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My Morning Jacket Announce December US Tour

My Morning Jacket Announce December US Tour

My Morning Jacket will sneak across the US for a quick tour this December. The band is out in support of the recently released album “Circuital.” The trek will kick off in scenic Universal City, CA on December 1st and wrap with the bands triumphant return to Madison Square Garden on December 14th. Acts set to join Jim James and crew on the tour include Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Delta Spirit and Band of Horses. Dates for the tour are below the nifty viral video the band has produced to support their latest journey across America.

My Morning Jacket December 2011 Tour Announcement! from My Morning Jacket on Vimeo.


Dates for the trek are as follow:

12-01 Los Angeles, CA – Gibson Amphitheatre #

12-02 San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic #
12-06 Tulsa, OK – Brady Theatre ^
12-07 Dallas, TX – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie ^
12-08 Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theatre ^
12-10 Boca Raton, FL – Sunset Cove Amphitheatre ^
12-11 Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live ^
12-12 Greensboro, NC – War Memorial Auditorium ^
12-14 New York, NY – Madison Square Garden *

# with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
^ with Delta Spirit
* with Band of Horses


Kylie Minogue 05/18/11: Verizon Theater – Dallas, TX

Kylie Minogue 05/18/11

Verizon Theater – Dallas, TX

Words/Photos By Steven Anthony

Kylie Minogue finally brought her fabulous self to Dallas’ Verizon Theater this past Wednesday night, ready to show off her new road show to the thousands of gay men (and a few women) who had flocked to the venue.

Only her second trek through America, Kylie’s Aphrodite Live tour is an exercise in pop perfection, with a healthy dose of ancient Greek imagery fitting her latest album Aphrodite thrown in for good measure.

Ms. Minogue kicked off the show with the title track from Aphrodite, rising up from under the Greek parthenon stage. With hundreds of cameras flashing, Kylie appeared, standing inside of a giant clam shell. The song’s pounding bass got the entire crowd dancing, setting the tone for most of the night. With Kylie waltzing down the staircase moving ever closer to the general admission pit, the show got off to a great start.

After running through a beautiful rendition of The One, the insanely danceable Wow and a fiery rendition of Illusion, Kylie’s dancers (now in strange Greek-slave garb) rolled a chariot on stage. Kylie climbed on board and slowly made her way across the stage while performing a slower tempo version of I Believe In You. While she’s never been the greatest singer, Kylie sounded strong, and had no problems hitting the song’s higher notes and impressing the crowd.

A fairly unremarkable version of Cupid Boy was next, followed by a much more entertaining take on Spinning Around which garnered a huge response from the crowd. Now wearing a black dress, Kylie and her backup vocalists danced around the stage smiling ear-to-ear at the guys in the pit. She was positively excited to be there in Dallas, and the crowd ate it up.

Throughout the remainder of the night (and several costume changes), Kylie played most of her major hits and some deeper album cuts. Most of her older material had gone through some major changes. Slow was given a sexy jazz makeover, taking many in the crowd by surprise.

Perhaps Minogue’s most popular song, Can’t Get You Out of My Head went through drastic changes. Leaving behind most of the recognizable synth parts, Kylie’s guitarist took over the lead section and turned the track into what can only be categorized as groove-metal. During the choruses things were a little more standard, but it was nice to see Kylie changing up her songs a bit.

Love At First Sight became a mashup with Can’t Beat The Feeling, perhaps getting the biggest reaction of the night. The two tracks worked incredibly well together but the crowd had a bit of trouble keeping the lyrics straight.

Kylie’s dancers took a break while she did a solo take on Prefab Sprout’s If You Don’t Love Me. She had trouble getting through the track because some in the crowd felt pressured to tell her that they did, in fact love her. She took it like a pro, laughing and trying to get the crowd to calm down.

After a fantastic version of Better the Devil You Know, Kylie took a fan request from a group of guys in the front row and sang a stripped down version of the ultra-gay Your Disco Needs You. She’s typically only been playing snippets of the fan request songs at her shows, but Dallas got the full version of the track. Everyone in the crowd was singing along, but it was a bit strange to hear the track with only a keyboard and drums backing her up.

After a bit of banter with the crowd and a stripped down version of Better Than Today, Kylie’s dancers came back out in full force and ended the main set with Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love). Everyone in the crowd had their hands up, so what does that tell you? As the song came to a close and Kylie disappeared underneath the stage, the crowd immediately started begging for an encore.

Kylie was more than happy to oblige. Rising up on a three tiered platform on top of the stage, Kylie and her dancers powered through the fabulous On a Night Like This before taking on All the Lovers from last year’s album. During this final track, dancers slowly rose from the floor, suspended from the ceiling while still dancing along with the track. As Kylie and her dancers made their way close to the stage one final time, gold confetti rained down covering both the crowd and Kylie herself.

Appearing genuinely happy to have performed for the Dallas crowd, Kylie seemed on the verge of crying during the last round of incredibly loud applause. She thanked Dallas several times, and then the show was over.


For some reason Kylie Minogue has never caught on in America like she has overseas, but for once we get the better deal. She’s brought over her entire show from Europe, making as few changes as possible. While her European tour featured a stage that had water fountains (!!), she has effectively moved an arena (and in some cases, stadium) sized show into much smaller theater sized venues here in the U.S.

