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High Road Tour w/ Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa @ PNC Bank Arts Center 08/02/2016

High Road Tour Featuring Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – 08/02/2016

PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ

Words/Photos/Videos – Jay Porks

snoop wiz 4

Another day, another awesome concert courtesy of Curt Schlesinger and Peter Lo Re v. Ticketmister lawsuit. That’s right, The Jay Porks Experience rolls through yet another show free of charge from that list of shows you all complained had nothing but terrible shows. The High Road Tour with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa rolled through Dirty Jerz at the PNC Bank Arts Center Tuesday night. Additional cool stuff: The free tickets were lawn seats. Ticketmaster’s app had an option for me to upgrade my tickets at $10. Upgrade to the fifteenth row. For ten bucks.

Snoop 1

Went into this with a No Spoilers mentality. Didn’t want to read previous shows setlists. I wondered if they would each do extended sets or like be on stage simultaneously doing a song each. Who comes out first? Well this was answered after the hilarious cartoon intro video, as Snoop Dogg came out to perform The Next Episode.

The night would progress with Snoop and Wiz taking turns for the first 45 mins or so of the set. 2 songs here, three songs here. Hits. All killer no filler.


Wiz 1

I won’t sit here and pretend I own Wiz Khalifa records. Radio ain’t what it used to be and it’s weird how you can get locked into you’re alone little musical corner alone without realizing there’s cool new stuff happening because you’re used to all that new stuff being terrible, making you miserable and ponder your existence on this planet.

That went to a dark place. Point is, Wiz Khalifa puts on a really fun show. One of the few bright spots in Hip Hop today. Besides  rare occasions like when Joe Budden decides to destroy Drake on a track or if Run The Jewels drops a new record.

snoop wiz 3

Snoop went through a slew of stuff, including making sure to touch base on all the classics. The Next Episode, Nothin’ But A G Thing, What’s My Name, Gin and Juice. Heck we even had some Drop It Like It’s Hot action. Was awesome.

snoop wiz 5

When Wiz was up there alone he got all his hits in too. We Dem Boyz, On My Level, Taylor Gang, When I Roll Up, The Race – some with Snoop assisting as a hype man. They’d do that for each other. Hashtag Friends.

snoop wiz l2

At 10 an apparent intermission with a cartoon playing on the screen.

Not so fast my friend, this is no intermission. There was another funny cartoon that played and roughly 90 seconds into it Snoop And Wiz appear what felt like miles away all the way leaning over the fence into the lawn section like from the 400 section of the seats. Doing Kush Ups with the rowdy lawn folk.

Snoop Wiz L3

Good for the lawn folk, they’ve kept this party jumping from the start. I was legitimately happy for them. Most of these peeps who bought seats just showed up.

Show sort of winded down nicely. What’s My Name had that place going nuts like cashews.

I personally hate that See You Again song, but I hate a lot of things. Crowd loved it. Then suddenly Snoop turns to the side of the stage and says “Five what?” That was the five minute queue as 11PM was approaching. Can’t find myself asking for more. Especially for $10 at the end of the day.

snoop wiz 5

snoop wiz 4

Snoop Dogg – 4/26/14 Beasley Coliseum, Pullman, WA

Snoop Dogg – 4/26/14 Beasley Coliseum, Pullman, WA

Review by Mouph Breaver and thenaturalstoner

Videos by thenaturalstoner

Photos by Phishbeard, thenaturalstoner, Mouph Breaver, Mr. Sparkly


Snoop Dogg

The one and only Snoop D-O-double-G made an appearance very close to home last night. Beasley Coliseum on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington was the place. The venue was set up to house sixty-five hundred people and I would say that, sadly, it was only about two thirds full by the time old Snoop took the stage at some point around a quarter to ten. The floor (which required a special students only floor ticket which was not sold online) looked particularly sparse, while the arenas lower bowl was full. We took our group of seven up top to Beasleys upper bowl for maximum comfort, as it was barely occupied.

Young rapper Astro kicked off the show and tried his damndest to get the crowd good and pumped, but almost all of us were there for one thing and one thing only. It was a bit of a shame and I felt bad for the little guy and his “backup rapper” that looked a ton like Tyler, the Creator. They put on a good performance that was high energy despite the lackluster crowd participation. I will say that shouting “make some motherfucking noooooooise” after every song is not the best way to get a crowd the appreciate you. It comes off as a bit desperate. Either way, I dug the beats and some of his hooks were catchy enough.

Snoop and DJ Daz made us wait about forty-five minutes before taking the stage and giving us a sixty minute set. Snoop came out in a WSU Cougars sweatshirt and just started spitting rhymes. This surprised me a bit. I expected some early stage banter. The set included plenty of hits, both classic and current and the Beasley got to waving their arms and singing and rapping along throughout all of Mr. Doggy Dogg’s set. Snoop looked great and gave some good advice at the end of the show. I may be paraphrasing, but I believe what he said was “Smoke motherfucking weeeeeeeeeed!”

