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Leverage Models Invade Vintage Vinyl, 03/18/14

Leverage Models
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO

I just can’t stay away from Vintage Vinyl and, its for good reason too. The special events/instores they frequently host are just too good to pass up. On a nice, chilly Tuesday night in St. Louis, the Leverage Models from New York stopped by the give everyone reason to funk it up. Earlier in the week I won a Twitter contest put on by Vintage Vinyl for ZZ Ward concert tickets. I had first heard of ZZ at a Vintage Vinyl performance a few years prior. So I decided to check out Leverage Models on our way down to the ZZ Ward show.


After a nice dinner my lady and I arrived on the historic Delmar Ave. right at Sunset. It is a beautiful diverse street filled with concert venues, food, and a amazing array of shops to suit just about everyone. We got in Vintage about 10 minutes late and I made a bee line to the beer table. Once again my friends and, unofficial sponser Schlafly Beer was on hand to provide adult refreshments to the 21 plus crowd. Black Lager tasted outstanding, Thank You very much Schlafly, keep up the great work.


The first thing anyone noticed about this performance was LOUD. Incredibly LOUD, even for this large size record store, the sound was in your face from the moment you stepped inside. After securing my refreshment I took a spot up front and watched the insane antics of frontman Shannon Fields.


They used a lot of funky futuristic sounds, auto-tune and various other instruments including a maraca and megaphone. They were very amusing to watch, I surely enjoyed it. After 20 minutes and a full sweat soaked shirt Leverage Models thanked the crowd and reminded everyone to check out the new self titled release which just came out last fall. Check the links below.


They put on a amazing show, afterwords we chatted for a few minutes they were very nice talking to. You should go check them out online, or even better when they come to a town near you. Many gracious thanks to everyone making this possible.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank you Leverage Models (safe travels) and a much love, very special thank you shout out to my unofficial (for now) sponser Schlafly Beer Saint Louis, MO (p.s SPONSER ME )



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The Lonely Wild Live From Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14

The Lonely Wild
Vintage Vinyl 03.06.14
by bzntzstl

Before thier show later that evening at The Old Rock House, The Lonely Wild came to Vintage Vinyl in The Delmar Loop for a intimiate performance. I was lucky enough to of caught the instore put on by Royal Teeth earlier that day so I hung around the famous loop and grabbed a bite to eat. It was a bright, very sunny day in St. Louis the perfect weather for getting out of the house for some new music.


After lunch I made it back to Vintage Vinyl about a half hour before the 4 p.m start time. If you ever get time to check out Vintage give yourself extra browsing time as they have a amazing collection no matter your taste. It is truely a gem, you should see it first hand.


The five piece band ran through a fast soundcheck, grabbed some beers and started up. Schlafly Beer was on hand once again to those of us 21 and up. It is always a nice treat to have a ice cold locally brewed beer.


The Lonely Wild are based in California, they are on tour promoting their newest release ” The Sun As It Comes ” on Thirty Tigers records. It is out now and you can buy it on Itunes here: http://bit.ly/1kf6ZhN


The band played for about 20 minutes and reminded everyone to check them out later that night. I thought they had a great performance had not for having plans I would of loved to attend their full live gig that night.


Before leaving most people got their second Schlafly sample (who could resist?) and stay to chat with the ever friendly members of the band. I am very lucky to have caught this show I feel very blessed.

Thank you Vintage Vinyl, Thank You The Lonely Wild, and Thank you Schlafly for supporting both music and St. Louis in general.

Till next time’



ZZ Ward Stops In Vintage Vinyl For Instore Performance 12/02/12


Before Vintage Vinyl posted a event called ” ZZ Ward Instore Performance ” on Facebook. I had never heard of this young rising star. I had the night off work because, I was going to see Coheed and Cambria later in the evening. So my girlfriend and I decided to hit the local record store for some free tunes first.

So coming into this show, my knowledge of ZZ was extremely limited. I knew she had a new record out which was being well received, and that she recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Other than that, I knew next to nothing.

We got to the wonderful Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, a few minutes early and found a good spot up front. About 20-30 people filled the aisles of cds and waited patiently for the show to start. About 6:05 the band came out from the back and took the small stage. They all looked very cool, and ZZ came out rocking a Notorious B.I.G shirt (Which made her even cooler!). She looked very excited to say the least!

