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Lineup Revealed For Inaugural Jambase Live Festival

Jambase Live Lineup 2013

The Gorge is known for magical moments, and there’s sure to be some of that at this years inaugural Jambase Live Music Festival going down July 5th and 6th. Headliner you ask? Robert freakin’ Plant.  The full lineup for the two days includes the aforementioned Robert Plant & Sensational Shape Shifters, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Slightly Stoopid, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, G. Love and Special Sauce, STS9 , Galactic, ALO, Lettuce, Railroad Earth, Bruce Hornsby & The Noise Makers and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers.

Not bad for a first timer. Two-day festival passes are $75 and go on sale March 16 at LiveNation. An early bird discount of $15 a ticket will be offered for the first weekend of the on sale (March 16 & 17). No single day tickets will be sold to this event. Here’s hoping our Pacific Northwest Buds make it out to the Gorge. For more information, head over to Jambase.

Hangout Music Festival 2013 Lineup Is Here


The Lineup for the Hangout Music Festival (taking place on beaches in Alabama May 17th through 19th) has been revealed. Besides Kings Of Leon, things are shaping up to be a very serviceable festival experience. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Phish Spin-Off Trey Anastasio Band, and The Breeders top this list of notables while The Shins, Kendrick Lamar, Passion Pit, The Black Crowes, Bassnectar, Jim James, Slightly Stoopid, The Roots, Bloc Party, Ellie Goulding, Public Enemy, Dirty Projectors, Best Coast, moe., Gov’t Mule and Grouplove among others to join the party.

Also, just like Governors Ball did with us a few weeks ago it looks like we have ourselves “Yet to be announced”  headliner, as Tom Petty and Kings Of Leon are only two of the three. Will it be “Guns N’ Roses”? Will it be Skrillex? What about America’s Favorite band Pearl Jam? How about this: Take a guess in the comments section. That’s right, we may not have fancy video equipment but we still would love to hear your guesses as to who the 3rd headliner is going to be. When announced if you guessed right we’ll send you an official tee shirt courtesy of Concert Confessions. Hey, it’s better than a hug right? Check out the full list of acts below, in alphabetical order. Head over to the Festival’s Official Website For More Information.


Hangout Music Festival 2013 Line Up:



Slightly Stoopid Announce Spring 2013 US Tour Dates

Slightly Stoopid Announce Spring 2013 US Tour Dates

 Slightly Stoopid have announced plans for a tour this spring with special guest support Tribal Seeds. The tour starts in the midwest this March and ends with a special show on Smoke Weed Day/420 with Cypress Hill at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. If you don’t like reading tour dates off of a photo, we’ve listed them below for you.


Slightly Stoopid 2013 Spring Tour

03/06/13 Wed Liberty Hall Lawrence, KS

03/07/13 Thu The Rave/Eagles Ballroom Milwaukee, WI

03/08/13 Fri First Avenue Minneapolis, MN

03/09/13 Sat Congress Theater Chicago, IL

03/10/13 Sun Saint Andrews Hall Detroit, MI

03/13/13 Wed Madison Theater Covington, KY

03/14/13 Thu House Of Blues Cleveland, OH

03/15/13 Fri Stage AE Pittsburgh, PA

03/16/13 Sat LC Pavilion (Indoors) Columbus, OH

03/17/13 Sun Orbit Room Grand Rapids, MI

03/21/13 Thu Klein Memorial Auditorium Bridgeport, CT

03/22/13 Fri Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY

03/23/13 Sat The NorVa Norfolk, VA

03/24/13 Sun The NorVa Norfolk, VA

04/20/13 Sat Red Rocks Amphitheatre


Earlier in June of this year, I was cruising facebook when my favorite rapper (Mac Lethal ) posted he would be joining 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Urge and Soja for the Summerdaze Festival 2012 in his hometown of Kansas City. Had I not seen that post, I would of never drove across the state lines for this show. In hind sight I am very glad I did. After seeing Mac Lethal in the spring and rocking his ” Irish Goodbye ” Cd all summer. I knew I had to go see this.

My girlfriend and I joined up with my friends Chris and Lindsay and made this road trip official. However the week of the show we were told we were going to have to leave late, which had me worried I would miss the one person I had wanted to see most this day. We ended up leaving St. Louis around 1 p.m for a 4 hour drive to Kansas City. Mac Lethal posted he would go on at 4:45, thanks to Chris’s gangster driving skills, and avoiding the extra state trooper presence on the highway. We showed up cold drinks in hand at 4:40.