Beasley Coliseum doesn’t bring an artist of Snoops caliber around very often, so we were excited to get a nice sized group of friends to head up to the Palouse and enjoy the tunes. Highlights of the set included The Next Episode > Nothin’ But a G Thang, Drop it Like It’s Hot and of course the legendary Gin and Juice. The only negative part of the night was an oddly placed I Love Rock and Roll cover (which wasn’t technically a cover but actually just a song that got played over the PA while Snoop traded the traditional “Westside” W for the heavy metal devil horns) that really made no sense amidst all of the other covers played, which included Jump Around, Gangsta Party, and Hypnotize. Snoop said he appreciated the WSU students voting to bring him out to Pullman and would come back any time they asked, which was a fitting way to lead into the last song of the night, Young Wild and Free. An appropriate end to the evening, since almost all in the crowd were 18-22 year old students. Not all hip hop acts can pull it off live, but Snoop sounded nice and loud inside the big arena and we would all definitely make it a point to go back again for sure.

Lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Revealed


Fun Fun Fun Fest comes back strong this year. Bands like Television (!), MGMT, and Both Black Flag and FLAG are just the tip of the iceberg hitting Auditorium Shores this November 8-10th in Austin, TX. Other notables include Kurt Vile, Thurston Moore’s Chelsea Light Moving, The Dismemberment Plan, Death Grips , Kathleen Hanna’s the Julie Ruin,Johnny Marr, Snoop Dogg, Slayer, Lupe Fiasco, and many many more.


This year’s festival plans on featuring expanded comedy and action sports sections, which they’ll tell us about on August 3 at the FFF Aqua Olympics in Austin. Tickets on sale Wednesday Morning, there’s some festival video things you could check out below, and please head over to the Fun Fun Fun Fest Official Website by clicking here for the full lineup, tickets and all that jazz. Now excuse me as I go listen to Marquee Moon and cry that this festival isn’t in my hometown.


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 Lineup Leak from funfunfunfestival on Vimeo.

Snoop Dogg – The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, Canada 7/20/12

Snoop Dogg, 7/20/12 – The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, Canada

Review, picture and video by thenaturalstoner

Let me tell you what… I’ve been on an extended vacation the last week and a half, and its had its large share of ups and downs along the way, but one big freaking up was Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, BC at the beautiful Commodore Ballroom tonight!  Having this vacation in a foreign land interrupted by phonecalls from the landlord saying my water pipes have busted at home, and all the walls downstairs at my place needing replaced and I cannot stay at home for at least a week, I needed something great to end my trip (sadly I have to skip on the Capitol Hill Block Party tomorrow, and miss one of my favorites in Major Lazer, to get home and take care of business).  Snoop provided that something I was in huge need of in spades.

Being billed as Snoop Dogg and friends we entered the badass Commodore Ballroom to a DJ mixing all the classic rap hits you could ever want.  Ice Cube, NWA, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and more all set the stage for what would be a short, but awesome set to pull me out of the dumps.  Snoop came out more than two hours after the doors opened, but the preshow vibe was so good no one really cared at all.  Great vibes all amongst the crowd had everything A-OK.

Snoop opened with a couple newer tracks before busting into a huge Jump Around cover (the Commodore Ballroom has a sprung dance floor, somewhat similar to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, and this place had it springing!) followed by Drop it Like It’s Hot and then Whats My Name? got it going good!  A huge stretch there midset.  A couple newer tracks like Sexual Eruption and California Girls (Katy Perry what up!) mixed in with hits like Gin and Juice (which I had two of at the bar) and Nuthin But A G Thang had the room grooving all night long. 

I have been to hundreds of shows over my life and it is no exaggeration at all to say that this venue was the smokiest room I have ever been in.  This easily beat out my Phish, Ween and all other shows as smokiest of all.  Vancouver BC is a very friendly place and seemingly the perfect setting for this show (even Snoop “had a good time” onstage himself a few times, if you know what I mean).  Glad I made this trip!!!

Closing out the gig with an extremely appropriate Young, Wild and Free was a great way to send us home and on our way.  In the morning I will come back into the States and head home to Pullman to see what kind of water damage awaits at mi casa.  The Mr. Sparkly and CC friend Nick O deserve major props for keeping thenaturalstoner sane (and out of jail) this week.  Major love to them.

Snoop did not dissapoint even though we only got a roughly one hour set.  I would love to see him again and definitely feel I need to see more shows in Vancouver, and at the Commodore Ballroom, in the future.  Kudos Canada, eh!

2012 Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest Announces Lineup

2012 Ottawa RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest Announces Lineup

We get a ton of email daily from Canadian citizens crying over the lack of festivals in their nation. Okay that is a giant lie I don’t think anyone from Canada has ever seen the site. That is also a lie. Regardless, another hour has passed and we have another festival to share with you. This one is in Ottawa which is in Canada and it lasts twelve days. It used to be called the Ottawa Bluesfest, but they decided to change the name to RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest. Now I will shut up and tell you who the hell is playing but only after I link you to the official site here so you can buy tickets and stuff. Oh and shockingly enough, Girl Talk is nowhere to be found on this lineup.

