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Fountains of Wayne, Soul Asylum & Evan Dando – Webster Hall, New York City 10/05/13

Fountains Of Wayne, Soul Asylum and Evan Dando – 10/05/2013

Webster Hall – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos- Jay Porks


Sometimes I write these things feeling the need to put H.G. Wells in the byline because I really have a knack for taking folks through a time machine from time to time. And that happens again tonight. What goes on people? Welcome back to another Jay Porks Experience. Big night for shows in New York City that this guy would attend, as we have Local H up a Santos Party House while Fountains of Wayne and Soul Asylum split a bill at Webster Hall with Evan Dando opening up. Tough decisions had to be made (to be discussed more in detail at the bottom), and we’re on our way to Webster Hall tonight for the triple bill. Doors opening at 6PM with a 7PM showtime, my thoughts are similar to all the other times I’ve head to Webster Hall: What time does “club night” start? This venue is notorious for hosting multiple shows on their multiple floors at simultaneous times  full of Djs, glow sticks, Molly and EDM. The only time I want to see glow sticks and Molly is at Phish, but that’s another story for another day. Tonight we head way back to a time where my life was simple. Early-mid 90’s. A young Porks, enjoying the sounds of Runaway Train, Come On Feel The Lemonheads, and a really cool Radiation Vibe video. Beats today’s world of leaving the job I hate heading directly into the city to see an awesome show followed by coming home to do a job I love before heading directly back to that same job I hate. So, let’s get started with that job I love, shall we?


Made my way inside Webster Hall slightly before 7PM. Grabbed the photo pass I scored and headed upstairs to the VIP section. Grabbed a table, ordered a drink, took a seat. Evan Dando walks out 7 sharp with his Telecaster and began to play his solo set. I think it was a telecaster anyway, I’m no guitar tech I just like them. When Dando was announced opening solo it was assumed (by this guy anyway) that he’s be acoustic, or have a no name band behind him. Not the case, Dando and a lyric sheet on a stand.

Played tuned down versions of a lot of fan favorites. Confetti, Into Your Arms, My Drug Buddy and All My Life drew the biggest cheers throughout the half hour. And no messiness ensued. Not like the It’s A Shame About Ray tour from two years ago. This was solid, this was beautiful. And with Dando alone on stage and me upstairs, the acoustics in the room sounded great. Even on the videos, the sound sounds a lot better before Dando went off at 7:30 and I made my way downstairs to get a tee shirt.

Why waste the VIP section? Might as well head downstairs and grab a tee shirt before the end of the night when it’s a madhouse down there. And I don’t have clothes that fit me anymore, so now at every show I have to be sure to grab a medium  because my wardrobe consists of band tee shirts (not exactly a shopper). So I grabbed myself a blue Fountains Of Wayne shirt for 20 bucks because it had a boombox on it and I thought it was cool. Can’t argue with 20 bucks. Heading back upstairs and I’m met by security. “Photo pass not upstairs only VIP”. That’s some real deal fuckery right there. You have an upstairs level THAT I WAS JUST ON containing a maximum of 15 people up there, 7 of them being model type woman that I’m sure are all Evan Dando +1’s. I’m one person. There’s not even a pit here if memory recalls. I was upstairs for Toadies/Helmet/Ume with a photo pass. I was upstairs at the Melvins with a regular ticket. Webster Hall: You make it extremely hard to enjoy a concert experience.

Dave Pirner

Soul Asylum is poised for a 7:45 start time according to a sheet of paper taped on a wall. So making my way down front, I do notice about a foot or two of space between the stage and the barricade. So like the annoying guy I am, I slide through some folks and make it in there. I notice two girls are there, so I join them and try and take some of those cool shots from down low like all my cool “professional” photographer friends do, working with the light show and stuff. Not exactly Mick Rock, but I actually got some decent shots. Pirner and the boys kicked things off with an energetic “Stand Up And Be Strong”.


Was in the pit for “Misery”, so recording wasn’t an option 3rd song in. With each line, each chord  of the song my appreciation becomes deeper it was cool to snap pictures while screaming the lyrics out. Not only am I having a blast but there’s a room full of people behind the barricade wondering what the hell this hack is doing sitting at the cool kids table.