ZZ is originally from Oregon, but is now based out of L.A . She played songs from her new album ” Till The Casket Drops ” which came out in October. One of my favorites was the title track ” Till The Casket Drops ” which is a great song about loving someone till the end. In this case, till the casket drops. She rocked this song, her voice was incredibly powerful and capturing.

There was a very diverse crowd in attendance all types of people, young and old filled the area around the stage. My girlfriend really enjoyed her lead single ” Put The Gun Down “. ZZ is a very good performer and she steals the show. Her lyrics are very catchy, her band was on point, and that made her show all the better.

ZZ really connects with the crowd, her band really compliments her well and they sound great together. Last time they were in town they opened for Blues legend Buddy Guy. If only I had known about them then, I would of went to that show.

Before playing the song ” Charlie Ain’t Home ” ZZ credited legendary Etta James for inspiring her to write the song. It was another highlight of her 25 minute, 5 song set-list. I enjoyed hearing the story and inspiration behind the song.

Before leaving she made sure to introduce her band and play a song about hooking up with a nerd called ” Move It Like You Stole It ” which was another great song. Everyone was in a good mood by the time they left the stage.

After the show, ZZ hung out to sign autographs and meet with fans. When it was our turn she was really nice to us, down to earth, and cool. Then Papa Ray from Vintage Vinyl came over and gave her a rare Etta James Cd that made her smile ear to ear. She was great to talk with and I am very happy I came out to see this show. They played a show here the day after at The Firebird which I was unable to attend sadly. However, next time I will be there, she blew me away. Go check her out if she comes to your town, you won’t regret it.

Till Next Time.



Reverend Peyton, 08/09/12 Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
Words/Photo’s/Video by Beez Nutz

I have said over and over how I LOVE Vintage Vinyl, they do everything right for a record store. They are a real independent store, which is more and more rare in todays world. I always buy my new cds from there, but what sweetens the deal is when the band shows up to throw a record store party, and what better band to do this than the Big Damn Band.

With their new album ” Between The Ditches ” being released on 08/07/12 and debuting on the Itunes at #1. To help promote the new release The Big Damn Band was doing a week of free shows and festivals. We were blessed enough that they picked Vintage Vinyl for the venue for their St. Louis show. Local brewer Schlafly Beer provided a few cases of cold hometown beer for the music fans of age in attendance.

Day of the show, I took my girlfriend to famous Blueberry Hill which is a block down the street. Once a month Chuck Berry still plays shows in the 300 capacity venue in its basement. After some Chicken Fingers, and famous Cheeseburgers, we strolled down Delmar and arrived at Vintage Vinyl.

There was already a good crowd there watching the sound check. A wide variety of people filled the aisles enjoying their cold, tasty beverages while browsing the cd racks.

Reverend Peyton came out and stole everyone’s attention, he is a true master of the guitar. He can talk with his guitar, he can sing with his guitar and everytime I see him, he is better than the last time. He is something to watch, thats why so many bands jump at the chance to play and work with him.

Washboard Breezy was rocking the washboard and cracking jokes between songs. In between songs a fan yelled out for a older song. In which Breezy replied “feel free to get a refund, only new songs today”.

Aaron ” Cuz ” Persinger was on the drums, helping sing back up for some songs. Cuz plays with a lot of passion, and makes each show fun to watch. The 30 minute performance was just enough to leave you wanting more. Good news for Big Damn fans is they are coming back to the Firebird in Sept.

Full Show Part 1:

Full Show Part II:

Thank You to : Vintage Vinyl St. Louis, Schlafly Beer, The Big Damn Band, and everyone who came out to support!

Find The Big Damn Band here :


Check Out Vintage Vinyl here :


Schlafly Beer can beer can be found at :

Schlafly Beer Homepage

and the grocery store.

Till next time, Bzntz…..


Ponderosa, Vintage Vinyl, 07/29/12 St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos/Video By BeezNutz

This year my birthday fell on a lazy Sunday summer afternoon. My girlfriend and I decided to make the most of the beautiful day and head down to Vintage Vinyl for some free music. We arrived early and walked the block stopping in for some frozen drinks to ease our summer walk.

We got to Vintage Vinyl a bit early and made sure to say hello to the always friendly staff. They gave me a free record for my birthday. We made our way to the front to watch the 5 piece band from Atlanta, GA finish their sound check. A few minutes past 4 P.M, they gave the signal, and the announcement was made to start the show. They opened the set with ” Never Come Back ” which is the fourth track on the new cd.


