Evanescence w/ Killer Me, Killer You and Weave The Fate 04/25/12

The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Words/Photos by concertchk

Ten years ago during the Nintendo Tour, Evanescence front woman Amy Lee walked out on stage in a wedding dress. At this point they were the headlining act, and she was at her prime (or at least she should have been). Yet I wasn’t that impressed as I just stood there like and was like really.. a wedding dress? Please.

Fast forward to the year 2012 and a night at The Pageant in St. Louis. The Pageant is my favorite place to go in St. Louis, I fell in love with it way back when it first opened, and have been going to shows there for years. I’ve had tons of great concert memories there, and always love the atmosphere. I should own stock that’s how much I love the place as it’s one of the BEST concert venues in St. Louis. In fact, I have never seen a bad show there.

The opening acts for Evanescence were Killer Me, Killer You, and Weave The Fate. There was some sort of mix up when these bands went on. Killer Me, Killer You was out there, rocking, heavy, and the crowd was going nuts. The lead singer went into the pit and just got the crowd all pumped up and ready for a great night of music. Then Weave The Fate took the stage and all the energy died. I feel asleep as I couldn’t tell if they wanted to be rock or rap. Yes they had a DJ, but they were such a mishmash of music genres it made it hard to focus which made it hard to care. The crowd wasn’t motivated at all and they were just ready for it to end and Evanescence to begin.

Promptly at 10:05pm Amy Lee and company took the stage, that’s one thing I love about The Pageant is they do have a curfew and they make sure those artist get on stage and going in the time they have allowed.

Lee actually impressed me. Yes she did have help during a few songs as you could tell she was using backing tracks or some kind of auto tune, but over all she belted out new songs and old favorites with grace and her backing band (two of whom I know from past bands) sounded remarkable.

Amy Lee’s piano playing was excellent as I don’t remember seeing her play it ten years ago, like I said the whole wedding dress just ruined it for me. In fact, her piano playing skills are exceptional and far better than Lady Gaga I would have to say. I am always impressed when someone can play an instrument and belt out incredible vocals at the same time.

Lee also stated she wasn’t one to talk, she was more of just play the song type, and that’s what she did. With her doing this the show flew past despite being nearly 90 minutes in length. I was actually surprised that after the show ended, she did come out and autograph things for folks. There was roughly 150 people standing in line out by the bus, and I honestly didn’t except her to even make an effort. After about fifteen minutes, security came out and said, Amy will be only signing, there will be no photos, nor hugging, just straight signing as the band had an 18 hour drive ahead of them. Amy was super nice and I made sure to get my ticket signed after I mentioned that it’s been ten years since I had last seen her perform live. She smiled and thanked me and yes I just had to pat her on the shoulder. It was nice, she is after all human. Overall seeing Evanescence ten years apart was a good thing, it shows that artist really do improve with age.