While walking through the parking lot, it was obvious we were going to miss some of the party. In St. Louis the police ride around on golf carts and issue citations for open containers in the parking lot. In Kansas City, the police stood off to the side as a full fledged party was well under way, complete with beer pong tables, loud music and copious amounts of empty beer cans and liquor bottles littering the ground.

We walked in as soon as Mac Lethal stepped on stage, we missed one song as we walked to the front of the stage. There was a light mist in the air and many came in early to see the hometown rapper make KC proud once again.

When I think of Mac Lethal, I think of two things: Fun, and Progress. His shows are constantly more fun than the last, and he is constantly stepping it up and making every show his best show. He was joined on stage by his hype man extraordinaire Alvie, and they made the best of the 40 minute set time.

Rocking songs from the older albums and his new album ” Irish Goodbye “. The set was very enjoyable. Before leaving he did a live version of the youtube viral hit ” Pancake Rap ” which boast over 20 million views on youtube. He closed his set off the same way I started it, by pounding a beer. ” Pound That Beer ” was a great way to end the set and made me wish he got another 20 minutes.

The rain picked up in between sets, and my girlfriend and I sought out some refreshments and drier pastures. Soja rocked it though as if it was a beautiful, sunny, summer day and the crowd loved it. We came back for the end of their set and it was very enjoyable they had a lot of good energy. I would go see them again in a instant and they were a great addition to a already solid lineup.

That made it time for our hometown boys made good, The Urge. Hailing from St. Louis and recently reunited from a long hiatus as a band they are back and in a big way. Lot’s of STL hats and The Urge shirts filled the crowd. They came on stage and showed everyone else who was not in the know what time it was.

They were very tight as band and had the crowd eating it up. It was awesome to see our hometown band rock a out of state show to such a great reception. It was like they never broke up, the vocals, the guitars, the drums, everything was on point.

I had one question in my mind the whole ride down to Kansas City. One of the biggest Urge songs boast Nick Hexum on the chorus and seeing how both 311 and The Urge were on the bill, would we get a live version of ” Jump Right In”? Well, lets just say they didn’t disappoint, aside from some minor feedback, they rocked a flawless version of ” Jump Right In “. That in itself made the trip worth the 500 + miles of driving.

After The Urge the sky grew dark and large lingering clouds of potent marijuana filled the skies as California’s Slightly Stoopid took the stage. I have been going to see Slightly Stoopid way before their success in 2003, after 10 years of exhaustive touring and nonstop albums. They have finally made it on a very large scale, and I couldn’t be happier for them!

They were the reason quite a few of the people in the crowd were there, and have become quite the popular act. They played a very diverse set which is expected from them. Mixing up the old and new, classics, and covers.

After 60 minutes of stoney jams, and lit spliffs the set came to a end. I sought out a tasty cold beverage and retreated to the seats for some rest before 311 took the stage.

After a 30 minute intermission, the lights went black for the last time, and the crowd grew loud. 311 came out to ” Beautiful Disaster ” to start off their 21 song set. My friend Chris was hoping for ” Count Me In ” which he was lucky enough to get. He remarked they haven’t played that song much this tour, but KC got it.

They are notorious for having great career spanning set lists, and KC got a great one. Midway through they pulled out a Bad Brains cover and rocked ” Leaving Babylon “.

After 19 songs, they left the stage only to come back for two more. Omaha Stylee, and Creatures ended the 90+ minute set. It was a great time, and I couldn’t of enjoyed this show anymore than I did. Kansas City is a great time, always.

I can’t wait to be back, next summer I am sure to return, hopefully this festival does as well.

Till next time.


311 Bring Unity to Atlanta With a Little Help From Their Friends

311 Bring Unity to Atlanta With a Little Help From Their Friends

One band that I’ve been interested in seeing for a couple years now is 311. And I finally got that chance when I purchased tickets to this show with my own money. I’m fairly positive that this is the sixth installment of 311’s Unity Tour, although I could be wrong. I know that last year’s Unity Tour featured Sublime w/ Rome And Lambert which I missed because we were out of town for that one. But last night I was able to catch not only 311, but also Slightly Stoopid and the supremely underrated LA group The Aggrolites, whom I saw open for Social Distortion last year.

This show took place on July 21st 2012 at Aaron’s Amphitheater in Atlanta, which is a venue I’d never been to before. Located right next to a high school (not even kidding) the entrance to the venue appears without much warning and the venue itself is just sort of…. there. But parking was free and easy, it wasn’t too crowded; so far a great concert experience compared to some I’ve been to.

The doors opened at 5:30 which, conveniently enough, is the exact time we got there. We walked in and got barely frisked by the guards and procured our pit bracelets. The Aggrolites were set to play from 6:30 to 7 and we had a little bit of time to kill, during which we bought our merch and made our way to the pit to check everything out.