Funny thing about Soul Asylum, they have all these songs about tons of different topics, some of them darker than others. Yet, these dudes look like they’re having the time of their lives. Pirner is jumping around the stage with the hair blocking his face making you swear this was 1993 all over again.


Their drummer looks like King Mabel from old school WWF. That’s not a “because he’s black” joke or a “because he’s a bigger dude” joke. That’s a “This guy looks like if the kit doesn’t sound perfect he’s gonna stare it down until it does Chuck Norris style”. It was pretty flawless. Whole band was tight. “Black Gold” and “Leave This Town” were intense. Dave Pirner states before they jump into “Can’t Even Tell”: “This song is dedicated to… Jay and Silent Bob”. Hell yeah. Of course you know by sets end we got our “Runaway Train” and “Somebody To Shove”, which were awesome to experience live but at the same time the sound downstairs in the front is low on the vocals. Several of us looking at each other pointing to our ears. After the set I reached for the set list, and some dude behind me wanted it, I could tell in his voice he needed that set list. I figured since it wasn’t handwritten or anything, then all I needed of it was a picture. I gave it to dude. He’s like “Thanks man you rock! I gotta go I’m off to another show!”

Me: Local H at Santos?


Him: Yeah!!


Me: Tell Scott I said Hi and tell Brian I love the shit out of him.

Fountains Of Wayne / Chris Collingwood

Life’s funny isn’t it? Between sets, I notice the girl hanging in the photo pit, so I go over to find out whose payroll she’s on. She with Brooklyn Vegan? Spin? Maybe Pitchfork, I’d so badly love to make fun of one of those people in real life. But no, she’s homegrown. Doing her own thing for a few different things (which links will be provided for shortly), Jay Porks style. I like that. So we may or may not have had a moment which mimicked the Sonic Youth ‘Dirty Boots’ music video in the photo pit. Maybe. Some of us have class and would never kiss and tell.


Fountains of Wayne hit the stage at 9:15 just as a random piece of paper taped on the wall indicated earlier. “I’ve Got A Flair”, “Dip In The Ocean” and “Joe Rey”. These dudes have power. They’re like if Weezer took LSD. Feedback flying everywhere, jammy portions at times then dance-y sections at times. This whole bill is like, the REAL Summerland. I turn to my new buddy and mention how miserable they look. She agrees. I mean, here we just had Soul Asylum up there entertaining the shit out of themselves. Chris Collingwood has this dead stare on, this being the first time I’m ever seeing this band, maybe that’s how dude is. Didn’t effect their performance or anything, I just like when people are happy. Moods heightened increasingly throughout the set.

Only thing wrong with anything that went down on stage tonight is due to low vocals down in the front area. If the reply to that inquisition is “Well you’re too close to the speakers” then that barricade needs to be moved further back so people don’t end up hating the place they attend shows. And Webster Hall, if you would have allowed me reentry to the upstairs section you’d avoid getting abused in this review, and in depth on episode five of my weekly podcast.

Anyway, in the pit snapping shots. Not sure how many songs we’re allowed in here but we’re up to song four and no one has booted us. Time to sin. I’m taking video in the photo pit. Yes folks, I did it. I violated the holy grail of the photo pass. It was “Mexican Wine”, I HAD to do it. But I kept the camera low, and tapped the top pretending to snap shots until right after that song security came and booted me from somewhere for the 2nd time tonight. Another crowd favorite, ‘Red Dragon Tattoo‘ followed by a more recent offering ‘Summer Place” put everyone in the building right where they needed to be mentally.

Fountains Of Wayne

A few songs later, it’s “Hey Julie” time. The bass player tells us this is where participants from the crowd come up on stage to assist, playing cymbals and rattles along to the song. A bunch of hot girls hit the stage and started a freaking party. So much love for that song already, but now it’s just even more fun. Set up the rest of theevenings proceedings featuring “I-95” into “It Must Be Summer” followed by another Porks favorite: “Someone To Love”. Great place to squeeze in “Traffic and Weather” here, but unfortunately they didn’t bust it out. Sad face emoticon. “No Better Place” preceded  a really heady “Sink To The Bottom”.. which was epic before they ended with some spine tingly feedback bursts. They ducked off stage before coming out for the song that is the reason America (outside of the people in this venue) knows who this band is, “Stacy’s Mom”.

