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Jagermeister Tour 2012: Pops – Sauget, IL 12-01-12

The Jagermeister Tour rolled into Pops Saturday night in Sauget, IL, and it was pretty good for a sold out show.


As usual I get to the venue way to early, and I knew that Halestorm had VIP that they offered for sale on there fan club website, but I also knew in the past that venues made the VIP’s come back out, but this wasn’t the case at Pops, so therefore my waiting in line for ten hours was in vain, but overall I wasn’t bitter I did enjoy the show none the less.

The doors opened around 7pm and I did manage to get myself a little corner of the rail on the left side of the stage, while everyone else that had been in line for the past ten hours made there way up to the balcony, and got seats.. I did have one saved for me if I decided to head to it, but standing on the corner of the rail, would be sufficient enough for the time being.


The opening band Eve to Adam took the stage promptly at 8pm, they where awesome, they are from New York, and the lead singer and drummer are brothers. Taki Sassaris and Alex Sassaris, along with Gaurav Bali as the lead guitarist, also a member of Dope was on hand, and a bassist’s who’s name I didn’t catch, this band has some major musical talent. They rocked, they sang songs off of there current album “Banquet for a Starving Dog” which consisted of;

  • 2 Pills
  • No Regrets
  • Run your Mouth

They even did an amazing performance of Billy Idols “Rebel Yell” it was awesome, the lead singer has a voice like Scott Stapp from Creed, so it’s raspy enough to pull off the hard sounding song, as they opened up for Creed on there major tour. They closed out there set with there lead single “Reach” and a brand new one that Taki said was co written by Eric Bass from Shinedown called “Straightjacket Supermodel”, overall great performance by these guys.

Next up was In this Moment, which I’ve seen once before, but was so preparing for this show…. they are epic..and I knew they would put on a great show, as they started setting up there stage you could tell it was going to be a show stopper. Maria has tons of props, and there was white skulls in place, skeleton’s, plastic foam heads, and all sort of cool things gracing the small stage at Pops. Of course Maria Brinks the lead singer was  dressed in all white from her shoes to the mask that she wore for the opening song. They opened with “Rise with Me” and then burst into “Adrenalize” from there current album “Blood” it was awesome, the whole front row’s faces were enough to make me laugh, as they were there to see Halestorm and had no idea who In this Moment was, but In this Moment stole the show. I’m glad I was able to be up front for them, as Maria wowed the crowd with costume add on’s, and major guitar riffs from the band members that are decked out with war paint on there faces, and give off a creepy vibe, but are overall extremely friendly. There set list consisted of:

  • Rise with me
  • Adrenalize
  • Blazin
  • Whore
  • Beast within
  • Burn
  • The Gun Show, (which included Maria’s dance)
  • The Blood Legion
  • Blood

In this Moment had prop changes, and overall stage presence. Maria Brinks, is truly the heavy metal version of Lady Gaga, she commands the stage, and puts out great music while doing it, overall they stole the show for me.

After standing through Eve to Adam and In This Moment, I let someone have my corner rail and I made my way up to the balcony for Halestorm as my friends headed that way to begin with, this was my ninth or tenth time seeing Halestorm and they never disappoint, granted the stage wasn’t big enough for both of there riser platform’s, but Lzzy and company put on a great show. There set list is as follows:

  • Mz Hyde
  • Love Bites (So do I)
  • Freak Like Me
  • Dirty Work
  • American Boys
  • Daughters of Darkness
  • Rock Show
  • Break In
  • Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  • Familiar Taste of Poison
  • Drum Solo
  • You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing
  • It’s not you
  • I Get off

Encore: Here’s to Us, and I Miss the Misery..

They put on a great show for the crowd, I was able to get a couple videos, and some awesome photos..

Overall another great tour, and with Pops being the venue of choice I always go there, one of the security guards said “oh hadn’t seen you for a while” I said, I’ll be back next week to Bush and Chevelle, so it’s nice to know that I have friends, and folks remember you makes you feel secure in a not so great part of East St. Louis.  Thanks again Pops, see you soon.


BeezNutz Races Through St. Louis To Catch 3oh!3 11/02/12

3oh!3 St. Louis, MO
Rock N’ Roll Marathon, 11/02/12
Words/Photos/Video: BzNtZ

I can remember back to the 08′ warped tour, and how 3oh!3 was on that tour. They had a new CD that was supposed to drop on that tour, it had leaked before the release date. Instead of bitching, 3oh!3 burnt copies of the new CD on CDR signed them and sold them for 5 bucks. My friend Steve has one of these, he was the one to introduce me to the band that day. The performances I saw in 08′ were great and I was instantly a fan.

I had not heard much from them since the release of the latest album ” Streets Of Gold “. Although they toured extensively for the album they did not include St. Louis on the dates. Then one day out of the blue, my friend Chris called to tell me 3oh!3 would be playing a free show for the Rock And Roll Marathon series. They would be playing the finish line party and I was pretty excited.

The morning of the show, my girlfriend and I set out with just enough time to make the 11 a.m show. Between highway construction, and road closures for the marathon we cut it extremely close. I parked as close as I could and we had to walk the 10 city blocks to the park. A steady stream of runners and joggers filed passed the line seemed to be never ending. We picked up the pace and set out on our own marathon.

We finally found the mainstage as 3oh!3 was playing ” Starstruck ” from the first album ” Want “. We quickly made our way to the front of the stage, just in time for the beach balls. As we got to our spots about 10-20 huge beach balls were thrown into the crowd and made for a fun party like atmosphere.

The crowd enjoyed them, as well as the band. In between songs they joked they were opening the show for ” The Beach Balls “. Made for a humorous part of the show. They played ” My First Kiss ” off of there 2nd cd ” Streets Of Gold ” next.

They kept the energy high and the morning crowd ate it up, the only bad thing about this set was it was censored. There were a lot of young kids in the crowd and it was a family event so they didn’t cuss during the hour long set. It was very obvious on one of my favorite tracks ” Richman ” that they were playing a clean set.

When any band says they are gonna play a new song, that instantly means I hit record on the camera. They broke out a new song for this show, and it went over great. After the song was over they invited a fan on stage to dance it out with them. One word : Amazing. Just watch this starting at 3:50.

Then it was time for the beach balls second coming, and it turned out to be a funny moment. The crowd would hit the balls on stage and Nat, and Sean would kick, punch or throw them back to the crowd. I was trying to get a good shot of them hitting the balls back, so I told my girlfriend Danielle to hit one to Sean so I could get the shot. Well she did and bounced one right off his chest, he wasn’t looking and got GOT! Made me laugh and was a highlight of the show for me.

Before starting the last song ” Don’t Trust Me ” Sean asked the crowd to ” Please, don’t hit me”. Which made me turn to my girlfriend and laugh.

They rocked the last song with a lot of help from the crowd. After the performance they jumped down to the barricade to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

It was a great show, and was a lot of fun. The Rock and Roll Marathon seemed very well organized, and well planned. I can’t wait for next years. Go check out 3oh!3 next time they come around, they still are a lot of fun.


Till Next Time…..


Infamous Stringdusters Embark on Old Rock House – St. Louis 11/14/12

An Evening with the Infamous Stringdusters – Old Rock House 11/14/2012
Words / Pictures by Bradley Darby


Described by some critics as “a future supergroup,” “a phenomenon” “intricately improvisational,” and “flawless”, the Infamous Stringdusters have been tearing up the bluegrass circuit for the last five years, releasing four studio albums as well as a live album while garnering a Grammy nomination along with three International Bluegrass Association awards and playing to packed venues and festival tents. The Stringdusters were just in the home of Chingy during Labor Day weekend for what was scheduled to be the late night portion of Del Yeah! Bluegrass Festival, however the festival was rescheduled due to inclimate weather. The Stringdusters played anyways to a near sold out crowd. That night they announced they would be coming back through town for one of the final shows on their Fall tour in November… that night was November 14th.


The first set started at 9PM with “The Place That I Call Home” with vocals by fiddle player Jeremy Garrett. While the band continued to play in the background, stand up bassist Travis Book took the mic to welcome the crowd and ask “Who here has seen the Stringdusters, whos done this before? Who knows what’s up? Then you know you are here to do whatever you want… dance, sing, drink, talk, whatever it is. Its your Wednesday night and we’re just so glad to be here tonight. Two sets of music, we’re gonna be at this awhile, settle in.” Book stayed on the mic as they went directly into the Danny Barnes tune “Get It While You Can.” It was clear at this point that the Dusters had already settled in quite nicely as the third song was a stunning instrumental that was very heavy on the fiddle, thanks to Jeremy Garrett.

A brand new song that debuted in late October, “Road to Boulder,” was led by dobro player Andy Hall. Their version of “In God’s County”, a song you may remember from The Joshua Tree by U2 was next. The Stringdusters are no stranger to that one, it was recorded for 2010’s Things That Fly. Travis got back on the mic to address the crowd again as he showed his appreciation for the Old Rock House and mentioned that this was the final week of the tour. Props were also given for the light guy, Bret Angstep, who was doing an absolutely fantastic job to make the stage look incredible. “How Far I’d Fall For You” was introduced by Book as a “party love song.”

A Del McCoury classic, “Travelin’ Teardrop Blues” segued right into banjo picker Chris Pandolfi leading the group and slaying dragons with his banjo for another instrumental. Following a brief pause to allow the crowd time to gather their thoughts it was time to cater to the hippie demographic with a cover of “Free” by Phish. Andy Hall was back at the mic for a stellar version of “Well, Well” that clocked in at 10 minutes and included what I’m pretty sure was a tease of the theme song from Top Gun by guitarist Andy Falco. The first set closed out just before 10 P.M.

After about a 35 minute break the second set started off in the hands of Travis Book yet again for “It’ll Be Alright” and was followed by another Andy Hall tune, “Rain.” The energy in the room just ten minutes into the the second set was definitely being felt by the band as they expressed how much fun they were having. The next song, “17 Cents” was dedicated to “people who struggle to make ends meet at the end of every month, damn near everybody i know ” said Book. A cover of “Walking on the Moon” by The Police had a nice bluegrass-reggae feel to it. Another tasty diddy of an instrumental went right into “Aint No Way of Knowing” followed by “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” with Andy Falco playing the part of Dylan.  “Deep Elem Blues” featured Travis Book laying down some nasty bass. He then told us about the new deluxe edition of Silver Sky, a re-release of their most recent album with bonus tracks and a live disc that is available only at independent record shops nationwide. You can’t order it on their website, really… I tried. They then played the first track from that album “Don’t Mean Nothin.” An excellent cover of The Grateful Dead’s “He Gone,” which is one of the bonus tracks featured on Silver Sky Deluxe Edition, was dedicated to Peter Dedario who was apparently responsible for the strings on Falco’s guitar. The set ended with what turned out to be a nearly 10 minute jammed out version of “Gettin’ Down The Road.”

After thanking the crowd they informed us they would be doing an encore and that they would normally walk away but theres no where to go. We were informed of The Show Hive, a section of the their website where sound engineer Dave Becker posts pictures and audio of every show. Even full, FREE recordings of most shows! The Dusters take on The Band’s “Up On Cripple Creek” started the encore, quite possibly a tribute to Levon Helm who passed away earlier this year. Their International Bluegrass Award winning song “Fork in the Road” closed the show out and as they thanked the crowd Book informed us that “you guys rocked!”


To say that I have grown quite fond of the Infamous Stringdusters over the past few years would be a fact. To say that after seeing them live for the first time last June (then again in August and October, then again three times this year) made me a fanatic would be an understatement. This band is incredibly talented and you need to do yourself a favor if you like bluegrass music the least bit and give them a chance… NOW.

The Place That I Call Home
Get It While You Can
Road to Boulder
In Gods Country
How Far I’d Fall For You
Travelin’ Teardrop Blues
Night on the River
Well, Well

It’ll Be Alright
17 Cents
Something Wind
Walking on the Moon
No Resolution (Instrumental)
Ain’t No Way of Knowing
Don’t Think Twice
Deep Elem Blues
Don’t Mean Nothin’
My Destination
He Gone
Gettin’ Down the Road
E: Up On Cripple Creek
E: Fork in the Road

Primus in 3D! Live at Peabody Opera House – STL 10/28

Primus in 3D! Live at Peabody Opera House – St. Louis 10/28/12

Words and Pictures by Bradley Darby

If you like your metal funky, your rock progressive, or just flat-out weird experimental jam music… then you were probably at the Peabody Opera House on Sunday night. If you weren’t, than you missed one of the greatest rock bands of the last 20 years as they took the stage for their touring 3D spectacle. Primus, who called it a day twelve years ago after releasing six albums over ten years, got the ‘original’ crew back together in 2010. One year later, we had Green Naugahyde, their first studio album in eleven years. Bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry “Ler” LaLonde and original drummer Jay Lane were officially back and picked things up right where they left off at the turn of the century. (Note: Lane was the original drummer that was later replaced by Tim Alexander who was the drummer for Primus through most of the 90s.)

The show opened with a bang as the haunting bass lines of “Southbound Pachyderm” kicked things off and the crowd, some sitting and some standing, all with their 3D glasses on gazing at the large screen behind the band, recognized it right away. The screen showed trippy images of elephants stampeding, and random multi colored shapes spinning as purple lights filled the room. Claypool with one leg kicked up on the monitor lurching over the microphone with his usual creepy prowess led the song as guitarist Ler LaLonde shredded his way through the song and melted faces across the room.

