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Sunday Sauce

Sunday sauce

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 1

I have really mixed feelings about posting this because there’s an unspoken code in my family regarding recipes. Basically, you never tell anyone the whole truth when it comes to cooking because the best meals are improvised and you couldn’t tell it on paper anyway. You have to adjust on the fly, using your senses—your eyes, your nose, your experience, and most importantly your mouth. If it looks and tastes fucked up then it is fucked up. Basically, if you don’t know what good food tastes like, you will be throwing darts when you try and cook. This recipe is for your basic “Sunday sauce”, it takes a whole Sunday afternoon to cook it. I’m a proud Italian-American and if I ate macaroni and meatballs 3 times a week I would die fat and happy, but satisfied. When given the choice I will always eat Italian food before anything else. My good friend Mickey Melchiondo says it the best, “the French talk about food but the Italians know how to eat.” If you’ve ever been to Italy then you know what I’m talkin’ about. Italian/American cooking is it’s own thing, different than the food in Italy, but I’m a bastard and I can only tell you what I grew up with. I come from a large Italian family in New Jersey and they all claim that I make the best macaroni and meatballs and I’m gonna show you how to do it right here. This was taught to me by all my relatives but I’ve added my own tasters along the way; I’ve cooked this meal one hundred times for my family and it’s always what I crave when I’m truly hungry. This is a step by step pictorial guide that I made on 12/16/07 for my wife, son, and parents. I cook for my folks and my sisters once a month and it’s the most rewarding thing in the world. All the little things I mention here are important for a successful meal, the difference between a great dinner and a passable one, so don’t skip the little shit in this tutorial and it will reward you in the end.



Pasta is pasta right? WRONG! I like spaghetti and clams. I don’t eat spaghetti with meatballs. I like tortellini Bolognese but I like Rigatoni with Carbonara sauce. Marinara sauce is something that I’ll only eat on mussels. I like fusili with garlic and oil. There’s a reason that pasta comes in so many shapes, and it’s not to accommodate your fork or for your kid to play with. When it comes to the most standard meal (pasta and meatballs) I will only eat macaroni. That’s penne rigate or rigatoni by my definition. If I cook spaghetti it’s usually with shredded chicken or seafood or (my fave of all) white clam sauce. This is about my regular family Sunday meal though, which from heretofore-unce on will be called macaroni with meatballs. Pencil points we call them.

Time is a bitch, it’s really true. You can’t make this meal in less than 4 hours. If you do it enough you will learn how to force it in 3 hours, but no less. If you try and tell lies or rush this then it won’t taste as good. Good food takes time, and it’s not just a cliché. Relax and enjoy the experience, get drunk on wine while you’re cooking—it’s acceptable when you cook this.

Your ingredients
I’m already tired of typing this. You’re gonna fuck this up anyway. You have to go to the supermarket and buy the following:
(this recipe is designed for 7 people so adjust accordingly, freeze the sauce and meatballs you don’t eat for another day)

4 lbs of ground beef/veal/pork (if you’re lucky enough to have a butcher in your hometown have him grind it from cutlets, if not then buy it in the plastic packs)
some pork chops (bone in)
2 lbs. of penne rigate
1 gigantic yellow onion
1 head of garlic
1 fresh batch of basil
1 batch Fresh parsley
An egg
1 long ring of hot Italian sausage
4 slices of bread (I use any kind of white bread)
pecorino/romano cheese (don’t skip on this one, buy the best cheese you can get and either grate it or spend extra for the good shit already grated)
extra virgin olive oil
dry white wine (I just use holland house cooking wine, available anywhere)
3 big (29 oz.) cans of tomato sauce (depending on what texture you like—I like regular, already pureed sauce for this recipe)
4 bottles of wine.
A loaf of fresh Italian bread, and get some butter too.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 2

Go Time
Alright. You have a big pile of groceries on the counter. It’s 1pm and dinner is at 6. Relax. Pour yourself a glass of red wine and commence drinking. Sharpen your knife, the big one. Dice the big onion into bits. Take 5 cloves of the garlic and dice that too. Chop the basil up, all of it. Put the beef/v/p/ into a big ass bowl and add salt, pepper, a little bit of oregano, ½ cup of the cheese, and one raw egg. Take 4 slices of the white bread and put it into a cereal bowl and fill it with milk. This is key. Bread crumbs are bullshit in meatballs, this is our substitute. This is what will make your meatballs excellent. Sautee ½ of your onion, ½ of your garlic, and one half of the basil in 2 tblsps of oil in a big pan, slowly. I mean really slowly. If you burn the garlic right here then all is lost. Throw the whole meal away and start over. You won’t fool anyone if you burn the garlic. Burnt garlic will be the only thing anyone tastes. Be cautious and go slow and low, medium low heat. When the onions are translucent then it’s ready, it might take 15 minutes but wait it out. When the onion/garlic/basil mix is finished sautéing, then dump it on the bowl of meat. Squeeze out the milk bread and put the wrung-out milk bread into the meat bowl too. Squeeze the milk bread gently so it relinquishes half of the absorbed milk. Go easy. This is what it’ll look like out of focus:

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 3b

Now it’s time to get messy. Grind this shit together through your fingers. Mix and mash it up it up for 5 minutes, kneading it. Make sure that everything is blended together evenly. When it’s all done it will look something like this hopefully:

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 4

Now just wash your hands and set this bowl aside for the moment.

The Sauce (gravy, whatever)
Add another 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a large spaghetti pot and sautee the rest of your onions, garlic and basil, again, slow and low. Do not burn the garlic. When the onions are translucent, add the three cans of tomato sauce. For every can that you pour in the pot, go to the sink and fill up half the can with water and dump it in the pot, rinsing out the remaining sauce still in the can. This water is going to cook off over the next 3 hours as you will see. Remember that, 3 cans of tomato sauce, 1 ½ cans of water. Now sprinkle some oregano on the pot of sauce, and add a tablespoon of sugar, stir it a little, and simmer the sauce on medium low heat.

The Meat

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 5

Ok here we go. I like to brown my meatballs before putting them in the sauce, it greatly helps the texture and flavor of the end product, but it’s more time consuming and messy, but totally worth it. Pour an inch of oil in the bottom of your pan and turn the burner to medium high. Get that oil scorching hot. Shape the meatballs in your hand to whatever size you like, I like larger meatballs. Add them to the scorching hot pan, try and not let them touch one another. If the oil is hot they should brown on each side quickly. We are not trying to cook them here, it’s okay if they’re still undercooked in the middle, they will be cooking in the sauce for three hours. When each side is browned, remove the meatballs to some paper towels and add the next batch to your pan. I usually have to do this 4 times, 4 batches of meatballs. When you’re done, add your browned meatballs to the sauce.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 6

Pork chops
I always throw a couple of (bone in) pork chops in my Sunday sauce, they add a ton of flavor and they completely fall apart while cooking in the tomato sauce. Anyway, using the same oil you used for the meatballs, brown your pork chops, remove them from the pan and pat some of the oil off with a paper towel and then add them to the tomato sauce too. After this, cook the sausage and repeat the previous, add the sausage into the sauce.

My father loves hot Italian sausage so I usually add a few pieces in there for him too. It too helps the flavor of the sauce.

Deglazing the pan
By now the bottom of your pan is filled with little bits of meatball, pork chop, sausage, onions, etc. put the empty oily pan back onto medium high heat and pour in some wine, enough to cover the bottom and then a little more. Smoke will come billowing out and all of the pieces that were stuck to the bottom will come off. Simmer this for a couple of minutes until the alcohol cooks off, you will be able to smell this. Now pour the brownish wine gravy into your sauce and stir it in.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 7

This is after 2 and a half hours of simmering, the pork chop has completely fallen off the bone and dinner is almost ready.

The hard work is now over. You are going to let your sauce simmer on low heat for the next three hours. Clean up the mess that you’ve created and get ready for the final phase. Over the next three hours your sauce is going to relinquish a lot of fat and oil, like tons of it. There is a lot of debate over this in my family, I personally skim 90 percent of it off. It is a constant job. Some people believe in stirring it back in for flavor. You will see what I mean. Like I said, I leave some and stir it back in, but not a whole lot.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 1

This is what it will look like. Get the table ready and put out the wine and whatever else your guests like. We tend to eat simple, but tasteful meals. I usually put out a bunch of fruit and berries and olives and cheese.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 8

Cook your pasta until it is al-dente, about 11 or 12 minutes. When it’s finished, drain it in a colander and then transfer it to a big serving plate. A large plate is better than a bowl for this. Grab a fistful of cheese and cover the pasta with it and then toss it a little, this will help the sauce adhere to the pasta. Now start spooning the tomato sauce over the pasta, stirring it in, covering the pasta. Don’t put too much sauce on it yet, let your guests decide how much they want, I just cover it enough to use as a starting point.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 9

I like to put some meat around the outer ring of the serving plate, but take the whole pot of sauce and meat and put that on the table too. Let people decide how much sauce they like and let them hand pick what meatballs, sausage, pork they want. Last but not least, sprinkle the dish with parsley and a little more cheese for presentation. You made it.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 10
This is what it should look like and it’s time to eat and drink! Make sure the cheese is on the table. MANGIA!

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 11A

Mickey’s mom and dad throwing down.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 11

My beautiful girlfriend, Lindsey.

Dean Ween Sunday Sauce 12


Aaron Freeman Cancels North Carolina Show – Is The Entire Tour Next?

Aaron Freeman Cancels North Carolina Show – Is The Entire Tour Next?

I am pretty sure I can safely say that every Concert Confessions regular took the Ween break up rather hard. We have posted reviews of the band in both major markets like Los Angeles and New York as well as small towns like Bend and Missoula. While it is not our place to judge, the entire Gene Ween becoming Aaron Freeman and breaking up the band via Rolling Stone while allegedly not telling Dean Ween left a bad taste in our mouth. Perhaps we are not the only ones.

Earlier today the North Carolina music venue The Grey Eagles posted that the Gene Ween show which was scheduled for July 15th has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales and perhaps the entire tour was in jeopardy?!?!?!?! The following statement was posted on the venues site:

As we were typing this story, what appears to be former Ween drummer Claude Coleman tweeted about the cancellation.



So is the Gene Ween Aaron Freeman tour dead in the water before it even launches? Is the Ween reunion we all want already here? We will keep you posted as the story develops.


Update: According to our friends at Hidden Track it has been a busy morning in the world of Ween. In addition to multiple shows in Georgia being cancelled, Claude has deleted the above tweets. Freeman went to the official Ween forum and posted the following statement (which has also been deleted).

