great, and it wasn’t even over yet. I looked over and Anna was glowing, her night was made. The look of amazement was spread evenly across the room. Just wait till he comes back through he will have a lot more St. Louis fans and be in a bigger venue.

My fans are like pyros spreadin’ fires you already heard about him ” – PROF – AMAZING


Coming into this show, my knowledge was extremely limited on the headliner of the evening Murs. The Los Angeles based rapper has been making music since 1995 and has a long track record of appearances, and features. He walked on stage backed by Dj Foundation and won me over immediately, he has a awesome stage presence and his music was dope. The song ” Better Than The Best ” featured some awesome word play and a catchy beat. I also really enjoyed the ” O.J ” song which was about breakups. During one point he slowed down the song to talk to the crowd about relationships before bouncing back into the rest of the song remixed with a outkast beat. He also paid respect to the legend Nate Dogg by doing a brief piano backed cover of ” Regulators “. The crowd sang every word and we all stopped for a second to remember Nate Dogg, R.I.P.


He brought back out Fashawn again, which was cool. Fashawn really impressed me so it was a welcome sight to have him back on stage. Together Murs and Fashawn teamed up for some really great live hiphop. Everyone in my group with the exception of myself had to work the next morning. Which meant for me that we had to leave before Murs finished his set. I wanted to stay, but it was time to roll. We said our goodbyes and hit the door.


The show front to back was solid, the definition of live hip hop at its very best. You owe it to yourself to check this tour out when it rolls through your town. Be sure to check out the links below and show these artist some love. The Gramophone did a great job with this show, the lights, sound and staff were all on top of their game. This easily was one of my favorite shows of the year.

Till Next Time…..


Thank you!!!: Stophouse, Black Cloud Music, Fashawn, Murs, The Gramophone, Curtis, Kathy, Devon, Thank you Anna for the Beer! Thank you to everyone who read and shared this.














Soul Asylum Kicks Off 2013 Tour With a Party In St. Louis!!!

Soul Asylum The Old Rock House 1/30/13
Words/Photos By BeezNutzStl

I have always liked Soul Asylum, they remind me of good times in my childhood. I never got to see them during the 90’s and missed them every time since. They had just came out with a new album last year. When I heard they were coming to one of my favorite places in St. Louis, I jumped on the chance to go. The Old Rock House is the perfect place for a band like them, big enough to sell a bunch of tickets. Yet small enough so its a big party, it’s a awesome venue for music. Featuring 3 Levels, 2 Bars, and 2 Bathrooms makes it comfortable to see a show. They have always been extra nice to me, and its always a good time there.


Soul Asylum fronted by founding member Dave Pirner took to the stage a little before 10 p.m while a lot of the crowd was finding the way inside. They started the set with ” Somebody To Shove ” off of the mutli-platinum album ” Grave Dancers Union ” which came out in 1992. It was hard to believe it had been that long, they played a diverse set list and had the crowd feeling the music. I saw so many smiles it was unbelievable. Prior to the show I had bought and listened to the new album and they did a few of my favorite songs from it. The new album is called ” Delayed Reaction ” and it is instores now if you would like to hear it.


Up next they tried a new song on us ” Gravity ” which is from the new album ” Delayed Reaction . They really sound good together on this new stuff and the band plays off each other well. Dave was rocking some thrashed up jeans that looked as if they must of came from the 90’s and drummer Michael Bland was rocking a sick mo-hawk. They all looked really cool, and just as you would expect them to.


Dave’s voice sounded great live, just like you remembered it on the radio. They played the songs ” Pipe Dream ” and ” Into The Light ” which are both new songs. It was cool to hear the difference in the old and new material. I would recommend getting the new album. I am glad I did, made the show more enjoyable to me.


Dave is quite the joker on stage, he has a lot of fun with the crowd. Which should make for a interesting rest of these exhausting tour dates. They followed the new stuff up with some classics ” Black Gold ” was up next and had everyone singing along, dancing and it felt amazing to be part of. Next he said they just came up with a new song on the bus that day, and played ” Runaway Train ” the crowd ate it up. It was so great to be in that room at that moment, so many people just had this euphoric look on their faces. It was priceless, nowhere else I would rather be.


After a few more song they left the stage briefly, they came back up and Dave started talking about how he wrote the next song about our state. The crowd laughed and we knew that ” Misery ” was up next. That song is from the album ” Let Your Dim Light Shine ” which came out in 95. They chose to end the set with another song from that album ” Just Like Anyone ” which closed out the night and sent people paying their bar tabs.


After the show I was feeling incredible. Soul Asylum really made it into a party and played a great show. Everyone left happy, I waited around after the show and talked to Dave. We talked about his ripped up jeans, music, and just a bunch of fun things. He was really easy to talk to and enjoyed being around his fans. He posed for pictures and signed autographs for as many people that wanted one. He went out of his way to be cool to everyone he met. I hope I see them back here soon, I can’t wait to see them again.