Les told the crowd that the set lists for this tour was going to feature songs that they hadn’t played in years, or even some that they had never played. It was clear from the first handful of songs that this was indeed the case as the first four songs all came from different Primus albums.

“Lee Van Cleef”, one of my favorite tracks from Green Naugahyde, featured graphics of cowboys and crazy looking eyeballs (similar to the video for the song) on the 3D visual screen behind the band while Claypool sang lyrics about the old Western film actor of the same name that died in 1989. The oft-neglected bass jam and fan favorite from 1993’s Pork Soda, “Hamburger Train” followed as well as a cover of “Hello Skinny” by The Residents, a song that Primus has covered in the past. The first set ended at just about 9PM with the first in a handful of songs from their 1990 debut studio album Frizzle Fry, “Groundhogs Day.”

As the first set concluded, the crowd was treated to old black and white Popeye cartoons on the video screen as some folks chose to get a breath of fresh air, stretch their legs, or sneak in a cigarette or two outside. The intermission lasted about 30 minutes and Primus were back on stage and ready to kick off the second set around 930PM.

The second set started with another newer song, “Extension Burst” before “Glass Sandwich” transitioned right into “Jilly’s on Smack”, which can extend to as long as ten minutes and often gets really weird… this was certainly no exception. This is a song that I have seen live four times since the reincarnation of Primus and it keeps getting better and better live. We were then treated to three straight songs from Frizzle Fry, “Spaghetti Western” followed by “The Toys Go Winding Down”, and finally “Frizzle Fry.” The set ended with “Mrs. Blaliene” and “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver”, one of Primus’ first singles from 1991’s Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

The crowd chanted “PRIMUS SUCKS” (flattering sure, but thats how Primus fans do it!) as the word PRIMUS flashed on the screen. After a short break, the guys came back out to a smattering of applause. “American Life” kicked off the encore (the same song they closed with last time they came to STL in 2011 at The Pageant) followed by “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”, another hugely popular song that appeared on 1995’s Tales from the Punchbowl.

This was my fourth time seeing Primus since they got back together. This was also my favorite Primus show of the four. The 3D show was good, but not at all what makes me say this. The music cranked out by Jay Lane, Larry LeLonde and Les Claypool is all you needed to enjoy yourself on this Sunday evening. If you were disappointed by this show, I’m sorry you had your expectations too high. I overheard a few folks post show that were let down by the 3D aspect of the show, my advice to them is go see Finding Nemo. To the good folks at the Peabody Opera House, if you find a piece of my mind melted to the floor in the Mezzanine Right, please return it.


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Southbound Pachyderm (Tales from the Punchbowl)
Golden Boy (The Brown Album)
Moron TV (Green Naugahyde)
Dirty Drowning Man (Antipop)
Hats Off (The Brown Album)
Lee Van Cleef (Green Naugahyde)
Hamburger Train (Pork Soda)
Del Davis Tree Farm (Tales from the Punchbowl)
Hello Skinny (Residents Cover)
Groundhogs Day (Frizzle Fry)

Extension Burst (Green Naugahyde)
Glass Sandwich (Tales from the Punchbowl)
Jilly’s on Smack (Green Naugahyde)
Spaghetti Western (Frizzle Fry)
The Toys Go Winding Down (Frizzle Fry)
Frizzle Fry (Frizzle Fry)
Mrs Blaileen (Tales From the Punchbowl)
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver (Sailing the Seas of Cheese)
E: American Life (Sailing the Seas of Cheese)
E: Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (Tales from the Punchbowl)





PHOTO GALLERY: LouFest 2012 feat. Flaming Lips, Dawes, Girl Talk, Son Volt and More / Aug 25-26 / Forest Park, St. Louis MO

LouFest 2012 Photo Gallery

All Pictures and Video by Bradley Darby (DarbySTL on Facebook/Twitter)



I present you with my 2012 LouFest photo gallery. This was one of my favorite smaller festivals I have attended and I look forward to what the future LouFest’s will bring now that they seem to be coming into their own in their third year. Enjoy the pictures in this gallery as much as I enjoyed shooting them and go listen to some of these great bands (I highly suggest Little Barrie)



















GirlTalk2-Loufest2012   GirlTalk-Loufest2012



























Reverend Peyton, 08/09/12 Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
Words/Photo’s/Video by Beez Nutz

I have said over and over how I LOVE Vintage Vinyl, they do everything right for a record store. They are a real independent store, which is more and more rare in todays world. I always buy my new cds from there, but what sweetens the deal is when the band shows up to throw a record store party, and what better band to do this than the Big Damn Band.

With their new album ” Between The Ditches ” being released on 08/07/12 and debuting on the Itunes at #1. To help promote the new release The Big Damn Band was doing a week of free shows and festivals. We were blessed enough that they picked Vintage Vinyl for the venue for their St. Louis show. Local brewer Schlafly Beer provided a few cases of cold hometown beer for the music fans of age in attendance.

Day of the show, I took my girlfriend to famous Blueberry Hill which is a block down the street. Once a month Chuck Berry still plays shows in the 300 capacity venue in its basement. After some Chicken Fingers, and famous Cheeseburgers, we strolled down Delmar and arrived at Vintage Vinyl.

There was already a good crowd there watching the sound check. A wide variety of people filled the aisles enjoying their cold, tasty beverages while browsing the cd racks.

Reverend Peyton came out and stole everyone’s attention, he is a true master of the guitar. He can talk with his guitar, he can sing with his guitar and everytime I see him, he is better than the last time. He is something to watch, thats why so many bands jump at the chance to play and work with him.

Washboard Breezy was rocking the washboard and cracking jokes between songs. In between songs a fan yelled out for a older song. In which Breezy replied “feel free to get a refund, only new songs today”.

Aaron ” Cuz ” Persinger was on the drums, helping sing back up for some songs. Cuz plays with a lot of passion, and makes each show fun to watch. The 30 minute performance was just enough to leave you wanting more. Good news for Big Damn fans is they are coming back to the Firebird in Sept.

Full Show Part 1:

Full Show Part II:

Thank You to : Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, Schlafly Beer, The Big Damn Band, and everyone who came out to support!

Find The Big Damn Band here :


Check Out Vintage Vinyl here :


Schlafly Beer can beer can be found at :

Schlafly Beer Homepage

and the grocery store.

Till next time, Bzntz…..


Dizzy Wright, Fubar St. Louis, MO 08/02/12
Words/Photos/Videos by BeezNutz

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go check out a up and coming rapper Hopsin. Had I missed that show, I would of almost certainly missed this one. I feel blessed I caught both of them. Funk Volume is shaping up to be a independent force to be reckoned with. They are already boasting a strong roster, and are some of the best promoters in the game. After hearing so much and seeing so much progress from a young rapper on their label named Dizzy Wright. I decided to go see for myself.

The 21 year old rapper, hails from Las Vegas, NV and now calls LA home. He has just released his solo debut album ” Smoke Out Conversations ” on Funk Volume Records. The day of the show, I had to put in some hours at the gig. Came home, drank a beer in the shower and hit the road. I rolled up to the Fubar around 9 p.m and made it just in time for the acts I had come to see.

The first one on my list was Stogie La Russa who is from St. Louis, MO and has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft. I dig Stogie and his shows are always a good time, he puts its down on stage.

Stogie put a lot of effort into his set, complete with funny songs, costume changes and overall tons of energy. He stood out at this show in a good way.

Up next was was one of my personal favorite acts in St. Louis. Kold Kace makes our city proud, and they keep getting better. They recently played a sold out show with Snoop Dogg. They took the stage and took shit over.

Kold Kace is J-Killa and Grace rhyming while Tactics does his job as hype man extraordinaire. They were great as they always are. You will never find them slipping and keep getting better and better each show.

Kold Kace runs with the F.T.I Army which is a local record label that is growing bigger everyday. They really stick together and at every show there are more and more F.T.I shirts in the crowd. J-Killa is one of my favorite hometown rappers and it is always dope to see him kill it live.

I have watched Kold Kace come from the open mic crowd to playing packed out, sold out, national level concerts. It feels great, and I know for a fact they have earned every bit of their success.

Next up from 250 miles to our west, Irv Da Phenom took the stage. Coming from Kansas City, MO. I had just heard of Irv the day before while cruising youtube watching videos. Crazy how you hear of someone one day and the very next he is rocking a show in your city.

D.j. Hi Eye’q supplied the beats and put everyone at ease with his music, while also serving as Irv’s hypeman. They made a good team together and really got the crowd going. Irv puts a lot of feeling and energy into his show. You can feel what he is talking about when he raps it.

He was quick to make a fan of me, and many others with his fast raps and witty rhymes. He displayed a lot confidence during his take over of the stage. Remember that name, you will most certainly be hearing of him later.

Around 11:20 greated by cheers, Dizzy entered the Fubar, and DJ Hoppa followed behind. DJ Hoppa took his place behind the turntables, Dizzy stepped on stage. The lights went black and Funk Volume’s newest member stood there in apprecaition of the crowd before him.

This was Dizzy’s first solo tour, and with St. Louis crowds always being hit or miss. This show was a hit, some acts that had been on the grind for years don’t get this kind of love. What can I say, Funk Volume keeps it turned up, WAY UP.

Dizzy’s new album is great and the crowd obviously had it prior to the show as they were on point backing up Dizzy’s rhymes. One of my favorite cuts ” Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork ” was dope live. They really live this song too, they all work hard together and good things are happening for them.

Dizzy blazed through a 40 minute set and even inquired about our ” Local Weed Man ” which is another favorite track of mine off the new album.

Finishing up the show by jumping in the crowd for a minute, Dizzy made sure everyone who paid had a great time. And it was, I feel lucky to catch Dizzy on the come up. He is going places and next time the venue and crowd is gonna double in size.

After the show, Dizzy hung with fans, I went to the merch booth picked up Dizzy’s and Irv’s Cds and hung out with the crowd. Everyone was in such a good mood from such a dope show.

I can’t wait for Dizzy to come back, and hopefully bring the rest of Funk Volume with him. Go check them out online.

You can find all of the acts online here:

Stogie La Russa

Kold Kace


Irv Da Phenom



DJ Hi-eyEQ


Dizzy Wright


DJ Hoppa



Till next time……. bzntz

My Morning Jacket Soars Into Peabody Opera House with Band of Horses – STL 8/8/12

2012.08.08 – My Morning Jacket Soars Into Peabody Opera House with Band of Horses

Words by: Bradley Darby / Photos by: Aaron Barton

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton 

For the second time in as many years St. Louis was treated to a live show from My Morning Jacket.  This year the Louisville indie rockers brought along Band of Horses and stopped by the beautiful Peabody Opera House to a packed crowd on a Wednesday night. Last year’s show at The Pageant, fresh off the release of Circuital was one of my top shows of the year. This tour actually allowed the fans of MMJ to assist in selecting the set each night. Titled the Spontaneous Curation Series, the idea is to allow fans to request their favorite songs via Twitter using a special hashtag. The band will choose the encore based on what the fans want to hear. Fans that have joined their Roll Call fan club have the option of choosing the opening song each night via the fan club forum as well. They even announce the following day who’s songs they played.

Photo Credit: Bradley Darby

Band of Horses started right at 7:00PM and played through their hour-long set with lots of energy. They were a great opening act, and there was a good amount of people there to see Band of Horses in addition to the few thousand that left fans. As the band ripped through the set of 10 or songs including “Detlef Scrempf”, from Cease to Begin and the title track to their most recent album “Infinite Arms.”  Vocalist Ben Bridwell mentioned that this was one of the only indoor venues on the tour and it was nice to be playing inside such a beautiful venue. Band of Horses was the reason my friend wanted to go to the show and I can certainly see why, they left the stage just before 8:00PM to a near standing ovation. They are releasing their new album next month, and I will be picking a copy up and seeking out another chance to see Band of Horses in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton

My Morning Jacket took the stage just after 8:30PM and opened the set with “MasterPlan” and then “It Beats 4 You”, which appears on their debut album Z. Our first title track of the night, “Circuital”, followed as well as “Outta My System” from the same album before “Gideon”. It was clear that this set iist was going to span the bands entire catalog, but we got some rarities including “Where To Begin”, a song recorded for the soundtrack to the 2005 film Elizabethtown.

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton

Jim James brought out Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses for “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)” from Circuital. Prior to playing the song James mentioned the City Museum, a topic covered at last years show as well. James asked Ben if he had ever been there, and when Ben replied that he had not James went on to ask him if he had ever tried LSD. Jim James then stated that “if you have done LSD, you have been to City Museum in your mind, it’s the coolest fucking place on Earth.” James and Bridwell than exchanged versus for “Wonderful.”

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton

A cover of the George Harrison song “Isn’t It A Pity” was unexpected, and unrecognized until a friend mentioned it after the show. They absolutely slayed it though, take my word for that.  That was the lift off to the seven song finale that could have been written by me. “Victory Dance” , the opening track to the last album and the opening track of the 2011 show, into fan favorite and epic live song “Wordless Chorus”, which features James bouncing around the front of the stage interacting with the fans as much as possible with a towel draped over his head. “The Day is Coming” made way into the 2 part epic that is “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream.” Part One will lift your spirits and make you feel good, then part two kicks in and the vibe turns as the keys provided by Bo Koster kick in prior to the drop of the guitar and James hitting the high note during the chorus. It  is my favorite My Morning Jacket song and one I wouldn’t want to miss live.