July 4th

Tangerine Dream, Tiesto, Alan Doyle, Riot Police, Fishbone, AWOLNATION, Fet.Nat, The Melvins, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Loon Choir, Akron Family, Billy Brag

July 5th

Charles Bradley, LMFAO, Fevers, The Strain, Plants and Animals, Mister Parker, Cole, Paul Oakenfold, Dry River Caravan, Johnny Sansone and Monkeyjunk

July 6th

Conor Oberst, City and Colour, Freelance Whales, David Gray, Kalle Mattson, Arkells, Kid SL, !!!, Tommy Lee and DJ Aero, Charles Bradley, Lake Street Dive, Winchester Warm

July 7th

Monster Truck, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Rory Gardiner, Hellbros, Sparrows, The Bright Light Social Hour, Marcia Ball, Lynn Drury, Toronzo Cannon, The Flats, Autumn’s Canon, Matt Dorgan Project, Philly Moves, DJ Illo, Mustard Pimp, MSTRKRFT, Downhere, Newworldson, Building 429, City Harmonic, She’s The One

July 8th

The Peptides, Jeff Rogers, The Bright Light Social Hour, Norah Jones, Seal, The Wooden Sky, Walk Off The Earth, Shred Kelly, Ashley Crnic, Amanda Bon, Keek, Orgone, Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars, Down With Webster, Chromeo, A Tribe Called Red, Drastik, Lukas Nelson, Flight Distance, Toronzo Cannon, Lynn Drury, TJ Wheeler, Deep Dark Woods, James Vincent McMorrow, The Royal Southern Brotherhood, Downchild Blues Band, Brea Lawrenson, Josef Pollock, Lucas Haneman, Tyler Kealy

July 9th

I Mother Earth, My Darkest Days, Nickleback

July 10th

Snoop Dogg, Zoo Legacy, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Jesse Greene Band, Carolyn Wonderland, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Deltron 3000, Chali 2na, Zeus, Damon Fowler, Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas, Oliver Mtukudzi

July 11th

Thievery Corporation, Grimes, Big Wreck, Youth Lagoon, Good Old War, The Claytones, Blitzen Trapper, Rich Aucoin, Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin’ Alter Boys, Cody Allen Band, Carolyn Wonderland, Cassie Taylor

July 12th

The Pack A.D., John Mellencamp, The Love Machine, Sam Roberts Band, The White Wires, The Hold Steady, The Sheepdogs, Ariyan, Adam K, Arty, Terry Gillespie, Karen Lovely, Sugar Ray and the Bluetones

July 13th

Jordan Cook AKA Reignwolf, Our Lady Peace, Blue Rodeo, Become The Sun, Rudeboy, Dirty Heads, Young The Giant, Grandtheft, Drop The Lime, A-Trak, Mother’s Children, Bettye Lavette, Hey Rosetta!

July 14th

Skrillex, Beirut, Mastodon, Monophonics, Handsome Furs, Dirty Projectors, Fire and Neon, Tyga, The Souljazz Orchestra, 10CC, Shemekia Copeland, Amalgamation, Kelly Richey, Pat “Hatrack” Gallagher, Sound of Lion, Spencer Scharf

July 15th

The Ethics, Monophonics, K’naan, Metric, The Weeknd, Young Empires, The Bush Pilots, Birthday Girls, Victor Nesrallah, July Talk, The Balconies, Chains of Love, Detroit Cobra, The Trews, Wolfgang Gartner, Felix Cartal, Bzrk, Lazybones, Monkeyjunk, Current Swell

Coachella Music Festival 04/15/12: Empire Polo Fields – Indio, CA

Coachella Music and Arts Festival 04/15/12

Empire Polo Fields – Indio, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

For the final day of my first Coachella weekend I arrived to the Empire Polo Fields much later than I had the first two days. I could tell by the time that I was to the Beats Antique tent that the energy had changed. You could see the exhaustion on the collective face of the crowd, sick and tired of having to walk into a cage to get a beer or take a leak. Security was a bit tighter on this particular day as well as for the first time all weekend I had to throw away contraband at the front gate (clearly Coachella is no place for Gummy Bears, especially the Haribo variety). Most important on this sunny spring day, it was a final shot for me to get my head straight one last time before returning home to reality and a new chapter in my life.

Fitz and the Tantrums

Fuck these guys. No, really fuck these guys. This is not a band, this is a fucking product. They make me so fucking angry that I am left but no choice to overuse the word fuck. The songs are simple, uninspired and I felt for the first time all weekend that I was at a Pop radio station summer festival and not Coachella. This metro-sexual Motown shtick doesn’t work. The fact that “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconteurs was stale, cheap and generic made me wonder if they add it in just to look cool? Fitz is nothing more than mass produced music for people who don’t want to be pushed outside their comfort level. I wouldn’t even bother to steal their retro recordings. Oh and spare me the “they are a fun band” argument, because the world has plenty of fun bands who make great music. Fitz isn’t one of them. Next please.

Wild Flag

I’ve had a crush on Carrie Brownstein because she once did an experiment for NPR where she became a Phish fan for a week. I decided to check out Wild Flag because of this. I managed to catch three songs from up front before enjoying the rest with a few friends in the beer garden. While many in my group thought the music was terrible I had to disagree. While it would have been better suited inside one of the tents versus the massive Outdoor Stage, the all-female super group had a good energy going throughout the set and quenched my festival hunger for grrrrlrock.

Gaslamp Killer

For those who follow me on Twitter, you know all about my sworn duty to bust wooks. We all hate the dirty crusty scum who sell bad drugs, refuse to shower and call your sister “brah.” Well what if I told you they started a new genre of music to spread their message of filth and dishonesty? WOOKSTEP is here people; I nearly choked on my $5 churro when I saw this in action. Truly dreadful, I went and found an officer from the nearby Cathedral City Police Department but he refused to do anything. Check the footage below and then warn all your friends that WOOKSTEP is coming to a Wal-Mart near you.