I knew by the end of the first song that this would be one of my favorite instore performances of the year. Ponderosa was on the road promoting the new record ” Pool Party ” on New West Records. ” Black Hill Smoke ” was a great song to hear live they sounded great. The official release date for the record was 7/31/12, but if you came to a show you could get it early. As a bonus they included one of the coolest posters I have ever seen.

I was very much enjoying the show, and my girlfriend shared in my excitement. We both had different ” favorite ” songs which was fun. Her favorite was the title track ” Pool Party “, which is another awesome track on the new cd.

Taking the time to chat up the crowd in between songs, they said they were in love with the Indian food up the street. Not everyone was having a smooth visit though, drummer Darren got stung by a wasp and kept joking that he didn’t know if he was allergic or not.

After 30 minutes of exciting new music, they ended their set with the lead single ” Navajo “. This was my favorite song of the set, with the opening song being a close second. They really put on a very enjoyable performance.


After the set I went up and bought both the new album, and the debut album. They were such great guys and very nice to chat with. I asked about the name Ponderosa and singer Kalen told me ” It was after this gang at our high school called the Rosa Boys ” he remarked they were the ” baddest dudes around” and I thought they were named after a steakhouse. We told them we would try and make it out to their show that night. Sadly for us, after I had my birthday dinner we were late to the show. We got to the show at 9 p.m but was told at the door that the opener had canceled and the show started and ended early. It was very disappointing to say the least. We felt horrible for missing that, but very lucky to have caught the afternoon show. I can’t wait to see Ponderosa come back. Go check out ” Pool Party ” and support some great people.

THANKS TO: Vintage Vinyl, Ponderosa, New West Records, and everyone reading and sharing this. Thank you!

Check out Ponderosa here :



Be sure to stop by and say hi! to Vintage Vinyl as well :


1 (314) 721-4096

Till Next Time….. Bzntz


I love our local record store, Vintage Vinyl. They are what every music scene needs, a place to check out new music, find old stuff you forgot about, and most importantly to turn you onto new and emerging bands. Just two years ago, I saw Foxy Shazam play here for free and now they are off doing big things and everyone is digging them. So as a rule of thumb, if I am off and you play a instore at Vintage Vinyl. I will come check out your band, and more times than not I will buy a record at the end just to thank both the store and the artist for their time.

My awesome girlfriend Danielle and I descended on beautiful Delmar St. in search of good times and music and found both promptly at Vintage Vinyl. The weather was great, everyone was in good spirits however the band hit the to be expected rush hour traffic in St. Louis. As most live performances at Vintage Vinyl do, this one featured FREE Schlafly Beer! Which was enjoyed by most in attendance, and not just one variety they always have new styles to try and it always makes the deal that much sweeter. The band arrived and after some friendly chit chat and a sound check they took the stage in the back of the store.

Black Girls was returning to their home state of Virginia after a brief tour of the midwest featuring a festival slot at Smoky Hill River Festival. They were each very nice to myself and others in the crowd as we chatted about music, beer and other fun topics.

They each had a great time making the most of the cramped stage make shift stage area. I really was enjoying myself and the free music, free beer and atmosphere that Vintage Vinyl provides for music fans.

The five piece band featuring : Drew on vocals, Jeff on bass, Stephen on drums, Fletcher on rhythm guitar, and Mike on lead guitar tore up the stage and brought over more people than when they started to watch their set.

I give this band my endorsement of someone to watch in the next few years, they sounded great live, were fun to watch perform and were great people in general. I wish them all much success and plan to be in attendance at the next St. Louis show they book.

Please go and check out Black Girls online here:


and don’t forget to show love to Vintage Vinyl as well, they can be found online at:



Thanks to everyone who made this day great, Schlafly Beer, Vintage Vinyl, Black Girls and everyone else who made this possible.

Till Next Time…… BzNtz


Words/Photos/Videos/ By BzNtz

First time I saw Lights was at the Van’s Warped Tour. I was aimlessly walking around watching various acts when I stopped to watch this girl and her keytar rock the stage. She has been quite successful since the Warped days. The last show she played in St. Louis sold out. She was back in town for a show at The Firebird and to promote her new record ” Siberia “.

When our record store Vintage Vinyl announced they would be hosting a live performance instore with Lights I knew I had to be there. Vintage Vinyl is located in the Delmar Loop in University City, MO. They have a killer vinyl record collection, awesome rare cds, hard to find posters and a wonderful staff.