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton

It was then another from Circuital, an album featured heavily again just a year after its release, “Holding on to Black Metal” into the uplifting fan favorite “One Big Holiday” to end the set. There wasn’t much of a break before Jim James came out to address the crowd once more. He mentioned the local bred Jay Farrar, a friend and band mate from one of James’ many side projects the New Multitudes. He then started the encore with a solo acoustic “I Will Be There When You Die” from The Tennessee Fire. The rest of the band joined him and they went in to “I’m Amazed”, probably the bands most recognizable song to most. As the band played their final song “Phone Went West” from 2001’s At Dawn, a song with a slight reggae vibe and a great way to end the show. It was nearing 11:00PM and the band had just played for 2 hours and 30 minutes, it was time for everyone to head home. My Morning Jacket rocked my face off yet again, and provided what will surely be a month-long ringing in my head from the level of awesomeness (and bass) they brought to the Peabody Opera House one Wednesday night in August.

Photo Credit: Aaron Barton

SET LIST (from my notes and confirmed pieces via Setlist.fm)
Master Plan (It Still Moves)
It Beats 4 U (Z)
Circuital (Circuital)
Outta My System (Circuital)
Gideon (Z)
Rollin Back (It Still Moves)
Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You (Heartbreakin’ Man)
What a Wonderful Man (Z)
Mahgeetah (It Still Moves)
Wonderful (with Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses) (Circuital)
Where to Begin  (Elizabethtown Soundtrack)
Steam Engine (It Still Moves)
Isn’t It a Pity (George Harrison cover)
Victory Dance (Circuital)
Wordless Chorus (Z)
The Day Is Coming (Circuital)
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 1 (Evil Urges)
Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt. 2 (Evil Urges)
Holding on to Black Metal (Circuital)
One Big Holiday (It Still Moves)
E: I Will Be There When You Die (The Tennessee Fire)
E: I’m Amazed (Evil Urges)
E: Phone Went West  (At Dawn)


Photo Credit: Aaron Barton


Ponderosa, Vintage Vinyl, 07/29/12 St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos/Video By BeezNutz

This year my birthday fell on a lazy Sunday summer afternoon. My girlfriend and I decided to make the most of the beautiful day and head down to Vintage Vinyl for some free music. We arrived early and walked the block stopping in for some frozen drinks to ease our summer walk.

We got to Vintage Vinyl a bit early and made sure to say hello to the always friendly staff. They gave me a free record for my birthday. We made our way to the front to watch the 5 piece band from Atlanta, GA finish their sound check. A few minutes past 4 P.M, they gave the signal, and the announcement was made to start the show. They opened the set with ” Never Come Back ” which is the fourth track on the new cd.


I knew by the end of the first song that this would be one of my favorite instore performances of the year. Ponderosa was on the road promoting the new record ” Pool Party ” on New West Records. ” Black Hill Smoke ” was a great song to hear live they sounded great. The official release date for the record was 7/31/12, but if you came to a show you could get it early. As a bonus they included one of the coolest posters I have ever seen.

I was very much enjoying the show, and my girlfriend shared in my excitement. We both had different ” favorite ” songs which was fun. Her favorite was the title track ” Pool Party “, which is another awesome track on the new cd.

Taking the time to chat up the crowd in between songs, they said they were in love with the Indian food up the street. Not everyone was having a smooth visit though, drummer Darren got stung by a wasp and kept joking that he didn’t know if he was allergic or not.

After 30 minutes of exciting new music, they ended their set with the lead single ” Navajo “. This was my favorite song of the set, with the opening song being a close second. They really put on a very enjoyable performance.


After the set I went up and bought both the new album, and the debut album. They were such great guys and very nice to chat with. I asked about the name Ponderosa and singer Kalen told me ” It was after this gang at our high school called the Rosa Boys ” he remarked they were the ” baddest dudes around” and I thought they were named after a steakhouse. We told them we would try and make it out to their show that night. Sadly for us, after I had my birthday dinner we were late to the show. We got to the show at 9 p.m but was told at the door that the opener had canceled and the show started and ended early. It was very disappointing to say the least. We felt horrible for missing that, but very lucky to have caught the afternoon show. I can’t wait to see Ponderosa come back. Go check out ” Pool Party ” and support some great people.

THANKS TO: Vintage Vinyl, Ponderosa, New West Records, and everyone reading and sharing this. Thank you!

Check out Ponderosa here :



Be sure to stop by and say hi! to Vintage Vinyl as well :


1 (314) 721-4096

Till Next Time….. Bzntz

Sebastian Bach – 7-21-12 – Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Sebastian Bach we all know the name from the days when Skid Row ruled the world (and perhaps girls of a certain age remember him from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls). I have never seen Sebastian Bach or Skid Row  perform live but I remember the hits like “ I Remember You” like it was yesterday . This show was another free concert as my friend and I got free tickets when we were at Pops two weeks ago. One of the manager’s for an opener asked if we wanted to go, how could we turn him down? As usual we got down to Pop’s early enough that we were the only ones in the parking lot. Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to Pops when there is someone else there, I’m usually always the first one as I want to be in the first row. So we started to stand in line around 4:30pm when Security came out and moved us back away from the door. Needless to say before the doors opened at 7pm the line was strung through the parking lot and around vehicles so there was a solid turn out for the Sebastian Bach show.

While standing in line my friend Cheri and I, discussed where we wanted to be as the presence of drunk people behind us in line, had us second guessing our spots. Knowing Pop’s has a nice balcony it was decided that we would head up there and get front balcony for the show. Once the doors opened we managed to get two seats almost center to the stage, where Cheri could video tape and I could test out my other angle of photos, and see if that would make a difference. We got our spot which was located underneath an air conditioner vent, you can imagine we nearly froze the whole time (unexpected for the Midwest in July), but enjoyed the show none the less.

Sebastian Bach took the stage at 10pm, and opened up with the head banging “Slave to the Grind.” It was outstanding as Bach was microphone swinging and head banging through the entire song. He sounded great, had the slight echo going through the mic when he finished a song, but that’s to be expected, it is Sebastian Bach for crying out loud. “Slave to the Grind” was awesome, although I kept on singing “Halstorms” version of it in my head, as they did remake the song on an EP earlier in the year, still Bach owned it.

He automatically continued into the next song, “Kicking and Screaming” without slowing down. I did notice his adorable little guitar player, Nick Sterling a young guy in his early 20’s yes I’m attracted to younger guys, he was adorable. In fact I almost thought it could be Bach’s son, but as the show progressed I realized it wasn’t but he could play that guitar beautifully and I thought was the highlight of the show, but that’s just me.

Set list below:

  1. Slave to the Grind
  2. Kicking and Screaming
  3. Dirty Power
  4. Here I am
  5. Big Guns
  6. (Love is) a Bitchslap
  7. Stuck Inside
  8. Piece of Me
  9. 18 and Life
  10. American Metalhead
  11. As Long as I got the Music
  12. Monkey Business
  13. My own Worst Enemy
  14. I’m alive
  15. I Remember you
  16. Tunnel Vision
  17. Youth gone wild

As you can see the set list had major Skid Row songs on it, and “Tunnel Vision” which he stated was wrote with John 5 from Rob Zombie. The highlight of the show was during “Youth Gone Wild” as Sebastian started the song and got into the first chorus a kid came running up on stage from the side and started head banging and dancing around. You could see Nick’s face like what the heck, he quickly got tackled and taken out by the security guards, he was in the crowd earlier and was head banging to the opening bands, he did really make it be “Youth gone Wild”, it was a great ending to a awesome concert.

Sebastian Bach had two opening bands, Conquest, and Divine Sorrow. I could have done without Conquest they weren’t very good. Your basic  hair band where the lead singer resembled Bret Micheal’s. Divine Sorrow on the other hand is a good little band, sort of a cross between Metallica and Creed, they had tons of family and friends there, and put on a great set.

Sebastian did mention “Sauget” a lot, as that is the town were Pop’s is located, but did also say that Pops sold out, and that was awesome considering everything going on in St. Louis over the weekend Pop’s managed to sell out for Bach, and as usual put on a great show, I love Pop’s so I can’t say anything bad about a venue that I frequent at least three or four times a year, a great night had by all.



The Offspring–7-20-2012 St. Louis Fair-Downtown

Free concert? Why yes I shall travel the miles to see “The Offspring” for free as they were one of the bands on the concert series at the St. Louis Fair at Soldiers Memorial Park this past weekend. Getting there was easy, considering there was tons of events going on in St. Louis and surrounding areas, but thankfully my friend has an uncle who works at the hotel that is adjacent to the House of Blues and he hooked us up with free valet parking which was only four blocks away from the fair. That was a nice surprise and Thank you to Beth’s uncle for doing that for us.

After dropping the truck off we made our way to the entrance of the fair as the second band of the night was already on stage. A huge crowd had started gathering, but that didn’t matter to us as the Offspring didn’t go on until 9pm giving us plenty of time to get a spot on the rail.

The Offspring had two openers, Fivefold and Building Rome, again we just caught the last part of Building Rome and they were a good little band, played some cover songs to get the crowd going and got everyone worked up for the Offspring.

We walked right up to the right side of the stage and stood behind some girls that I knew were short enough for me to see over, and low and behold they left after the second band finished. I’m thankful I did bring tissues with me as we were right in front of the speaker and they worked out great for ear plugs. Oh and hey, the Offspring rocked!

The Offspring promptly took the stage at 9pm and started right away into “You’re Gonna go Far Kid”, and also continued with “All I want”. They have just released a brand new album called “Days Go By” and they did sing several new songs off of that album, the set list is listed below:

  1. Your Gonna go Far Kid
  2. All I want
  3. Come out and Play
  4. Days go By
  5. Have you ever
  6. Staring at the Sun
  7. Hammerhead
  8. Gone Away (dedicated to the victims in Aurora Colorado)
  9. Bad Habit
  10. The Future is now
  11. Walla Walla
  12. Hit that
  13. Kristy, are you doing okay
  14. Why don’t you get a job
  15. Americana
  16. Want you bad
  17. Pretty Fly (for a white guy)
  18. The Kids aren’t alright
  19. (Can’t get my) Head around you
  20. Self Esteem

As you can see they played an array of songs from older albums, and the brand new one, this was my first time seeing them in concert and they did not disappoint, I would love to go see them again. They sounded just like they do on the album, Dexter’s voice was good, and Noodles guitar playing was right on point, he stated that this was the best crowd they had in St. Louis.

Even though there was “no moshing” signs posted all over the venue, those got torn down once The Offspring hit the stage. You can’t really stop a crowd from moshing to a punk band I don’t think, it’s what is suppose to happen and the Offspring made it happen. It was a great concert in a great location (you can see the Arch behind the stage) and just a great day. Thank you St. Louis Fair for a great experience.

Heartache and Charm: Ingrid Michaelson Live at The Pageant 7-16-2012

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that in the last two years I have become a tremendous fan of Ingrid Michaelson.  Not only does her particular brand of songwriting tend to hit all of the right notes for me (both when she is upbeat and cheerful as well as when she is channeling heartache and pain), but anyone who is familiar with my musical preferences is fully aware that I have a huge soft spot for the female singing-songwriting-piano-playing types.  Even my wife will gladly acknowledge that my crush on Ingrid is huge.

Fan that I am, I wasn’t sure about going to see the show last night.  Earlier in the year when tickets went on sale there were a lot of unknowns in the Jenkins household due to the pending arrival of baby “Fussy McShitpants” – I wasn’t sure it would be smart to commit to tickets given that cash and time would both likely be at a premium.  As it turns out, my sister-in-law really wanted to go and my wife and I were the only two people she knew who had any interest at all.  To hell with it – tickets were purchased, shows were attended, and maybe in the process I could have a couple of lessons with the sister-in-law (at the impressionable young age of 17) about important things like “sneaking cameras into concerts using a purse full of tampons” and “silently mocking people who obviously dressed themselves in the dark”.

On to the show.  This old man likes to snag a seat whenever possible, so I wanted to get there early enough to get a decent spot.  Seating is relatively sparse at The Pageant, but I figured that getting there right around when doors opened would be good enough to score a table.  I was not expecting this to be a super-crowded show, but especially given that this was on a Monday night and we needed to be in the under 21 section I did not think that we would have a problem.

I.  Was.  Wrong.

I’m usually at The Pageant a handful of times each year – three times so far this year before Ingrid – and I don’t know that I have ever seen it so full so quickly.  The balcony was open, the balcony at least appeared full, and right when doors opened there were enough people there to fill most of the floor and all of the seating (including the under-21 section).  The floor it is – it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but if there was a sunny side to it, at least I would be able to stand in the middle of the crowded floor and remain relatively unnoticed while recording a few songs here and there.

The show was scheduled to start at 8:00 – I had just assumed based on that start time that there was no opener.  Once again, wrong:  Singer/Songwriter Greg Laswell would be starting things off this evening.  I hadn’t heard any of Greg’s songs before the show, so this was a set entirely full of new material for me.  Greg played an 8 song solo set displaying his competencies as a pianist and a rhythm guitarist.  I’ll be honest – I was worried that the crowd around us was going to be especially noisy and chatty, but once the set started the room was for the most part respectful.  It was nice being able to hear quiet, intimate songs without having to block out cell phone chatter.  Greg’s songs covered both the light and dark ends of the emotional spectrum (including a heartbreaking cover of the Kate Bush tune This Woman’s Work), but he especially seemed to shine when channeling melancholy – even some of the more upbeat songs occasionally had a kind of sadness to them (likely in part due to the solo acoustic setting), but it was an overall vibe that worked well for him and felt sincere.  In between songs, Greg was talkative and funny, chatting with the audience and telling the stories behind some of the songs.  An eight song set is really not enough exposure to form an opinion on a musician’s discography, but I certainly liked everything I heard and ended the set intending to check out some of his other work.