“Gonna reluctantly chime in here regarding Claude’s tweet? You can now hear it from me, no Ween shows, never were. That door is closed for good. -AF”

Update 2: It appears based off his Facebook post that Freeman has cancelled Atlanta, Athens, Asheville and Nashville while the  Boston and Cape Cod gigs are still scheduled as planned.

The statement:

Hi everyone,
My sincere apologies for having to cancel these recent shows. It sucked having to make the call but there was no other choice. I thank you all who did buy tickets and hope to see you in Boston, Cape Cod. Much love,



The Top Five Covers Phish Needs To Bust Out This Summer

The Top Five Covers Phish Needs To Bust Out This Summer

In a few hours, Phish will return to the stage for the first time since the early hours of January 1st 2012. Keyboardist Page McConnell has already shared with Rolling Stone that the band has approximately 200 songs that they could bust out at any time. Never being one to shy away from a cover jam, we have come up with five songs that the boys from Vermont absolutely need to bust out somewhere between Worchester and Commerce City. Because we are so swell, we have even narrowed it down to where Phish needs to play these songs.

Ween – The Fucked Jam (06/16/12: Bader Field – Atlantic City, NJ)

According to legend, Ween never played Roses Are Free live until Phish started playing it. With Ween calling it quits, it’s time for the Phish to bust out another song that (according to my Google research) the pride of New Hope Pennsylvania never rocked out on stage. An instrumental that lives up to its name, this quirky song could fit nicely in a fat second set Mike’s Groove.

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (08/22/12: Starlight Theatre – Kansas City, MO)

Phish has always done some funky things when playing in the Kansas City area. From Fishman taking the mic for a breathtaking rendition of Suspicious Minds to obscure Beatles covers the boys love tinkering with the minds of phans in this Midwest metropolis. Everyone from Coheed and Cambria to little kids have cover Gotye over the past 9 months, why not have Fish return to the mic for his take on the song. Bonus points if it goes down in the middle of a raging Harpua with narration about Poster Nutbag getting killed at the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game after New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez fouls a ball into the stands.

The White Stripes – Hotel Yorba (06/10/12: Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival – Manchester, TN)

We all know that Mr. Jack White now calls Tennessee home. What you may not know is that I recently told Johnny Firecloud that Hotel Yorba was Jack White’s Phish song. So what better place to perform this jams then at the 2012 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival? Hell with White having no scheduling conflicts, why not have him stops by and lend a hand?

Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner (08/15/12: Long Beach Arena – Long Beach, CA)

SCREAM FOR ME LONG BEACH!!! The fact is my 25th Phish show (and only show of 2012) will be at the shit stain known as the Long Beach Arena. While I would not be opposed to a late fall/winter gig at this historic arena it is a massive bummer coming off outdoor Southern California stops at breath taking venues in Indio and Hollywood. So if Phish must play this toilet, they may as well bust out one of the highlights from Maiden’s Live After Death album which was recorded at the same venue on March 17th, 1985. In the event the boys can’t pull off this massive thirteen minute metal masterpiece, I will settle for a guest appearance from Long Beach native Snoop Dogg.


Beastie Boys – In 3’s (07/04/12: Jones Beach Amphitheatre – Wantagh, NY)

Outskirts of NYC on America’s birthday, the fearless foursome kicks into Moma Dance. Before Fish takes the mic there is a pause and oomph the band ditches the dance and goes straight into this beloved Beastie Boys instrumental. What better way to pay tribute to an American classic and the late great Adam Yauch?

What jams would you like to hear Phish bust out this summer? Let us know via the comment section below.


The Top 10 Jay Porks Experiences of 2011

As 2011 reaches a close, we take a look back at the year in concerts. In volume, I probably attend the least amount of total shows per year if you pool all of the contributors here at Concert Confessions. But never the less, by years end I will have reached 23 concerts, eclipsing last years total of 20. My only personal goal is to always get out to more shows then the year before. We did that in 2011, and here’s hoping we crack a bigger mark in 2012. Back to the reminiscing, here’s the Top Ten Jay Porks Exerperience’s of 2011

10)GWAR Music Hall of Williamsburg(2/20/11)

It was a cold night in February. I remember it like it was yesterday-it was the day before I was to get my Blackberry, and I remember the whole night being pissed about how if I would’ve gotten a new phone earlier that day I’d leave here tonight with better quality photos. Speaking of photos, the Reverend Justito was able to go through channels and gain me a photo pass for the first 3 songs of their set. It was at this time that I would stand about an arms distance from the late Cory Smoot/Flatimis Maximus while getting soaked in GWAR fluids, which would later add some difficulty to hailing a cab after the show-being that it looked like I was covered in blood. Awesome times [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXrJ0Kw6d_Y&w=480&h=360]

9)Slaughterhouse at SOB’s (5/25/11)

I know what your all thinking-How the hell does he throw Hip Hop into his Top Ten? Well, a week or so prior to Joe Budden replying to a Tweet of mine setting off a back and forth which gained me a collective middle finger from his fan base, he played with Slaughterhouse at SOB’s. This is the show that made me buy the tickets to see the man solo at Irving Plaza, and even though that was terrible, I can’t deny what Budden, Royce Da 5’9′, ‘Joell Ortiz’ and ‘Crooked I’ did to the stage at SOB’s that night. And that was setting it on fire. Also, one of the openers ‘Emilio Rojas’, I promise you will headline shows in 2012. He sounded like the future.

8)Chris Cornell @ Town Hall(4/13/11)

With a Soundgarden full on reunion tour not yet confirmed, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Mr. Chris Cornell on his Solo Acoustic Songbook Tour. The hair is back, and in full Jesus mode Cornell blessed us with hits from Soundgarden, Audioslave, his own solo catalog and mixed in a Beatles cover along with a, brace yourselves, acoustic cover of Ghostland Observatory’s “Sad Sad City”.

7)Dinosaur Jr w/ Henry Rollins, OFF and Fucked Up @ Terminal 5 (6/23/11)

Overlooking the balcony on the 3rd floor of Terminal 5 for an epic night of events. If it wasn’t enough that I was seeing Dinosaur Jr., we had Keith Morris in the building with his latest band. OFF!. In addition to that we had the critical acclaimed “Fucked Up”. And the frosting for the cake, Henry Freakin’ Rollins interviewed Dinosaur Jr on stage before their set, an interview I captured in it’s entirety and it up on YouTube. Also got most of their set, they had great lighting and my spot was of epic proportions. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n0mEa2r_hM&w=480&h=360]

6)Local H Mercury Lounge (4/21/11)

Local H is one of those bands that will probably always find there way on my year end best list if they come around to my neck of the woods, and that’s just what happened. Not only that, but they were booked for an “Early show” at the Mercury Lounge-which means doors at 7PM and show was to end promptly at 9:30. No problem for Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair, who kicked out about 20 jams in the time they had on stage, including 2 songs from a forthcoming Local H record: “Cold Matter” and “Another February”(which I have video of below this paragraph). Covered ‘Joey’ by Concrete Blonde and “Wolf Like Me” courtesy of TV on the Radio. During Wolf Like Me, Scott came off stage with his guitar and played, like, into the camera was recording with and eventually was jamming out leaning against me as people snapped photos of him in the crowd. What Mercury Lounge is great for in not having security so I can tape, they suck at lights-and there is no conclusive proof of this on video. At least my buddy who I met into at the Lemonheads show says he remembers me from the crowd and remembers seeing that happen. Got an autograph from Mr. Lucas after the show and gave it to my friend Pam, who was defeated by New York City traffic trying to make it there. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sXiip0fN78&w=480&h=360]

5)Flaming Lips&Weezer Get Freaky On The Same Stage PNC (7/28/11)

So when I saw the show listed on Ticketmaster it was billed “Weezer/Flaming Lips” yet when my ticket arrived in the mail it said “Flaming Lips/Weezer”. I figured at the least I save myself time seeing some crap opener, as I like both these bands. As the show drew near, it was announced that the bands would both set their gear up on stage, and take turns playing songs back and forth. Now isn’t this interesting? And it turned out to be even way more fun then I imagined. With limited time, sort of, Weezer wasn’t able to squeeze into their set a bunch of songs I hate. Plus they kicked off the night both bands on stage playing Black Sabbath’s “Sweat Leaf” with Wayne Coyne and Rivers Cuomo floating the pit area in space bubbles. After 2 hours of back and forth hits from both bands, they shared the stage again to play “She Don’t Use Jelly” followed by “Undone(The Sweater Song)” before going off. Awesomeness. I was still giddy as I wrote the review on a plane flying off to Washington State-that’s a hint for things to come on this list. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d2iws3WKGc&w=480&h=360]

We have a tie for 3rd/4th place:

3)Meat Puppets (11/4/11) & in Teaneck, NJ (11/6/11)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cw28zvA_Xk&w=480&h=360]

The Meat Puppets returned to New York City for the first time in 2 years to play Le Poisson Rouge. They would play 2 nights later in Teaneck, NJ at Mexicali Live with me in attendance as well. It’s a tie because on both nights they would equally scorch the stage they played frying hearts and minds-yet it was two totally different experiences for me despite the set list not varying much. Night one in NYC I got backstage, and was able to hang with the boys before the show and even got to meet Sean Yseult (bass player who started a little band called White Zombie with dude named Rob), who was nothing less then a bad ass chick-I mean that in the awesome sense. But after all that it ended up I couldn’t get a good spot up front and had to extend my arm up full length when recording songs(the good news being I don’t have to hide my camera from anyone, being the Social Media Assistant for the band I am actually permitted and encouraged to do so).