The Weeknd

I’d be lying if I denied being bored for a good chunk of Coachella on Sunday. I ended up taking a seat along the fence and watched a beautiful California sunset as The Weeknd took the stage. Before a single note played, I already knew this band was going to be huge based off the thunderous cheers from every young girl at Coachella. The Weeknd were not bad, but Canadian indie rock infused R&B sung by pretty boys is never going to win me over. So instead I just watched the day, reflected on the wonderful weekend that was coming to an end and thought about the day when I take my daughter to see a dreamy front man like The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye live.


The Airplane Boys

As I walked in a sea of people to go see Gotye, I noticed the Gobi Tent was deserted as a hip hop act played. I decided to go check it out and what I saw reminded me of being 16 and checking out a local show. The Airplane Boys are from Canada and what they lack in talent, they make up in enthusiasm. From running around the empty tent to getting what few fans were there to raise their hands and scream, you would have thought these guys were arena headliners. Alas they were just a few guys praying for folks to give em a chance on a night headlined by some of hip hops brightest stars.


This dude should have been on the Outdoor Stage and Wild Flag should have rocked this tent as there was a massive crowd gathered to witness the greatest one hit wonder of 2012. I can only assume he played the song everyone will be sick of by Memorial Day and it changed the lives of girls not old enough to get into the beer garden. Good times.

Girl Talk

I would like to pat myself on the back as I successfully completed the Girl Talk Triple Crown. Three Girl Talk sets at three festivals in one single year. First we had Outside Lands in San Francisco. Then we had Voodoo in New Orleans. Coachella completed the Triple Crown. What I have realized with Girl Talk is that every show is exactly the same. Stressing that he only had 45 minutes, I stayed for about 20 before leaving the mash up madness and heading back to the main stage to wrap my weekend.


Fuck these guys. No really, fuck these guys. Unlike Fitz they are unique and talented. But the fact is long before Girl Talk started I gathered at the main stage to check out their 7:45 pm set. I watched my watch and 7:45 pm came and past. It was 8:05 pm when I finally said fuck this and left as fans started to get ugly. This is a festival set, you have an obligation to be on time for your fans. Justice wasted my valuable time and it was not appreciated. I heard they finally came on around 8:15 pm and only played for 30 minutes versus the entire hour that was expected. I hope they only got half of their paycheck. I did manage to catch the last song after Girl Talk, so enjoy the one photo I took of these tardy twats up above.

At The Drive-In

This was a moment I have waited years for. I never got to see At The Drive-In and I knew Coachella was my chance. With the sun now set the masses flocked to the main stage for a taste of El Paso in Indio. I knew the second the low end rumbling began that we were opening for “Arcarsenal” and I was ready to rage. For the next hour, the five piece band unleashed an all-out assault on Coachella that managed to sound well-polished while never losing its raw grit.

I really enjoyed the construction of the set and how the songs flowed. I believe it was “Lopsided” that flowed perfectly into “Sleepwalk Capsules” without pausing to quickly tune or allowing front man Cedric Bixler-Zavala to insult the audiences’ choice of clothes.

While I could have listened to the band play all damn night, I am happy that most of my favorites were performed. I was a bit worried that we would see two separate bands (The Mars Volta and Sparta) trying to be one, but on this particular night you could not see any divide upon the stage. The one thing I did find disappointing was the lack of energy from guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. After wishing us a Merry Christmas, the band wrapped the set with their lone radio hit “One Armed Scissor.” No longer yelling at folks not to mosh, At The Drive-In is back and sounds better than ever.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

Unless you are an E-Tard losing your cell phone out at the Sahara Tent, the final set of Coachella 2012 was the one set I was most intrigued about since the initial artist announcement. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg together again. I managed to catch Snoop last fall at Voodoo and found myself bored to death thirty minutes into the set. Could Dre and Snoop keep the interest of a casual hip hop fan? As it turns out they not only did but put on one of the best performances I have ever seen.

The celebration of West Coast Hip Hop from the past, present and future kicked off with “The Next Episode.” It was clear that the duo were well rehearsed and about to put on a show for the ages. Keeping the parting rolling, “Kush” and “Gin N Juice” followed giving tens of thousands of concert goers the chance to get in the right mental condition for a Death Row history lesson.

Now that we were all in the right mind frame, it was time to pay tribute to Nate Dogg. While we never did see a hologram performance as rumored, we did get to see Kurupt come out for a rocking take on “ Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None).” After the tribute, it was time to get high again as Snoop Dogg brought out Wiz Khalifa to perform their hit “Young, Wild & Free.”

The first half of the show was jam packed with hit after hit. Some not even their own as both Dre and Snoop had a chuckle after a tongue and cheek performance of the House of Pain classic “Jump Around.” From there we got such timeless memories as “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and of course “Ain’t Nothing But A ‘G’ Thang.”

With massive energy in the venue, Dre sucked the life out of the show for a few minutes to show off his newest weapon Kendrick Lamar. Thankfully it was the breather we all needed as 50 Cent came out next shocking the Coachella nation. 50 breezed through three tracks in about six minutes. Fans went nuts as he performed his biggest hits “P.I.M.P” and “In The Club.” 50 sounded great and was no doubt a welcome surprise.