Sing, Theresa Says


This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush)


For the final song of his set, Greg brought out Ingrid to perform a song they co-wrote called Landline.  At some point prior to this song, Greg mentioned that he was indeed married to the lovely and talented Ingrid.  He talked a bit about (not) writing songs together – they’ve written two songs together, and he explained that while it’s easy to imagine two married songwriters sitting in their home writing together all the time, he and Ingrid never do and instead spend most of their time together watching Netflix.  So the story goes: when the power went out and Netflix wasn’t an option, they wrote Landline.


Greg Laswell and Ingrid Michaelson – Landline

After a brief set change, Ingrid and friends came out and played a set that was mostly songs from her new album Human Again with a few covers and some favorites from her older albums sprinkled throughout.  The band, including Ingrid, is six people – three guys and three gals.  The ladies were front and center on stage, with Ingrid, Bess, and Allie on lead/backing vocals, and Ingrid playing guitar/uke/piano while Bess and Allie played lead and rhythm guitars, respectively.  The gents all kept towards the back of the stage playing drums, bass, and a whole mess of other stuff (synth/keys, trumpet, et cetera).

Ingrid and company opened with Fire, the lead track from Human Again.  True to the album cut, Fire started Ingrid’s set off with a burst of strings and extra percussion, with several of the other band members adding to the drums with their own floor toms.  I love the addition of strings to non-classical music, but I’m always skeptical of using keys to recreate that sound live.  Thankfully, the synth here sounded great and managed to completely avoid that fake-string-section sound that so many other bands seem to have.  After Fire, the band played Palm of Your Hand, also from Human Again.  For some reason this song hasn’t gelled with me quite as well as the rest of the album has, so it’s not a personal favorite, but it was performed really  well and I found myself enjoying it by the end.

For the next few songs the band switched gears and played a few pre-Human Again tunes, starting with Soldier from the 2009 album Everybody.


By this point, the vibe in the room has totally changed from the opening set, and we have moved from “quiet, intimate setting” to “rock concert”, complete with all of the dancing, singing,  and personal space violations that come with it.

Up next was Parachute, a single that Ingrid released between the last two full length CD’s.  Parachute was a song Ingrid wrote that was used on Cheryl Cole’s album Messy Little Raindrops; Ingrid later released her own version as a digital single.  This was followed up with Corner of Your Heart, a deeper cut from Ingrid’s 2006 album Boys and Girls.  Corner of Your Heart was the first song of the night to feature Ingrid on the piano, and the combination of the piano, electric guitar, and vocal harmonies on this was really fantastic.


Ingrid stayed at the piano and returned to Human Again for the next few songs, starting with Do It Now.  This is one of the faster, more “rocking” songs off of the new album, and for whatever reason I was surprised to hear so many people around me singing along.  That isn’t a criticism – it’s a good enough song for sure – I just wasn’t expecting it to be a crowd favorite.  Sure enough, though, everyone around me knew every word.  In between songs here Ingrid was especially chatty, talking about the next song and the process of creating the music video for it.  At a certain point in the story, Lady Gaga came up (Ingrid briefly dresses as her, among others, in the video), and Ingrid started telling a story about a show were her pants were too tight, and how she wound up playing a Weird Al style parody cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face about her pants being too damn tight.  She and the band started playing the cover, but before they made it too far into it, Ingrid noticed a few younger kids in the audience and filtered herself (and the parody) before dropping any f-bombs.  This evolved into a song about Lady Gaga having a penis, or maybe having a vagina, or maybe having both and being able to have her own babies.  If there were young kids in the audience like Ingrid thought, some parents likely had some ‘splaining to do later that night.  The crowd was eating this up, and it felt less like a band playing a concert and more like a group of friends screwing around and having fun.

Sadly I didn’t have the camera ready for this, so I don’t have a video to share, but you’ll just have to trust that this story really was way better than my retelling of it after the fact.

After revisiting the process of recording the music video for this song, the band played the single Blood Brothers next.  To be honest, I’m fairly indifferent to this particular song so I don’t really have much to say about it, but it is catchy as hell and translated well to a live setting – I wound up enjoying it more than I thought I would.

Ingrid (and various band personnel) played a brief unplugged/acoustic set of four songs next.  Up first was The Light In Me, another duet with Greg.  He had mentioned before that they had only written two songs together – the first was Landline (played earlier in Greg’s set), and this was the other.

Ingrid Michaelson & Greg Laswell – The Light In Me

Next, Ingrid took the stage alone to perform Ghost, one of my favorites from her entire catalog and definitely one of the highlights of the night.


Perhaps her best known song at this point, The Way I Am was up next.  This was a solo performance on the ukelele and was much slower and softer compared to the studio cut.  She talked a bit about this song first, explaining that she has to change the style and arrangement of the song to keep it fresh for her since she plays it so often.

The Way I Am

The final song of the acoustic mini-set was a cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, with Allie and Bess on vocals.  Not going to lie, I’m not especially a fan of the song and I don’t really give a rat’s ass about Buon Eeever in general, but this arrangement made it feel like one of Ingrid’s own songs, and the three ladies really shone with the vocal harmonies.

Skinny Love (Bon Iver)

The rest of the band came back out to wrap up the main set, playing a run of four songs from the new album and closing the set with a cover.  In The Sea was first, and like a few others this one has never really resonated with me, but the performance was solid and the band sounded great.  This was followed by This Is War, a song that very much sounds like a signature Ingrid song.  For my money, this is one of the better songs on the album, so I was glad to hear it make an appearance.  Again, the vocal delivery of the chorus and the backing vocals were especially great – a common theme for this band.  Next was Black and Blue, another favorite from Human Again.  This one is kind of a funky jazzy tune that really gives Ingrid a chance to show off both the highs and lows of her vocal range.  This song is at least a little bit of a departure from that signature sound found in This Is War, and it works really well.

Ribbons was the last Ingrid song of the set, and it was definitely the surprise of the night for me.  I really like this song on the album, so I was hoping to hear it tonight, but I was not at all expecting it to have such a huge live presence.  Not only did everyone in the band really give it their all for this tune, but they also incorporated an audience sing-along into the the middle of it, and wrapped it all up with the “big rock ending”.  This one really had the crowd going probably more so than any other song of the night.  It would have made a great closer on its own, but rather than end the set there the band wrapped things up with a pretty rocking cover of Rihanna’s We Found Love.  The crowd may have been into Ribbons, but the room erupted for We Found Love.  Everyone in the room was singing along and dancing, hands in the air.  Well, everyone except me I suppose, as I didn’t know the song and actually had to look it up once I made it home.  It was definitely a crowd pleaser regardless of my ignorance.

The band took a few minutes for an encore break and then came back out and played for more songs, starting with Maybe, the single from 2009’s Everybody.


After Maybe, the band played what I suspect is their second most well known song – Be OK.  A short, upbeat tune, this was pretty consistent with the versions that have been on albums and/or on the radio.

All six band members left their instruments and stepped up to the mic arm-in-arm for an almost-a cappella performance You and I.  This is a fun, quirky little song, and the band seemed to have a lot of fun with it before returning to their posts for one final song.

You and I

The night ended with what is without a doubt my favorite song from Ingrid’s entire catalog – The Chain.  I would have loved to tape a video of this, but unfortunately my camera battery was just not having it.  This song starts off with Ingrid singing and playing piano, and eventually as the song progresses each band member comes in with their respective instrument.  About midway through the song the ladies start staggering their delivery of the chorus, and the song picks up a certain melancholic energy that results in a huge build up of intensity.  Eventually the build up ends, the instruments stop, and Ingrid finishes the song by quietly delivering the last line “And I will take the chain from off the door”.  The live performance of this was a little more extended than I would have expected, giving the various musicians a little bit of extra play time.  I’m not going to call it jamming, but it did give the band a chance to be a little more flashy than the album cut of the song.

With that, the show was over, and in a perfect example of “doing it right”, my sister-in-law started forcing her way through the crowd and made her way up to the rail, claiming one of only three paper setlists handed out by the crew as they were breaking down the stage.

Admittedly, if it wasn’t for my sister-in-law wanting to go I probably would have passed on this show just because of how busy we’ve been lately.  Having gone, I’m thankful that she needed someone to go with.  I enjoyed practically everything about this show, and after the fact I almost certainly would have regretted not going had I passed.  The band was great, the show was fun, and from where I stood it looked like both the band and the fans ended the night satisfied.  For me personally, Ingrid Michaelson and friends were completely worth giving up a night of relatively hard-to-find free time.

Greg’s Set:

What A Day
Sing, Theresa Says *
How The Day Sounds
Late Arriving
This Woman’s Work (cover) *
And Then You
Sweet Dream
Landline (with Ingrid) *
Ingrid’s Set:
Palm of Your Hand
Soldier *
Parachute *
Corner Of Your Heart
Do It Now
“Pants Too Tight” / “Lady Gaga Has a Penis” (Poker Face parody/improv)
Blood Brothers
The Light In Me (duet with Greg) *
Ghost (solo) *
The Way I Am (solo) *
Skinny Love (Bun EEEver cover, just the ladies) *
In The Sea
This Is War
Black And Blue
We Found Love (Rihanna cover)
Maybe *
You and I (unplugged) *
The Chain

*video linked above


I love our local record store, Vintage Vinyl. They are what every music scene needs, a place to check out new music, find old stuff you forgot about, and most importantly to turn you onto new and emerging bands. Just two years ago, I saw Foxy Shazam play here for free and now they are off doing big things and everyone is digging them. So as a rule of thumb, if I am off and you play a instore at Vintage Vinyl. I will come check out your band, and more times than not I will buy a record at the end just to thank both the store and the artist for their time.

My awesome girlfriend Danielle and I descended on beautiful Delmar St. in search of good times and music and found both promptly at Vintage Vinyl. The weather was great, everyone was in good spirits however the band hit the to be expected rush hour traffic in St. Louis. As most live performances at Vintage Vinyl do, this one featured FREE Schlafly Beer! Which was enjoyed by most in attendance, and not just one variety they always have new styles to try and it always makes the deal that much sweeter. The band arrived and after some friendly chit chat and a sound check they took the stage in the back of the store.

Black Girls was returning to their home state of Virginia after a brief tour of the midwest featuring a festival slot at Smoky Hill River Festival. They were each very nice to myself and others in the crowd as we chatted about music, beer and other fun topics.

They each had a great time making the most of the cramped stage make shift stage area. I really was enjoying myself and the free music, free beer and atmosphere that Vintage Vinyl provides for music fans.

The five piece band featuring : Drew on vocals, Jeff on bass, Stephen on drums, Fletcher on rhythm guitar, and Mike on lead guitar tore up the stage and brought over more people than when they started to watch their set.

I give this band my endorsement of someone to watch in the next few years, they sounded great live, were fun to watch perform and were great people in general. I wish them all much success and plan to be in attendance at the next St. Louis show they book.

Please go and check out Black Girls online here:


and don’t forget to show love to Vintage Vinyl as well, they can be found online at:



Thanks to everyone who made this day great, Schlafly Beer, Vintage Vinyl, Black Girls and everyone else who made this possible.

Till Next Time…… BzNtz

Split Lip Rayfield – Old Rock House in St. Louis 5/26/12


Words/Pictures/Video by Bradley Darby


Everyone’s favorite bluegrass band that features a gas tank bass invaded the Old Rock House stage in St. Louis once again for yet another stellar show. Split Lip Rayfield, the 3 piece touring machine from Kansas, brought their blend of punk and metal inspired bluegrass music back to the Old Rock House stage. The last time they stopped in was last fall with the Legendary Shack Shakers and Mountain Sprout, one of my favorite shows of 2011, also at the Old Rock House. Jeff Eaton, the man behind the gas tank bass pictured above, known as the Stitchgiver, is actually from a little town called Gumbo, Missouri which is just a few hours from St. Louis. There is always a welcoming crowd for the Split Lip boys when they come through the Gateway to the West and this was no exception, and we even got to witness a small bluegrass mosh pit at one point!

They started the night off with “Flat Black Rag” and then mandolin/guitarist Wayne Gottstine took things over for “All The Same”. It was then onto Jeff Eaton’s first featured song, “Love Please Come Home”” before Wayne took the mic back for “Moving to Virgina” and “The River.”

Wayne switched from mandolin to guitar for “Never Make It Home” while Jeff armed himself with his trusty kazoo for a rocking solo . During “Kiss of Death” we even had the aforementioned mosh pit break out right in front of the stage featuring two booze infused fans going at it while Eaton slapped away at the Stitchgiver. Banjo picker Eric Martis then introduced Jeff to the crowd as Nikki Syxx, to which the crowd cheered… one fan booed loudly, and Martis replied “only one guy had the right response!” (Good job Ben!) At this point the crowd was growing restless as Eaton took over again for the always depressing “Pinball Machine”, one of my personal favorites.

Each Split Lip show features a toast to their fallen friend, and former guitarist, Kirk Rundstrom and tonight was no different. After “How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?”,  another great tune during which Jeff Eaton is damn near incoherently growling about eating biscuits in the morning we were asked to raise a glass to Kirk, and then it was “I’ll Be Around”, the title track to their most recent album and only released after the passing of Rundstrom. The last song of the night was “Redneck Tailgate Dream”  before they stepped off the stage to catch their breath.