Two nights later I meet up with Pam in Teaneck, NJ-a little hidden spot of Northern New Jersey I never even knew existed. My intentions on this night are to finally show off my favorite band still touring to one of my good friends- [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yeJftK_l5Q&w=480&h=360]
one of the few friends I have in real life who’s musical taste I respect. She’s never seen them, and this was to be my 9th time. Check this out, you know that band Black Box Revelation that’s been blowing up by the show? Yea, they opened up this one before they set off w/ Beady Eye on tour a week or so later. They were awesome. And my great spot for video during this Meat Puppets set as oppose to they Friday night set is not even comparable. I got everything I needed to get and more. About halfway during set Pam says to me “This drummer is amazing”. That drummer is Shandon Sahm (son of Doug Sahm, I’m gonna let you use Wikipedia for this one), and for the nights encore as it would have been Doug Sahm’s 70th Birthday day, we saw Curt Kirkwood relinquish his guitar to Shandon and took a seat at the drum kit. They then played “She’s About A Mover”, a Sir Douglas Quintet cover with Curt on drums and Shandon Sahm singing and playing guitar. Got Curt to autograph Pam’s ticket after the show. Freaking amazing weekend of the Meat Puppets, hence my tie for 3rd/4th place. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTZw1SJbg4g&w=480&h=360]

2)Ween Hammerstein Ballroom: Halloween 2011

For a second year in a row through circumstances beyond their control, Ween fall one spot short of the top spot on my best shows of 2011 list. It was Halloween, it was WEEN at Hammerstein Ballroom in the city. We tore the seated section 103 apart, stacking chairs creating a standing room frenzy. They did another “Evening w/ Ween” which includes no opening acts-and played for the better part of three hours dressed up for Halloween in skimpy sailor outfits. It was amazing, and even through picking up the pieces of my face on the way out the door-the number one spot had already been locked in. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn820V9WMhw&w=480&h=360]

1)Soundgarden, QOTSA, Mastodon,& the Meat Puppets @ The Gorge 7/30/11

Remember when I said I was writing the Flaming Lips/Weezer review on a plane heading to Washington State? Yea well, that was one insane weekend. With tour guides TheNaturalStoner and Mr. Sparkly taking care of me, we were off on Saturday July 30th of 2011 to the Gorge Amphitheater to see Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon, and THE MEAT PUPPETS. This was before any Meat Puppets dates were locked for NYC so I had to make sure I caught them right? Plus opening for Soundgarden?!? A band I’ve been waiting to see for years and years. And sandwich in Queens of the Stone Age, which I missed out on a presale from their NYC show in March and how can we think this could get any better? Well, it got better as soon as we were at the top of the grassy hill looking down at the stage camped so behind it is the beautiful Columbia River and mountainside. 18,000 people get in this place, standing room exclusive. If it wasn’t enough that I got to see the Meat Puppets for the 7th time that night, I also got to see Soundgarden close out strong. And while Queens of the Stone Age kicked out songs I love, like “Go With The Flow” & “No One Knows” ,with the sun setting and beams of light bouncing off the river and silhouetting the people on the lawn.. man that 8-10 minutes right there may have been the greatest moment of my life(well, besides Jen Cartiglia). We had from what I counted 5 of us Concert Confessioners in attendance- Myself, TheNaturalStoner & Mr. Sparkly in one tent trying to get texts through to Phishbeard to meet up with us, while at the same time we tried to gain WiFi to find Jakob. The whole Washington experience blew me away, and the show being that epic wasn’t hurting matters either. Camped out afterward sleeping on a folding chair using a sleeping bag as a blanket starring up at the stars, which I can actually see in a state without the air pollution that New York City contains. Woke everyone around us camping up early due to my phone’s alarm clock still being on east coast time. The video I share below is not one that I shot, but shot by TheNaturalStoner. Since I was standing right next to him anyway, and his camera is way better then mine, here you go: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iou9tnsHt6w&w=640&h=360]

Honorable Mentions!!

I seriously wanted to put Charlie Sheen’s Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in here, but I didn’t want to take the crap from all the trolls out there who DIDN’T attend…But damn that was a pretty freaking epic night, awesome times with friends.. hence it’s honorable mention.

-Phish, Night 1 of their MSG New Years Eve run was pretty funky as well, had this list not been done before I attended the show on 12/28/11, it would have been up for nomination

Reverend Justito’s Top Ten Shows of 2011

Reverend Justito’s Top Ten Shows of 2011


#10 Rammstein 05/20/11 – The Forum – Inglewood, CA

Oh those crazy German’s. I truly assumed I would never catch these guys again after the Great White fiasco, but there I was on the floor of the sold out Forum watching the band’s first North American tour in nearly a decade. It was all you could want from a Rammstein show – pulverizing riffs, shock value galore and lots and lots of fire.

#9 Chris Cornell 05/04/11 – John Anson Ford Amphitheatre – Hollywood, CA

The only reason I went to Chris Cornell is so I wouldn’t have to sit home alone for another night. I really didn’t expect much and just assumed I was crossing another artist off the list (as you can see in the review, I had actually seen Cornell live and forgot all about it). As much fun as it was to get videos taped at a show where armed guards stood looking to shoot anyone with a phone or a camera, as it turns out the music was really amazing. Cornell’s voice sounded strong, he performed stripped down versions of songs that span his entire career and hell if the Rock and Roll career does not work out, the man is funny enough to be a stand-up comedian.

#8 Voodoo Music Experience 10/29/11 – City Park – New Orleans, LA

Truth be told, this wasn’t so much about the music as much as it was about the Experience. Traveling alone through the streets of New Orleans 2000 miles from home with a once in a lifetime chance to check out one of American’s premiere music festivals. Don’t get me wrong, Mastodon, Social D and Girl Talk all killed it up on stage. However, it was meeting a kid fifteen years younger than me from my home town. It was checking out a beautiful park in a beautiful city and taking in a culture very different from Los Angeles. It was the sweet Street Car driver who pointed out all the great spots to eat far from Bourbon Street. Just like the name said, it truly was an experience.


#7 Joseph Arthur 04/14/11 – Venice Sound Stage – Venice, CA

There is something truly special about Joseph Arthur in Venice in April. Even if I tried to explain it, it simply wouldn’t make sense. So when this last minute gig was announced the same weekend as Coachella, I got my ass down to Venice faster than you can say Milk truck. Having seen the man at three of his four shows at the Bootleg Theater earlier in the year, I didn’t know what to expect out in Venice. With less than two dozen people showing up to the last minute gig, it was more like Arthur was playing in your living room then your typical concert. Perhaps it was the dog running around the venue, perhaps it was the fact he was cool enough to play “Morning Cup” for me, whatever it was this performance brought out some of the best feelings I have ever felt.

#6 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 11/18/11 – Royce Hall – Los Angeles, CA

When Oasis split, I found myself bummed I never made an effort to catch a proper show. I figured I may as well make the effort to catch the side projects till the day the Gallagher’s get back together. While we won’t mention the worst show we saw in 2011, Noel’s performance at UCLA’s Royce Hall was nothing short of exquisite. In between playing nearly the entire debut album, the man busted out some of Oasis’ biggest hits including “Wonderwall” and “Supersonic.” Oh and for the record it was not I who asked him to take off his shirt, but it was me who did request he play some Kasabian.

#5 Amon Amarth 04/24/11 – House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

So let me get this right, I get to leave Easter dinner early to watch Amon Amarth perform two sets of music? Oh and of those two sets of music, one of them is the bands’ latest release Surtur Rising from front to back? With no support, the mighty men from Scandinavia played almost three hours of music to a blood hungry crowd of sweaty men young and old. Much like an Easter Sunday service, the crowd sang along to every word worshiping the band and their every command. My only regret was the fact I was unable to experience it all over again when the group hit Anaheim in August.

#4 TV on the Radio 09/25/11 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

When 2011 started, I just assumed TV on the Radio was some over-blown hipster bullshit from Brooklyn. While that is totally correct, that didn’t stop me from falling in love with the group. As I mentioned in the original review, I didn’t even want to go to this show, but the lady had already purchased me a ticket. Then the group became unavoidable. Phish was covering Golden Age and someone I really respect kept posting Will Do to their Facebook wall. By the time I walked into the Bowl, I had not only owned TVOTR on vinyl, but was pumped for the gig. Grouped with other up and coming acts including Warpaint and Arctic Monkey’s – TVOTR’s headline set was a fierce hour of post punk/post hardcore/post indie yet totally original melodies and madness. Your new favorite band of 2005 is my new favorite band of 2011.


#3 Prince 04/23/11 – The Forum – Inglewood, CA

I am not a huge Prince fan. Don’t get me wrong the man has some great songs but it’s not something I listen too very often. Yet with 21 shows with most tickets priced at $25 there was no way in hell I was going to miss one of the greatest performers of the last 100 years in my back yard. As much fun as my birthday was with The Purple One in May, when it comes to music this show was one of the greatest I have ever seen no matter what the year is. He played the hits, he got funky with Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham, he performed encores nearly twenty minutes after the house lights came up. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If you live in Southern California and missed this run – shame on you.


#2 Ween 01/26/11 – Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA

It was late 2010 when my pal James and I made plans to have a mini Ween California tour. I would fly to the Bay Area to get brown in Oaktown and he would come back with me to see the brothers Boognish in Los Angeles. From sneaking onto the floor to the sweet mini acoustic set there are just too many high water marks to mention. So instead we will just give a shout out to the hood rat who threatened to kill me on BART after I informed her I was not a drunk, but a drug addict.


#1 Phish 08/05/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

As I said last year, as long as I see Phish I will always know what my top show of any given year is. This year I was not only fortunate enough to catch the band four times (so really, the top four shows of 2011 were all Phish), I finally got to see the boys live at The Gorge. It has been a dream of mine to do such a thing since the summer of 1997 and what a magical weekend it was. I could write a novel about the inside jokes of the weekend. From Eel attacks to me learning to open a bottle of beer with a lighter, it truly was one of the best weekends of my life. Oh and the music? All I have to say is Rock and Roll>Meatstick>Boogie On Reggae Woman.


thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2011

thenaturalstoner’s Top 10 Shows of 2011

2011 was undoubtedly my finest concert going year on record (out of 31!).  I saw over 80 bands, did several awesome road trips, brought in visitors from around the country to come to the Gorge Amphitheatre, and almost all my shows were at least ‘decent’.  Obviously some rise to the top, and some fall to the bottom… so here is my list of best concerts of 2011.

10) Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings 05/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I had seen Sharon Jones a couple years ago sing backup to Phish in Indio, California, so I was very excited to finally see one of Sharons own sets with the entire Dap-Kings. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!  Sharon was amazing and I got to meet her after her set over in the meet and greet area (AWESOME idea Sasquatch), which was a super cool experience.  After Chromeo and Sharons sets, the final day on Sasquatchs mainstage was off to a blistering Monday afternoon start!

9) Foo Fighters 05/27/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I love Foo Fighters and this was my first chance to see them live.  Well, let me take that back, I had one prior opportunity and didn’t exactly “make it to the show” that night.  Over 10 years later, I got my second chance and the Foos rocked me just like I wanted.  Headlining Sasquatchs first ever Friday night, the Foo Fighters rocked my face off.

8) Modest Mouse 05/29/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

When I made my festival review immediately after the Sasquatch Festival, I put this Modest Mouse set as number one on my list.  Over time, perspective pushed Chromeo over that for me, however this set was a monster, and something I was desperately looking for that weekend.  Going into Sasquatch I was hoping some band I have heard but never appreciated would turn me into a fan, and Modest Mouse did that FAR more than any other.  I am looking at you Wilco, Death Cab, etc.