I’ll say it, and believe me or not I don’t care. I’m a “Radiation Vibe” Fountains of Wayne fan. I go back to the beginning. I loved that song, visited the store they named the band after as a child. When “Stacy’s Mom” came out, to me it was just “Awesome, they have themselves another hit. This band rocks”. Being in the building for it was just so freaking cool, and then to jump right into the aforementioned “Radiation Vibe” to close down the show was the only way that show could have ended, and it did. 10:33 and we’re done here.

Walking out of Webster Hall in a great mood, what a night. Like to thank Wes Kidd and the people at Red Light Management who were involved with helping to hook me up with the photo pass. That was awesome to be on the other side of the barricade for once. Also, before the show we had a little meeting of Concert Confessions family members as I got to meet our friend SluggerA in Times Square during her first trip to New York City in for the night to see Local H. Funny how everyone I’ve met on the internet are cool as hell and most of the people I run into in real life are complete douchenozzles. Good times!


Meat Puppets Brooklyn Bowl October 12th… do I even need to mention where to find that review on the the morning of the 13th? Catch you then!


Toadies/Helmet & Ume @ Webster Hall 08/02/12

Toadies/Helmet (w/ Ume) 08/02/2012

Webster Hall – New York City

Words/Photos/Videos By Jay Porks

I can honestly say that I’ve been waiting to see the Toadies again since Sept 2010, the 1st and only time I saw them live. So when news broke right here at Concert Confessions that they were to co-Headline tour with Helmet I was more than stoked. Helmet too? It’s impossible for one not to be pumped for something like this, and a promise that can hopefully be fulfilled in these next few paragraphs-we’ll try and find out how exactly the opening band Ume is actually pronounced. The songs I looked up on YouTube were pretty cool, so we got three solid bands lined up here tonight at Webster Hall for the 75th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. Let’s hope there are no former members of the Cro-Mags here, I don’t want to get stabbed or anything. Doors are set to open at 6PM and Ume suppose to go on at 6:45.. I think it’s Ladies Night here at Webster Hall so I wouldn’t be surprised if they push us scum rockers out by 11 or so. Anyway, let’s roll.

Got a 32oz soda at the ferry because Mayor Bloomberg can kiss my ass. It wasn’t until I got in the line outside Webster Hall, 20 minutes til doors open that my bladder decided it was annoyed by the mass intake of beverage and let me tell you folks, that was the longest 20 minutes of my life. The only Starbucks near by had an “out of order” sign on the bathroom. As I stand around they open a door and I sneak a peak at the set times for tonight: Ume: 6:45, Helmet: 7:45, Toadies: 9:15. They let us in about 6:15, I find my way upstairs so I can lean on the rail and take some sweet pictures. Notice not a lot of people up here


The Austin trio scampered on stage at 6:45 and started things off with “The Conductor”. Boy were they loud. The ferocious guitar playing of Lauren Larsen led the way, powering through each song without a break in the heavy. The room isn’t even half full, but the people here are rocking out to no extent, this writer included.

All their songs have this ‘smash you in the face’ type aggression, like an angry Dinosaur Jr-the distortion was all I’ve ever asked for in a band, the drumming was sexy as hell.  After “Chase It Down” had me sold mid-set, I started to wonder why someone didn’t take the time out of their day to make this band a Wikipedia page, I got their names(first names anyway) from their Facebook page, Rachael on drums, Eric on bass. All killed it… They’re from Austin so they’d be a perfect band to open up for the Meat Puppets on a tour(wearing my Pups tee, of course).

Being an earlier show (with Helmet due on 745 and Toadies at 915), they unfortunately were only able to get into seven songs..but with they time they had they were able to deliver everything the early arrivals could have asked for. They went off a little after 7PM leaving me wanting more.