After about a minute off the stage, the guys came back out and said they had one more for us… and then went right into the face melting “High Price of Necromancy” and then the fan favorite and sing a long, “Used to Call Me Baby.” They finished out their one song encore with “Dont Believe That You’re Someone” and finally “Outlaw.” One song left huh? What a bunch of liars!

Overall, it was another great evening out with Split Lip Rayfield and I look forward to seeing them again next week at Wakarusa as well as at the end of June when they hit the BloomHeavy River Romp Festival in Grassy, MO (just 2 hours south of St. Louis)


Baroness Plays New Songs At The Firebird in St. Louis 04/26/12


I had not had the greatest of weeks, so instead of stay at home alone. I decided to go out. While sitting around cruising facebook looking for something to do. I went to The Firebird’s website and checked the show listings. I wasn’t searching for anything really just something cheap, fun and a excuse to go out. I needed it.

So when I read about Baroness I was interested. Then I went to their facebook page where they had exactly 68,000 fans. I clicked like and became fan number 68,001. That was all I knew of this band before leaving my house in search of a good show and good times. I left around 8:15 and after getting some gas and snacks on the way arrived at The Firebird in St. Louis around 9:00. I love The Firebird as I have said numerous times before. Good people, nice lights and sound. One of my favorite places to see a show.

I got there while Royal Thunder was playing. They are a 4 piece band from Atlanta and fit right in with the rock crowd that packed the front of the stage. The singer MLNY did a great job of engaging the crowd and keeping things interesting. The rest of the band played hard and fast and kept up the paced tempo throughout the set.

They played 6 songs mostly from their new release ” CVI ” which comes out on May 22nd 2012 on Relapse records. They had the crowd into their set and most people grabbed a beer and sat up front and rocked out.

After about 30 minutes Royal Thunder closed out their set with ” Blue ” which is on the new record. They made some new fans this night for sure and the crowd filtered outside to catch a smoke before Baroness took the stage.

A brief soundcheck followed as the crowd gathered near the stage. The crowd was a decent size and everyone was enjoying themselves and the evening. About 30 minutes passed, when the drummer Allen emerged from backstage and took his place on stage. The rest of the band from Savannah, Georgia took the stage. They went right into playing a epic intro to ” A Horse Called Golgotha ” and got the crowd started. For the next 60+ minutes they did not let up.

Baroness worked the setlist between their 2 released albums and the very much anticipated ” Yellow/Green ” album. The new album comes out on July 17th 2012. The crowd was very excited to hear the new music live and in person. It made many peoples night when they played ” Take My Bones Away ” off the ” Green ” disc of the new album.

As the show progressed the crowd got rowdier, it was probably all the beer. Speaking of, not sure what this was but very cold, very wet liquid sprayed all over my legs and into at one point. The pit had people running for cover and the crowd was left swaying. I tried my best to not get knocked over.

The song ” Isak ” was one of my favorite jams of the night. From the 2007 release the ” Red Album ” got things going in the crowd. For a Thursday night St. Louis really packed out the Firebird.

There was a good energy to this crowd and it felt good being a part of it. Baroness killed this small stage and made this show feel 100 times larger than it was. I highly recommend going to see this band NOW!

After the show they hung out to sign autographs and talk music with their very devoted fans. They were just overall really cool guys. After having a bad week, it all turned around with a killer rock show.

Thanks Royal Thunder, and Baroness, Extra thanks to The Firebird, Eveyone who came out and everyone reading this.

Check out more of my pictures and other concert related activities here: https://www.facebook.com/beeznutzstl

Check out Baroness at:

SETLIST 04/26/2012

Till Next Time…..


Evanescence 4-25-12: The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Evanescence w/ Killer Me, Killer You and Weave The Fate 04/25/12

The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Words/Photos by concertchk

Ten years ago during the Nintendo Tour, Evanescence front woman Amy Lee walked out on stage in a wedding dress. At this point they were the headlining act, and she was at her prime (or at least she should have been). Yet I wasn’t that impressed as I just stood there like and was like really.. a wedding dress? Please.

Fast forward to the year 2012 and a night at The Pageant in St. Louis. The Pageant is my favorite place to go in St. Louis, I fell in love with it way back when it first opened, and have been going to shows there for years. I’ve had tons of great concert memories there, and always love the atmosphere. I should own stock that’s how much I love the place as it’s one of the BEST concert venues in St. Louis. In fact, I have never seen a bad show there.

The opening acts for Evanescence were Killer Me, Killer You, and Weave The Fate. There was some sort of mix up when these bands went on. Killer Me, Killer You was out there, rocking, heavy, and the crowd was going nuts. The lead singer went into the pit and just got the crowd all pumped up and ready for a great night of music. Then Weave The Fate took the stage and all the energy died. I feel asleep as I couldn’t tell if they wanted to be rock or rap. Yes they had a DJ, but they were such a mishmash of music genres it made it hard to focus which made it hard to care. The crowd wasn’t motivated at all and they were just ready for it to end and Evanescence to begin.

Promptly at 10:05pm Amy Lee and company took the stage, that’s one thing I love about The Pageant is they do have a curfew and they make sure those artist get on stage and going in the time they have allowed.

Lee actually impressed me. Yes she did have help during a few songs as you could tell she was using backing tracks or some kind of auto tune, but over all she belted out new songs and old favorites with grace and her backing band (two of whom I know from past bands) sounded remarkable.

Amy Lee’s piano playing was excellent as I don’t remember seeing her play it ten years ago, like I said the whole wedding dress just ruined it for me. In fact, her piano playing skills are exceptional and far better than Lady Gaga I would have to say. I am always impressed when someone can play an instrument and belt out incredible vocals at the same time.

Lee also stated she wasn’t one to talk, she was more of just play the song type, and that’s what she did. With her doing this the show flew past despite being nearly 90 minutes in length. I was actually surprised that after the show ended, she did come out and autograph things for folks. There was roughly 150 people standing in line out by the bus, and I honestly didn’t except her to even make an effort. After about fifteen minutes, security came out and said, Amy will be only signing, there will be no photos, nor hugging, just straight signing as the band had an 18 hour drive ahead of them. Amy was super nice and I made sure to get my ticket signed after I mentioned that it’s been ten years since I had last seen her perform live. She smiled and thanked me and yes I just had to pat her on the shoulder. It was nice, she is after all human. Overall seeing Evanescence ten years apart was a good thing, it shows that artist really do improve with age.




Fucked Up, The Firebird, St. Louis, Mo 04/08/2012
Words.Photos.Videos by BzNtz

After a rather normal and uneventful Easter I sat at home going over my options. One was to stay at home and watch movies alone, or two was go see a band I had only heard about briefly alone. I chose the show and I am glad I did. I left rather late for this show leaving my house at 8:50 p.m and racing downtown to The Firebird. The Firebird is a 500 capacity venue that is one of my favorites, it features good sound, good lightning and a killer bar. I enjoy this place for the fact that the people that work there are nice, you can get 24 oz beers, and the shows are normally pretty great.

I arrived at The Firebird at 9:30 and made it inside as the last opening band was finishing up. I had not intended on showing up so late but that is the way it goes. The members of Fucked Up took the stage and for the next few minutes ran through a brief sound check. They were very particular and seemed pleased at the end that everything was up to specs for them. They left the stage and 10 minutes later came back, the lights dropped, the crowd packed in and the music hit. The place exploded!

The band hailing from Toronto, Canada took command of the stage led by Pink Eyes a.k.a Damian Abraham. He is known for his famous growl and worked the crowd into a frenzy mere seconds after reaching the stage. He worked both parts of the stage encouraging the crowd to sing the lyrics with him into the microphone and they were more than happy to help.

At took all of a song and a half for Pink Eyes to lose his shirt, all while the crowd collectively lost their shit. This show was off to a wild start and that was just the beginning of it all. Things were sure to get wilder as the night progressed and the alcohol flowed. At one point mid song Pink Eyes stopped to pose with a fan for a picture, it was unexpected and cool to see a person so involved with his fans to stop the show for just one. That was about the mildest moment of the whole show as the intensity rarely let up. The rest of the band were just as into the music as Pink Eyes and they were very solid together as a group.

Fucked Up features : 10,000 Marbles a.k.a Mike Haliechuk on lead guitar, Pink Eyes a.k.a Damian Abraham on vocals, Mustard Gas a.k.a Sandy Miranda on bass and vocals, Concentration Camp a.k.a Josh Zucker on rhythm guitar and Guinea Beat a.k.a Mr. Jo, a.k.a Jonah Falco, on the drums. Together they sounded great, and the crowd could not get enough. After every song the crowd would be charged and you could feel the energy and smell the sweat in the air.

As a band they have been very busy since forming back in 2001 and have released a impressive amount of 7 inch singles, albums and e.p records to satisfy their fans. In 2011, Spin Magazine featured Pink Eyes on the cover and named ” David Comes to Life “ the number one album of the year. People had traveled as far as 5 hours away for this show and were not let down. The band kept on with vicious assaults on the stage with each song that followed in the set.

At one point of the show Pink Eyes went to the crowd to bring the show to the next level and he worked the crowd going from one side to the other with a corded microphone. The band kept on with the steady pace as everyone on the floor slammed into each other while others were brave enough to crowd surf above the chaos below.

Pink Eyes gets very into his role and gets the crowd to go insane to their music. His enthusiasm is contagious and the crowd gives it right back. He is a very intense person on stage. However, I hear he is quite smart and collected off stage and has made numerous tv appearances on talk shows.

Coming into the show knowing very little about this band I was made into a fan fast. People kept pushing into me and the crowd swayed as the music pushed people over the edge and into each other. More people went crowd surfing and at one point I was knocked off my feet and had to grab onto the stage. Others in the middle were pushing around the speakers on stage trying to stay on their feet.

They played for over an hour before finally leaving the stage to take a much needed rest. All while Pink Eyes stayed on stage working the crowd even more into a frenzy while his band mates rested and refreshed.

After fueling up on water and beer the band returned for a few more songs for the crowd that was not ready to leave yet. These might of been the wildest songs of the night as everyone went crazy one last time.

The show ended and most of Fucked Up retired to the dressing room while a very sweaty Pink Eyes dropped into the crowd and gave his awaiting fans a very wet hug. Some people had visible wet spots after hugging the frontman and seemed as happy as could be about it.

The show rocked, I am glad I took some good advice and went and saw this show. You owe it to yourself to go check Fucked Up out next time they come to your town. You will be glad you did.

Check out the Album : ” David Comes To Life ” In Stores now and visit Fucked Up’s blog : http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/ “

Till next time…………….

2012 Edition of LouFest Music Festival Announced!

WHERE: Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

WHEN: Aug 25-26, 2012

HOW MUCH: $60-$70 (2 day pass) / $40 (single day)

The 3rd Annual LouFest lineup has been announced, and boy oh boy is  it a good one! Previously LouFest has featured headliners such as She & Him, TV on the Radio, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco to name a few. Last year was supposed to feature The Roots, but their performance was cancelled just a few days prior to the show due to travel issues and Questlove ended up doing a DJ set while The Hold Steady stepped up to headline.

This years lineup is topped with one of the most energetic live bands out there, a band that makes every show a party… and a band that somehow seems to always “get permission” from the local police to allow marijuana smoking at their shows during just one song… The Flaming Lips! Also at the top of the bill is Gregg Gillis, better known to most by his stage name, Girl Talk. The 3rd installment of LouFest will also feature performances from alt rock legends, Dinosaur Jr as well as alt-country band Son Volt featuring Jay Farrar, former Uncle Tupelo band mate of Jeff Tweedy. Other bands featured are rockers Dr Dog, indie rock favorites Dawes and the recently reunited Cotton Mather. My favorite band on the lineup based solely on their name is definitely Springfield, MO’s Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, with St. Louis’ Sleepy Kitty a distant 2nd.

The Flaming Lips

The grassroots festival takes place in the heart of St. Louis at the Central Field at Forest Park on August 25-26, 2012. The premise for LouFest is to book a few solid headliners, and then give the remaining spots to emerging local and touring artists, and some of your favorite established artists (See: Dinosaur Jr)  LouFest will feature music spread out over 2 days and 3 stages, as well as retail, food and beverages (both adult and all ages), and best of all the festival features a massive Go Green effort with recycling, compost stations, free valet bike parking, and refillable water stations. This is also a family friendly festival, and kids 10 and under get in free with a ticket holding guardian! You even get in and out privileges, so if you want to spend a chunk of one day at the amazingly awesome St. Louis Zoo located in the same park, go right ahead!

Early Bird tickets are available now and will run you $60 for a 2 Day Pass. As the event approaches, the cost will go up to $70 or you can buy single day tickets for $40 at a later date…. pick up your tickets now!!!





Beats Antique The Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO 04/04/12
Words/Photos/Video by BzNtz

Over the past few years I have heard a lot of things about this group called Beats Antique, but still years later I knew almost nothing about them. I heard they put on a great live show, I saw numerous friends like their facebook page. So on this cold and rainy St. Louis night I decided to see for myself. I started the night at work, when I asked my friend Tori to switch me shifts. It meant she had to stay an extra 2 hours for me, and I would have to work 10 hours straight the next day. I wanted to see a show so I did what I had to do and I was out the door by 8 p.m.

I cruised by the gas station and picked up a six pack of beers, headed to my girlfriends house picked up memory cards, then I realized I forgot my I.D so I drove by my house to grab that. Finally after an hour of running around I hit the highway and cruised down to the Old Rock House located in downtown St. Louis. The Old Rock House is a great place to see a show they have a nice staff, multiple levels, great sound and lights. The capacity is around 400-500 and there is not a bad place in the house, even the bars feature tvs with a live feed of the show.