The pit area was small and really the whole amphitheater itself was pretty small compared to some that I’ve been to in Washington. The lawn towards the back was huge, but there were maybe a couple hundred seats and maybe a 100-200 capacity pit at the most. Fortunately, the weather was nice—although Atlanta in July isn’t exactly cold weather—for some good vibes and other reggae-based cliches.

As expected, The Aggrolites graced the stage at 6:30 sharp and opened up their set with “Free Time.” They had great energy for an opening band. Their sound isn’t exactly built for an amphitheater setting, but they certainly made it work, encouraging sing-a-longs the likes of which I’ve never seen from an opening band. They finished off their 30 minute set with a great cover of The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” during which they invited everyone to sing along to the chorus, which they did. The band sounded great, as always, and were a great warmup act for the bands we all wanted to see.

About 20 minutes after The Aggrolites’ set ended, Slightly Stoopid and all its 8 members hit the stage for an instrumental intro followed by “Till It Gets Wet.” Singers Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald traded instruments a couple times throughout the set, one usually taking bass while the other sings and plays guitar, depending on the song. They played a few of their hits like “Anywhere I Go” and “Closer To the Sun,” as well as a few songs from their upcoming album Top Of The World. They even threw in their cover of “Leaving On a Jet Plane” as well as a cover of “Express Yourself” (the Charles Wright song, not the NWA song) to end the set. I also noted how during one of the horn solos I could hear a tease of the “riff” from “Yeah” by Ludacris, which you have to play if you’re in Atlanta.

Slightly Stoopid played a very impressive set. It was about an hour long and ridiculously chill. After a 30 minute wait, the lights went down (it was pitch black in the pit) and the men of 311 hit the stage. Nick started playing what I could only assume was the intro to “Down,” because that was the first song of the set, but no sound was coming out of his guitar, nor was any coming out of Tim’s guitar. SA began rapping his verse of the song and not much sound was coming out of his mic either. Really the only elements of the show that sounded good were Nick’s mic, the bass, and the drums. Everything else was not nearly loud enough. And that didn’t really improve at all during the rest of the show.

They then broke into “Large In the Margin” from their Soundsystem album. And then, as the sun set, they played the very appropriate “Sunset In July” from last year’s stellar Universal Pulse album. 311’s setlist is ever-changing, with a revolving door of at least 40 songs that they choose from for each show of the Unity Tour. During one of their songs (I wanna say it was “From Chaos”, but that’s just a guess) drummer Chad Sexton went into an awesome drum solo, during which a few mini drum kits, two gongs, and a bass drum were rolled onto the stage for the rest of the band members to jam on. After Chad’s solo ended, all 5 members went into a drumline-esque performance, eventually going back into the chorus of the song they were playing.

311 played pretty equally from all their albums, even throwing in a cover of “Leaving Babylon” by Bad Brains. After they performed “Amber,” P-Nut broke into his highly anticipated bass solo. P-Nut is an astounding bass player and did a really cool slapping thing, but compared to greats like Les Claypool and Flea, he’s not the greatest.

They ended their set with “Beautiful Disaster,” which actually was the best sounding song of the night in terms of sound coming out of the instruments. They came out for an encore of “Outside,” “Hydroponic,” and “Creatures (For a While)” before leaving the stage and barely making their 10:30 end time. 311 played an impressively great show that was way better than I was expecting. It was a great concert experience too, with no moshing that I could see and no crowd-surfing whatsoever. That might be a general rule for the venue, but perhaps people decided to not suck for once.

After the show, I came to the conclusion that 311 are just like Phish. 311 have had more mainstream success, but probably not enough to keep them an amphitheater band for so many years. They have a huge cult following and don’t need praise from critics to keep them a happy and fully functional unit. And I saw a guy with a shirt after the show that said “311 Is My Religion.” I think that’s all you need to know to really understand how big this band is, regardless of lyrical quality or poor sound mixing. And that’s all that matters.

SETLIST: Down, Large In The Margin, Sunset In July, Purpose, You Wouldn’t Believe, Freeze Time, Lose, Who’s Got The Herb?, From Chaos, Applied Science, Flowing, Rock On, India Ink, Amber, Bass Solo, Nutsymtom, Rub A Dub, Crack The Code, Leaving Babylon, Jackpot, Beautiful Disaster ENCORE: Outside, Hydroponic, Creatures (For A While)

WAKARUSA 2012 5/31-6/3 Full Stage Schedule & Final Price Increase!