Make sure you go check out the new album ” Delayed Reaction ” you will be glad you did. You can find it online, instores or at one of the many, many shows they have booked across America this year. For a list of tour dates you can find Soul Asylum here:


Go check out the new album ” Delayed Reaction ” You will be glad you did.


Soul Asylum 01/30/13 The Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO.

1. Somebody To Shove
2. I Will Still Be Laughing
3. Can’t Even Tell
4. Lately
5. Whatcha Need
6. Oxygen
7. Leave This Town
8. Gravity
9. Pipe Dream
10. Into The Light
11. The Streets
12. Without A Trace
13. Black Gold
14. Runaway Train
15. Closer To The Stars
16. Made To Be Broken
17. Stand Up And Be Strong
18. Misery
19. Just Like Home.

Till next time.



Thank You to : Wes, The Old Rock House, Dave, Soul Asylum, Airika, Bradley and everyone that came out. Thanks.


Blueprint, Mad Dukes, Mathias and The Pirates
The Firebird 11/29/12
Words/Photos/Videos : BzNtz

I must admit, I feel bad for sleeping on Blueprint for as long as I did. With some many choices in music these days, its easy for great artist be over looked. A few years back I saw a show he did with Atmosphere and he stole the show for me. He has so much depth, passion and great lyrics in his music. His beats are alive with his pulse, because he puts heart and soul into his music.

The holidays are fast approaching, which meant I could not afford to ask off work anymore. I decided if fate gave me a night off, I would go to this show. Well it didn’t give me a night off, but I did manage to get off work sooner than expected. So I made a late dash to The Firebird in St. Louis, MO to catch a great hip hop show.

As I was pulling up to the brick building that houses The Firebird. It was easy to hear deep bass vibrating the walls. I was somewhat worried I had show up too late. It was difficult to tell through the thick walls if this was Blueprint on stage, or not. I was a bit late as it was 10:15 when I showed up. Just my luck however, I had made it in perfect time. One of my local favorites Mathias and The Pirates were on stage and I got to catch the last few songs.

They were great to watch and were a good way to start my evening. Mathias has been rapping in St. Louis for a very long time, he was part of the award winning hip hop group The Earthworms. Lately he has been on a lot of shows doing his solo projects which are equally as dope.

Up next from New York was Mad Dukez. He has a new video for a very entertaining song called ” Animal “. Mad Dukez is from Buffalo, NY and represents DTR45 records. He was very bouncy, and hype on stage.

I really enjoyed his set closing song ” Stupid Hard “. I thought his show was dope, and I can’t wait till he comes back to the Midwest. I enjoyed the downtime between sets and caught up with old friends in the crowd.

That brought up the main act of the evening Blueprint and DJ Rare Groove. He took about 5 minutes to hook up effect pedals, and a keyboard and beat machine. Then he told the crowd ” I am gonna work hard to make you guys feel good about coming out on a Thursday night, Thank you “. He would not disappoint the small, but fun crowd in attendance.

Coming out of Columbus, OH and representing Rhymesayers Ent. Blueprint got right to work, he spits his lyrics in a raw, easy to understand tone. His subjects are real, they can be a story, they can just be fun, but he has a unmistakable confindance when he raps that draws people in. For the next hour the stage was Blueprint’s. Early in the set, he played one of my favorites ” The Clouds “. The song is very personal and very unconventional because it has no hook or chorus.

He dropped great track, after great track, spanning all of his albums. Since 2003 Blueprint has released album after album. Also he has appeared on various hip hop projects. Neeless to say Blueprint carries quite the body of work with him when he tours. During some songs Blueprint picked up his keyboard and used it like a guitar. DJ Rare Groove made sure everything was fresh, and added dope cuts throughout the night.

He rocked some of my favorite songs this tour, like the one about selling weed. The song is called ” Neighborhood Weed Man ” he started the song off by talking about how many songs are about smoking weed while hardly any are wrote about selling weed. The song features what sounds like Method Man saying ” Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it ” and it is easily a great baking jam.

He also played the timeless classic ” Big Girls Need Love Too ” which before he started joked that is the number one song in South America. ” I can’t walk the streets of Hondurus because of this song “. It is a great song, filled with great lines. Just listen.

Blueprint got off stage and headed to the merch booth, where he sold T-shirts and copies of his new cd ” The Deleted Scenes ” which is a b-side record of all the cuts that didn’t make the ” Adventures in Counter Culture ” release. What is remarkable about Blueprint is that he has a amazing memory. Right way he remembered me, and he started a conversation about the last show I was at of his. I made sure to buy the new cd, and thanked him from coming back to St. Louis. He thanked me.