The buzz outside while taking in a cigarette was “can’t believe the Toadies are closing this show”. I’m just happy to have two cool bands co-headlining a tour, not gonna nit-pick the order here. Then I got a text from a buddy that said “I’m shocked they played before the Toadies”. I headed back in and at 7:45ish Helmet began what was to be a little over an hour of punching me in the temples with riffs. I hadn’t been deafened like that in a while, come on now the last show this guy attended was Summerland. Helmet has some great banter, they were joking on superfans who ask them to “play b-sides from like 1990”, also mentioned that this show was earlier due to some sort of “disco” happening afterwards. The aforementioned club night. As I’m laughing at this dudes funny commentary, I get a text from Pam, she’s outside. Sweet. Pam is the one who got me to see the Toadies in the first place in a Cake for Toadies ticket trade off and it was so worth it. So now we’re headed back upstairs (Helmet isn’t deafening me any less by me being in a hallway), and one of the security guards is giving Pam a hard time so I’m just turn to dude and say “She’s with me, it’s cool”, and it worked. With the likes of Maura Johnston from the Village Voice in attendance, confidence can go along way with “Wilma’s Rainbow” as a stellar background soundtrack.

We grab drinks, 10 bucks for a Jack and Diet in a dixie cup. As we’re paying for the drinks, Helmet is not letting up and Pam (who’s in the building for about 10 minutes) turns to me and says “This band is pretty rocking” or something to that extent. Hell she knows less about the band then I do, I know “Unsung”. Man do I love that song, it’s such an important song in the canon of 90’s Rock & Roll tunes.

Well, rolling near 9 o’clock the last song they played was “In the Meantime”, leaving us Unsungless. No one seemed to care but me, as between sets I ran out for a smoke and saw a bunch of Helmet tee shirted folk talking, then turn towards the door and see people just arriving with printed out tickets-I guess only here to see the Toadies.


Two totally different atmospheres in the room as I returned to my spot. The Helmet tee shirts sort of drifted towards the back of the room, and the few fellows wearing plaid shirts made their way up front. Toadies came out promptly at 9:15 and kicked things off with some “Heel” action, followed by “Backslider” and “I Come From The Water”

and that place was jumping. The last time I saw this band, I said something to the effect of “where have the Toadies been?”. Well, those questions were answered in an interview with Clark Vogeler  over at AQ, and then this past Tuesday they released a new record called “Play.Rock.Music.

I admit I have yet to grab the new album but I know they played “Summer of the Strange” off the new release, and that song is a keeper. They say the NSFW music video is pretty cool. The room was really settling in now, not many people seemed to have left after Helmet by the way everyone was fist pumping during songs like  “Sweetness” and “Waterfall”. That man Clark Vogeler over there is tearing up this place-bouncing feedback off his amp Scott Lucas style really gets my juices flowing, I love that stuff. At like 10 o clock, I turn to Pam and tell her I’m gonna head to the other side to catch some pictures from different angles. “Song I Hate” was just ending, so what do you know I’m over here experimenting angles with my camera when I hear that “Possum Kingdom” riff. Okay, let’s roll film.

That version of Possum Kingdom I got at Gramercy in 2010 on video with heads bouncing in front of me needed to be trumped. And if you check below above, it has been in terms of quality.

After that they jumped into “Mister Love” and after that it’s 10:23 so Lewis says that since they’re pressed for time sort of, they’re not gonna do the run off stage for a minute thing and come back for an encore, instead just saying they had two more to play. “Rattlers Revival” kicked off the “encore” in fine fashion. Then, all of a sudden there’s four drums on stage and one of the dudes from Helmet along with the drummer from Ume are on stage to help out on this one. I turned and said “What is this Applied Science or something?”, of course making a 311 reference. Then, Lewis, messing with my fragile emotions teases the first few chords of “Unsung” and looks up into this window upstairs on the side of the stage where the lead singer of Helmet is at the window, flipping the bird to everyone on stage. So after all the jokes “I Burn” was the last song played and they headed off stage at 10:32. Not a soul left unsatisfied. 

That was fun times. It’s rare to get two great bands together, let alone three with tonight’s enlightenment to Ume, which is pronounced “ooo-may” by the way. Hope they come around again. Hope all these bands come around again. And props to Webster Hall for having that Air Conditioning blasting at an obnoxious volume. Keeping a chubby kid like me from sweating, you made everyone I sat near very happy people. Anyway, I’m out of here for now. Thanks to to ones who made it this far down. 