  • May 31 – June 3, 2012
  • Mulberry Mountain – Ozark, AR (About 1 Hr from Fayetteville and Fort Smith)
  • Updated: 1/19/12 with complete lineup
  • Updated: 4/26/12 with link to full stage schedule
  • Updated: 5/9/12 Final Price Increase Information Added

Wakarusa 2012 is only a few weeks away and Full Event Passes are moving quickly!  Get your Full Event Passes today before the final price increase to Gate Price occurs on Saturday, May 19th at 11:59PM!  Save yourself some $$ to buy that extra Boulavard beverage or two…  I suggest the Single Wide IPA


4/26  UPDATED: As we are just about a month way from Wakarusa, the bittersweet day of SCHEDULE RELEASE has come. Jubilation for some who can now confirm that arriving Friday won’t force you to miss Umphrey’s McGee’s late night or Primus and the Avett Brothers. Yet it brings disappointment for others, who now have to wonder do I REALLY want to miss Perpetual Groove to see Pretty Lights? What about Dirtfoot in the small tent or Split Lip Rayfield on the ever so cool Backwoods Stage? DOH! Lucky for you, the stages are all close enough in proximity that you are able to split sets and catch a little bit of both acts, if that is what you have to do.

Some highlights and challenges for me will include:

Weir, Robinson, & Greene Acoustic Trio Thursday on Main Stage followed by Perpetual Groove in the Revival Tent is a must…. but then you have the choice of Split Lip Rayfield, Dirtfoot or Tea Leaf Green late nights!!

Friday brings Blitzen Trapper, followed by some of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, then off to The Avett Brothers and finish it off the Umphrey’s McGee‘s late night set in the Revival Tent, one of the only DO NOT MISS sets of the festival.

Saturday will offer a great chance to relax throughout the day with Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit and The Lumineers, but that interferes with one of my other DO NOT MISS sets, Gary Clark Jr. Good thing you can get from one stage to any other in less than 15 minutes, even faster if you catch a FestiCab! Saturday also features the 12 hour bluegrass takeover of the Kum & Go Outpost stage with Head for the Hills, Mountain Sprout, Hot Buttered Rum, Emmitt-Nershi Band, Travelin’ McCourys feat. Keller Williams, Del McCoury Band, and the Infamous Stringdusters all playing back to back… and you can certainly expect a few sit-ins that day! Hell, it may even just turn into a bluegrass ball!  If banjo isn’t your thing, Umphrey’s McGee will play their Main Stage set prior to the great Primus taking the mountain by storm.

Sunday Funday usually involves lots of rum, drank by way of pineapple,  and lots of lounging. Luckily the lineup helps with this area and we are given a reggae stacked Main Stage including Ugly Lion, Toubab Krewe, SOJA, Slightly Stoopid, and Matisyahu. Sunday also features second sets from Emmitt-Nershi, Infamous Stringdusters, Dumptruck Butterlips, Mountain Sprout, and a Keller Williams solo set.

Start making your schedules now, and dispute with your friends in the weeks to come. But you’re on the clock in just 34 days when it all kicks off with War Chief on the Backwoods Stage.



Only 2 / 3 of the Wakarusa Festival lineup has been released so far, and you should make it a priority to snag your tickets and premium camping passes now because they won’t last!

This year the Waka gods have decided to release the lineup in “3 equally weighted parts.” The first announcement was made last week and featured eletronic producer Pretty Lights, a once in a lifetime chance to see the Bob Weir, Chris Robinson, and Jackie Greene Acoustic Trio, Railroad Earth, Keller Williams, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and ALO as well as many more great acts.

Lineup 2 was just released moments ago and its easy to see that Waka is bringing the heat for their 4th trip to Mulberry Mountain located just outside of Ozark, Arkansas. The additions of Les Claypool and the boys in Primus, Umphreys McGee, Blitzen Trapper, Del McCoury, Tea Leaf Green, Gary Clark Jr, the grumble boogie boys Dirtfoot, and Quixotic have certainly elevated the interest for many people on the fence after seeing the first 1/3 of the lineup.

UPDATED: The final third of the lineup has now been released and the fine folks at Wakarusa aren’t messing around for the 9th installment of the festival. Todays announcement included the additions of The Avett Brothers, hebrew hip hopster Matisyahu, Ghostland Observatory, EOTO, as well as multiple sets from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, Perpetual Groove, Split Lip Rayfield, the Travelin McCourys (including 1 set feat. Keller Williams), and the March Fourth Marching Band, a band that is pretty much a festival in their own right and a MUST SEE.

Get the full lineup and all the details at Wakarusa.com!