That doesn’t happen a lot anymore, he cares about his fans and it shows. This was a great hip hop show, Blueprint brings it everytime. If he stops in your hood, hand over that 10 dollars and go see this show. You wont regret it.

Thanks to : Blueprint, DJ Rare Groove, Mad Dukez, Mathias and The Pirates, The Firebird and everyone who was there.

Till next time.



Isn’t it funny when you remember exactly where you were and who you were with when you first heard something? Well with Lil Wyte I remember exactly. It was my buddy Curtis, his Friend Jimmy and Me, hanging in Jimmy’s basement playing playstation. Curtis had the habit of buying new cd’s every Tuesday. We were all big fan’s of 3 6 Mafia and on March 4th, 2003 Curtis’s purchase of the week was Lil Wyte ” Doubt Me Now “. We sat there listening to this as Curtis played Jimmy in some football game. We listened to the whole thing and honestly first time I heard it I didn’t like it much. Then as time passed I got more and more hooked.

By the time Phinally Phamous came out on October 19th, 2004 it was safe to say we were hooked. I remember this time around, I was the one buying the CD on the day of release and, I got a cool promo poster from the record shop as well.

Years passed and Lil Wyte released ” The One and Only ” in 2007 and ” The Bad Influence ” in 2009. A month before releasing “The Bad Influence ” album Lil Wyte paid a visit to a club I never heard of during MLB All-Star week here. Needless to say the turn out was less than stellar. It was mostly due to no promotion and a venue not many were familiar with. It didn’t matter because, he rocked that shit like it was sold out. After the show we all hung out till 4 a.m in the street after the bar closed at 3 a.m. I even got my “Phinally Phamous ” poster from 2004 signed. He was shocked to see that!

Which brings us to Wednesday June 1st, I am at work reading the weekly entertainment paper. First thing I do when I get the Riverfront Times is flip to the ” This just in ” concert section. Much to my amazement and disbelief there was a listing for Lil Wyte for…… THE NEXT DAY June 2nd! Unbelievable I thought to myself. How are you going to announce a show one day before the show? Even worse I was working 11-10 that day and I was sick.

Day of the show I woke up and had a fever and coughed up a bunch of shit with some blood in it. Good start to the day, especially when you are going to be stuck at work all day. Work sucked from about start to finish. By the time I was out of there I was ready to go hit the club. The show said it started at 9 and had a huge trailing list of opening acts. So I went home and showered taking my time. I made it to the Atomic Cowboy about 11:30 and was right on time.

First one to greet me inside the venue was none other than Curtis and his girl Kathy. Only fitting since we started listening to Lil Wyte together. We went outside for some fresh air. After catching our breath, it was time for me to hit the bar for some refreshments. I ordered up 2 PBR’s one for each hand.

A short while later it was time for my homies Kold Kace to perform. I have been seeing these guys come up for years from playing dirty clubs to getting decent opening spots for national groups. They put on a good show and get better every time I see them.

Left us just enough time for some more fresh air before the St. Louis rapper Ruka Puff took the stage. First thing you notice about Ruka Puff is his bright Red mohawk that makes him stand out from the crowd. He puts out a lot of energy as he raps.

It is his birthday this weekend and this show was billed as his birthday party. It was clear he brought a sizable chunk of the audience to rock with him.

It was raining sweat in the front row of Ruka Puff’s set. He does not tread lightly and made it clear that you will never stop him!

It was a enjoyable set which ended around 12:30 and only left one more act for the evening.

After a few guys came out to hype the crowd, the lights when low and about 4 guys and a girl in a short red dress took the stage. The crowd was packed and went nuts. This was a big step up from the last show we saw with hardly anyone in the crowd. Lil Wyte came up and after talking to the crowd about drinking, and drugs wasted no time going right into the classic ” My Smoking Song ” from ” Doubt Me Now “.

The next song is one of my favorite Lil Wyte songs, I love the beat and production. Not to mention Juicy J saying YEEEEEEE HAWWW on the track is priceless. Just the Good Ole Boys….. Hanging out getting high. He went right into ” The Bad Influence ” next off his newest album by the same name.

The crowd was really into the show and he is a underground legend as you can tell by the audience rapping his songs word for word. It didn’t matter if it was new or old material. He was having a lot of fun on stage.

Next up on the setlist was ” I Got That Candy ” which was off his 3rd album “The One and Only ” and then played another great song off the same album “Talking Ain’t Walking ” It was clear at this point he did not come to fuck around.

They then brought it back to the first album to get the crowd rowdy and it worked. This was the second wildest song of the night as far as crowd reaction goes. When this song kicked in all chaos broke out. ”

Up next it was time to ” Crash Da Club ” which is again is off the first record ” Doubt Me Now ” If there were chairs they probably would of been thrown, it was going down.