I had invited my girlfriend and her daughter to come join me. It was a beautiful sunny day in St. Louis and as a bonus the instore was sponsered by Schlafly Beer. Everyone who came could enjoy a ice cold St. Louis brewed beer along with free music. That is a great combo.

The instore was supposed to start at 3:30 but I am sure they hit traffic as they arrived 10 minutes late at 3:42. After a brief soundcheck, the eager and very diverse crowd got what they came to see, LIGHTS!

She came out smiling and thanking everyone for coming out to see her, exchanging smiles, jokes and laughter with the crowd. She understands the crowd interaction very well and we basically helped her pick out the set list. Starting the set with “ Cactus In The Valley “. Which is song number 9 off her newest album ” Siberia ” which was released in 2011 got things rolling.

After a random suggestion for ” Jingle Bells ” and a few for the song ” Saviour “. Lights delighted everyones requested by playing a few lines of ” Jingle Bells ” before playing the first song off her 2009 album ” The Listening “. ” Saviour ” really displayed her fantastic voice and had the crowd very into watching the wonderful performance going on right in front of them.

After telling the story of how the song came to be and her days spent at a coffee shop she played one of her older songs ” Romance Is “. Which had a bit of a slower feeling to it.

The song ” Toes ” was a great moment of the set for me. I felt like she really rocked this acoustic version of the song and as the song says she captured our attention, had us carefully listening and had us on our ” Toes “.

Many people yelled out for ” Peace Sign ” which also is from the newest album ” Siberia “. She was glad to grant their request and it went over great.

As I have mentioned numerous times she has a new record she is promoting and judging by the response she got from the crowd things are going well. She played the title track from ” Siberia ” and it came off great acoustic. I really liked this track.

After the 30 minute perfomance she stuck around as the registers were busying ringing with record sales. While she hung out and signed autographs, taking pictures and chatting up the crowd.

Even siging a router for one lucky fan, she had lots of fun and so did we.

While we were leaving the store we were watching the street performer outside the store. My girlfriend’s daughter dropped her cd on the ground. Before I could Lights walked up and picked it up off ground for her with a huge smile. Just another example of the awesome person she is.

Go see a show, and be sure to pick up ” Siberia ” which is instores right now. You will be very happy you did.

Thank you to : Lights, Vintage Vinyl, Schlafly Beer, and everyone else who came out and made this day special. Thank You.

Till Next Time.


Marc Broussard w/ Scars on 45 – Old Rock House – 8/3/2011 – St. Louis

Bayou Soul Singer-Songwriter Shares His Heart at Old Rock House

Words and video by Bradley Darby

It had been almost three years since Marc Broussard had last played here at The Duck Room, a venue he had played for his previous three trips to St. Louis. Broussard had taken a break from touring to spend time with his family and record a new self titled album, released earlier this year.  The news only got better when it was announced just a week before that Broussard would be stopping by St. Louis’ favorite new and used record shop, Vintage Vinyl, to perform and meet fans before the show at Old Rock House.

Broussard played a short three song set including “Lucky” from the newest album as well as an acoustic version of the fan favorite “Home” in front of a few dozen fans. He then took time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, and at one point even took a woman’s phone and talked to a friend that was unable to make the show. See the full performance below. It was then over to the Old Rock House for the main event of the evening.

There were two opening acts for the evening.The first was a Canadian brother and sister duo known as Sarah & Christian Dugas, who I unfortunately did not get to see. The second opening act has been garnering a lot of attention as of late as one of their songs was apparently featured on an episode of Grays Anatomy. Scars on 45 are an indie rock group that hails from the UK. The group consists of four blokes as well as a girl named Aimee that shares vocal duties with guitar player Danny. Scars are completed by bassist Stu, drummer Chris, and Nova on the piano. The Brits did a great job with their 45ish minute set, and converted quite a few folks into new fans on this night. All they had available was an EP called Give Me Something, and they tackled all four of those songs in addition to a few more. A full length album should be out in January. You can get more information about Scars on 45 at their website, or you can catch them in STL opening for Matt Nathanson at The Pageant on October 18.