First thing that happened when I got there was this fire performer started performing right behind me, the only reason I turned around was because I could feel the heat from the flame. He was very into his act and got right down on that dirty night club floor and played with fire. After a few tricks he put out his fire and the crowd was back to normal again. There was a lot of girls, many of whom were wearing belly dance outfits and were very much entertained by the DJ blasting out beats and bass.

The Dj did his thing and had the crowd feeling no pain. Everyone was dancing, drinking and having a good time. There was a stilt walker going through the crowd. I found it entertaining to watch him go up and down the steps. I ran into a few familar faces in the crowd, but still I had no clue of what awaited me this evening. Next to the stage was St. Louis own Scarlett Sinferno who is part of the Venus In Flames Fire Troupe. She is a very skilled and awesome fire performer and she captivated the crowd with her hot moves. Letting the flames race across her body all while dancing and keeping pace to the music is fun and impressive to watch. I have see her perform countless times over the past few years and I always enjoy it.

Soon enough the DJ was wrapped up his set and made room for the headline act of the evening. Prior to the show I had not listened, watched or known anything about Beats Antique. I always prefer the live experience as opposed to seeing it on Youtube, or listening to a cd, or even the radio. All of those are fine, but I prefer my first experience with a group to be live if at all possible. I noticed the drums, and the DJ set up on stage, but other than that I knew very little of what was to come. The house music played for about 30 minutes before the lights went black and Beats Antique took the stage. As they band took their places a slow melodic song started playing as Zoe came out and put on a stunning dance show featuring a Asian style mask.

After her show stealing dance, Zoe disappeared into the back while Tommy ” Sidecar ” Cappel pounded away a beat on the drums while David Satori kept busy with a vast variety of instruments. They blended the sounds together and had everyone lost in the music that was being performed live and in person. The energy level was very high as the music vibrated the room. The crowd had filled the entire floor and everyone was dancing and losing control.

Zoe would return every few songs and sometimes would play a big drum, she was something a lot of the people in the crowd came to see. She also had multiple wardrobe changes to add effect to the show. The crowd ate it up, and could not get enough of her. She moves very seductively at times and other times she just seems possessed by the music. It was fun and fascinating to watch.

Beats Antique has been around since 2007 and have released 6 albums since then and have been on numerous tours in the US and abroad. They are certainly a band to watch in 2012 and future years. I would imagine the next tour will be at a slightly larger venue, and to a much larger crowd. The beers were flowing and the music kept pumping, the crowd keep it going and kept moving.

I was certainly impressed, and they proved to be a strong live act. After more than an hour on stage it was time to leave, and the crowd showed how much they loved them and screamed until they returned to the stage. David donned a Zebra head, while Zoe went with a lion head. They both jumped around and had a bunch of fun with the crowd and the final song of the evening. It was unexpected and great to see a band have such fun on stage.

After the band had left Zoe reemerged to take photos with fans and hug everyone in the front rows. She was very excited to see her fans and the fans were just as excited to be talking with her and taking photo’s. It was a great end to a great night. They put on a exceptional show and left a positive impression on all that attended. This is one show not to miss in 2012.

Till next time…….

Thanks to: The Old Rock House, Beats Antique, Dub Queen Stephanie, Scarlett Sinferno, and everyone else who came out and rocked on a Wednesday night.

Beats Antique is on tour! Check them out at a date or festival near you, for more information or to buy music visit: http://www.beatsantique.com/

Date Venue Location

Apr 05 Blue Note Columbia, MO
Apr 06 Granada Lawrence, KS
Apr 07 Cain’s Ballroom Tulsa, OK
Apr 09 The Canopy Club Urbana, IL
Apr 11 The Intersection Grand Rapids, MI
Apr 12 Royal Oak Detroit, MI
Apr 13 Exhibition Hall (supporting Bassnectar) Madison, WI
Apr 14 The Brick Minneapolis, MN
Apr 15 Coachella Indio, CA
Apr 22 Coachella Indio, CA
Apr 24 Newby’s Memphis, TN
Apr 25 The Jupiter Tuscaloosa, AL
Apr 26 The Moon Tallahassee, FL
Apr 28 House Of Blues New Orleans, LA
May 02 9:30 Club Washington, DC
May 03 The National Richmond, VA
May 04 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
May 05 Neighborhood Theater Charlotte, NC
May 08 Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY
May 09 Westcott Theater Syracuse, NY
May 10 Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
May 11 The Met Pawtucket, RI
May 12 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
May 13 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY
May 17 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 18 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 19 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 20 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 21 Symbiosis Gathering Nixon, NV
May 25 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 26 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 27 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 28 Sasquatch Music Festival George, WA
May 31 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 01 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 02 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 03 Wakarusa Ozark, AR
Jun 07 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 08 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 09 Starscape Festival Baltimore, MD
Jun 09 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 10 Desert Rocks Moab, UT
Jun 22 Wanderlust Festival Bondville, VT
Jun 28 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jun 29 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jun 30 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jul 01 Electric Forest Rothbury, MI
Jul 06 Wanderlust Festival Copper Mountain, CO
Jul 08 The Doo Dah (w/ Ziggy Marley) Telluride, CO
Jul 15 The Forcastle Festival Louisville, KY
Jul 26 Wanderlust Festival Tahoe City, CA
Aug 09 The Festival of Gnarnia Beech Mountain, NC
Aug 25 Live at Squamish BEATS ANTIQUE (LIVE SET) (FEAT. SIDECAR TOMMY & DAVID SATORI) Squamish, Canada

PHOTOS/SETLIST: Yonder Mountain String Band at The Pageant in St. Louis 3/30-31

PHOTOS/SETLIST: Yonder Mountain String Band at The Pageant 3/30 & 3/31
Pictures/Words by Bradley Darby

Last week in preparation for the two night Yonder Mountain String Band extravaganza at The Pageant in St. Louis, we brought you an interview with Jeff Austin and Dave Johnston where we were told that St. Louis crowds are typically pretty pumped up and that shows here are known to involve a heavy workload for the band. When they made their presence known at The Pageant around 8:45PM on Friday night, it was obvious from the start that this was going to be one hell of a weekend.

They didn’t waste any time, starting their first of four sets right at the designated time with crowd favorite “Sharecroppers Son.” Just a bit later, Jeff Austin addressed the St. Louis crowd and fed the baseball towns addiction by making note that he is a Chicago Cubs fan, before they went into “Redbirds.” Bass player Ben Kauffman, who was doing a majority of the emcee work between songs, then introduced the next song, written by banjo player Dave Johnston, “Don’t Worry, Happy Birthday”, followed by “Looking Back Over My Shoulder” which was called “the worst song you’ll ever hear us play” by Kauffman. The first set ended with “Illinois Rain”

After about a twenty minute break, they came back out for the second set. Highlights of set two included Bob Dylan’s “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry” and the highly energetic “Boatman’s Dance”, which ended with a solid 30 plus seconds of the crowd erupting as the band stood on stage, obviously taken back by the rambunctious crowds support. Another cover, and a Yonder rarity, “Masons Children” , originally by the Grateful Dead, kicked off a pretty stellar finish to the evening that also included a 20 minute medley of “Ramblin in the Rambler” into Yonder’s take on the Talking Heads “Girlfriend is Better” into “Angel”, into “Rambling Reprise.” After a brief break, the boys came back out and spoke to the crowd again as mandolin player Jeff Austin told the crowd to go get drunk and crazy tonight and then pretty much told us to party all night before telling everyone they would see us tomorrow, and reminded us to wear sunglasses. The encore kicked off with the Ben Kauffman voiced “Sometimes I’ve Won” and finally the crowd was sent home after “Let Me Fall”

NIGHT 13/30/2012
Set 1
Sharecroppers Son, Don’t You Lean On Me, East Nashville Easter, Spanish Harlem Incident, Strophe, Too Late Now, Long Time, Redbird, Don’t Worry Happy Birthday, Lookin’ Back Over My Shoulder, They Love Each Other, Illinois Rain
Set 2
Out of the Blue, Straight Line, And Your Bird Can Sing, It Takes A Lot To Laugh – It Takes A Train To Cry (Bob Dylan), Years With Rose, Boatman, Rain Still Falls, Things You’re Selling, Masons Children (Grateful Dead),  Lord Only Knows Pt 1, Ramblin in the Rambler, Girlfriend is Better, Angel, Ramblin Reprise
E: Sometimes I’ve Won, E: Let Me Fall


Saturday’s show started off with some interesting events going on just outside the venue. Just a block up the road from The Pageant, there was some form of domestic disturbance that led to police in riot gear and gun shots being fired into the air. Meanwhile, back in hippie land… myself and about 2500-3000 of my closest friends enjoyed our time yet again with the Yonder Mountain String Band.

The first set began again, right at 8:45. After just one song, Dave Johnston was given the change to show off on the banjo for “Steep Grade, Sharp Curves.” Other highlights of the first set were “Kentucky Mandolin”,“Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong” and fan favorite “Pockets.” One of the early day Yonder songs, “40 Miles from Denver” written about Nederland, Colorado, “Shake Me Up” which has a funky string feel to it and “Raleigh and Spencer” ended the first set.

Second set highlights included the opener, “Pretty Daughter”, which is one of my favorite Yonder songs, and “Aint Been Myself in Years” both of which are sang by Jeff Austin. Kauffman took over the helm again for “Town” and the set ended with the 23 minute jam of “Traffic Jam” with “King Ebenezer” thrown in the middle. Quite a filthy little combo to end the fourth set in two nights. The encore featured a dedication to former Split Lip Rayfield guitarist, and friend of Yonder,  Kirk Rundstrom who passed away in 2007 after being diagnosed a year earlier with esophageal cancer. In Rundstrom’s honor, they played the Split Lip Rayfield song “Used to Call Me Baby”, commonly referred to as Crazy.

Overall it was a solid weekend of Yonder shows. The band seemed to be really enjoying themselves on stage, and it was only the second and third shows of the tour. The energy was high; the jams were extended and very tight. There is still good reason I leave every Yonder Mountain String Band show with two to three future dates already in mind, these dudes are on absolute fire right now and you should make it a point to check them out this Spring/Summer.

NIGHT 23/31/2012
Set 1
Goin Where They Dont Know My Name, Steep Grade Sharp Curves, Honesty, Kentucky Mandolin, Loved You Enough, Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong, Free To Run, Night is Left Behind, Pockets, 40 Miles From Denver, Shake Me Up, Raleigh and Spencer
Set 2
Pretty Daughter, All The Time, Blue Collar Blues, Deep Pockets, Hill Country Girl, Sidewalk Stars, Isn’t Been Myself In Years, Town, Another Day, Fine Excuses, Little Rabbit, Traffic Jam > King Ebenezer > Traffic Jam
E: Crazy (Split Lip Rayfield) , E: Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes > Troubled Mind





Chiddy Bang/Diplo Axe Presents One Night Only The Firebird St. Louis, MO 03/30/12

Words/Photos/Videos By BzNtz

Cruising around facebook, I found a event for a free Diplo/Chiddy Bang Show in my town. The shows are put on for free by Axe body spray in various college towns across America. The catch? The shows are only announced 24 hours in advance.

I was lucky enough to be able to trade shifts and get out of work early. After getting to the Firebird, I had my doubts of getting in. The Firebird is one of the smaller venues in St. Louis and the response to the show was massive.

My friend Stephanie got my ticket for me and was waiting for me when I showed up. We took a picture together and I bought her a beer and shot. I bought myself a beer and got a place to watch Chiddy Bang from.

The venue was uncomfortable packed to the point where you had no choice but to be friendly with everyone around you. People were packing in as the set times grew closer. The lights dropped and Xaphoon Jones took his place at the drumset.

The music started and Chiddy Bang came out rocking the title track ” Breakfast ” off of their debut studio album ” Breakfast “. The crowd ate it up, rapping back words, and bouncing off the floors.

Chiddy Bang is a two piece group from Philadelphia, PA. They fuse hip hop with various samples to create a unique sound.
Xaphoon Jones plays drums and produces while Chiddy handles the microphone.

They played mostly songs from the new album. One that stood out was ” Baby Roulette “. Featuring the lyrics: ” My love is supersized, ain’t no happy meal “. They had the packed house smoking, sweating and dancing.

They put on a great 40 minute set ending with ” Opposite of Adults “. Which was cool because that was the song that originally got me interested in the group. They left the crowd chanting for more as they walked off the stage.

About 30 minutes later the crowd once again started its push as the minutes and seconds ticked away before Diplo took the stage. In all honesty I did not know very much about Diplo before this night.

Now I have done my homework I found out what a hard working man Diplo is, from his non profit to teaching school, to his project Major Lazer. Diplo stays very busy, and does very well for himself and others.

Right before the lights dimmed again, they came out with about 10 cases of huge light up glowsticks and tossed them by the handful to the crowd.

The house music stopped, the lights went dark and out walked Diplo with a varsity jacket bearing his name on it. Within seconds of touching the DJ set up he had the crowd going. For the next 2 hours the party would not stop.

He would bounce from song to song, and genre to genre so fast it could make your head spin. With beats that shook the walls, and the crowd losing their minds. It was chaos inside the Firebird.

Diplo is very good at what he does which is capture the crowds imagination and go wild with it. Everyone seem lost in their own little world while the music was pumping out the speakers. People were dancing with no cares in the world at all.

I left halfway through the set, and when I came back he invited the ladies of St. Louis to come dance with him on stage. For the next 30-40 minutes the stage was filled with a bunch of girls breaking it down to the songs pounding out the speakers.