311 and Slightly Stoopid Team Up For Unity Tour 2012

311 and Slightly Stoopid Team Up For Unity Tour 2012

Fresh off a 311 Day 2012 celebration that featured 79 songs over two days in lovely Las Vegas; 311 have announced the initial dates for this year’s Unity Tour. Joining the Omaha natives (who also recently rocked a casino on the border of Nevada and Utah) for most of the trek will be Slightly Stoopid. Special guests including Soulcrate Music and SOJA will join the groups on select dates. Highlights of the trek include a return to Las Vegas as well as multiple dates for the great states of Florida, California and Texas. 311 and Slightly Stoopid will also make an appearance at the Summerdays Festival in Bonner Springs, KS. With details still emerging we will do our best to keep all information below as current as possible. As always, check out 311’s official website for all the latest news.

Unity Tour 2012

Note: All shows with Slightly Stoopid except where noted:

07/04 (TBA 04/26)

07/06 – Stir Cove @ Harrah’s – Counsil Bluffs, IA #

07/07 – The Brick – Minneapolis, MN #

07/08 – W.H Lyons Fairground – Sioux Falls, SD $

07/10 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO *

07/12 – Gexa Energy Pavilion – Dallas, TX *

07/13 – Whitewater Amphitheater – New Braunfels, TX *

07/15 – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Houston, TX *

07/17 – Cruzan Amphitheater – West Palm Beach, FL *

07/18 – TBA Florida *

07/20 – Ask Gary Amphitheatre – Tampa, FL *

07/21 – Lakewood Amphitheatre – Atlanta, GA *

07/22 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Charlotte, NC *

07/24 – Farm Bureau Live @ VA Beach Amphitheatre – Virginia Beach, VA *

07/25 – Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion – Raleigh, NC *

07/27 – Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing – Philadelphia, PA ^

07/28 – Jiffy Lube Live Amphitheatre – Bristow, VA *

07/29 – Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion – Gilford, NH *

07/31 – Sherman Theatre Summer Stage – Stroudsburg, PA *

08/02 – PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NY ^

08/03 – Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY ^

08/04 – Comcast Center – Boston, MA ^

08/07 – Stage AE Outdoor Stage – Pittsburgh, PA *

08/08 – Lifestyles Community Amphitheater – Columbus, OH *

08/09 – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH *

08/12 – Jacobs Pavilion – Cleveland, OH *

08/14 -The Lawn at White River State Park – Indianapolis, IN *

08/15 – DTE Energy Music Center – Detroit, MI *

08/17 – TBD – Chicago, IL *

08/18 – Sandstone Amphitheatre – Bonner Springs, KS

08/19 – Red Rocks – Morrison, CO ^

08/22 – USANA Amphitheatre – Salt Lake City, UT ^

08/24 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Irvine, CA ^ (Win tickets from KROQ by clicking here)

08/25 – Cricket Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA ^

08/28 – Mesa Amphitheater – Mesa, AZ ^

08/29 – Santa Barbara Bowl – Santa Barbara, CA ^

08/31 – TBD – San Francisco, CA

09/01 – The Beach at Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV

09/04 – Sleep Country Amphitheater – Ridgefield, WA

09/05 – Marymoor Amphitheater – Seattle, WA *

# An evening with 311

$ W/ Soulcrate Music


* W/ The Aggrolites




Blazed and Confused in the Bay Area

Blazed and Confused Tour 07/24/09

Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mt. View, CA

Words/Photos by jhallead

My boss comes up to me at 3pm on a Friday asking if I want our box seats for the Blazed and Confused Tour at the Shoreline.  With no time to change, headed north with my white hippie shirt and flip flops.

What did I have to drink you ask?  Gin and Juice, what else?  I was actually surprised that Snoop opened for Slightly Stoopid.  Sorry Slightly Stoopid fans, but I think they suck.  Thank goodness Snoop opened because that meant we were able to leave early and beat the traffic.  Stephen Marley opened for Snoop but unfortunately I was getting my drink on at that point.

Stephen Marley - Shoreline Amphitheatre 07/24/2009

The best thing about this show was that every time I looked around, EVERYONE was having a great time.  When you go to a rock show, people dance and bob their heads, but every single body was moving and grooving.  Snoop put on an amazing show.  My absolute favorite part of the whole concert is when he said “all the ladies in the hiz-ouse say YEAH YEAH….all the fellas in the hiz-ouse, say BIATCH”….  And yes, all the men in the fellas in the house said it.  Classic.

Snoop Dogg - Shoreline Amphitheatre 07/24/09

We stayed for 2 Slightly Stoopid songs.  2 songs too much for me.  As we were walking out, we found 4 Slightly Stoopid fans that about shit their pants when I gave them my VIP seats.  I slept good that night….



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