Straight out of Carencro, Louisiana and bayou born and raised, Marc Broussard was up next. If you haven’t heard of Broussard, you should do yourself a favor and indulge in his blend of the best elements of soul, classic R&B, and Bayou infused blues rock. He self released his first album, Momentary Setback, in 2002. That was followed up in 2004 by his major label debut Carencro, named after his hometown. In 2007, it was S.O.S. (Save Our Soul), a cover album featuring his takes on songs from Sam Cooke to the Pointer Sisters to Al Green. After releasing a 5 song EP, Broussard released Keep Coming Back in 2008 and most recently he released a self titled album in June of 2011. The first time I heard the man sing, opening for Matt Nathanson at a small defunct club called Hi-Pointe in 2003, I was shocked to see this voice coming out of a 21 year old white boy. Now at the rip old age of 29, its quite obvious he has learned a lot in the last ten years of his career.

He kicked the night off with a few upbeat songs, “Come Around” and “Hard Knocks.” It was then time to romance the ladies with the ballad “Lonely Night in Georgia”, one of my favorite songs of his. Broussard then played his anthem of self-discovery, and one of his oldest tunes “The Wanderer” before calling up opening act Sarah & Christian Dugas to help out on backing vocals for two new songs, “Lucky” and “Yes Man.”

Marc then introduced us to each member of the band as the played a brief solo before exiting the stage, leaving Broussard alone with his acoustic guitar and a room full of people. First up in the acoustic set was “Come In From The Cold”, the only song on S.O.S. that is NOT a cover. Broussard then played “Let Me Leave” before asking the crowd what they wanted to hear, and no shocker at what was being yelled at the stage…..the fan favorite hidden acoustic song about his son from Carencro called “Gavins Song.”

After continuing the solo acoustic portion of the show with “Hope For Me Yet”, he asked us “do you want the band to come back up?” and as the band started coming in from the outdoor patio and collected the Jager shots poured by a gentlemen who’s sole responsibility seemed to be mixing Jagermeister with A&W Root Beer, the crowd shouted back NO!!! At this time Broussard sent the band back off the stage and he then played “Saturday” followed by another great ballad of his, “Beauty of Who You Are.” It was at this time that Marc told us that it gets boring playing  yourself, and asked the band to come back out to finish up the set. The boys then tore through a few more songs including a cover of Al Greens “Love and Happiness” and finally his biggest hit to date, “Home”, which he had played at Vintage Vinyl acoustic, but now we got to enjoy a rocking rendition with the full band. For the encore, Broussard came back out and slowed it down to sooth the souls with another song from S.O.S., “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”, originally performed by Donny Hathaway, a song that really showcases his vocal chops.

After making his was through a ten year, four album catalog, most of which seemed to come from his 2004 major label debut Carencro, Broussard left the stage. He hung around on the patio to meet some fans, as its no secret Marc has always been a man of the people. It was yet another great performance from one of the hardest working men in the singer songwriter game. Broussard is not only a great songwriter and vocalist, but a fantastic performer. Get more information about Marc here, or just go see him when he plays a club near you, because you need some bayou soul in your life.


I Got Funked in the Earhole by Orgone!

Words, Videos, Photos By: Bradley Darby

California funksters Orgone made a stop at the Old Rock House on Saturday night and brought along some friends from Chicago known as The Right Now to support them. It is safe to say that things got a little funky at the Old Rock House on Saturday night, just ask the break dancers or the hundred or so people moving their body to the oh-so-sexy grooves that both bands laid out for three and a half hours.

Orgone also paid a visit to Vintage Vinyl on Saturday afternoon, setting up and playing a 30 minute set for a small gathering of people, some there to see the band and some just shopping for records with a soundtrack. I had the opportunity to record this intimate show, and you can check it out below.

Meanwhile back at the Old Rock House, an eight piece soul group known as The Right Now kicked things off. Vocalist Stephanie Berecz has an amazing, soulful voice that you would expect to hear on a R&B diva and grabbed the attention of everyone in the room by the start of their third song, that is, if her stunning looks hadn’t done so by the first. Backed up by her 7 piece band dressed in shirts and ties, sans the drummer, The Right Now took the crowd by storm. The horn section provided us with some choreographed dance moves when they weren’t tooting their own horns. The set included a Chaka Khan cover of “Ain’t Nobody” as well as a few standout tracks “Ain’t Going Back”, “I Am Who I Say I Am” and “Can’t Speak For You.” Their full length debut, Carry Me Home is available now….I picked a copy up at the show and I am very impressed, I look forward to seeing them again in the near future. Get more information at www.therightnow.com where you can stream a few songs and find plenty of into. You can also stream the full set here.