7) Soundgarden 07/30/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

A huge 4 band lineup, including the Meat Puppets, Queens of the Stone Age and Mastodon, concluded with Soundgardens tour closer at the Gorge, a “hometown” show finale.  The experience of meeting ConcertConfessions own Jay Porks and having Soundgarden live up to all my expectations made this a huge weekend stop in central Washington!  I even did a Babe Ruth called shot right before Pretty Noose.  Ahhh good times…

6) Eddie Vedder 07/15/11 Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA

If it wasn’t for the following nights epicness, this show would have left a much higher imprint on me.  A fantastic show, in a beautiful venue, and getting the opportunity to tell Krist Novoselic “Thank you”, and get a “You’re welcome” back, made this a once in a lifetime night.  Thanks the Jesus I got into these shows after 5 attempts at various online ticket sales.

5) Chromeo 05/30/11 – The Gorge – George, WA (Sasquatch Festival)

I think Chromeo’s Tweet following the show says it all: “Moved to tears, Sasquatch.”

4) Ween 07/02/11 – Les Schwab Amphitheater – Bend, OR

A fun road trip to Bend, Oregon with several friends left us with a great Ween weekend.  Poopship Destroyer, Monique the Freak, Slow Down Boy, Waynes Pet Youngin, etc were great, but when Baby Bitch was played, and then Birthday Boy followed, this show got real.  What a moment!  Ween treats us well in the Northwest! Staying at the Rainbow Motel in Bend was the icing on the cake! Here is Poopship Destroyer from ConcertConfessions own Phishbeard.

3) Phish 08/06/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

A show that felt exactly opposite from the night before to me flow wise.  The show got GREAT at the end, instead of a solid start. Reba with whistling, a teaseful Antelope and a super encore with Sanity and a Suzy Greenberg that I needed to hear to get off my stats list (even though I “saw” it at Festival 8). And the pizzadillas!!!!

2) Phish 08/05/11 – Gorge Amphitheater – George, WA

What a JAM!  Rock and Roll > Fire on the Mountain Jam (I still insist this happened) > Meatstick > Boogie On Reggae Woman was one of the best segues thrown down in years.  If the set didn’t go limp after Boogie On this could have been a number one contender.  This Rock and Roll jam gets to hang out up with the Boise AC/DC Bag and Inglewood Bathtub Gin as favorite Jams of my life. Getting to have Reverend Justito make it up to our neck of the woods for his first ever Gorge shows made this a perfect weekend.  One of the best camping setups we’ve ever had at Phish too. We did this weekend right. Here is a GREAT Roggae, with an unusually long (great!!) jam, that the Rev got on tape:

1) Eddie Vedder 07/16/11 Benaroya Hall – Seattle, WA

When I look back at all the concerts I have ever been to, again 31 years worth, two specifically stand out to me as “best evers”. My first Phish show, 7/17/98 at the Gorge, and a random Phish show on a Tuesday night in Boise back in 1999 where the band decided to produce a set as grand as any they have ever played.  The only way I know how to describe this Eddie Vedder show is to say that it is on the same level as those two Phish shows from the late 90s.  This was no doubt one of the best concert experiences of my life, and gave me an exuberant feeling of positivity that I wasn’t sure still existed in this world (it had been 12 years since something hit me like this after all). Everything about this night was perfect, highlighted by an astounding mid-set run of: Needle and the Damage Done > Long Road > Wishlist > Man of the Hour > I Am Mine that rivals anything I have ever seen.


Just missed the cut: Major Lazer, John Prine, Big Boi, Meat Puppets, Hall and Oates, Sleigh Bells.

Biggest Disappointment: The Flaming Lips, The Gorge Sasquatch Festival. Described as a “Soft Bulletin” set (we didn’t even get the whole album), this gig was full of distractions (who sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to a music Festival mid Album set?) and too much wandering banter from Wayne Coyne. For my first Lips show, I was hoping for a LOT more.

Funny moment on video: I had a funny thing happen during Flogging Molly at the Sasquatch Festival.  Near the end of recording video of ‘Don’t Shut Em Down’, some guy taps me on the shoulder and says, “Vomits running down onto your bag!”. I look down and sure as shit the lady about 5 feet behind me had puked and it was streaming down below my feet!  See 3:10 into this vid!


Worst show: The Presidents of the United States of America, Cub Ballroom, Pullman, WA. Just terrible.

You know what else was cool?: Giving Marcus Trufant a “Go Cougs!” at Lil Wayne at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA!

My own downloadable audio recording:

  1. Blue Scholars entire set, 10/29/11 The Belltower in Pullman, WA  http://www.mediafire.com/?pyejjt21tsmyb9r

Halloween w/ Ween in NYC!

Happy HalloWEEN!! The greatest night to walk around in New York City-people in costumes everywhere; Lions and tigers and bears oh my. And most importantly, the female version of every Halloween costume-something straight out of the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Wasn’t a hard decision at all to make the 58th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending concert series “An Evening with Ween” at Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom. The “An Evening” billing means there are no openers for me to offend, so it’s straight up doors at 6:30- show at 8 o clock. Pumped would be an understatement.

The line to get in already had stragglers on it at 5:30 when I got off the train. With a Quiznos across the street, I grabbed a sandwich (which was terrible-but this isn’t Fast Food Confessions) and headed over towards the line. Figured I’d chat with my fellow Ween fans while we wait for doors to open since I’m not usually around people who know what bands I’m talking about. Everyone’s got a different song they want to hear, or a different story about a past epic experience(like last year a Central Park). We share the common bond of acting like giddy little girls waiting to get in. One girl (who’s was in a ‘Where’s Waldo costume NOT Harry Potter like every passer by thought she was) said she’s had a boner for this show for weeks. Me too. . At about 6:45 they let us in, and I made my way to Section 103: Row D, Seat 5 and surveyed my view. There’s pillars at the end of each row blocking the view of event staff, and the seats elevate every two rows so if I keep my camera close to my chest, I shouldn’t have any incidents like at the Beacon.

Shortly after 8 here comes Ween, walking out on stage in skimpy sailor outfits. It took me a couple of songs to get settled in, but “Homo Rainbow” was 2nd or 3rd- and it took me right back to Chef-Aid from South Park. I say “took time to settle in” because section 103 is being taken over by the crowd like a prison riot. The seats were like, individual(as oppose to movie theater style), so the first few minutes of the set we all were stacking up the chairs in each row creating a standing room only mezzanine section boarded off by towers of chairs. It was insane-the ushers have disappeared. It was like school with no teacher, like work when your boss is away, like inmates in a prison with no Warden.The scent of pot is everywhere, and I’m looking around for where it’s coming from. The couple next to me pretended it wasn’t there’s , although I watched them lighting bowls. It’s cool, welcome to the “Jay Porks Hates You” club-you’ve joined a large group.The place was crazy. Everyone jiving to the likes of “Mr Richard Smoker”, “Transdermal Celebration” A bunch of us including me screaming for ‘Put that Coke on My Dick’, as I hear one guy telling his friend “That’s my mom’s favorite Ween song! It’s gross” .Then after “Fat Lenny”, just when I thought this place couldn’t get any more rowdy, it was time for the roof to come off: “Touch My Tooter”. Hell freaking yes!

I swear they must has ran through almost every song I knew the name of before 10 o clock. I couldn’t even believe how on fire I was with taking video for a while there. Dean sang us “Piss up a Rope”.. And “Buckingham Green” with the green lights bouncing off smoke surrounding the Deaner-man am I glad that went down. they played “Bananas and Blow”, which was good for the group 5 people with a costume theme: 4 bananas and one guy as a big bag of Cocaine-Halloween brilliance right there.

“With My Own Bare Hands” preceded “Spinal Meningitis” then “Your Party”. I’ve got to say, Ween throws some awesome parties-especially when I get to hear them cover Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”.

Then caught by surprise with “Voodoo Lady” following, glad I still had my camera up and ready. Is it always a 10+ minute version of the song? Because my camera has it clocked at 12 minutes 8 seconds. Mind you that it’s like, not even 10 o clock at this point.

After “Stroker Ace”, I went four straight songs I either didn’t know the name of or I was just too overwhelmed (in a good way) to remember what the name of the song was. After that “Mollusk”, “Scrap the Mucas off my Brain” and “Push Th’ Little Daisy’s” brought me back to the realm of songs I can sing along too. Another song sneaked in before we got into “Roses are Free”, and they went off stage at 10:47. Wow, an Evening with Ween.. unbelievable.

Wait a second-ENCORE?! Hell freaking yes. Central Park last year they didn’t encore due to park regulations-but non such elements here at Hammerstein. And besides, I honestly believe chairs would’ve been thrown off the mezzanine if they didn’t come back on. These were some intense folk-the prison riot analogy was half kidding, but after a night of ‘Ween and Other Drugs’ (you love my puns), sh!t could’ve gotten dangerous up in Section 103. I believe it was a 3 song encore, the one I was really into and remembered was “She Fucks Me”. At 11:07 they bowed and officially said goodnight.On Halloween 2011, Ween came to town and played a three hour set. It’s 4:30AM as I write this sentence, and I’m still putting the pieces of my face back together that were melted off during the duration of this show. I got plenty of videos, and they’ll be uploading to my YouTube page tonight and tomorrow. The audio is good. Check up for that.Now we turn the page to November folks, and if I wasn’t already moist you’ll never believe what’s on deck for the weekend. The legends, the one and only, THE MEAT PUPPETS! This Friday at Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker St in the city and then I check them again Sunday with my friend Pam in Teaneck, NJ at a place called Mexicali Live. I will have more content from that weekend than I can even envision right now, but what I really envision is a nap before I have to head to work at Noon tomorrow. This was fun-check you soon. LATE

Social Distortion 5/14/11 Stone Pony SummerStage Asbury Park,NJ

Now that’s what I call a punk rock show-It’s just continuous awesomeness for the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, in which the 47th installment brings us out to Asbury Park, NJ to the Stone Pony “SummerStage” for Social Distortion, a band I’ve been dying to see forever, but especially since I missed them last year. And since I’m rolling with Pam, the “Pam-Van” is in full effect picking me up from work and headed out to the show after a supermarket/liquor store stop to grab a 6 pack of Heineken light, bottle of Jack and a bottle of Captain . That’s how we roll. Doors open at 5:30-that’s not a typo, 5:30 doors. Let’s get down to business shall we?

