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Ben Folds Five Take Over The Colbert Report

Ben Folds Five Take Over The Colbert Report

A little over an hour ago, I tuned into the Colbert Report to check out some Ben Folds Five action. Love it when Stephen has the rare musical guest on, gives us the chance to get a song and an interview. Well isn’t it good to not have to load your DVR up with that stuff when you have us here to bring that to you? In the interview we find out things like how there’s only three of them, then we get a song called “Do It Anyway” Check it all out below courtesy of the Audio Perv

Stephen Colbert Interviews Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five“Do It Anyway”

The Flaming Lips Close Out Colbchella Week

Stephen Colbert sure as hell knows how to close out a week of cool performances, and that was with The Flaming Lips last night which ended the run of shows dubbed  “StePhest Colbchella” 2012. As has been all week, there was an interview and a performance aired, with two web exclusives. If you want an indication of how cool this is, this writer called a cab to a Burger chain that shall remain nameless just to use their free internet connection to bring this to you. And because I was hungry. Anyway, below you can view the interview with Wayne Coyne, who is even more spaced out aboard the Intrepid, then performances of “Ashes In The Air”, “Do You Realize?”, and “Drug Chart”.


“Ashes in the Air”

“Drug Chart”

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