Much like all great live acts he sampled a little from every album. ” I Sho Will ” The lead single from his successful sophomore album ” Phinally Phamous” was next. ” Record Companies like I’ll be damned, This white cat can rap and put on a good show…” are fitting lyrics to this song.

Everything was pretty solid about this show, great set list, sound was great, the crowd was cool despite getting drinks spilled on me. Lil Wyte and his Manager/Hype man Partee rocked the stage for the better part of an hour.

That left one song to close out the night and they kept teasing by dropping the beat for a second and cutting it off. The crowd would go wild each time. Everyone in the crowd had heard this song hundreds of times. When it finally hit everyone rocked the Pill Popper Anthem
“OxyCotten” as a test of true fans they cut the song as soon as the Scarecrow verse came in and the crowd screamed the lyrics back as loud as they could. It was rather impressive. You don’t see things like this often at rap shows. It was a great way to end the night!

As his homies, hypemen, and the lady in red left the stage Lil Wyte stayed behind to thank everyone for the support and coming out. He is truely a humble man and is very thankful to have his fans come out and support him.

I left the Atomic Cowboy feeling great despite working all day with a nasty nasty cold and to think I wasn’t even going to go to this show. Good times were had and I can’t wait for Lil Wyte to come back. Everyone should check out his new group album SNO ” Year Round “.

Till next time… I am sleeping I have more shows to go to.


I remember being on facebook, bored. When I got the notification that I had been invited to see my buddy’s band open for none other that REEL BIG FISH and it was FREE! After spending 40 plus dollars to go see RBF only months prior I was in.

Only one problem, I was supposed to be at work. A little sweet talk and shift switching later. I had the entire saturday off. That left me with the entire day to go see Reel Big Fish and party St. Patricks Day style in Rolla!

Day of, I went to the gas station for some papers and beer. Then I came home and made Blueberry Pancakes, Hashbrowns and Bacon. Before I knew it my longtime road trip partner in crime Chris arrived.

After a very nice breakfast we were off, well not yet. We had to make the tradition stop at Starbucks so Chris could get his crack, I mean coffee. Even more of a mindfuck was when Chris was handed his drink without PAYING!!!! He didn’t steal it either, dude is just connected. Free Crack, I mean Coffee, is unheard of in this economy.

Chris had his coffee and about a half hour down the road. I started cracking beers, and drinking them out of my starbucks cup. Then the ride started to get interesting.

A brief car trouble had us pulled over while we figured out that the car was tripping. Back on the road now running LATE. Hwy 44 hates us, last time we made this trip we ran out of gas at our exit.

We got to Rolla and it was truely GREEN everyone was out having a great time. The venue was a small pavillion inside of a small city park. Which sat pretty much in the center of downtown Rolla.

I also noticed my friends band “Wild Tiger” was on stage finishing their set. By the time we made our way into the crowd they were leaving.

Which left a Grateful Dead cover before RBF. Instead of watching a cover band we explored downtown.

A few people asked me if I was actually drinking beer out of starbucks cup? Without missing a beat I would rattle off my friends coffee order and told them it was a ” Venti Iced Mocha No Whipped Cream”.

We actaully ended up parking in the High School lot, which was funny. After a bit of meditation and MORE BEER! It was time.

I was shocked at how easy we got the rail for this show. We were a bit to the side but we were front. After a brief soundcheck Reel Big Fish took the stage.

After singing the lyrics to “Trendy” All day long seemed fitting thats what they would open with.

” This next song is about a girl who left me for another girl, and I should of known because everytime we played rock, paper, scissors she would always go right for the scissors!” was a nice intro to: ” She has a Girlfriend Now”

( Video By: http://www.youtube.com/user/tkmm2″

The crowd was packed in for Reel Big Fish and it was obvious everyone came for a good time. Lot’s of crowd surfers were flying over head.

Staying on the topics of Girlfriends and how much they love yours. They played the classic ” I WANT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! ”

They played a solid 60 minute set, playing fan favorites such as ” The Set Up”. True Reel Big Fish fans, and the people of Rolla were treated to a great setlist.

The security was quite interesting at all. Real mellow guys many of whom were rocking the previous security passes from St. Pat’s concerts prior.

After promising they were really out of good songs, they played ” BEER ” . And the beer was flowing. I still had my Starbucks beer front row the whole show.

(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/locomike1219 ) Check him out!

The park was almost entirely full during Reel Big Fish. Lot’s of new and old fans were out in the crowd.

“We played all our good songs, and this time we mean it” started out the last song ” Take on Me”

(Video by http://www.youtube.com/user/locomike1219 ) Check him out!

I enjoyed this set a ton, being free, outside, awesome weather and one of my favorite bands playing. It doesn’t get much better. I had consumed way too much Beer. I got in the car and proceeded to pass the fuck out until I was home. Sorry Chris, that Cd put me to sleep. Good times. Till next time.

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