After parking and trying to pregame as much as possible while keeping our bladders in tact, We rolled in at 6:30. On the walk over, I heard some security dude telling this chick “if you’re alone you should stand on this side of the street cause it’s a real shady neighborhood down that block”. Awesome, because you know how much I love danger and everything. We found the entrance and got in after I was searched to the maximum. Felling every pocket every item and stuff. Sucks that there’s something they didn’t find that was there-moving on. When we got in one of the openers, ‘Sharks’ was in full swing on stage.. Focus on the band for a second: These guys looked like they were straight out of a time capsule from England circa 1971. The leather was in full effect, pins on the jackets, the tight pants-all of it. Looked like a girly Sex Pistols. We’re scouting out standing spots, we notice the “21 and Over Section” sign, and head through there towards the bar area.. That’s when Sharks finally caught my attention by covering the Replacements “Can’t Hardly Wait”, which was pretty cool. They played their last song at 6:55PM

So as people file in-this is what I call a punk rock show. Holy God, I have never seen so many mo-hawks and chain wallets in my life. Skin heads to people draped in leather. Everyone is a character I swear, whether it’s army fatigues and knee high boots or green hair-this is what I wish I would’ve seen last week at Bad Religion/Rise Against. I’m standing outdoors surrounded by many people who wouldn’t mind breaking my face-the perfect desired atmosphere.

We headed inside for a little bit, grabbed some drinks as Chuck Ragan was on in between Sharks and Social D-but walking around the actual ‘Stone Pony’ venue where the bars and stuff are, I started to check out the walls that had signed guitars all over the place. So I’m checking these things out, signatures from bands of the likes of State Radio and Govt Mule.. until I found my way around to the back door and there in the corner hanging was a signed Gene Ween guitar.. took me all that time to find some taste around here..slow working bartender is keeping us inside long than desired I must say, but at least some dude bought Pam a drink.

Let me get on a pedestal for a second and rant: This preconceived notion that we can place a stage in the middle of any random parking lot-esque open area and call it a rock venue is completely ridiculous. I know I seem like I complain about every single venue, but venues like this(and Williamsburg Waterfront) make me SICK. You can’t just take a parking lot and put a stage there and hype it up to be a “Summerstage”. Sounds so fancy, it’s actually gross. Besides me being a huge proponent of size order at standing room only shows-maybe if you guy built the stage, I don’t know, two feet higher maybe we’d be able to see what going on. It was like a blind show, the only pictures I got was my arm held as high in the air as possible. I mean, if you had like a tilt effect, a slight downward hill thing going on where people were able to see as they got further away; maybe even some ascending levels or something, anything! Sound was loud as hell and amazing, it was awesome to hang out and hear the tunes of Social D for an awesome set on a nice night out-but for 45 dollars, throw up a video screen or something. You know who had a better view than I did? An entire floor of a hotel a few blocks away standing out on the porch enjoying the show for free. They had a great view I’d imagine. I’m standing here behind thousands of people who should be playing the in NBA. Social D as a very tall following if tonight is any indicator.

So at about 8:20 some dude gets on stage and to hype us up. He says “Social D has some awesome stuff planned, lots of surprises in this full two hour set! They’ll be out in a few minutes!”. Wow, a two hour set we’re going to get? That’s odd, because we’re in a residential area with a 10PM “noise curfew” . They’re not even on stage yet and you already only have and hour and forty left. Dude could’ve easily said “And rock it til 10!” and he would’ve saved himself from looking like a moron who can’t do math.

Those last two paragraphs aside, once I heard that “California Love” intro it was freakin’ showtime, I was into it. What’d you expect from Mr. 90’s over here? I suddenly realized why I was putting up with all this non-sense in the first place. Social freakin’ Distortion! Now I’m really in search for a good spot walkin’ around jammin’ out to “Road Zombie” and “So Far Away” before we found a by the back bar there was this little deck about 8 inches up from the ground, so we stepped up-still nothing, as another pretzel stand has gotten me. So we’ve settled on just chilling out enjoying this great show from this spot, as oppose to spending the rest of the night walking around missing things. So we’re rocking out to hit’s like “Bad Luck” and “Mommy’s Little Monster” as I’m scoping out chicks walking by in between attempts and some somewhat decent photos.. During this I smell the scent of ‘sexy lady’ to my left, cool chick, attractive and all that.. she was rocking all night next to what appeared to be her husband I’d assume. So he walks away to hit the bathroom or something and I see her glance over and then she leans into my ear and says “I F*cking LOVE your hair. I’m a hair dresser, I wouldn’t touch it! It’s perfect”. Now there’s a day brightener right there! Being this is the one rock show I’ve been to where having long hair seemed to be the minority, it was good to get a compliment from an older, kinda hot chick who may or may not have been hitting on me while her hubby was in the bathroom. I’m not stating that that’s what I believe was the case, just saying the onlooker may see it in that light. She said her son wanted to come to the show but it’s 16+, and I handed her some typical punk rock cliché “See, there’s the establishment at work prevent your son from rocking out” I’m so quick witted aren’t I?

“Machine Gun Blues” happens to not only be new but also awesome. Lots of little speeches in between songs and honestly the crowd was like, totally not interested. The crowd was asked for “back up singers on this next one”.. and I swear like 4 people raised their hands out of thousands. They were into the tunes, just not anything going on when guitar riffs were not involved. And my only issue with their set tonight was the version of “Ball and Chain” they did right after “Prison Bound”… it was like, a much slower version of it, as if the song was being dragged by the proverbial Ball and Chain.. First time seeing the band, kinda wanted to get the full effect of one of my favorite songs by them, but I’m still having fun through songs like “Lude Boy” and “Don’t Drag Me Down” before we heard “Okay, it’s time for another story” and this was like 9:43, so I knew this story was going to be the “Story of my life”, which is was before they said goodnight and ducked off for maybe a minute or two…

Came back out to play “California(Hustle and Flow)” and “You can’t take it with you” before closing the night with, what else? A classic from an artist everyone’s on board with, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”… I tried to record some of it, but let us not even waster our time with what I just saw on the video. These words give you a better picture than that. So it was 10:08 when they officially went off. An hour and 38 minutes keep that “2 hour set” quote in kind from earlier

Awesome night of punk rock. So glad I got to catch Social D-my issues with the venue did not interfere with me and Pam enjoying ourselves yet again-Bad Religion last week, Social D this week-I mean what’s next? Well, you’ll have to check the concert calender for the official purchases that have been made, but June 11th there’s a free Coheed and Cambria show at the Williamsburg Waterfront that some smart folks are highly recommending I attend. It’s a Saturday and I work til 4 and I have a feeling the line for this show is going to start the night before the gig-I have a few friends heavy into them who want to attend, maybe they’ll be a spot held in line for me. Headed out there anyway, just hope I make it in. Anyway, thanks for putting up with my non sense for a little while, and keep checking back at ConcertConfessions.Com and of course JayPorks.Com for some HUGE plans later on this summer. Things are happening-stay tuned.


Win Free Music By Checking Out Our Plans for Summer 2011

Win Free Music By Checking Out Our Plans for Summer 2011


It’s going to be an action packed summer for us all at Concert Confessions and to get everyone fired up for some great coverage from Coast to Coast we are giving away a $50 iTunes gift card. Before we tell you how to win the gift card, allow us to share with you some of the shows you will see covered here at Concert Confessions

Kicking things off is our man Jay Porks. While he is still debating a return to Jersey for a lil Flaming Lips action, he will get his summer started this Friday as he takes in Rise Against & Bad Religion at Terminal 5 in NYC.


Moving to the middle of the nation, Brad has an action packed summer. While he may hail from the Show Me State, Brad is crossing state lines to take in the Wakarusa Festival as well as making his first trip to Red Rocks for Railroad Earth and Yonder Mountain String Band. Don’t worry Missouri; Brad will be covering his home state as well, taking in gigs from Primus and Fleet Foxes.

Speaking of crossing state lines, when our founder Reverend Justito is not enjoying Southern California tour stops from Dolly Parton and Rammstein, he will be making his maiden trip to George, Washington (aka The Gorge) where he will take in two nights of Phish with fellow Concert Confessions members Phish Beard and thenaturalstoner. A week later, he will return to his hometown of San Francisco to cover all three days of the 2011 Outside Lands Festival.


Hailing from the northwest corner of America, thenaturalstoner he has already spent and arm and a leg in ticketmaster service charges. In addition to Phish, he will be enjoying the 2011 Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge. When not in central Washington, look for two nights of Eddie Vedder action in Seattle and a trip down south to Oregon for the mighty Ween.


So now that you have a sample of what we are up to this summer, we want to know what you have planned. Anyone who leaves a comment with their 2011 summer show plans (even if the comment is that you have no concerts planned) by 9 pm PST on 05/05/11 will be entered into a contest for the free $50 iTunes gift card. Reverend Justito himself will pull one lucky winner out of his sweat stained San Francisco Giants cap and we will post the winner right here on Friday. The contest is open to any and all US residents who have not submitted reviews to Concert Confession in the last 24 months. Good luck and thanks for supporting Concert Confessions

Ween 01/29/11: Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

Ween 01/29/11

Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito/concertconfessions.com

Before we discuss the final night of Ween’s winter west coast run at the Wiltern; we need to discuss Virgin America flight 150 from SFO to LAX (or as we re-named it AIR BOOGNISH). The party started at the Firewood Cafe (ok, perhaps the party started in the TSA scanner where I did my best Ravishing Rick Rude crotch thrust as photos of my junk were willingly taken) where over-priced cocktails were downed with great enthusiasm. It was pretty quick that my two friends (Papa Funk and South City) and I realized that the entire bar was made up of Ween fans that would be joining us aboard Richard Branson’s Poopship!

Once on the plane, things got straight up rowdy. One of the joys of flying Virgin America is the TV monitor in the seat directly in front of you. Papa Funk had the grand idea to initiate the seat to seat chatroom. For the final half of our sauced up flight, we violated the airline chats code of conduct with invites for Tooter Touching, multiple inquiries into getting ones dick sucked under the promenade and of course the request into seeing why my fucking Pony is coughing up snot in the driveway (verdict – his lung is fucked up). There is truly something beautiful to have a plane in complete silence, only to have multiple rows across the plane begin laughing at the same time. Now if only FAA rules would have allowed the flight attendance to announce over the PA that this was Boognish Air with non-stop service to the fucking Wiltern. Hey, at least we scared a lot of random passengers, right?

Speaking of the Wiltern, what was up with the line? I have now lived in Southern California for a decade, and never have I seen such a long line to enter the historic Art-Deco Theater.  Instead of waiting outside, we hit some bar between the landmark and Denny’s. We of course ran into some pals from our flight in the cramped bar. Fact is, whenever Papa Funk and I get together, shit is legendary and this particular weekend was no exception. So now that you are caught up on a triumphant day of travel, let’s discuss the show.