After an hour and 40 minutes Diplo tried to leave only to have the crowd chant his name until he returned. He once again fired up his DJ rig and put on one last song for the crowd to lose their minds too.

Confetti shot off, and mixed with the beer and sweat on the floor made for one hell of a mess to clean. I hopped in my car feeling good for seeing such a great show for such a cheap price and headed to White Castle. Where I secured a tasty late night snack and called it a night.

Thanks to: Axe, Chiddy Bang, The Firebird, Diplo, Lauren and Dan from Axe, and everyone else who made this night great.

Check Out :

Till Next Time……


Janus 03/29/12: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Janus/Deny The Gravity, Pop’s Sauget, IL 03-29-12
Words/Photos/Videos by BzNtz

My friend Mike called me very excited one day and told me that his band Deny The Gravity was picked to open a show for Janus. I was very happy for him and as I normally do with my friends bands if I am off work I will go.

The tickets were only 10.57 thanks to our local alternative radio station, 105.7 The Point. The Point puts on a lot of great shows that I try to support when I can. I rolled out to this show solo style, but I was instantly greeted by many familiar faces in the crowd.

Pop’s is a great place to see a show I have been coming to Pop’s for over a decade. Located in Sauget, IL right across the river from St. Louis. Pop’s has hosted many, many great shows through the years.

I missed the first opening band Manx but got there right in time to check out my friends Deny The Gravity. DTG is a 5 piece rock band from St. Charles, MO. They always bring a good crowd of people to see them, as they are great at promoting their gigs. They got on stage and wasted no time getting the people left in the seats on their feet.

Deny The Gravity features my friends: Bill on Vocals, Pappy on Bass, Mike, and Shane on Guitar, and Joe on the drums.

I have known them all for years and they have spent the better part of those years working on their craft. Hard work pays off and I have been there to see the crowd size double, and triple for them in size at each show.

They tore up the stage for the better part of 30 minutes, getting everyone moving around and feeling good. What a rock show is supposed to do.

After Deny The Gravity was Connibal Road who also did a great job of rocking the stage and getting the crowd charged. I didn’t get any pictures of their set because of low batteries. Then right around 10:05 our wonderful Point DJ Lux came out to announce the headliner of the evening.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Janus took the Pop’s stage and started things off with ” In Flames ” which is the first track of their new album released on 3/27/12 titled ” Nox Aeris ” on Realid Records.

They were very excited to be back in St. Louis and the crowd was happy they were back. They rocked ” Your Arms ” and ” Six Letters ” off of the debut album ” Red Right Turn ” before playing a new song ” Lifeless “.

Skin Deep ” and ” The Nerve ” followed by ” Stranger ” were next next in the set all of which are from the debut album.

The song ” Promise To No One ” is easily one of my favorites off the new album had plenty of people singing in the crowd.

They played another song from the new record ” Numb ” was a great song to see live. They seemed very together on the new material and it was fun and fresh to see live.

The new single was next ” Stains ” had the floor moving as Janus tore up the stage. They have a lot of energy when they play and the Pop’s crowd gave it right back to them. The Point has been spinning the new single a lot and the crowd was very excited hearing it live.

They ended the set with ” Eyesore ” which has been shown a lot of love on 105.7 The Point’s airwaves over the past couple years. It was a great choice to close the night out.

My friends and I hung out, drank some cold beers, and played bar games. Bill from DTG bought me a beer and it was very much appreciated. Thanks Bill!

Some of my friends left to hit the Penthouse Strip club and I was almost going to go with them. However, I need to save my chips for Memphis In May which is only a month away. Janus stuck around and signed copies for ” Nox Aeris ” for their fans. It was a great night.

Janus – Sauget, IL 03/29/12

1. In Flames
2. Your Arms
3. Six Letters
4. Lifeless
5. Skin Deep
6. The Nerve
7. Stranger
8. Promise To No One
9. Numb
10. Stains

Thanks To: 105.7 The Point, Deny The Gravity, Connibal Road, Manx, Pop’s, Lux, and all my friends who made this night ROCK! Thank You.

Be sure to check out Janus’s new record ” Nox Aeris ” and Manx, Deny The Gravity and Connibal Road.


and be sure to stay up with shows at Pop’s


INTERVIEW: 20 Minutes with 1/2 of the Yonder Mountain String Band

INTERVIEW: 20 Minutes with 1/2 of the Yonder Mountain String Band

Interview & Photos By: Bradley Darby (http://about.me/darbystl)


As you may have seen previously here on Concert Confessions, the Yonder Mountain String Band will be heading out on a cross country trek beginning this week in Lawrence, KS at Liberty Hall and inevitably going all the way through their Harvest Music Festival in October. The tour hits my hometown of St. Louis this Friday and Saturday night and you can still pick up tickets to join in on the festivities as the Nederland, Colorado based jam band/new grass quartet hits The Pageant stage following Brown Bird at 7:30PM each night. Make sure to check back here next week for a full recap of both shows!

We recently caught up with mando master Jeff Austin as he voyaged around the greater Colorado area on a man cave shopping spree, as well as banjo picker Dave Johnston on his way home from the doctor to ask the guys a few questions about music, baseball, piracy, and their favorite things to do while in St. Louis.




Me: Hello Jeff Austin, how are you?

Jeff: I’m good man! I’m highly caffeinated and I am buying fun things for my man cave. I just bought a big flat screen, I am going to buy a home computer, amp cables, mic stands, I’m buying a bass… today is a fun fucking day!

Me: It sounds like it!

(Joined by Dave Johnston)

Dave: Hello, Dave here!

Me: I appreciate you guys taking the time to talk with me today. The first thing I wanted to ask you about is what it’s like having the opportunity at this point in your career to share a stage with your friends, and influences, like Sam Bush, and even Bela Fleck for instance at last year’s Harvest Festival.

Jeff: The cool thing, especially within this genre of music, is to get the opportunity to play with people that are like your hero’s and you kinda idolize, or look up to in a big, big way. In this area of music, the acoustic-new grass-bluegrass-Americana kinda thing, there’s a bigger sense of being open and sharing experiences with each other. So to get to be on stage with Bela Fleck, and to consider him someone that’s not just an influence to me, but he’s a friend to me… And Sam Bush, calling him and talking shit about baseball, it’s just another phase of those guys being someone who inspires you, you know. When they go from being someone you may idolize to being a friend, its a cool transition and knowing people in the rock world, it doesn’t seem to really happen that much in that world, but in this world it really seems to be something that doesn’t just happen, it’s kind of a  pride thing you know?  I take great pride in the fact that Sam is a buddy of ours.

Me: How heavily involved are you in bringing in bands you love and buddies at the Harvest Festival, such as the McCourys and Keller, guys like that?

Jeff: It’s definitely not coincidental I mean, its something that if we are going to put our name on something and partner with someone we definitely want to make sure we have input in every aspect. Who’s playing the festival, and even better if they’re buddies of ours that we already have a relationship with them, or if it’s someone we’ve always wanted to meet and interact with we bring them in and strike up a friendship with them. Like last year at Harvest Festival, I’d never met Howard Levy before then. But about a week and a half ago I was in Los Angeles and the Flecktones happened to be in town and the next thing I know I find myself with Howard after the show laughing and joking and talking baseball and talking music and stuff. There’s no coincidence in that sort of thing man, we love to have our buddies invited to the party.

Me: I can tell you first hand from the fans side that the last two Harvest Festivals were two of the best weekends of recent memory, and I really appreciate what you do to you putting those festivals on.

Jeff: I appreciate hearing that man. We got some great stuff planned for this year and I think its just going to continue like a big family picnic feel

Me: You certainly picked a great spot to host them, Mulberry Mountain is a beautiful place.

Jeff: What an awesome site, such a great spot

Me: So Jeff you mentioned talking baseball with Sam Bush, and I know you are a big Cubs fan, that’s been documented in the past… I’m in STL and as you know there’s a friendly rivalry between the two cities… I know Sam Bush is a big Cardinals fan… does that ever create a problem with you two?

Jeff: No no, you know the thing is as hardcore and until my dying day am I a Cubs fan, I’m also just a huge fan of baseball. Just to watch what happened last year, that was amazing. I have a bunch of friends that are big Cardinals fans, including Sam, and just to see that happen and go ‘man what an amazing thing for the sport of baseball in general’. It’s never presented a problem because the one bet Sam and I ever made, I won. And the thing was with Sam especially, he grew up, who was one of your broadcasters back in the day? Harry Carey, and then Harry came to the Cubs, so theres this connection between just loving the sport of baseball. Yeah they’re rivals and you’ll never find me wearing red, but it’s a fun thing for Sam and I to have a jab at each other about and I’ve never had any ill intent behind it, it’s just talking good baseball.

(Dave re-joins the conversation after dropping call)

Me: As I had told you earlier Concert Confessions is all about the by the fans for the fans point of view, and I was curious to know what’s one of the best shows you’ve had the chance to see lately as a fan when you aren’t on your hectic touring schedule?

Dave: I just saw Ryan Adams in Denver and I was very impressed with it, it was very inspiring.

Jeff: I’m the resident dirty hippy of the band.. Last year first night of Phish at the Gorge… I’ve been seeing that band for 20 years and that was just one of the best.   To see a group of guys who at one point probably were never going to speak to each other again go out there and do what they did, I was so impressed. August 5, 2011, it just blew my mind. Just such great interplay, they were laughing, having a blast, everyone is healthy and happy, that for me was a pretty mind blowing experience. In recent memory that was one of the great times I have had recently. It’s just nice to see them getting along and making good music in a different frame of mind.

Me: What was the first bluegrass album or show that made you say “this is what I want to do”?

Dave: I went to go see this band called Traditional Grass in Urbana at a park festival kind of thing. There was this fantastic banjo picker there named Joe Mullen. After I saw that I couldn’t believe you could do that with an instrument and that set me on the path.

Jeff: The first bluegrass I had heard that I kind of really recognized, as I learned my mom was a semi truck driver, an 18 wheeler driver, and when I was really little we would drive around and listen to a lot of old country western radio and there was a lot of bluegrass. So I found out recently I was exposed to a lot of it when I was younger, and it was funny because one of my mom’s favorite groups was Del McCoury and now Del’s a close friend and that’s pretty crazy. When I was a senior in hs we did a production of Huck Finn and I was the lighting, sound director and stage manager and this music that they used was John McEuen’s record The String Wizards. It was 1991/92 and I didn’t really put together that it’s Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas and Earl Scruggs and John McEuen and you know, but I remember the impact it had on me, it had drums and stuff like that but I still remember it and I actually just found my original tape of it. As far as the first thing I ever heard that really stuck with me as far as really seeing bluegrass I think it was the first year that me and Dave and a couple of the other guys that were in a band that Dave got together called the Bluegrassholes in Illinois and we went to Merlefest, I don’t remember the year,  96 maybe, and just sitting in mud watching all these amazing musicians play  we never slept, we just watched music all day and go back to camp, drink some beers and cheap whiskey and play music until the sun came up.. fall asleep for a few hours, wake up when the tent got too hot, and go back after it for four days straight and that for me was when the hook got set and I thought this is what I really want to do.

Me: I was up in your hometown of Nederland last fall and had the opportunity to go to Red Rocks for the first time to see you guys, how often do you make it back home to Nederland?

Dave: I was just up there a little while ago, my sister and her husband live in the area and I live in Boulder now. But I was up there doing my taxes and paying a little visit. About once every 6 mos or so me and the family get up there

JA: i live 10 mins from Ned so I am in Ned pretty often, I was there yesterday at the playground with my gf and her daughter, I am there a lot. I got buddies in Ned, I go to the deli and eat soup, I go have a beer at the PI and stuff like that. I’m about 10 mins south of there so I’m there pretty often.

Me: You tend to often do multiple day runs in St. Louis (3 nights NYE 2010, 2 nights Feb 2010)… what do you like to do for fun when you’re here?:

Dave: Right down the street from the Pageant is that killer record store right?

Me: Vintage Vinyl

Dave:  YEAH! The Thai food down the street is pretty badass

Jeff: I’m with Dave I pretty much go from the gym at the Moonrise or whatever the heck it is to the record store, and I gotta give major credit to the Thai Country Cafe which is my favorite Thai spot right there, for bringing back the duck noodle soup. finally, it was off the menu for like 2 years and it was a heartbreak because every time we pulled into STL Adam and I, our guitar player, would wake up and roll down and get the roast duck noodle soup and a couple years ago they took it off the menu and I was doing a show there with the Traveling McCoury’s and Bill Nershi at Old Rock House and we went with a good friend of mine Dave Shulman, who works at the Mimi Fishman Foundation in honor of Jon Fishman from Phish’s mom, and I said ‘lets go to the Thai Country Cafe’ and I sat down and opened the menu and it was back on the menu! I hugged the guy and told him it was awesome. The shows in STL are pretty pumped up crowds, so the shows are pretty heavy duty. I sleep in a little bit and wake up, go for a run, lift some weights, record store and Thai food, sound check and off to the races again.

Me: What are your thoughts on SOPA and piracy in general in terms of like YouTube?