The Right Now

Up next was the eight headed uber-funk beast from the west coast, Orgone. Hailing from the City of Angels, Orgone is a funk/soul/afro-beat group that features six “regulars” as well as a rotating cast of as many as eleven additional musicians to help out. Always containing a rhythm section with drums, percussion and bass, as well as a horn section, keyboards, and guitar. Saturday they chose to go with an eight man lineup. They also brought along a very special guest in Nicki J. Crawford from Louisiana to provide vocals on a few songs. The energy this band can exude at one of their shows is unparalleled, and it can be seen in either guitarist Sergio Rios as he is constantly dancing around with his curly hair isn’t flopping around. As the first song started, a break dancing circle began directly in front of Rios, with around five or six dancers passing off the break dancing torch to one another. At time a drunk girl would stumble into the middle and attempt to dance, but not long after she would be run out by the break dancer as they continued to bust a move throughout the entire set.

Orgone wasted no time jumping right into some filthy funk with “Mantanza” from their most recent album, Cali Fever. After “Its What You Do”, Sergio Rios addressed the crowd for the first time by saying “Whats up St. Louis! we have a lot of fucking love for St. Louis” and then he introduced Nicki J Crawford for the first time for “Funky Nassau”, from The Killion Floor, that featured a fantastic percussion solo by Stewart Killen. After one more song, “You Got to Give It Up”, Crawford left the stage and the rest of the band played one of my personal favorites, “Hambone” as well as “Sweatshop.” Just under two hours after they set sail on the journey that is an Orgone show, they ended the set with a song that included no horns, a nice change of pace, and it sounded just as good as the rest.

Watching Orgone jam out some soulful funk while just feeding off of each others energy is an experience. I would highly suggest you check them out if given the opportunity. You can get more information on Orgone by checking out their website www.orgonespace.com

Orgone Setlist

The Right Now Setlist


Unexpected! That is a good word to describe how it was to make sudden plans to head to Vintage Vinyl to meet Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. He is currently on tour and was in St. Louis on the way to Detroit. The tour bus driver needed to rest so they picked to spend the day in St. Louis and made the most of it.

I hurried in getting ready and rushed out the door to Vintage Vinyl. We are blessed in St. Louis to have a record store as cool as Vintage Vinyl. They are always looking out for the fans and hosting great events.

I got there about 6:10 and was amazed that with little to no promotion the store was packed front to back. Vintage Vinyl is pretty long and the line was 4-5 people deep in spots.

I noticed everyone had a beer walking around the store. Then I realized they were giving away free Schlafly beer as well as hosting this great instore. Told you Vintage Vinyl rocks!

After quenching my thirst I ventured up to the front to snap some photo’s. The first thing I noticed was how personable Wayne was taking the time to greet everyone by name and personalize every autograph. You would not know there were hundreds of people waiting the way he would take his time with each person.

Along with signing autographs he brought along more of the highly sought after and sold out Gummy Song Skulls. This is a edible skull with a USB drive in the middle with 4 new songs. Also they were selling the Neon Indian Split 12 inch as well. The Gummy Skulls were a hot seller. Some came with a Marijauna flavored brain. Interersting…

After seeing 50 of these boxes I went around and asked someone to show me theirs. They let me hold it and take a picture. The gummy Skulls are heavier than you would think. I would say it weighed atleast a couple of pounds.

As I stood at the front snapping photo’s drinking my beer I started talking to the tour manager. He said the driver was waking up at 10 p.m to take them to Detriot. I asked what they did while in town? He told me they ate at Pappy’s BBQ, shopped the Loop and the Independent bookstores in the area. He said they all loved the City Muesem and are trying to maybe have a show there in the future.

Everyone that came up got to chat with Wayne. He told lot’s of stories one I remember was how the gummy skulls were originally multiple pieces but the band came up with their own mold which is one piece that the skulls are now made out of.

He also took the time to draw pictures, add word bubbles, and other funny things to everything he signed. It always makes it better when you don’t get a run of the mill autograph!

It was our turn soon enough and my friends and I went as I group. They got some records signed and we all got pictures. I asked him how he liked the City Museum? He said ” I have been all over the world and It is amazing I had never heard of it before, its like nothing I have seen before” He went on to say how much he liked it and how cool it would be to play there.

It was pretty cool to meet someone I saw in concert just weeks earlier at some big festival in my hometown record store. Thanks to Vintage Vinyl, Flaming Lips, Schlafly Beer and everyone else who helped make this great instore a reality.

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