After dropping $60 on the first round of beers, we found a solid spot on the floor Deaner side. Having been lost in the sauce for a few days at this point, I couldn’t tell you when Ween hit the stage. I can tell you they opened with “Exactly Where I’m At.” I love this one as an opener (I had called it as an opener for Oakland actually) as it has that magical Ween feel that always brings us back for more. I believe it was the second song “Don’t Get To Close (To My Fantasy)” where we ran into some pals who we met on the floor in Oakland. I am telling you, the Boognish family is strong in California, and it’s moments like these that just make the night that much more amazing. I also believe it was during Fantasy that I watched venue staff help a guy who had already partied too hard to safety. Another Pure Guava classic “Touch My Tooter” quickly followed and I knew we were truly off to a great start.

For the next 20 minutes, Ween did a great job bouncing around their massive catalogue. “Transdermal Celebration,” “Spinal Meningitis,” and “Bananas & Blow,” all owned the crowd. The Philadelphia inspired “Freedom of ‘76” felt even cooler when you watched Dean Ween tear shit up on his strat while wearing a beat up Flyers T-shirt. However, it was after Deaner laid down some serious ass kickin’ on “With My Own Bare Hands” that shit went from Saturday night rock show to dirty, dirty brown.

When I first heard the Quebec record, I was not really feeling it. However over the years it has grown on me and “The Argus” has become one of my favorite songs. The placement gave the crowd a chance to catch their breaths before bringing things back up. “Gabrielle” – a song that begs for forgiveness was an unexpected yet tasty treat. Speaking of tasty treats, the fact Gabby flowed nicely into my all time favorite Ween B-side “Puerto Rican Power” caused me to loose my shit. While mainstream media may feel the song was the evening only loud and boring misstep, I feel bad about spilling a ¼ of my beer on the guy next to me. What can I say, I was rocking that hard. The momentum out of PR Power was massive and presented the band with the perfect launching point for the musical highlight of the evening. On record, Johnny on the Spotis a 1980’s Casio keyboard tinged punk jam. Yet on the last night of an epic west coast run, Johnny featured an extended jam that gave Deaner the perfect chance to wank off into our ears. This is arguably the most massive mama-jamba Johnny I have ever heard and it brought the sold out theater to our collective knees.

The band had no choice but to slow things down for the next few numbers. Just because the songs are slower, it doesn’t mean they are not mind tingling. “Object”, “Did You See Me” and “Your Party” brought the loyal crowd up from the knees and onto our tippy-toes. Name one other band that could make 2,300 freaks smile when singing about Tri-colored pastas? Much like rhyming the word orange, it’s fucking impossible and that’s why Ween own your fucking soul!

As brown as it got for “Argus/Gabrielle/Puerto Rican Power the next run of songs was the highlight of the night. Papa Gene Ween took to the mic and announced that a special guest by the name of David Bowie would grace the band with his presence. After a few moments of “confusion” Gener informed Bowie that it was ok for the white duke to watch from the sidelines as he could handle the vocals on ‘Let’s Dance.” With the hearts and hopes of Silver Lake hipsters crushed, the band managed to destroy the Oakland version of “Let’s Dance” with this particular take. Thrilled from the response it appears that Deaner decided it was time to play quarterback and start calling audibles. The first jam called out was the rare (and highly debated) “Slow Down Boy.” I am on the side of the debate where I argue it’s a bit slow and dull; yet I was still grateful to catch it live. I was even more grateful after Deaner mentioned some love for Lenny in introducing the Motorhead classic “Ace of Spades.” Truth be told, I am kicking myself for not snagging video of this as the passion and intensity of Ween’s cover trumped the epic version God himself performed with Slash & Dave Grohl at the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

With the Southern California crowd now deep in the palm of their hands, the band rewarded the casual fans with a string of “hits.” You don’t need me to mention what cartoon duo made “Push Th’ Little Daisies” famous, nor do you need me to mention which jam band made “Roses Are Free” famous. Yet with those songs sandwiching a raging “What Deaner Was Talking About” folks started dropping like flies keeping Wiltern staff very busy. You read that right folks; Ween are so powerful and brought Blake Griffin-esque excitement to the point of sending their fans to the hospital. Knowing just how hard they were killing it (and how hard LA was partying) Deaner did the unthinkable. He called for “Put The Coke On My Dick.” Yep, Korea town got to witness the band break out the Craters From The Sac classic. With drummer Claude Coleman handling vocal duties, the band nailed it. That right there was worth the price of admission alone.

After closing the main set with two jams from The Mollusk the Wiltern was shaking from the thunderous crowd noise. The band came back and kicked off the four song encore with the Latin-inspired instrumental “Fiesta” (which was sweet since we missed it in Oaktown). “Take Me Away” kept the crowd rocking and the ode to rich gay men “Mr. Richard Smoker” delighted everyone. The show came to a close with what I believe is the second ever of the ELP classic “Lucky Man.” Where “Lucky Man” was part of the acoustic set in Oakland, for the Wiltern the song was full electric. Keyboardist Glenn McClelland’s confidence seemed to grow by leaps and bounds on the 400 mile trip from the Bay Area as he truly owned the cover. With members of the five piece band slowly ducking out one by one to end the night, it was hard to come to terms that our two night Ween run had come to a close.

As I said in my Oakland review, I knew I had to hit the Fox to see my boys Dean and Gene graduate to the next level. What I didn’t expect on this mini-run was for Ween to truly conquer Southern California. I have seen Ween a few times at the Wiltern, and the crowds’ reaction has been typical LA dickwads. A lack of energy from the crowd has a less than stellar effect on the band and when it comes down to it 99 out of 100 times Los Angeles crowds act too cool to rage. This was not the case as for the first time that I am aware of, Ween sold out the Wiltern in advance. This is also the first time I have truly seen a So-Cal show go off as Ween deserves. You couldn’t help but feel proud for the boys as they have finally hit the next level in Southern California. It was truly rewarding to see the smiles on their faces so a big round of applause to the boys from New Hope, PA We are already begging you to come back to the left coast!






Ween 01/28/11: Fox Theater – Oakland, CA

Ween 01/28/11

Fox Theater – Oakland, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I’ll spare you the details of $18 Red Bull & Vodka and delayed flights, the whirlwind 8 minute stop at my parents’ house to get a hug and say hello and all the beer consumed over multiple cities on the Peninsula. Instead we will start this epic two night tale of Boognish worship at the doors of the Fox Theater in that loveable shithole known as Oakland, CA. Dean and Gene Ween had already taken the stage and were ½ way through the opening number of “Fiesta” when Papa Funk made the shocking discovery that a wrist band was needed for the main floor and that he would not be able to stub me down. I may have been born by the Bay, but a decade in LA has taught me that despite the fact you are missing a pretty yellow wrist band if you want the floor you will get onto the floor. For legal reasons, I can’t exactly tell you how I got down there, but I will say this. It took a cell phone, knowing the right moment and a Ben Roethlisberger “No Means Yes” approach. For those keeping track at home, I had ordered the first round and enjoyed the last half of “Nan” before my associates mad managed to get their wrist bands.

We found a prime spot and settled in right as the pride of New Hope, PA kicked into “Transdermal Celebration.”  I took a moment to observe my surroundings.  I thought about the E-tard I met coming home from Phish at the Greek. She was coming home from a Crystal Castles show at the Fox and couldn’t stop about how amazing the place was. She was right; the place is amazing and with the band just launching into a raging triple shot of “Take Me Away”, “Waving My Dick in the Wind” and “Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony?” I knew I was home.

Ween may not have hits in the traditional sense, but the 2,800 freaks at the Fox treated each song as if it knocked Mariah Carey or Train off of the charts. The tender “Baby Bitch” and island flavored “Bananas & Blow” were the perfect opportunity for a crowd sing along. Who am I kidding, the entire three hours was one massive sing along. If you are a fan of Ween, a night with the band is not just a concert, it is a worship service. There was no doubt that we were witnessing a rather remarkable sermon.

After bringing the crowd down with chilling versions of “Did You See Me” and “Demon Sweat” stools and acoustic guitars were brought out for Dean & Gene. In what truly felt like a “thank you” to loyal Bay Area fans, we were treated with a 6 ½ song acoustic set. Kicking off with a tasty trip to “Chocolate Town”, this was the point in the show where Ween stopped messing around and took it to a whole new level. Dean and Gene gave up the mic and allowed keyboardist Glenn McClelland take the lead on a cover of the Emerson, Lake and Palmer original “Lucky Man.” I could be wrong, but I believe this was the first time the band has performed this live. From there the band took a rare trip down to “Joppa Road.” The crowd went nuts as the band nailed a song that holds such sentimental value to me I almost teared up. Another highlight was the 12 Golden Country Greats ditty “Help Me Scrape the Mucus off My Brain” – a song I never planned on seeing performed live.

Gene and Dead swapped their acoustics for electrics halfway through “I Don’t Want It.” Even when Ween strips back, the power of their music keeps the shows energy level high. By the time Deaner unleashed a monstrous guitar solo in the middle of “Buckingham Green” I was afraid my heart could very well explode. The scary part is the energy level only got grew with the heavy metal masterpiece “Final Alarm.” It was only fair they snuck the laid back “Your Party” in before the next song. Had Ween gone from “Final Alarm” right into a spot-on cover of David Bowie’s “Let Dance” there is a good chance I would have needed to be resuscitated.

Listen to Ween long enough and you will understand the scale of brown. For those in the know, I don’t have to tell you how brown things got after Bowie. “Wayne’s Pet Youngin’ was a quick and pure blast of brown to your face. “The Goin’ Gets Tough From The Getgo” gave junkies a chance to just stare into space while they were skull fucked by bassist Dave Dreiwitz. “Fat Lenny” & “Dr. Rock” are both stand out full frontal rock and roll attacks from the bands early recordings back to back skull fucked the entire crowd.

The main set closed with a delicious double dose of Deaner. In keeping with the theme of rare songs, “Sorry Charlie” was a shocking and welcome treat. The raunchy “Blarney Stone” followed to the delight of the highly intoxicated audience. We even had a good laugh with Deaner after he struggled to describe organs afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases for the songs bridge. After all they put us through; it was the perfect way to close the set.