Two Stabbed at Webster Hall During CBGB’s Festival

Two Stabbed at Webster Hall During CBGB’s Festival

It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch they say, well, here checking into to ruin things is none other than the Big Apple: New York City.

This week the world famous CBGB‘s is holding a festival (called the CBGB’s Festival). The festival consists of several different shows in and around the city at different venues from July 5th through the 8th. In the Village Voice the other day, I was reading about all the bands playing and where, in this little pamphlet insert.

Reading all the listed venues and bands performing, I had a thought to myself  “Is New York City mature enough for this kind of  city-wide event?”. The answer tonight, would appear to be No.

ABC News is reporting that two people were stabbed at  8:15 p.m. at Webster Hall during one of the shows taking part in conjunction with the CBGB’s festival (a “hardcore’ show that the Cro-Mags and Sick Of It All were headlining). This according to a FDNY spokesperson.

UPDATE: According to Bowery Boogie, the person doing the stabbing was one Harley Flannegan, the founding member(but not a current member) of the band the Cro-Mags. Reports are he stumbled into the VIP lounge, wielding a knife, before security could take him out. GlueHC is also reporting that ‘sources’ have told them that Cro-Mags bassist Mike “The Gook” Couls may have been one of the two folks who got stabbed, although the website cannot confirm that as fact.

Flanagan, who is from New York, was taken to the hospital and charged with two counts of 2nd degree assault and weapons.

And some asshole has already changed Harley Flannegan’s Wikipedia entry to include the blaming of Bath Salts on this incident. Folks, we all know if it was Bath Salts, faces would’ve gotten eaten. Zombies don’t use knives

Another black mark for the city of New York.

Webster Hall, which was scheduled to re-open at 10PM for the “night club” thing they do, will remain closed for the duration of the evening.

Update: Watch footage of Cro-Mags’ John Joseph informing fans the show has been shut down by the police.

Watch Garbage’s Entire Webster Hall Show

Watch Garbage’s Entire Webster Hall Show (New York City May 22nd 2012)

I’m getting old.

In previous years, a guy like myself would have made his way into the city earlier this evening to catch Garbage destroy Webster Hall.  But that wasn’t the case as this writer not only wasn’t in the building, but was admittedly asleep for the entire duration of the Webcast courtesy of MTV HIVE.

Fate is a funny thing. You ever fall asleep early and wake up like 3Am with absolutely nothing to do, and you’re saying to yourself “What the F#%K man?!”. Well, that happened to me, then I found this Garbage webcast seems to be still up available to watch. And I didn’t even have high hopes I’ll be honest, I just turned it on hoping they’d lead off with “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” (which they didn’t). But I gotta tell you I’m like six songs into this right now and  Garbage is freakin’ killin’ it! Shirley Manson may have a inverted Princess Leia hairstyle going on, but I would still do all sorts of things to her that would have me fired if mentioned by the Concert Confessions Human Resources Department..

And here come’s “Stupid Girl”! Okay, sorry people, I’m done writing this thing I gotta focus on watching this stream. This video down below was courtesy of MTV HIVE but they took it offline.  We have since found the performance on YouTube, but as always know that this could vanish faster than Viacom can scream Third Party Copyright Claim. 

Watch Jack White’s Entire Unstaged Performance

Watch Jack White’s Entire Unstaged Performance 

It is time for your daily Jack White update. The man has had a busy week with not one but two appearances on Later…With Jools Holland, a stop by The Colbert Report and of course dropping an amazing new album entitled Blunderbuss. Now you can watch Meg White’s Ex-Husband/Brother’s entire performance from last night’s Unstaged performance at Webster Hall in New York City below.