Dave: I think that John Barlow had a really good way of looking at this whole thing. you cant manufacture scarcity right, what YouTube does is it exposes everyone and you can get yourself out there for free and while its true you might not make a lot of money selling records because of YouTube or piracy and things like that, the fact is you will make more money doing your music. Ask the Grateful Dead, they are proponents and proof that just because something is scarce doesn’t make it more valuable. They made their stuff very available and did a great job with that and I love the fact that Barlow called attention to that one time. I still blow that horn quite a bit

Jeff: We’re a live band. Would I love to sell a million records and have songs on the radio, fuck yes… any musician who tells you different is a liar. I believe that strongly, any musician that doesn’t want success is selling themselves short. But we’ve always been a word of mouth band, we played a show in 1999 that was recorded on microphones and circulated and turned California into one of our biggest markets. If we have a great experience with each other on stage and it gets out there on YouTube or somebody streams it on their phone and a thousand people watch it… that spreads so quickly in this day and age where I can go to a Flecktones show and take a five minute video and send it to 10 friends they send it to 10 friends and within 24 hours a thousand people see it, or ten thousand people or a hundred thousand people. That’s our bag, we’re a live band, we’ve always been a touring band and we made our nut off of going and hitting the bricks and making music in front of people and showing them that kind of direct honesty as opposed to the filter the studio can give you. I think it’s an important thing and nothing about that really scares me. If you got a song you haven’t recorded on a record yet and you want people to be hip to it and someone shoots a video of it a night the bands really hot, that can spark a lot of things when that video pops up, and then the record comes out and people pay attention to it more… I think it’s a really beneficial thing, especially in this day of age where, shit what was the top selling record last yr?? 2 million copies, 3 millions copies?? When I was a kid they were selling 3 million copies in a week. The importance of if can’t be understated that even for bands like us that even though we’ve been together 14 years and touring that entire existence, the word is still getting out about us. People are still finding out about us. Who are these guys, when did they get together? Great awesome, welcome in, eat it up! That’s kind of how I feel

Me: Thanks for the time today, we certainly do appreciate it. Is there anything you want to add?

Dave: Looking forward to getting to St. Louis….

Jeff: The start of this tour for us is pretty damn fun for us… Lawrence, Kansas then 2 nights in St. Louis and then Tulsa I think. It’s a nice little beginning for a trip, it couldn’t be set up better… we’re psyched! Get there early and check out Brown Bird, they’re pretty hip they are getting some really good buzz and have a real cool thing going on so check them out!




Words/Photos/Videos/ By BzNtz

First time I saw Lights was at the Van’s Warped Tour. I was aimlessly walking around watching various acts when I stopped to watch this girl and her keytar rock the stage. She has been quite successful since the Warped days. The last show she played in St. Louis sold out. She was back in town for a show at The Firebird and to promote her new record ” Siberia “.

When our record store Vintage Vinyl announced they would be hosting a live performance instore with Lights I knew I had to be there. Vintage Vinyl is located in the Delmar Loop in University City, MO. They have a killer vinyl record collection, awesome rare cds, hard to find posters and a wonderful staff.

I had invited my girlfriend and her daughter to come join me. It was a beautiful sunny day in St. Louis and as a bonus the instore was sponsered by Schlafly Beer. Everyone who came could enjoy a ice cold St. Louis brewed beer along with free music. That is a great combo.

The instore was supposed to start at 3:30 but I am sure they hit traffic as they arrived 10 minutes late at 3:42. After a brief soundcheck, the eager and very diverse crowd got what they came to see, LIGHTS!

She came out smiling and thanking everyone for coming out to see her, exchanging smiles, jokes and laughter with the crowd. She understands the crowd interaction very well and we basically helped her pick out the set list. Starting the set with “ Cactus In The Valley “. Which is song number 9 off her newest album ” Siberia ” which was released in 2011 got things rolling.

After a random suggestion for ” Jingle Bells ” and a few for the song ” Saviour “. Lights delighted everyones requested by playing a few lines of ” Jingle Bells ” before playing the first song off her 2009 album ” The Listening “. ” Saviour ” really displayed her fantastic voice and had the crowd very into watching the wonderful performance going on right in front of them.

After telling the story of how the song came to be and her days spent at a coffee shop she played one of her older songs ” Romance Is “. Which had a bit of a slower feeling to it.

The song ” Toes ” was a great moment of the set for me. I felt like she really rocked this acoustic version of the song and as the song says she captured our attention, had us carefully listening and had us on our ” Toes “.

Many people yelled out for ” Peace Sign ” which also is from the newest album ” Siberia “. She was glad to grant their request and it went over great.

As I have mentioned numerous times she has a new record she is promoting and judging by the response she got from the crowd things are going well. She played the title track from ” Siberia ” and it came off great acoustic. I really liked this track.

After the 30 minute perfomance she stuck around as the registers were busying ringing with record sales. While she hung out and signed autographs, taking pictures and chatting up the crowd.

Even siging a router for one lucky fan, she had lots of fun and so did we.

While we were leaving the store we were watching the street performer outside the store. My girlfriend’s daughter dropped her cd on the ground. Before I could Lights walked up and picked it up off ground for her with a huge smile. Just another example of the awesome person she is.

Go see a show, and be sure to pick up ” Siberia ” which is instores right now. You will be very happy you did.

Thank you to : Lights, Vintage Vinyl, Schlafly Beer, and everyone else who came out and made this day special. Thank You.

Till Next Time.


Lights 03/24/12: Firebird – St.Louis, MO

Lights w/ The Ambassadors 03/24/12
Firebird – St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos by concertchk


After hours in the car, we arrived in St. Louis at the Firebird. Thankfully despite a long line we were able to  get a good spot to the side of the stage, right on the edge so we could rock out with Lights on a Saturday night.  We even had a dad and his daughter standing next to me, he leaned over and said “if we were 10 years younger we would be up in the front” LOL!! I said, I’ve been up in the front, and usually am, he gave me a strange look.. so either the heat made me look older, or something.. who knows.. I am old, but can still hold my own in a PIT. Knowing that The Firebird it’s a rail free venue, your knees hit the stage basically.. so.. you are right in the artist face.   I have been to this venue before for a few shows, the venue itself only holds 150 to 200 people if that.. and granted there isn’t much ventilation within this venue so you can imagine yourself in a sauna that was how HOT it was in this place. Seriously.. it was unreal.. so steamy, everyone left dripping wet…

My first major observation – Lights seems to attract a rabid fan base both girls and guys, and they profess there love for her during the show, it’s quite odd.. someone even yelled out “I want you to have my child”, she was flattered and said “okay”. She tends to draw crowds that want to be her as well, I seen many ‘comb overs’ mimicking her hair, lots of leggings, flannel, boots.. all to “TRY” to look like her. I don’t get that, it’s her style, stop coping it.. but kids have to “idolize” someone right?

The night kicked off with an opening band, made up of two brothers and two other fellows, called The Ambassadors. Now they were really good, they were upbeat and quite entertaining, lots of drums and guitar, along with a key board. They did their job by getting the crowd moving slightly, not much, but enough to make for a solid opening band..

Lights hit the stage at about 9:15pm and the crowd started moving. She vocally sounded beautiful, starting off the set with “Banner” a song from her most recent record Siberia. The jam was the first of many to get the crowd moving their hands from side to side. It”s an epic song and always gets the crowd going. It felt as if the stage wasn’t nearly big enough for her piano, two synth’s, guitar, drums, another set of synth’s and her guitar. Lights has a lot of electronic equipment for sure. When I first started seeing her, she had a keytar.. that did not make an appearance in this show unfortunately.

I will never understand how artist decide to use a fog machine, she looked like she was in the middle of the abyss it was so foggy in there, yes it makes for a great atmosphere, but not great photos.. I did manage to get a few good ones here and there…


I also managed to video tape one of my favorite songs that she sings, ‘River” from her first LP The Listening. You can actually see all the equipment that was on stage and I never did see the other guitarist who was to the left of the drummer Murray.  When she first started touring, back a couple years ago, I saw her open for Relient K, her voice sounded so tiny in a sense she didn’t have great vocalization in putting it out there for the crowd to hear, Saturday night she put it out there… she even got deep on a few parts in singing, she did an excellent job and her growth as an artist has been exciting to watch.

Afterward, we did stay to meet her and yes I got my picture with her, (not posting that), and I told her she vocally sounded amazing, she thanked us, and was glad that we had noticed. Overall it was by far the BEST concert we have seen of hers, she just sounded great.  We both agreed that she should just play outside, she nearly died as well it was so hot inside the quaint venue. Lights is such a sweet heart and a great performer, she is playing the Juno Awards with Deadmau5 at the start of April, you should really check her out.



 For a review of Light’s in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl St. Louis earlier in the day, please click here



Hayes Carll at the Sheldon Concert Hall – St. Louis, MO – 3/18/12

Words/Pictures by Bradley Darby

The Texas based singer/songwriter stopped through St. Louis and brought along Lost Highway label mates HoneyHoney to support him. We arrived to catch the last few songs of HoneyHoney’s set and I was certainly left wanting more. Suzanne Santo switches between the banjo and fiddle and sings while Ben Jaffe plays guitar and provides backing vocals. There were 2 other guys in the touring band on drums and bass respectively, but I was unable to get their names. The highlight of their set was the last song, a haunting tune called “Ohio” that featured Santo dancing around on banjo while singing haunting vocals. They left the stage to a well deserved standing ovation and I certainly hope they come back to St. Louis soon. I would suggest checking them out, catch them this summer at Sasquatch Music Festival, Coachella Festival and Newport Folk Festival as well as many other dates around the country. Check out a live version of “Ohio” below.

Hayes Carll is touring in support of his most recent album KMAG YOYO, which stands for Kiss My Ass Guys, You’re On Your Own and was hailed by many publications as one of the Best of 2011.  After a brief set change, he took the stage right at 9PM and the first few songs featured just Hayes and his guitar. The set was heavy on songs from the newest album, but didn’t leave his prior catalog unscathed. All fans of the Houston born singer songwriter were able to leave happy as he covered songs spanning across all 10 years of his career and hitting all 4 albums.

After acoustic versions of “Live Free and Die” and “Grateful for Christmas”, Snider introduced us to his backing band, The Poor Choices consisting of Scott Davis on guitar, Travis Linville on pedal steel and dobro, Cody Phillips on the bass, and playing only his 4th show with The Poor Choices was Josh Burns on the drums.

After band intros it was into two tracks from 2005, “Good Friends”  followed by the title track from the album that song appears on, “Little Rock.” We then got to hear a story from Hayes about how he got to make his first television appearance on Leno. He talked about the excitement he had to finally get a shot at performing live on TV, even though it was Jay Leno, and how psyched he was to get there and meet some big shot celebrity that was the guest on the show… the top guest on the bill that particular night ended up being Kathy Lee Gifford. He then told us that they received word that he was in consideration for a spot on David Letterman months later, and made it as far as to fly into New York only to find out when getting there they were going with another act. Upon watching the show that evening in their motel room, they found out the other guest on the show that night was all 14 of the Sports Illustrated swim suit models. Like most folk style singer songwriters, the stories told by Hayes Carll is one of the best aspects of his shows.

A crowd favorite and unreleased song called “One Bed, Two Girls, Three Bottles of Wine” followed, before which Carll told us how this was a song about every boys fantasy. You can check out a performance of him doing this song live in St. Louis last June at The Pageant across town below. I hope this song is on his next album, as it is one of my personal favorites.

“Drunken Poets Dream”  led into a rocking version of “KMAG YOYO” and a stripped down rendition of “Bad Liver and a Broken Heart” that was not at all like the version that appears on 2008’s Trouble in Mind.  Carll then told us that it was time for the closest thing they had to a St. Patrick’s Day song and Scott Davis rocked the accordion for “Bottle in My Hand”, a song on the new album that features guest vocals from the legendary Todd Snider. Hayes then sent the band away as fans began to shout suggestions at him. He took one from a guy right down front and said it was one of the first songs he had written, and also one of his longest. He was referring to “Easy Come Easy Go” from his 2002 debut album Flowers and Liquor.

We were then treated to a duet with Hayes performing both the male and female parts for “Another Like You”, a song that proves that “theres not a lot we cant overcome with a little attraction and a lot of alcohol” according to Carll. Instead of leaving the stage, Hayes chose to just stay out and perform one last song, “Long Way Home” from Little Rock. It sounded like he mentioned something about the band coming back out for the song, but that never happened. Unsure if I had misheard that, or if the band wasn’t paying attention. Either way, after Hayes received a standing ovation as he walked towards the door, it took less than a minute before the rest of the boys came out for a true encore.

The set was closed out with “Wild as a Turkey” from Trouble in Mind, followed by the opening track to KMAG YOYO and a rocking closer for a set, “Stomp and Holler”, in which we learn that Hayes Carll is “Like James Brown only white and taller” and tells us that all he wants to do is stomp and holler!

If you haven’t seen Hayes Carll, I would highly suggest you check him out. He is a true entertainer, and you will get to see elements of folk, southern rock, country and blues all incorporated into his show that clocked in at just over an hour and a half. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll want to go home and make babies, because these are after all true degenerate love songs



4/6 – Berkeley, CA – Freight & Salvage

4/7 – Winters, CA – The Palms

4/8 – Santa Cruz, CA – Kuumbwa Jazz Center

4/12 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door

4/13 – Bainbridge Island, WA – Treehouse Cafe

4/14 – Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater

4/24 – Stephenville, TX – Larry Joes TX Music Festival

4/25 – Denton, TX – Dan’s Silverleaf

4/26 – Fayetteville, AR – George’s Majestic Lounge

4/27 – Kansas City, MO – Knuckleheads

5/5 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live

5/12 – Canadian, TX – Canadian River Music Festival

5/23 – Columbia, MO – Mojo’s

5/26 – Dallas, TX – Homegrown Music Festival

6/9 – Bellows Falls, VT – Roots on the River


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