The band kicked the three song encore off with the Motorhead inspired “Stroker Ace.” After another classic Brown trip to the early 90’s with “You Fucked Up”, Dreiwitz began to lay down the opening low end from “Never Squeal.” The song slowly built into a roaring jam that featured a nasty drum solo from Claude Coleman. By nature, drum solos are boring, but on this particular night Coleman managed to take the music just where it needed to be without boring the crowd. I have to assume Squeal extended well past the twenty minute mark; with Deaner eventually taking the thunder originated by Coleman. Ween wrapped at 11:15pm sharp and when the house lights finally came up, many just stared on in awe. Ween is truly powerful and from exiting the venue all the way down the peninsula on BART fans rejoiced and repeated this was easily a top three Ween show. As great as my friends and I were feeling about the bands triumph in Oakland, we were even more excited to see if they band could top it the following night in Los Angeles.

The Jay Porks Final Four: Top Experiences of 2010

The Jay Porks Top Four Shows of 2010

Words/Photos by Jay Porks of the Jay Porks Experience

I swear I’ll eventually learn how to cut down on the length of posts.. Just not quite yet. That said, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to determine shows would make the cut in my Top 5 of 2010. I mean, what does one exactly judge specifically when it comes to this type of list. The criteria is vague to say the least-what factors go into determining the awesomeness of a show? Well, here at Concert Confessions (and of course the Jay Porks Experience), we pride ourselves in delivering “different” kind of concert reviews to say the least. We tend to not follow the rules of conventional journalism-hell I personally don’t even follow basic rules of grammar at times. So it was decided that why start following any sort of rules when it comes to this, even if that means turning the top 5 into a ‘Final Four’.

#4- MMR(93.3FM) BBQ featuring Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains w/ Three Days Grace, Fuel, Skillet, Dive, Automatic Fire at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ 05/23/10.

Anytime there is boobs being flashed in the parking lot you know you’re in store for a memorable day. And this is exactly what it was-the whole day. Pam and I didn’t pull into the parking lot until like 2PM and it was already a party out there. Hot chicks toss a beach ball around, us downing beers without being hassled by event staff to take it inside. Some girl flashed her boobs upon request. It got me thinking we should move the stage out here and just have the show in the parking lot-this is the place to be. After eventually making our way inside, by the time we we’re at the food court area I heard Fuel playing “Shimmer”. Damn, I really like that song.
Anyway, we had extra tickets to this show-I had 2 lawn tickets and Pam put a successful bid on some tickets for the pit So we first enjoyed the friendly confines of the lawn for the end of Fuel’s set and for Three Days Grace. We decided to start on the lawn and move down to the pit for Alice in Chains and STP. It was good to catch a second wind after getting bombed mid-afternoon in the parking lot At about 6:55PM Three Days Grace headed off stage and we began to bid our farewells to the posse of friendly fellow concert goers as we headed towards the pit for the headliners. A dude shook my hand and told me “Good luck” before we left.
Got down to the pit section and were literally feet away from the stage to witness Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots play memorable sets. If only the camera I was using at the time was more “sound friendly”, as I got some awesome videos if you’re able to tune the sound to the right volume. This was the point where I decided that I was going to be at BlackDiamondSkye when the tour rolled through NYC later in the year. Stone Temple Pilots did little to disappoint as they ran through most of my favorites and the peak of the evening was when Jerry Cantrell came out to join the band for “Sex Type Thing”. Dean Deleo and Jerry facing each other trading riffs on one of my favorite songs; safe to say it was all worth the 2 hour drive into Camden, NJ.

#3-Local H Gramercy Theater 5/18/10

Was totally pumped to see another one of my favorite bands in Local H. Tickets were $15 and it was at one of NYC’s more intimate venues, the 600 person capacity Gramercy Theater. They labeled the tour the “6 Angry records” tour-they put all 6 of their albums names in hat and randomly picked out the one they’d play in it’s entirety that night. About a week before the show, news broke that the Stone Temple Pilots was looking to play a record showcase type gig in a venue smaller than their usual. Then I was nothing short of baffled when it was announced that STP would play Gramercy Theater the same night this Local H show was scheduled. I was worried my Local H show might have been compromised, but in the end both shows went on that night. STP was billed as a “Midnight Showcase” with separate admission of course. The bummer there was that Local H would only be able to play until 9:30 in order to clear out the place. So safe to say I showed up that night with low expectations, especially when the sign in front said “TONIGHT: STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!”
First thing Lucas says to the crowd is “You know, it kinda feels like we’re opening for the Stone Temple Pilots-but we’re not” before allowing a fan to reach into the hat and pick the night’s album. Turned out to be “Ham Fisted”, the bands first record-the record I was least familiar with of all their albums. To my surprise (through virtue of having the bands discography on my iPod) I happen to be familiar with most of those songs. After I got video of them doing “Feed” I knew I was in the best seat in the house-working with a two man band from this angle it’s very easy to keep the whole band in the frame without moving back and forth much. When they got into some other material later on after Ham Fisted I started to film almost every song. I impressed myself with the way I had the camera work in tune with the song, like: focused on the drums right before they break in, zooming in on the solos etc. The night ended when they played “Bound for the Floor” -in which mid way through they flipped it into “Rainbow in the Dark”(Ronnie James Dio had passed earlier that week) and then morphed back for the end of Bound for the Floor. Last song of the evening was an intense version of T.V. On the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me”-it was nuts! During the song Scott climbed off stage to lean his guitar into the crowd while taking a swig of the drink of a lucky fan. I was like 2 feet away, filming.

We could credit the great spot, the Scott Lucas autograph, the Wolf Like Me cover to end it-we could credit all that. Or we could just say that the band delivered big time in a tough spot-I mean, with my aforementioned low expectations and all I would have never thought to have taken away all I took from that show. Floored.

#2-Ween 9/17/2010 Central Park

After reading a review at ConcertConfessions.Com of a Ween show earlier this year-when I noticed they were going to play a show at Central Park it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I’ll be the first to admit, I only knew a handful of their songs but I found myself curious of what the big hub bub was about-when you know what they say “Curiosity almost killed the cat by melting his face off”.

I was at Central Park the night before to see the band Cake-they came on at 8 last night. On line for beer I notice smoke beginning to fill the stage with smoke, as Ween is about to kick off at 7:30 as I dashed back to my spot which was pretty good despite a few taller people in front of me(I still think we should do size order at shows, like back in school). From “Buckingham Green” I was locked in-the Deaner is godly over there with the six string. The awesome light show they had going lights bouncing off smoke in rhythm with each song was epic stuff. Covering David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”- playing every song I had attempted to verse myself on in the week prior to the show they played. “Spinal Meningitis”, “Voodoo Lady”-even “Mr. Richard Smoker” as Gene Ween puffed cigarettes for most of the duration of the night. When they ducked off at 9:48 as we stood waiting for an encore I took a look around and saw a park with double the people in it compared to the night previous all standing with wide eyed, blank stares.. some clapping some screaming, hugging, high fiving-I get it now, and I’m so glad I was able to have the privilege to comprehend. Especially since they came back out to play “Dr. Rock”, with the lights at their peak of craziness in edition to people all around me just screaming top volume-to say it was a moment of ecstasy for everyone would be an understatement.

On the way out there was a group of dudes selling “Whip Its” (Balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide that you inhale it gives you a minute or two of a a light dizziness/light headed feeling). Anyway they were 3 for 20 bucks so I got a few and sat on a rock by the entrance of the park, with my peers from the Ween concert, all of us blown away sucking air from balloons getting momentarily intoxicated. Jay Porks was baptized into the Ween faith on that night, it was unbelievable.

#1 –The Flaming Lips 4th of July FREAK OUT 2010-House of Blues Atlantic City

When The Flaming Lips were coming to New York City to play a show at a venue called Terminal 5, of course you know I was more than interested. Surfing Ticketmaster, I noticed that they were playing a 4th of July show in Atlantic City, NJ(of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ fame), in which the House of Blues AC tickets were cheaper than the Terminal 5 tickets . So I figured why not make it a night in Atlantic City, book a room see the show write the review come back next day. It’s like a 2 hour trip riding via Greyhound bus for $20. So that’s what I did, stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino. Posted a little “Pre-Show” video and everything. Had a new camera in hand-set to be a great night.

When I got inside the House of Blues it was amazing, it had the whole vintage look going on, and the balcony was stadium seating and I was top row aisle seat-my view is epic! I’ve got an event staffer right in front of me and he watched me bootleg all those songs, didn’t say a word.

The night played out and so many weird freaky things were happening on stage from the start when Wayne came out in the bubble all the way through the stream shooters, pounds of confetti, thousands and thousands of balloons, a dude in a guerilla’s outfit ran out and Wayne stood on his shoulders. With Star Death and the White Dwarfs cheering on the side of the stage joined by a giant cat fish mascot type dude and Wayne bringing out the gigantic hands reflecting beams of light with each finger tip onto two disco balls hanging from the ceiling. I mean seriously, read the review-check the videos, this night was freaking crazy and that’s not even including being the Mr. 1990’s that I am watching these guys do “She Don’t Use Jelly” would’ve sent me home happy-but a few songs later I was way above the level of “happy”. I went from excited, to amazing, to shocked, to totally freaked out by the end of the night. I was seeing balloons and confetti in my dreams for weeks following the show-it’s without question the best 4th of July I have ever participated in.

Ween Announce January 2011 West Coast Run

Ween Announce January 2011 West Coast Run

Monday’s generally suck.  Monday’s at the dentist really suck.  Thankfully our very own thenaturalstoner hit me up with a text just before I hit the chair:

Ween West Coast Dates Are Posted!

That’s right folks; it’s going to be a brown January out west as Dean and Gene Ween are blessing the Pacific Time Zone with their unique blend of classic rock/alt rock/death metal/funk/jazz/punk/blues/country/polka/jam band/top 40 pop/reggae/dub-step/indie rock.  Tour dates are listed below, and you can bet your ass Reverend Justito will be raging at the Wiltern with the pride and joy of New Hope, PA.

Monday, Jan 24: Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver, BC
Tuesday, Jan 25: Paramount, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, Jan 26: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
Friday, Jan 28, Fox Theater, Oakland, CA
Saturday, Jan 29, Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA

While you wait for January, you can read about some 2010 Ween action right here.  From Montana to NYC, concertconfessions.com worship the BOOGNISH!