After a massive group rap-a-long for “California Love” it became time to pay tribute to Tupac via hologram. I will be honest, where I was standing, it didn’t look very good. In fact it looked more like a videogame than anything. This was cheesy, out of place and distracting in my opinion and I am going to pretend as if it never happened.

The biggest highlight of the night was Eminem. Em joined the fun for three songs, “I Need A Doctor,” “Forgot About Dre” and “Till I Collapse.” The reclusive rapper had a hoodie over his head the entire time and the good Dr. of course had to beg him to play the final song. Yet the excitement in the air after what had already gone down was not matched all weekend.

The set came to a roaring conclusion with “Still D.R.E.” as the incredible backing band jammed out the songs tail end, Dre and Snoop said their thanks as their respective platforms brought them below the stage. As someone who does not claim to know much about hip hop, Dr. Dre is one of the few artists whose catalogue I know. The set truly was one of the greatest performances I have ever seen as far as pure entertainment level and it was the perfect way to end my first Coachella.


The Black Keys, TV on the Radio and Snoop Dogg To Headline Inaugural Catalpa Festival in NYC

New York City brace yourselves, we finally got ourselves a good festival. It’s called Catalpa , and taking place July 28th and 29th at Randall’s Island Park in NYC.

Who are the headliners you ask?

The Black Keys, TV On The Radio, and Snoop Dogg (Performing 1993’s Doggystyle in it’s entirety). With a full announcement of artists to come soon, I’m pretty sure this is one all of us in the New York City area need to check out.

Weekend Early Bird Passes start at $99. The festivals official website says there should be 50+ acts eventually making there way into this line-up, but as of now the only acts confirmed (and we’ll keep you updated as they break) are listed below:

Catalpa Festival NYC Lineup A/O 3/22/11

The Black Keys

TV on the Radio

Snoop Dogg (performing Doggystyle)

Umphrey’s McGee

Felix da Housecat


The Big Pink,

City and Colour

Fort Atlantic

Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced

Coachella 2012 Lineup Announced

Kasabian, Refused, At The Drive-In and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – oh my. The 2012 Coachella lineup is out and it’s epic like elephant titties. Tickets go on sale Friday January 13th 2012 at 10 am PST via coachella.com We hope to see you in the desert in April.

Update 01/13/12 1:00 PM PST

Both weekends of Coachella 2012 sold out in less than three hours. Our man Reverend Justito has purchased tickets for the first weekend. If you are heading out to Indio, leave us a comment. Maybe he will buy you a beer.

Voodoo Music Experience 10/29/11: City Park – New Orleans, LA

Voodoo Music Experience 10/29/11:

City Park – New Orleans, LA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

There is something to be said for having an adventure thousands of miles from home. My latest just happened to be a Saturday spent at City Park in New Orleans, LA. For years I have heard of the Voodoo Music Experience yet living 2000 miles away it’s not the easiest festival to attend. While my original plans for all three days fell through, I was able to at least take in one day of the long running music festival.

The adventure began with me hopping a street car from the Central Business District down to City Park. Public transportation in unknown cities can always be a bit nerve wracking but thankfully the $1.25 ride across town went as smooth as could be. Our street car operator pointed out places to get everything from Turtle Soup to Bacon Wrapped Donuts. He even allowed some local youth to pay for a ride on the car in candy. End of the line was City Park and I followed my fellow concert goers through the front of the park to the gates of the festival.

Upon entering, the first stage I stumbled upon was the Red Bulletin stage. Located next to some body of water, about 12 dozen kids were sitting on the lawn as Carmine P. Filthy did his DJ thing. This was the last kind of music I was looking for at just past 1pm so I headed deeper into the park to experience some sounds of New Orleans.

Over the next hour, I caught portions of sets by Treme Brass Band and Soul Rebels Brass Band w/ Cyril Neville. I’ll admit, I don’t check out many bands of this style, but when in Rome how can you not? I personally enjoyed Soul Rebels set more, mainly because as younger men they had much more energy and a more modern feel.

After walking around checking out the various foods and vendors for a while I took up residence at the main stage for a long haul. I was shocked to see next to no one at the main stage when I arrived but that probably had a lot to do with the fact that not only was it early, but that The Revivalists were butchering an Eminem song. The one good thing about such a terrible band performing on stage was the fact I was able to secure a spot three rows back. Pretty sweet spot for a stage that had at least 50,000 fans rocking out at it later in the day if I do say so myself.

Boots Electric

Boots Electric (also known as Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal) came to New Orleans to share songs from his recently released solo record Honkey Kong. As a long time fan of Boots, the first few songs of the set were rough. I chalked it up to the fact that the new group would have been better placed on a smaller stage but as it turns out the city of New Orleans was to blame. In between songs like “I Love You All The Thyme” and “Boots Electric Theme” it was shared that the swaggering front man had been awake enjoying New Orleans for about 96 hours. Clearly on his twelfth wind, where the music lacked one couldn’t help but root Boots on in hopes he could make it through the sun drenched set. Not even Eagles of Death Metal songs like “Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)” and “Speaking in Tongues” managed to draw interest from a sparse crowd mainly looking to pop their Blink 182 cherry later in the night. It’s always fun to rock with Boots, but next time I hope it’s in a small club well after the sun has set.