(With female band)
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Missing Pieces
Freedom At 21
Love Interruption
Hotel Yorba
Two Against One
Top Yourself
I’m Slowly Turning Into You
Blue Blood Blues
Take Me With You When You Go
(with male band)
Sixteen Saltines
Cut Like a Buffalo
Weep Themselves To Sleep
Trash Tongue Talker
You Know That I Know
Were Going To Be Friends
Hypocritical Kiss
Hello Operator
Carolina Drama
Seven Nation Army
Goodnight, Irene

(Setlist courtesy of the fine folks at Consequence of Sound)


Mary Magdalan DIGI.N3RV Tour at Webster Hall, NYC July 26th

Mary Magdalan featuring OLOM, Young London, and FreeSol

Webster Hall-New York, NY

Words/Photos by LexC


Knowing this show was at Webster Hall I decided to pregame a little bit. Their prices are ridiculous and even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay for drinks. Even a bottle of water is about five dollars. I also needed to waste some time because ended up in the city earlier than planned. So I stopped off at my favorite bar downtown, a little Irish place named Biddy Early’s. I had a few Jack and Cokes, some food and then as I was leaving the bartender offered me a shot of Honey Jack, of course I couldn’t say no. I’m glad for the buzz I had going because I got to the show way too early. Doors were at 7 and I got there only a couple minutes after. I should have waited to go in because as I was wondering in and out wasting time I found out one of the openers was selling tickets for ten bucks. I paid fourteen to get in. But I figured it was okay, I was willing to pay that much to see Mary again, I had paid about 12 the last two times.



After waiting for what felt like forever the first openers FreeSol went on. A couple minutes into the set I was actually glad I got to the venue in time to see them. I had planned on arriving fashionably late enough to miss at least most of the openers. They played a handful of songs that were pretty good. They were kind of like pop and hip hop sounding. Though I never heard of them apparently one of their songs was on Entourage. I looked it up and it’s called “Don’t Give It Up.” The next openers were Young London. They were very pop. Again they played a handful of songs including a cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Next up was OLOM. Finally some damn metal up in this bitch. The singer had a voice made for screaming. I truly think at points he didn’t even need the microphone. They played a pretty long set, longer than I think Mary Magdalan’s ended up being. And they were able to get a little pit going. It got a little more exciting when the singer came off stage and got in it.


Young London

Young London

I was a little disappointed in Mary Magdalan. I think their last two shows were much better. First of all, it took forever for them to set up. It felt like it took about the same amount of time to setup as it did for them to play their whole set. Then Gzus, Mary’s producer and DJ played a little mini set of dub songs to hype up the crowd, I’m guessing. But I felt that it went on just way too long. One or two songs would have been fine but after that I just started getting bored. The last thing to kill this for me was the choice of songs they played. I’m not sure if it was because of the new album coming out earlier this month or the fact they no longer have their guitarist but they didn’t really play of good mix of songs off all their albums. They started off playing songs off the new album. I was glad they played “Can’t Sleep at Night,” because I really like that song. See its not that I don’t like the new material but I would have loved to hear some older stuff too. They moved into some bits and pieces of songs from the mixtape including their mix of Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the way you Lie,” which I also really liked. They did play one older song that Gzus said they never played live before. Then they ended the set with one of my least favorite songs”STFU.”



The set felt really short too. Like I said openers OLOM must have played a longer set and they were supposed to be openers. Then again they were the hometown band and had just as many fans there. Even while Mary was on stage they were still more entertaining, dancing to the music and jumping all over each other.

Mary Magdalan

Mary Magdalan

Overall, though I was a little disappointed, it was still a great night. I had fun and met some cool people and found a great new metal band. I would have stayed longer after to see everybody one last time before leaving but I had another place to be.  The singer for OLOM, Coy, ended up giving me a cd since he didn’t get a chance to sell me the discounted ticket. Turns out the guitarist is also  in the band Mahavatar that opened for Mary last time she played Webster Hall. We realized that we were all at the show and after party and didn’t know it.  I would rather not have paid as much as I did but in the end it was still worth it. Though I was too lazy to get any video, I got plenty of great pictures, the full set is posted to my website.

Vaselines visit Webster Hall NYC 10/6/10

Sub Pop records- 20 some odd years later they still have some real deal quality on their roster… Okay people, what the hell goes on? We’re here coming to you for the 37th episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert series brings us to Webster Hall, to see Glasgow’s finest: The Vaselines. After an extended break ( about 20 years) Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee are back in the saddle, on tour in support of their latest release, ” Sex with an X” . I caught them once before, in May 2009 as they set fire to the Music Hall of Williamsburg– completely killing a 20+ song set of their entire catalog. Now, with like 12 new ones in hand, it’ll be interesting to see what songs make the cut tonight. Also be interesting to venture out to Webster Hall again.. Did not enjoy my last few concert experiences there if I remember correctly I saw the Melvins here last year and Local H back in November of 2008. Made it in time for the 5:10 ferry into the city- ticket says doors at 8 and show is at 9.. Should be fun. So let’s take a stroll on yet another Jay Porks Experience shall we?