“An Evening with Ween!” 9/17/10 Central Park Summerstage

Stop what you’re doing right now and Google “Ween”. Then check and see when they’re coming to your town, or contact them and beg them to come to your town, because if you don’t see Ween live in concert, then you just don’t know what living is about. What goes on… Lets get into the 35th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series and the completion of our “Three Nights of Weirdness” tour, which brings us back to the Central Park Summerstage, only tonight to see the immortal Ween.. And it’s not raining! It’s actually pretty nice out- sun is shining and everything. I’m going to try and show up as early as I can, as I have no idea what kind of turnout we’re looking at and I’d love to get a better spot than last night.. ‘Doors’ are at 7, and my ticket is at will call.. Will this be the same set up as last night where there is no opening acts and we get two hours of Ween? That would be awesome, but let’s not get our hopes up..

Stepped out of the cab at 6:30, I’m here way earlier than last night and there are tons of Ween fans everywhere-it was so different then last night, like it was in an entirely different place..I know Ween has a following, but you would’ve thought Phish was playing or something the way everyone came out tonight. The crowd was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.


As I was on a line to get Pizza I turned and noticed the smoke machines starting to get going. Got my slice, pounded two beers and headed towards the stage to try and get a good spot. I stationed myself on the same side as last night, but substantially closer.. I almost was along the railing, I was this close to offering the girl who was there 20 bucks for her spot.. The smoke is everywhere, I look at my phone and it’s 7:30, and there’s a huge roar from the crowd as Ween hits the stage, at seven freaking thirty! So another night of no openers as “An Evening with Ween” begins at 7:30

“Buckingham Green” was what they kicked it off with… The stage is electric from the first chorus break with the lights going crazy. Ween has a much more extravagant light show then Cake last night-not comparing the two bands but differentiating the two nights at the same venue.. . Times of continuous strobe lights bouncing off smoke during in-song jam sessions made you just look up to the stage and take it all in- there are no inhibitions at that time.


There’s probably twice as many people as there were for last nights evening with Cake- That sort of surprised me as I waited on one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen to get in. So many people were pumped for this in the hour before they went on, and we are definitely getting more than our money’s worth.”She Wanted to Leave”, “Bananas and Blow” followed, and I am amazed that I was able to get any sort of set list going here. I was scribbling down the lyrics to songs and just spent the last hour googling them to get the titles. Again, so worth it though, as Ween is relentless up there getting into “Learnin’ to Love” and then the epic “Transdermal Celebration”… some others were(in this order) “Take me Away”, Don’t Get 2 Close”,”Even if you Don’t”, “Push Th’ Little Daises” which I was able to tape unlike the following “Sorry Charlie”or an amazing version of “Voodoo Lady” which I was so pissed I didn’t get… That was the song in my head all freaking day! I didn’t recognize it until it was too late, still great though and they were at that song for like what seemed like 15 minutes-in the middle they got into a jam of some sort, one involving the Deaner and his amazing riffs .. dude could really shred.. . Later “Happy Colored Marbles, “The Stallion Pt. 3″,”Your Party”, The awesome Bowie cover “Let’s Dance”.. these guys are so cool!.. my new favorite song came next-” You Fucked up” followed by “Hey There Fancy Pants”,” The Goin Gets Tough From The Getgo””, “I’ll be your Johnny on The Spot”, “The Mollusk”, “Spinal Meningitis”,”Mister Will You Please Help My Pony,” Roses are Free”.. and then they ducked off stage at 9:48.. I’ll now assume that Central Park Summer Stage has a 10pm end time for all shows.. .

Returned to the stage at 9:50, and Dean gets on the mic to say ” we only got ten minutes to do our thing here”.. With everyone in uncontrollable screams- they jumped into “Fiesta”.. Then, another song I picked up on during my week and a half of doing Ween research- “Mr. Richard Smoker” as I smoked my last cig. Then it was nearing 10, and they played the only song they could play after 2 and a half hours of straight rocking- “Dr Rock”.. a song that makes you just wanna scream, and we did! Well, I didn’t because I was recording, but amazing… I am completely blown away-Blown! I knew Ween rocked, but I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of their rockin’. That was one for the record

Fucking Ween- kicking ass every song of the entire set.. I was getting into songs that I didn’t even know yet halfway through I’m singing along with everyone.. And the Deaner- can’t say enough about the Deaner.
Now I can see how the Meat Puppets and Ween are apples from trees located on similar farms in far away towns. Completely tearing it apart on every song. They played non-stop for two and a half hours. What more could you ask for.. the professionalism that comes with putting on a show rides a thin line between being cool and being pretentious- Ween sums up what the “Being cool” side of that line is all about… Amazing, can’t say enough about it. And to top it off, on the way out there were dudes selling balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide (Whip-Its) three for $20… I could not resist and it was awesome.. I sat myself on a rather large rock and while finishing off the balloon I notice there was a field of people who just enjoyed Ween, sitting on the grass, benches and floor doing Whip-its… What a night… On the way out I grabbed myself a Ween 2010 tour tee shirt.. awesome


Pro shot footage from the nights events. If you didn’t believe the words I had, take some time and get your mind blown.


It was without a doubt “Three nights of Wierdness”, and it was worth every penny I spent this week and the 3 hours of sleep I’ve gotten since Wednesday…. but now I have a full week to rest up and I’m going to need it because the next stop on the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series is the BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour @ Madison Square Garden Featuring Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon … I’m going with Pam. My Father will be along for the ride too, as these tickets are his birthday gift this year. Come on now am I the greatest son ever or what? Anyway, thanks if you made it this far… LATE.

Ween setlist
Buckingham Green
She Wanted To Leave
Bananas & Blow
Learnin’ to Love
Transdermal Celebration
Up On The Hill
Take Me Away
Dont’ Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Even If You Don’t
Push The Little Daisies
Sorry Charlie
Voodoo Lady
Happy Colored Marbles
Stallion pt. 3, Ice Castles
Final Alarm, With My Own Bare Hands
Your Party, Let’s Dance
Touch My Tooter, You Fucked Up
Stroker Ace
Wavin’ My Dick In the Wind
Fancy Pants, Going Gets Tough
Waynes Pet Youngin’
Jonny On th’ spot
The Mollusk
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Roses Are Free
Mr. Richard Smoker
Dr. Rock

Ween 5/30/10 The Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MT

Ween 05/30/10

The Wilma Theatre – Missoula, MT

Words/Photos by TheNaturalStoner

Personally I had a lot of inner hype built up upon entering The Wilma Theatre to see Ween perform in Missoula, Montana.  The show, long sold out, proved to be a hard ticket to find.  After trading my Sasquatch Festival tickets for two Ween Wilma tickets, I was very much looking forward to some fun Weenness out in Big Sky Country.  The band, city and venue did not disappoint.

The Wilma Theatre is an old 1920’s Historic Landmark Theatre in downtown Missoula.  We entered the venue about 7:15 only to find lax security and easy to find drinks.  Two posters and a trip back to the car later, we still managed to score “2nd row” seats behind the front pit.  I had been told that this row was a great place to be, so row 2 it was. About 8:25 or so Ween took the stage to an extremely loud and rowdy (surely fueled by the easily accessible full bar in the lobby) crowd.

We had tried to predict the opener a few times over the weekend and Don’t Shit Where You Eat came up somewhere in the conversation, so that as the opener was a nice start.  After that somewhat mellow intro it seemed like the band decided they wanted to rock out hard.  This ended up not being a show for many Ween ballads.

Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) and Transdermal Celebration kept the crowd enthused and the energy strong.  This show was in a small, 1,000 seat venue and it was LOUD in there. With My Own Bare Hands, Voodoo Lady, Did You See Me? and Buckingham Green brought the place to a raucous level, with plenty of party favors being passed around from fan to fan.  There were no camera or security hassles that I saw all night.

Your Party into Let’s Dance changed the vibe a bit, more of a fun dance along theme.  Let’s Dance was a great cover, sung well (I thought the Gener looked great!) and got my feet moving. This continued for several more songs throughout the set (Touch My Tooter, Powder Blue, Ocean Man, The Mollusk, etc.) before Awesome Sound rocked the Wilmas face off. Baby Bitch and Spinal Meningitis provided a more standard feeling close to the set, with the Gener dropping his microphone during Baby Bitch creating an amusing audience sing along.

The encore of this show is proving to be my favorite part of the night.  Fiesta started the encore off with a fun bang, leading into a somewhat Black Sabbath-esque “new” song with Gene singing what I believe is “Bison Burger” repeatedly.  There isn’t a lot of information about this song available, but one online fan believes this was written that day or on the spot based on the many Bison Burger places in Montana.  Hopefully we find out if that is accurate or not.  Dean ended up blowing his amp and mic for a minute or so two during this song, but continued playing on seeming not to notice.  A minute later the amp comes back and they finish it out.

Claude (who looked to be having issues with his drum kit) called out for You Fucked Up next and this was my favorite song of the night.  They rocked this super hard and set up a fun finale in Fluffy.  This featured a rowdy extended jam with seemingly the entire venue filling with smoke blowing from the stage. The band walked off and the venue exploded with cheers.

I didn’t get many of the songs I was “chasing” at this show, but that didn’t end up mattering one bit, as most everything played was good.  A fun night was had by all, even through a long wait for a never coming 2nd encore was a blue-ball twist at the end.  The house lights did not come up for a LONG time after the band left the stage, leading to a venue full of groans.

Following the show we decided to hit up a local bar and end up running into Claude and Dean drinking at our first stop.  The Deaner had a hard time getting a drink ordered but ended up getting a Heineken and shot of Jameson right next to me.  Eventually later in the night this lead to the prophetic statement “The Deaner doesn’t want to go to the Gorge, he just wants another drink!”

Missoula is a fun town and I hope I get to come back and have good times like this again.

Don’t Shit Where You Eat
Take Me Away
Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Transdermal Celebration
Even if You Don’t
Bananas and Blow
Learning 2 Love
Piss Up a Rope
With My Own Bare Hands
Voodoo Lady
Did You See Me?
Buckingham Green
Your Party
Let’s Dance (David Bowie)
I’ll Be Your Johnny On the Spot
Pandy Fackler
Stroker Ace
Touch My Tooter
Powder Blue
Ocean Man
The Mollusk
Roses Are Free
Awesome Sound
Baby Bitch*
Spinal Meningitis

Unknown new track “Bison Burger”?**
You Fucked Up

* = Spinal Meningitis Intro Cymbol Tease before Baby Bitch

**= Unknown new track, “Bison Burger”? Possibly named on the spot for all the Bison Burger joints in Montana.

Montana Celebrates The Music of Ween With Ice Cream


Photo Credit – TheNaturalStoner


While I hope to have a full review (or even two) from this show next week, I found this article today from Nickell’s Blog.  Turns out Ween coming to Montana is a pretty big deal.  So big that Missoula’s Big Dipper Ice Cream shop is preparing 5 flavors in the bands honor.

For the full story – click here.

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