Following Boots Electric was the mighty men from Atlanta known as Mastodon. The bands late afternoon slot on the main stage was the set I was looking forward to most at Voodoo and they did not disappoint. The four piece did a fine job of mixing songs from the recently released album The Hunter as well as plenty of classics from yesteryear. Still planted three rows back, I had assumed the Mastodon fans would make their way up front for some larger than life mosh pits. While a few drunk knuckleheads did try (and fail) to crowd surf, the Blink fans managed to hold their ground forcing the circle pit to be located about 40-50 feet back from the guard rail. I get the feeling this took an effect on the band as they tried yet were unsuccessful in getting a majority of the crowd energized as they bashed out songs like “Spectrelite”, “Crack The Skye” and “Bedazzled Fingernails.” Where Boots and crew were lost upon the big stage, Mastodon and their monstrous sounds made the place feel small. While there are still a few kinks to work out within the new songs, Mastodon came and conquered Voodoo Experience and confirmed my assumption that they would be the highlight of my day.


Social Distortion

As the sun began to set on City Park, the festival began to feel a lot like home. With quick set changes, all the older punks with faded tattoos and slicked back hair found their way to the front of the stage for the hard working tales of Mr. Mike Ness.  With their hour long dinner time set, Social Distortion did an outstanding job of performing material spanning their lengthy career. When not joking about puking up your booze upon the Festivals small selection of carnival rides, Ness and company gave it their all on songs such as “Story of My Life”, “Bakersfield” and a reworked version of “Prison Bound.” One thing I never thought I would see as part of a Social Distortion show 15 years ago was an acoustic guitar, but it actually worked (as did the ragtime honkytonk piano). Having seen Social Distortion numerous times in the past the band never disappoints and Voodoo was just another example of this. As the band wrapped their set with a cover of Johnny Cash’s classic “Ring of Fire” I decided to leave my cozy spot at the main stage in search of more California sounds within City Park.


X was one of those funky festival sets where you are there, but not really there. I had a quick snack. I watched the legends blast out song after song from their debut album Los Angeles as I stood in line for porta-potties (and here I thought Outside Lands had it bad). Then I found a spot, taped the title track while braving two young men smoking something from tin foil. Moved, found another spot only to have someone almost puke on me so I end up saying enough is enough it’s time to go check out Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg

By the time I worked my way back to the main stage, the area was packed. I headed back to my stage left side however I couldn’t get to a good angle especially with the video camera passing back and forth right in front of my face. So I found another spot much further back and the pride of Long Beach paced back and forth upon the stage in a Marcus Colston New Orleans Saints jersey. When various members of Snoops entourage were not encouraging the crowd to light up on Cannabis, the collective were cranking out Snoop’s biggest hits. “Beautiful” “Gin and Juice” and even some Dr. Dre joints pleased the predominantly white rock crowd. Having never witnessed Snoop live before, it was fun but about ½ through the set I found myself bored. So I decided it was time to head over to the first stage I found at Voodoo and get a prime spot for Girl Talk.


Before we can discuss Girl Talk, let’s discuss Kreayshawn. For as bad as I thought the two songs by The Revivalists were, this may be the most God awful shit I have ever witnessed.

Girl Talk

As you may recall, I ragged my nads off with Girl Talk at Outside Lands in San Francisco earlier this year as I had already seen major headliner Muse twice within the year. I made the same call at Voodoo, this time skipping Blink 182 for Mr. Gillis. I caught no less than seven Blink 182 shows before the bands hiatus and with their new album being one of the worst I have heard this year I knew exactly how I wanted to wrap my Voodoo experience. Hitting the stage in a Freddy Krueger costume, Girl Talk was the right call as I had a blast dancing my ass off during his hour long set. As a human being blessed with the gift of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, his unique blend of all genres of music makes my soul happy. It didn’t matter how tired I was or how bad my feet already hurt, the man made my fat white ass groove.

I ended up leaving Girl Talk’s set a few minutes early as I had heard many fans share horror tails of how hard it was to take public transportation back towards the French Quarter the night before. Walking towards the 91 bus almost an hour before the festival came to a close I couldn’t help but have a grin larger than Snoop Dogg’s cross my face. Sure, things didn’t go as I planned for Voodoo and I this year, but the fact is I got to spend a day in City Park with some great acts. I met some amazing folks, including one Tulane Student who graduated from the same Junior High as I did. I visited the Third Man Records truck and almost had my beard died green. While Voodoo didn’t work out for three days as I expected, it was the unexpected that had the biggest impact on me. For a city that was destroyed six years ago, New Orleans is on the upswing once again and just by being there spending my hard earned money I was able to not only help rebuild a place with a rich history, but help every single person who never gave up on their hometown. A truly magical experience, I hope one day I can return to City Park and Voodoo all over again.

Bangin’ 7 Gram Rocks w/ Charlie Sheen 4/10/11 @ Radio City Music Hall!

So the day has finally come upon us- Charlie Sheen on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/ Defeat is not an option tour as it embarks on it’s second night at Radio City Music Hall(1st night was Friday before a Saturday night stop in Washington, DC). Also bare with me, as this is not a rock concert yet I’m posting here, at a site devoted to sharing experiences with you from rock concerts. Simple math, if I put the words CHARLIE and SHEEN next to each other in a sentence, any sentence-this piece(and this site) will get that many more views. Just throw a #Winning in here and there and you’re all hooked. Robert Patterson (of Filter) was on guitar all night-so we’re not too far from the realm of music anyway; Eff that- I’m going with it.