I got on line before 7, roughly an hour before doors were said to open.. There two lines, one for the Vaselines and one for “The Studio at Webster Hall” located downstairs-where they host DJ sets and that kind of stuff. I know, I also just threw up in my mouth a little bit. It gets worse: downstairs in the ‘Studio’ tonight at 11:30 is the ” Built to Spill After party” (following their Highline Ballroom set which will be going on I’ll assume at an adjacent time to the Vaselines tonight). I wouldn’t wanna go see Built to Spill’s concert, lead alone attend an after party for it. Why can’t the club and concert scene be two separate entities? I hear these club goers chatting on line, and they think the random sounds of noise they listen to is music- ITS A BUNCH OF RANDOM SOUNDS! I freaking hate techno/house/freestyle music freaks with a passion known like no other. To put it short-I do not want to be near “those people”.

As I’m standing on line waiting for 8 o clock, word came via text from my father, telling me that Doc Halladay just no hit the Reds in Game 1 of the division series… Now there’s a team I definitely do not want to see in the World Series as a Yankee fan.

About 8:20, after the doors finally opened and I grabbed a beer, made my way towards the front and I found myself perched on a foundation thing putting me about 3 feet above where I’d be viewing if I was standing on the floor- this is such a win.. And if event staff tells me I can’t stay here my bag is sitting on the stage, ensuring my back up spot.. And once this place fills up I don’t see how event staff will be able to reach me to stop my videos. So suck on that SubPop records for not answering my email requests for a photo pass.

Jeffery Lewis came out around 9 and as oppose to last tine I saw him when he opened for Dinosaur Jr at the Brooklyn Bowl back in January(2010)..That night it was just him and a projector with a sheet hanging up and he plugged in an iPod as his back up band.. Tonight :Jeffery Lewis and the Junkyard! Lewis on Guitar with a Bass player, Drummer , a girl on Violin and a horn player.. It was alright I must say.. He made me not hate him anymore.. We had to sit through 2 video/ history lessons he likes to do with the projector. His into cartoon stuff I noticed, as he was selling his own comic books at the merch table for $2.50 a pop. . The first slideshow was about the fall of the USSR and the other had to do with the French revolution.. Other than the screen slide shows accompanied with music- everything else about the set pretty cool.I got a little head nod going through a few of these songs.. Safe to say a much needed improvement for his act.. Check out the vid I have up on my YouTube page.. At 9:23 they said they had time for 2 more.. Went off near 9:30 right after they ended the set with Jeffery Lewis’s “Ganster Rap about killing Mosquitos” . I should’ve taped it, it’s actually pretty funny..

Special shouts to the two people who held my spot as I went to smoke a cig. I gave them my business card- let’s hope they check out the site.. Crystal Stilts is the band set to come on at 9:45…

Cystal Stilts were ten minutes behind schedule, not kicking off til about five minutes to ten.. They had a keyboardist up there with a bass, guitar drum set up and the lead singer sans instrument.. halfway through the set the piano player-who is like 10 feet from me because by now I have my feet up on stage and as the kids say these days, I’m chillaxing- he says anyone know the score in the Yankee game? Of course I did, so I screamed out “3-0 Twins Bottom 5th!”.. he looked at me and said “Really?” I was like “Yea I got wifi in here!”. Bowery Presents provided WiFi access for us the entire night, and to that I’m grateful. As they’re playing I can see into a window upstairs were I see Eugene Kelly sitting watching the room.. Coolness.. And few songs in, Crystal Stilts ( Brooklyn’s own), was winning the crowd over with their jingle jangle hard pop they played.. Sound like they take some cue from the Vaselines- who wouldn’t? Most of their tunes seem to be clocking in at under 2 and a half minutes- as nothing seem to drag along far passed a second break in song.. They went off at 10:20…

And the wait begins.. 10:49 comes and still no Vaselines on stage.. I told one of the roadies I’d give him 5 bucks for the setlist he taped to the stage..he said after the show.

