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The Flaming Lips Get Weird On Letterman


Performances like these are the reason why David Letterman isn’t rumored to be replaced by anybody. Wednesday evening, The Flaming Lips stopped by the Ed Sullivan Theater and got totally weird. Wayne cradling the baby in his arms says it all… They performed “The Terror”, and you can check that performance out below:


The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips To Share The Stage This Spring


No need to check your calender, it is not April Fools Day. Today is however that magical day when The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips announce four shows they’ll play TOGETHER this Spring. No word on whether they’ll alternate headlining slots or will they do what the Flaming Lips did with Weezer in 2011 when both bands set gear up onstage and each band would play three songs at a time before switching it up. Either way, this is TOO freaking cool, if you’re in one of these towns please go see this. Dates lay below. I found the picture at this message board called Consequence Of Sound. Props.

Tickets to these shows can be purchased here.

The Black Keys / The Flaming Lips Joint Shows:

April 28th – Kansas City, MO ( Sprint Center )
April 30th – Pittsburgh, PA ( CONSOL Energy Center )
May 2nd – Atlanta, GA ( Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood )
May 3rd – Nashville, TN ( Bridgestone Arena )


The Flaming Lips Close Out Colbchella Week

Stephen Colbert sure as hell knows how to close out a week of cool performances, and that was with The Flaming Lips last night which ended the run of shows dubbed  “StePhest Colbchella” 2012. As has been all week, there was an interview and a performance aired, with two web exclusives. If you want an indication of how cool this is, this writer called a cab to a Burger chain that shall remain nameless just to use their free internet connection to bring this to you. And because I was hungry. Anyway, below you can view the interview with Wayne Coyne, who is even more spaced out aboard the Intrepid, then performances of “Ashes In The Air”, “Do You Realize?”, and “Drug Chart”.


“Ashes in the Air”

“Drug Chart”

The Colbert Report
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Unexpected! That is a good word to describe how it was to make sudden plans to head to Vintage Vinyl to meet Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. He is currently on tour and was in St. Louis on the way to Detroit. The tour bus driver needed to rest so they picked to spend the day in St. Louis and made the most of it.

I hurried in getting ready and rushed out the door to Vintage Vinyl. We are blessed in St. Louis to have a record store as cool as Vintage Vinyl. They are always looking out for the fans and hosting great events.

I got there about 6:10 and was amazed that with little to no promotion the store was packed front to back. Vintage Vinyl is pretty long and the line was 4-5 people deep in spots.

I noticed everyone had a beer walking around the store. Then I realized they were giving away free Schlafly beer as well as hosting this great instore. Told you Vintage Vinyl rocks!

After quenching my thirst I ventured up to the front to snap some photo’s. The first thing I noticed was how personable Wayne was taking the time to greet everyone by name and personalize every autograph. You would not know there were hundreds of people waiting the way he would take his time with each person.

Along with signing autographs he brought along more of the highly sought after and sold out Gummy Song Skulls. This is a edible skull with a USB drive in the middle with 4 new songs. Also they were selling the Neon Indian Split 12 inch as well. The Gummy Skulls were a hot seller. Some came with a Marijauna flavored brain. Interersting…

After seeing 50 of these boxes I went around and asked someone to show me theirs. They let me hold it and take a picture. The gummy Skulls are heavier than you would think. I would say it weighed atleast a couple of pounds.

As I stood at the front snapping photo’s drinking my beer I started talking to the tour manager. He said the driver was waking up at 10 p.m to take them to Detriot. I asked what they did while in town? He told me they ate at Pappy’s BBQ, shopped the Loop and the Independent bookstores in the area. He said they all loved the City Muesem and are trying to maybe have a show there in the future.

Everyone that came up got to chat with Wayne. He told lot’s of stories one I remember was how the gummy skulls were originally multiple pieces but the band came up with their own mold which is one piece that the skulls are now made out of.

He also took the time to draw pictures, add word bubbles, and other funny things to everything he signed. It always makes it better when you don’t get a run of the mill autograph!

It was our turn soon enough and my friends and I went as I group. They got some records signed and we all got pictures. I asked him how he liked the City Museum? He said ” I have been all over the world and It is amazing I had never heard of it before, its like nothing I have seen before” He went on to say how much he liked it and how cool it would be to play there.

It was pretty cool to meet someone I saw in concert just weeks earlier at some big festival in my hometown record store. Thanks to Vintage Vinyl, Flaming Lips, Schlafly Beer and everyone else who helped make this great instore a reality.

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