Since the day I got these tickets, I’ve been kept up to date by people telling me things like “oh, I heard he got booed off stage”.. Yea, in Detroit- a town full of angry unemployed people expecting to see Charlie Sheen turn into Bill Hicks right before their eyes. This is not a magic act- there’s no rabbits being pulled out of hats here and I understand this-too bad the “real” media doesn’t get it. My mother busted out the “But Jay, he hasn’t been winning” line earlier this week really annoyed the crap out of me. This is just an actor who was fired from his job for being himself-he’s now out to make attempts at telling the world his story, tell some epic tales of epic times. I saw video clips of the show from Friday night and people are like screaming stuff out during his sentences and I’m thinking like: dude- can you shut up so I can hear this Nick Cage story?

Rolled with a posse for this one, with my friends In the pic left to right it’s Me, Jon,:Chach, Taylor and Pinky. Running a little late, but after burning down several blunts on the ride over from Staten to the City-we were in a parking garage a block or so away at 8PM exactly(costing us 42 bucks to park in the garage, I’m in the wrong business!). My first time at Radio City Music Hall-this place is mammoth to epic proportions . The lobby when you walk in with the 100 feet long chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, carpeted floor, some of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen in one place-now we are talking! And it’s not like I’m alone and don’t want to get caught staring at some dude’s chick-I have muscle tonight, my eyes are on every single tittie in that building. We walk up three flights of stairs (3rd mezzanine balcony) and are shown to our seats which are primo to say the least. First row overlooking the entire nights proceedings. Had my cup on the ledge until we were viciously scolded by an usher “HEY! NO CUPS ON THE LEDGE!! GET IT OFF!” I’ve had cameras confiscated in nicer tones of voice then that dude gave us.. sure dude- no problem, cups off.

So Charlie Sheen sits in a chair aside with another dude, and the other guy is basically keeping things on track topic wise, prompting Sheen with questions and stuff. One of the first things Sheen is preaching on is to the effect of : “You know I always say to Plan Better (#planbetter), so tonight we planned better by throwing out the script and just saying fuck it”..

Robert Patterson from Filter(a band I saw in the 1st ever Jay Porks Concert Experience!) was a few feet away from them holding his guitar playing along to zingers and such. For example, Sheen says “Can I smoke in here” and as he’s lighting up Patterson plays the “Smoke on the Water” riff-awesome. I actually dragged my friend Chach to that STP/Filter concert back in May 08, so he’s seen Patterson twice now. Anyway, the moderator dude was like going through this $20 booklet they were selling that had a bunch of stuff in it, including a list of the “20 best Charlie Sheen quotes”.. A rant about what being bi polar actually means ensued-with a Doctor being brought up on stage only to find out he was lying about being a doctor..

We got a light “7 gram rocks” chant going, then He asked us to pick it up saying- “that’s be awesome lets have a 7 gram rocks chant ”. Then went on to explain how we got ourselves to this magical number of seven gram rocks. Sheen states “I was jamming this huge rock into my crack pipe and it wouldn’t fit it was impossible”-we’re all already dying in laughter here as he says something to the effect of: “So I took it out and banged it on the scale broke it in two. While smoking a 3 gram rock I noticed the other one was 4 grams, so I finished it all up right there”

But Charlie has supporters he tells us, gazing into the crowd. “Where’s Daryl? I know you’re here Daryl stand up take a bow” and I notice floor seats middle/right section the spot light finds him I look on the big screen and it’s actually frickin’ Daryl Strawberry, there in the crowd trying to be incognito wearing army fatigues. A few minutes later he’d be forced by Charlie to come on stage to take a bow- “Just take a bow for the people”. Besides the massive chants of “Daaaaaaaarrrrrryllllllll!” when he walked off some fans shouted out “Lets Go Yankees”, to which Charlie replied “He played for the Yankees?”(Obviously we know Daryl actually did play for the Yankees in the late 90’s as a role player on those championship teams). Do you understand how hard it was to avoid a “Strawberry’s the only dude who’s smoked more crack then this guy” line? Oops.

Where’s James?” Sheen says gazing into the crowd again- “C’mon James I know you’re here take a bow”. So on the big screen we then see a shot of James fucking Lipton, host of “Inside the Actors Studio” in the crowd watching the onstage goings on. Really? This dude seems like the most serious guy in the world with all his thespianism speak and such, I can’t believe he’s here to win tonight. “Want to come up and ask me some questions James?” to a resounding cheer from the crowd-he’s not really into to at all Charlie continues to coax him “I know I promised I wouldn’t but just come up to take a bow at least” so finally he comes up on stage and hugs Charlie and then is asked if he had one question to ask Charlie what would it be and he replies with “Well(in his all deep, serious voice he has), it would have to be what I ask all the actor I have on-What’s you’re favorite curse word?” Easy answer for Sheen, who said it’s “Fuck…or Denise-either one” to a huge harmonic roar from the crowd. Lipton heads back to his seat. Damn-is there anyone else in here I should know of?