As a result, these shows are much more intimate and make the entire audience feel like they are part of the show. This tour is almost over, but the next time Kylie is in America fans of pop need to be sure not to miss this spectacle.

Setlist: Aphrodite, The One, Wow, Illusion, I Believe In You, Cupid Boy, Spinning Around, Get Outta My Way, What Do I Have to Do?, Everything Is Beautiful, Slow, Confide in Me, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, In My Arms, Looking for an Angel, There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart) (Eurythmics cover), Love at First Sight / Can’t Beat the Feeling, If You Don’t Love Me (Prefab Sprout cover), Better the Devil You Know, Your Disco Needs You, Better Than Today, Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love), On a Night Like This, All the Lovers

Janet Jackson 04/02/11: Verizon Theater – Dallas, TX

Janet Jackson 04/02/11

Verizon Theater – Dallas, TX

Words/Photos By Steven Anthony

Janet Jackson made a stop at Dallas’ Verizon Theater this past Saturday night as part of her “Number Ones – Up Close and Personal” tour. What the promoters haven’t told you is that this is less “up close and personal” and more “Janet has to play smaller venues; She bombed her last arena tour.”

Regardless, the Verizon Theater was sold out (~6,300) and shortly after 8PM the lights dimmed and Janet was ready to silence any who were questioning her ability to put on a good show.

For a little under 2 hours Janet ran through her biggest hits. The concert served as a reminded of the massive success Janet has had as an artist since the early 80s. At each show on this tour she’s been dedicating a song to each city and plays the respective video before coming out on stage. Dallas got “Black Cat”.

After the video ended, some audience members on the right side of the lower level began screeching, causing everyone to look in their direction. There was Janet, walking through the crowd like she owned the venue. Opening with “The Pleasure Principle,” Janet made her way to the stage donning a skin-tight leather suit.

It was immediately clear that Janet takes her live show seriously; The woman can still dance and had no problem pulling off the classic moves. From the photo pit, it was clear that Janet was not lip-synching. Whether she remained that way the entire evening or not, only those in the first few rows can tell you.

“The Pleasure Principle” segued directly into “Control,” again featuring the dance moves from the original video. Janet’s live band was incredibly tight, sounding just like the record but with a little increased focus on the drum and bass elements of the song instead of the piercing synth lines.

“Control” morphed into “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”, moving the show along at a breakneck pace. The night would find several more medleys instead of the full versions of the tracks; For the most part these work out better live, focusing on the most catchy hooks and the most danceable breakdowns. Some fans have expressed a distaste for this medley system, but Janet and her band have trimmed out some of the fat to cram in as many hits as possible. It’s a decent compromise.

“Feedback” found Janet briefly on all fours moving around like a cat before standing up for some very classic dirty dancing. Janet’s aged well and moves just as good as one could hope; Straight men who had been dragged to the show with their girlfriends surely stayed entertained the entire evening.

A medley of “Alright,” “Miss You Much” and “Nasty” was next, the latter getting the loudest reaction from the crowd this far into the evening. Instead of keeping the dance party going however, Janet and her dancers left the stage for a brief interlude.

Janet returned to the stage by herself to run through a string of her biggest ballad songs. Up first was the newer “Nothing,” followed by “Come Back To Me,” “Let’s Wait Awhile” and “Again”.

Janet sounded great and the songs deserved their moment in the show, but towards the end of the ballad segment things seemed to slow to a crawl. Perhaps mixing two of the tracks somewhere else in the set could have helped out, but that’s apparently not the way a Janet show goes.

A string of significantly more danceable hits was next. As Janet made her way to “All for You,” the crowd was a massive writhing pit of different races, sexualities and even nationalities (I saw more than one Brazilian flag) dancing together. It’s powerful to see pop music bring so many different people together all in the name of having a good time.

The biggest highlight of the entire evening was a medley of “If,” “Scream” and “Rhythm Nation”. Tightly choreographed and carefully whittled down to just a few verses and choruses, the three songs melded together into a giant, intensely heavy dance track.

When the “Scream” segment started, the video (and Michael Jackson) appeared on stage. It was hard to hear the song over the cheering at the first image of Janet’s late brother to grace the stage for the evening. Janet did the song proud, nailing the entire dance break and singing her original parts of the song (including the middle ballad section).

“Scream” seemed to suddenly stop and Janet began counting backwards from five. When she got to one, the dancers immediately started into the breakdown from “Rhythm Nation” garnering a huge amount of applause from the crowd. Every time the chorus came around the audience sang along, overpowering Janet’s own voice.

Janet’s encore performance of “Together Again” again saw pictures of Michael Jackson on the video screens, causing another roar of applause. The song takes on a whole new meaning for Janet since her brother’s passing and it was a touching way to end the show.

While this tour may have been placed into smaller venues because the last arena tour didn’t do so well, the “up close and personal” format really works out in the best interest of fans. There were no bad seats in the house for the show in Dallas, and while tickets are a bit on the pricey side, Janet knows how to put on a show.

Setlist: Black Cat (Video), The Pleasure Principle, Control, What Have You Done For Me Lately?, Feedback, You Want This, Alright, Miss You Much, Nasty, Nothing, Come Back To Me, Let’s Wait Awhile, Again, Escapade, Love Will Never Do (Without You), When I Think Of You, All for You, That’s The Way Love Goes, What About (Interlude) If, Scream, Rhythm Nation, Diamonds, The Best Things In Life Are Free, Make Me, Together Again

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