The Vaselines hit the stage a couple of minutes before 11 and they got the party started with ” Oliver Twisted” and completely began to set fire to everyone’s face; quickly. You could feel the power of all three guitars melding into singular melodic tones from strand one… They had a slight light show going, and. best news of all-I have maintained my spot perched above everyone else, and I’ve got the tape rolling on this whole show- no event staff in sight. Being right in front naturally compromised the vocals slightly (or maybe it’s the sub par Webster Hall sound), but it wasn’t to a point where you couldn’t hear.. ” Monsterpussy” was up next and I’m noticing the band maybe slowing things down a tiny tiny bit as compared to the normal pace of their songs, lyrics wise anyway.. Hardly noticeable to the naked ear, but when singing lyrics I was streets ahead of them. One of the new singles, ” I hate the 80’s” followed.. Frances was talking to the crowd a bit between each song as Eugene tuned up…hard to make out what their saying through the thick Scottish accents, but Frances said that her children asked ” Mommy, why do they play the shitty one on the radio” referring to the chorus lines: “I hate the 80’s cause the 80’s were shit!”.. That was followed by ” The Day I was a Horse”, which is a song about taking LSD and pretending to be a horse. You got to love this band- all their songs are about drugs or sex and they know how to keep a sparkling sense of humor to keep it all tasteful. Well, maybe not tasteful but everyone should cherish the cheerful smut the Vaselines throw at you while performing live. It’s a scene man. Then came the title track of the new record ” Sex With An X”.. Next came a familiar strum, and before they were done tuning up, I got ready to record tonight’s version of “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam” which was met to a huge hand from the crowd. What a moment in time.

The continued on to rip through songs off the new record like “The Devil Inside me” and then Jeffery Lewis was invited up on stage to play bicycle horn on ” Molly’s Lips”. Everyone loves Jeffery Lewis tonight as he got a huge hand.. Next came ” Such a fool” and holding the set list in my hand, it seems they had ‘Whitechapel’ listed and then crossed out in pen with Such a fool penciled in. Interesting. I wonder what the reason for that change was. “Slushy” and “Let’s get Ugly” followed- amping up the crowd for the next level of awesomeness, when they played “Son of a Gun”. We all really got into that one. “No Hope” and “Rory Rides Me Raw” came before my favorite song off their new record, and that song is “Ruined”. It’s the first track on the album, and it completely smacks you in the face-it’s consistently heavier than the rest of the record.. I like the lyrics too, lots of quotable lines-like lines you would use in a Facebook status update to describe your mood.. Another one off the new record followed “Mouth to Mouth”.. The new record “Sex With An X” is a must buy-go find it..

The Eugene says to Frances “Do you wanna tell them?” and Frances says “Well I don’t want to tell them either” and then she sighs,  leans into the mic and says “This is going to be our last song of the evening”. She said “We have tons of stuff to do!”..”Dying for it” was the song, and then they ducked off stage-but the mains didn’t come back on so you knew they’d be out for a few more.. I saw the roadie dude I had asked for the set list before they went on. I was like “Dude! Your my man wit the list right? You got me right?!” He reached in his pocket and handed me a copy! And I didn’t even have to pay him for it.. Sweet! Thanks dude, hope you find this blog… Anyway, they came back out and played two songs “You Think Your A Man” and “Dum-Dum”… Vaselines show over about 12:05AM…

Amazement, joyfulness , sheer delight-all of these phrases could describe my mood as I walk down the chilly NYC streets headed towards the X1 express bus.. I had a great time, saw the legendary Vaselines and I got to see 2 other pretty cool bands as well in ‘Crystal Stilts’ and ‘Jeffery Lewis and the Junkyard’ .. Hope everyone enjoyed this little stroll through the Jay Porks Experience, and I hope you’l; be back in a few days to catch the full scoop from Gorillaz ‘Escape from Plastic Beach Tour’ when it hits the Garden this coming Friday.. We’ll be there in full effect, and I heard though the grapevine some special guests may be in order-but I don’t want to jinx anything.. I catch you all there-LATE

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