For the seven minute intermission they’ve decided to show a short little flick, which was described as the “real” interview ABC should have aired. It contained the questions asked by Andrea Canning and Sheen’s responses edited to much funnier things. Like at one point every shot on Sheen had him with most cigarettes inserted in each hole of his face-first his nostrils then to the point where he had cigs in his ears and about 5-6 in his mouth until finally it just cut to a giant cigarette sitting there in the chair burning. Also clips of Sheen and 3 friends in his house arguing in the kitchen-but they’re speaking Spanish. I am far from disappointed with this night so far this shit is hilarious!

We come back from break and Sheen is in the balcony right below us all the way across the room making his way towards the stage. He sits and someone screamed out some sentence containing “Lorre”. He came to admit that Chuck Lorre “doesn’t completely suck” and he went on to call Jon Cryer a “Rock Star” and apologized for calling him a troll in earlier interviews. He continues on topic, stating that he’ll eventually write an apology and “I will be back on that fucking show” while prompting everyone to write in letters demanding his return.

So we’re still jiving along, and he takes a few questions from the audience(wish someone could muster up something good).. Some women had a photo album in her hand and said when handed the mic : “Charlie, do you remember the Tyson/Holyfield fight in 1996? You spilled you’re drink on me I have the pictures”-he’s like “really let me see that..what year again?” she says “1996” So Sheen explains that you gotta understand when you party with him “drinks get spilled” and went on to say “Look how epic that is-she remembers that 30 years later and I have no recollection of even being there”

Another audience member asked him if he had any money left, which prompted Sheen to reach in his bag and say “I got 100 bucks, here you want 100 bucks? Take it” and just hands it to dude(sitting in 700 dollar orchestra seats mind you). Other people were handed the mic, one asking how he can become a warlock… Sheen looked at him, sort of knighted him in a way and said “You are one”..

We took one more senseless question, before Charlie left us with this “You can’t live in the past. Unless you can bring me a souvenir from said event then it doesn’t exist-and the only souvenir I brought back her from Friday night was ME! Goodnight, Love you guys!”

As the lights came on we all got to hear and view Snoop Dogg on the big screen doing a song I could only imagine could be called “Winning”, featuring lines like “Sheen with Tiger Blood like Snoop and Gin&Juice”. Tried to tape it, but the audio quality was an absolute abortion via Blackberry video camera. I only have one SD card, so I figured I’d test run it using the phone’s camera tonight, unaware that I wasn’t even going to be patted down whatsoever.

And As we exited we noticed that everyone had, you know, stayed til the end. Went to about 9:30, after coming on about 8ish.. No booing, no one walking out-everyone in the building having a blast. Take that conservative America!

So to tie things up here, I got what I expected and more. And I’m so glad too-just to shove it in the face of all you non-believers. All the people out there who look at me like I’m a satanist for supporting a #Winning cause yet tune in religiously to eMTpyV to keep up with all the latest happenings on the Jersey Shore. Not to rant or anything, but all those people could seriously suck it-two standing ovations tonight! Me and four of my friends sitting at Planet Hollywood after the show running up a 170 dollar bill all in agreement of the epic night. I even spotted a Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen’s character in the movie Major League, starring Charlie Sheen) jersey hanging up on the wall I got a pic of myself next too with Taylor. Our waiter was on board with the whole scene, actually writing at the top of our check “The Tiger Blood Was Free”. Complete awesomeness from all ends. And just for you Robert Patterson I’m going to blast Filter as I write this up just because you kicked ass riffing all night…

Anyway, I’m done folks-I still have two school assignments to do that are due tomorrow but this was more important. Needed to let the internet know what a genius Charlie Sheen is. And we’ll meet again soon right here, as I head out to Town Hall this Wednesday 4/13 to see Chris Cornell on his “Acoustic Songbook Tour”. So til then, thanks for participating and I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. LATE…

Blazed and Confused in the Bay Area

Blazed and Confused Tour 07/24/09

Shoreline Amphitheatre: Mt. View, CA

Words/Photos by jhallead

My boss comes up to me at 3pm on a Friday asking if I want our box seats for the Blazed and Confused Tour at the Shoreline.  With no time to change, headed north with my white hippie shirt and flip flops.

What did I have to drink you ask?  Gin and Juice, what else?  I was actually surprised that Snoop opened for Slightly Stoopid.  Sorry Slightly Stoopid fans, but I think they suck.  Thank goodness Snoop opened because that meant we were able to leave early and beat the traffic.  Stephen Marley opened for Snoop but unfortunately I was getting my drink on at that point.

Stephen Marley - Shoreline Amphitheatre 07/24/2009

The best thing about this show was that every time I looked around, EVERYONE was having a great time.  When you go to a rock show, people dance and bob their heads, but every single body was moving and grooving.  Snoop put on an amazing show.  My absolute favorite part of the whole concert is when he said “all the ladies in the hiz-ouse say YEAH YEAH….all the fellas in the hiz-ouse, say BIATCH”….  And yes, all the men in the fellas in the house said it.  Classic.

Snoop Dogg - Shoreline Amphitheatre 07/24/09

We stayed for 2 Slightly Stoopid songs.  2 songs too much for me.  As we were walking out, we found 4 Slightly Stoopid fans that about shit their pants when I gave them my VIP seats.  I slept good that night….



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